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Acid Fog

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Requested: hey your writing is pretty awesome and I was wondering if i could get a bellamy imagine where the reader gets injured while on a hunt and like near death stuff but she doesn’t die. just hit me with the thanks! 

Requested by: anonymous 

Warnings: Blood? I guess? Some gore.

You could feel the adrenaline rushing. Your feet burned with exhaustion and you felt as if you could collapse. But you couldn’t, not now, when there was a huge cloud of acid fog just behind you. Only inches away and you and your group had been separated in a frenzy.

“Hurry up!” Bellamy called to you, a few steps ahead of you. You glared at him frustrated and scared of death. “Im trying!” You yelled to him. He sighed, taking quick glances behind him only to see the acid fog gaining on you.

You had no idea where you were heading, only following Bellamy because he said he had a place where the two of you could hide for the night to let the acid fog pass. “Just up here, theres a cave.” Bellamy called, gaining up speed to which you nodded and fastened your pace.

Just when you thought you were safe and only a few more steps and you would be to safety, you tripped. Falling to the ground with a yelp and hitting your head on the ground. You panicked, scared that you would be killed by the fog, so despite the pain, you jumped up, the fear of death pursuing you not to lay there in pain.

“Y/N” Bellamy called your name, turing around to help you. You screamed in pain when a burning feeling in you leg, you screamed. Your throat going raw in shock as you felt as if your leg was burning off. You tried to run only to nearly tip over when putting pressure on the leg was too difficult. A hand grabbed your wrist, dragging you and you fell in and out of consciousness not completely hearing what Bellamy was saying to you.

“Please, keep your eyes open.” You blinked, feeling yourself be picked up and all of a sudden the weight of your body was gone. Warm arms were wrapped around you as you bounced uncomfortably in your position, you faintly heard yourself screaming and moaning in pain but weren’t sure if it was you or Bellamy.

His breathing was ragged and was the only thing you could truly focus on. You felt your hands slimy against their grip on your legs wound.

“Stay awake!” You faintly heard before falling asleep. You thought for one last moment that this was your final moment, and that you would die so stupidly to a mass of acid fog.

“Y/N…” You heard a faint voice say, opening your eyes you blinked, trying to focus. Almost immediately you felt a searing pain in your leg and in a fit of panic, you sat up grabbing your leg only to stop when the pain increased. Looking down at your leg, you saw your pants ripped up showing a burnt leg, with some skin off and it peeling. 

You bit your lip trying to breathe in without screaming in pain. It hurt so much.

Looking around you saw you were in a cave and right in front of you sat a worried looking Bellamy. His eyes scrunched up in fear and sweat dripping off his face. “Thank god you’re awake. I thought I lost you.” He whispered, you shook you’re head confused.

“I thought I was dead.” You whispered, looking at your hands in a confusion. You were soaked in your own dry blood and you were shaking, confusedly you stared up at Bellamy. You had always sort of had a small (huge) crush on him and the two of you were quite close, him always coming to you for support.

But, you had never shared your feelings or how happy he made you when he was around you. 

“I thought you were dead as well.” Bellamy sighed, exhausted but his heart still beating extremely fast. “You were bleeding and I tried my best, you’ve been asleep for two hours. I found this cave and hid you in here, the fogs still out.”

You nodded, still slightly confused. Bellamy gave you a small smile, noticing your shivering figure. He pulled off his jacket and you watched in confusion as he handed it to you. “Take it.” He ordered, staring at you with that look that just made whoever immediately listen to him.

“But what about you?” You mumbled confused.

“I’m fine. Plus i’m not the one who nearly just died.” Bellamy joked slightly and you smiled, a little giggle escaping your lips. Softly you accepted his jacket, struggling to put it on before finally you felt warm. Though the burning sensation was still in your leg, but you weren’t shivering as badly. You felt Bellamy’s eyes on you, and you felt your cheeks blush and was secretly glad that the darkness of the cave hid your cheeks.

