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hello svtfoe fans!! ive decided to create a trans marco week due to the growing popularity!! it will start APRIL 2ND and run until APRIL 8TH. i will do my best to reblog all the content created. please use the tag #transmarcoweek so i can!! feel free to @ me as well!! art, fics, and edits are all welcome!!

the days are:

DAY 1: realization/coming out
DAY 2: St. Olga’s/headcanons
DAY 3: screencap redraw/edit
DAY 4: outfits/dresses/ makeup
DAY 5: favorite ship
DAY 6: fluff/angst
DAY 7: pride

if you have any questions, shoot me an ask!! any hate will be blocked.

Profile Picture Not Included - Part 2

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Word Count: Around 4000

Summary: The reader has been single for a while and has had trouble with dating, even online matches. But with her sister’s need to meddle, giving up may not be as easy as it sounds. Part 1

Warnings: Language

@misguidedconqueress thank you for reviewing and editing despite life being busy and well.. life… but seriously I’ll never be able to convey how appreciative I am.

Obviously I intend no hate or ill wishes to him or his family. This is purely just for writing and wasting my time.

For me, this is just a hobby, coping skill, and a way to get silly fantasies out of my head. Maybe some of you will enjoy it too. I apologize in advance for any mistakes or grammatical/spelling errors. I appreciate any feedback or suggestions! 


Heading out to Indianapolis felt like a dream come true. You had butterflies in your stomach from anticipation of all that was to come. You decided to play it safe and had only purchased a Sunday preferred seating ticket and photo op, as well as deciding to stay at a cheaper hotel than where the convention was hosted. Yes, you were making decent money from your job, but it was still good to have savings in case of emergencies. It was probably your exposure to the accidents your clients had suffered through that made you extra cautious.

Arriving to the hotel late at night, you popped open one of the wine coolers you had brought with you, hoping it would help lead to a better night’s sleep. You really had no clue what to expect tomorrow, it was your first convention - well, first Supernatural con. You planned to arrive an hour early for the 11:00 am photo op, and then spending the rest of the day sitting at the panels. After Ruth’s panel, you would skedaddle as quickly as you could to get out of there and prep for your date.

Of course, that was making you just as nervous; concerned about bringing reality to a man you felt like you knew and felt like you were developing serious feelings towards. And that could all come crashing down in the evening. Because he’s probably a serial killer in all actuality and he’s going to kidnap you, you thought.

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This is kind of sad and mean but…

I grew up playing a lot of #Halo and it had a huge impact on my childhood and adolescence, I never thought a video game could have left such an impression on me, and through pumping aliens full of lead? As if.. But the amazing science fiction action and fantastic orchestral scores combined with themes about sacrifice and selflessness along with characters that were all too real just hit me like a freight train, Halo: CE, Halo 2, Halo 3, Halo ODST, and Reach will always have a special place with me, so in commemoration I drew this; Master Chief (CE Edition) stomping on a jackal.. because I fucking hate them so much..
As well as an ODST in his natural habitat; sneaking around all spec ops style in a rainy city.  It’s kinda sad to see what the series has become, at least to me in my own opinion, it was such a masterful, beautiful, and tragic story, built from amazing people with amazing passion, and that’s easy to say coming from the imagination of a child shooting aliens on a tv screen, but the original games and stories are such a massive inspiration to me and so many others, its a shame it didn’t reach a respectful conclusion..  But I’ll always love those games, for everything they gave me.
“He gave his life thinking he just saved the planet… we should all be so lucky”

Imagine #3 - Bjorn x reader

Request :
A Bjorn x reader? Where the Reader is from Northumbria or something and was sold/given to the Vikings by her father (king) and Bjorn takes a liking to her and she gets him to teach her their language. And slowly e falls for her but she feels like she needs to prove herself to him in a fight or something? You can make up the rest. I hope this is okay x

The new Viking princess - PART 1

«This is my daughter, Y/N »
Your father push you a little in front of King Ragnar. He nodded, touching his beard « Pretty.. ». I stare at my feet, too angry to look at father or the vikings kings. 

