well i happen to find it hilarious

Trk spoilers: ////

After a while (as all tragic things do) gansey and co. start finding ganseys death hilarious? It’s gansey that starts it - saying things like “well the third times the charm, Jane,” or “this is the worst thing that’s ever happened to me including the two times i died.”

Ronan is the first to catch up never missing an opportunity to be a little shit so like Blue will be being difficult at gansey and Ronan will just be like “I mean damn maggot you’ve already killed the kid let him buy an air hockey table if he wants to”

Adam surprises them with a joke too he’s in the middle of college applications and essays and aglionby school work and he leans back and let’s out a heavy sigh and goes “this actually might be more stressful than watching blue murder gansey”

They all start doing it “the night gansey was killed-” “stop telling people I’m dead” “sometimes we can still hear his voice” or “this is worse than gansey dying that one time” “which time?”

And then finally finally one day blue gives in and says “Richard Campbell Gansey the iii, if you don’t knock it off I’m going to kill you again”

And gansey laughs so hard at this it starts as a gentle eye crinkling laugh that dissolves into literal giggles

Today, I fucked up by accidentally selling my students thongs.

Okay obligatory this didn’t happen today. It happened during my first year of teaching. I’m a little nervous about posting it as it’s rather identifying, buuuuuut oh well. I actually kind of forgot it happened until I mentioned it to some co workers today and they thought it was hilarious…

So, my first year of teaching. I graduate school in December and start teaching in January. Around Valentine’s, a measly six weeks in, I decide to set up a classroom store where the kids can buy innocent little things with points for good behavior.

I go to the dollar store and collect a bunch of cheapo gifts. One of the things I find is some little lace roses, wrapped in plastic like a real single rose would be. No markings or tags on it at all, I swear. I think it’ll be cute since it’s around Valentine’s. I figure maybe some of the boys will want to purchase them for gifts and the girls will purchase because it’s cute. Whatever.

I buy about 25 and sell them all. The kids love the classroom store. At the very end of the day, a student walks in bawling her freaking eyes out. She says her mom told her she couldn’t keep the rose. Huh??? She says her mom got the same gift from her boyfriend and so she knows what it is and made her take it back. I’m not understanding AT ALL, until finally the girl pulls out the once-rose and presents a red lacy thong. I’m dumbstruck. I think, “oh SHIT.”

I swear to you the roses had no markings or labels. I take it to my co workers. They laugh their asses off and say I need to go to the principal. Principal isn’t mad but asks who I sold to. I say, I don’t remember them all… Some boys bought to give as gifts from other girls. She says I have to call to let the parents know. She also suggests I no longer do a classroom store.

That’s how I end up calling about 80 parents six weeks into teaching to let them know I accidentally sold their child thong underwear.

TIFU: Internet`s best fucked up stories are here.

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do you have any other flash imagines blog recommendations? ive read your imagines multiple times, they're amazing!


Yeah, I’ve got a couple!

I really should just make an official list and put it on my page but…

@thefastarrow… She puts a lot of love into her writing and it really shows!  I highly recommend you check out her Flash works. Her fandoms aren’t only limited to the Flash though, and that’s a win win in my book! (Also if you happen to get the chance to chat her up, OMG she’s hilarious!)

@envision-imagines This is the sweetest person alive and not only does a fabulous job at writing requests, but also happens to be a fabulous friend if you’re lucky enough to have a conversation with her. Shes always accepting requests and writes for multiple fandoms!

@yukihime713 Writes for multiple fandoms as well but you can find the flash in there! And pretty much all her works are AMAZING! So I would recommend you check her out as well!

@outburst-imagine Is relativity new to the game and only has a couple things up at the moment, but try sending in a flash request and see where it takes you! To my knowledge, their requests are open. <3

@reversephysics WILL ROCK YOUR SOCKS OFF! She dabbles in a lot of Legends of Tomorrow posts as well as Flash and just… YAS! DO look her up and check out her works! You won’t regret it!

All these people are awesome and I think you’ll like them… There are TONS of reader insert blogs for the Flash. Half the battle is figuring out what you like as a reader and following that author! I’m not really the greatest at giving recommendations because I don’t follow a lot of people… But if you’re having trouble trying searching the Barry Allen X Reader tag and see what pops up! :3

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Based on this post x by @slytherin-pansexual-pride

So basically I just had loads of ideas for a wolfstar version of this and Kayleigh asked if I could write it so…here it is. 

Synopsis: Sirius and Remus are primary school teachers and one of Sirius’s students throws his keys in the dumpster. And who happens to witness Sirius desperately trying to find his lost keys? Only his crush Remus Lupin who thinks the whole situation is extremely hilarious. 

Warning it’s not edited that well so if it’s bad….sorry not sorry 

Sirius Black doesn’t know why he got into teaching, he hates kids. They’re annoying, they don’t understand pretty much anything, they have rubbish taste in music and they do stupid things like throw his keys in the bin! 

Okay that’s a lie, Sirius loves kids. 

He loves coming into work every day and teaching his resource class. He loves the smaller ones who are quiet and more reserved, they’re not fully aware of what’s wrong with them and Sirius likes being able to help them through each day.

Like the time when the boy, Blaise who refused to speak a word for two months raised his hand and offered to sing for assembly, Sirius had called James during break because he had been so damn excited. 

