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Wanna Bet? (M)

Rich Fuckboy!Jimin x Tutor!reader


Word Count: 2,782

Summary: Working as a private tutor at the most prestigious university in the region, you had to put up with a lot of bratty kids. Though none were as bad as Park Jimin. Just as your luck would have it, you’ve been assigned to be his full-time tutor for the year….great. After many failed attempts to get his grades up, Jimin comes up with a bet to raise his marks. What’s the worst that can happen, right?

A/N - This is my fic, just re-posting on my sideblog!

You were grateful for this job, you really were. Some days, it was just really hard to be grateful. You worked at the wealthiest, all boys university this side of the country. You’re a private tutor, working with a maximum of five students a year. Things have been going well for you, you’re known as the best tutor at the school, so parents are flocking to you to help their precious spoiled brats. Hey, at least the money is decent.

Your whole week, scratch that, year has gone downhill the moment you get a call from the Dean.

“Y/n? Yes, hello. We’re going to need you to take on a student full time at the start of the new school year. I know this is a lot, so the pay will be increased, and you won’t have to take any other students. You will be tutoring five days a week for this student. Can you do it?”

“Um, yes, I don’t see why not…” growing a little curious as to why the dean himself is contacting you, you ask, “who is the student, Sir?”

“Park Jimin.” Shit.

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Theo Nott Gets Lucky | A Wrong Strain Ficlet

Theo Nott hadn’t planned to go to Goyle’s costume party. It wasn’t that he didn’t like Greg, though he didn’t.  Greg Goyle was loud, vulgar, stupid, and rapidly drinking himself into the death he’d avoided in the war.  That however, wasn’t why he didn’t usually go. It was just that he didn’t like parties much, especially Greg’s.  

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Hey there! For a sesskag prompt: dealing with body image issues. Love your work! Thanks :)

Thank you so much for you kind compliments and the prompt! ♥ Here you go!


She was all alone and far from his foolish half-brother and his ragtag retinue of companions; a rather reckless disposition from a girl with such an uncanny penchant for trouble. He was quite prepared to severely admonish her – though why he cared he did not wish to subject to any closer inspection at the moment.

However, his ready reprimands vanished when he caught the sight of her. She sat by a small pond, shoulders hunched, tossing pebbles into the still pool of water and intently staring at the growing ripples.

For a moment, he simply stared – then the words tumbled out before he could stay them.

“Why is your hair purple?”

She startled at the sound of his voice and whirled around – but as her blue eyes met his piercing golden ones, she visibly relaxed.

Sesshoumaru was fairly sure he should feel offended by her utter disregard for deadly predators –himself included.

“What do you think?” she asked, tilting her head and raising her hand to the absurd-coloured strands framing her face. “Does it suit me?”

Sesshoumaru arched one very derisive eyebrow at her.

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Wanna Bet? (M)

Rich Fuckboy!Jimin x Tutor!reader


Word Count: 2,782

Summary: Working as a private tutor at the most prestigious university in the region, you had to put up with a lot of bratty kids. Though none were as bad as Park Jimin. Just as your luck would have it, you’ve been assigned to be his full-time tutor for the year….great. After many failed attempts to get his grades up, Jimin comes up with a bet to raise his marks. What’s the worst that can happen, right?

Request for Anon - Hope you like it! :)

You were grateful for this job, you really were. Some days, it was just really hard to be grateful. You worked at the wealthiest, all boys university this side of the country. You’re a private tutor, working with a maximum of five students a year. Things have been going well for you, you’re known as the best tutor at the school, so parents are flocking to you to help their precious spoiled brats. Hey, at least the money is decent.

Your whole week, scratch that, year has gone downhill the moment you get a call from the Dean.

“Y/n? Yes, hello. We’re going to need you to take on a student full time at the start of the new school year. I know this is a lot, so the pay will be increased, and you won’t have to take any other students. You will be tutoring five days a week for this student. Can you do it?”

“Um, yes, I don’t see why not…” growing a little curious as to why the dean himself is contacting you, you ask, “who is the student, Sir?”

“Park Jimin.” Shit.

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The Truth About Adam Pt.3

Summary: Sam, Dean, sister, Adam,  when Sam and Adam fell into the pit/cage, as in she was there and watched, there since the beginning.
Y/N: 23
Adam: 24
Sam: 26
Dean: 28
Warning: spoilers? If you haven’t watched up to season 5/6.


Originally posted by spacedudeee

Sam’s POV

As we left the diner, we headed straight towards the crime scene. Dean, again, was blaring his cassette tapes and Y/n was complaining loudly from the back seat that the music was too old and that she wanted him to play something newer.

As we neared the crime scene I turned the music down and I heard a sigh of relief come from the back of the car, which made me laugh and Y/n smile. As we walked into the crime scene, I immediately notice the amount of people. I felt like I could barely walk two feet without bumping into someone.

“Can I help you?” A cop comes up to me and asks in a very annoyed tone.

“Yes, we are feds, and we were sent here to look at this case.” I say as Dean, Y/n and myself show the cop our badges.

“Well, do whatever you want, just don’t touch anything.” He says and walks away. I then start to work with Y/n while Dean does some talking with the witness. I start to notice the amount of people leaving the crime scene. I just brush it off and continue to examine the body with Y/n.

“Sam?” She asked in a weird tone a few moments later.

“Yes Y/n?” I respond with my eyes narrow on her.

“Does it seem like the room was ridiculously crowded, and now there are only 2 other people in here with you, me and Dean? Doesn’t that seem a little, odd, to you?” I then start to get worried, because I know she is right. There is almost defiantly something wrong when the last cop walks out of the room and it is just Dean, Y/n, and myself.

“Whoa! Where the hell did everyone go?” Dean asked

“I was just wondering the same thing! There was so many people and now, it’s just us.” Y/n says, trying to put the pieces together.

I walk towards the door and try to open it, only, surprise, surprise, the door is locked. I look at my siblings and tell them. They both look panicked.

“Uh, what the hell do we do?” Y/n asks. I can hear the worry in her voice, which makes me upset.

“Oh, nothing. You are right where you need to be.” Said a voice, only it was not Dean or Y/n. It came from behind me….


