well i guess i blogged about it

  • Me (an Ace person): *Blogging about Pride month
  • Me: *Sees Ace discourse*
  • Me: *Blogs about Pride month even harder*

…how about both? :D;; i didn’t mean for this to be so involved but it kinda turned into a rival CEO-type AU… i just went with it. thanks for the request!! <3

[insert your own joke about a longstanding merger]

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what if aliens just dont understand the concept of taking non professional photos like selfies and sharing them on the internet? like "John-human, you see me all the time. I do not wish to take another 'selfie' with you."

John-human was not of the sub category photographer, though they didn’t seem to be aware of that themself. No matter where they went, they brought their little ‘smartphone’ with them, seemingly for the sole purpose of photography. It was beyond irrational, especially considering that John-human was well aware that they were of the sub category physicist.

“John-human, you see me all the time. I do not wish to take another ‘selfie’ with you.” Cg’jlas said when the human suggested another photograph being taken of the two. “I have important work to do, and clearly you have a plethora of photographs of us together. What could you possibly need another one for?” It was getting to the point of being irksome, if xe were to be honest. None of the other humans seemed to consider the behaviour odd though, so xe would have to tread carefully in case xe was approaching cultural territory.

“It’s for my blog. I’ve got people asking to see another picture of us together, and I thought this’d be a good place to take one. It looks cool in here.” John-human said as if it was the most obvious thing in the galaxy. To them it probably was.

“John-human, I am unfamiliar with some of these terms.” Xe said, contracting xir twarikial tentacle in an obvious show of confusion. “What is this ‘blog’, and why have other humans requested to see your photographs? Is it not most common to enjoy photographs of humans who are well known in general, or known to the human watching?”

“Oh, well, yeah? I guess, but we also like looking at pretty people or cool people, or just pretty pictures, and it’s really you all the fuss is about. They like seeing us together.” They said, elevating their shoulders briefly. “A blog is like a content sharing site on the internet – you remember when I told you about the internet, right?”

“Yes, it was quite… interesting. So you are not confused about which sub category in which you belong?” Xe asked, hoping xe didn’t come across as rude.

“You mean my job? No, I’m a physicist, why’d I be confused about that?” They asked, doing what Cg’jlas had learned was referred to as a ‘frown’.

“Because you seemed to be under the impression that you are of the sub category photographer. I am relieved that there is no confusion, John-human.” Xe said sincerely, making sure to have xir expression and posture show it.

“What? No, they’re just selfies. Everyone takes them, it’s a thing.” They said before proceeding to call one of their fellow humans over for one of these ‘selfies’. They then moved on to show Cg’jlas how they ‘posted’ the photograph, and some they had already posted. It made very little sense, but the fellow human seemed to be treat it as something normal, walking back to their work station after agreeing that John-human could post their photograph. They had asked to be ‘tagged’ in it, which xe had absolutely no idea what meant, but xe didn’t particularly want to find out either. It would just have to be another part of humans xe didn’t quite understand. It didn’t seem like an important part after all, if a bit irksome at times when xe was trying to work or focus.

Hello Studyblr Community ♡

My name is Laura and I’m 20 years old

I’m trying to get back into studyblr-ing as motivation for myself I really hope this works out

About me:

I’m from Germany and now in my 2nd semester at University.
I study Environmental engineering and Korean in my spare time.
At the moment I’m finding University very difficult because I guess the school I went to before wasn’t the best, so I failed my Maths and Chemics exam even though I studied a lot for that. I took 3 exams last semester and I hope I didn’t fail the other one as well :(

With this blog I plan on focusing on studying (obviously😊) but also mental health and such because that’s one thing I tend to struggle with from time to time due to my past.
I’ve gotten bullied for years and also harassed.
For the most part I’m over it, but sometimes it still gets to me (I watched 13 reasons why which made me realize a lot about all of that.)
Anyways other than that I’m happy :)

I listen to metalcore and kpop (boy groups and blackpink) and sometimes I also go out. I don’t really enjoy the music there but it’s fun regardless.