He even loves the older ones, the ones who throw tantrums on a daily basis or who run down to the local shop during lunch and force him to go chasing after them (in his brand new boots!!) because Sirius knows they can’t help it and he knows that this isn’t them and he likes that they trust him enough that after they calm down, they come to him, apologise and ask him to help him with their adding and subtracting. 

So yeah Sirius loves kids, he loves his students, and he loves his job. It’s just that sometimes…it gets a bit much. 

Like today when young Terry Boot threw his keys in the large rubbish bin outside and didn’t tell Sirius about it until after school. 

So now it’s four o clock, an hour since school has finished and Sirius is still searching for his goddamn keys. 

It’s not like they’re not distinctive. There’s a large keychain with a dog on it, one with a picture of the late, great David Bowie, another specially made one with the name ‘padfoot’ engraved on it and something pink and fluffy that his godson’s friend called a pygmy puff. Sirius wan’t too sure what a   pygmy puff was but it was pink and pretty so he bought it. God he’s more childish than his students. 

Anyway it’s been an hour and Sirius is beginning to consider jumping into the bin headfirst to retrieve his keys when he hears something behind him. 

He hears someone laughing, loud, raspy laughing and Sirius cringes, hoping and praying that it isn’t his boss mocking him but when he turns he realises that it’s far worse. 

Standing in front of him, leaning against the wall of the school is Remus Lupin. 

Remus Lupin teaches the younger years at the school, the cute little infants and Sirius isn’t sure whether he’s more jealous of Remus getting to teach the adorable young ones or of the children getting to spend time with Remus. 

Because Remus Lupin is hot

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we will never know…

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Aaahhh thank you!! Sorry for the slow reply, I don’t expect that I will get an ask ahahah–.

This gets longer than I expected so I’ll put it under read more.

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What she says: I’m fine.

What she means: If you search Wheatley plush into any search engine you will find plushies for days and the same applies for the Space Core because everyone loves a good Space Core from everyone I know they all prefer the Space Core and of course Wheatley is well Wheatley that little blue turd broke my heart when he went mad with power like you were my bro yo with your fantastic dialogue and humour but anyways back to the point you can find plushies of Wheatley and the Space Core and even the companion cube and probably turrets cause why the hell not but yanno what I can’t find well the Adventure Core for one but even more importantly the Fact Sphere ok that adorable little nerd is fantastic ok the Fact Sphere is a good person whose insights are relevant he is hilarious and fantastic and after the Portal 2 musical all I can say is oh my gosh how cute I want a plushie but I can’t find any why is this the case how could this happen to me I made my mistakes got nowhere to run the night goes on but seriously this is unacceptable all I want is a Fact Sphere plush is that too much to ask?


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Y/N: Okay who the hell did it?!
John: Oh my god! What happened to you YN?
Y/N: Don’t act all innocent I know one of you did it!
Sherlock: Did what Y/N? We have been solving cases all day.
John: Well apart from that one time Sherlock went to get something at this flat.
Y/N: You did this Sherlock?
Sherlock: *laughs* Your face!
Y/N: Sherlock! This is not funny!
Sherlock: Oh I find it hilarious Y/N! That is proof to you that I can be funny!
Y/N: Ugh! I live in a flat with children! *walks to the bathroom*
John & Sherlock: *laughs*
John: That was a good one Sherlock.
Y/N: I heard that Watson!

Ezra, you had better not go Skywalker/Solo brat on us.

(This is the comic idea I had partway through watching the finale.  Before that one thing happened.)

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I just realized a domestic!dom can be shortened to a dom!dom and all I can think of now is Stiles coming to that realization and finding it so hilarious and Derek is like "Why did I ever decide to let YOU be my dom? My sex life and a large part of my emotional well being are in the hands of someone who can't stop laughing at the short hand version of domestic dominant-" "But DOM!DOM Derek that sounds like it's from The Flintstones!!" "Exhibit A"


I can’t. 

I just can’t.

This would just be Stiles though. And it probably happens when they are watching The Flintstones with their daughter on a Sunday or something and it just dawns on Stiles. And little Lily or can’t understand why Papa can’t watch The Flintstones anymore with her without blushing and looking very very annoyed at Daddy who just grins and throws his head back laughing, kissing Papa on the cheek. Adults are very confusing sometimes. 

  • Teacher: alright class what's 5 multiplied by 5-
  • Me: Seconds of Summer
  • Teacher: *sighs* oh god not again
  • Class: *mentally preparing for what happens daily*
  • Me: *gets up on table yelling* MICHAEL WANTS ANOTHER SLICEEEEE
  • Teacher: young lady get down here right now
  • Me: YOU'LL NEVER CATCH ME I'M THE GINGERBREAD MAN *runs out singing/yelling SKH*

Well, over the last year we’ve gotten this stuff imported from The Griffon Kingdom called “Gryphon’s Gold”. I haven’t had any of it myself, but A few shots of it seems to be enough to knock most ponies on their rears. 

Moonlight and Blacklin ( askblacklin ) find it absolutely hilarious. Especially when a certain showmare shows up and constantly orders it. Blacklin says that she should know better, but she never learns.

(More bottle cameos this time around! eeveedude (Who also happens to be my 400th follower! Thanks man!), askinquiry, ask-seaswirl, and askrustynail)