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Don’t mind me, I’m just sitting here contemplating the difference between I don’t take orders from you and If I’m on the list, you’re on the list because just, like, think about that.  By the time Finn died, Bellamy knew he loved Clarke, right?  You can argue about it being romantic love or not, but she was definitely his Person by that point, and he when suggested going on a suicide mission she shut him down.  And he snapped I don’t take orders from you because, well, he loves her but his life is expendable and this makes the most sense.  And then she says because I can’t lose you too and he doesn’t really have a response.  He knew what she meant to him, but Clarke saying no your life matters to me is still a little too much for him to fully process.

But in 403, Bellamy has already announced his intention to participate in a slow-motion suicide mission by declining a place on the Ark.  He delivers the news as if it’s already been decided and Clarke once again challenges him, but they don’t really get into it until later that day.   He says okay, you want me to live?  Then you live too.  We’re a package deal now, and when Clarke can’t bring herself to agree, he writes her name for her.  He agrees to let her save him only on the condition that he gets to save her too.  He’s not even that surprised that she wants to save him and I suggest it’s because because he knows she loves him.  And now it’s Clarke’s turn to be just a little bit speechless as Bellamy makes it perfectly clear how much he loves her.

Sorry I’m a corny schmoopy dork. Also I gotta get better at drawing Finn. Also I know I messed up The Jacket™ I promise to try harder next time. 

Okay so, I have been waiting for the new IT movie for probably over a decade (whenever they first started rumors of remaking it), so the fact that part 1 is coming on September 8th gives me massive feels. The original TV movie is one of my all time favorite movies, and I have probably seen it hundreds of times since I was like three.

I had it taped, and watching it was always an awesome experience because not only did I have the movie, but all these nostalgic commercials from 1990. God, I wish I still had that tape!!!

Anyway, I love the movie and the book. I am a sucker for camaraderie stories. And the fact that Finn Wolfhard is in it makes me want to cry because he was so great in Stranger Things.

I really, really hope the movie translates well onto screen (because let’s face it, as terrifying as the TV movie was, the ending was awful). I also hope the new Pennywise lives up to Tim Curry’s portrayal. I really don’t think anyone could top that performance.

Ugh, I cannot wait!!! Five more months!

The One On The Boat

Pairing: Jace Wayland x Reader

Summary: Jace tries to come to terms with the fact that Valentine faked your death and took you away as a child when he finds you well and alive on the boat - the only question is whether he’ll trust you or not after believing you were dead for so long.

A/N: I am literally so in love with Jace this season I could cry. Get ready for new imagines! (Also, should I do a part 2 to this?) 
As always, love you guys xx

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’Join me and my son’?” you scoff, mimicking Valentine, “It’s not like he’s running a family business!”

 “Quiet y/n,” Finn sighs, “You’re dead if he hears you.”

 “I don’t think him killing actual Shadowhunters is a good idea.”

 “Soon he’ll be able to create them and it won’t matter whether you’ve been here from the start or not,” he hisses, pointedly.

 “Well, that’s bleak.”

 “You’re just mad that Jace barely looked your way,” he scoffs. You pick up a sweater out of your suitcase and peg it at him but he just slaps it away.

 “That’s probably because he doesn’t recognize me after you basically hid me in a bunker for so long.”

 “Valentine was like a father to us. We had to follow him when he left the Shadowhunter world-“

 “And grow up to be the new generation of Circle members and fulfil his wishes blah blah blah,” you groan, “It really wasn’t your choice, Finn.”

 “I’m your older brother – of course it was my choice,” he says sharply, “Now finish packing – Valentine wants us to join him in training Jace tomorrow.”

 “Training Jace?” you frown, “What does that entail?”

 “I guess we’ll find out,” he shrugs, heading out the door. You sigh, lying on your bed.

 Finn had always been a follower – but he’d practically turned into Valentine’s lapdog since he hit puberty. Somewhere deep down you understood that he just wanted a father figure – someone to be proud of him- but it got annoying since you didn’t agree with anything Valentine believed in yet had to choice but to stick around for your brother and due to the fact that Valentine had raised you.

