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cute Reflection guys and Vesper by @dan-jang

Malec deserves intimate scenes. BUT the scenes we get between them leading up to them having sex offscreen were all amazing, furthered their story, and were emotionally intimate. Even in 2x08, we had some nice moments between them, and Alec standing up to Maryse about him and Magnus being together was really important in their development as well.

Collectively they’ve had more “couple”scenes than Clace or Climon. So I think the writers DO care about them. But I don’t get why it’d be so hard to include a small scene of the two of them the morning after, or something. Anything. So yes, they do deserve better, but they’ve also been given a lot of good things too.

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Headcannon where MC refuse to answer any phonecalls or talk to RFA+V+Saeran because she has toothache and don't want to tell them because she had been warned not to eat too much sweets by them. But the gang misunderstood, thinking that MC ignoring them or mad at them??


I didn’t do Jaehee because I think she’d be really calm and understanding, and wait patiently until you eventually tell her—although she’d still be slightly nervous for the entire time until you revealed the truth. 

Same with V (especially V, he would probably just quietly blame himself until your toothache gets better so you can tell him…)

But here you go~!



  • You’d already been ignoring him all day
  • Usually you’d cheerfully reply to him as soon as he sent the messages
  • He was beginning to worry if he had done something wrong
  • After all… he had lied to you about not playing LOLOL last night, in exchange that you wouldn’t eat sweets…
  • Oh no. Maybe you found out about his lie.
  • He left hundreds, woah, wait it just became thousands, of voicemails on your phone
  • “Why won’t you return my calls >_<”
  • “MC… I’ll give up LOLOL if you would just talk to me!”
  • “Please… I’m sorry for breaking my promise….”
  • As his voicemails blasted from your phone one after the other, you felt more and more clueless—what in the world was he talking about?
  • Seriously, what crime had he committed to apologize so intensely? Your phone had been vibrating the entire f*cking morning.
  • When your phone rang AGAIN, you picked it up
  • “DAMMIT Yoosung, SHUT UP ALREADY!! It’s not my fault if you committed a crime! Don’t drag me into this!”
  • You hung up angrily, glaring at your phone as you rubbed on the outside of your poor, poor toothache.
  • Meanwhile:
  • Yoosung was tearing up from your phone call. S-she considers it a crime…? NOOOOOO!!
  • “I’LL NEVER LIE AGAIIIIIIN!!!” he bawled
  • And the misunderstandings only continued to grow.
  • (But your tooth felt better!!)


  • “Baaaabe… why won’t you talk to me?”
  • You’d cancelled out on a date, and you hadn’t talked to him the entire day PLUS you hadn’t answered his nightly phone calls—it was a TRADITION between the two of you, TRADITION!!
  • Now Zen was at your door, half sobbing as you refused to let him inside the apartment.
  • You were suffering from a toothache, and you really really didn’t want to talk to him right now
  • He’d even been telling you yesterday, “Babe, I know you love sweets but it’s not good to eat too many! If you really need something sweet… you can have me, instead!”
  • …to which you pushed him aside and took another cookie from behind him.
  • Zen’s knocking persisted, “I know you’re in there! Please come out? We can talk about it… Was it a fake scandal or something? You know I only love you… It must be a misunderstanding, let’s talk, okay?”
  • He was starting to sound desperate, and you almost felt sorry for him… BUT.
  • Yes, BUT, your pride still won over your sympathy. There was no way you were going to let him know that he had been right, that you shouldn’t have eaten so many sweets.
  • His knocking suddenly stopped when another door slammed open- probably your neighbour’s.
  • You could almost hear Zen’s jaw drop to the ground
  • He would never cheat on you.
  • “What the- no stop, don’t touch me!” Zen shrieked.
  • The old lady’s voice came again, “Oh my, come to think of it, you’re actually quite handsome… Well, since you’re a naughty, unfaithful lad anyway, why don’t you come with me?”
  • “MC?! GOD SEVEN? HELL, EVEN JUMIN HAN!! I’ll forgive you for everything, even your inability to see my beauty, just please save me…”
  • Screams of agony filled the apartment building.


