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You can hear it in the silence

Sometime in 8th year…

Harry isn’t exactly sure what to think at first.

There are glances across the room. Like nothing has changed. Like everything has changed.

It feels familiar and yet… new.

It confuses him.

It’s not like the hate is suddenly gone. Harry still feels it whenever he looks at him. But it’s different now.

He can’t really describe it. He has tried several times. Ron and Hermione have asked him about it. They’ve noticed something is “off”, as they call it.

“It’s not that we’re not glad you aren’t fighting anymore. There’s been enough fighting,” Hermione had said.

“Yeah, it’s just… weird, you know. Now you’re just staring at each other,” Ron  had added.

Harry sighs as he tries to remember what he told them. It was probably something vague. Because… what Ron and Hermione don’t know… Harry has been meeting him. At night. In secret. They would just sit together and talk. But, Harry supposes, not like other people would.

They each take turns talking, while the other listens. Just listens. There are no interruptions, no judgement. They just each let the other talk. It’s been weirdly therapeutic. And also soothing.

Yesterday was Harry’s turn and after talking about his godson and Quidditch and classes, he also recounted one of his nightmares. He never talks about them with anyone. He doesn’t want to hear what they mean or that maybe he should see a mind healer. He knows perfectly well what they mean. So, simply talking about it, having the opportunity to get it out in the open and out of his system… it’s freeing. Harry also never appreciated before, how much it means when somebody listens, really just listens to him. It is a whole new experience.

As Harry makes his way to the tower nobody wants to go to anymore, he wonders what he will talk about tonight. Sometimes he talks about his mother. Never about his father. Sometimes he doesn’t say anything at all and they just sit there in silence. At first, Harry thought this was a waste of time. But it was in that silence, he realized that something really is different between them. It’s as if something between them has… shifted.

So when Harry sees Draco enter the tower, his body doesn’t go rigid. It relaxes. When Draco sits down beside him and their fingers touch, Harry doesn’t pull away. He welcomes the warmth. When Draco doesn’t say anything, Harry isn’t annoyed. He understands.

It’s in that moment, as Draco lays his head on Harry’s shoulder and Harry puts an arm around his waist, that he knows. He never thought he could be this sure. But he is. He knows.

He’s in love.

And it makes him smile.

every time neil talks about his ‘inevitable’ death, it kills me a little:

”one of of us has to make it, mom.” It wasn’t going to be Neil.
“the cousin’s relationship was a tangled mess he wouldn’t  live long enough to figure out”
“Neil wouldn’t live long enough to understand all the broken layers of Andrew’s sexuality”

which honestly makes the last very last line in the book so much more:
“This was everything he wanted, everything he needed, and he was never letting go.”

“Well that’s disgusting,
I feel bad for that poor kid”

“How are we supposed to protect our baby from hate?”

don’t sleep shouto


@kirkmall awwwwww yeaaaaa power couple party time

lets say this is uh….. right before they put their masks on…..

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:O Ella enchanted prinxiety au during the scene where Ella has to try not to kill the prince????? (Angst with happy ending???)

Oh boy thank you so very very much for sending this in ahh this was very fun to write!!! I’m just sorry it took so long oml I hope it was worth it :/

I’m tagging @pansexualroman, @lekawaiimelon, @mylasagnaisraw, @princeyandanxiety, @godammiteren, because I feel the need to tag people when I write lol (idek if you guys have seen Ella Enchanted oops, if you haven’t basically Anxiety was cursed to do whatever somebody tells him to, and the king told him to kill Prince.)

The room, it was beautiful. Anxiety’s fingers were linked with Roman’s, and he couldn’t pull them free, but he wanted to. He wanted to run away. Far away, away from Roman.

Roman, who was tugging him through the door, into The Room of Mirrors. A room of beautiful mirrors and vines, of flowers and shining reflections, a room of memories and tradition and love.

A room that would soon be where Prince died.

Anxiety couldn’t stop crying.

He knew Roman was concerned; the royal boy kept casting worried glances over his shoulder at Anxiety, his eyes soft and warm. His gaze reassuring, promising, full of love, but all it served was to make Anxiety cry harder, pressing one hand against his eyelids in a fruitless attempt to stop the tears escaping. He couldn’t do this.

He had to do this.

He didn’t want to do this.

He had no choice.