What a coward, giving his own daughter to be in a the good view of this pagan.
«She speaks several languages, she would make a good wife » say my father.
I bite my lips for not screaming at him.  «Bjorn » scream Ragnar.  « Yes father? »
A tall and muscular man enter in the room, blond hair still looking like a teenage boy. « Who is she » ask the son to his father. Ragnar smile « She’s Y/N, the daughter of the King from Northumbria, he said she could make a good wife » he whisper to his son with a cocky smile.
I stare at them, « I’m no wife » I spit on the floor. « My father is a piece of shit, he offered me because he’s afraid of your people »
« You ungrateful ….. » father grab me by the arm and violently throw me on the ground. “Hey” yelled Bjorn who react in a second by grabbing my father by his clothes looking at him with a dark look. He release him, I saw sweat falling from my father’s head and he give me a hand.
«  I will not make her my wife if she don’t want to » I look at him grateful, « thank you » I whisper.  « Well.. » Ragnar put a hand on his son shoulder
« We are done here I guess» he said to my dad with a dismayed face. « But.. » father try to approach him again but the King wave a hand and two armed man toke my father away. “Guess you are to us princess” 
Bjorn advice me to propose my services to the queen, well what choice to I have left? Gladly, Queen Aslaug was nice enough to accept me.

A month past, I learn what I have to, I headship a lot of conversations. Better be ready. I saw Bjorn eyes on me most of the time, he’s wasting his time, my world is not him. 
« I want something from you », I look at him standing in front of me while I was cleaning the queen dresses, I knew this day was coming « That’s what I’m here for, isn’t it? » you cross your arm.
« Father is going to raid again, I want to be more ready than ever I want to learn langages » I left an eyebrow, not quite what I was expected. « I can do that” 
« Come see my when your work is done » I nodded and he turn with a little smile. That was going to be interesting.
I knock at the door « hello again » I come in, the fire warm the house, it was very beautiful, I guess it was the price for being a Lothbrok. He wave to the table and I sit.  « So.. »
« Ok this is enough, i’m exhausted » “ It’s ok, you did it great” I reply, also tired
« I’m sorry you dad sold you » I don’t answer, this was not why I was here.
« I think I’m going home, same time tomorrow Bjorn Ironside »

A week past and every night I was with him, at his place, in the forest, on the sand. He was getting better, struggling a lot with the spelling but I saw he was very smart and understand quickly.
Most of the time Bjorn asked me questions about myself, at first I was hesitant, but after some times and the stubborn guy he is, I told him a little more about me and even jokes with him. I can’t lie to myself, he is handsome looking.
One night Bjorn wasn’t paying attention « Are you even listening to me »  
« No » he told me, bitting his lips « Tonight you’re too attractive to focus on words » 

I blushed instantly and he notice it. « I’m a servant Bjorn and no vikings »
« You were a princess , I could make you a princess back »
« I hated being a princess » you confess « Really? » he raise his eyebrow still searching into my eyes.
« I rather go ride and hunting with my brothers than silently sit on a throne »
« Princess can be both » « Well, for vikings maybe.. »
« I could show you a brand new world » he got closer, leaning more and more to me, his eyes always looking into mine, I usually always have something to say, but this time my mouth couldn’t say a a single words.


totallyfrandom  asked:

Hello! I was introduced to Lams by a friend and she directed me to you for more information of the reasons "why they were totally a couple and a pretty awesome one". Could you fill me in with all your knowledge? :)

I can absolutely tell you everything I know (or at least everything I can think of at this moment) about the Hamilton/Laurens relationship.

So I guess I should start with a bit of a discussion about their probable sexualities.

Laurens?  Probably gay (though I would accept arguments for bisexual/homoromantic/etc.).  When he was about to turn thirteen, his father wrote the following in a letter to a friend:

Master Jack is too closely wedded to his studies to think about any of the Miss Nanny’s I would not have such a sound in his Ear, for a Crown; why drive the poor Dog, to what Nature will irresistably prompt him to be plagued with in all probability much too soon.

Translation: My teenaged son pays no attention to girls whatsoever.  On top of that, John never formed any strong relationships with women (outside of the brotherly/paternal relationships he had with his younger sisters).   John did get Martha Manning pregnant, but who really knows what went down in the bedroom that night.  He married her, as he wrote to his uncle, out of pity for her situation.

Hamilton?  Totally bisexual.  I don’t think I really need to explain how much Hamilton loved the ladies.  But did you know that he was also into dudes?  Have some excerpts from some of his letters to Laurens:

Cold in my professions, warm in my friendships, I wish, my Dear Laurens, it might be in my power, by action rather than words, to convince you that I love you. I shall only tell you that ’till you bade us Adieu, I hardly knew the value you had taught my heart to set upon you. Indeed, my friend, it was not well done. You know the opinion I entertain of mankind, and how much it is my desire to preserve myself free from particular attachments, and to keep my happiness independent on the caprice of others. You should not have taken advantage of my sensibility to steal into my affections without my consent. But as you have done it and as we are generally indulgent to those we love, I shall not scruple to pardon the fraud you have committed, on condition that for my sake, if not for your own, you will always continue to merit the partiality, which you have so artfully instilled into me.

