well i can but they turn out really bad

(this is probably gonna be a long oneshot and once there’s more it’ll be on ao3 but for now, let me know what you think?)

There are things that Kent can handle, and then there are things that Kent cannot, under any circumstances, in any universe, even begin to handle.

As it turns out, watching Jack Zimmermann, Alexei Mashkov, Randall Robinson, and Sebastian St. Martin attempt to build a deck is one of the things that he can’t handle, because holy fucking shit.

It’s about a million degrees out, and they’re all shirtless and covered in sweat and, yeah, it’s the off season, but they’re still professional fucking hockey players, for fucks sake, and Kent realizes then and there that accepting the invitation to spend the week at Jack and Bitty’s new cottage was definitely a mistake because, really.

Except for Mashkov, everybody brought their families, and they’re all friends, and they’re all teammates, and Kent is 99% sure that his invite was a pity one prompted by the Aces losing the Stanley Cup in game seven against the Stars, and he can’t help but feel like he doesn’t belong there at all, and he can’t help but think it’s because he doesn’t.

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Hey Viria! I often come onto your blog to check out your PJO/HoO art because I love it. It always make me want to draw art of my own, but I'm bad! People tell me that it's all about pratice, but do you second that? I mean, you're super talented so I thought I'd ask you. It's just that I get frustrated sometimes because I want to draw a particular scene or character from a really good book but it always turns out bad! Any recommendations? And if it IS true, how can I get better? Thanks a million!

I definitely second what people have told you! It IS about practise! 

And, to be honest, I don’t quite see myself as “super talanted”. I didn’t draw as good from the start. I had the stage (A LONG ONE), feeling like you do right now, not being able to draw a scene I see so well in my head because my hand just wouldn’t cooperate. It will turn out not as good as you want it too for a few years, at least.

Building up a skill is like growing a tree. It won’t grow overnight, and you have to regularly water it or else it will just stop growing and die. So, you can get better by growing and watering your tree! Don’t get discouraged to the point when you just stop, because it will not get you anywhere. Also, there are things you can’t yet draw, that’s true. But look at all the things you CAN draw at this point. Look at it this way: when you were a baby, at some point, you couldn’t even hold a pencil. Couldn’t even WALK, and look how good you are at it now, you can even run!

It’s the same with drawing really. Keep on and it will be great!

The following things might be sideffects of watching GYPSY ...

- you might want to see a therapist
- next time u go grab a coffee, check the barista out
- anyone with a British accent will be automatically 10000 times hotter
- glasses, tattoos, the smell of coffee, leather jacket, smokey eyes, anonymity, cigarettes, red dresses are turn ons
- want to live in NYC duh
- smoke weed (Blue Dreams)
- drink bourbon & coffee (or Chardonnay or Fireball shots)
- next destination MARFA
- either want your own Jean or Sidney
(Side Note: yes you do. like both with each other but for yourself it can only be one/ for me SID all the way)
- I actually really want to learn about being a barista
- start an affair and pretend to be somebody else
- become a good/bad liar
- I forgot that platform boots and office attire will become turns on’s as well
- get Chance by Chanel
- check out Bars with live bands on Friday nights
- listen to ‘GIRLS’ by the Internet & ‘MONSTERS’ by A K U A on repeat
- say fuck whenever you please as any reaction
- play hard to get
- hire Alexis as your Assistent
- feel anxious for dolly
- feel bad about rather thinking of solving the ending than be sad about Allison
(Poor girl pls help friends that you know are in need!)
- BE IN DESPERATE NEED OF A SEASON 2 (so Lisa if you read this I NEED YOU!!!!) 🙌🏻

How do you get the likes of Harvey Keitel, Jack Nicholson, and Al Pacino in the same movie as Kevin James, David Spade, and Rob Schneider? Hell, how do you get anyone in the same movie as Schneider? By having the best sets in town. That’s because most of them are actually just holiday destinations. Sandler stumbled on the idea during pre-production on 50 First Dates. On a whim, he suggested to the studio that they shoot the whole movie in Hawaii – and they agreed. Since then, Sandler has shot almost every movie he’s made either somewhere warm and fun or just in his backyard. Once you start noticing how many of his posters have exotic vegetation in the background, you can’t unsee it.

Of course, a tropical beach isn’t really worth much if you don’t have time to relax on it. Luckily, to quote Sandler, “I didn’t get into movies to please the critics. I got into it to make people laugh and have fun with my friends.” Turns out that not giving a fuck whether or not you’re making bad movies can actually be quite a pleasant experience. The pressure is off because, well, you’re working on an Adam Sandler movie – not even his audiences go in expecting anything more than a couple of semi-amused smirks. The last time Pacino could just have fun acting was probably at his sixth-grade school play. But on the set of Jack & Jill, he could have farted every line and critics would still have blamed it on the movie.

Perhaps most importantly, almost everyone who has worked with Sandler tells the same story: he’s sweet, charming, and the most down-to-earth guy in Hollywood. He’s always in a good mood, refuses to be treated like a movie star, and interacts with everyone (from Jessica Biel to the best boy) like they’re part of the family. So maybe when he asks you to come do his movie, it sounds more like your favorite neighbor inviting you over for a barbecue to shoot the shit and maybe push someone in the pool. Incidentally, we’ve just described the entire plot of both Grown Ups movies.

5 Reasons Good Actors Make Bad Movies (You Never Realized)


The two of you were by yourselves. Damon’s great idea was to tie Kai up and then hand him over to you. Damon didn’t care what you did to Kai. As long as he never saw him again in Mystic Falls, you could do whatever you pleased. You knew his magic didn’t work but you were still prepared for the worst…

“Y/N, I know your hereeee. Come out. This is no fun” Kai’s voice echoed throughout the place and you graced him with your presence. He lightly chuckled because of how innocent you looked. Kai always had a crush on you since the two of you meant before he was sent to Hell. To try and lighten the mood, he began to make jokes.

“Ooh, are you here to punish me? Cause that’s kind of hot” Kai stated tilting his head and licking his lips. You rolled your eyes at Kai’s remarks and tried your best to act confident.

“Kai, shut up! I’m not here to be your friend. Damon handed you over to me which means you better be extra nice to me” You explained crossing your arms. Kai smirked and raised his eyebrows. Your sudden attitude turned him on even more.

“Someone’s feisty… how about you let me loose and we can have some fun” Kai said pulling at his chains. You laughed. “Well that’s bad news for you because my type are not psychopaths” Kai sighed and threw his head back.

“Oh come onnn. We are by ourselves. There’s no magic in this room. I can’t get out of here if I wanted to. I won’t hurt you. ” You bit your lip turning away from Kai. You hated him. You really did. You weren’t going to let your dumb teenage hormones and Kai’s manipulative sexy voice get the best of you.