I may be asexual (not really sure yet) and panromantic.

Why I’m starting this studyblr:

I wanna make studying more enjoyable for myself and like I previously mentioned also deal with my ‘problems’
I want to do well (better) and at the moment doing well is not something that’s happening.

I’m sometimes shy and may suck at convos, but I’d love to make friends so please say hi!

Anyone, if you want to say hello please do I’d love to talk to people and make friends!❤


• Okay now this one is actually a bit louder. The “Ringtone Maker” app was used to turn it down but it didn’t do much.
• If you steal pls be nice enough to give credit. If you decide to be a meanie and not give credit then siGH there’s nothing I can do I guess
• About an hour ago I posted to my Instagram @/joshlur about how I was going to be posting this finally lol anyway I don’t post the audios on Instagram anymore bc they seem to be getting longer and I don’t like them being on the explore page anyway. and tumblr users are so much nicer :)
• If I make another, it will be posted on here as well
• You can also search my blog for my smutty photo edits

I personally like the first one better but here’s the second!

Hopping out of the cabbie you breathed in London’s air. It had been a while since you last visited the city; let alone Baker Street. Surely Ms. Hudson would be surprised that you decided to visit her or be upset that you don’t see her enough. Work had taken you all over the world, but most recently the States. It was fun in New York, but you missed that dear old woman whom you grew to know as your aunt. You pushed the buzzer and waited anxiously. The door opened revealing an overly ecstatic Ms. Hudson.

“Oh Y/N love, I can’t believe you’re here! Come in, come in! I’ll put the kettle on, make you a cuppa.” 

“Thank you Aunt Louise, I’ll take it as you’re happy to see me?” You asked her laughing.

“Oh my dear love, always! I hadn’t got groceries yet. You know, I’ll do that now. Make you a nice breakfast. Up the stairs and to the left, you can see if there are any biscuits. Probably not, but worth a try.”

“No it is fine, don’t put yourself through the trouble. I had something to eat on the plane.” 

“Ohh I bet it was no good. I’ll be right back love.” Before you could intervene again, Ms. Hudson was out the door.  She was right, airplane food was never good. You thought biscuits would be great with tea, so you made your way up the stairs and into the dusty kitchen. “Never heard of a dusting rag I suppose.” You thought to yourself. You rummaged through the cabinets until you found what you were seeking.

“Here we go.” You pulled them out of the drawer and before you could place them down you heard someone walk in. “Well that was quick, I found the bis-.“ You stopped talking when you turned around. Two men were standing there stunned.

“Who exactly are you?” The smaller man asked.

“A guest visiting family. My Aunt Louise, I’m sure you know her as Ms. Hudson.”

“Ms. Hudson? She has family?” The man asked his friend who was staring intensively at you.

“Well yes.” You cut in. “She and my grandmother are friends. I grew up with Ms. Hudson as my Aunt.“ You answered looking at the two.

“How was the flight?” The taller man asked finally releasing his intense stare at you.

“It was fine, thanks for asking.” You replied proceeding to get a biscuit.

“New York was it? 6:30 flight non-stop?”

“Yup, that is right.”

“And your dog, I’m assuming you put him in a kennel while you’re away?”

She’s with some friends.” You said correcting him.

“Oh well common mistake.” He replied rolling his eyes.

“It would appear so.”

“Aren’t you at all surprised that he can do this?”

“Oh please John, no need.”

“No really Sherlock.”

“Do you guys always do this?” You asked laughing.

“Do what?” Sherlock cut in.

“Talk to each other like no one is listening?”

They both looked at one another for a second before back at you.

“To answer your question John; no I’m not. Anyone is readable if you pay attention.” You replied before grabbing your things and heading for the door.

“Then read me.” Sherlock answered. You took in a breath and turned around.

“Serious?” Instead of speaking he just raised an eyebrow. “Ok then.” You put your things down and got a quick all over glance at him.