He was there.

Standing right there.

Only feet away from me. But how? How is he here? He was in the cage with Lucifer and Michael. This isn’t possible. Dean said we wouldn’t see him. I start to feel the guilt come back up again, only this time, it’s 100 times worse than before. But here he is.


Adam is only feet from me, and I can feel the hatred from where I am standing.
“Well, hello my wonderful siblings. Miss me much?” he says it and looks at each of us with a sickening grin, which makes me want to vomit.

“How…how are you here?” Dean asks clearly as surprised as the rest of us.

“Nothing you need to worry about right now. All you need to know is that I wanted to come see my lovely siblings again. I mean, the cage, ahhh, what a bore. Nothing to do, except hope and pray that my siblings are out there, somewhere, looking for me. But, what do I find out? That they aren’t. They gave up on me.”

Hearing that made me throw up in my mouth a little. I wanted to cry. I wanted to give him and hug and say I’m sorry, but at the same time, I wanted to run.

“You know there was nothing we could have done. It was too risky…” Sam started off but then quickly died off realizing what he just said was very wrong.

“Yes. I know. But you got out. I didn’t. The risk was enough for your brother and sister to make for you, but not for me. No. Never for the half-brother, only the full brother.” He said now yelling.

“Adam we are…” Dean started

“NO! I don’t want to hear another thing from you Dean Winchester. You did nothing for me. You too Sammy.” He said in a mocking way, which made my skin crawl.

“Why so quiet Y/n?” He said to me. He then started walking towards me, but I quickly started to move back towards Dean, “Aw, you don’t want to talk? I’m your brother too! Can’t we talk for a while? Go to the diner or bar like you do with Sam and Dean? Stop walking away from me Y/n or I will shoot little Sammy and your big brother Dean.” He yelled as he pulled a gun out of his pocket and pointed the barrel at Sam and then moved it to Dean, “And if you two move, I will shoot your little sister.”

I stopped backing away. I looked at him, with so much fear. I saw my brothers panicked faces, but they knew they couldn’t do anything, in fear the Adam would shoot me.

“Good. Now stay, or I will shoot.” He came so close. He touched my hair and I winced, “You scared? Good. You should be. You bitch. You could have saved me, but you didn’t. You could have helped me and Sam not fall into the cage, but you laid there and did nothing. I had to suffer for 5 years in the cage because you couldn’t get off your sorry ass and help me. Your brothers made you think it wasn’t your fault, but who’s would it be then? For that, you will pay the ultimate price.” He said as he took out a black vial.

“What the hell is that?” I asked sounding terrified, and on the verge of tears.

“She speaks!” He announces, “This, this is you and your brothers worst nightmare.” He said this as he forced open my mouth and pored the liquid in.

The last thing I heard was Sam and Dean scream something before I started choking. Choking on something, but I didn’t know what. It felt like all the goodness was drained out of me. I couldn’t breathe.

Then, everything went black.


I can’t stop writing this fic! Please tell me how you think it is going!! I would love to talk to you!

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30 Days Writing Challenge ~ October

Words: 840
Warnings: none

30th October: “….that was totally a ghost” | feat. Loki

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Stolen Innocence *Part 11*

Jace Wayland X Reader

Word Count: 3741

Requested: @itsmagnusbabe

Request: Part 11 please?

Warnings: Mentions or torture, experimentation and abandonment. Slavery, human trafficking.

<< Part 10

Originally posted by secretgif-s

“How are we supposed to get any work done with all this going on?” Jace asked as he walked over to one of the computers and began tapping away.

“We haven’t had a wedding here in years. People are allowed to be excited.” Izzy responded.

“We need to focus. Have you narrowed down the list of warlocks more powerful than Magnus Bane?” Jace asked grabbing your hand and walking you over to another computer.
“I’ve got it down to 20. But it’s gonna be hard to figure out which one cast that spell on Jocelyn.” Izzy confessed.
“I don’t care how tough it is, we’ve gotta find him. Back at Renwick’s, I let Valentine go. I won’t make that mistake again. We gotta wake up Jocelyn, in case she heard anything about his plan.” Jace ordered.
“Have you spoken to Alec?” Izzy asked.
“He’s probably busy, what with wedding plans and all. And I don’t need to talk to anyone. Let’s just stick to the mission, okay?” Jace asked letting go of your hand and walking away. You looked at Izzy and nodded.
“I’ll talk to him… I guess.” You shrugged before walking after him.
“Jace!” You called after him.
“I’m not changing my mind,” Jace confirmed as he continued to walk.
“I’m not asking you to and am however asking you to slow down because one of your steps is like 3 of mine.” You mumbled.
“You’re not that short,” he smiled as he turned to look at you.
“Nope, just that lazy.” You shrugged, the rest of the day was spent getting you up to date with everything and putting you back on the computer systems, you were also given a new Steele and Jace helped to make sure that all of the basic runes were still there and adding some of the ones he thought should be there.