“What’s the matter, sweetie? Re-thinking your decisions”

“I-I can’t take off your chains” you looked at Kai. You had to stop pretending to hate him.

“Fine. Come over here. I’ll let you ride my face” Your cheeks reddened at Kai’s demand but you slowly walked over him. “Don’t act like I can’t smell your arousal. Hop up baby” Kai said and you climbed on top of kai holding onto his shoulders.

Kai moved your panties to the side and licked a stripe up you pussy “Kai, that feels so good” you said gripping on his shoulders tighter. Kai began to suck on your clit. “fuuccck kai"” You began to moan as Kai chuckled. “Shit, I’m about to cum” You yell as you cum into his mouth. You got off of kai with your legs quivering searching for the key in your pocket to unlock. Kai was in his chair waiting patiently licking the rest of your mess from his lips. You found the key and began to strip the chains off him.

“Now we’re ready to have some fun” kai exclaimed ripping his shirt off and following yours. The two of you stripping each’s other clothing one by one. Kai walked the two of you over to the bar counter and bended you over.

“I knew you always wanted me to fuck you since the day we met. Who knew you were such a naughty girl?” Kai hands gripped your hips as he drove himself into your slick cunt. You gripped onto the counter tightly as your knuckles began to turn white as Kai pumped in and out of you. “Kai your cock feels so good I’m going to cum soon" Kai didn’t stop, wanting the two of you to cum together. “Fuck your pussy is so tight” kai exclaimed. “Cum for me baby girl” your head dropped and buried onto the counter as you and kai came together. Kai pulled out and chuckled.

“My naughty girl. What are we gunna tell Damon and Stefan?” Kai said pulling his pants back on.

“I guess this place is our little secret” you said shrugging your shoulders and placing your lips on Kai Parker.

The Name Game

A/N Somewhat a sequel to Always the Bad Guy’!

Pairing: neutral/prinxiety (Prince/Anxiety)

Genre: fluff, hurt/comfort kinda

Word Count: 1260

Warnings: I don’t think there’s any??


Anxiety doesn’t think he’ll ever reveal his name, not when he’s still viewed as the villain. He takes comfort in Roman’s insults - as weird as it sounds.

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How about pastel!Dan and punk!Phil pet play with Dan being a kitten? Bondage and that good shit is always welcome :P

ncould u do a breeding one?? srry its weird buT thats my shit xx

It’s OK anon it’s mine too/// Our queue has been running low and it’s easier to write short things, so send a short, simple prompt and mark it with * at the beginning, and a one-two paragraph hc goes into the queue. The amount of time it takes for the queue to post is less time than it takes for us to write a full length hc.

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This turned more into businessman!Phil and pastel!Dan but you know I’m just not sorry

Tags: Pet Play, Overstimulation, Tail Plugs, Mouth Fucking, Bondage, Breeding, Double Penetration, Degradation, Creampie

Nothing was added bc I felt it had to be ~

- Phil’s been away traveling for almost a week, he’s stressed, and he misses his boyfriend/kitten, Dan. When Phil gets stressed out, he normally takes it out on Dan, because they have a d/s relationship and Dan says it’s okay, they have a safeword and all that, and the cuddles are unparalleled afterward. So it’s safe to say that Phil needs to get home to Dan. To make matters worse, his flight gets delayed by few hours, so he texts Dan not to wait up for dinner but he’ll be home before Dan goes to bed.

- At about eight o’clock that night, Phil slips into his flat and shuts the door behind him. “Dan,” he calls when he doesn’t see the boy in the lounge. As Phil takes off his coat, Dan crawls into the room with his kitty ears on his head, pastel pink lacy collar around his neck, and tail swaying behind him. “Hey, kitten,” Phil says fondly, reaching down to pet through Dan’s hair. The action earns him a satisfied purr and Dan tilting his face up to nose into Phil’s palm. “I’ve missed you. Think I can show you how much?” Dan’s lips curve into a smile and he scrambles to his feet, bouncing on the tip of his toes. 

- “Eager kitten. C’mon.” Phil calmly walks to their room, which has been lit with nothing more than fairy lights rather than the lamp. It leaves the room feeling much warmer, and Dan definitely did it to set a mood. “Get on the bed and don’t move or touch yourself, I’ll be right back.”

- He wanders into the huge walk in closet and returns with rope, a whitehead gag, lube, and a couple of toys to use on Dan. He doesn’t need to say anything for Dan to spread his arms and legs for Phil to tie him down. Dan wordlessly opens his mouth for the gag, letting out a small whimper as his lips are held open. Phil just smirks and kneels, fully clothed at the foot of the bed, easing the tail plug out of Dan’s hole and setting it aside as he watches Dan clench around nothing. “Look at you, already so open for me even though I just got home. You’re just looking to be filled up with my cum, aren’t you kitten?” Dan whines and nods. His back arches when Phil runs his fingertips up Dan’s inner thighs. He knows better than to touch himself without permission except for his tale, and he’s sensitive at the best of times, so every touch sends sparks up Dan’s spine. “Have you been good while I was gone?” Phil doesn’t wait for an answer, but moves up the bed and unbuttons his pants to push them down his hips a bit. He settles on Dan’s chest, his cock millimeters from Dan’s lips as he strokes himself.

- “Show me.”

- Immediately Dan lifts his head from the mattress and takes as much as he can into his mouth, unable to suck Phil properly around the gag, but doing his best. Phil’s eyes flit down to Dan’s for permission, which he sees, so Phil buries his hands in Dan’s hair to steady him and starts fucking his mouth. He goes until a familiar heat pools in his stomach and Dan’s face is messy with tears and drool. After pulling out, Phil removes the gag from Dan’s mouth. “What do you say kitten?”

- “Thank you Master,” Dan says in a slightly hoarse voice.

- Phil smiles and pats his cheek affectionately. “Good boy.” Now he sets his sight on working Dan up, slowly peppering light kisses up and down Dan’s neck. They gradually have more pressure until Phil chooses a spot to suck on, leaving a dark bruise just above the edge of Dan’s collar. He moves down when Dan starts to whine and rut his hips up into Phil’s, biting marks into Dan’s chest and playing with his nipples.

- Dan’s fists are clenching and unclenching and his toes curling and he thinks he might come just from this because he’s so sensitive and he’s missed Phil so much. “M- aster please, I…” Dan moans, voice breaking in the middle of ‘Master.’ 

- “Aww, look at my pretty kitten, falling apart even though I haven’t even touched you.” Phil’s hands skim over Dan’s waist at the same time as he moves lower to mouth wet, sloppy kisses along Dan’s inner thighs.

- “Please, please, let me come, let me come, Master,” Dan pleads, head thrown back onto the pillows at the head of the bed.”

