well i already bought the xbox

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"gave a running hug to the wrong person at the airport and knocked you to the ground" and/or "It’s two am, we’re standing outside of our apartment building bc someone pulled the fire alarm, and you look cold and unprepared, do you want to share my blanket?" riarkle pleaeaeaease

I hope you like this! :)

note: they are 18 here


When she got to the airport, she couldn’t help but bounce on her feet. Her uncle was to arrive any second now.

Except for the fact that she has been waiting for over an hour.

Now, Riley was growing restless and disappointed as every time she thought she saw her uncle, it was another person.

“He better buy me a meal,” Riley whispered to herself, standing on her feet.

Auggie looked at Riley and smirked. “He better have bought me a present. I wanted that new game console for the past few months.”

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