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Valentine’s Date Night

A super late piece for @jojosrealityisimaginative through @klancevalentines ! I’m soso sorry that this is incredibly late but I hope that you like it!

Cuddles are the best remedy

Words: 691

Genre: Fluff (that’s all I know how to write apparently)

Warnings: Dan swears a bit, but what’s new

Description: Dan wakes up feeling unwell, and it’s way too early for him to deal with this

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multifandom-trash-00  asked:

I ask you all the nonsense that comes into my mind because I just love you so much and love your answers even though you don't actually reply to the asks sometimes but you are so sassy and funny and omg I love you with all my heart and I just love seeing you reply my asks ❤❤ I also hope you are doing well!!!


anonymous asked:

can i intrude a little and ask what you're studying (and where if you feel like saying) i'm in year 12 and decisions are a com'n my way

i just recently started a graphic design course!!

“… The End.” William finished, closing the book.

“Read another one! Another one, Will!” the youngest boy pleaded eagerly.

His brother frowned, “Nigel, time for bed… Will needs some rest too, you know.”


“Why don’t I tuck you in, little Nigel?” Will smiled gently.

“B-but I’m not ti-tired…” he said, stifling a yawn.
William raised a brow.
“Fine… I guess I’m a little sleepy,” the child admitted as he snuggled into his blanket.

Soon enough the young Bottom was fast asleep. Nick gave his friend a grateful smile.
“Thanks Will.”

The young writer smiled in return.
“Anything for my Bottom brothers,” he said, planting a small kiss on Nigel’s forehead before leaving the room.

Rough Patch

Request: Prompts - 1 (Just tell me you don’t love me anymore) 4 (I’ll see you later I guess) and 10 (I’m here)

Word count: 2068

Warnings: Kind of sad, fighting, crying, stalking and one little punch, but I made it a happy ending if that helps :)

A/N: Well, I hope you guys all like it! If  you have any requests that aren’t prompts, hit me up! I’ll do pretty much any - x - thing y’all want! Much love and happy reading!

Lately your boyfriend had been spending less time with you, and more time in the Blue and Gold with Betty, you were fine with it until he started forgetting, cancelling or leaving mid-date to go see Betty because there was a “new lead”, that all just made you angry, not jealous. You got jealous when you went to surprise him one night after he cancelled a dinner date at Pops, you brought some fries and two cheeseburgers, one for him and one for Betty, knowing that they probably hadn’t eaten that day due to being so caught up in the case. You walked up to the door ready to give them their food, but what you saw, that is what made you jealous. Jughead had his arm around Betty’s waist, rubbing her back softly. This upset you because a few nights ago when Jughead stayed at yours you begged him to rub your back, but he said no, stating he hated it.

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kroki-san  asked:

Can you please please write a KaiShin in which Shinichi's brain stubbornly doesn't believe that Kuroba Kaito (_the_ Kuroba Kaito!) likes him back. Like. That is just impossible (:D). And Kaito is trying to be all logical (failing?) and panicking ("You can't see it?! It's obvious! Hakuba noticed! (_Nakamori_ noticed!)") //one-conversation-before-relationship or dating-for-not-too-long or however you find fitting 'cos everything you write is awesome, beautiful and perfect.

Cute prompts and complements?  You’re spoiling me!  ;D

“Shinichi, I like you.”

“Well, I should hope so,” Shinichi said, rolling his eyes.  “We are friends.”

Kaito opened his mouth and then closed it.  “No, I meant–”

“There you two are,” Hakuba said.  He was frowning.  “We’ve been looking for you.  We’re about to leave.”

“Oh, good to know.  Thanks, Hakuba.”  Shinichi smiled before turning back to Kaito.  “What were you saying?”

Kaito shook his head.  “Nevermind.  It wasn’t important.”

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anonymous asked:

Hello! Thanks so much for always providing clarifications on/insights into translations! I really appreciate the time you take to provide thorough answers. This is pretty minor, but I was wondering if there's something something lost in translation in the BTS 팔로워 400만 돌파 기념 vlive video. According to the subs, at 11:55, J-Hope greets Jimin with, "Well, you're alive." It seems like it's funny given the other members' responses, but I don't understand why. If you have time, thanks for answering!

살아 있네 literally means “alive/you’re alive”, but it’s funny because hoseok was saying it using jeollado’s dialect (his hometown) so it goes like 살↗아↘있↗네↘

Halloween 2016

daemoninwhiteround2  asked:

your Voltron headcanons are amazing and hilarious and a gift to this world

once again i’m in awe that my gift to humanity is shitposts

  • “where’s pidge” “i don’t know probably planking on a robot or something”
  • lance is a treasure trove of very specific and random skill sets that come in handy at very specific and random moments
    • one time he goes undercover as a circus performer and manages to distract the bad guys long enough for the team to stage a whole prison break by juggling for half an hour straight
    • can totally pick locks with bobby pins
    • king of limbo, once avoided death by lasers by shimmying under them
  • “oh my god guys guys if keith were a superhero he’d be the sandman. get it. get it because he lived in the deser-”
  • keith and lance use the buddy system whenever they have to walk through the castle because they still don’t trust it not to kill them and there’s strength in numbers shut up pidge
  • not that either party knows this but hunk can deadlift more than zarkon
  • allura’s vibe is “don’t fuck with me” while shiro’s is “you could pour soup in my lap and i’d probably apologize to you”
  • *in the middle of a fight* pidge: “tag yourself i’m that galra guy who just straight up ran away when he saw us“
    • lance: “i’m the ship that just blew up”
    • hunk: “i’m the cold, crushing void of space”
    • coran: “can you kids lighten up a little???”

So I caved and finally got a tablet… and of course, the first thing I draw is @therealjacksepticeye  (obviously because he is awesome psshhhh :D )

This whole thing was inspired by a Spyro kigurumi I saw while browsing the interwebs and thought that would be perfect considering I loved Jack’s playthrough of Spyro so much! (it’s seriously a great LP, go check it out)