 Until the age of 10 you’d grown up with Alec, Jace and Isabelle but when Valentine faked his death, he took you and Finn with him. For a while you laid low – there wasn’t any intense training or torture – just what felt like long road trips when you were on the run.

 But now, with everything back in full swing, you were scared. Finn may have been okay with following Valentine blindly, but you weren’t and with Jace joining you, you couldn’t reach out to the Clave or anyone at the institute in fear of being reprimanded as Valentine’s right hand.

 Was pretending to be Valentine your ideal weekend? No. Did you enjoy being a bald, 40 something year old man? No.

Was there a possibility you could get killed doing this? Yes.

 But you had no choice in the matter.

 While Valentine was pretending to be Clary  and helping Jace ‘escape’, you, Finn and a few others were playing his decoys.

 Unfortunately, things turned sour when Jace stuck a sword through two of the decoys.

“Son of a bitch,” Finn says, about to lunge for him. You pull him back, “That’s enough – no more of us should have to die for this stupid game,” you sigh. Finn pulls you back but you rip your arm out of his grasp.

 “JACE!” you yell, stomping toward him. He spins around and shoves his sword through your stomach.

 When he pulls it out his eyes widen.


 So maybe coming out of the shadows still looking like Valentine was a mistake, but there wasn’t much you could do about it now.

 “Silly girl,” Valentine huffs, unveiling himself from being Clary. Jace stares between the two of you, “H- how – how is she still alive? I – I thought-“ he looks at you, “ I thought you were dead!?”

 “Clearly, whilst you’re a great fighter, your loyalties aren’t with us,” Valentine sighs, “Tie him up,” Valentine calls out, waiting for two men to get a hold of Jace, “Finn, come make sure your sister is okay,” he says, walking off.

 “Finn?” Jace mutters, becoming further confused, “Y/N!” he calls out, watching you blink in and out of consciousness.

 When you come to, Finn is by your side wearing a deep frown.

 “You’re lucky Valentine didn’t throw you into the water after you-“

 “Ruined his little game that killed 2 of our people?” you snap, “Oh, I’m sorry for saving your life!”

 “You could’ve died. You’re healing rune didn’t kick in for hours!”

 “Hours?” you raise a brow, “Jace, is he-“

 “Valentine is teaching him a lesson,” Finn leers. His eyes widen when he notices you pulling the drip out and standing up. He steadies you by the shoulders, “What are you doing?”

 “I’d like to go sleep in my own room, if that’s okay with you?!” you say sarcastically. He nods, letting you walk past him. Once you’re out of the room, you speed down the hallway, using your enhanced heading to try and listen in for Jace.

 You hear Valentine telling his people ‘it’s enough’ and to ‘string him down in an hour’.

 ‘String him down?’

 The only place he could be strung up was the basement level of the boat.

 You wait until there’s silence to walk in and sure enough, there he is, strung up from the ceiling with his head hanging low and blood splattered everywhere.

 “Son of a bitch,” you mumble, cursing Valentine. Jace’s head bobs up with a low groan.

 “Y/N?” he sighs, sounding relieved, “I’m so sorry – I didn’t – I didn’t know it was you. How are you – I don’t-“

“Shhh,” you hum, cupping a hand over his mouth. He winces at the contact. “Sorry,” you whisper, pulling your hand away, “Just let me get you down first.”

 He bites his lip to keep from groaning as you untie both hands and he drops to the floor in a heap.

 When you try to help him up, he pushes you away, “Don’t-“ he says through gritted teeth, spitting out blood, “Not after what I did to you.”

 Despite him acting like it was because he didn’t want to hurt your again, you doubted it was something else.

 “Are you scared you’ll hurt me or that I’ll hurt you?

 He glares at you through his long lashes, “How are you alive?”

“Valentine faked mine and Finn’s deaths along with his,” you sigh, “Just let me activate your healing rune and then we can talk, okay?” you ask hesitantly, kneeling down beside him. He nods and your eyes skim his body trying to locate it.

 “Here,” he says, guiding your hand towards his ribcage. You glide your stele over it and he inhales sharply before exhaling in relief.

