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@l-tay said: Okay, so remember when Zach said he was disappointed he didn’t have any compliments in his bag? May I request one where Y/N overheard that and noticed he actually seemed Down about it so she decided to slip meaningful compliments into his bag and he goes out of his way to figure out who it was?

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Peer Communications class was a bit of a nerve wracking class. No topic was off limits and anything said was allowed, as long as you weren’t bullying a fellow student or just being plain hateful. But then there was the Compliment Bag rack. Every student had a bag where others could drop anonymous notes in them to brighten one’s day. And while it was meant to be a kind gesture, it also gave others a bit of anxiety when no compliments were dropped in theirs.

Take Zach, for example. Cute, tall and adorable Zach Dempsey. One would think he would have numerous compliments in his bag given his jock status, but after overhearing a brief conversation with another student you find out the popular boy doesn’t get a single one. Which is a shame, really, so you decide to take matters into your own hands.

“Dempsey? Really?” Tony chuckles. “I did not think he was your type.”

Laughing nervously, you shrug. “He’s.. cute. And nice. He’s nothing like Monty or Justin or even Bryce.” You shiver, Walker’s name leaving your lips with such distaste. “And honestly, you don’t see him after he checks his compliment’s bag only to find it empty. It’s such a heartbreaking expression.”

“I’ll take your word for it.”

“So you’ll do it?”

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{Reaction} Got7′s s/o Finding Out Another Member Likes Them.

Hi ! I love your blog ! ❤️i was wondering if you could do a reaction of got7 of their gf break up with them but another member like her (she finds out) and because she don’t want them to argue and “destroye” the group (she thanks its more important to him) she wants to Break up Hahaha sorry it’s long

Note: I changed your request a little so it’s just where the reader finds out another member likes them when they’re already dating someone in Got7. Just because the other is a little too long to put in a reaction. I’d be happy to write you a scenario if you want to request for a specific member. Enjoy! 

I don’t own the gifs/ images used.

Jackson Wang

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Since you’re already dating Jinyoung, Jackson would feel pretty bad for having a crush on you. But it’s not something that you can help or decide, your heart does not care and it can sometimes turn out brutally. Watching you and Jinyoung is torture to him, and no one but himself knows how he really feels. That is until one fateful day when he decided he needed to come clean about the situation as it was causing him so much stress. 

Jackson: “I don’t expect you to return my feelings obviously, but I just wanted to let you know that it’s how I feel. I’m sorry if this makes things awkward. I hope you still want to be friends. I just needed to tell you, it’s been eating me up inside. “

Mark Tuan

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Mark would be really secretive about how he feels, and only trusts those that are very close to him at the best of times. Upon realising he was beginning to like you more than he should, he confided in Jackson. Bad idea. The two of them sat in their shared room, talking about it. Little did they know that you were stood outside the door for the entire conversation. A little while after, you caught Mark on his own and confronted him about it. He looked more than uncomfortable, you could tell he would rather do anything than have a conversation with you like this.

Mark: “You shouldn’t go around listening to people’s conversations.” 

{y/n}: “That’s not the point. I heard my name and got curious. You should be more careful if you don’t want people to hear you. Any of them could have heard you. Yugyeom could have heard you.” 

Mark: “I don’t care {y/n}. It doesn’t matter anyway.” *Walks away because he doesn’t want you to see him as his eyes well up*

Bambam/ Kunpimook Bhuwakul

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Bambam had no intention on telling you how he feels about you because well, that would be an asshole move while you’re dating one of his best friends and fellow band mates, Jackson. But one night, the two of you were hanging out with a few drinks, like all best friends do. But with him drinking too much of the intoxicating liquid and you not enough he found himself spilling more information and putting himself in the danger zone. 

Bambam: I like you {y/n}”

{y/n}: “I like you too, Bambam.” 