- Raising an eyebrow, Phil looks at Dan, observes how he’s hard and leaking, how his hole keeps clenching around nothing, begging to be filled. “You can come if you come untouched.” To his amazement, Dan comes a few seconds later, splattering his stomach and moaning. Smirking, Phil picks up the toy he brought out earlier and covers it in lube to slowly push into Dan. He turns on the vibrations and makes sure it’s pressed against Dan’s prostate.

- A quiet whimper escapes Dan’s mouth and his back arches off the bed. “Master, too much, feels so good-”

- It’s not like Dan’s not used to a big stretch, but it burns a little in the best possible way when Phil slips a slicked up finger past Dan’s rim alongside the toy. Dan practically screams, but to his credit, remains relaxed and allows Phil to keep stretching him. “I’m gonna fill you up with my cum,” Phil says in a low voice as he gently pushes in a second finger. “You’ll be so wrecked, stretched out from me and a toy at the same time, dripping with my cum and yours, fucked out and perfect for me.”

- He starts sucking the head of Dan’s cock to distract from the burn of adding a third finger. Before long, Dan’s coming down his throat with his second orgasm of the night, still panting and begging Phil to fuck him. Phil pulls completely off of Dan despite the small noise of protest and lubes himself up. His eyes flicker up to Dan’s for the permission he already has before pushing in alongside the vibe. Dan’s tight around him, even tighter than usual, and it feels so good, especially paired with the toy pulsing along the underside of his cock.

- “Please, Master, move!” Dan pleads, pulling even harder at the ties holding him in place. “Hurts but it feels so good, please, move, Master! Fill me up, breed me like a good bitch, please!”

- Phil starts slowly, but gradually moves faster, transfixed with the way that Dan’s so full that he can see a slight bulge moving under Dan’s taught abdomen every time he thrusts forward. “That’s what you want, huh, slut? To be bred like the fucking whore you are, shown your place? You’re nothing more than a hole to be fucked.”

- For a moment, Phil pulls out, drawing a sound of complaint from Dan’s lips to untie his legs and pull them over Phil’s shoulders so he can get deeper into Dan when he goes back to fucking him. The new angle has Dan nearly screaming with every thrust, and he comes a third time, only a pathetic dribble of cum dripping from his red and abused cock. “Please, Master! Please, hurts, Master! Cum, please, I need it, I need it so bad! Need to be filled up, claimed, need it, please!”

- That’s what finally drives Phil over the edge, allowing himself a small sound as he pushes as deep into Dan as he can, his high seeming to last forever. When he’s done, he winces and pulls out, turning off the vibrator and removing it as well. Everything’s sticky with cum, and it leaks slowly from Dan’s red, open and abused hole, still trying to flutter closed around nothing.

Damn I have a thing for overstim someone stop me. I didn’t include aftercare but it’s really important, esp after a scene like this!


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My Guide to Beginning Witchcraft

I’ve recently been receiving a lot of asks on how one would go about beginning their path with witchcraft. So, instead of just answering all of the asks with the same answer, here is my beginner’s guide to witchcraft.

1. Decide you want to be a witch. It’s as simple as that. All you have to do to be a witch is practice witchcraft. So the first step is honestly deciding you want to try it. You don’t need to be a part of any religion to do this. It is not satanic. You don’t have to be wiccan to be a witch. Just do you.
2. Have faith and know that you can do this. There are many people who have gone before you and paved roads towards success. Like a huge system of highways, you can go whichever way you like. You may hit dead ends and go in circles every once in a while, but you’ll always be able to go back. And you can make your own roads wherever you want.
3. Pick a certain branch to study first. Keep in mind you can always pick something else and/or blend practices together. My top favourite types of magic for beginners are protection magic, sigil work, and candle magic. Divination is another good thing to learn, but is hard for some. Creating sachets, using crystals, and using essential oils are all simple as well. However, depending on the branch you want to work with, you may find other things are more important. For example, if you want to be a sea witch, learning how to use things from the ocean could be your top priority. For kitchen and herbal witches, you could try researching herbs and their side affects.
4. Depending on what you’re working with, you need to do some research on safety practices. Crystals can be toxic, especially in water, since some can dissolve or release minerals. Herbs can be poisonous as well, even if all you do us touch them. This is not meant to scare you from using these things, it’s just a warning.
5. Read as much as you can about what interests you. It will really help when you’re doing spells and creating things, as you won’t have to turn to someone else for advice. However, look out for faulty authors and take everything you read with a grain of salt. There are many lists here on Tumblr with good and bad authors. I suggest reading some of @breelandwalker stuff. They’re amazing! Also keep in mind that cultural appropriation is a thing, and you need to be very careful with things you see and read about. Ex: smudging is Native American therefore we do not smudge we smoke cleanse. G*psy us a slur for the Rromani people. Voodoo is a closed practice as far as I know, as well as Santeria. Etc.
6. Practice. The first thing you should learn and practice, in my opinion, is protection magic. It’s useful in many situations and it doesn’t hurt to try. Do little things during the day, make sigils, practice energy work, and burn candles you anoint. I’ve made a list of couch witchcraft ideas on my blog as well.
7. Keep a spell book or grimoire either online/on a drive, or in a physical copy. I suggest using a binder so you can move around and add pages. I keep mine here on Tumblr as a masterpost. You can also keep a journal to see what spells work and which ones don’t.
8. Take care of yourself. Don’t get burned out with witchcraft by jumping all in too fast. It can be a draining practice, so make sure to get lots of sleep and eat well. Selfcare is so necessary with this!
9. Experiment. If it feels right, try it. As long as it doesn’t step on other people’s toes, you should be good! It’s fine to use faux candles, to substitute ingredients and practice without other people. Your practice is yours alone.
10. Believe in yourself! We all have inner power. Sometimes we can find this power through meditation, divination, or witchcraft. It’s really rewarding to see your hard work come to fruition.

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Ok I know this sounds weird...but..what would saeran do when he'a home alone??? I saw this same prompt sent in to another account but I wanted you to do it

Author’s note: Is this what you meant??? also IT’S NOT WEIRD and sorry this has been in my inbox forever 


  • Well
  • Once, when he was home alone, he wanted to see what it would look like if he dressed up as his brother 
  • So he took out his contacts, put on a pair of Sevens’ glasses, and stole one of his jackets
  • Saeran looked at himself in the mirror
  • “Not bad…”
  • He began posing like his brother FINGER GUNS and mimicking him
  • “If anyone can hack it, I can.”
  • “Who’s genius idea was it to do that again? Oh yeah, mine.”
  • “MC, hand me a Dr. Pepper.”
  • “…Well, if you really want one, I just restocked the fridge.”
  • Saeran’s eyes widened 
  • He felt his face heat up and slowly turned around
  • “U-Uhh… how long have you been home?”
  • “Long enough,” you held up your phone and waved it around
  • He quickly grabbed it and looked at the MULTIPLE pictures you had taken of him
  • “Don’t bother deleting them,” you leaned against the door frame, “I already sent them all to my email.”
  •  “Just don’t tell Saeyoung,”  he handed you back your phone
  • “And what’ll you give me in return?”
  • “…I’ll clean the entire house.”
  • “Hmm…”
  • you smirked
  • “It’s a deal,” you held out your hand and shook his, “BUT, you have to wear Seven’s maid outfit.”
  • “WHAT??”
  • He pulled his hand away from your grip
  • “It’s too late!!! YOU ALREADY SHOOK ON IT!!”
  • “Then I guess you wouldn’t mind me sending this picture to the entire RFA.”
  • “…”
  • Saeran made a very cute maid
Drabble Prompt: Isak and Even Sitting in a tree...