“I see a man who is estranged from his family; someone who prefers be alone. You do visit them on holidays, like it or not. You have an older brother whom you like to compete with. You claim to not have friends, although many people consider you theirs. You may have been in love once, but it didn’t work out. Let’s not get too much into that seeing that you don’t care for it. You’re a detective, very good one at that. This could be the reason why you get on people’s nerves. Some might even say you’re a psychopath – no a high-functioning sociopath. I mean the way you guys were bickering downstairs before you came up here says so. That not cheating by the way, that’s listening. You also smoke cigarettes, which is a nasty habit might I add. Even though you don’t do it every day, it’s still bad for you… You see anyone is readable Sherlock. As long as you pay close attention, you could tell a lot about a person.” Both of the men stood there shocked with their mouths slightly open.

“I’m going to say that I was pretty accurate, yeah?” You said nodding your head.

“Y-you got that from John’s blogs didn’t you?”

“Ahhh, there it is!” You said throwing your head back.

“What?” Sherlock asked furrowing his eyebrows.

“There’s a blog; confirmation of yours and John’s relationship.”

“We’re not gay!” John said throwing his hands in the air.

“I didn’t say that. Just that there is a very strong relationship between the two of you; virtually indestructible. You guys are each other’s’ best friend, am I right?”

“You got that from me mentioning a blog? Sherlock look at you weird.

“Well you didn’t need to say that the blog was about the two of you for me to guess that. You kind of said it yourself.” You replied smiling. They were both standing there speechless when you grabbed your things once more. “It was nice meeting the two of you, really it was. Maybe we can go out for dinner, the five of us.”

“Five?…” John asked confused.

“Well you’re married and expecting aren’t you John?!” You yelled going down the stairs. When John turned to look at Sherlock, he saw him smiling.

“I like her; she actually makes very good use of her head.” Sherlock said keeping his eyes forward.

“Remember my middle name is Hamish.” John laughed quietly heading for his chair.

~hiatus extended to [TBD]~

  • casting director: so do you have a monologue prepared?
  • me: yeah.. hey, can i borrow your chair?
  • casting director: i guess..?
  • me: thanks. *sits down, placing hands in lap* oh, can i borrow someone's notepad too?
  • director: sure..
  • me: thanks again. *sits back down, taking position with notepad in right hand and inhales*
  • have you prayed tonight, desdemona

how bakugou defines and demonstrates respect are the lynchpin of his sports festival development. 

like, the pivotal moment of the bakugou-uraraka battle is when aizawa tells off the pro heroes who don’t realize why bakugou is going so hard against uraraka. he is giving her the whole of his attention, and never letting up because if he does, she could very well float him right out of bounds. in short, that fight is about how bakugou shows respect for his opponents, and how uraraka demands bakugou’s respect even if the onlookers can’t see it.

but that concept, of how bakugou shows respect, doesn’t end there. he specifically dodges against kirishima, whom he has to fight in close quarters, and waits him out until he knows kirishima’s about to crack. he adjust his fighting style– staying on the ground, slowing down his tempo– because he has thought about how to best face kirishima. the thought and effort that bakugou puts into his matches is evidence of his respect for his opponents.

and again, with tokoyami. he doesn’t know dark shadow is weak to light before the fight, but he spends the fight trying to find a weakness to exploit. he uses a special move to take on tokoyami, and acknowledges that, at a baseline, his quirk is particularly well suited to taking on tokoyami’s. again– respect, even while he’s sneering and insulting and tackling him to the ground. 

so, as a counterpoint: todoroki. he’s so well-trained, so powerful, that during his first match he steps into the arena and ends things in about ten seconds. it didn’t really matter who he was going up against, because how many people could actually get through that giant sheet of ice? this changes completely in his match with midoriya, and you can see that todoroki is much more strategic when he takes on iida. he specifically thinks about how to beat each of them. but that’s not how he always is– the very fact that he is confident about using only half his power and still winning marks how different he is from midoriya or bakugou, who pour their all into every single fight, albeit in very different ways.