Bambam: “No, {y/n}. I really like you. I mean, I would totally kiss you right now. But you’re with Jackson, what a dick. I’ve liked you longer, probably. Shit, I shouldn’t be telling you this. {y/n} I’m so drunk.” 

{y/n}: *Not sure if you should take him seriously or not.* “I’ll get you some water.”

Im Jaebum/ JB

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If Jaebum had learned anything from this experience of falling for the person one of his best friends was dating, it was to make sure that he never trusts Bambam with anything significantly secret ever again. It had been Bambam that had let the cat out of the bag, he had admitted it to Jaebum with sorrowful eyes and a guilty expression. Jaebum had expected you to say something, but you didn’t, at least for a while, until you couldn’t go any longer without anything being confirmed. 

{y/n}: “Bambam told me that you like me… I just wanted to know if that was true, or if he was trying to prank me. You know I’m with Youngjae, don’t you?”

Jaebum: “It’s not true. Bambam is an idiot, don’t pay any attention to him, you know what he’s like.” *Laughing it off, somehow managing to convince you even as his heart shatters.*

{y/n}: “Ah, that idiot. I knew he was playing up. I’m sorry if I made you awkward. I should have known better than to believe something so stupid.” *hugs him*

Jaebum: “Yeah, completely stupid. What were you thinking?” *Holds you tightly as though it’s the last time he ever will.*  

Park Jinyoung

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The worst thing about you liking Mark was probably all of the PDA. You didn’t do it intimately, but it didn’t need to be. Even the smallest hugs, or the way he cuddled you on the sofa made his blood boil. But what could be do about it? Nothing. He liked Mark, he’s one of his best friends, of course, and Jinyoung wants him to be happy. But at the same time, watching Mark standing in the place he is desperate to be kills him inside. 

{y/n}: *Kisses Mark, sitting down next to him on the sofa.*

Jackson: “Are you okay Jinyoung? You look like you’re about to commit mass murder.”

Jinyoung: “I’m fine, I just feel a little sick.” *glares at you and Mark*

Kim Yugyeom

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Yugyeom had taken his feelings out on a piece of paper, he wrote you a full song and ended up releasing it as a solo single. You complimented him on it, but never really understanding it’s true meaning until one fateful day when you caught him under gas and air at the dentist. 

Yugyeom: “Thank you for driving me here, I love you {y/n}.” 

{y/n}: *Laughs* “I love you too, Yugyeom.” 

Yugyeom: “Liar. You don’t love me, you love JB. I love you though, I even wrote you that song. It’s really funny, because you have no idea it’s for you.” 

{y/n}: “…”

Choi Youngjae

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Youngjae had done a perfectly good job of keeping his crush on you a secret, it had been Jackson that had spilled the secret to you accidentally. But it wasn’t just you that was in the room when the secret was shared, everyone was in the room, including your boyfriend Bambam. 

{y/n}: “… Is this true, Youngjae?”

Youngjae: “No…” 

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Mr Scamander, I have to ask...what pet did you take with you to hogwarts? And hello from a very proud fellow Hufflepuff!!

Ah, hello!  Always good to hear from another Hufflepuff.  Let’s see, I took a… well.  That is I… what I mean to say is that…

You know, I can’t very well remember what pet it is that I brought, strictly speaking.  After a few years, they just took to searching my entire trunk, and I got much better at concealment charms.  

Like A Wildflower

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Summary/Requested by: @bacylle“ Can you do one Imagine where the reader is a Hobbit and has a younger twin sister(and they’re just as close as Fili and Kili and do everything together)? They would meet the Company (you can choose how :)) and would join them and the reader would slowly fall in love with Fili but she wouldn’t admit it because she’s so stubborn. But I would like if they come together at the end. And maybe a little fluff? ”

Chapter Summary: You meet the Company for the first time and immidiately become friends with Kili. Fili gets jealous.