  • “MC. Don’t eat all the sweets at once, you’ll get a toothache, okay?” he said calmly as he gifted you a box of assorted candy.
  • That had been what he told you last night, to which you had carelessly nodded to without really paying attention. You really regretted not listening to him now—but there was no way you would let him have the satisfaction of being right.
  • You proceeded to lock yourself in the room for the day so you wouldn’t have to face him. When he called you to say he’d be coming home from work soon, you only hummed a short reply. “Mhm…”
  • Concerned by your short, seemingly distant reply, he arrived home almost immediately after the call.
  • In swift, long strides, he’s walked to the door of your bedroom, knocking every now and then.
  • “MC..? Are you feeling sick?” Knock knock.
  • “Should I call a doctor?” Knock knock knock.
  • “Do you need Elizabeth the 3rd?” Knock knock.
  • “I’m sorry for hogging her last night. I promise to share her wonderful embodiment of fur with you the next time.” Knock.
  • “Or are you, perhaps, hungry…? Oh. Could it be your time of the month? I have heard women tend to be grumpy and irritabl-“
  • You swung open the door, glaring at him. “Hmph!” you grunted, refusing to open your mouth to reply.
  • He stared.
  • And stared.
  • …and stared.
  • “PFFT!” then he burst out laughing. “GYAHAHAHAH—you! You look! HAHAHAHH!!”
  • What the- who died and replaced the serious, dull Jumin Han with this out of character laughing freak??
  • Seriously, this guy’s sense of humour was whack.


  • The number that you are trying to reach is not available right now. Please call again later.
  • The number that you are trying to reach-
  • The number that you-
  • The nu-
  • Beeeeep, beeeep, beeeep, beeep…
  • All seven of Seven’s phones couldn’t get in contact with you right now.
  • He knew that you were home—the GPS on your phone showed it! And you hadn’t left your house today either, according to his security cameras. (Stalker alert lololol)
  • Instead of trying to bother you more, he began to sulk in the corner of his dark, dark room.
  • I don’t deserve her.
  • She probably hates me now.
  • Mushrooms were growing on top of his head as each thought made him more and more depressed.
  • It’s no wonder… I didn’t share the last Honey Buddha Chips with her yesterday…
  • MC -
  • His phone suddenly rang, showing your caller ID.
  • “MC?!” he exclaimed excitedly.
  • Seeeveeeen… I can’t take it anymore!” your muffled voice came through the speaker. “My tooth… It hurts too much!! I’m sorry I ate all your boxes of Honey Buddha Chips… Ugghh…”
  • WHAT!?!
  • “WHAT DID YOU SAY?” he shouted, eyes widening in horror.
  • No. NO. That can’t be!
  • Seven fainted.


  • Poke. Poke. Poke.
  • He snickered as he poked against your cheek, knowing that you were biting back tears from your painful toothaches.
  • “Grrr,” you growled at him angrily, narrowing your eyes as you pouted.
  • Say it. Tell me I was right. I waaarned you what would happen if you ate too much candy, didn’t I?” he sighed in mock pity.
  • You shook your head furiously, stubbornly refusing.
  • “MC~ I won’t give you the numbing medicine if you don’t say it~” he teased, grinning.
  • You let out a whiny whimper from your throat, giving him your best puppy look face, trying to look pitiful. Instead, this lil asshole only laughed at you.
  • Still, you kept your mouth shut.
  • “Tsk, fine, be that way,” he sighed dramatically, an amused glint in his eyes.
  • But you actually did continue to ignore him, for the entire day. He began to worry if you were really mad at him, and he poked his head into your room to check up on you quietly, not wanting to say anything that could upset you. (It was so cute, awwh)
  • Truthfully, your toothache was even worse now, and you didn’t even have the motivation to let him know that you weren’t mad.
  • So when you woke up the next morning, you found breakfast and ice cream on your table, with a little note next to it.
  • I’m sorry about yesterday, will you forgive me?’
  • Awwww, Saeran~!!

