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the ITH characters’ halloween costumes

yo yo yo its still spooky night here (although…this halloween was a total bust for me) so i thought i’d put together a lil thing for yall !

usnavi: he was a BIG halloween fan as a kid, ever since he was little (’87, halloween). an older usnavi usually goes as something with not a lot of work put into it, but is still a costume (a skeleton suit, vampire makeup, etc.). he focuses WAY more on the actual giving candy part of halloween.

sonny: okay so he is THAT halloween bitch. as a kid, he and his mom would have cute lil halloween costumes that correlated perfectly (thx mel!), and everyone loved them. as sonny grew older, they did less matching costumes and he did more of the scary theme than anything else. he’ll always stick to his scary theme, unless one year he decides to go as something funny.

vanessa: vanessa’s always been the girl who went as the badass girl characters in movies/tv shows. wonder woman? been there, done that! the bride from kill bill? check! black widow? yepperooni! she’s that gal!

nina: she went as hermione granger one year when she was 14/15. one of her favorite costumes she’s ever done. she also used to go as tv show characters that she liked a lot.

benny: it doesn’t seem like it, but benny gets into the halloween spirit. he LOVES joining sonny in dressing up as something scary. he’s a little goofy with his scary costumes (sometimes they’re not so scary) but you can never break the benny spirit.

daniela: daniela will go as whatever she thinks of the day before halloween. she never really cared about the holiday, just that she had to get candy and have dinner and dress up. she’ll still get into the spirit, but she won’t tolerate any of sonny’s “it’s october 1st! it’s halloween!” crap.

carla: a halloween costume LEGEND. carla goes all fucking out every year. she enjoys dressing up as funny things, scary things, nostalgic things, cute things, and one year, a sexy thing. that didn’t last long, she didn’t really like how degrading it was. nonetheless, nothing you could ever say could change her mind about halloween. it’s the best holiday!

pete: a fucking sheet ghost. every year. for a creative guy, he’s not so good at costumes.

RFA+SV - MC gets a...pic from...some...guy...ok, I don’t know how to title this one.

Ok, to start off:  I am ALWAYS taking funny prompts.  I’m actually a fluff writer, but there’s a lot of crossover between funny and cute.  And it’s therapeutic for me.  I can do the angst thing, but writing happy stuff makes me happy!

Secondly:  so, like is this safe for work?  Not safe for work?  I don’t know!  D8

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i work in a small shop that also holds art classes in the back and i was explaining to this 60+ year old woman that the best way for her to find out about future classes was to sign up for the stores e-newsletter since we send out an email each time a class is coming up
and she says to me very rudely and loudly
“ugh i don’t have email! i don’t use that crap, i refuse to own a computer, the internet is a fad and computers will be gone in a few years anyway”

what? the fuck?

i just stared at her, i honestly could not find any words to reply to that so i just handed her her receipt and said “have a nice day ma'am” to which she responds
“hmph well you stupid young'ns will realize i’m right once we all go back to pens and paper”

two weeks later and i’m still baffled

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S/M Diaboys react to their S/O cuddled up against a body pillow and sleeping? If both families are too much then just the sakamakis please. (//∇//)

Shu: “First time she’s been asleep while I’m awake, eh? She’s clutching that pillow rather tightly. Wonder what she’s thinking about, heh~”

Reiji: “*sigh* I should have expected this much. It’s not very proper to fall asleep slouched over a table like that… Well I suppose it’s late anyways. Rest up…”

Ayato: “Oi, chichinashi? Where- hm? She… Fell asleep? Where the hell’d she get that pillow?? It looks like one of Laito’s ‘special ones’ just without the weird cases…”

Laito: “Hm, Bitch-chan is fast asleep~ I wonder if she’s dreaming about me? Ahh she’s pressing that pillow so close to her~ Maybe I could replace it with my body~”

Kanato: “Who said she could just fall asleep here? This is my room! Hmph… Well, I guess it is kind of cute…”

Subaru: “Ah, what’re you thinking falling asleep so carelessly like this… There’s fucked people around here, y'know. You have to be more careful.”

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Bless us with part 7 our kind goddess.