“You should go back to sleep, we are most likely going to be in here for a while. And you should rest as much until we can get you to Clarke.” Taking a deep breath, you nodded, turning over and laying on your side. You expected to hear the shuffling of Bellamy beside you as he went to lay down, but turned to him when you heard nothing.

You caught him staring at you and immediately the blush deepened. “Aren’t y-you going to sleep as well.”

“Someones got to keep watch.” He mumbled, quickly turning away from you.

You side, grabbing his upper arm and yanking him down. He yelped in that deep voice of his as you placed him down next to you. “There is a huge cloud of acid fog, no ones going to come here.” You explained, turning over and closing your eyes.

Just as your breath evened out and you felt your self falling asleep you heard Bellamy’s voice whisper in your ear. “I was so scared…”

Not that angsty, but I hoped you enjoyed nonetheless.

“I never liked haunted houses” (Jack Barakat Halloween imagine)

~Request: hey, an idea for a jack barakat halloween imagine - y/n is scared of haunted houses and their friends left them behind so jack sees them & is like “i don’t even know you but your friends left you behind so i’m gonna hold your hand and get you through this”?? & like fluff i guess?? (obvs)~

(This was requested a couple days ago, and ya know I dont care that its November Im writing a Halloween imagine!)

“Come on Y/N its not that scary” Your best friend whined. You and your friends wanted to go to this spooky carnival since it was almost Halloween. The rest of the Halloween themed carnival was pretty fun; roller coasters, creepy games where you could win ghost stuffed animals, and more, but you were off put the whole time from the haunted house, which only got worse when your friends decided to drag you into the line. Youve personally never been a fan of haunted houses. First time you went in one, a man with no eyes scared you so bad, you hated them with all your being. That didnt stop your friends from dragging you in

‘Maybe it wont be as bad as I remember’ You thought as you waited in line with your friends, trying to distract yourself by stealing pieces of your friend’s cotton candy. 

One of your friends whispered in your ear. “Dont look now, but theres a guy in line who keeps looking at you. The tall one with the blonde streak.” After a moment, you glanced behind you to see a guy talking with his friends, only two people behind. Pretty cute, you had to admit. “Hey quit looking at the guy and come on” You turned around and felt your heart sink. You guys were next in line into the building.

You hid behind your friends.. It wasnt like a normal haunted house with one path. It was almost like a small maze. The synthetic fog enveloped the floor and your legs, the sounds of evil laughter and chain saws in a different area, making some girls scream. You tried staying close to your friends, who were just as afraid as you. While you all walked around, avoiding eye contact of a fairly frightening clown mask on the wall, the three of you made it to a three way fork in the maze. 

“What do we do?” One of your friends asked. “I think we should split up” The other said. Uh fuck no! Before you had time to say that was a bad idea, one friend went to the right and the other went straight. “Uhhh” you shook a bit. Suddenly you heard stomping behind you, and you sprinted left.

Several things tried to jump out at you, recorded screams, axes in walls, fog, and freaky masks on the walls as you tried to find your way out of the haunted maze. You finally couldnt handle it and stopped, leaning on one of the walls and thinking on how to get out of here without having a heart attack. “Hey” someone said behind you.

 You stood up straight and sighed in relief to see it was someone else lost. More specifically the tall kid with the blond streak who your friend said was checking you out. “You ok?” he asked, a considerate smile on his face. “U-uh yeah..” You stuttered, not trying to hide the fact you were shaken up “I never liked haunted houses.” You admitted. “I could tell” the boy laughed. “You didnt look very enthusiastic on the way in here.. I know the way out if you want to get out of here” he said. You smiled at him and nodded. “Come on.” He said and grabbed your hand “My name is Jack by the way..”

Jack leg you through the haunted house, warning you whenever something was going to jump out at you. Every time you tensed up, you could feel his hand squeeze yours gently in hopes it would help. “How do you know this maze so well?” You asked as you followed “The maze is always the same every year, and I come to this every year. I know the ropes” Jack said. “I know its silly” He muttered as you guys made it to the exit. 

