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Are you saying Modest people retend to be concernced SHIPPERS? They can spread rumors but they can't make Zayn hook up with all these girls. They are not on tumblr they have better things to do with their time!

Yes, that is exactly what I am saying.

All these people that come to me and other blogs [and I don’t even post all of mine or I’d need eons] are NOT Modest employees of course. Some people are genuinely concerned, but why? Cause of all the narratives we see floating around. They say you can’t control what people say but you can control what people talk about. And all that’s needed is a couple of people going to a few blogs and acting all ”concerned”. They don’t need to waste all their time and they don’t need some grande plan. All they need to do is create some fucking ruckus and set the topics: Liam is heterosexual, Liam stares at women’s butts, Liam parties all the time. Zayn is heterosexual, Zayn stares at women’s butts, Zayn gets drunk and fucks groupies every night cause that’s who he is.

‘They can spread rumors but they can’t make Zayn hook up with all these girls.’

Oh really?! When have we ever had PROOF Zayn has slept with a fan? The only time I count as proof was that peephole video that was filmed in early 2012 btw, at which time he was neither with Liam nor with Perrie. Yes he must have fucked around back then but more power to him. Is it so hard to see that this set a very convenient narrative that’s still being milked?! All the other times were planted and guess why people believed in them? Cause of Zayn’s reputation! And where was that created? In social media. And who controls social media? Well one clue: not me, not you.

Are you saying that a management company that paid a waitress and the Daily Mail to post a huge article about how Zayn cheated on Perrie, a management company that is perfectly capable of stopping things they don’t wanna be talked about [just yesterday I read that they pulled a Ben/Harry article from the DM] from being further promoted, doesn’t have the power to spread rumours about the boys sleeping around?! They fucking planted an article and they paid the waitress and before that they had released an audio recorded from Zayn’s side, to show us how hetero Zayn and Harry are! They promote tv shows, music, ideas, and whatever the hell they want using the boys’ twitters. And they don’t even need to try that hard to spread manwhore rumours, not when there are so many pretty, willing girls, ready for their ten minutes of fame.

/Edit: I was also gonna say, isn’t it weird we got no photos of Ziam together today? They were really apart all the time at the pool? And okay I can believe that one. I didn’t write it cause it sounded tinhatty. But look at all the intimate moments in this gifset from a week ago, and WHERE are THOSE pics? Huh? The paps were snapping all the time. Now Ziam up close and personal would be floating about forever. But they never appeared. Just sayin’./

Oh and yeah, they ARE on tumblr. Google analytics is a pretty good way to tell, btw. And they have an official account. And they know here is where all the shipping happens. And Gemma just got a tumblr that’s being VERY popular atm.

I’m done pretending we are dealing with clean cut people. We all fucking know it. They work the boys to the bone, they fucking milk them, they create cheating scandals around them, but they can’t spare a couple employees to wreck havoc in social media, and give us the exact topics to talk about?!?!?! We’re fucking puppets and when I answer all those questions I’m their fucking puppet too. At least I can see the strings.