This work of crack fluff mess can only be blamed on @softestisak who has been hounding me about it for like 2 weeks. Here you go, dearest :P

(now i really wish I could draw because I want the two of them up in a tree more than life)


If there was ever one thing Isak could say about Even Bech Naesheim, it was that he was never boring.

“What’s the weather like down there?”

And Isak is dumbstruck with his hand over his eyes to block the sun but even the bright rays aren’t doing anything to cloud the sight in front of him.

Isak chokes out something of a laugh. “What the fuck are you doing?”

Even leans back, feet dangling unassumingly as his back hits the trunk of a giant oak tree. Only Even is not a normal person who would just oh-so-casually be sitting in front of the tree.


He has to be the idiot who climbs the sucker. Who climbed the tree and is now sitting contentedly on a branch a good 10 feet up from the grass, looking like he hadn’t a care in the world.

That was Even Bech Naesheim.

“When I got your text, I was assuming a picnic or maybe that you were going to sketch something out here.”

“Ah Isak,” Even tilts his head back and closes his eyes for a few gentle moments. When he opens them again- well he has never looked so free, “You should know by now to expect the unexpected.”

“Are you stuck?”

Even laughs, but doesn’t reply.

What he does do, however, is kick his shoe at Isak; nearly nailing him the chest (thank god for quick reflexes,) Isak holds up the offending shoe in victory.

Even pats the spot next to him, “Let’s go.”

“What?” Isak looks around, “Me? Up there? No?”

“Why not?”

“’Why not,’ he asks,” Isak says, pitching his voice lowly, “Um- because I don’t want to die?”

“Come on, baby. If I can get up here so can you.” Even pauses and the corners of his mouth tilt up, “Unless you’re too scared?”

Isak rolls his eyes, “No- I know what you’re doing. You’re trying to psych me out; make me feel like I want to go up there to prove something.” 

“Oh,” Even leans his head back and shuts his eyes again, pulling down a pair of Isak’s sunglasses down from the crown of his head, “Suit yourself down there.”

Well then.

Isak stands there for approximately a minute and a half.

“Fuck.” And he throws his backpack down, making for the trunk of the tree. The climb isn’t too bad; really it only takes like five moves maximum before he’s slinging himself onto the same branch. 

Even grins and slides the sunglasses back up, “Look at you.”

“I’m going to die,” Isak looks down and shuts his eyes, “Can this branch hold us?”

“I guess we’ll find out.”

“That’s comforting.” Isak takes a breath and leans back against the trunk, turning his head ever so slightly to look at his boyfriend, “Halla. Why are we in a tree?”

Even shrugs, “I planned a picnic- the food is down there on the other side- 

“I knew it.”

“-but then I just wanted to feel like I was above the ground for a little while. It’s weird to explain.”

Isak lets out a small puff of air through his nose, “Not it’s not. Makes sense.”

“It does, doesn’t it?”

Isak scooted over the tiniest bit, barely holding in undignified squeaks when the branch shakes a bit with effort, but finally stops when his thing is pressed firmly up against Even’s.

Even glances at Isak’s face. “Hi.”

And then something passes over his face and he’s laughing hard enough to shake the surrounding branches. Isak clamps down on the trunk, “What the fuck?”

“Sorry, sorry,” Even inhales, “I just though- you know that children’s song? The one about kissing in a tree?”

Isak looks at him like he’s crazy, “What?”

“You know,” Even hums, “Isak and Even sitting in a tree…”

He trails off and waits for Isak to fill in the blanks…

“Oh that one,” Isak laughs a bit too, stopping when the branch moves again, “K- I- S-S-I-N-G.”

Even’s eyes are bright as he reaches out a hand to smooth down Isak’s cheek, before cupping the back of his neck and pulling him in a bit. Just enough to brush his lips across Isak’s.

When he pulls back, Isak is soft and smiley. “Wasn’t that just adorable? Eskild would be melting. We should Instagram this.”

BabyDaddy!Cal Pt.6

A/N: I’m really struggling putting these chapters out and I feel bad for it, but I want y'all to know I’m doing the best I can. Surprisingly, I typed this up a bit fast and it turned out well in my opinion, so I’m guessing the writers block is diminishing. Y'all know to get this to 100 notes and feedback is very much appreciated (especially rn). Hope you nuggets enjoy💕

**WARNINGS**: Smut because it’s highly requested and  to makeup for my struggles in the last chapter

Parts: one, two, three, four, five, six,seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, nineteen, twenty{END}

“So, now that I’ve told you the latest drama, how’s tour been?” Connor smiled through the screen of your phone while cuddled up into Felix’s chest. You hadn’t spoken to your boys since you’d left for the tour two weeks ago and missed them dearly.“You and nugget okay?”

“It’s great and we’re fine."you reassured as you munched on some pickles. It’s crazy how often you crave the salty snack. "It’s fun as hell traveling the world.”

“I bet. You’ve seen more places than both of us ever will.” Felix chuckled.“What about you and Calum? How many times have you beat him?”

“Like three.” Calum hopped into your conversation as he plopped down beside you, placing his head into your lap the best he could while your belly poked his head.“ I deserved it, though.”

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Bad Coffee

Pairings: Chris Evans x Reader

Warnings: Hospitals, mentions of illness and surgery, really bad coffee haha

Word Count: 914

Summary: The hospital makes shockingly bad coffee, good thing the company is good though

A/N: Thought of this while sitting in the hospital waiting room for 5 hours today

My eyes dropped as I sat at the small cafe in the hospital’s main lobby, my hands still wrapped around the coffee cup I’d bought more than an hour ago despite the fact I wasn’t drinking it anymore. It tasted awful anyway.

I’d lost count over how long I’d been sitting here, waiting on any news, trying not to think about the possibility that it could be bad. The doctor had said that it was unlikely that the surgery would go bad but I still hadn’t managed to quell the anxiety sitting in the middle of my chest. At this point I just needed any kind of news.

I licked my lips, pulling out my phone and opening up a new message to my Mum, knowing that if I didn’t update her on what was happening she would call and that was something I wasn’t sure I could handle right now.
Once the message had sent I locked my phone back up, sliding it into my jeans pocket before returning to stare down at the wood grain in the table, wondering whether or not anyone would care if I had a nap right here. After all it had been more than six hours since we’d gone through emergency and I was exhausted.