He hated himself, he hated the king, he hated his curse, he hated what would happen at the stroke of midnight, he hated what was happening now, he hated everything. Killing Prince would be the worst thing he had ever done, and Anxiety was wishing that he could die instead. The kingdom needed Roman, Anxiety needed Roman, Prince just- Prince just couldn’t die!

Yet the concealed dagger burned ice cold, it felt so heavy it was dragging Anxiety down, and it emanated with malice and evil. It signified what Anxiety was going to do, it was proof that he had no choice, he couldn’t control the future, how helpless he was.

Tears dripped onto the floor, reflected a hundred times by a circle of mirrors.

Prince gently lead him up onto a small stone platform in the centre of the room, and he was looking imploringly into Anxiety’s eyes, hands warm and words soft, loving, hopeful, and oh god, how could Anxiety ever kill him? He loved Roman. He loved Roman. Prince was the best thing that had ever happened to him, and he was going to ruin it all, take the one important thing on Earth and destroy it, dim the one light that shone bright in this dark world.

Drip, drip, drip, more tears, more mirrors, more evidence of what Anxiety had to do.

And now Prince was bending down, crouching, he was on one knee and please no, no no no, this was really happening, Anxiety couldn’t do this!

“Anx.” Roman took a deep breath, and smiled up at the darkly dressed boy, who tried to contain his tears. “Anxiety, will you marry me?” He looked so hopeful, and so in love, that it broke Anxiety’s heart.

And yet, even though he knew the question had been coming, had expected it and braced himself for it, Anxiety was still stunned. Still blown away by the fact that Prince loved him back. And even though Anxiety still had tears sliding down his cheeks, his lips involuntarily turned up into a whisper of a smile, because for a second he forgot. Forgot what was about to happen. He was just swept up in the flood of wonder and amazement and love.

Then the clock struck twelve.

Immediately the smile was torn off his face, eyes widening and filling rapidly with tears, breathing coming quicker with panic as he felt the familiar pull, the irresistible tug, the force that moved his hand behind his back without his control and gripped the dagger. 

“No, no no, no!” Was all Anxiety could sob, fingers trembling around the handle of the blade as he tried desperately to resist.

“No? What? Anxiety, I- I don’t understand.” Prince sounded so lost, so confused so hurt and broken-hearted, but Anxiety could barely breathe through his panic and cries, could barely see through the blur of tears as he realised that this was it, he was about to kill Prince and there was nothing he could do about it!

“Why, w- what is it? Is it my politics? Your family?” The clock was still chiming, counting down the moments until Anxiety had to stab Roman.

“B- because those things aren’t important, what’s important is what is in our hearts.” Prince had stood up, was cupping Anxiety’s face and gazing into his eyes, hopeful and hurt and pleading. Anxiety couldn’t help but stare back, gaze full of sorrow and apologies and grief. "For our love is strong, and we can conquer anything!” Prince promised, voice hushed and careful, eyes glittering. Anxiety tried to take a deep breath, and push back the tears.

“I do love you, Ro.” His voice broke as he realised that those might be his last words to the Prince. Roman’s face cleared with relief, and a small sheen of happy tears and relief shone in his eyes. He’d been afraid Anxiety didn’t love him back. Anxiety sobbed. Prince still didn’t know why Anx was crying, but he pulled the boy into a hug, pressing his face into the darker boy’s neck. Anxiety’s entire body was shaking. The hug… the hug made it so much easier for Anxiety’s arm to position itself directly above Roman’s back, the wicked edge of the gleaming blade poised directly over where Prince’s heart would be.

Anxiety sobbed as he stared at the blade, at his own hand moving it. He listened to the chime of the clock, saw how much his hand was shaking as he tried desperately to move the dagger away from the man he loved. He fought. For the first time in a long time, he truly fought against his curse.

He could not stab Roman, he wouldn’t! His hand shook wildly, light reflecting off the trembling blade onto the mirrors surrounding them. He fought, he fought so hard against it; he couldn’t kill the man he loved. It was heart against magic, but his hand was slowly creeping closer to Prince’s back, and he couldn’t stop it, he wasn’t strong enough!

Anxiety sobbed and tore his gaze away from the blade, not wanting to have to look when it plunged into Roman’s heart. And he saw himself in a mirror.