Flattery gets you places my dear ;3 the long awaited part seven! :D
Blue narrowed her eyes, but before she could respond the pod hissed softly, signaling that the healing process was finished. She jumped to her feet just in time to catch Lance, shooing away Shiro’s attempt to help. She may have only been 5'7" but she was stronger than she looked. Lance was still asleep, not that she blamed him, poor dear. That ion cannon had really packed a punch.
“Um, Blue? The others are worried about him too, so, would you mind bringing him to the common room? Everyone is waiting. That’s also why I came down here. We wanted to apologize, in person.” Shiro explained, flinching slightly at the deadly glare the humanized Lion gave him. “Do you promise to treat him better?” She growled, already scooping her Paladin up into a princess carry, tucking his head against her shoulder. Shiro nodded. “I swear.” He said quietly, in all seriousness.
“Hmph. Very well then.” Blue turned and left the med bay, Shiro walking after her as she made her way to the main common room. She was still a slight bit angry. They had hurt her cub, which was unforgivable in her eyes. Unfortunately, she could not freeze the offenders without her sisters interfering, as each were quite protective of their chosen cub as well. Red would probably set her on fire, which was annoying in its own right. Scorch marks were hard to get rid of. Not to mention Green would probably tangle vines in her metal body’s wiring again. Seriously, you terrify a Green Paladin one time…
She focused on the door to the common room as it slid open, stepping inside to see a sight that alleviated some of her anger. Keith was pacing worriedly, boots scuffing the floor, gaze trained on the ground. Hunk and Pidge were both on the couch, Hunk watching Keith and bouncing his leg anxiously, clearly distressed. Pidge had rested her arms on top of her legs, head bowed to stare blankly at the space between her feet, obviously upset.
Shiro entered behind her, clearing his throat to gather attention. Keith’s head whipped up so fast Blue could have sworn she heard a crack. “Lance!” The name uttered from the Red Paladin’s lips had both Hunk and Pidge looking up as well, relief flooding all three faces. Blue huffed quietly and moved to set her cub on the couch, the opposite side from the Green and Yellow Paladins. She looked up when her sisters slipped into the room as well, and smiled as Red shot her a begrudging palliative smile. Blue and Red may have been opposites, but the still cared about each other.
As soon as Lance was settled, Blue was tackled into a hug by Yellow, the bulkier human Lion babbling about how worried she was when Blue got broken off of Voltron like that, Green joining in as well and poking her body, commenting on her choice of body type. Black stood next to Shiro, arms folded under her chest and smiling happily at the sight of her sister being safe. Red was busy scolding Keith for pacing so long, the shorter 5'2" woman barely clearing her Paladin’s chest. Blue meanwhile, was trying to answer Green’s questions and Yellow’s babbling to the best of her ability, only to shush them suddenly.
Lance groaned from his spot on the couch, and blinked his eyes open.
*cackles again* I leave you with yet another cliffhanger! I don’t think I even have to ask if you guys want a part 8 at this point :3 soon my dears!
Patience yields fanfics! ;3

(Translation) Rouge et Noir vol. 3 + Tokuten

(R18!! Please proceed only if you’re above 18!)

CV. Furukawa Makoto

T/N: commissioned!! ok to be honest this cd is such a Ride, like i hate it at first?? but then i like it?? and when the Good Engrish comes i hate it again?? and then there comes the parts in the cd when the plot finally uncovers and im like!! wow i love this cd, everything about this series makes sense now!! like bruh, im so conflicted, should i love it or hate it? the whole cd just makes me feel like:

I mean voice-wise he’s not my type since it’s so…daddy lmao but ngl this is one of the best-crafted smutty cd series, except for the fact that mc is always a rookie… like why. WHY would you send a NEWBIE…for an undercover operation…. against a highly dangerous man, to boot. chief suou what the heckie r u thinking!? lmao.

wait was that a spoiler?? ………

ok just…listen to the cd first then… i’ll…meet y’all at the end of the post.

(also, there are a lot of literature/history/medical/alcohol names references that i might have mistaken so feel free to correct me.)

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Cross-over between SLBP and Bleach. Reactions. Lords and retainers plus the side fellas and ninjas. MC is a kickass shinigami. [She's beauty she's grace. She'll bankai your ass into Seireitei space. *bricked*]


“Are you expecting me to be surprised? A powerful woman fits the bill for Lady Oda, I’d presume nothing less.”

He mumbles after she leaves the room, “How in the seven hells am I supposed to be intimidating when she fights off hollows for a living..”


“Lord Nobunaga would definitely feel threatened if he knew you were more powerful than him.”

“What do I think about it, you ask?”

“I’m fine with it, of course, I just worry that you’ll be lonely without me when I die.”

“Send me off with a smile, will you? Maybe the God that takes me will turn me into a soul reaper so I can be with you again.”


“Whoa, you send spirits to the afterlife?! That’s so cool!”

“Wait, there’s no evil spirits after my soul, are there..?”

“Er..if there are, will you protect me from them..?”

