well i guess i know how

i know i went in on this lydia deetz-ass emo motherfucker who keeps sneaking onto my moon the other day but let’s keep it going. let’s just ride this wave as long as we can. i know we’ve established that he’s a godservant or whatever under zone of truth no less but what are her hiring criteria?? like what do you wear to an interview with the raven queen? i mean i can probably guess, it starts with H and ends with Ot Topic. and don’t even get me started on the fucking rat baby boyfriend. role reversal for the ages right there! greasy prep and well-groomed emo ive simply never heard of anything like it. taako since you entered this bureau my life has never known peace. snakes started manifesting physically in my office and i mean that entirely literally and i want to know how you’re doing it. i have to give at LEAST four pep talks a day to cafeteria workers that you’ve emotionally battered and do not EVEN get me started on the benefits i’ve had to placate leon with to get him to stay on this moon. THE MAN DESERVES TO RETIRE. and YOU, avi…

So like imagine, you know how at the start of Episode 9 there was that Climon scene in the canoe? Imagine Malec trying to hide somewhere and being in that situation 

“Remind me how I let you talk me into this?” Alec says, looking down at Magnus. “Well, we needed a place to stay hidden from sight and avoid capture and this was a perfect opportunity. Speaking of, are they gone?” Alec peeked over the side of the canoe, “Dammit.” “Judging by your reply I’m gonna guess that they’re still there?” “Yes.” Silence. “So, what’s your favorite color?” Alec finally says. “My favorite color? Seriously?” “Hey, it’s important for future development now what’s-” “Blue. What’s yours?” “Hazel.” “Any reason why?” “Because that’s the color of your eyes.” “Now I feel bad for saying blue..” They both laughed. 

I don’t know how to finish this, anyway, do you guys get what I’m saying?  I’ll continue this some other time…I’ll make a more detailed version later 

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You know what I think is weird? The other boys being silent about 'liams' baby. I remember durin babygate 1 all or most of the boys congratulated Lou. None of them have for Liam and it's weird. Like yeah it's totally fabricated but you'd think

Isn’t it, though? It is funny how during that wave of congratulations, no other 1D members congratulated Loammy (and still haven’t).  According to Loammy, they all know each other well enough to  identify each other by fart smell, but things like congratulating your bandmate on their baby are a no go. I’m guessing they’ll all eventually say something about it when they’re inevitably asked during their solo promo stuff, but. 

Since this is following the blueprint of Babygate: Original Recipe,  Zayn was the first to officially acknowledge Lewis’s during an interview and by liking a tweet. I guess we’ll see who the first 1D member to do it will be.

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Personally, I think Tyler and Jamie used to be a lot closer than they are now. Like maybe they kinda grew out of their friendship? Jamie's got a serious girlfriend now and that always changes friendships (at least in my experience). It's a little sad but it's part of life I guess.

I think they might’ve been closer in the past as well. And I agree that Jamie having a serious girlfriend could disrupt that…
I’m going to go into my personal opinion now so if anyone wants to stop reading this is where to do it because some people might get offended or not be able to handle it because I know how much everybody loves Katie…
Again my disclaimer I know nothing more than anyone else has access of knowing. Everyone has and is fully entitled to their own opinion about Katie (but maybe my inbox is not the place to voice that)
That being said I’m not a huge fan of Katie and I don’t think Tyler is either. If you look at their Instagram activity Tyler likes every picture that Jamie posts unless Katie is in it. Of course this could just be total coincidence and me nothing or it could mean something else. My experience of Katie in real life was not great, and I’d rather not go into that. So I would not be surprised if that could be a reason it seems like Jamie and Tyler are not as close anymore. But then again we could be entirely wrong and they could still be besties or never were as close as we originally thought. I would hate to see that a girl came between Jamie and Tyler if they were that close though. But it does happen

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What do you mean you can't manifest it yourself? And just out of curiosity, just how private is it to see someone's soul?