The next morning Jace knocked on the door “come on we have to wait for Magnus.” Jace gestured.
“How long is that going to be?” You asked.
“I don’t know why?” he asked.
“Wondered.” You answered shrugging, you pulled out your phone and walked behind Jace as he led you back to the open area of the Institute, you sat on the table and Jace sat in the chair in front of you. You dialled Raphael’s number and pulled the phone up to your ear.
“(Y/N)?” he asked from the other side of the phone.
“Hey.” You greeted. “Look I know what you are supposed to be sleeping but I thought that I’d let you know that I’m not dead.”
“Sleep? Are you kidding, you scared me half to death telling me you were arrested and then disappearing completely.” He scolded.
“Alright, I’m sorry.” You apologised though you were smirking as you played with Jace’s fingers “you cared though that is an important step to-” You stopped hearing the beep of Raphael hanging up on you.
“Did he hang up on you?” Jace asked smiling.
“Yeah.” You frowned putting your phone down on the table and continuing a meaningless conversation as you waited for Magnus and Clary.
When Magnus walked in he almost felt like it was a dream, he looked at you laughing with Jace and hoped that this was what he thought it was and it was confirmed when Jace reached out gently rubbing affectionate circles into your thigh as you continued to tell him about something. “Well aren’t you two cosy” Magnus smiled as he sat in his seat but you didn’t answer on the account that Clary came over.
“Morning.” Jace greeted.
“Morning.” Clary returned the greeting and you were already cringing at the amount the atmosphere had changed.
“You just come from training?” Jace asked.
“Yeah,” Clary asked. “I’m, uh, workin’ on my right hook.”
“Good. That’s a good punch.” Jace nodded and you rolled your eyes looking at
“Yeah. I’m, uh, I’m workin’ on it.” Clary smiled.
“While this conversation is no doubt scintillating, remind me why we couldn’t do this at my place?” Magnus asked. “At least there we’d have cocktails.”
“It’s 9:00 in the morning.” Clary scolded and you smiled.
“Oh, it’s happy hour somewhere, my dear,” Magnus argued.
“You have a point.” You nodded
“We invited you here, Magnus because Hodge can’t leave the Institute. He’s an important part of this mission.” Jace informed him answering the earlier question.
“Well, then, where is our tardy little tutor? There are certain individuals that I’d like to avoid, so let’s make this quick.” Magnus ordered and you frowned as the look of sadness on your face.
“Pardon, the delay, Magnus. I was following up on a lead.” Hodge said coming up behind him. “Now, we’ve narrowed down our list of warlocks to these three.”
“Why is Ragnor Fell up there?” Magnus asked clearly offended. “He’s not more powerful than I am.”
“Well, some would disagree,” Hodge argued. “He is older than you.”
“Certainly not wiser.” Magnus pointed out.
“Who is Ragnor Fell?” Clary asked.
“The former High Warlock of London,” Jace answered.
“And one of my oldest friends. Very prickly, likes to keep to himself.” Magnus added.
“Okay, look. We just need to figure out which one of these warlocks had enough access to Jocelyn that they could create the potion for her without anyone discovering what they’d done.” Hodge pulled the conversation back to the topic though you were bored and had nothing to add.
“By the early ‘90s, Ragnor was a professor at the Shadowhunter Academy in Idris,” Magnus informed.
“Isn’t that when my mother lived there? Could he have made the potion for her?” Clary asked.
“The little bugger! That’s why he hasn’t responded to my fire message.” Magnus said in realisation. “Ever since Valentine began hunting warlocks, Ragnor’s been holed up in his secret country house just outside of London. For all I know, Ragnor suspected my fire message was a ploy by Valentine to lure him out of hiding. We’ll have to confront him face-to-face.”
“You’re going on this mission?” Hodge asked.
“Of course! I’m the only one Ragnor trusts. Besides, I’ve played my last hand here. Even I know when to fold.” Magnus declared standing and coming face to face with the bride and groom to be.
“Magnus, I didn’t know you were here.” Lydia smiled.
“That was the point,” Magnus mumbled under his breath and you frowned looking at Alec and then Magnus.
“We’re just on our way to greet a few representatives of the Clave who arrived early for tomorrow’s wedding. How long are you staying?” Lydia asked.
“What’s going on here? Nobody told me about a meeting.” Alec looked at each of us.
“Magnus figured out that Ragnor Fell is the warlock who can wake my mum. We’re just bringing him back to the Institute.” Clary relayed but you were still busy looking at the warlock that you had come to know.
“How can I help?” Alec asked.
“We’re just recovering a warlock, Alec. We got this covered.” Jace answered shortly.
“Besides, you have emissaries from the Clave to meet. You don’t want to tarnish your family’s perfectly-crafted image now, do you?” Magnus asked and this caused Lydia to become a little uncomfortable and so she called her leave.

“Again, lovely seeing you, Magnus.” She smiled, Magnus smiling back before walking away. You hopped off the table and followed him.
“Woah Woah Woah, what the hell was that?” You asked grabbing his arm.
“Alexander made it clear that he doesn’t want anything to do with me,” Magnus answered.
“I don’t think that’s true.” You denied. “I think he just wants the staring to stop. You were the one that told me to give it some time and as much as you’re going to deny it I think he likes you.”
“No,” Magnus answered bluntly.
“You know we had this conversation once about the differences between having to recreate family name and having to hold one up and we came to the conclusion that it is a lot harder to hold one up then to make a completely new one. Alec isn’t just paving the way for himself but for his little brother and sister, whereas for me my name family is already dead nothing worse can happen, the only way is up.” You explained, Magnus smiled at you. “You need to show him that if he chose you that he wouldn’t lose everything.”
“I’m talking about you, not his family. You are an immortal warlock and he is a Shadowhunters, you watch the people that you love grow. Alec needs security and reassurance from you that you won’t just up and leave him… That’s what he’s afraid of.” You confessed, you squeezed his shoulder and started back towards your bedroom.
“Look at you… Professional!” Magnus called after you.
“Learnt from the best!” You called back.