I jumped as the chair across from me was pulled out, a hand sliding a fresh coffee towards me. I glanced up with confusion, seeing a man across from me that I’d never seen before.
“Sorry,” He said with an apologetic smile. “You’ve just been sitting here for a while and I figured you might need a top up.”
“Thanks,” I replied, trying to give him a smile in return.

I took the cup gratefully, taking a small sip as I looked him over, tracing my eyes down from his slicked back brown hair to the slope of his nose; the heat prickling over my cheeks as I realized his eyes were on me. I cleared my throat, gesturing to his own takeaway coffee cup.
“How long have you been here?”
“Not that long,” He shrugged. “I was just with a friend, came down to get some coffee while the Doctors checked him over.”
“Something serious?”
“Just a broken nose,”
“Oh,” I said with a small frown. “That doesn’t sound pleasant.”
He shrugged again, chuckling a little as he took a drink. “Probably not, but I guess this is what happens when you mix beer and backyard footy.” I couldn’t help but laugh, instantly feeling bad for the guy that had undoubtedly taken the football extremely hard to the face. “I’m Chris by the way.”
“Oh! Y/n,” I said, reaching over to shake his held out hand.
“So y/n, what’s got you here?”

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valentine’s day over the years with nick and charlie

[nick and charlie are from solitaire by alice oseman]

anonymous asked:

can i ask why do you still have sympathy for reiner and the other warriors? i used to feel bad for them cause it really seemed like they have a good reason but now it turned out they don't, they just want to please marley. i'm so disappointed with them. (I hope you'll reply to this cause i really feel like i missed something since alot of people still love them)


For starters, sympathy isn’t synonymous with any faction mooching the SL’s ass. Many opposite factions each believed traits you could find in the protagonists as well, without serving the SL’s best interests. Rod, Kenny and Sannes are good examples.

Considering what I wrote earlier, it isn’t hard to understand they’ve been conditioned to think negotiations with Paradis weren’t possible, that they had no choice but to fight. What do you want them to do? Rebel? Someone else tried that already, you know:

Grisha joining the Revolutionary forces - Ch. 86

And well, we all know how it ended.

Grisha being tortured - Ch. 87

Oh yeah, and being sent on Paradis as pure titans for the rest of their lives soon after. 

Oh and another thing: people doesn’t equate government. They have to fight for Marley but they aren’t taking any pleasure in doing this either. Besides, what good would it serve to defect and fight for people susceptible to destroy the world because the titan power they hold is the strongest of them all?

I’ve explained myself quite well in the ask I linked in this post and I suggest you take the time to read this. My point is they’ve been shaped and conditioned to think they were remnants of an evil race, who mostly fear for their world reputation and afraid of being sentenced. The warrior cadet batch in particular is condemned to fight wars for Marley till their early to mid twenties due to the shifter lifespan, so all their families could gain honors inside Marley once Paradis is under control. 

That’s such a shitty way to live, especially when some warriors have been enslaved from the beginning (Zeke) or had to watch the only family members they have getting plucked one by one (Reiner). In the meantime, Galliard has to live without his (twin) brother by his side, Bertolt died in the most gruesome way, when he preferred to stay friends with others and Annie is trapped in a crystal, never having a chance to see her father back. I’m not sure where Pieck goes in that or what Marcel wanted in the end, but dying for Reiner against Ymir’s titan looks like a rushed way for probably an optimistic young boy. The cadet batch is young enough to not face that and neither Reiner or Zeke are very happy about Colt, Gabi or Falco inheriting what’s akin to a life of sins. 

Also when you say “so many people”, what people are you talking about exactly? The proportion from @momtaku‘s poll?

Fandom’s favorite faction - SnK 93 poll results [Source]

Looks like it’s pretty minor to me compared to the vast majority who likes the 104th (Eren, Mikasa, Armin, Jean, etc…). Thing is, many people who feel sorry for them don’t have them as favorites, while in my case, and probably the others’ who ticked “Warriors”, we had them in our top list for months, years even. It’s really easy to say they had shitty lives, but the moment they harm their faves they’re suddenly the worst unsympathetic pieces of shit ever. Even Ymir who was the Titan Mary of the story got shit because it turns out she didn’t have any super secret plan to help the SL.

Also, many people who are sympathetic to their fate still hope they “open their eyes” and side with Paradis, because again, they’d help their faves. They love their betrayal scenario so badly they even forget why would push Reiner to side with people who killed Bertolt and held Annie captive, or why Annie would suddenly cooperate with the SL of her own will when she crystallized herself because she had to keep it quiet.

Thing is, warriors are so underappreciated only a fraction of the fandom takes the time to fully read the last three chapters, because we’re out of focus from Paradis. And even then, last chapter only generated reactions from them because of Eren and Armin sinking ships and the Ackerman clan being a failed product of titan science. Oh yeah and the biggest noise coming from Ymir’s confirmed death. And these two scenes only had half a page each while generating more noise than meeting Pieck and Galliard (and learning where Reiner’s “soldier”-self came from), Reiner being the cadets’ favorite babysitter or Falco wanting to compete for the Armor (see: @momtaku‘s recent poll).  

So no, you’re not really missing anything. Though the tables are slowly turning because focus is on them and let’s be frank, I’m not in an hurry to return to Paradis yet.

platinumparfait  asked:

Is it an unhealthy use of Fi if ever the user doesn't think about how other people feel when there's so much turmoil on the inside that the user can't even fix? An example of this would be me figuring out how to control my emotions towards someone that I don't get to think about how my actions are actually causing him to feel uncomfortable. I just thought that the feeling I have towards him and giving to him isn't really a problem until he told me he feels uncomfortable because of it.

This is extremely common in Fi types, but you know what? I don’t think it’s necessarily unhealthy. I think it’s normal. I’m not really thinking about how you may feel in response to my answers as I write this; I’m just focused on answering you!

The natural preoccupation of an introverted function is pointed toward one’s internal mechanics. Introverted Feeling therefore is preoccupied with how it feels over the needs of others, simply because what is going on inside the Fi user is so incredibly intense, it’s hard to divert energy outside oneself when one is having strong emotions. If I am upset, or depressed, or hurt, it is extraordinarily difficult for me to tune in to other people or to notice how I am making them feel. In truth, I simply do not care. I feel like I am dealing with a hurricane inside me; they can wait until I have figured out how to find the eye of the storm.

That does not make me a bad person, unless I am being horrible to them.

I found myself in a bad mood the other day and snapping at people. I did not like it, so I stepped back and asked, “Okay, girl, what is REALLY going on? You know damn well that the things you’re mad about today do not really upset you. 99% of the time, you are super chill and nothing upsets you.” Turns out, I was anxious about my kitten’s first trip to the vet and channeling that anxious energy into “anger.” I directed it into taking issue with minor problems, nitpicks, insults, and misunderstandings instead of saying: “I’m anxious, but it will all be fine.”