When you stepped down the metal stairs and outside again, you sighed in relief and hugged Jack. “Thank you” You said. Jacks face flushed a bit, he smiled and hugged you back.. You could feel your heart race a bit when he wrapped his arms around you. You felt safe. When you pulled away he said “Youre welcome… but you know, if you ever get scared of anything, you can always give me your number and give me a call. I’ll come save you” Jack said with a wink. You could feel your face turn bright red. You didnt have time to answer before you heard your friends call from a distance “Hey sorry to ruin the moment but we got to go” You sighed and looked up at Jack. “I got to go.. but I may want to have a horror movie marathon some time and cant watch alone” You said in attempts to flirt (you werent necessarily a professional but you werent bad at it either) Jack just smiled and handed you his phone. You gave him your number and handed the phone back to him, before your friends finally dragged you away. 

You and your friends sat in a Burger King having dinner. They wouldnt stop asking you about Jack. Who he was, how you two started talking, if you liked him, how big his dick was(in a joking way) etc. You laughed it off and kept eating your chicken fries (making me hungry :c) when your phone buzzed on the table. Yours friends said “Hey its your boyfriend” You smiled and picked up the phone, seeing the new message

Unknown number: Hey its Jack so I dont know if youre busy on Friday night but ya know Fridays are perfect for horror movie marathons ;)

(Yes its not Halloween I do not care haha. Hope you liked it ^^)

anonymous asked:

When Sherlock talks about ghosts it seems pretty personal for him, like something from HIS past. Someone he promised to protect who was either killed or arrested? Probably killed, since he talks about martyrs of a great cause. Then again, there's Mary in black, and she's sat near Watson (in the same chair actually) so she lost someone, but not a husband (grieving and already with someone else wouldn't fit, right?). Couldn't it be someone Sherlock let die? And it was brought back?

Let’s see if I can get through a whole Spesh meta without talking about the trial theory.

Okay so let’s do Mary first because that’s real quick, and then we’ll get to the good stuff: IMO Mary is likely in mourning for Emilia, bring Sherlock Emilia’s case. (This theory was originally posed by @miadifferent​.) I think Mary is based on the Gabrielle character from TPLoSH, who comes to Holmes for Holmes to find her husband, Emile (Emilia), who turns out to be dead. (Gabrielle is actually a secret bad-guy spy.)

Now, onto ghosts:

Someone has theorized that this line is a séance:

WOMAN: Who are you? I demand you speak, who are you?

I think that’s very likely. If there’s a séance, presumably people are trying to summon the “ghost” (Emilia) and Emilia turns up: maybe she wants to convince everyone she’s a ghost; maybe she needs some info from this séance. However, unrelated to Emilia, I think Sherlock will see/hear (or think he sees/hears) a real ghost from his past. If the Spesh is in Sherlock’s Mind Palace, that makes sense: when he think about ghosts, the thing he associates with ghosts shows up (to give us cryptic clues). (For example, a brief glimpse of a dog-shaped ghost at this séance.) 

I know there’s been a lot of talk of specific “ghosts” from Sherlock’s past (for example: Victor Trevor), and I do think we’ll get a lot of hints to something like that (IMO The Other One, which is the answer to your question, anon). And yes, I absolutely think that’s one sort of ghost that we’re talking about in the Spesh. But that’s not the definition Sherlock uses for ghosts in the trailer.

How does Sherlock define “ghosts”?

SHERLOCK: Everyone has a past, Watson. Ghosts. Shadows that define our every sunny day.

And what shadows have defined Sherlock’s every sunny day lately? Well, in S3 that would be Reichenbach: leaving John out has been the biggest regret of Sherlock’s life as it continues to affect their relationship. Another huge one would be turning John down at Angelo’s. I don’t think “ghosts” refers to “literal specific dead people” (though that, too), but regrets, doubts, bad decisions from the past that continue to affect every moment of the present.

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