 “Tell me,” he says, “Now. I need to know I can trust you.”

 “You can’t,” you shake your head, “You can’t trust anyone here. My loyalties, they’re – they’re to my brother and his are to Valentine.”

 “Well, I want to trust you,” he says, “So tell me.”

 “Not here,” you say quietly, helping him up. You stagger towards your room, struggling with Jace’s weight. You place him down on your bed but he tries to climb off, “You should be lying down. I stuck a sword through you,” he says, tugging your hand towards the bed.

 “I’ve pretty much healed completely,” you lie. Jace could see you wincing but doesn’t argue when you push him back down – even as a child, you were stubborn.

 Jace closes his eyes and listens as you explain how you were forced to follow Finn and Valentine and how all this time you’ve been on the run.

 “So you’ve had no say?” he asks.

 “I have to take responsibility for my actions, Jace – they’re mine, after all. It doesn’t matter who influenced them and you’ll do well to remember that.”

 “What do you mean?”

 “What you do here – what you do from now on – it’s all on you. It doesn’t matter who forces your hand because it’s your hand, Jace. Everything you do, it leaves a scar.”

 He nods quietly, watching your eyes well up with tears.

 “Why haven’t you ever tried to escape?”

 “I did try – a lot, when I was younger. Each time I failed, Valentine would break me- slowly.”

 “I know the feeling,” he sighs.

 “You don’t,” you shake your head, “And you have to get out of here before you do.”

 “How?” he asks. You run the tap, wetting a cloth and gently wiping away the smudges of blood on his face.

 “I’ll help you.”

Can I just say how fucking angry I am at everyone for blaming Clarke Griffin and pushing down her struggles and trauma like it doesn’t matter or affect her? Clarke Griffin who is so fucking selfless and does literally everything for her people. Clarke Griffin who has lost almost everyone she loves. Clarke Griffin who watched her father die, lost Wells, killed Finn, and watched Lexa die. Clarke Griffin who has killed well over a thousand people in the matter of a few months, innocent and guilty for her fucking people. Her people who are /blaming/ her. Her people who are telling her to shut up, that her problems don’t matter, that blame her for things she can’t fucking control. I’m so angry that she has been so traumatized that she’s viewed by /everyone/ as a fucking monster. That the few people who would never think of her that way are dead. That she has absolutely no support. I’m angry that she has to watch everyone she loves die or be tortured and then she isn’t allowed to /feel/ it. She’s not allowed to have emotions and it pisses me off because she deserves so much better than people who she’s saved over and over again blaming her for every shitty thing that happens to them. I’m angry that she isn’t allowed one moment of peace because a group of people who don’t even respect her are in danger and I am so sick of this fandom expecting her to suck it up. I’m tired of the fandom calling her annoying because she “isn’t the old Clarke”. I’m sick of people expecting her to be over Lexa and immediately falling into Bellamy’s bed. I’m so angry and tired and upset with the characters and the fandom treating Clarke Griffin like she’s a fucking robot that isn’t allowed to have feelings because they view her as an “inconvenience”.

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I am a Reylo and I don't want you to speak for me. I know I like Finn, and most of other Reylos do as well. You can't claim to know what we love and what we hate. I love Finn as a charachter and not shipping him with Rey does not equal not loving him. You don't set the rules of loving a charachter. We set them for ourselves.

Anyway the rules for loving Finn are
1. Dont demonize him
2. Don’t make him seem like less of a person because he “lied” once
3. Don’t erase him
4. Stop using him as a wingman
5. Don’t call him slurs
6. Don’t compare him to kylo
And thats it. its a few rules a few of your fellow reylo shippers seem to not comprehend.

  • Clarke: everyone i love gets killed: my dad, Wells, Finn, Lexa...
  • Octavia: do not forget Anya. You only spent a little time with her and she still got killed.
  • Clarke: mhm, i guess
  • Octavia: and remember little Charlotte?
  • Clarke: okay, i get it
  • Octavia: and there is Nylah, who you banged and then got beaten up next day
  • Clarke: o, stop, i think that's enough
  • Octavia: and remember that one time you looked intensely in Raven's way? She lost her leg shortly after
  • Octavia: funny thing you ask that *takes dried bat wing charm out of her pocket*
Complications of Emotions ~ Sami Zayn/ Finn Balor Imagine

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You watched him win the title at SummerSlam against Seth, you were proud of him. Watching the match with Sami, who had a huge smile on his face. He was proud of his best friend. 