Pairing: Fili x Reader

Word Count: 1,423

A/n: This imagine/story wasn’t supposed to have multiple chapters at first but it kinda turned out that way, hehe. Also, this chapter kind of has a slow start, if you now what I mean (a lot of context). Sorry about that, I got a little carried away while writing I guess ;) The next chapters will probably contain more action, so stay tuned :)

“Thorin,” Gandalf said, a slight sense of concern in his voice.

The Company was currently on their way to Rivendell. Everyone seemed to be pretty exhausted and tired. They were in the need of rest and some good food. Even Thorin could have needed a bit of sleep, but he would have never admited that, of course.

“What is it that is troubling you?” Thorin asked with a raised eyebrow. He wasn’t in his best already. He knew that they were on their way to Rivendell, to seek help from the Elves, his so called “enemies”.

“Do you remember what I told you a few days ago? About the two extra members of the company?”

“They are not members of the company yet!” Thorin growled, “I don’t know if I can trust them. I’ve never met them and I know nothing about them, not even their names!”

Gandalf has told Thorin about you and your sister and that you’d wait for them in Rivendell to join the Company. But he didn’t tell Thorin about the fact that you were girls, let alone hobbits. The dwarf didn’t know what to expect, which made him feel slightly uncomfortable.

You and your twin sister Marigold (or Mari for short) have lived in Rivendell, far away from Bree, your home, for about 7 years now. One day, a few months ago, Gandalf showed up out of nowhere and asked you to join the Company of Thorin Oakenshield. The wizard has been to Rivendell before, so you already knew him a little bit. Your sister and you have heard the stories about the Kingdom of Erebor and its fall.

You didn’t hesitate and agreed immidiately.

“It will take a while, but be ready when we come here.” Gandalf has told you that day.


“If you trust me you can also trust them! You will find out their names and everything else you need to know soon enough.” Gandalf stated in a louder tone now, annoyed by Thorin’s attitude.

Thorin muttered something under his breath in response and stepped away from the wizard, knowing that arguing with him wouldn’t be too wise now.

A few hours later the company was sitting on Lord Elronds terrace and had dinner. Meanwhile, you and your sister were out hunting. When you returned to your now-home you could hear voices you’ve never heard before. Voices that sounded like they would belong to some kind of warriors, or men at least. They were laughing and chattering.

You were confused for a moment. Suddenly it snapped in your head. You and your sister exchanged a few quick looks. You could feel yourself getting more excited by every passing second.

“They’re here!” you two exclaimed in unison and ran off towards where the noise was coming from.

You weren’t ususally the type of girl who was squealing around and got excited over a bunch of men, in this case dwarves. But you just couldn’t contain your excitement in that moment.

You loved living in Rivendell but you had to admit that it got pretty boring there sometimes. Finally you could take part in an adventure and do something thrilling and exciting!

Before you approached the company, you stopped yourself. You were just standing there, a bit of a distance between you and the dwarves, and scanned all the new faces. A small smile was beginning to spread across your face. They seemed to have a good time, but all of them shut their mouths suddenly.

That was when you realised that Mari wasn’t standing beside you anymore, but was standing in front of Gandalf instead and giving him a hug.

“My dear Marigold,” Gandalf exclaimed loudly, “I am very happy to see you. Allow me to introduce you to the leader of our company, Thorin Oakenshield.” he continued and gestured his hand towards a quite tall dwarf with black, wavy hair.

There was an uncomfortable tension spreading in the air.

“A girl? Gandalf, is this a joke?” Thorin asked trough gritted teeth. He was trying to stay calm but you could hear the anger in his voice.

The rest of the company was following the situation, tense. You noticed a few of them whispering to one another.

Gandalf didn’t answer the dwarf.

Thorin swallowed hard. “Didn’t you say there would be two?” he finally asked.

In that moment Mari turned around and pointed into your direction. Suddenly everyones face turned towards you. Some of the dwarves eyes widened when they saw you. They weren’t just simply looking at you, they were staring.

You wouldn’t admit it very often, because you liked coming across confident, but you hated being the center of attention. You hated when people were staring at you, especially if you didn’t know them.