“Well, sometimes a monster gets, eh, ‘stage fright’? Especially when we’re nervous or worried about something, it can be hard for us to take our Souls out. It is the most vulnerable part of us, after all.”

“But as for how private it is - it depends on context, you know? Like for certain monsters, full or partial nudity has a different context than for others… getting your Soul out has a different context for, say, the bedroom, or for a medical reason like a Soul Scan.”

“So I guess since you guys have never seen a Soul Scan before, I could probably keep the camera going. So you know I’m not hurting or anything. And so, uh, it feels like I’m not… so alone in doing this.”

“You can, eh, feel free to tune out from the blog for a while though if it’s too weird… ”

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Well I think Lin supporting Autism Speaks is just because Chris Jackson, whose son has autism, supports it (I guess he must have somehow had a positive experience with them or just doesn't realize that they're actually bad), so Lin probably just trusts Chris and supports them with him... like he probably hasn't looked into what they actually do. So he's not trying to be ableist or anything, he just doesn't know how bad Autism Speaks is.

Yeah, I doubt he’d support it if he knew it’s bad, I mean guys… It’s Lin.

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In a new picture released Roman, Sheppard and Kurt are all wearing identical black jackets with the same patches! Guess she found a way to get Kurt to help after all! Sheppard and Roman are dressed up with silly hats and Kurt is pictured in a closet in a behind the scene photos.

I KNOW!! And I’m a little freaked out? Also there’s a pic of Jaimie and Michelle filming together, Luke has been with Michelle a lot and now this.

Well Shepherd did warn Kurt he will join her eventually so let’s wait and see how all this is gonna play out!

autobot-scout-riella replied to your post: Truth: How do you actually feel about me?

Well, knowing what I do about you, I suppose I can’t blame you.

But let me guess - you still don’t trust me, right? You still think it’s my fault somehow because clearly I’m the type of mech who hands out coordinates to people’s places to anyone and everyone because I’m that fucking stupid, right?

like, i get that some people are not comfortable with the word queer. i fluctuate on how comfortable i am with using the word queer! i am from a small town in the south of the u.s. with a high population of people 65+ where using the word queer in a derogatory manner is still live and well. when i got to college and heard the phrase “queer theory” for the first time i was like…what the fuck

but like…u don’t need to add a reminder that some people don’t like to be called queer every time someone makes a post about self-identifying as queer. like, do you know how many posts i see where OP is like “haha yeah i ID as queer because it’s easier than saying i’m an aromantic pansexual” and some pancake feels the need to come out of the woodwork like “I GUESS THAT’S FINE OR WHATEVER BUT DON’T CALL MEEEEEE QUEER” ????? like ??? they weren’t ???? chill out ??????????

by all means if someone calls you queer n you’re not comfy with that tell them to stop…but damn….don’t act like all queer identifying people are running around with a handheld label maker trying to put QUEER stickers on the foreheads of unsuspecting LGBT youth


Up, up and away, away from me
Well, it’s all right, you can all sleep sound tonight
I’m not crazy
Or anything

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The 5 Elements of a LIKABLE Main Character

“I don’t like your main character. He’s kind of obnoxious.” my beta reader laughingly told me, after reading the first chapter of my novel.

On the surface, I looked like this: 

Inside, I looked like this: 

Aloud, I said “Oh, well, he’s kind of hard to understand. He changes by the end.”

Inside, I screamed “How could you not like him?! Do you have a heart?! Is there a void where your soul should be?! Are you actually a Dementor that’s really good at makeup? Well, I guess this is what the Dementors are doing after getting kicked out of Azkaban!”

Outside: “But I really enjoyed it!” *Hugs between broken writer and Dementor in disguise* “Thank you for reading!" 

But you know what? That person that might be a soul-sucking cloaked demon creature? They were right. The character was unlikable, or more accurately, there was no reason to cheer him on. There was nothing to make the reader connect with him, relate to him, transfer themselves into his story, feel affection towards him. 