Racing to the curtain with Sami catching up behind you. As Finn walked through the curtain, you latched onto him hugging his sweaty painted body not eating if you gotten some on yourself. 

“ I am so proud of you” Mumbling into his shoulder, his arm wrapped around your waist, smiling into your shoulder. His other hand held onto the Universal Title. 

Holding onto him, you spared moments like this. He was your best friend but the thing was, you were in love with him. Catching eye with Sami, he knew very well of your feelings for Finn. 

Only you never saw the sadness in his eyes, the look on his face. He was the one in love with you. But he wanted you happy. 

As you let Finn go, he had a huge smile on his face before he and Sami had their moment. Seth had walked backstage, “ Good match” 

He nodded as he heard you, walking past you. You beamed at the excitement coming from Finn.

“ I’ll catch ya two later” As he walked down the hall, you didn’t know where he was headed to until the next day finding out he was going to be out for injury to his shoulder. 

He had to give up the title, his moment, what he worked so hard to get too. 

“ I’m sorry Finn” Wrapping your arm around him, he had his arm in a cast but he was due to surgery in a few days. He nodded, burying his face in the crook of your neck. 

At his tough, your heart sped up knowing this might be the last hug before he goes home for recovery for six months. It broke your heart to see the look on his face.

He sniffed, wiping his eyes. You never saw him cry.

“ You’ll get it back once you are healed” He nodded again. He was hurting, you understood and gave him some space leaving him to this thoughts. 

Bouncing your leg up and down, since Finn had gone home to recover, you and him were nonstop texting back and forth. You missed him. 

“ Would you just tell him that you are in love with him. Jeez women your attached to him”

“ He’s my best friend” You shrugged before adding, “ I can’t tell him, I don’t want to ruin anything” 

Sitting down with Sami and Bayley, you sighed looking down at your hands. 


That was your phone and it was probably Finn messaging you. 

Before you even get a chance to take it, Bayley does. 

“ Hey! Give it back” 

“ Tell him or I will” 

“ You wouldn’t” She smirks, begins typing on your phone. “ Bayley!”

“ She’s right Y/N, you need to tell him. It’s been a year.”

“ And?” Reaching over, you snatched your phone seeing Finn had indeed texted you, a picture of himself smiling. He was resting in what look like a chair.

Sami slumped in his seat, frown as he glanced at you. You were smiling because of Finn. He envied Finn so much because he had your heart. 

I need to tell you something, I’m sorry if this will ruin our friendship. But you need to know, I am in love with you, have been for a year now. I’m sorry it took so long for me to say this. Look I know I’m not the prettiest girl out there or even close to what you look for in a girl. 

And sent.

Biting on your thumb, as you waited. Sami was sitting with you on the bed. 

“ It’s all going to be okay” He rubbed your back as you took a deep breath. 


He replied, glancing at your phone in your hands, you didn’t want to see what he had said.

“ I can’t look” 

Sami took your phone from your grasp as he looked at it. 

Come see me” was all it said. 

Letting out a deep breath that you were holding, now you had to see him face to face. You were beyond scared out of your mind. 

Something told you that you were going to lose him tonight. 

Fiddling with your fingers as Sami drove, your leg bouncing from how nervous you were. You hadn’t seen in awhile and the come see me text scared you. 

“ Do you know what he might say?” Sami just shrugged. He gripped the wheel a bit harder, he didn’t know what Finn was going to say but he just wanted to get it over with. 

“ Thanks for coming with me by the way” 

“ No problem” He took a glance at you, sending you a small smile. He took a glance at your bouncing leg, he chuckled.

“ Relax, it will be alright” 

 Will it? 

His house was up ahead, “ I can’t.” 