“Ragnor’s house is just across these fields.” Magnus pointed as you fiddled with the collar around your neck.
“Let’s make this quick. We’ll talk to Ragnor, then Portal him back to the Institute before anyone knows we’re gone.” Jace ordered as he started walking.
“So brother and sister, huh?” Magnus asked and you pulled your bottom teeth through you lips biting down to stop yourself from laughing.
“I don’t wanna talk about it,” Jace answered quickly.
“What, so we’re just gonna be work buddies now? All about the mission, and totally ignore the huge bomb that just dropped on us.” Clary asked now angry and you rolled your eyes.
“Yeah, sounds like a plan.” Jace nodded “What do you want me to say, Clary? That I was attracted to my sister?”
“Point of fact, brother and sisters are often attracted to each other. I once knew this one couple in ancient Egypt-”
“Magnus, not helping.” Clary quickly cut him off and you smiled.
“I wasn’t aware that we were trying.” You laughed. “Although I wonder where that sentence was going.”
“I’ll tell you later,” Magnus whispered. “Maybe this will all make sense when we wake up Jocelyn. Since she is Jace’s mother as well, perhaps-”
“Don’t say that again. Maryse is my mother. At best, Jocelyn is the woman who abandoned me.” Jace answered.
“Hey, that is not true. My mother would never abandon her son. She thought you were dead.” Clary argued for her mother.
“Or maybe she just didn’t want me.” Jace accused.
“You don’t know her, Jace,” Clary argued.
“That’s right, Clary, I don’t. Do you?” Jace asked and that is when you walked between the two pushing out your arms to put some space between them.
“I’m sorry I asked! I came with you to escape my relationship drama, not get a front row seat to yours.” Magnus explained
“What was that?” Jace asked and you listened and then looked to find the magic in the area flaring.
“Nice try, Jace. You’re not getting out of this conversation that easily-”
“Move!” You shoved her out of the way and Jace grabbed you around the waist and pulled you back.
“Ragnor put upwards to protect his lair,” Magnus explained.
“Why is the fire green?” Clary asked.
“It’s a wall of fire that only the pure of heart and intention can pass through,” Magnus explained.
“I should probably stay here.” You mumbled Magnus rolled his eyes.
“Are you ready?” Magnus asked and you watched at they walked in like it was some kind of a movie you rolled you eyes and walked through just behind them.
“Jace? Magnus? Where are you?” Clary called.
“Ugh okay, you zip it their fine let’s go.” You ordered you waited as Clary looked around finally spotting the house behind her.
“Ragnor Fell.” She smiled and started running, you rolled you eyes and walked behind her watching her push open the door as you made you way to where she was, she had walked in by the time that you walked in your eyes finding him in the painting because of their ability to see magic in use.
“He’s in the painting.” You mumbled sitting on the sofa that was next to it.
“Nice try, Ragnor,” Clary smirked before pulling him out of the painting.
“Well done Clary Fairchild. I’ve been expecting you. You have Jocelyn’s talent, I see. Only a true artist would notice the subtle changes in my eyes.” He complimented.
“I’m here.” You mumbled.
“Oh I know, I’ve heard about you too, the downworlders Shadowhunter slave.” he informed and you growled in response to the word slave.
“Yes, I know. I need to work on not moving my eyes, you don’t need to remind me.” he suddenly said looking over at an empty chair, you could see the silhouette covered in a green mask and you could only assume that Jace and Magnus were in those chairs.
“You knew my mum? So you made the potion that put her to sleep?” Clary asked.
“At her request, yes. And I knew it was only a matter of time before you came to me looking for the antidote. Please, sit.” he offered.
“My friends, Jace Wayland and Magnus Bane. They were with me, but I lost them in the fire.” Clary explained.
“You didn’t lose them their right there!” You called over gesturing the empty chairs. “He has them.”
“Let me do this my way!” he shouted at one of the chairs. “Your friends, are they true?” “Magnus said he’s known you for centuries. He sent you a fire message.” Clary answered.
“This is not an act. It is not an act! It is essential.” He yelled at another one of the empty chairs.
“Okay, what is your deal?” Clary asked.
“My friends are missing and if you can’t help me, I’ll find someone who can.” Clary glared and you rolled your eyes.
“For the last time, they are not lost!” You picked at your nails.
“What is it worth to you?” Ragnor asked.
“You find my friends and wake my mother I’ll give you anything,” Clary answered and you rolled your eyes.
“That’s what I wanted to hear.” Ragnor smiled and both Jace and Magnus appeared rubbing their wrists.
“Honestly, Ragnor, was that nonsense necessary?” Magnus asked.
“Of course. She offered me anything. You were only up to a timeshare of your flat in Paris. Yawn.” Ragnor answered.
“Alright, enough with the warlock games. Can you really wake my mother?” Clary asked.
“Not without the Book of the White,” Ragnor answered.
“What is the Book of the White?” Jace asked clearly frustrated by the whole ordeal.
“It’s an ancient book of warlock magic containing spells more powerful than [chuckles] most warlocks could ever imagine,” Magnus explained patting Ragnor’s back as he took a step behind him and started fiddling with things on the table.
“I possessed the book when your mother came to me, and I used its contents to create the potion. Regrettably, I no longer have the book. I asked Jocelyn to hide it that Valentine might never find it.” Ragnor explained.
“Ragnor, please, I have to get my mum back. Is there any way to get the Book of the White?” Clary asked.
“Possibly. I may have something that can help us. Won’t be but a moment.” Ragnor said quickly going off to find whatever he was talking about. You followed him up the stairs. The demon had come out of nowhere knocking you over the bannister that you had come to lean on and immediately going after Ragnor who let out a scream, Jace run over to you but you were out cold you’d hit your head.
“Jace, you’re coming to Alec’s bachelo- What happened?” Izzy asked seeing Jace carrying you.
“Nothing I’m taking her to the infirmary,” Jace answered before walking off.

A little after you woke up you were talking with Izzy, Jace and Clary about a mole. “We have a mole in the Institute.” Jace finally said.
“We were attacked by a Shax demon when we went to see Ragnor Fell,” Clary answered.
“The attack couldn’t have been a coincidence. Valentine must have been tracking us.” Jace continued.
“You don’t think someone from the Institute told Valentine where you were going,” Izzy suggested.
“There’s no other explanation,” Clary answered.
“No one here would betray us like that. This is our family.” Izzy argued quietly.
“Not everyone’s family yet,” Jace answered.
“Okay, no. Slow down”  You ordered sitting up and twisting your head the fall had moved your collar slightly so you were in a bit of pain.
“Will you sit still!” Jace ordered.
“No, if you don’t calm down!” You argued swinging your legs over the side of the bed. Jace caught you as you walked forward and lead you back to the bed.
“Fine,” he said sounding calm. “I swear, if Lydia is the leak, I’m gonna-”
“Slow down!” You ordered
“We don’t know if she did anything yet.” Clary continued.
“And wrongfully accusing someone of a crime is dangerous. Trust me, I’ve been through it.”
“Lydia was right there when we were talking about Ragnor Fell. If she’s not gonna admit what she did, I’m gonna make her admit it.” Jace declared
“Okay! No. You sit.” You ordered to Jace pointing at the end of the bed. “You two figure out a way to clear or get evidence on this woman before Jace kills the rest of the relationship he has with his parabatai.” You sighed. Izzy nodded and Clary followed behind her as they both left. Jace began to pacing the length of your bed. “I remember telling you to sit.”
“Uh huh,” Jace grunted and you rolled your eyes, you hand travelling up to your neck massaging it. “You okay?” he asked walking over to you.
“I’m okay.” You answered.
“What is that thing anyway?” Jace asked sitting in front of you.
“The collar?” You asked and he nodded. “I have wires that are weaved around my spinal cord, they are used to control me. The people who hired me would have something that would give small shocks that ‘kept me in line’” You answered. “And because of the way that it is placed no one can get it off without killing me.”
“Does it hurt now?” he asked.
“A little” You answered. “It’ll stop soon. Enough about that, you need to talk to Alec.”
“I don’t-”
“Want to talk about it?” You asked. “Well you have to, you have something that some Shadowhunters dream of and kids are worked towards, don’t lose it.” You warned. “Promise you’ll fix it,” you mumbled your eyes slowly closing.
“I will.” he promised, kissing your forehead before leaving.