And if the reader doesn’t connect with the character through empathy? Nothing else in the story can work. Everything relies on this one fictional person. The basic definition of story is "A flawed hero with a goal overcoming obstacles to reach that goal, and how that journey changes them.” So without character, you don’t have story. Without empathy from the reader, you don’t even have character. 

So what is empathy when it comes to characters? 

It’s the process of a reader transferring their own lives onto the character. When this happens, the character’s goal and inner desires, values and weaknesses, everything about them, become proxies for our own. We learn of a shared piece of human nature between us, something we have in common on a significant inner level, and suddenly we want to see this character succeed. Because now, they are us – and we want to see ourselves succeed in real life. We feel what they feel, we experience what they experience.  

The best way to sum up character empathy in my opinion, is this quote from C.S.Lewis: “Friendship is born at the moment when one person says to another ‘Really? You too? I thought I was the only one!’”

That’s empathy. 

Which doesn’t mean the character has to be an angelic little cherub …

There are characters that operate in a moral gray area, there are characters that are downright awful, there are characters that shouldn’t be lovable …but we love them. So this is NOT saying that a main character has to be a perfect angel that rescues baby squirrels when they’re not busy volunteering at the local soup kitchen, it just means there’s something WORTHWHILE in the character that persuades the reader to stick around. We need a reason to relate with that at-first-glance unlikable character. Just as we have flawed people in our own lives who we can forgive and love.

A good quote for this one would be this, by G.K.Chesterton: “That’s the great lesson of Beauty and the Beast; that a thing must be loved before it is lovable.”

So how does a writer accomplish a good empathetic connection?

Luckily for us, establishing this only takes a little planning in the beginning of the story. Certain elements foster empathy, elements which you can give to your character and display in the story. Making sure to incorporate a few of these will ensure that first connection between reader and character. A connection which you, the author, will then be able to grow. It’s this tiny first note of shared humanity which deepens into those important links we hold with characters. We’re living people, they’re imagined and comprised of words on a page; yet these people can be friends to us, family, mentors, role models, and become some of the most influential people in our lives. 

And how does that begin? Evoking empathy. 

And how do you evoke empathy? Well here are the characteristics that human beings instinctively identify with and admire … 

– Courage (This is the one EVERY main character should possess. Gumption to pursue what they want separates main from background characters.)

– Humor (Wit charms us without fail.)

– Goal-Obsessed 

– Hard-working  

– Noble motivations

– Loving

– Loved by others

– Kind 

– Treated unfairly

– In imminent danger, physically

– In imminent danger, emotionally

– In a sorrowful situation

– Smart/Expert at something

– Suffering from psychological weakness  

– Haunted by something in their past

– Dissatisfied with current state of their life

– Lacking something like love, friendship, belonging, family, safety, freedom, etc

It’s a good plan to give your main character at least FIVE of these empathetic little “virtues.”

If this sounds like a resume, that’s kind of what it is. “Dear Potential Reader, I’m applying for the job of Main Character of this book series. I aspire to consume your every waking thought and drastically change your life, for better and worse.” It’s a diagram of the worthwhile traits of the hero, the characteristics that win us over, which promise the reader “If you follow my story, knowing me – and experiencing the story through me – will be well worth your time.”

These traits will be displayed in the set-up of the story, the first ten pages or so. But the story CANNOT stop to let the character exhibit these winning behaviors; the story must KEEP PROGRESSING, every empathetic element must be shown with a story reason for existing within a scene. Like exposition, empathy needs to be added in subtly, as the story motors onward, slipping into the reader’s knowledge without them noticing. If it’s a scene created for the express purpose of convincing the reader “This character is lovable! Love them! I said love them!” then it will be glaringly obvious and the reader will feel the exact opposite. (They’ll also feel that way about the author, incidentally.)

Now! How does this work? 

