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Voltron fic where Pidge has trouble choosing which bathroom to go in?

“Not again…”

The signs hung there.


They weren’t even blue and pink this time. One was a six-sided shape, and the other a bright amorphous blob of bright colors. What the hell did that even mean?

“Something the matter, little pip?”

Pidge flinched, then looked up as a pair of their hosts approached. “Um, just a little interpretation trouble.”

One leaned down and peered at him, then sniffed. “Hmph. Well, seeing as you’re missing two pairs of eyes, clearly you should go with my brother here.”

“Oh, no, no, no,” the other protested. “Can’t you see how dull its coloring is? Obviously, dear sister, it should accompany you.”

“I should say not. This one is quite plainly-”

As their bickering got louder, Pidge could feel a headache coming on. “Hey guys- If I could- Could you just- Seriously, I really need to- Hey-”

What in sheraiz is going on here?”

The arguing halted at Coran’s approach, though both of the combatants still looked somewhat put out. “Perhaps you can solve this,” the brother said officiously as though Pidge weren’t even there. “Which one should it enter?”

Pidge turned, on the verge of getting ready to sock the jerk… wherever his nose was, but Coran gently caught a shaking hand. “Well, that should be simple enough,” he said calmly, and Pidge felt him press some kind of catch under the wrist before lifting the helmet’s visor. 

“Oh!” the sister said, sounding embarrassed. “You do have six eyes. Oh, I am so terribly sorry! Come with me, dear. Oh my, oh my, I’ll have to make this up to you somehow-”

Somewhat bewildered, Pidge followed the flustered alien, glancing back at Coran, who merely gave a little ‘talk later’ wave.

The bathroom ended up being so complicated Pidge almost regretted using it. But after finishing business -and being promised some rather lucrative guest perks for the earlier trouble- the Green Paladin found Coran waiting back in the hall. “What was that you did?”

“Something I am very sorry to have forgotten to show you earlier.” Coran took hold of the right glove, opening a tiny panel at the wrist near where the pulse would be. “We learned the hard way in the old days that some species are very particular about gender presentation, even to the point of going to war over it. Since the rest of the team didn’t have Alfor’s shapeshifting capability, they were outfitted with a holographic decoy that could simulate it. A… glamour, I suppose.”

“Neat trick,” Pidge murmured, watching him close the panel, then sighed.

“I really should have brought it up before,” Coran apologized again.

“It’s not that. Or… I guess it is, but not the same way…” Coran raised an eyebrow, and Pidge awkwardly scratched an ear. “It’s like… it’s not just aliens getting confused. I’m confused sometimes. Like… there are times I’m just one of the guys, and that feels right, and then there are other times… I want to be my old self. My girl self.”

Pidge fidgeted, then looked up at the Altean. “Does that even make sense?”

“Of course it does. Can’t tell you how many I knew who changed back and forth before they ever decided. And then there were those who never did and kept changing as they pleased.”

“Oh. Yeah. Planet of shapeshifters. Kinda jealous now.” Pidge ran a thumb over the hologram panel, thinking. Then an idea began to bloom. “Could… maybe… I know it’s not the same thing, but… Could we make one of these that I wouldn’t need the armor to wear?”

Coran smiled. “I think we can manage to cobble something together.”

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Hey, Tiny Arceus... could you bless my axe? It's made out of all these blue tusks <like mine> and it's been falling apart lately. Dell the Dhelmise and I need to cut down more trees to build some more rafts and maybe a house... (fraxured-dhelmise) [The shiny Fraxure before the Legendary is kneeling, eyes looking reverently straight ahead]

Hmph, well, you at least seem to respect me, mortal. Very well, I’ll grant your wish. This axe will last you a lifetime, without worry of wear or destruction.



~Hawk in Action~

mr. sands: now, tell me what your little friends are up to. tell me what the “keepers of aideen” have planned

me, struggling, tied to a chair: never

mr. sands: i have all kinds of horrible tortures lined up for you, but we don’t want to have to resort to that, do we? we’re civil people. tell me. now.

me: you’re not getting a word out of me!

mr. sands: hmph…very well. justin, bring in the sunfield hen

GOT7 Reacting to you Cuddling with Another Member - Request

A/N: Hi! I’m so sorry it took so long to get to your request but I’m trying my best to get all the requests out, I’m *kinda?* almost done! Thanks so much for requesting, please request again! :3


Definitely, he’d silently be sulking but he’d be all “chill” as if he wasn’t jealous at all. Too bad you and Bambam could see right through his facade. 

“Jealous much Mark?” 

“Shut up Bambam.” 


You and Jr. were having a conversation and you started to cuddle with him because you felt kind of lonesome since JB wasn’t there, well, until now. 


“What’s wrong?” 

“I don’t know, why don’t you ask Jinyoung who is casually next to you.” 


Jealousy would get the best of him and he’d start whining terribly until he finally pulled you away from Youngjae. 


“Why what—” 

“WHYYYYYYYYYYYY— why not me….” 


I can see Jr. just act like everything was okay. Of course, he would be a bit insecure as you and Mark were cuddling as you sat next to you. 

“So… you still love me, right?” 

“Of course I do Jinyoung. What’s wrong?” 