“Wait, no! I have to be a man and protect you from those..things!”


“You know I’m not a fan of you getting yourself in dangerous situations, little lady.”

“I’m not one to talk, am I..hmph..well, if you’re good at what you do, who am I to complain? The grim reaper needs his goddess of death, after all.”


“Kita always read stories about Shinigami before me and Shigezane went to bed, but I always that they were myths..”

“If it isn’t too much trouble, when it’s just the two of us, will you teach me more about it?”


“I’ve heard of soul reapers, but I’ve never actually seen one in the flesh before, I’m afraid.”

“It seems that I’ve yet to know all of your secrets, my precious girl. Kita will surely be glad to hear about this.”


“Wow! So Shinigami really do exist, huh..”

“The grim reaper has never looked cuter.”


“You’re a WHAAA-?!”

“Stupid! You’ve known me all these years and never told me this?”

“Well yeah, it’s cool, like, REALLY cool, but that’s not going to stop me from protecting you, just so you know.”


“A Shinigami? Hmph. Don’t get the idea in your fruitless head that you’re better than me, even if I’m a mortal, you answer to me only.”

“I’m not jealous. It’s perfectly normal for me to be wary of inhuman men, just because they have a couple of years added to their life they think they can wag their tail at any piece of meat they find.”



“As if it wasn’t bad enough that you’re older than me, I now come to realize that you’re centuries older than me? What a disgrace..”

“Listen, you! Don’t get all arrogant just because you can defeat evil spirits..and live for a long time..and have super strength..”

“Don’t laugh at me!”


“My goodness, is that so..?”

“The title of a soul reaper sounds too bleak for you, rather, you’re a dark angel, letting those around you pass on in peace.” Kenshin stfu


“Shinigami, is it..”

“That might be trouble for me when its my turn to pass on, I’d rather be stuck on Earth by your side.”


“Ooooh? Is that so? You’re quite lucky, you know! Even after hundreds of years you still look pretty as a picture.”

“When I die, I’ll just wander the Earth with you, I’d make a pretty kickass ghost, wouldn’t I?”


“I always knew there was something ethereal about you, I’m glad you told me.”

“You truly are Lady Sanada.”


“You have a power..just like me?”

“People don’t make you feel ashamed of it, do they..?”

“I’ll always think you’re special, so don’t worry.”


“Did you say soul reaper?”

“Ahahahaha! That’s amazing! Ahahahahahaha!”


“That means you’ll get to witness me die, what an honor..”

“Hm? You don’t want to see me die?”

“Then I guess I’ll try to stay alive. For you.”


“What? I..huh?”

“You’re messing with me again, aren’t you..”

“You aren’t? Oh..”

“I guess it doesn’t change who you are, though. Even if you were a human, you’d be kind, and..”

“I’d still fall in love with you..”



“No, no..I just..I need time to process..wow..”

“I mean, not that there’s anything wrong with..you know..you being one or anything..”

“You’re a strong woman, through and through, and being a Shiginami has nothing to do with that.” It’s Shinigami you dumb bitch


“Damn, you’re serious?”

“Hey, you better not let Kenshin in about this, he’d probably lock you in his treasury and never let you out. Not that I’d let him, of course. Ain’t no one taking my soul reaper away from me.”


Games-Giving - wherein Nanami gives out games to the rest of the sdr2 kids

Somewhere in between the crammed spaces was a logical explanation as to why everyone was packed into Nanami’s already condensed cottage.

Initially, she wanted to bring her stuff with her to the lobby where it’s much more spacious but looking back at her hoards of console she knew that it would take too many trips and by then someone would have walked in and ruined the surprise for the rest. Besides, wasn’t this a surprise in its own way? Granted there’s barely enough room for them to breathe and much less to play but it would have to do. Once everyone had settled in as much as they could possibly have, Nanami started handing out the games and necessary consoles.

“Hanamura, you’re getting Cooking Mama.” She says and before he could be offended at a cheap knock-off of real cooking, she explains her choice. “I know how much you miss your mom… I know that the mama here isn’t exactly like yours, maybe. But I figured it might help with the homesickness hopefully.”

He looks at a loss for words. “This is… a wonderful choice.” And before he could get sappy, old habits kick in. “I’ll have you know that you are an exquisite choice yourself. You don’t need to flatter me with gifts if you want to spend a good time with me.”

She listens quietly, unresponsive. And then stoically turns to her next recipient. “I got you Fat Princess. It reminded me a lot of you while I was playing. It has food and strategy, I thought you’d like it… I guess.”