Thorin was now looking you up and down (just like every other dwarf, really).

You slowly took a few steps forward.

“And what is your name, if I may ask?” Thorin asked, sounding not as furious as before anymore.

You didn’t fear the Dwarven King, but you had a lot of respect for him. He was now standing right in front of you, only a small distance between you two. His arms were crossed over his chest. He looked quite intimidating like this, you had to admit.

You puffed your chest slightly and straightened your back to look as tough and confident as possible. But let’s be real, how tough could a hobbit possibly look, even if they tried?

“I am y/n, Marigold’s sister.” you answered and bowed.

Even though you and Marigold were twins, you didn’t really look alike. She had lighter, curlier hair than you, your taste in clothing was completely different from hers and, even though she was the younger twin, Mari was about an inch taller than you.

Thorin didn’t reply anything but glared at you in response. He then turned around to face Gandalf again.

“We need to talk. Now.” he simply said and left the terrace, followed by the wizard, leaving you and your sister standing there, surrounded by a bunch of dwarves and a fellow hobbit.

“Well, that didn’t go as planned.” your sister joked. You could hear a few of the dwarves chuckle at her statement.

“Don’t mind him, girls. Thorin is always like that.” an older dwarf with white hair spoke up suddenly. “I am Balin, by the way. At your service.” he continued and gave the two of you a reassuring smile.

“Dwalin, at your service.” said another one. This one didn’t smile though, and looked a bit more serious.

Then, two other dwarves got up from their seats and smiled at you.

“Fili,” said the blond one, “And Kili.” added the dark haired one. “At your service!” they both said and bowed in unison. You noticed that these two looked much younger than the rest of the group. They must’ve been brothers, or related at least.

Fili continued to look at you, even when he was sitting back down.

Kili noticed that and nudged him into his side. That was when Fili broke the eye contact with you and turned to his brother to whisper something in his ear. Kili nodded and grinned from one ear to the other.

You, once again, felt rather uncomfortable, considering the fact that these two were clearly talking about you and you were still standing there like an idiot.

The dwarves continued to introduce themselves one after the other. They all seemed to be pretty friendly.

“Hey, why don’t you two girls sit down with us and eat some food, hm?” the dwarf who introduced himself as Bofur suggested.

Your sister Mari nodded her head and sat down beside Bilbo. The two of them immidiately started talking.

“What about you?” Kili asked you all of a sudden. “You can sit here if you want.” he continued with a cheeky smile on his face and pointed to the spot between him ans his brother.

Because you wanted to be nice (and because you finally wanted to sit down, for God’s sake) you smiled at him and sat down between the two brothers.

You grabbed some food that was right in front of you on the table. From the corners of your eyes you noticed that Fili and Kili were following every single one of your moves.

You turned your head to the right to face Fili, who quickly looked away and rubbed his chin, pretending to think about something important.

You then turned towards Kili, expecting him to do the same. But, other than his brother, he was looking you straight in the eyes, the cheeky smile never leaving his face.

You thought he was going to say something but he remained silent. You knew this kind of behavior.

He was trying to tease you. But no, he wouldn’t succeed.

Kili and you were only sitting a few inches away from one another, now staring each other in the eyes, a teasing grin on both of your faces and neither of you dared to look away.

After a little while you both burst out laughing, almost at the same time.

“I think we’re going to be good friends.” Kili chuckled as he caught his breath again.

“Haha, we will see.” you responded with a smirk. Kili seemed like someone you could have a lot of fun with. You already liked him, but you’d never admit that. You were way too stubborn.

“Excuse me.” Fili suddenly said and stood up from his spot. You managed to catch a glimpse of his face before he walked away rather quickly. He looked annoyed and kind of angry.

You turned back to Kili with a confused look on your face. “Is he alright?”

“There’s only one way to find out.” Kili answered and got up from his spot.

“I’ll be right back.”

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Who are ur favourite blogs and why??


