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just a quick and dirty run down of this post: so this has a dual - purpose

a) if we’ve written before & you’re interested in really developing our characters’ relationship to the point that you’d like to be mains –

b) if we’ve never written before ( or we have, but not enough, however subjective that is ), and you’d like to plot something out between our muses.

if you feel like either of those points apply, then you can go ahead and like this post ! 

I need book recommendations

I still have about a week before I’m back at school, and I can go down to the library and get reading material tomorrow morning. All the stuff that’s on my top-of-mind To Read list is either currently on loan (I’ve got a couple of things on reserve, cause they let me join the library online! That’s a thing now! Last time I got a library card was 2001, when this was not even remotely an option) or not in the library at all. So come at me people!

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Sherlock TFP

Well where do I start…
I absolutely LOVED the new season of Sherlock despite all the people who hate it because of Johnlock not being canon or whatever but I don’t see why people’s expectations where up, did a creator mention it or something?
Yes, there was a slight problem with the plot holes such as John in the well and how they seemed unharmed after jumping from the second floor out of an exploding building. However, that is no reason to totally abandon and hated your fandom.
Personally, I love Eurus as a character and I adored her amazing (but confusing at times) backstory. Her disguises were pure genius and even though people are criticizing her character, I genuinely loved her. And he Moriarty flashback was perfect even though it got my hopes up as it didn’t explain it was a flash back straight away. I had hopes Moriarty was still alive but Eurus mentioned on multiple occasions that he filmed the cutscenes ‘before he died’. Mycroft was a bit bitter towards John and his family but his UMBRELLA/GUNSWORD THOUGH!!!! And if course there was Mrs Hudsons sassy moment again (Mycrofts tea) and her vacuum moment. Overall I think this episode was perfect.

anonymous asked:

I figured I should let you know bc I was that anon from last summer that was depressed and you're writing was so helpful through it: I finally told my mom that I'm depressed and she was super chill about it and she's going to help me through it. But I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my chest. I needed to tell you bc you're pretty amazing ❤

I’m so glad! I hope you’re doing well, love. x

the FINAL problem

Okay, as a regular (obsessive..) Tumblr users I can’t help but aware all the chaos before the airing of this episode. The non airing 4 minutes of an official premium screening time and the leaked. Of course fandom explodes with all sorts of assumptions and theories, now finally the curtain rise and we all got to watch the actual episode. 

But.. BUT…

Nothing changes. the leaked is the real and johnlock sunk… Right to the bottom of that well.. With chains….

Did I love this episode? Yes. I do because the character’s development is so well done and now we know Sherlock is the EMOTIONAL one, Mycroft is the SOFT cinnamon roll who tried to be tough, Eurus is the LONELY and MURDEROUS one and John is just JOHN, Sherlock’s BEST FRIEND.

So now we know Sherlock always love being a pirate, quite sociable since he already got a best friend at young age and become all this unemotional due to the death of Victor. 

And now Eurus reprogrammed him again. Make him confess his feeling to Molly. Make him pick who to kill and make him remember who Redbeard is. Sherlock is all good on feeling again and he now helping his lonely, psychotic sister communicate. Wow just wow.

I assume he and John is raising Rosamund together and Sherlock is dating Molly now. See how happy she is at the end walking into their flat. 

And can I please assume Greg is taking care of Mycroft now? Just please…

anonymous asked:

I am an ENFP, and I would srsly love to use Te really well. Do you have any tips for developing Te? Since you are a high Te user it seemed to me that it was best to ask you about it

Hi! I’ll tell you what I can, but first, a little speech about functions and stacking:

Where the function lies in your stack matters. It’s the same function, but, for example, my Ne and your Ne are never really going to work in the same way. Your Ne is how you live: it’s your main way of approaching and going through this world, and the primary method by which you gather, process, and categorize information. My Ne will always, no matter what, be an auxiliary, fed by Si information and serving as a later processing step. I can use it, and one day I may even use it very well in a consistent manner, but for now it’s still somewhat conscious use that requires a lot of effort.

So, you can definitely use Te, but it’s not going to be quite the same as a TJ’s approach to Te. Which is okay!

I think the best way to develop Te is the hard way: come up with a good goal that you care about but will be difficult, come up with a plan that will help you reach this goal, and stick with it.

A goal that is important to you will make this much more doable and will mean you’re using your stronger functions of Ne and Fi. Recall that functions don’t work in isolation so it’s okay - even good - if you use Ne while planning. Think of Ne as the idea generator, and Te as the ‘realism filter’. Ask yourself at every point in planning “is this reasonably possible? Is this the easiest or most efficient way to reach this goal, or if not is there a good reason why I’m choosing this method?” Here is where you have an advantage over me and other TJs, especially IxTJs: we are good at finding a reasonable method, but we can get stuck or stop searching if we find a method that works well enough or that we’ve previously used (especially Si users) and miss even better solutions that wouldn’t take us much more time to find. You just need to remember to eventually (and by eventually I mean soon - set a deadline on how long you can spend planning) make the best available decision to you at that time.

Next, implement the goal. Here’s where Te is going to really be the main function you use, plus Fi to remind you that this is important to you and to stick with it.

I suspect this is the aspect of Te you’re most interested in developing, and I’m not as sure how to develop the inductive logic portion of Te as much - that part is just a fundamental part of how I think, and since you don’t have Ti, I’m guessing that’s also roughly how you’re going to think anyway when it comes to logic. However, if you are looking for help with that let me know and I’ll look for some resources.

i told myself i was gonna finish that really old sketch of maevaris and i finally did it :’0)

Iwaoi - ‘puppy love’ ..
somehow. :D i think. idk. that was the first thing i thought about hearing that prompt.

He caught her and never let her go again


I have been blessed by a whole new level of cuteness overload

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Happy New Year folks!