well i don't like it so much


“And none of this information is foreboding or directly relevant to what’s about to happen in any way whatsoever.”

I’m guessing the princess in Shirasaki castle is Tomoyo predecessor, because she has the bell and the amazing headpiece going on. 

I also want to make an intelligible comment about Kuropapa’s smile but all that’s coming to mind is holy shit. 




I think I overdid this

Oh my god what I have done



a conga line of goobers

Eh, close enough…

Happy Easter!

School has been pissy. We interrupted the teacher because we were talking about making pot brownies.(no i dont do drugs)

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OK but i can’t get over the transition from pre-chorus to chorus in the Sonic Forces theme song???? right before the chorus, there’s this really funky, half-time section which feels very SA2 and upbeat, then suddenly everything stops except the guitar and the chorus just BOOMS IN and suddenly it’s an action-packed war of the worlds where i will fight to my last dying breath??!!!?!!! holy shit


Noctis sits on the throne, haloed by light. Crystal fragments twinkle in the air like stars. Some land in his hair, like a crown. Prompto looks at Noctis until his vision blurs and Noctis disappears. Tears slide down Prompto’s face, his neck, and into the collar of his shirt. He can’t breathe, tries to breathe, but it catches in his throat. Noctis told them that this was how it was going to be, but Prompto hoped it would be different, that Noctis would walk down the staircase, smiling. He clutched that thought desperately in his hands, in his heart, until that hope was shattered by the light of dawn.

It feels like forever before Prompto raises his head, but he doesn’t look at Noctis again. Prompto’s eyes are red and raw, and his chest aches, like his ribs have been cracked open and its contents ripped out.

His heart’s on the throne with a sword through it.

Prompto gave his heart to a boy as lonely as he was, gave it to him when he held that letter from Luna, wrinkled and worn at the creases, in his hands. He rubs the back of his hand over his eyes and turns his back to the throne. Ignis clutches his glasses in one hand, and the other covers his face. Prompto touches his arm, curls his fingers in his sleeve.

“Hey,” Prompto says weakly.

Ignis trembles under Prompto’s hand. “I—I did not want to hope.”

“We all hoped.” Noctis came back from the dead once. In the span of a day they had gained all they had lost, and then lost it again. The sun’s light streaming through the window is cold on Prompto’s skin.

“It wasn’t supposed to end like this, he wasn’t—” Gladio looks away from Noctis, hands clenched at his sides.

Ignis breathes in, holds the air in his lungs like he doesn’t want to voice what he’s about to say. “We have to move forward. That’s what he would’ve wanted.”

“Right,” Prompto agrees, a hollow feeling settling in his stomach. “Move forward.”

“How the hell am I supposed to move forward? I dedicate my whole life to him, and he wants me to move forward now?”

Gladio’s words feel like a punch in the gut. The world feels colder, not warmer, with the sun in the sky. Noctis was their light, and without him, their world is dark.

how am I going to explain to my future wife that watching Kung Fu Panda 3 at 1 in the morning on a school night brings me immense amount of joy? Or the fact I’ve seen Zootopia 5 times now. Or that I don’t enjoy Criminal Minds but I will sit down and watch Young Justice for a whole day, or that my ideal date movie at the moment would be to see the lego batman movie

like, I’m honestly not that big of a nerd anymore, I’m an intelligent young woman, how will explain a love for children’s cartoons ugh

Canon Anti

I decided to try remaking a still from the PAX Anti vid in terms of style and glow. It’s not exactly a remake as the bloops from that video haven’t been released but I wanted to try to do the general style. In that way, it is a remake. It’s still not exactly perfect but I like the look of it. Hopefully you all do as well! :)

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Describe the foxes' hands pls :) im trying to draw them but i dont have any imagination :/

oh my god

  • kevin: artist’s hands, with long deft fingers. really nice nails that look like he has manicures even though he doesn’t (well, maybe sometimes). his left hand swells when he works hard (so, every day, pretty much) but the bones set surprisingly straight considering they were never properly treated. he makes fists of them when he’s nervous. there’s a blog dedicated to his sexy man hands and all the kevin day fans share them everywhere
  • dan: TEENY LITTLE HANDS with broad palms and quite short fingers. strong-looking, calloused across the base of the her centre three fingers. she paints her nails in bright colours (like orange!!! but also yellow and pastel pink and neon green) and moisturises with lemon-scented creme that allison buys her each birthday and christmas. loves to wear pretty rings, anything from fine plain metal to big chunky statement ones
  • matt: GIANT HANDS which means there’s a pic on the wall of dan holding her hand up against matt’s to compare (from before they started dating. they’re actually about to arm wrestle). thick-knuckled from boxing. shares dan’s moisturiser, so his hands smell citrusy too
  • renee: small hands with neatly trimmed nails that she doesn’t often paint unless they’re all doing them together. wears cute gloves all through winter because they get cold. red-silvery ropes of scarring in the meat of her palm where she once grabbed a blade aimed at her belly, to match the tracery on her knuckles where she was cut once or twice. they ache sometimes in bad weather, and swell in the heat, and she often clenches and relaxes them to ease stiffness. they’re helper’s hands, made to work as well as fight, and more soft and generous than they look like they should be 
  • aaron: workmanlike square hands with bitten nails and major tan line from his watch on his left wrist. they get cold easily but he never buys gloves so he often shoves them in his pockets and hunches his shoulders. has a crooked finger where he hit someone once (they deserved it) and it never healed right, but it doesn’t bother him much (except that he looks at it sometimes and thinks vaguely about becoming a doctor because everyone - even bratty poor kids -  deserves proper medical care)
  • allison: the kind of hands you see modelling rings - long fingers, slim lovely wrists, perfect nails in shell pink and iridescent silver and shimmering gold. she pays for manicures and moisturises obsessively. doesn’t mean she doesn’t have calluses, though - and she’s proud of them. these hands are beautiful, but they’re still as likely to make you lose a tooth as the hands of the other foxes
  • nicky: big mobile hands that are always on the move. the kind where you can make out every well-shaped bone and tendon moving under his skin, no marks to obscure them. he’s lazy about moisturising ever so they’re always super dry and also really warm. he always briskly chafes them over the hands or shoulders of anyone who complains about being cold. catch him holding hands with any and all of his teammates to keep their fingers warm 
  • andrew: broad palms, thick fingers; strong like the rest of him. scarred knuckles like tiny white starbursts where he’s punched things he shouldn’t - walls, mirrors, windows. misshappen knuckles from punching all kinds of stuff, actually (including people). broke bones more than once before he learned some technique for hurting people without hurting himself. under the marks, his skin is fairly pale from all the time he spends with them in his pockets, and also soft around the callouses from his racquet
  • neil: knobbly wrists but elegant slim hands that move quickly and lightly. they give him away sometimes, forming fists when he’s angry, and fluttering when he’s anxious or irritated. the burn scars stay rippled and obvious, but many of the finer scars between them eventually fade so you can only see them in the right light. often seen hooked into the hem of andrew’s sweater, or through a belt loop. andrew calls him “lost child” with a hint of mocking sometimes, but doesn’t tell him to stop

i know y’all want even for s4, but with all the anti-muslim and anti-arab shit going down at the moment (especially now that trump is in office), i honestly can hardly think of a better time to have sana as the main character

My Aesthetic: things or places that defy and/or mess with your perception of reality

• dreams
• Cryptids
• cuil theory
• jellyfish
• liminal spaces
• The Mariana Trench