It was common back then for men to use emotional, affectionate language when writing to their male friends, but this, in my opinion, goes beyond just platonic love.  Here’s another excerpt from the same letter:

If you should not readily meet with a lady that you think answers my description you can only advertise in the public papers and doubtless you will hear of many competitors for most of the qualifications required, who will be glad to become candidates for such a prize as I am. To excite their emulation, it will be necessary for you to give an account of the lover—his size, make, quality of mind and body, achievements, expectations, fortune, &c. In drawing my picture, you will no doubt be civil to your friend; mind you do justice to the length of my nose and don’t forget, that I <– – – – –>.

Those five dashes at the end represent the five words that were scratched out by an editor.  Said editor also wrote “I must not publish the whole of this” at the top of the page.  Have fun imagining what Hamilton wrote that was so sexual, so beyond the bounds of propriety that it had to be permanently deleted from the letter.  And finally, here’s a passage that Hamilton wrote to Laurens about Hamilton’s upcoming marriage:

In spite of Schuylers black eyes, I have still a part for the public and another for you; so your impatience to have me married is misplaced; a strange cure by the way, as if after matrimony I was to be less devoted than I am now. Let me tell you, that I intend to restore the empire of Hymen and that Cupid is to be his prime Minister. I wish you were at liberty to transgress the bounds of Pensylvania. I would invite you after the fall to Albany to be witness to the final consummation. My Mistress is a good girl, and already loves you because I have told her you are a clever fellow and my friend; but mind, she loves you a l’americaine not a la françoise.

Two things to note here.  1) Laurens hoped marriage might cure Hamilton and himself of certain feelings they had for each other.  2) Hamilton basically just invited Laurens to a threesome on his wedding night.

Now that we’ve covered that, have some of my favorite Laurens/Hamilton moments from history (copied/edited a bit from two posts I made earlier):

  • Wrote some of Washington’s dispatches together
  • Sent and received some of their personal correspondence together
  • Shared a bedroom at Valley Forge
  • When Laurens was in South Carolina, Hamilton asked Washington for a position in the South as well (and Hamilton went into one of his I-hate-everything-in-this-world-except-Laurens moods after Washington denied his request)
  • When Laurens was in South Carolina, he wrote to Hamilton about how he was struggling “between duty and inclination” and how much his heart was with Hamilton
  • When Laurens was a POW, Hamilton did just about everything he could to convince Washington to have him exchanged/released
  • When Laurens was a POW, Hamilton visited Laurens on/near Laurens’s birthday, and the two also (very likely) got their portraits done together (on a different date)
  • Hamilton was Laurens’s second for his duel with Lee (also their combined sass at Lee’s court-martial is the best)
  • When Laurens was selected by Congress to serve as an envoy to France, he suggested Hamilton be the envoy instead
  • Frequently mentioned as being together when other officers discussed their actions
  • Laurens referred to his wife as “dear girl” and referred to Hamilton as “dear boy” and never used these terms of endearment for anyone else (so he referred to Hamilton with the male equivalent of a term of endearment that he used to express his love for his wife)
  • Laurens never told Hamilton about his wife and child - Hamilton happened to find out by reading a letter to Laurens, about 1.5 years after they had met
  • Hamilton was the most fervent supporter of Laurens’s black regiment

The months surrounding Laurens’s death also reveal Hamilton’s and Laurens’s love for each other.  I made a more in-depth post about this, but the main takeaway from that is how they signed their letters to each other.  Laurens signed his last letter to Hamilton as, “Adieu, my dear friend; while circumstances place so great a distance between us, I entreat you not to withdraw the consolation of your letters. You know the unalterable sentiments of your affectionate Laurens.”  This is by far the most affectionate closing Laurens ever used in any of his letters (the majority of his other closings were simply “Adieu” or “Your obedient servant”).  Hamilton signed his last letter to Laurens with, “Yrs for ever.”  Hamilton only used this closing with one other person – his wife Elizabeth.  And I made another post where I discussed how Hamilton only wrote a few lines about Laurens’s death.  This shows that he was so emotionally devastated by that loss that he could not come up with the words to express his feelings (and that’s really saying something, because Hamilton basically never stopped writing).

Finally, here’s a link to all of their correspondence if you would like to read through that.