Sami parked the car in front of his house, he looked over at you taking your hand in his. “ You need to do this Y/N. You will never know how he feels” 

“ I can’t do this Sami” 

“ Yes you can, I am right here with you” Nodding your head, unbuckling your seatbelt. “ Okay” Getting out the car, your feet on ground, boots on your feet. 

You hadn’t been to his house in a long time. Sami stood next to you, “ Come on” He placed a hand at the small of your back leading you to the house. 

Taking the path, you bite your lip, a nervous habit. As you got closer to his door, he was just on the other side waiting. 

Sami knocked on the door, the door swung opened and his mother answered the door. “ Sami, Y/N, come in. Finn is expecting you” 

“ Hi Mrs. Balor” You smiled getting her, “ Oh it’s been so long since I’ve seen you. You’ve become more beautiful”

“ Oh, thank you” You smiled wide as she let you to where Finn was. There he was, sitting in a recliner chair with a blanket over him as he was watching TV.

“ Finn, look who’s here” 

Finn’s head turned to look over seeing you and Sami. He smiled wide seeing Sami, then his eyes glanced at you as his smiled dropped. You looked away not wanting to see the look on his face, the look where he told you what he was about to say, something bad. 

“ I’m going to the store, do you need anything Finn?” 

“ No, Mom, danks, I’m okay” She nodded, waving to you and Sami. As she closed the door, Finn got off his chair. His blanket falling off of him revealing he was wearing a black t-shirt, his shoulder/arm was in a cast, he wore some jeans and socks on his feet.

He walked over to Sami first, “ I didn’t expect you” He joked. Sami rolled his eyes, a wide smile on his face. “ How could I not come see my best friend? How are you doing?”

“ I’m hanging in dere.” He sighed looking down before adding, “ I wish I was wrestlin den being home” 

A silence filled the room, you look at your shoes like they were the most investing things in the world at the moment. Finn’s gaze fell on you, “ Y/N.” He said making you glance at him, a little, not fully. 

“ We need to talk”

Those words were never good to hear. You nodded, he turned around walking into the kitchen, you glanced at Sami, he gave you a smile as he went to sit on the couch. 

Here we go, you thought as you followed Finn into the kitchen. He stood next to the counter, looking down at a glass of water that was there. 

“ When I read yar text, I was shocked” You looked elsewhere besides him. “ Yar a beautiful girl Y/N. But I can’t. I don’t love ya like ya love me. Yar my best friend and that’s all yar are to me” 

You nodded, feeling the tears before saying, “ You could of spared me the trip here.”

“ I’m sorry” 

“ Take your sorry elsewhere” You snapped at him, glaring at him. He couldn’t just tell you those words over the phone. “ You couldn’t spare me all of that over the phone? Instead I had to come here and see you”

“ I needed to see ya before everything falls apart” 

“ What do you mean?” He pointing into the living room where Sami was. “ Ya see right dere. Sami, he’s the one ya should be lovin. He loves ya to pieces Y/N. He looks at ya like yar his world” 

“ Your lying” He shook his head. “ I’m his best friend, I know” 

“ I don’t believe you” 

“ Look Y/N, me and ya are never going to happen. Be loved by someone else. You deserve it. Not with me”

“ But your the only man I want to be with” He closed his eyes, shaking his head.

“ I think ya should leave” 

“ You know what Finn Balor? Fuck you!” You stormed out of there, not wanting to see his face anymore. Feeling the tears coming down your cheeks, you ran out the door passing a worried Sami who stood up. 

He looked over at the kitchen seeing Finn rubbing his face with his good hand.

“ What did you do?” Finn glanced at Sami before he heard Finn say, “ Told her the truth” 

Sami ran after you, you were trying to unlock the door of his car. You were crying , one mess before Sami ran to you turning you around. Once he saw your crying face, his heart broke at the sight.

He brought you into his arms, stroking your hair, “ Shhh.” 

Grabbing onto a fistful of his shirt, sobbing into his chest. Finn didn’t want you, he didn’t even look you in the eye when he told you that he didn’t feel the same way. 

Sami placed his cheek on top of your head, “ Shhh, he’s stupid. Forget him”

You wished it was that easy.

