well i am not surprised

  • *late evening, 221B*
  • Baby Holmes: *sniffing, rubbing her eyes*
  • Sherlock: *carrying her to the kitchen; softly* It's okay, Dad's here...
  • Baby Holmes: *upset* I don't w-want any friends. They all m-make fun of you and f-fink you're a weirdo.
  • Sherlock: Well, would a weirdo have lots of cake for his special girl? *opens the fridge; brings out cake*
  • Baby Holmes: *gasps* But Mummy's not here!
  • Sherlock: *thoughtful* You're right... *smirks* you thinking what I'm thinking?
  • Baby Holmes: *nodding, excited* Uh-huh!
  • Molly: *leaves the morgue, rubbing her shoulders*
  • Molly: *enters her office*
  • Sherlock & Baby Holmes: *sharing a bowl of chocolate cake*
  • Molly: *smiles* Hi. What are you two doing here?
  • Baby Holmes: *grins, chocolate all over her face* Mummy! We brought you some cake!
  • Molly: *joins them, sitting in Sherlock's lap* I thought you were with your friends.
  • Baby Holmes: *slurping cake* I am.

the best thing that ever happened

I see some folk getting annoyed on Tumblr about everyone talking about the American Election, or getting riled about people shitting on Trump … But I really quite like it. It’s nice seeing all the Trump hate because it lets me know I chose to follow the right people and that you’re decent folk and not a loada assholes B)

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Yay! I'm happy you liked Trollhunters :D. Part 2 needs to come out soon but it'll be so sad because Jim is gonna have a new voice actor :( BUT also I am ready for the rescue of Enrique! - Batnon

I am so glad that you suggested Trollhunters, I loved the show and I nearly had a heart attack when I saw Guggenheim’s name. Thankfully, there wasn’t a manic pixie girl or brooding main character. Honestly, I am so surprised at how well the series did with Guggenheim involved, and I’m thinking that maybe it’s because Guggenheim isn’t influenced by shippers. 

Here are some of my quick thoughts about the show:

  • Toby is pansexual: I cannot think of it any other way, I saw a post and now that is a thing for me. 
  • Jim has to be part changeling. It would make so much sense as to why he was chosen as the first “human” Trollhunter.
  • Claire has to of come from a mystical family, because she is the only one to first notice Angor Rot, can wield the staff, and could follow Angor Rot into the shadow dimensions. I want to discover her past.
  • Gnome Chompsky is my favorite character, his noises, loyalty, and perseverance are all things I love about him.
  • I love Argh and Blinky, and I fully expect to get a bg story and for Blinky to discover a way to bring back Argh.
  • They did not utilize Claire as much as they should of. You have a teammate who can use her staff to teleport you to places, why are you not using her to get everywhere and anywhere at all times? Want to grab something in Volcano Man’s stomach, have her teleport you there. Playing a game where you have to teleport to the top and score, have her teleport you there. Want to get rid of evidence, have her open up a hole to throw stuff in it.
  • I love the relationship between Enrique Changeling and Claire, and I want them to be the best team up group ever.
  • I want to see Toby use the hammer more, and for him to master it. I loved how they had an episode focusing on Toby and Claire, their insecurities, friendship, and overcoming those things together.
  • As much as I appreciate how much Strickler loves Barbra, I never want to see either of them get together. Especially since Strickler used her as a bargaining piece, and nearly killed her son, Jim. I don’t care what anyone says, Barbra puts her son, Jim, before any of her love interests. I don’t want Strickler and Barbra together, do I like the ship though, yes, but never want them to get together.
  • I want Gnome Chompsky to have his own min-series. I want to know what he does in his everyday life, his shenanigans with all of Toby’s other toys, and what he went through when he was on the dark side. I want to see it all. He is definitely my favorite character, next to Claire. 

What were some of your thoughts about the show?


“Well, I am definitely surprised”, Kol muttered as the family stumbled into your home. As the music in your ears was to loud you didn’t noticed them until you turned around. As you had just been about to crouch down you stopped in an incredibly uncomfortable position.

“Please tell me you just came in”, you told them after lowering your headphones. No matter how much you wished for it to be true, the smirks on their faces told you everything you need to know. At that moment you were sure that you could have died from embarrassment. 

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Thank you for the request, and I assure you it’s not too cheesy :) xxx

I realized i haven’t continued reading the first Light Novel and now i read this:

this are Kunikida thoughts about Dazai:

“Not that. I feel like you see through everything about a person.”

Although Dazai has that eccentric behavior on a daily basis, it feels like he has seen all kinds of worlds. I don’t know why that is, but it feels like he’s putting up a front and masking his emotions. Underneath that easygoing exterior, isn’t there something more than meets the eye?

and then Kunikida says this to Dazai after Dazai told him that he won’t be surprised by anthing about Kunikida because he understands him:

“Well then, I am going to show you that I can surprise you one of these days. I will break through your expectation.  

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i’m glad dva had such supportive parents growing up

yeah i know she was a starcraft champ but idk the lingo and wow is probably still gonna be going with a 160 lvl by this point in the future