So that’s the best explanation I can give you.  I hope this all makes sense.


sunshine bear

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favorite nct blogs?

adhfsjfh someone actually asked me  ´ ▽ ` )ノ thank you anonie ~

okay so here goes

@nctinfo & @nct-u for updates and pics of the boys during their rookies days aduhauhf

@1aeil & @taeiloves my fave fave fave taeil stans theyre the best (and sappiest we all are but) taeil stans and i love them with all my heart  ❤ 

@taebreez my closest friend on here (ily june  ♡)
@starrynct possibly the nicest person i ever met (we dont deserve you zen)
@neocity my mom im in charge of hyping her up and i take my job very seriously ily 
@taeyongshi a cute taeyong stan & her textposts *thumbs up* 
@spicypancakedoyoung shes a fave but i still hate her  ♡

@hqleetaeyong SO NICE OKAY and funny like thanks for making me laugh at 2AM 
@taeyonggi soft ty stan pls enjoy her edits and her

and others i really enjoy seeing on my dash 
@2-tae @chokemewinwin @dofawn @taeyounq @1aeyong @grandpa-ty @nakamuto @teewhytrack @taei @taeyongd @incorrect-nct-quotes @taeiljaeh @doyouta @14jae @icetaeil @tybeoji @nctmark @jonginkims @hey-uta, @rookiies, @lqtaeyong, @taeyonghi, @nakasyuta, @dovounq, @lqmarklee @nctaezen

oh yeah lets not forget the legendary blogs @neotechs & @nakamotens

lmao sorry i turned this into a follow forever (its just i might never make one so might as well answer this like this ~) 
appreciate these blogs i love them all 

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Zoe! My god, zoe.. How are you?

Yo, thank you for all your kind words and support in my ask, some even tip me on kofi :D I’m very honored by it. 

To be honest I don’t know if im well or not? because I’m physically well and kicking, something comes up about my accomodation but I can still handle it. The environment is perfectly fine, I don’t think there’s any problem with my surroundings. As much as I aware of that, I’m not really happy or sad, let’s just say I’m bored or more like I hate everything? I don’t like to do anything and don’t want to try anything? I’m just very very bored by everything. The next chapter for no hope no fear is done but I don’t feel like editing it. This mood has been dragging for 2 months, I still think it’s because of hormone before my period. 

Not really happy but not really sad. Just bored.

Book Preview:

Inspired by a text I sent to my friend when we were rewatching season 2 recently. 😂 



I’m hosting a giveaway!

What am I giving away? Jewelry, naturally. But not just ANY jewelry. You work with me to design a custom, OOAK set of a necklace, a bracelet, and a pair of earrings!

We will have to work within what I currently have, but…uh, I have a lot of stuff. Especially if you like lace. Why do I have so much lace? Heck if I know!

I can do nickel free pieces, though that does limit the options somewhat. I can do a metal free necklace and bracelet as well–but again, that does limit the options a little.

Please note that I reserve the right to reject design ideas that are not feasible for my skill level, are too complicated, or for any other reason (such as being deemed hateful in some capacity). I will ask for a new plan or edit the existing one until it works.

(Substitutions for smaller/simpler pieces are welcome, ie necklace-→bracelet or bracelet→earrings; If the design you want for earrings is simple enough, then I’ll bump it up to 2 pairs.)

*Must be 18 or older.

*Must be following the cocomerecreations tumblr. New followers are welcome, but please don’t just follow and then unfollow after the giveaway is over.

*Must have either Skype or Discord and be willing to share it with me if you win; this is how I plan on communicating with you! There’s a lot of small things that go into making jewelry, and email is simply too slow.

*Must be willing to give an address, PO box, or other place where a physical package can be sent.

*Must have ask box or messaging turned on within tumblr so that I can easily contact you. If I find that you’re not reachable, I’ll re-pick a winner.

How to enter:
–Reblog this post for one chance. Only one entry per person with this method, no giveaway blogs!

–Every $10 spent in my store equals one more chance. Please send a message/conversation on Etsy telling me your tumblr username if you enter this way!

This ends on the 11th, and a winner will randomly be chosen and announced on the 12th at the latest. If winner does not respond within 24 hours, a new winner will be chosen.

Tumblr is not in any way affiliated with this giveaway.

Results are in… and a little update about my blog and the Winters legacy/ story

So a couple of days ago I asked when ‘gen 2′ of the story should begin. I have lots of ideas and I really want to change up my editing style but me being me can’t just change it in the middle of a gen…

Well, that being said I’m making my ‘legacy’ more and more story based because personally, that is what I enjoy most, I love the creativity of story writing and I hope you will too! I was going to set up another poll but I already know I want it to be more story focused, especially in the future.