“No, there’s specifically someone in this room who needs to remember that.” 


I feel like Youngjae would be pouting sadly, all, hanging by himself to show that he was lonely in front of you and Yugyeom until you walk over to him. 

“Hey what’s wrong Jae?” 

“Nothing, just go with *sigh* Yugyeom.” 

“Oh– it’s about Yugyeom? He’s my best friend but you’re my boyfriend, you should know that.”


Shamelessly whining and pouting cutely to you is his charm and that’s what he would do when you and JB were cuddling. 

“Y/n!!! What about me! Give me a hug! I’m your boyfriend!” 

“Come here then~” 

“With JB hyung? No! You need to come here, to my arms, come on.” 

say it to my face


He’d probably stay quiet, finding ways to murder Jackson. He would look really sad where you’d say you have to go see if Yugyeom was alright. 

“Hey, you okay?” 

“Just– dandy.” 

“You say the weirdest things when your jealous.” 


Although I won’t be able to get my hands on the hardcopy version until tomorrow (it’ll be delivered to my parents’ house today and I’m flying home tomorrow) the Kindle version has been delivered to my account! I’ve screenshotted some of the pages above as an example.

I don’t have the time today to read the novel in depth (gotta clean out my room) but I’ve skimmed through it to look for pertinent names and changes that’ll potentially be of interest to some of us in the fandom:

  • Pecho’s name has been translated as “Pezzo” 
  • Our favorite residential “demon’s” name is “Ronny Schiatto” (not Ronnie, sadly)
  • Maiza’s position has been translated not as conta é oro but contaiuolo
  • Barnes…refers to his mother as “mommy” (see the picture above if you don’t believe me). Yeah. I do wonder if that’s a deliberate sign his mental state was regressing as he was being devoured though.
  • Our lovely Alveare shopkeeper’s name is spelled as “Seina” not Sena
    • Similarly, Lia’s last name is “Lin-Shan” not “Linshan.”
  • Interestingly the note that Isaac and Miria leave behind at the Genoards’ is different across the manga and LN
    • LN version: “We’ve taken the seeds of your unhappiness.”
    • Manga version: “The cause of your misery is mine now!!!”
  • Szilard is unintentionally amusing with his “bwa-ha-ha-ha-ha” and his kuh-kuh-kuh and his “ooooooooough.”
  • Commander Verde’s name has been translated as “Police Superintendent Veld.”
  • Fuck’s sake, Ronny says “well, never mind” and not “well, no matter.”
    • “I noticed it during the toast last night, but…in the end, I didn’t stop it.  I had the vague idea that, if it was us, we’d stick with it for a long time…Well, never mind.” p.201
    • “Well, never mind.  I did work them over a bit, like you told me to.” p.209
  • Edward and Paul are confirmed as father and son. That wasn’t made clear in the fan translation. 

Mmm, I think those are the salient points of interest. If I’ve forgotten anything let me know and I’ll tack it on either via an edit or a reblog addendum. 

Guess I ought to update some of the relevant wiki pages with the info when I find the time.


  • The Advenna Avis seems to now be The Advena Avis. Doesn’t look to be a typo since it’s also spelled Advena in the manga too
  • Seems like instead of using the word picciotto they’re calling them ‘associates’ instead. As in, Firo was an associate before he became an executive. 

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'you're an entropic chaos factor.'


hmph. well, he knows what chaos is– … (one second)… he reaches for the dusty dictionary from the shelf at his side and slams it back down agains the table– i thought i told you to keep my books clean and dusted?! if you’re going to use my library, at least keep it spotless you ungrateful little runts.

                      a finger extends– long, slim– skirts the page and stops.

     ˈɛntrəpi/ noun.
     lack of order or predictability; gradual decline into disorder.
     "a marketplace where entropy reigns supreme"

                  hmph. well–… that makes sense. but stupid little boy just called me a chaotic chaos factor– nice try. don’t use big words like that before ten. it’s unseemly. 

          ‘i am the most entroping chaos factor that ever was entropish. you haven’t the faintest idea, orphan.’

                     am i using that right?– i’m an actor! of course i am!

Aisha Revamp in a Nutshell
  • EM: I have the Power Aura buff, but I honestly don't need it...
  • VP: Yeah, me neither. Ya know what DW, you can have it all to yourself.
  • DW: Ooh really? Thanks!
  • VP: Yeah, but I get your Acceleration Aura, okay?
  • DW: B-but I-
  • EM: And let me have Magic Aura!
  • DW: ... Fine.
  • VP: Alrighty, so EM has magic, I have speed, and DW has physical attack!
  • DW: Hmph. Oh well, at least I still have my Spirit Acceleration aura to boost by buff and give me more mana!
  • EM: Uhh, about that...
  • DW: (Spirit Acceleration gone) F*CK!
  • EM: Sucks to be you lol
  • VP: You're the only one who hasn't suffered from any of these trades. We need to give you a penalty too.
  • EM: Wait, what?
  • DW: How about no more ice balls?
  • VP: Yeah, and no Water Cannon.
  • EM: HUH!? But then that means my only water/ice attack is Blizzard Shower (and some combo...) How can I call myself Elemental Master now??
  • DW: Guess you can't.
  • VP: lolololol