and bakugou has used todoroki as a goal post since their first hero training exercises. bakugou wants todoroki to respect him in the same way he respects all of his opponents. and you know that bakugou has thought about how to beat todoroki, because we see him analyzing his earlier matches. we see bakugou say, straight up, that todoroki should look at and acknowledge bakugou as an opponent. he even tells todoroki how he’s going to beat him– that he can smother his flames from above. but todoroki never thinks about that, that we see. he’s obviously got other things on his mind, and bakugou never really penetrates his awareness. 

so bakugou does what he says he’s going to. he invents what appears to be a very difficult move, creating a vacuum that will smother todoroki’s flames. but of course, there are no flames to smother. and you know what’s really embarrassing? when you put 150% effort into something, and the person on the other side barely tries at all. so bakugou is left humiliated, and more importantly, he’s left feeling like todoroki has no respect for him whatsoever.

that’s why he freaks out at the end of the battle. because that is all he wants. he wants to be number one because he thinks that will cement him as the most respected hero-in-training. (there’s a side note, here, about people who don’t seek affection or don’t know how to, and how respect becomes a stand in. “i’d rather be feared than loved,” and all that. it’s a defense mechanism.) 

this also plays out in bakugou’s relationship with midoriya, because midoriya suddenly becomes someone who demands bakugou’s respect, which he finds inherently destabilizing to the way he views the world. but that’s another point.

obviously it’s not todoroki’s responsibility to understand these things about bakugou and act accordingly. he has his own issues to contend with, and is dealing with more direct trauma than bakugou is in that particular moment. it isn’t todoroki’s fault that he doesn’t understand why bakugou is so incensed, and even if he did understand he might not have had the capacity to react accordingly.

but others, the adults in particular, should be able to see this. but they add more humiliation to bakugou’s situation, foisting an award he doesn’t want on him and treating him like an unstable danger, and it’s no wonder that bakugou deteriorates further from this point. 

Oh, man, I…

…and then, he says courage.

He… looks so sad.

Here’s the thing - Aizen’s immortal, isn’t he?

Aizen’s life is, forever, a life free from fear of death.

And if it is, as Aizen says, only through this fear of death that we humble people attain hope, and march on with courage - then -

Well. That’s pretty good reason to be sad, I figure.

Aizen Sōsuke will never know this courage he speaks of, will he?

Aizen Sōsuke will never know this hope he speaks of, will he?

Experiment - Request

Requested by @newts-fan-case:  So could you do a Sherlock x Reader were she is riding his face? (Lol I’m a sinner but I ain’t sorry) like for an experiment ‘cause Sherlock thinks a person can’t get aroused just by giving pleasure to someone else, but he is wrong and yeah ;) 
& Anon:  Hi! Can I request a smut one shot with Sherlock where he wants to try have the reader sit on his face and eat her out and she’s shy & a bit self conscious with her body and he makes sure he makes her see Stars (with a little fkuff)? Thank you! 💞

Summary: ^^ That.

Pairing: Sherlock x reader.

Word count: 2,055

Warnings: Smut - face riding - and self-consciousness (just a little bit).

A/N: God bless the sinners.


“It just can’t be… It’s impossible…” Sherlock mumbled as he walked upstairs.

“What’s impossible?” (Y/N) inquired without looking up.

“Sherlock thinks a person can’t get aroused by giving pleasure to another.” Watson explained tiredly.

“Why would anyone get aroused if they’re not receiving the proper stimulation?” The consultant detective exclaimed.

“Because…” Watson sighed heavily, “I won’t explain it to you again. You have to live it to get it.”

Sherlock groaned and stormed to his room. John shared an annoyed glance with (Y/N) and left.

She was impressed that none of them asked why she was there, but then again, both knew she was very concerned about their current case, so maybe it wasn’t that weird. Therefore, she kept doing her research – in Sherlock’s computer – until he went out of his room.