Twogami chuckles and it is a genuine heartfelt laughter. He’s more than happy to know that he was thought of especially by his one defining character trait. “It’s a worthy recommendation. I shall hold back my judgement until I finish it in all of its glory.”

She takes that as a sign that he likes it so she turns to meet the curious stare of a redhead. “I got you Life is Strange. It’s about this photography student but it’s less about taking photos and more of time travel I think… The protag is a girl with short hair and her freckles reminded me of you coincidentally.”

“Oh, wow that’s some… weirdly specific coincidences.” Koizumi admits it’s not quite the game she was expecting. She expected a typical point and shoot (with a camera) game but definitely not time traveling.

“Her name’s Max so I guess you both have names starting with M.” Nanami adds and then tilts her head in inquiry. “Are you okay with this? I can get you something else.”

“And miss out on time powers? I think not.” Koizumi just shakes her head. Sure, why not? It’d be a nice experience to see in someone else’s viewfinder for a change of perspective. “Besides, where else am I going to find a game that stars a girl and photography?”

She nods in agreement. Before Nanami could move on to whom she had planned for next, Saionji beats her to the punch as she unceremoniously jumps onto her. “Me! What about me? What did big sis Nanami get for me?”

She hands her the game with an excited smile. “I think you’ll like this one… Bully is an open world with the usual freedom of Rockstar games.”

“You had me at bully.” Saionji grins deviously.

Nanami shakes her head. “It’s not exactly that kind of game…”

“But I still get to do the stuff I like, right?” She smirks and breaks into childish cheer. “Yay! Thank you so much for this! I’ll play it to my heart’s content!”

She then turns to the nurse who jumps at the sudden attention. “Mikan, I got you Trauma Center. I know it’s far from the actual thing but I’m not exactly sure how… different it is.” There’s a certain genteleness in the way she hands out the game. And shyly, she asks, “Is it alright if I ask for your feedback on this?”

Mikan is still shocked from the experience of affection that it takes her a beat or two to stammer back, “T-Thank you! I’ll cherish this forever!!” She cries as she holds onto the game tightly to her chest. “You can count on me! I’ll be sure to point out all the inaccuracies.”

“Thank you, too.” Nanami then turns to the more if not the most excited member of the group. She smiles as she gestures to the whole setup behind her. “Ibuki, you get rockband… The full set.”

“Awesome! Ibuki has always wanted to play on these!” Ibuki hollers and she’s already at the drums while holding both the guitar and the bass. She looks just about ready to play all instruments at the same time. “The frets on the guitar are buttons! Kyaaah! How wild is that!”

Nanami can’t help but get carried along with Ibuki’s energy. She’s still smiling when she turns to Pekoyama. “If it’s sword slashing precision then the best I have is Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance. You’ll probably appreciate the free slicing blade mode rather than the button mashing on most games… I think.”

Pekoyama gratefully accepts the gift with a bow. “This is quite thoughtful of you. Thank you. I will try my best to master the fighting style here.”

“And when you get bored of that, take a break and play this instead…” She hands her a portable console this time and when Pekoyama opens it, the game is already on and it’s absolutely adorable. “It’s Nintendogs. Now those fluffballs won’t run away from you… probably.”

“I…” Pekoyama’s speechless but that’s mostly because she’s distracted by the puppies hounding at her screen. No animal has ever approached her with such zeal that it catches her off-guard. It’s a surprise that she’s more than willing to welcome. She locks eyes with Nanami and her lips tug slightly into a sincere smile. “I will remember to return this goodwill of yours.”

It doesn’t go past Kuzuryuu who watched the whole exchange. When Nanami turned to him, he was caught unaware and so his defenses shot up. “Heh, so you’re giving away games based on what we do? Don’t tell me you got me one of those dumb trying hard yakuza themed games.”

She shook her head. “I don’t think you’ll like Yakuza that much so I suggest Mafia as a better alternative…” She innocently tilts her head. “Then maybe it’s better when you think it’s a different culture?”

“Ha! You got a lot of nerve thinking I’ll play crap like that.” He scoffs at her.

“I’m not. I think you’re more respectable than that… maybe.” She says not quite sure what she wants to mean. She gives him a different game instead. “This is Undertale. I think you’ll like the Fight or Mercy mechanics. You’ll choose well, probably.”

“Hmph, whatever.” He crosses his arms but his expression softens. She got him a game with a pacifist route and he appreciates the gesture. He murmurs, “But thanks anyways. I guess I’ll give it a try when I’ve got nothing else to do.”