I was stopped by a human rights campaign voulenteer on my way home and she asked if i had a moment to talk about lgbt rights and i said Sorry im gay and late for a meeting i cant thank u tho and she did NOT believe me when i said im gay i cld tell

why do I smile?

well you see, there are many reasons why I smile. the good things in life. like cute dogs, having a good time with friends. those are nice, but you see, dear, nothing can compare with how much you make me smile and how happy you make me. the way you make me feel can’t compare with the most beautiful jewel in the world.

happiness. something I hadn’t felt in a long time, but then, I met you. in that moment, my sorrows melted away for a brief second. never had I ever been given the kind of love you’d offered. for once in my life I was content with the way my life was going.

love. we’ve got love given to us from friends. the constant banter, the emotional support. the friends that are there until the very end, right? none of that can compare with how special you make me feel and i’ll never be able to thank you enough for making me feel loved.

distance. distance is a pain in the ass, but you know what, darling? we’ve made it through together. no pain in the ass is going to keep us apart, my love, because..

I think I’m in love with you

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Btw, I really like how realistically Yuuri's anxiety is portrayed in this fic (down to the therapy and medications), as well as his low self esteem and bad mental/emotional health when it comes to thoughts about himself and Viktor

Thank you!

As someone who has dealt with metal health issues in the past but not specifically anxiety it was really important to me that I portrayed Yuuri’s anxiety as realistically and respectfully as I could even if I wasn’t writing from personal experience. So I had to do shit tons of research to try and get into Yuuri’s head and it’s such a relief to know that I did it well and that people are connecting with him! I do relate to Yuuri a lot in other ways and it’s great to see other people who relate to him too

About me

Hi! I guess some of you are wondering how is life for me (if you’re not wondering, don’t need to read is ok!)

My exams went well, i’m in the end of my summer vacations already.
I’ve health and i’m happy with life!
Past months have been hard for me, I had to deal with a lost, problems, more problems, money issues (that keept me working TOO much)

Now everything is better.

For all the messages I received, sorry, I can’t reply all (but i did my best i swear! <3)
All the people who asked and is asking for giving voice to my videos: YOU CAN! of course you can. You can always do it if you keep my signatures, give me credit, and link the video you did to my gallery. I’m always pleased to see people doing videos with my art and working so hard giving them voices. Really.

About Ladybug
-season 2-
I didnt read so much spoilers and I’m not interested in them. Actually I dont like the move Zag is doing spoiling everything, really, is not how I like to follow series… knowing what to wait… I’d prefer they keep their info for themselves and give me a new season full of misteries.

Thats  another reason why I’m not checking much tumblr, sorry.

-Christmas Special-
Honestly? I didn’t like it… (even if I save the scene of chat’s using cataclism on adrien’s sign you know WHY *wink*)
I think it was rushed, songs sounds funny and not very… well (at least for me, i respect your opinion!) and characters acted very poorly. (except papillon, oh papillon you’re always wonderful)

I watched the first two, i don’t like them either (sorry, i’m just being honest here). I’ll keep watching later, but I’m not very excited. I’m kinda dissapointed that is about… new notebooks and not saving paris. (Again, I respect if you like them! is okay. Hope you respect me too ^^) 

Activity in the future?
Yes!! hopefully yes *_*

I joyously pointed to my little rose bush, eager for her to see the new buds forming.
She touched the fading unpollinated flowers, and said I should water it.
No, I insisted. That’s what they’re supposed to do. I showed her the crisp dark leaves, the heaviness of the pot, the moistness of the soil. I told her it’s a happy plant.
She shrugged.
But look at the buds! I told her.
She asked where they were.
I pointed them out, all four of them. One so ready to bloom it had yellow petals peeking out from behind its sepal.
She gave a forced smile, and sat down with her phone.
I looked again at my rose bush. Well, I thought to it, you can’t say I didn’t try.
—  J.H.
My Writing Process

“What is your writing process?” - Ziva

Hi Ziva,

Great question. I think this blog is a big part of it! 