“What are you doing here?” He inquired.

“Case.” She replied nonchalantly.

“Good.” He gulped and stood there awkwardly.

“Do you want me to leave?” She asked, still not looking up at him.

“No.” He said, “Actually I…”


“I want to do an experiment and I think you’ll be a great help.” He spoke quickly. If she didn’t know better, she would’ve sworn he was nervous.

“Sure, what is it? Head exploding? Eye-ball tea tasting?”

“No, none of that.” He interrupted. (Y/N) was ignoring him – she was too focused on the computer’s screen – which made it a lot harder for him to ask what he needed to ask.

“Then what is it?” She asked once more.

“It’s… Complicated.” She sighed heavily and looked at him for a second.

“Everything with you is complicated; I think I got used to it already.” And with that she turned to the computer again.

Sherlock took a deep breath before blurting out his request. “I need you to ride my face.”

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anonymous asked:

Honest question, how do you feel knowing that the people trying to label you "problematic" have no idea that you're a werewolf? (But also major props to you for not falling into the peer pressure of using your werewolf status as some sort of opinion legitimizer. It's so hard to find people who recognize that people are defined by their words and actions, not by what they turn into during the full moon.)

It’s kind of frustrating sometimes - I’d rather my opinion be judged on merits of logic, empathy, and practicality, rather than my status as a fantasy creature. Intersectionality is more complicated than just automatically deferring to an individual’s opinion based on their traits, and there are plenty of werewolves who are just objectively awful people who don’t get it at all. I rarely talk openly about being a werewolf ‘cause it’s kind of a headache and not anyone else’s business, and I really don’t have the energy or will to be a werewolf advice blog. I guess it’s pretty cool when people don’t realize that until after they’ve gotten to know me well as a person before they find out I’m a lycanthrope.

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Can I request some RusGer during IIWW? Or maybe some GerAme

Uuuuuuuuuhh not really because I don’t think WWII is the appropriate setting for romance, particularly not romance involving literal Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union.

I’ve drawn like one 1939 sketch that could be seen as shipping, but in the end isn’t really about romance lmao; it’s been sitting in my files for ages now so might as well post it I guess. But for future reference: no WWII romance with Lud on this blog.


(Sorry for taking so long to answer these, they made me really happy and I didn’t know how to respond aaa)

To the shy anon: Just go for it! The undertum community is really kind and supportive, you should have no problems fitting in!

Thank you all so much for enjoying my art and sticking with me :,)

I was wondering why SU didn’t portray BD as grieving but still a villain because she used it as an excuse to be horrible to her subjects and her allies but then I remembered there’s a certain Crystal Gem who does exactly that and never gets any longterm consequences for it and also never apologizes in a non-guilt-trippy way… 

It’s Only Natural That I Keep Her

||| Anon asked: Can I request a BTS, EXO and Monsta X mafia au, were they are the head of the most dangerous mafia clan and the reader (a girl) is a journaliste who want to find about a crime and she is disguised as a exotic dancer or sth. And somehow they find out about her.  |||

Changkyun x Reader feat. BTS & EXO

Genre: Mafia AU

Word count: 915

Originally posted by wonhontology

“Are you serious? Why do you always come up with these stupid ideas?”

“There not stupid, they make money and this is going to be a big scoop, I can feel it.”

Thinking back you should have listened to your co-workers advice and finally given up on going on these dangerous infiltration missions just to get a good story but you weren’t thinking about that then, all that mattered to you was getting inside.

You bribed one of the dancers, ensuring her that she won’t get in trouble and she seemed happy to get that big amount of money. Now you knew how to get in, if you’re successful you will be able to get some info of what’s going on in these types of parties, maybe you will see or even get to talk to no other but the boss of BTS himself - Park Jimin. 

None of the dancers noticed that you’re not one of them, probably because they didn’t know each other that well. You were given a tight shirt and a skirt way too short for your liking. After you got changed you went to take a peek to see what kind of people where at the other side of the curtain. And there he was. Jimin at his finest.