Okay, I feel like giving some shout-outs to some of the other girls on here who run stellar history blogs that are kind of Not Super Serious because history is fun, right? But they still know their area well:


Living proof that history is evolving!!! David Starkey whom?

Then, a few more super amazing people who I love:
@enfant–terrible (my Best Friendo)
@nikolaevnas (MY FELLOW HARLOT) A • @lessthansix (Jacobean play as a person)
@compressedsass (CUTE AND LOVELY)
@breakfastautocrat (taught me so much about American history like….before I was like “Who Is He” but now I KNOW)
@parkersrevenge (Again, taught me so much about American history and for that, I am eternally grateful; I feel it will come in handy in the future)
@black-brunswickers (um, chickens, history memes, Napoleonic aesthetic???? Constantly hypes me up???? Shouting at Americans??? LOV)
@storywonker (actually didn’t know anyone from my uni, let alone my actual course, was involved in ~history tumblr~ BUT HERE WE ARE and his blog is just the right mixture of history and memes which are obviously the most important things in the world. Plus, go congratulate him for graduating!!!)
@baroquekid (beautiful, glorious woman with a top blog aesthetic and I remember when she tagged my selfies with “Simonetta Vespucci WHO?” AND that’s iconic)
@wilfredowens (like, literally has one of the funniest blogs on here and his history knowledge is so vast like….How)
@vonmetternich (again, so knowledgeable, good taste in memes, a top person….HOW are all my mutuals so perfect)

And I gotta hype up my boyfriend so you know, follow @tuftymandias because his blog is basically mine but better and more virtuous but just ignore every self-deprecating thing he reblogs because it’s wrong and He Will Be Punish’d for his Slander.

TBH that’s just the tip of the iceberg because I love so so many of my mutuals and I wish I could mention you all. Alas.


Wishing you all a happy weekend! This week I decided to go with a yellow theme. Since I love to collage, I decided to add a few clippings to this week’s spread as well. One week of AP testing is down and we’ve got one more week to go! To my fellow AP students and those of you taking the SATs this weekend, I wish you good vibes and a good night’s sleep. Remember not to study too hard!

First thing first,  a huge congratulations to Seventeen for their award at MAMA 2016! Those precious boys do deserve this and much, much more! The leaders, the units, the members all deserve huge awards for the huge effort and amazing hard work, as well as brilliant work.

Originally posted by pledisseventeen


Okay so, now that the congratulations for mama 2016 have been said, congratulations to Seventeens for such an amazing comeback!

This comeback actually shows development from Seventeen.

To be honest during the announcement of ‘dark seventeen’ i was a bit worried…

A lot actually…


Well because the individual pictures looked just melancholic and a bit…ballad-y, for a lack of a batter word.

So I was really scared that they would release a really slow ballad. Sure, there’s nothing wrong with ballads, but in my opinion, a comeback title song as a ballad would not fit Seventeen, especially after the song and music video ‘Very Nice”.

Originally posted by asianfireflies

However when i heard saw the second teaser and heard the song, i was just…

Originally posted by swaghao

Yep, the feels creeped up on me when I least expected them.

And soon my heart was…

Originally posted by sneezes

because of all the pictures.

And then the actual music video got me all…

Originally posted by 96syk

because it is soooooooo good.


Firstly, the actual song is amazing. Its fun, funky, upbeat, energetic yet a bit more mature than their previous songs. Congratulations to WOOZI, S.COUPS, WONWOO, MINGYU, Vernon, BUMZU for writing the lyrics.

Second, the dance looks also fantastic. Once again, it is much more mature than their previous choreography as it is less focused on acting cute, like a young boy in love, but rather, more grown up , cool and a bit more sexy, something done without being to raunchy.  There were hip thrusts, sexy looks, but all of than done without being too much.

Originally posted by mc-gyu

(I’m sorry but why does The8 look so much like Gaara in this gif?)