Beyond that, I write in a notebook. Every day. Sometimes multiple times a day. These notebooks are for stories, plots, scenes. I don’t typically dedicate one notebook to a whole project. I let everything kind of bleed together. This is probably the best strategy I have. 

It’s served me very well over the years and helps me keep things organized. If I have an idea, it goes into the notebook. Then when I feel suddenly out of ideas, or in a slump, I have a whole notebook of them to return to. There’s always something to work on.

When it comes to doing actual writing, I plot and plan in my notebooks and I type when I can, where I can. I took to writing on the train for awhile when I had to. Now I just write once I’m off the train. I read, a lot - I know that doesn’t sound related, but that’s definitely part of my process and can help a lot. I’m not overly picky about when I’m writing, but I do get to do it at some point nearly every day, usually at night. 


I have arrived! For @xbrokenbutfabulousxstuff ’s Semi Formal! I left any good clothes in Alabama sooo I went with this!

I don’t really have any good shoes so I kinda just

Boots. Can’t go wrong there

Also I think this is the first time I’ve had a “full body” picture woah…

Sorry for the bad quality >~< Tried using my laptop to take the picture, didn’t turn out very well…

Anyways, I’ll probably sit in the corner and watch everyone dance, sing, or do what ever!

Feel free to come talk to me ;^

Arm Candy ~ Cheronica

Word Count: 3,500

Summary: Cheryl and Veronica strike a deal that leads to a little more than what they had expected.

Warnings: Just a lot of fluff

A/N: My first fanfiction on Tumblr!! I was going to post this on AO3, but apparently you have to wait 5 years (10 days) in order to register a new account. Anyways, I hope you like it. ~~~ Peaches ~~~

“There’s no way in hell we’re doing that again, Betty.”

“Well why not?”

“You know perfectly well why,” Veronica says, looking back at Betty, who shrugs and giggles a little, pressing her books toward her chest a bit more.

Veronica continues, “You should go with Archie. Besides, I’d much rather go alone; I’ve never liked being… well…”

“–arm candy?” Kevin cuts in, fighting through the crowd to walk next to Veronica as she looks at him in delight.

“Exactly,” she beams, glancing first at Betty and then at Kevin, “You’ll go with Archie, and you’ll go with Joaquin, and I’ll be free as a bird,” putting her hands on her shoulders and cocking her head to the side, a small smirk on her face and eyelashes batting.

“Of course, you’ll need a new dress and shoes. I’m thinking… Chanel with some pearls? It’s a real classic; should suit you perfectly…” Kevin continues to ramble as Veronica begins to wonder how she’ll even find the money to buy a dress, let alone a Chanel one.

As the three of them continue striding down the halls of Riverdale High, Veronica notices Cheryl Blossom observing her every step, red lips pressing together and hair twirled around her fingers.

Keep reading

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Well I get that you are a human and I honestly would have understand you completely to rant if I had come to you like "CHANGE THAT BECAUSE I SAY SO BITCH". But I didn't word it like this. And well you know I am a human too. So seeing you respond to my message in such a way is really dishearting because I really wondered what was so incredible horrible about my message to deserve such a rant. I do take your apology and just say agree to disagree in the original matter.