Anyway, the results favour the gen starting as soon as they age up but to try to keep everyone happy, I think I’ll wait a little while before switching, perhaps ¼ to halfway through being teens :) because I don’t think it really makes sense to keep posting in gen 1 when the story will mainly become about the ‘gen 2′ kids.

Sorry if I will have disappointed anyone, feel free to message me if you have a better suggestion as to how I can make it fairer :)

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u know smth i hate about the fandom since sdcc? before that Mess™ ppl "liked" melissa and personal opinions aside everybody agreed that she was perfect to play kara. Now everytime i see a sg edit there's always someone saying smth like "not my sg/ ugh she's so irritating" for smth that a few weeks ago ppl would say it was cute. Why rb gifs/edits/promos if u hate the show? i really don't get them smh

Well, I think there were actually people who at the very least didn’t really care about this Kara, Melissa’s Kara, the entire time. Mostly since season 2 and the gay migration, which saw people come to the show for reasons that have little to canonically do with Kara Zor-El Danvers. 

She’s good as far as she relates to Lena Luthor/Katie Mcgrath (I haven’t seen much from those who have come here for Sanvers), but otherwise she’s expendable (*cough* reigncorp *cough*). 

And her being the focus of storylines might actually garner some resentment from people who think Katie makes the show. (See: “Katie Mcgrath saved Supergirl” comments that crop up like once a week.)

But in season 2, Kara’s storyline was sidelined because of Mon-El, so those who would prefer Lena to be front and center could actually have a certain level of camaraderie with Kara fans, because neither of them were getting what they wanted. But if it’s between Supergirl and Lena Luthor, they’d choose Lena Luthor. 

So—even if they kind of superficially liked her before (See: painting her as a protective Butch Top™ that takes care of Lena and as a constant Sunshine Puppy with little emotional needs of her own)—now that there’s a reason to say that Kara doesn’t deserve the spot that she has, those who didn’t really care about her that much to begin with are all for it.

But this isn’t the first time people have said mean things about Kara and Melissa. It’s just that before, it wasn’t as cool to do so. They’d get shut down (or perhaps alternatively to this, keep their opinions to themselves because they knew the majority was against them).

I just looked at my archive recently and someone had posted a picture of Superman beating up Supergirl (the promotional photos from the finale) and captioned it to say that he was angry with her for breaking up with James. An addition had something like Clark criticizing Kara for being with Mon-El, followed by a punch.

There were quite a few tags on the post that said “me.” Which means they related to wanting to physically harm Kara for being in a relationship with someone widely considered to be abusive.

But Big Blogs rightfully called it gross, identifying it as not-okay behavior.

Today, I’m not sure we’d have the same result.

But there were other instances of Kara-hate from a couple supercorp blogs, notably when they perceived Lena as deserving of something from her, like a thank you after Lena framed her mother. 

(Now there were a lot of blogs that were just like “someone tell Lena she did a good job!” but there were also blogs who were actually really angry with Kara for not prioritizing Lena’s emotional validation in the moment—I just time jumped in the tag recently and saw it)

And I was sent an ask a while ago from someone who found season 2′s Kara to be annoying before all of this, so it’s not necessarily true that these same people actively liked her and then suddenly dislike her.

I think there is certainly a shift from people who felt neutrally and somewhat positively about Kara and Melissa, but I don’t think this is like… a case of individuals who loved them now hating them. I think it’s a shift from those in the middle, combined with people who didn’t like them being able to say so now.

But from a general standpoint, yes, people are now saying that things about Melissa are annoying that were previously agreed upon as positives and saying that somehow the show Supergirl could totally exist with out her….???

Which is frustrating.

But, I’ve also seen people who are angry with Melissa state that the qualities they liked about her before are still there, such as her being good with kids or still ‘cute’ or still being the perfect person to play Kara, so it’s not all erased for everyone.

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you never post any male!Morgan stuff :(

While I marvel at fanworks for Mr. Morgan from afar, there is only one version of them in my head: the female one (it’s just personal preference, I don’t hate Mr. Morgan).

BUT WAIT, this is the perfect time to complain a little bit.

The thing I don’t appreciate is the way they handled marketing for Prey. Mr. Morgan’s face is plastered EVERYWHERE: on the box (except for the steelbook edition), on almost every piece of promotional art and on merchandise (the Morgan poster in Bethesda’s fanshop looks amazing btw). If Yu give the player a choice of gender for your main character, Yu should treat both choices equally, hmm?