Driving back to the hotel, it was quite in the car. You stopped crying and Sami would glance at you every few minutes. 

He was worried about you. He felt bad. 

You were looking out the window when your phone beeped.

“ I”m sorry” It said. From Finn. 

Screw his sorry.

“ Who was that?” You brushed your hair aside before sighing. 

“ Finn” You mumbled, your lips felt chopped and dry, you had no more tears. Your nose was red along with your eyes. 

Finn wasn’t worth your tears. He wasn’t worthy anything anymore.

He was a jerk. 

“ Now you can move on” 

“ I don’t know if I can” 

Sami had enough of this. He pulled on the side of the road. “ Why are we stopping?” You turned to him, he put the car in park.

His jaw was set tight, nose flared, his grip on the wheel was tight. His knuckles were turning white, he was angry. What pissed him off? Which wrong button did you push?

“ What’s wrong?” Placing your hand on his arm, he shrugged it off before turning his head to glance at you. 

“ Sami?” 

He looked down at your lips then your eyes. 

He couldn’t help himself.

He needed to know.

He cupped the side of your face before leaning in, kissing you passionately pouring his heart out into that kiss. 

Your eyes going wide as you are trying to process what is going on. Sami was kissing you. Your best friend was kissing you. 

Oh. My. God. You thought in your head.

A/N : Part 2? 

Honestly, iron fist is getting so much hate because a bunch of people decide to go with what others say instead of actually watching it themselves and forming their own opinions. 

One of my friends shared iron fist hate on facebook and when i tried to start an argument over it she was like “honestly i havent even seen it lol”. Well don’t spread negative shit about it then binch. I am 100% done.

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To answer the other Anon, I personally love Jeff Hardy, Finn Balor, AJ Styles, Sebastian Stan, Tom Hiddleston, Seth Rollins, Adam Driver. A lot of people tbh, I am a thirsty bitch 😂

AJ and Seth are a couple of my faves as well!  😂

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🍄 I was thinking of writing fic or maybe doing some uni work and here i am procrastinating on tumblr as well :P

*high five* we should make like a procrastination network or smth lmao

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+compliment: your posts are honestly perfection and i love seeing u on my dash! i had so much fun doing the hunger games thing with u and everyone. i’m happy we’re mutuals :)

want one?

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There are some bellarke shippers who say that clarke had sex with lexa because of bellamy's rejection in 3.05. So when octavia came to Polis and talked to clarke in her room for clarke to say goodbye to lexa she was reminded of bellamy through octavia and that's why she kissed lexa and then made love to her (because she was reminded of bellamy). what do you think?

I imagine you are referring to this.

And this, which is part of a much longer “analysis”.

What I think, you ask. Well, I think that I am angry. I am ridiculously angry to see that, after 6 months, the relationship between Clarke and Lexa is still being invalidated, dismissed, made to be about someone who is in no way involved in it. That’s right. Clarke, Lexa and Bellamy aren’t and never were in a love triangle. Just like Clarke, Finn and Bellamy never were. Because Bellamy IS NOT a love interest for Clarke. Ship what you want, see what you want, but those characters are canonically nothing more than partners who deeply care about each other. And with “nothing more than” I don’t mean that their relationship isn’t important; it’s extremely important, it’s one of the core relationships in the show. But as of right now, in the show, in CANON, Clarke and Bellamy are NOT in love. And to twist and bend canon events to make it look like Clarke is all over Bellamy and Lexa was just rebound is frankly gross.

But let’s look at that, shall we? What does that say?

To be honest, she never really responded to Lexa until Bellamy rejected her, tore her a new one, and handcuffed her. It was only after Bellamy rejected her that she turned to Lexa.

But if you really want to look for Clarke’s feelings towards Lxa, they were very reserved and even cold, until one specific point in time. And that is when Bellamy rejected Clarke and handcuffed her and made her feel like he hated her. And THEN, all of a sudden, Clarke was soft and welcoming towards Lxa.