Ya it’s…..I just need to fucking chill and have a glass of wine tbh and have my husband draw me a bubble bath and use a bath bomb Hahahaha I’m way too tense lately 😂😂

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You and Chase had snuck into the school late at night so you guys could swim together. When you got to the pool you had shed of your clothes with your swimsuit underneath and chase had just stripped down to his boxers and jumped in. You sat on the edge of the pool, "Why don't you come swim with me baby?" Chase asked, resting his head on your thigh "I'm not uh.. I'm not that good at swimming" you said ashamed. Chase got a mysterious glow in his eyes and smiled "well then let me teach you"

“Do you trust me?” he says and you nod. “Then jump in”

Fluffy Friday™

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I'm broken,a tv couple has never had this affect on me ever. Robert is devastated their goodbye was heartbreaking. I do love how they call each other Mr Dingle and Mr Sugden it's kinda like their pet names for each other. I love how Aaron told Robert not to climb trees,kidnap anyone or break him out of jail Aaron knows his husband too well. The next few weeks will be tough on us all I'm more desperate for Aaron's release date then I was for wedding pictures I really want it spoiled

They’ve been breaking me for over two year but this, it’s never been like this. I don’t think I’ve ever sobbed so much at Emmerdale as mush as I have this week. I love this while Mr Dingle/Mr Sugden thing they have going on just make them sugden-dingle now please. I don’t think I’m going to get use to ‘husbands’, I love Aaron knows him so well though and the stupid shit he does. It’s already hard, I don’t know how I’m going to cope with what’s coming up


Khalil: So how have you been, son? It’s been a while!

Cian: Been good! For the most part …

Khalil: For the most part?

Cian: Well, there’s kinda something that I don’t know how to deal with.

Khalil: Lay it on me, I’ll try my best to help.

Cian: (sighs) It’s girl problems.

Khalil: I didn’t know you had a girlfriend! Who is she? When did this start?

Cian: I don’t. That’s the problem. I like this girl, and I want to ask her out, but I don’t know what we’d even do.

Khalil: Well, your mother’s restaurant seems quite nice, why not bring her here? Have it be a private date just the two of you. Nothing is more romantic than that.

Cian: You think that would work?

Khalil: Perks of being related to the owner. You can practically do anything.

Cian: Yeah .. yeah, that sounds good! I’ll ask her on school on Monday. Hopefully.

Khalil: Don’t sweat it! Just remember, she’s just a girl.

Cian: (internally) Only the most amazing girl ever.

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Don't know if this has been answered, but will there be a chapter on when Oliver and Felicity first learned about Ellie's sexuality? I'm obviously assuming that they're okay with it because they're amazing people, but did they ever fall into that heteronormative ideal and think about Ellie and her future with a husband until they learned?

God that’s a good question. First off, they both take Ellie’s sexuality in stride. They’d both seen the truth of that well before she was ready to discuss it and they’d had plenty of time to get used to the idea. Did they fall into heteronormative daydreams about her future… probably, when she was little. I think most parents do. 

I’m kinda weird that way because I’ve never done that with my kids. I tend to forget that most people do. My husband and I have always talked with the kids interchangeably about a possible eventual husband or wife, boyfriend or girlfriend. I don’t think I’ve ever just assumed one of them was straight. I find that kind of silly, really, without some reason to think that. But, I’m not most people on that front and I know it. So… probably Oliver and Felicity do have those assumptions, at least a little. 

But… but Ellie’s so obviously in love with Sara. I think it went from being perceived as a cute kind of hero-worship of an older best friend to an ‘oh… OH… that’s not what this is at all’ realization by middle school at latest. Add to that that Ellie never once expresses an interest in boys and it’s pretty obvious to her parents. 

I don’t have planned to write any kind of conversation when it dawns on them that she’s gay. I guess I could. It would be a challenge to think about that from their perspective, either before or after it’s confirmed in the oneshot where Sara goes to prom. I’ll think about that. It’s a tempting idea, anon, and rough shoes for me to step into writing-wise. I’m straight, but I’m also someone who’s always made it clear to my kids that whatever their gender preference, the only way it matters to me is the extent to which it impacts the challenges in their lives. I’m more interested in watching them discover who they are than dictating to them who I think they should be. On the flip side, I watched my parents struggle through counseling and depression and blaming themselves after my brother came out when he was in high school. Oliver and Felicity would be somewhere in the middle and I don’t immediately know what that looks like. But it definitely is worth thinking about. 