Here’s my take, as a Fi user / my life emotional mantra:

Your emotions are your responsibility. You cannot control how others treat you, but you can control how you respond and how you treat other people. If your feelings are out of control or causing pain, you have to reign them in.

Your mental well being takes precedence, because you are all you have. Guess who the one person you are going to spend your entire life with is? You. Thus it is in the best interest of yourself to take care of your mental health. If this means staying away from toxic people or those who bring out the worst in you, so be it. If this means you need alone time to deal with your feelings, so be it. If this means you have to stand up for yourself, so be it. But you owe it to yourself to be the healthiest person you can be, emotionally; so it’s up to you to find out what works, what you believe, what matters most to you, and stand by it.

You should value other people’s feelings as you value your own. Since you automatically have a Fi thing where you think, “But I wouldn’t want someone to treat me like that,” you probably already have an idea of how to treat other people as human beings with feelings. Part of respecting other people is listening to them even when you are in pain and learning and abiding by their boundaries. If someone says, “Please don’t do that to me, it makes me uncomfortable,” you need to stop doing it out of respect for them.

I had a bad habit as a teenager (call it my “rebellious” phase) where I would push my dad’s buttons all the time for kicks. I never once thought about how he might feel; I was too wrapped up in my own moodiness. Once I matured, and felt guilt for being unnecessarily rude, I realized what I was doing was causing him anguish and was unnecessarily cruel, and I would not like others doing that to me – and I stopped. I now direct those energies (my natural intuition into how people tick) into being a peacemaker between him and my brother, who also pushes his buttons but not intentionally; I use it to solve their communication problems and diffuse anger before it erupts. The feeling that leaves me with is so much more amazing than the selfish emotions I had from causing trouble.

There’s a reason Fe’s think Fi’s are “selfish.” Plain truth: it’s hard for us to look beyond ourselves to other people, and our compassionate treatment of others is often tied to our own wants, beliefs, and desires. (”Well, I would not want to drive that far, so she doesn’t want to drive that far, either.”) The “selfishness” is something we cannot help, in the sense that we have literally no choice but to deal with our emotions and our morals FIRST. Because we are not “tuned in” to other people emotionally, when we people please (to avoid conflict, so we don’t have to deal with other people’s emotional angst)… we get it wrong. The solution is effective communication and to train yourself to actually think about how the other person feels by asking them what they want.

I had a miscommunication this week with a friend, where I realized she thinks she has to take a day off from work to visit me whenever she drives out. When she worried that she could not get a day off (and therefore could not come) this weekend, it was an enormous relief to her to have me say, “Come anyway, we can have fun over a single night.” She thought I always wanted her for two nights, because that’s how it’s always been. I, meanwhile, thought SHE always wanted to come for two nights. I never imagined she thought that my invitation to come hang out only referred to two night stays! I had never invited her for one night, because I would not want to make that long drive just to stay one night. I was thinking about how I would feel, and assuming she was the same; when she is the opposite. As an SFJ, she would be happy with one night, so long as she got to see me, and talk, and do things, and have a brief break from work.

I am gradually learning to tune in to my friends… and ask them questions. I think sometimes my fear of conflict or hurting their feelings is unnecessary; because open, emotionless, curious conversation does not hurt feelings and in this case, could have saved her endless angst (”Can I get time off???”). 

Ideally, a Fi needs to figure out how to handle and deal with their own emotions in ways that do not cause collateral damage; they need to mature to the point where they know what battles to fight and what insults to take personally, so they have more energy to divert toward paying attention to their friends and family’s emotional responses. A Fi will never “read” the emotions the way a Fe does, but a Fi CAN learn to be socially appropriate and ask what the other person wants. If anything, Te users like to have their cards on the table, but a high Fi can be too shy to ask, “What do you want from me? From this relationship? Am I giving you what you want and need?”

But sometimes, asking is what the Fi needs to do.

- ENFP Mod

Broken Hearted: The Meeting

Broken Hearted: The Meeting
Pairing: Leonard McCoy x Reader
Word Count: 1226
Warnings: Bones Soul mate AU, fluff, angst, cursing, pretty much the normal stuff.

A/N: I have read so many soul mate AU’s that I’m intrigued and want to try my hand at it. Just in case this idea that I have isn’t new, I’m not trying to copy anyone! For this first part, if you’ve ever had a migraine, you understand the pain!

Your head was pounding. Scotty had decided to send you to Jeffries Tube 7 to check one of the conduits there. Climbing the ladders and through tubes wasn’t helping your head at all. By the time you get back to engineering to report to Scotty, you have a full-blown migraine. Scotty sends you to the Medbay after taking one look at your pale face and drawn features.

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Taken - Part Nine

Joker x The Reader


Hello everyone! Yes I know, long time, no imagine. School has just been kicking my butt lately so I’ve had no time to write :( But as promised, here is a new smutty part of Taken. Enjoy ;) xoxo -S


As predicted, you and Frost are greeted by head turns from customers of the club in line as you walk straight past them to the front door. You’re greeted by a large built bodyguard wearing all black.

“Evening, Mr. Frost,” his loud voice bellows. He holds his left hand out to the people standing in line and pulls the front door open for the two of you.

“Good evening, Mark,” Frost states back to him.

Both of you walk through the doors and are greeted by the loud, pulse pumping music blaring throughout the club. Frost puts his hand to his left ear and tilts his head downward.

“Boss, we have arrived,” Frost states into a hidden microphone you could not see anywhere. He pauses for a few seconds before chuckling and saying “Copy that. We will be up in a minute.”

You look at him, slightly curious as to what J said. Frost smiles and chuckles again.

He tilts his head downward to your left ear and states quietly, “He told me that I can look, but I can’t touch.”

You smile slightly, loving how J gets possessive over you. You love feeling wanted by him.

Frost leads you up a black spiral staircase well hidden in the corner of the club. When you reach the top of the stairs, you walk down a hallway to approach a dark mahogany door at the end of it. You notice a gold plate on the door that states “The Joker.” Frost knocks twice on the door.

“Come in.” You hear a deep, raspy muffled voice through the door way. Frost opens the door and motions his arm, showing you in.

You step in and take a moment to inspect J’s office. You were standing on hardwood floors accented by red area rugs. There are a few red chairs and sofas to the left and right of the room, and in the middle is a large dark mahogany desk with gold accents, with a red chair in front of the desk and a matching dark leather chair behind the desk faced away from you. Just then the chair spins around and reveals the clown prince himself.

He makes eye contact with you and a puckered O shape takes over his mouth.

“Oooh, company,” he growls, standing up from his chair. He is wearing a dark red button down dress shirt with black pants. His gold chain reflects slightly in the dim warm light.