He saw the tears slipping down his cheeks, saw Prince’s arms wrapped around him, saw Roman’s head on his shoulder, how his eyes were closed, saw how wildly the dagger was shaking as Anxiety tried to stop, met his own gaze in the mirror. It was unbearable; he felt so guilt. .He couldn’t kill someone so innocent, so good, someone who loved Anxiety, the one who Anxiety loved, couldn’t kill Roman! But the curse of obedience was forcing him to, and the clock was reaching it’s final chimes. He looked away from the mirror, unable to see the picture of what was about to unfold, only to look straight into the next mirror. He was surrounded by the reflection of he and Prince, the image of what he was about to do. He was surrounded, unable to escape the vivid picture of the crime he was about to commit. 

Suddenly Anxiety wanted to fight more, fight harder, because he could not watch as he killed Roman, could not stab Prince, couldn’t, wouldn’t! He would not be obedient any longer! Not when it was this! Not when he had to kill the only person he loved! Not when it was the king, the very man Anxiety had been fighting against for all of his life, the man Anxiety hated more than anything, that was making him do it. He would not!

Everything he had ever been told to do slipped into his head in whispers, all the cruelty he had endured from his ‘family’ and peers, all the horrible things he had done because of the curse, all the times he had tried to fight but given up. Anxiety heard it all, a new one for every time he saw himself in the mirror. This time, could not give up.

Love, he loved Roman too much for that. His mother had always said what was inside him was stronger than the ‘gift’, but he had never understood, never believed until now. Because the love he felt for Prince was holding his hand back, strengthening his mind and will, helping him fight, fight for the life of the one he loved. He would not kill him!

“I will no longer be obedient.” He croaked through his tears, and took a deep, shaky breath. Stronger. “I will no longer be obedient! I WILL NO LONGER BE OBEDIENT!” He yelled. The clock chimed for the final time.

The dagger clattered to the floor.

Anxiety gasped and sank to the ground, shaking, eyes wide, gasping for breath. Something inside him had just snapped, something constricting him, something that had been there for so long he’d never even realised it.

“I’m free.” He whispered, in shock and awe. He raised his head in amazement. “I don’t believe it. I’m free!”

Roman backed away, eyes wide with horror.

“You…” His voice came out as a whisper, and his gaze trailer from the dagger lying on the floor to Anxiety’s eyes. “You tried to kill me.” He sounded so shocked, so betrayed, so horrified and afraid that more tears immediately sprang to Anxiety’s eyes.

“No, no, Roman, I-” The door to the Room of mirrors swirled open, and the king stormed in.


Immediately a pair of armoured guards strode in, taking Anxiety by his arms and hauling him up.

“Wait, no, Ro please, I can explain, I can explain, please Prince, wait, no, don’t!” Anxiety begged, panicking as he was roughly lead out of the room. He was thrown in a tiny, dirty cell, and no matter how loud he called, nobody came to help him.

Anxiety was terrified.

But strangely, not for himself. For Roman. The king’s plan hadn’t worked, and now Anxiety was free, but that didn’t mean anything in terms of saving Prince’s life. The king would find another way. Ro was still in danger.

Anxiety didn’t know how many hours he spent sitting in that cell, but eventually he heard a familiar voice.

“Logan?” He gasped croakily.

“Anxiety?” There was the sound of running, and a moment later Logan sped around the corner.

“Logan! I’m so glad to see you!” Logan unlocked the cell door; somehow he had the keys. A rally of people Anxiety had met on the way were standing behind Logan. 

“I’m glad to see you too, Anx. Are you okay?” He asked.

“I’m okay, but Roman might not be!” Anxiety grabbed the book. “Show me the king!”

The book flicked open to show the king poisoning Roman’s crown.

“We gotta go. Come on, come on guys!” Anxiety yelled, rushing out, the small crowd of ragtag friends following close behind.

After that, everything was a blur. They crashed Prince’s coronation, fought the guards and everyone trying to stop them, Roman saved his life and they fought together, Anxiety explained in the middle of the battle, and told Prince about everything the king had done, including killing Roman’s father. Eventually they made their way up to the stage, where they managed to enrage the king into confessing, well, everything, to everyone in the hall. And then he was stupid enough, blinded by his fury, to put the poisoned crown on his own head.

A second later, the king dropped to the floor, dead.

And Anxiety got to embarrass his step sisters!

And then… well, Roman pulled him close, looked into Anxiety’s eyes, smiled, and calmly said, “Marry me?”

Anxiety only pretended to think about it for a second. “Now, that I’ll do.” He smiled, making Prince grin and his eyes sparkle, and pull Anxiety in for a long kiss.