It takes some guts to ignore not one, but two episodes to call Clarke cold towards Lexa. Is she reserved? Sure, because she’s had her heart broken. She never responded to Lexa? Was never soft or never showed care and affection? Mmm I think we’re not watching the same show. The entirety of 3.04 shows the audience that Clarke, in fact, HAS feelings for Lexa. That’s the whole point of their storyline for that episode. Rebuilding their relationship despite the past, and showing us a softer side of Clarke for the first time since the beginning of season 3. They show us the lengths Clarke is willing to go to in her attempts to protect Lexa. LEXA, the girl. Not just her political position. Clarke always wants to keep her people safe, but in this particular instance, when Lexa’s life is in grave danger, Clarke literally says

It’s literally a line in the show, you cannot ignore it. Clarke then proceeds to try to manipulate Roan, puts her own life in danger trying to kill Nia. When all her attempts fail and she realizes she cannot stop the fight, she angrily tells Lexa that she refuses to sit aside and watch her die. But what happens instead, right before the duel? Clarke shows up anyway. She quite literally storms through the crowd: Lexa could die here, she can’t not be there. And throughout the whole duel, we are spectators to the wide range of emotions that go through Clarke as she watches Lexa. The horror when she witnesses the brutality of the fight, the relief when Lexa gets the upper hand, the sheer fear when Lexa falls and it seems Roan is really going to kill her, the happiness when Lexa eventually wins. Clarke almost looks ready to cry when she smiles in relief. I’m not making it up, you can find tons of gifs about this entire scene.

And even later on, during the bedroom scene, Clarke is welcoming and kind and soft with Lexa the entire time (it is also worth mentioning Clarke’s surprised face when Lexa tells her she’s come to thank her, not to gloat, since Clarke is used to everyone rubbing it in her face whenever she’s wrong or fails, but that’s a story for another time). Clarke initiates everything in that scene; the whole conversation happens because Clarke welcomes Lexa into her room, to do what? To take care of her. She even flirts with Lexa.

Does she shut down at some point? Does she hide behind the “I was just doing what was right for my people” excuse? Sure. Because she isn’t ready to face her feelings for Lexa, feelings that are already there. And she is well aware, that’s why she retreats. She is slowly starting to accept them, though. She is growing more and more comfortable with them, with Lexa and the attraction she feels for her. As proves the opening scene from 3.05

They are at peace. The enemy was defeated. Clarke isn’t worried about the safety of her people here, she is wondering about what Arkadia means to her. Lexa reassures her and supports her: she knows how much Clarke’s people mean to her, and she tries to calm Clarke’s concerns by making her see the positive things she has done for her people. “You bring them justice.” Stubborn Clarke is stubborn, though, and she doesn’t feel that heroic, so she answers “YOU bring them justice.” To which, Lexa replies “We bring them peace.” Peace. Everything they’ve always wanted. They are doing this together. WE. And what does Clarke do? She smiles. She likes the idea very much.

So, back to the first question… to say that Clarke wasn’t receptive to Lexa until AFTER her argument with Bellamy is simply wrong. To say that she was using Lexa as rebound after being “rejected” by Bellamy is wrong again, but also maddening. First of all, the rejection isn’t a romantic one. You can talk about rejection in the sense that Bellamy chooses Pike over Clarke, but there is no romantic subtext there. Clarke is heartbroken by Bellamy’s words and actions, of course. Because the person who offered his support when she had to pull that lever and offered her forgiveness, has turned against her and blamed her like everyone else. She’s not heartbroken because she thinks she lost Bellamy’s romantic love. After that, when she is in Polis with Lexa, she isn’t thinking about Bellamy at all. Or better, she is thinking about him as one of her people. After Pike & co. attack the village, the Sky People are skating on thin ice and Clarke obviously is worried. She is worried about Bellamy, yes. Just like she is worried about her mom, and Raven, and Octavia etc. People she cares about. Bellamy is part of that group.

Octavia’s words to Clarke don’t remind her of Bellamy. They remind her of the duty she believes she has towards her people. It’s slightly (enormously) different. She wants to stay. But she feels she has to go. That is Clarke’s character.

ABBY: “Your instincts will tell you to take care of everybody else first, just like your father.”
LEXA: “You’re driven to fix everything for everyone.”