“Thank you, Frost,” he says. Frost nods back to him and leaves, shutting the door behind him.

He walks around the desk and approaches you, putting his hands on your waist and then kissing you on the cheek.

“You look beautiful, baby girl,” he says, still holding you, flashing his silver smile.

“You don’t look too bad yourself,” you smile back, giggling. It was true. His chiseled features and bright smile can make you go weak in the knees in a split second.

“Well what do ya think?” He asks, spreading his arms out, spinning around and taking in his office.

“It’s.. really, really nice, J,” you say, walking around, also basking in awe at how classy his office was. You walk towards his desk and then sit down in his office chair playfully. He turns around and notices you and you bite your lip.

“Wow, I really don’t know how you get any work done in such a cozy office,” you flirt, putting your feet on his desk and crossing them at the ankle. You notice your dress rise up your thigh slightly, teasing The Joker.

“And I can’t get any work done with such a dime sitting in my chair,” he growls. You chuckle.

“Feet. Down.” He states playfully.

“You gonna come over here and tell me that?” You taunt, playfully biting your lip.

He walks over to the desk and you do not budge. He grabs your left ankle followed by your right ankle and places the on the floor. He traces his fingers up your legs from your ankles to your thighs, spreading your legs.

“Baby girl is being naughty tonight. You know what happens when she doesn’t follow the rules,” he growls.

“Why don’t you show me?” You whisper.

He then takes the bottom of your red dress and hikes it over your thighs to your stomach. He grabs your black lace thong and slowly brings it down your legs and you lift your feet out of it, your wet center exposed. J purrs and spreads your legs out even further.

J then goes in and starts circling your clit with his tongue and a warm rush of pleasure encompasses your body. You groan as you arch your back in his chair and grasp the arm rests.

“Holy fuck, J,” you breathe out and you take his head in your hands, your fingers toying with his bright green hair.

He flicks his tongue against your clit fast and you can feel your orgasm start to build.

“Right there, right there, J. Oh my god, I’m going to cum,” you say. Just then your orgasm dwindles when you hear a knock on the office door.

“Boss?” You hear Frost’s voice outside the door. You look down at J, not knowing what to do.

He flashes his smile up at you and then goes to hide underneath his desk where the opening is and pulls your chair into him, so it looks like you’re sitting as his desk.

“I-I-” you stutter, and J interrupts you.

“Let. Him. In.” He growls lowly.

“Uh, c-come in,” you yell. Frost opens the door and looks around the room.

“Where’s Mr. J?” He asks.

Just then, J places two fingers in you and starts thrusting in and out of you while simultaneously flicking his tongue against your clit. The insane amount of pleasure grasps your body, making it almost impossible to give Frost an answer.

“Uh, he uh, went down to the bar to get us some drinks,” you stammer out. That was the only thing that you were able to manage to say.

“Ah, okay,” Frost says, “sorry to bother you Miss (Y/N).” You smile graciously at him, grinding your teeth while J is still fingering you. Frost then leaves and shuts the door behind him.

“You fucker,” you breathe, looking down at J. He then pushes your chair away from the desk and crawls out from the opening. He picks you up from the chair and you wrap your legs around his torso. He then lays you down on top of his desk. You unwrap your legs from him.

He pulls down the top of your red dress followed by your black bra, exposing your breasts. He cups one in his hand while he simultaneously toys with the nipple on the other one with his tongue. You moan out and grip the desk with your hands. He kisses your nipple wetly and then proceeds to pull down his pants and his boxers, freeing his huge erection.

He moves closer to you and you feel his tip and your entrance. He grabs his dick and moves the head up and down your dripping center from your clit to your entrance, teasing you.

“Oh my god, please fuck me,” you say, aching for him.

“Fuck me, who?” He toys.

“Please fuck me, daddy,” you plead.

J then thrusts into you, causing you to cry out in pleasure. He rams into you while you wrap your legs around his still clothed torso. He then licks his right hand and begins rubbing your clit hard and fast while he continues to thrust into you.

“Fuck yes,” you breathe. You can feel your second orgasm building inside you.

“God J, keep going, I’m going to cum!” You scream.

You release your dripping orgasm, which was enough to send J over the edge as well. You can feel him fill inside you and both of you ride out your orgasms before J pulls out slowly. He traces his dick along your clit, which causes your legs to shake from the extreme sensitivity.

He grabs your arms that were still clutching to the desk and pulls you to sit up on the desk. He helps you fix your bra and dress before he puts his boxers and pants back on. You stand up and pull down your dress. You begin looking on the floor for your panties when J kicks them to the side. You look at him, confused.

“Those…. can stay here,” he smirks. He grabs your ass and walks you to the office door.

“Time to greet everyone,” he says. He places his arm out and you wrap your arm around his.


anonymous asked:

Anyway you could write the elevator sick fic with Lance? Love your blog btw!

Let’s see what I can whip up here, and thank you! I’m glad you like it :)

“Why are you still following me, Keith?” Lance spit out as the red paladin followed him into the elevator. He just wanted to be alone– he hadn’t been feeling well all day, and he just wanted to go back to his room to sleep whatever he had off. His head was throbbing, and his face was burning despite his bones feeling as if they were made of ice. He wasn’t sure if it was even possible to get sick in space, but he sure as hell felt sick. 

“I wanted to go rest in my room for a bit before I pick back up with training,” Keith answered, ignoring the bite to Lance’s tone. 

Lance groaned loudly, smashing the button to the third floor where all the rooms were located with more force than necessary. He was one hundred percent done with this day, and it was taking every ounce of what little will power he had remaining to not snap at Keith, who had pushed him to the brink during training. 

“What’s your problem, Lance?” Keith spit out, leaning against the wall and crossing his arms. 

Lance wanted to reply; he wanted to tell Keith that he felt horrible, but he didn’t. “Nothing,” Lance opted to say just as the elevator started moving. 

“You’ve been too moody today,” Keith muttered, prompting Lance to roll his eyes in response. 

Lance stared hard at the numbers above the elevator door– it was only going up two floors, but it was taking longer than usual. He was just about to say something about it aloud when the lights flickered out and the elevator jolted to halt. 

Gripping the wall to keep from toppling over, Lance blinked rapidly, willing his eyes to adjust to the darkness. He could feel a deep pit of panic settling deep within his stomach, but the faint sound of Keith’s calm breathing had him forcing his breaths to come out slow and casual. 

Keith stumbled forward until he reached the panel beside the door where all of the buttons were. 

“K-Keith?” Lance questioned, mentally cursing how shaky his voice sounded. 

“I’m going to see if the elevator comms still work.” Keith said while pressing certain buttons and calling out different names as he did. 

Lance slid to the floor, drawing his knees to his chest and wrapping his arms around them in an attempt to get warm as strong shivers started to wrack his body. He mentally kicked himself for leaving his jacket in the training room. 