Not long after that, they got married, and on the day of the wedding Anxiety had never, ever been happier. He felt like his heart was going to explode, as he broke away from the kiss with Roman and gazed around the hall, seeing all his friends cheering and smiling for him. Prince, of course, made a cheesy, hopelessly romantic speech, which made Anxiety blush and kiss him quickly.

There was a dance after that, which was surprisingly fun. Anxiety was almost ashamed at the amount of times he smiled and giggled at Roman as they twirled around. He even caught sight of Logan and Patton dancing together! 

It had taken a long time, but at last, everything was finally perfect. 

[NCT] Simplicity

A little babble that kind of sucks but doesn’t suck enough to keep me from posting it 
I’m a tad sour rn and want sleepy kisses from jjh so take this; a product of my bad mood

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Word count: 585
Genre: fluff
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Thank you and goodnight

The trill sound of you crying out in frustration is what rouses Jaehyun from his mid-afternoon nap. Awake, but slow to rise, he only rolls over, grumbling out a, “babe, be quiet.” It’s when you toss your bag to the floor far more aggressively than needed that he decides to sit up, propping himself up on his elbows. You angrily pace around at the food of the bed, rubbing at your temples and willing yourself to settle down.
“You’re blowing smoke.” Jaehyun jokingly says, a lazy smile quirked on his lips. You shoot him a glare. At this, his look softens, and he beckons you over. You debate shutting him down, giving him the cold shoulder because you want so desperately to take out your pent up aggravation on something and, well, if Jaehyun happens to be within arm’s reach, then so be it. Through your internal dialogue, he’s looking at you, eyes heavy with sleep and hair askew in every direction and his clothes are all rumpled from his tossing and turning and he’s smiling at you and you can feel the adoration he has for you and you’re melting. You breathe a heavy sigh, laced with irritation and exhaustion and you trudge over to him, allowing his hands to completely envelope yours as he guides you down to lie next to him.

His arms are around you and your face is tucked into his chest and you can feel his heartbeat, smooth and rhythmic and so much calmer than your own. He presses a kiss to the top of your head, and you allow yourself to snuggle closer to him, wanting to drown in his warmth.
“You want to tell me about what’s got you so worked up?” He questions softly, fingers loosely carding through your hair. You breathe in his scent, warm and inviting and your knees go weak because this boy is yours and you thank whoever may be listening that he’s a part of your life.
The only response you offer is a minute shake of your head, and he only hums in acknowledgement, choosing instead to begin rocking you the tiniest bit.
Jaehyun will wait with you, hold you until your heartbeat has settled and the heat in your cheeks has died down.

“I really love you, Jaehyun.” You mumble into the fabric of his t-shirt. A laugh sounds deep in his chest.
“I really love you too, Y/N.” Is his response.
You move back to meet his eyes, and you feel like you can lose yourself in endless pools of brown that carry so much love for you; only you.
“No, Jaehyun. I really really am in love with you.” You say, and his smile brightens. He’s idly rubbing circles into your side, and you can feel the tension in your shoulders ebbing away with every feather light caress. He smiles, and your heart swells with happiness. The time for anger and frustration and everything that comes along with a bad day would come later; now, you’re only concerned with the feel of Jaehyun’s lips against your own as you kiss him. Slow and sweet, patient and oh so caring, your eyes flutter shut and you let Jaehyun guide you into a state of contentment that you had been aching for all day.
“I really really am in love with you, too.” He says as he pulls away.
And than you kiss him again. Because you love him, and he loves you. It’s as simple as that.

sounds of thedas: FERELDEN

the people are proud and rough, the forests deep, the fields wide. the very hills themselves torn by war, both civil and foreign, and even in summer the night’s chill can only be chased away by a warm fire. but to many this country is home, and they will do anything to defend it.

featuring tracks from clash of the titans, robin hood, stardust, ori and the blind forest, how to train your dragon, the eagle, & dragon age: inquisition



she was ready to deny the existence of space and time rather than admit that love might not be eternal

sapphic luna moodboard for @dokyuns-snowdreamer

   Silver gets tattooed.

   This, coincidentally, requires him to be in varying states of undress for the exact amount of time it takes for Flint to lose his fucking mind.

   let me be your passenger by @vowel-in-thug

   John Silver/James Flint

   Words:    5,025

100 Days Of Black Sails:

  • Fic Rec #2 (84/100)