You woke up at some point before the wedding and Izzy was trying to convince you to put on a dress. “Izzy get that thing away from me” You warned glaring at the dress.
“Come on, it’s one night.” She smiled.
“Please?” she pleaded.
“Nope.” You answered popping the ‘p’.
“Can you do it for Jace?” She asked.
“No.” You laughed trying to walk away, twisting your neck the collar still hurting slightly
“Come on!” Izzy groaned. “Just once.”
“Just once?” You asked.
“Just once,” Izzy confirmed.

You been sitting in the wedding hall for what felt like forever before other people started to walk in, The Lightwood parents were present, Alec was at the front with Jace, who kept glancing over at you knowing that you were paying no attention to the wedding at all until Magnus walked him and smiled whispering a small yes under your breath, you watched Alec look over and saw the longing and want to move towards the warlock, you also noticed that Maryse was now not in her seat and was rapidly making her way towards Magnus. “Magnus, leave this wedding now,” Maryse ordered.
“Maryse, this is between me and your son. I’ll leave if he asks me to.” Magnus answered walking straight passed her and your smile grew you then looked over at Alec who was having a hushed conversation before Alec walks over to Magnus and kisses him.
“Alec, what are you doing?” Maryse asked.
“Enough.” Alec ordered and you bounced slightly on your seat letting a small ‘yes’ leave your lips.
“I’ve never seen you this worked up over anything apart from Clary.” Simon smiled.
“Okay don’t say it like that and I shipped them from day one.” You smiled.
“Shipped? You know what shipping is?” Simon asked.
“I lived with vampires and werewolves or course I know what shipping is.” You answered rolling your eyes.

You watched Lydia walk passed and stood up “You’re going to want some help with that dress huh?” You asked smiling.
“Sure thanks.” she smiled and you followed her out, you helped her get out of her dress and slipped out of your shoes. “So how are you after everything?”
“I’m okay, I’m in pain but I’m always in pain” You answered truthfully.
“Alec told me that your very closed off but you don’t seem to be.” she pointed out. You shrugged.
“I like you, I mean you wouldn’t catch me talking to Clary like this.” You answered.
“You don’t like her?” she asked.
“No, she came along and then everything in my life turned upside down.” You explained. “I guess since I don’t know who took me and changed me she’s the closest thing that I have to blame.” You looked up as she walked out having changed.
“So what makes me different from Clary?” she asked as we walked back to her office.
“I don’t know, you treated me better when we first met.” You answered “I mean you asked but never demanded and even though you knew I was a downworlder and I could kill you, you never once said or showed that you were afraid. Are you heading back to Idris?”
“Yeah, we have to secure the cup I would have had to leave anyway.” She answered.
“Well I like you and you should come back some time.” You smiled.
“I’d like that.” She smiled. You felt a sharp hit to the back of the head and Lydia picked up the cup and you groaned.
“Why does everyone hit me in the back of the head?” You knew you weren’t getting an answer as there was another hit this time directly on the collar around your neck, the blood started to pour down your neck as your body struggled to heal around the wires now showing under the collar.

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Requests and general question!

max-evergreen  asked:

26. With jeddy please and thank you.

My Writing

Prompt List

Teddy arrived home from work to find James sitting at their kitchen table, staring down into a mug of coffee that looked as if he hadn’t even taken a drink of yet.

“Hey,” Teddy greeted cheerily and stopped to kiss James’s cheek as he walked by.

James glanced up at him only to look back down at the table.


“How was your day, love?” Teddy asked as he grabbed something to eat out of the fridge and then took a seat across from James.

“It was fine,” James muttered.

Teddy raised an eyebrow at him.

You’re unusually quiet today.”

“Am I?” James asked absentmindedly.

“Yes…” Teddy said slowly. “Normally you’re ready to tell me every little detail about your day before I can even get my coat off.”

“Ah, well, I guess it was just a boring day.”

Teddy rolled his eyes. James was such an awful liar.

“James, look at me.”

James looked up and met Teddy’s eyes.

“What happened?”


“No, don’t give me that bullshit. You’re clearly upset. Tell me why.”

James let out a long sigh.

“You’re going to think it’s dumb,” James mumbled.

“Tell me.”

“I thought being an auror, working with my dad, would be fun. I thought it would be something that I really enjoyed. But I hate it, and I’m shit at it, and I’m only still in training. All day I have to listen to ‘Wow, you would never guess that he’s the Head Auror’s son based off of his performance’, and ‘It’s a mystery how he’s even gotten this far’, and ‘I wonder how disappointed his father must be’. And as if that’s not bad enough, today Dad called me into his office and told me that I had to start performing better because I’m embarrassing him.”

“James, I’m sure he didn’t mean that.”

James shook his head.

“It doesn’t even matter. It’s just, trying to live up to my dad’s reputation, trying to fill his shoes…it’s not easy. Now I know how Al felt when he started school. It was easy for me back then because I was in Gryffindor, seeker of the quidditch team, did well in classes, and was just the perfect reflection of my dad, but it was so hard for Albus since day one. Now I’m getting a taste of that with this stupid bloody job.”