It’s in Clarke’s nature. She cannot stay, but she wants to. The entire love scene is more a promise than a goodbye when you think about Clarke’s words to Lexa. “Maybe someday, you and I will owe nothing more to our people.” It’s frail hope, but it is hope nonetheless. Making love is what they can have for now. Maybe someday, in the future, they will be able to have more.

Bellamy and Bellarke for all that matters, have NOTHING to do with this moment. And stretching canon to make it seem like everything is about him and his relationship with Clarke–while at the same time dismissing the importance of Clarke and Lexa’s relationship–is awful and angering and needs to stop.

Draw your OT3 I don’t always draw, but when I do it’s flat color and sloppy lines.


“Enzo, what the fuck are ya doin’? You keep interruptin’ (Y/N) and mine’s matches wit complete nonsense. You’re pissin’ me off, and ya know what happens when I get pissed off.”

“I’m sorry, Finn. I just… being real with you, I am in love with (Y/N).”

“Well den, we have an even bigger problem.”

“What’s that?”

“I’m in love wit her too.”

Calling Bellarke shippers homophobic is just perpetuating the bi-erasure the Clexa fandom loves. I’m not the most well-versed person in the LGBT community but as someone who has called themselves bisexual I am 99.9% sure it’s biphobic. As in someone who dislikes or doesn’t believe in the idea of someone liking two or more genders. 

Us being homophobic insinuates that she is lesbian, which she is not. 

You can’t even say that she’s not confirmed bi because she had sex with Finn, who identified as a male and sex with Niylah who identified as female. Soooo. Next time you insult someone do it properly.

i don’t care how many slow burn stormpilot fics are written, i will read every one of them because i LIVE for the moment that poe “i’m too old + broken for love” dameron and finn “i love this man but i respect his boundaries so i guess my heart will just be broken” finally Talk it Out™ and realize they’ve loved each other the whole time and everything is magical and nothing hurts

a PSA on the subject of shipping Mike and Eleven/Finn and Millie

hello i am not sure if this has been said before so i thought  i should bring this up, when you’re shipping Mike+El/ Finn+Millie please keep in mind that they are still kiddos so keep it innocent, and with any ship, don’t push it in their faces, if you meet them in any way don’t ask questions, (well u can but be sensitive)And for the love of god no smutty fan fictions. I’m not trying to say you cannot ship them because who doesn’t? they’re adorable, just remember they are still smol and keep it fluffy, sweet and respect them plz xoxo

This strange world (closed rp with helluvawriter)

“Good job man!” Tyson added. “Thanks. I was nervous of course but, it worked out.” Antonio nodded. Lucky was running between the two, not knowing who to be with first. “He was being good!” Tyson reported. ~ I kept going but had my hand go up more. “Oh I believe you; but I am the Queen of this game.” I smirk. I had Finn roll him into a small package.

We thanked them and said our good byes. I closed the door with a sigh and climbed back Into bed curling up with lucky and Antonio. I patted luckys head before cupping Antonio’s face and looking into his eyes. “I love you, your my one as well” ~~~ Seth just kicked out “you did pick a game you knew you were better at and your trying to distract me” he managed to get Finn in a headlock “and I’m turning things around anyway!”

Antonio smiled and held Meg again. Lucky currled up in her lap and yawned. Antonio felt like he had a family. A wife, and a son. He kissed her again and turned back to the TV.

I smirk again  and then start rubbing his cock. It wasn’t about the game, it was the fact he challenged me and I was going to show him. 

I actually read with my own two eyes a Bllarke shipper say that Bellamy is not only the most important person in Clarke’s life but also the one she loves most...



Have you met

Jake Griffin:

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or idk Wells Jaha:

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Or maybe even Finn Collins:

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HOW ABOUT Commander Lexa:

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Oh right… But they are all dead so Bellamy, sure is more important NOW that they are all dead…


I think I am forgetting someone…



Abigail Griffin:

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Here’s the catch though, she didn’t need to have everyone else die in order to be the most important person in Clarke’s life. ALSO, she’s still very much alive.