Thirdly, the music video is so much fun! Pretty U was a great song, but the music video destroyed it, in my opinion. It was incoherent, badly passed and just overall very messy.

However this one…. This mv is amazing! Each member has some focus time, they all all seen clearly, the pacing is great, the plot is simple and is mixed with great dancing and just generally fits the vibe of the song so well.

And the quality…… oh the quality is fantastic. Its so clear, so bright, so well shot…. I really, really love it.

Now, lets talk about how amazing do all the members look.



Originally posted by seokmind

Okay, this guy slayed me so hard. I did not expect him to rap with that raspy, sexy style. The moment i first heard him I had to stop the music video and rewind. In fact, even now when I listen to this song, I have the biggest urge to play his part again, and again and again and again and again and …. you get the point. And he looks like a god.



Originally posted by pledisseventeen

I admit, i had a bit of a tough time recognising Wonwoo. In fact first time I saw him in this MV all i could think of was; Who is this? But he looks great, even with green hair( although i do prefer his black hair) and his voice was sexy as always.



Originally posted by gyuhan-17

This boy…. this boy should take a chill pill. Like what is this? He was trying so hard to seduce all CARATS  and i really think it worked. I mean, I’m not even Mingyu, but he sure made my heart go BOOMBOOM.



Originally posted by eatmark

Speaking of chill pill…. if Mingyu needs one then Jun needs like 17(see what i did there? Ok I’ll stop). I know that he is a great actor and all,  but this… this is just unacceptable. His glares, his smirk and just his overall presence is one of the best from seventeen. He looks good an he probably know it. But excuse me Pledis….. Where them lines at? Why did he get 2 seconds?! (But at least he got screen time so YAAAS my boy slay!)



Originally posted by wonnhao

And speaking of no lines… 3 seconds… really? Well, at list he got to be a cool drone using guy in the MV. And he finally got the centre time he deserves. I can’t wait for the choreo video to come out because i know that he will prove that he is a great dancer. And he was so passionate too.



Originally posted by check-mark

Ok so, real talk. This guy may hate being called pretty, but I’m sorry but he is just so pretty. He is such a good looking guy, but instead of being a more manly looking handsome like Jun, our angel is just so beautiful. He should always be appreciated and loved. And his voice was really sweet and I’m happy that it fits his voice more than ‘Very Nice’ because he should shine.



Originally posted by pledisseventeen

This american boy should stay in his lane. I already have more biases than i panhandle, I don’t need more pain between choosing who to put as my wallpaper. I mean, to i have to explain Joshua? Cute, sweet but handsome, multilingual… and has a great voice and can play the guitar.

Originally posted by jishooua



Originally posted by pledisseventeen

Hoshi is a great dancer, nothing new here. So as usual, i am waiting for the dance practice because I am really excited in seeing him dance. I also think he should keep the black hair. It actually makes him look his age and really machos his eyes. He did look great in lighter hair, but in black he looks much more mature.



Originally posted by dokyummm

Yes, shine Seokmin, shine! I’ve heard quite a few people say that he is not attractive, but girl where? Seokmin is actually a very sexy guy with killer vocals. And i was so surprised to fin dot last time that he can dance up front so well! 



Originally posted by gingerbreadvernon

Vernon! My fellow 98 line! I’m so happy he got a rap verse that wasn’t disjointed! And this hair and style is definitely his best. Vernon is our handsome meme and we all love him for that!

Originally posted by gyuhan-17



Originally posted by junhot

Our amazing Diva turned sleeping beauty in this comeback is once again so beautiful. I can’t wait for more hilarity from him as MC Seungkwan is too hilarious. And those high notes though… So good! Life is not life if you don’t watch Seungkwan compilations. Also, if the rumours of this precious boy being shamed by staff for being fat, hen they either better hide or get a life. He looks fantastic the way he is. You don’t need to be thin to look amazing.