“I think we are stuck for now,” Keith said after trying every button. “Power must be out in the whole castle.” 

“Great,” Lance replied weakly, pressing his forehead to his knees. He listened as Keith sat down against the other side of the wall. 

“I’m sure it won’t take Coran long to fix this. With Pidge and Hunk’s help, we should be out of here soon, and you will be free from me,” Keith said with a bite to his tone. 

Lance breathed out a shaky sigh. He knew he should say something to reassure Keith that he wasn’t actually mad at him. He was stuck in an elevator with him– the last thing they needed to do was fight. But, he found that he couldn’t muster up the energy. He was just so tired– so cold and so, very tired. 

The pair fell into a strained silence; however, it didn’t last long. Despite his best efforts, Lance just could not seem to get warm, and soon enough, his teeth began to chatter. He tried to stop– he really did, but it was as if he lost control of his body. He just couldn’t stop shivering. He felt terrible, and he just wanted to sleep– preferably in his own warm bed and not on a cold elevator floor. 



“Are you cold?” 

Obviously, Lance thought to himself. It was basically an ice box in this damn elevator. “Of c-course,” Lance said, trying to ignore how pitiful he sounded. “It’s f-freezing in here.” Lance heard Keith moving around, and seconds later, he felt a strong, warm hand on his arm. 

“No, it’s really not. It’s hot in here, actually.” 

Lance wanted to laugh, but his throat was too sore. Keith seemed like the type to run hot anyway, so Lance found that he shouldn’t be surprised that Keith was hot despite it being freezing. “Well, I’m c-cold,” he grumbled. He was about to turn his head to face away from Keith but stopped when Keith pressed the back of his hand against Lance’s forehead. 


Lance listened as Keith hopped to his feet and moved back to the door. “W-what?” 

“You’re burning up. I need to get you out of here.” 

Lance looked up, narrowing his eyes to try and see Keith through the darkness. “It’s f-fine. I’m not g-going to d-die.” God, he was so cold, and his head felt as if it were splitting in half. He briefly wondered who he pissed off to deserve this. 

“No, Lance. It’s so hot in here that I’m sweating.” 

Lance frowned, pressing the back of his hand against his own forehead. He could feel the heat, but it didn’t seem too concerning to him. If anything, it felt amazing against his freezing hands. 

“Keith,” Lance started, voice barely an audible rasp. “H-how are you going to get us out?” 

“I’m sorry for this,” Keith said right before he started banging his fists against the door, shouting at the top of his lungs for help. 

This went on for a solid three minutes, and Lance was about to beg Keith to stop before his head exploded, but his words got caught in his throat when someone responded from outside the elevator. 

“Keith, are you alright?” 

Lance breathed out a sigh of relief– bless Shiro for always appearing at the right time. 

“Shiro, hey, we need to get out of here.” Keith said, voice frantic. 

“We? Is Lance with you?” 

Lance craned his neck to cough harshly into the crook of his arm. Well, he thought to himself, that was new. 

“Yeah, Shiro, he’s really sick. How long til you guys can get us out of here?” 

“Just a few more minutes, hopefully. What’s wrong with Lance?”

Lance wanted to reply– he wanted to assure Shiro that he would be fine, but his chest tightened, and he turned his head, pressing his fist to his mouth as a strong coughing fit wracked his body. 

“Shit, is that Lance? He sounds terrible!”

“Yeah, and he’s got a really bad fever. It’s boiling in here, but he says he’s cold.” 

Lance struggled to catch his breath as his eyes welled with tears. “I,” he called out weakly in between coughs. “I’m fine.” 

“Shiro, please hurry,” Keith said before returning to Lance’s side. He grabbed Lance’s hand and pressed it against his chest. “Try to breathe with me, okay?” 

Lance focused on the rise and fall of his hand against Keith’s chest, and after a couple of minutes, he was able to breathe well enough. Now that breathing wasn’t an issue, Lance had time to focus on how hot he suddenly got– it felt as if fire was prickling against his skin. And, the floor beneath him felt as if it were tilting. Shit. He was going to pass out– he was going to die. He was going to keel over in an elevator with Mullet being the one person to witness his dying breath. The panic he had been pushing back was starting to take hold. 

“Lance? Hey, Lance? Stay with me, okay?” Keith cursed as he brushed his hand against Lance’s cheek. The heat was almost unbearable against his hand, and he could only imagine how Lance was feeling. 

Lance was just about to succumb to the darkness tugging at him when the lights flickered on, and the elevator jolted to life. 

“Thank fucking God,” Keith muttered, studying Lance now that he could see. 

Lance could cry from relief. The elevator moving was doing nothing to ease the dizziness that has taken hold of his head, but the sooner he got off this death trap, the better. 

The elevator dinged, and the doors slid open, revealing Shiro and Allura looking in with wide, worried eyes. Shiro stepped in first, rapidly closing the distance between he and Lance. 

Lance watched with blurred vision, and he briefly thought that Shiro looked like God approaching him. “See,” he whispered, voice too wrecked to talk any louder. “I’m fine.” 

Shiro breathed out a small laugh despite his furrowed brows. “Okay, buddy,” he paused, lifting Lance up bridal style. “We will make sure you are fine once we get you to Med Bay.” 

Lance wanted to ask why he couldn’t just go into a pod, but Shiro’s arms were so warm, and he struggled to keep his eyes open. “Kay,” he breathed out, putting all his trust into his friends as sleep took hold. 

anonymous asked:

Can I get kirisaki dachi becoming friends with a girl who most people assume is very innocent but turns out to be just as bad as they are and they all get along really well

warning: swear words

Once you had first let the word “fuck” slip out of your mouth, there had been no turning back. Dropping your innocent person meant that you had gotten closer and closer (almost crazily so) to the Kirisaki Daichi basketball team.

To other people, you tended to seem quiet, slightly shy and on average a respectful caring human who probably didn’t even know the definition of “sex”. And, most definitely, you played to those assumptions- acting friendly but sweetly so, waving and smiling at those you passed.

But, as soon as you were alone with the boys, it was a different story. You became a swearing machine, dropping sexual innuendos faster than Hara managed at times, and could often be found passing rather harsh comments about the other girls in your class to a smirking Hanamiya.

- - - - - - -

“Yo Hanamiya,” you called over as you raised your middle finger at Hara’s phone’s camera which had been pointed in your direction, “tell that bloody bastard to stop taking photos of me.”

“If you don’t want photos,” Hara smirked,”then you shouldn’t be cute.”

Growling, you swung a punch at the air, “And if you don’t want to die by someone else’s hand, you should probably suffocate yourself with that gum of yours.”

“Damn [Y/N],” chuckled Seto lowly, “someone’s aggressive today.”

“Damn Seto,” you mimicked, “someone’s still annoying.”