“Well,” Teddy said, getting up and going to stand next to James. “Like you said, you’re still in training. It’s not too late to change your mind. You could try to get a job in the Department of Magical Games and Sports, like what you originally wanted to do.”

“You think so?”

Teddy leaned down to kiss James’s temple.

“I know so.”

“But do you think my dad will be mad if I-”

“James, you can’t do everything just to please your dad. That’s how you got into this whole mess in the first place.”

“You’re right,” James breathed out.

“Aren’t I always?”

James smiled at him, and then stood up so he could give Teddy a kiss.

“How about we ask your parents over for dinner tonight so you can tell them?”

James bit his lip nervously.

“Maybe we should wait.”

“James, your dad will be even more angry if you wait to tell him. Besides, he might not even be that upset.”

“You’re right. If I switch departments, he won’t have to deal with me tarnishing his name,” James joked.

Teddy laughed.

“That’s the spirit, love,” he said and gave James another short kiss before heading over to the floo to invite Harry and Ginny to dinner.

Pay The Price 02 (Victor Zsasz x Reader)

Pay The Price 01

Pay The Price 03

Zsasz makes it clear that he is only killing for Falcone. But perhaps he could teach you a lesson or two in return for some… special payment.

Warnings: Sexual Tension, Sexual Teasing, A little bit Gun Play

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Midgardian Guard

(Loki x Reader)

The air swirls around you in a vortex, getting colder by the second. You concentrate and form the water particles in the air into tiny ice shards, firing them at the target in front of you. Someone claps behind you. Steve. You turn around, flash him a smile and wave.
“You’ve been in here all day, you should take a break.” He says while stuffing his training clothes into a bag.
“Yeah, I’m finished for today anyway. See you later, Cap.” You answer and walk to the elevator.

When you enter the living room of Stark Tower, Thor comes running towards you and starts talking.
“You gotta help me out Y/N,” He begs, “Jane is mad at me for always being away on missions, so I made plans with her today to calm her down.” He finishs and looks at you expectantly.
“Thor, that is really great but I just don’t see the problem here to be honest?”
“Oh yes right, the thing is I’m supposed to be watching my brother. I need you to look after him, he’s not allowed to leave the building.” You look over to the couch where the wannabe ruler of earth is laying, a book in hand.
“That’s not a good….” You begin.
“Great it’s settled then, thanks a lot Y/N.” Thor replies before you can finish your sentences and walks to the elevator pushing the button. He waves at you as the doors close and he disapears with a ‘ding’.
Spending your evening with Mister kneel-before-me wasn’t exactly your dream but since you had nothing better to do anyway, and Thor was gone already, you figured there was no use in fighting the inevitable.
“So you’re my guard for this evening? I hope you’re not as boring as the righteous one.” Loki said while looking up from his book.
Seems like Steve had had the pleasure as well.
“I can’t promise that but at least i won’t be wearing tight spandex pants.”
“Pity.” He said and returned his attention to his book again.

You sat down in a chair after making some hot tea and started to read something as well. But you soon were getting bored.
“So is this what you’re doing now all day? From being king to a shut in booknerd?” You asked Loki. He send you death glare, clearly not pleased at your implication and the fact that he had failed.
“You should be careful, mortal. For now I might be stuck here but I am still a god. Don’t make the mistake to think you can talk to me like you please and get away with it. Besides I could look for the answer of mankinds annihilation in this books, after all you humans do a marvelous at that yourselves.”
“I doubt you will find that secret with 'the little mermaid’.” You laughed at him a little. Not wanting to push your luck. He was a god after all.
“Tony gave it to me, obviously meant  as one of his stupid jokes.” He said and put the book down.
“But enough about me. You don’t seem to be doing so great yourself.”
“What makes you think that?” You said with a raised eyebrow.
“It’s saturday evening and you’re  sitting here with me of all people. I suppose you’re not here because you enjoy my company so much but rather cause you had nothing else to do and my dear brother passed his duties onto you.”
“Fair enough.” You said.

“Hey … do you wanna watch a movie?” Loki made a face at you as if you had asked him for one of his kidneys or something equally outrages.
“Do I look like I want to?”
“No but I’m bored.”
“If it spares me your future complaints I guess I could watch one.”
“Great,” You said with a bright smile, “Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings?” He groaned loudly and rolled his eyes at you.

Somewhere in the middle of the movie you must have fallen asleep, exhausted form todays training. Your head was resting on Loki’s shoulder and ,in your sleep, you had wrapped your amrs around his torso.
“What a fine guard you are…” Loki whispered, pulling a blanket over you and watching you sleep, pressed against him for a moment.

Warmth On The First Night

Pairing: Klaus/Asana

Requested: Anon.

Summary: It is the first night Klaus comes to visit Asana since she failed to enrol into the academy. She is nervous for having a boy stay with her for the first time, but soon finds the warmth in having him alongside her.

Originally posted by universexy

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The Gala: Part 2

Berk Dragon Sanctuary AU
Berk Dragon Sanctuary AU fics and drabbles masterpost.

Takes place a few mere seconds after The Gala: Part 1, and meant to be read afterward.

“This is pretty nice,” she said as he approached. He stopped about a yard from her, and then took another step closer. He seemed somewhat nervous, far more than she was accustomed from him. “Makes me wonder why I never came before.”

“Me too,” he said, somewhat breathlessly.

She smiled, glancing down at herself, and then looked back up, smiling. “Do you like the dress?”

“Like?” he looked her up and down, his gaze lingering just long enough to give her the answer she was looking for.

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Greg gets shot during a case and has to go through surgery, ending up in a coma for three weeks. In the meantime Mycroft stays by his side and spends every moment he has at the hospital. Yet when Greg wakes up Mycroft makes sure not to be there since it would be too dangerous to let his feelings show, he knows that he must focus on his work and not let himself be distracted by the emotions he has for Greg. Eventually he turns up again, a few days after Greg has gotten out of the coma.

“Where the hell have you been?” Greg spits out as he looks up from the hospital bed. 

“Gregory, I have been busy-”

“Busy enough to not come and visit your boyfriend in hospital, you know, the one that has been fucking shot? Do you care about me at all, Mycroft?” The words are harsh, but really, if Mycroft loved him like he had claimed that he did, why hadn’t he been there for him?

