well i fcking hated this scene

I can’t believe some people are thinking that the letter scene was not at all related to SS… Like btch wtf? The other pairings get to hold hands, you can’t even fcking spare us a moment in a form of a letter?


It’s sad…

Like… grow up people. You’re so damn blind by your hate / anti-ness, you only see what you wanna see.

Then again, it’s useless talking about these kinds of stuff.. it’s falling on empty brains.

Oh well.. Just thought i’d vent that out.

Whatever the case…


It’s basically Sasuke telling Sakura “As a representative of the two of us, send my regards to the newly weds…”

…And no one can tell me otherwise…

This ship has suffered too much from this world already. So fck all of you who can’t move on and are all still bitter.

There. Rant done.

Btw.. thanks Naruto!

PS Sasuke looked extremely cute with that smile