Harry Potter: 

Harry is the poster child for being treated unfairly. Yet in the face of the abusive treatment of his childhood, Harry is courageous. He does not succumb to the Dursley’s relentless campaign to stamp the magic out of him, and become a proper Dursley; though this would’ve won their approval, put him in their good graces, and made his life exponentially easier – but he didn’t do it. He knew they were wrong, knew what was right, and refused to become like them. So heck yes Sorting Hat, there is “plenty of courage, I see”. He was loved by his parents, by the three that dropped him off at his Aunt and Uncle’s, and by the majority of the Wizarding World. He’s also snarky, loving, and in constant danger. 

Judy Hopps: 

Every reason why we care about Judy is established in the first few scenes. She’s courageous. She’s funny. She’s loved by her parents. She’s motivated by noble values. Definitely goal oriented, hard working, and smart. She’s also in imminent danger, and being treated unfairly.

If we took out the pieces of the story meant to evoke our empathy, what would happen? 

Nobody would care. Judy Hopps would have been an annoying, smug, and consumed by ruthless ambition. Harry Potter would have ceased to exist because everything about him is empathetic. 

Establishing these early allows us to begin the process of temporarily transferring our lives into a story. Or in the case of some life-changing stories, not temporarily transferring, but letting them become part of our souls forever. 

Yup, having your story connect with a reader forever starts with just a little empathy. Pretty useful.

Oh, and speaking of souls, give me mine back, Dementor reader. I learned how to make people like my characters. Now you’re out of the Azkaban job and the beta reading job. 

Done… FINALLY … I don’t have to stare at this anymore… ohwait this is my business card design for the upcoming convention.. nvm….  눈‸눈

[Pearl] Oh! Peridot!

[Peri] huh?

[Pearl] That purple friend of yours-


[Peri] Wh- uh… I don’t actually know them. but what?

[Pearl] Ah… I wasn’t sure.. Anyway, I saw them at the edge of the woods. I tried to say hello but they just ran off!

[Peri] That seems to be their only response to greetings huh. Thats the only sign of them in a while… could you tell where they went?

[Pearl] The encounter gave no evidence to anything in particular, they just kinda ran off in some random direction, I’m sorry.

[Peri] Well uh, thanks for letting me know, I guess.

I really hope they come back

the thought of them never returning just because they think I might go after them if they come near is a bit daunting. I’ve… underestimated how much I rely on them. and now I need all the help I can get.


[Ame] Check it out! squak squak! she likes it!


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I've been meaning to ask this for a WHILE- But how do feel about people drawing porn of your sona? I've seen many people draw porn of other people personas, but I'm wondering how you would react. Sorry for the weird-ass question- I'm just curious af. XD

OOOH SHOOT.. well at this point I don’t know how to feel xD since my sona is kidna like me… it’s not kinda, ITS FREAKIN ME!!! xD and people drawing you in those situations it’s ehmmm weird xDDD

I guess I would be fine if people have fun with it…  I mean someone made vore of me already soooo  it can’t be worst xDDDDDDDDDDDDD 

….. mother fuckin vore….

So now that my birthday is getting closer I thought that it would be a great opportunity to spread some love with you all!! I’ve been in this site for almost two years and well it’s time for a giveaway I guess 👀

I’ll pick 2 winners. They will receive a digital commission of mine for free. Do you want to see your beloved OC in my style, your fave fandom character maybe, or even a portrait of yourself? That’ll be my gift to you! Be sure to check this link first, thank you <3


  • How do I participate? That’s quite simple. Each reblog is an entry. No giveaway/empty blogs. The more you reblog this post, the better your chances!
  • Must I be following you? No, although I’d appreciate that. I know some of you’ll follow me and then unfollow when this event ends. Anyways, followers’ entries count double. Just saying!
  • How will the winners be chosen? I’ll use an online random generator to pick the winners.
  • How long does this event last? The giveaway will run until Sunday, 30th April (it my birth <3) 23:00 GMT+1

The winners must respond within 24 hours or else another person will be picked. Keep your inbox open, guys!



It’s ridiculous how much a lil glow and shading can change this from ‘cosplayer slammed into a wall’ to ‘idiot ghost-boy we know and love slammed into a wall’