“You should have been here, Mycroft, when I woke up. You should have been holding my hand and telling me everything was going to be alright. At least you should have rushed off to the hospital as soon as you got the news that I had woken up. The nurse called you to give the news before they even called my parents. But it’s been eight days since I woke up. Eight. Fucking. Days. And the nurses told me you weren’t even here while I was in the coma.”

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Imagine #27: Differences (Calum Hood)

Requested: Yes

Word count: 747

Story line: You and Michael are discussing about some TV-Shows and Calum gets jealous.

AN: So, don’t get mad at me because I picked The Vampire Diaries. I kind of think what I wrote but well, it’s my opinion! And it’s a bit superficial because I didn’t want to write any spoilers so sorry if it’s a little bit vague.

I didn’t know why I was watching that show if it made me so angry. But it was kind of a tradition between me and Michael so every Friday, we sat in front of one of the laptops and watch The Vampire Diaries. That day, Calum and Luke were also in the living room, playing FIFA. Ashton was out, enjoying his day off. Michael was enjoying the show but I couldn’t stop sighing and he realized and stopped the episode. “What’s going on with you?” he asked, turning his body towards me. I sighed again.

“There was a time when I really enjoyed this show, you know? Now it just makes me angry”. Michael frowned, confused by my words. “It just… I don’t know, it’s not the same, you know? I think this show doesn’t work without The Originals and I think The Originals doesn’t work without The Vampire Diaries. So, I’m double mad because I hate watching The Vampire Diaries and I hate watching The Originals”.

“But it works!” he said, trying to convince me. “I mean, they still have some plots to resolve and well, they have signed for another season. So it clearly works”.

“It doesn’t work for me” I said, shrugging. “I think it could have been much better if they hadn’t made a spin-off. It’s not like Supernatural, you know? The spin-off they wanted to make was so different from the original show! And they cancelled before it could even start” I sighed again, frustrated. “When I watch TVD, I get really bored and that’s not a good sign”.

“I think you’re so convinced that this show doesn’t work that you don’t let yourself to actually enjoy it. Am I wrong?” I never thought of it like that. Maybe Michael was right and in order to enjoy the show again I had to let go about that. “And you can compare Supernatural with The Vampire Diaries. At least, not you. You’re obsessed with Supernatural, so don’t you dare to compare these shows!” we both started to laugh because he was right. We watched the whole episode and in the end I found myself thinking that maybe, after all, it wasn’t so bad without The Original family.

In some moment, Michael and Luke left the room to find some food to eat and Calum and I were there, he was sat on the floor and I was lying on the couch, looking at the ceiling. When I turned my head, I saw Calum looking at me with an expression I couldn’t discover. “Hey, what’s up?” I asked him, smiling. A soft smile appeared in his mouth and he shook his head.


“Are you sure? You have been very quiet”.

“You and Michael didn’t give us any other choice” I noticed in his voice something weird. “I mean, you were watching the show. We didn’t want to bother” he tried to fix. I frowned, confused.

“You’re acting weird. Are you sure nothing is going on with you?” I insisted. He sighed loudly and lying back, he laid his head on the floor and closed his eyes.

“I really hate feeling this way. Don’t hate me, okay? I just… I don’t know why I’m feeling this way but I just do”. Confused, I leaned and I sat down on the couch while I looked at Calum.  “You and Michael get along so well and you talk about things that you really enjoy and I hate not being able to talk with you about the things you like, you know? Because I don’t know a thing about that vampire show or that supernatural thing. I tried to watch it but God, it’s so boring” he pouted and I laughed. “I just hate it, okay? Because I can’t stop thinking that someday you’re going to leave me because I don’t like the same stuff than you”. I got up from the couch and sat on Calum’s waist, surprising him.

“You’re so stupid” I said, caressing his face. “I don’t mind if you don’t like the same things than me because that’s the thing, I don’t want someone who is exactly like me. For that, I have my friends” I explained him. “I like that we are so different because in some weird way, we complement each other” he smiled and leaned to kiss my lips.

“I’m stupid” he confirmed me.

“Yes you are but I love you exactly for that” he laughed and kissed me again.

when the rain starts to pour (1/6)

pairing: bellamy x clarke
word count: 3.8k
summary: Abandoning her old life, tired of pretending she wants to be a doctor, Clarke moves to New York City. Seeking out her old friend, Octavia, from high school, Clarke begins to start her life over from scratch. (friends au)


the one with the margaritas

Clarke took a deep breath, staring at the green door in front of her. Her suitcase stood still by her feet, the crooked wheels making it tilt, leaning into her leg a bit. There was no turning back now. She’d left. She’d packed up her room and called the school, and she’d gotten on that train. Then a bus and a cab, and four flights of stairs later, she was standing in front of the one address of the one person in the city who might be willing to help her.

Nothing left to do but knock.

“Coming!” She heard the voice from the other side of the door yelling. “Coming, I’m coming, hang on!”

There was a crash, and a few audible swear words, and then the shuffling of some feet, and the door was swinging open in front of her to reveal an out of breath, but stunning girl.

“Clarke,” Octavia said, shocked. “Holy shit.”

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elfandbowman made this post:

modern au in which thranduil is a reclusive millionaire and legolas is homeschooled - and bard gets hired as his tutor and he’s really uncomfortable at first because he’s just a humble teacher and now he has to come to this huge mansion and deal with a little aristocrat every day and the fact that thranduil is both hot and intimidating as hell is not helping, why does he keep bringing me coffee, why did he offer me a ride home, wait is he watching me teach, what’s happening

And Lo! I did it this morning and it turned into an 8,000 word fic, ENJOY! 


Bard looked at the house, paused, then looked down at the address he had been given and back up to the house again. Only it wasn’t a house at all, even the word mansion wouldn’t really do it justice.

Bard recognised that there were rich people, and then there were rich people, the ones who made other rich people look poor. Well this place was definitely the latter kind of rich.

Bard almost turned around and left right there. Not because he didn’t want the job, no, he needed the job badly, but he wished he didn’t look quite so scruffy. 