cc: @dust2dust34

I really want Yang and Blake’s reunion to go something like this:

Yang pulls up outside Blake’s house on Bumblebee. She lifts her aviators and lets out an impressed whistle.
“Spoiled kitty. Looks like she’s still got some secrets.”
The blonde steps up to the door and knocks. Voices can be heard from the other side.
“Don’t worry misses B! I got it!” Someone says. Yang tilts her head. Is that…
The two blondes stare at each other in shock.
“What are you doing here?” The monkey faunus tries to keep his voice down, afraid of how the Bellasonnas will react. Yang had no such issue, her voice carrying well into the house. Footsteps approach the front door, and Yang is face to face with the raven-haired family. She brushes past Sun, zeroing in on the reason she’s here.
“WHAT were you THINKING!?” her voice is instantly at full volume. Ghira glares, not taking kindly to this noisy intruder.
“Blake, darling, who is this… human?” The patriarch keeps his voice barely controlled. His daughter isn’t listening, instead too busy being berrated by her teammate. The blonde bombshell has yet to lower her voice, the quiet faunus girl struggling to speak over her.
Kali looks on in absolute shock, her eyes wide and mouth agape. Sun does his best to calm Ghira.
“Listen dude! Er… sir! You gotta trust me! It’s best to let them work it out!” The monkey faunus pushes against the much larger man, urging him back.
“And we’ve all been worried about you! You just disappeared!” Yang’s tirade is still going strong. Just as Blake is losing her patience with being screamed at, her partner hits home.
“How could you leave me!?” Yang’s voice cracks, her eyes a violent red and hair sparking. Blake finally snaps, grabbing the blonde by her coat.
“Because I love you, damnit! The only way for you to keep from getting hurt was if I left! Adam wants to kill you! He almost did!” The cat faunus’ voice chokes as she flashes back to the scene. Ghira, Kali, and Sun all look on in stunned silence. Yang starts shaking, clenching her fists.
“Why if that isn’t the stupidest-” she raises her arm and Ghira leaps forward, only to be stopped by Sun as Blake flinches, her eyes shutting in fear. But no impact comes, no pain. She slowly opens her eyes to see tears streaming down Yang’s cheeks, gently bumping her fist on top of Blake’s head.
“You i-idiot…” the blonde hiccups. As she looks back at her partner, the cat faunus realizes that Yang had raised her right arm. She grabs the young woman’s wrist, hurriedly yanking up her sleeve to see the metal prosthetic.
“Yang…” Blake breaks down sobbing and the two hold each other tightly. Sun is stuck explaining everything to the Belladonna parents as the two girls are crying too hard to say anything.


Hey guys, Cola here! 

 So this is part two of my photos in town post. While in town we found this cool little tea shop which was right next to this crazy big crystal shop. We went into both and got some respective items- crazy story guys, so I walk into the crystal shop with the group and this old lady greets us and when she sees me, she rushes towards me and gives me this stone and this crystal “free of charge”. Something about me needing them in the near future. She was pretty cool. Little creepy, but cool none the less. They rocks both came with these little papers that say what the stone is ‘supposed to do’ but I lost the one to the clear crystal. All well. They’re cool to look at. 

 Becca wasn’t allowed in the store for some reason. She mentioned that she had a bad past with the lady inside and didn’t want to go in, so she stayed outside and fed the birds with the other girl (whose name I now realize I still don’t know). 

 I did ask Becca about what happened the night before when I had a picture of her hand- but she said that she had been in bed all night, so it wasn’t her. She then proceeded to show me her wrist, and her bird tattoo was filled in- so it’s different from the one in the photo. She also said that that tattoo was pretty common in this town. And if that’s the case, maybe I should check the local tattoo parlor? Maybe they would know whose wrist that is. 

 Anyway, long story short- I have some investigating to do, and town is pretty cool. You all should check it out!

 - Cola