Originally posted by pledisseventeen



Originally posted by wonhuu

What does he think he is doing? No, really, why is he torturing us noonas? Really, he should stop(but actually he really should continue).Also thirsting after Dino is fine as long as it doesn’t include measuring his private parts or sending crazy things to him on a regular pacing. After all, Dino is no longer the very little giant baby he was. He is much sexier now, especially seeing that his face is turning out to be manlier than the other members’. I can’t wait to see Dino dance more and grow more. That boy is going to the right direction, thats for sure.

Originally posted by performanceunit



Originally posted by joeeaton99

And here he is…..  The amazing, perfect, beautiful young man (yes i might be a bit biased…. just a bit). Seriously though, I won’t tell no lies, Woozi is my bias in Seventeen. I mean, he really is fantastic and this song yet again proves it. And i am so happy that he is finally getting more lines. His voice is so soothing and beautiful. However, I do wish to see him dance more.  After all, he is an amazing dancer, just look at all the pre debut dances he has participated it. It saddens me that he is not in the performance team like he was expected to, but then doubt that he would be able to write like he does now. Anyway, Woozi in this MV is cute, super attractive and sexy, like always. He is just so talented and i could gush about him for so long (which i did in my previous post for his birthday-shameless plug).

Originally posted by mc-gyu


So yep… Seventeen just had yet another amazing comeback. And this time its much more mature. Sure its not dark like we expected, but it shows growth from the cutie, high school boy concept into guys who are more confident. 

Seventeen is a group that warms so hard, especially as they are a self-producing group.

Seventeen deserves more awards.

But Seventeen also deserves a nice long break. After all, its been just a year since their debut and they have already had 3 mini albums, 1 full album and 1 repackaged album. If thats not hard work, I don’t know what is.

I usually don’t say this but stan Seventeen, stan talent. Seventeen is a group that wasn’t put together just based on looks.  All members are really talented in their own respect. While with many groups in their first year you hear ‘oh they should improve’ Seventeen stunned immediately.

So good luck Seventeen and don’t overwork yourselves!

Stay healthy!

And Carats, lets give Seventeen their win with this comeback! they really deserve it!

And of course don’t forget to buy their album! 

I sure am!


And thank you for such an amazing comeback!

Thank you for reading!

(oh and pledis, you better not be mistreating these boys!)

PS @eggplantjoy I would like to apologise in advance, as when the dance  practice will come out, i will spam the life out of you.Also if any of the guys capture your eye please do tell)) haha. 

lupintyde replied to your photo post:
Very cool!

Yeah, that fellow got several Piper commissions from well-known artists over a few years, and recently posted them online.  He got some really great stuff, and that piece was one of them.

letzoespoilyou replied to your photo post:
Thank you lots me dear I’m a happy fangirl

Rightfully so, and I’m very glad to hear that :)

calmandcalculating replied to your photo post:
cold wants a landline for security reasons but is using a bluetooth headset ???

I don’t even know :\  Maybe it was a communications breakdown between the writer and artist?  That happens more often than we’d (and they’d) like.

CS Valentine’s Fic: For the lovely stkaley!

This is a fic for my CS Valentine, stkaley, who wanted angst, blood, and angst. I hope that you enjoy this little bit of sad Killy on this most romantic of days! I apologize for this getting to you so late (there are still a few hours left in Valentine’s Day here), but snow and work tried their best to defeat me. It was so fun getting to talk to you – and please don’t be a stranger in the future. Warm wishes and angsty thoughts your way!

ne m'oubliez pas

He’s never really had a drinking problem, per se, more of a self-loathing problem. And it’s something he really ought to get a handle on, he thinks, as a meaty fist makes sharp, cracking contact with the side of his face.

His head snaps to the side at an alarming rate, and his tongue can feel the painful split in his bottom lip, now coppery with the tang of blood.

He laughs.

“That all you got?”

He’s a burly fellow, like a Cyclops with more hair and a great beard. He’s also quite mad, if the growl at the back of his throat and the huffing gasps are any indication.

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