Unfortunately he couldn’t work out if being scruffy or being late would be a deadlier sin, so he steeled himself and made his way up the drive in his worn jeans and plain shirt.

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A Selfless Love

TITLE: A Selfless Love


AUTHOR: Wolfpawn

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine AU, where it’s Loki instead of Maleficent. He has watched you grow ever since you were little and by the time you were 16, he has fallen in love with you and regrets putting this curse on you, but he can’t take it away. When you fall asleep, he watches with broken heart as Prince Philippe kisses you, but when it doesn’t work and the prince leaves, he walks to you to apologize. In the end he kisses you on the lips and you wake up, his lips still on yours.

RATING: General Audiences


Okay, I really should explain something here.

I know for me, this is a ridiculous time between chapters, and I apologise. My partner has our laptop all day because of his job, and at night, I only get about an hour of it due to my obligations in the real world, meaning, that though I have this story done and dusted, I don’t get to update it as often as I would like, so I apologise.

Also, I gave up about 90% of my caffeine intake last week, like actually, I was over 700mg a day, which is apparently REALLY bad for you, so I am down to one coffee and one tea a day, which in Ireland, is SERIOUSLY below the national average so I have been super sick (caffeine and sugar detox) and very tired. (See above reason) so I have not had much energy to type.

As Time Passes Us By

Time continued to pass and when his life and schedule permitted it, Loki returned to the little cottage in the forests to check on the little girl. In his mind, he tried to convince himself that it was because she was his investment, so to speak. But part of him was curious about the child.

From a perch on the oak tree, he watched her as she practised her seidr on a flower, trying to get it to close from bloom. He chuckled slightly to himself as he recalled learning that spell many moons before; she lacked finesse, but had yet to even hit her most significant development age, so she would probably become more graceful as she grew.

“There you are.” He glanced down at the girl, who was staring up at him beaming in delight and relief. “I was worried about you. Stay there.” Loki watched as she darted into the small dwelling before arriving back outside again, with a napkin in her hand. “This is for you.” She looked up at him. Opening the napkin she placed some fruit bread and some meat scraps on the wall for him, looking up to see if they had caught his interest.

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The Sabbatical (or how Emma Swan brought Valentine’s Day back)

Happy Valentine’s Day @literatiruinedme!!

Surprise!!!!! It was me!  Ok, I know you’d prefer this to be posted on Sunday, but as I’m heading to my summer vacation and I am not sure how the connection is going to be on the place I go to (they all say they have wifi and then it sucks), I really wanted to post this so you don’t miss it.

It was awesome getting to know you and I’ve been having so much fun with our exchanges… and I truly hope you like this. I took some of your ideas and run with them, but then my creativity took a life on its own and this happened!

(edited to thank the wonderful @amagicalship for betaing this for me)

FF.net Ao3

The Sabbatical or how Emma Swan brought Valentine’s Day back

Killian Jones abhors his neighbors. He really does. These people clearly have not been properly civilized. There is no other logical reason to explain their constant need for chatting, “borrowing” items (you can’t borrow sugar or coffee, not really) or their distaste in music. There is no other explanation for the little hearts taped on everyone’s door - including his - with the words Let’s all be Valentine’s carefully scribbled on all of them, an extra heart added at the top of the i.

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Ready to Believe You [1/2]

The 1984!Ghostbusters AU nobody asked for. Except @annaamell. Blame her. ;)

Thanks to @trueloveswanjones for being an amazing, thoughtful and patient beta, @shadiestfairyaround / @jemmingart for the gorgeous cover artwork which can be found HERE (go on and check it out!), and to everybody who let me go on about this crack to them, particularly @jollysailorswan and @seastarved, without whose encouragement I would never have made the deadline.

~23k words in total. Rated T for language and extreme silliness. My contribution to the Captain Swan Big Bang (or Little Bang, in this case).

On Ao3 HERE.

If you recognise a line here and there (and it’s not an obvious Once reference!) it’s because it belongs to the incomparable Dan Ackroyd and Harold Ramis. I’m waiting excitedly for the chance to see the remake!

Storybrooke sits, squat and sleepy, on the coast of Maine. For its inhabitants it’s the ideal place to hide away from the stresses and strains of the world. Peaceful. Perfect, in fact.

It’s a real chocolate box town with a chocolate box town clock, and a chocolate box library sitting beneath it, where Belle French, town librarian, sees to her duties.

The doors are locked and the sun is beginning to set as Belle rolls her book cart through the aisles, carefully setting her beloved books back where they belong. This is her favourite time of the day. It’s just her, her books, and the serene silence so beloved of librarians.


Belle pauses, her hand resting on the spine of one of her favourites, and tilts her head a little. Perhaps one of the patrons has left a computer running?

Fwupt. Fwupt.

It’s coming from the back of the library, the dusty, unused part where the town records linger on microfiche nobody remembers how to use, and great, heavy books that even Belle has yet to read lie in piles. She leaves her cart behind her, worried now that somebody has managed to stay in past lockdown, and turns the last corner.


Belle stops. Her eyes grow rounder; her face pales. In the centre of the walkway is a large, brown leather-bound tome. Its pages turn as if somebody is searching through it.

It floats, quite happily, in mid-air.

Belle, showcasing an impressive level of either unutterable terror or quite astonishing restraint, lets out a small squeak.

The great book slams shut and drops to the floor with a ground-shaking thump. The movement doesn’t stop at the ground; it reverberates up Belle’s legs and through the library’s stacks until books seem to be flying willy-nilly from their shelves and the lights swinging freely from their chains. Belle turns on her heel and flees.

Books seems to chase her as she trips over her own cart, the bank of computers flash static screens at her as she barrels past them, and just as the door is in sight and the keys tight in her fist, it appears.

It hangs in the doorway, great willowy arms reaching out, Belle’s chance at freedom framed by the billowing of its not-quite coat. It draws its thin, blue lips back over its teeth in a horrible, spectral scowl, and Belle does the only thing she can. She screams blue murder.

She watches, open-mouthed and breathless, as it lifts its skeletal finger to its mouth to hush her, and then she sees nothing at all.

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