“Bingo.” you thought but to your surprise he wasn’t the only one there, you looked to his right and saw EXO, so there were other gangs present as well. Your eyes stopped on one of them in particular. It was a relatively new group called Monsta X. As you were looking at them you felt a pair of eyes on you too. You turned your gaze and noticed that one member was staring at you and you quickly closed the curtain. 

You had to find a way to get to the main hall. No way were you going to dance, you don’t even know how to, so you got to the end of the formation hoping to make your escape as soon as they start going on stage. You quickly went backstage happy that everything went well. Or so you thought because a certain somebody noticed you left.

“I have to change out of this ridiculous outfit” you thought wandering around when you came across a door that said “Personnel only”. Inside there were more corridors. You brushed past a few waitresses but they didn’t pay much attention to you, so you continued your search. At the end of one hallway you saw a changing room. Just what you needed. You slowly opened the door, to see is anybody was inside, luckily there was not a single soul and so you quickly got in. You started searching the room for more comfortable clothes when a voice from behind, startled you.

“Looking for something?”

You turned around to see a man leaning on the door frame.

“Oh nothing, I was just about to get changed.”

“Interesting because you see, I thought you were supposed to be dancing.” he said standing up straight. You didn’t like where this was going so you took a step back.

“You probably mistook me with someone.”

“I don’t make silly mistakes like that, do you know who I am?” he asked approaching you. You took a few more steps back.

“I know which gang you’re from.” you tried to sound confident to hide your shaky voice. “But what’s your position?”

“I’m the boss.” he smirked as your back hit the wall and he finally got you cornered.

You thought there was no way he could be the leader of Monsta X. He looked about the same age as you. Well you didn’t know anything about him so you had no idea what to expect.

“Say, aren’t you that journalist.” he started taking a strand of your hair and lifting it up. “Who specializes in undercover investigations?” he asked gently releasing your hair. He laughed when he saw how wide with shock your eyes have become.

“I think you should come with me.” he said grabbing you by the arm and dragging you out of the room. You tried to pry his hand from yours when he suddenly stopped and you bumped into him.

“I suggest you don’t try anything stupid like that if you value your life.” you stopped resisting and let him guide you to wherever he was taking you. You passed the main hall and went up a big set of stairs that had a large door at the top of them. He opened it and pushed you inside. There were a few other people there, Park Jimin was one of them and besides him you only knew the leader of EXO Yixing.

“Woah! Changkyun you were right it is her!” Jimin said.

“I know, I’m always right.”

“So what do we do with her?” one man asked.

“Get rid of her, obviously.” Yixing stated.

“What? But I don’t want to, she could be interesting.” Jimin opposed.

“I agree with him, she has a lot of knowledge about this world and other gangs, so she could be useful.” Changkyun said.

You looked at him in surprise, hoping he was joking but his face was dead serious.

“So who will be the one to do it?” Yixing asked.

“Well since I was the one who found her, I guess it’s only natural that I am the one to keep her. After all, I have more than one way to get the information out of her.”

A/N: If requests like this keep up, my blog will be nothing but mafia aus 😂 Not that I’m complaining… Anyhow, feel free to request more scenarios, reactions etc. I keep up with a lot of groups, both male and female!! 😄

Hi everyone! I’ll post the full explanation of what happened under a readmore but long story short my original kristoffbjorgman blog was deleted by tumblr so I’ve had to start over from scratch with a brand new blog. 

If you followed me before I was deleted, I’m still here! Just on a new account so you’ll have to refollow. If you want to reblog this as well to kind of spread the word of what happened that would be cool too but don’t feel obligated or anything!

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Okay but look at Evie, though, look at my sass princess. “Who’s your best friend?” “Well, I mean, I guess this peasant over here?”

He is unworthy of her affections, so she has to sit too far away and barely tap him with her paw while holding her head up like she’s too good for this shit, I’m dying.