“I’m sure you’ll love it… I think.” Nanami crosses the room to the other half of the class and Sonia catches her eyes first. “I was trying to find a game where the protag is a princess but it was hard so… I just went for the game with an… intense female main character. Tomb Raider’s a classic and you’re pretty hardcore like Lara Croft.”

Sonia reads through the summary at the back with sparkling eyes. “Oh, I have always wanted to go on my own expeditions without royal guards hounding me!” She claps her hands in her excitement. “I think this is just a lovely game filled with action and adventure! Thank you!”

“Ah, Gundam.” She moved on to the next person on her list. “I know you don’t like games about breeding animals since you consider them…” She squints as she tries to find the exact words that he used. “An insult to the actual gods?”

“That is correct!” Gundam agrees with a scowl. “Those are outright blasphemy! Why waste time on fakes when there are actual gods among us? If I were not such a forgiving Dark Lord then I would have rained judgement on all of those atrocities!”

“But is it okay as long as it’s not based on actual animals?” She asks with uncertainty. She didn’t want to offend Gundam but she’s not sure how well he’ll take this suggestion of hers. “Monster Rancher is a classic for your type. You get to learn about raising a whole bunch of new species that are literally out of this world… Here, look.”

Gundam inspects the game with a snarl at first but as he goes through the monsters, he finds himself more intrigued rather than disgusted. A whole new world to conquer, huh? He breaks out into raucous laughter. “Feast your eyes on these poor lost souls! The time has come for the Tanaka Kingdom to recruit yet more unearthly races! Cower in fear as our strength increases right before your eyes! Bwahaha!”

“Oi, do your delusions more quietly! Nobody cares!” Souda shouts but it falls onto deaf ears since Gundam is already absorbed in raising his first monster. He doesn’t want to accept being ignored but then he remembers that he hasn’t gotten his game yet and so he turns to Nanami with expectant eyes. “Man, looks like everyone’s getting good picks. So what do I get? Is it cool? It’s definitely cooler than dork lord’s over there, right?”

Nanami’s smile is playful. This one was trickier to find but it was an achievement to finally get it. She pulls out a box and brings out its contents. There’s the game and console and… a mini-robot. “Meet R.O.B., he’s your partner for playing Gyromite.”

“This is…” He gapes over the robot and his hands roam over across the plastic, he’s already picking it apart in his mind and deciphering how it works. He expected a game but he did not expect it to come with its own mini-robot. His eyes are shining and he almost looks in love. “This is fricking sweet.”

Even Nanami thought it was cool and she’s sure that Souda thinks of it a tenfold more. While Souda was busy mooning over his new toy, she sets up Owari’s. “I couldn’t find anything close to your ideal but… Wii Sports is close enough, maybe. As long as you strap on the remote and keep your distance, you can play boxing to your heart’s content.”

“So I basically beat people up by actually beating them up?” She shouts a battle cry and gets fired up on the spot. “Yosh! I’m game for this!”

“Nidai, I got you FIFA Manager among other coaching games… I couldn’t decide which one would be your favorite.” She adds that last part shyly but he takes them with a smile as always.

“I’m the best at managing my players! I’ll even be the best in these games of yours!” Nidai lets out a hearty laugh. “I’d watch out for your highscore if I were you.”

“I’ll take that as a challenge.” She then turns to the last two of her list.

Komaeda is already wearing his trademark lopsided smile and is eager to see what new hope would be born out of this. “I’m grateful that you would even consider giving me a game- the embodiment of your hope- when I’m trash undeserving of such greatness. I feel bad that you bothered thinking about me when I’m worthless.”

Nanami lets out a sigh and her hands are on Komaeda’s face in a heartbeat. “Stop talking like that or you won’t get yours.”

“But I don’t-”

“Stop.” She puffs her cheeks while she pinches his.

“Ow! Okay, okay. I concede.” He chuckles and even raises his hands in a show of defeat. “I’m still new to this whole thing about people thinking I’m worth more than I really am.”

She stares at him for a long time, judgingly, taking his words into careful consideration. She huffs again and releases him. “Close enough.”

“Well you do inspire me to try, you know.” He smiles and there’s laughter dancing on his lips. “The truth is I’ve never been this excited in my life! Oh, aside from that time I received my acceptance letter to Hope’s Peak Academy that is.”

Somehow he always brings back the conversation to hope. She shakes her head and there’s a small smile forming. “Here. Try this.”

He takes the phone in his hand with the camera on and it surprises him slightly when something else appears on the screen. “Uh, Nanami? Is there supposed to be a creature here?”

Her hand quickly swipes the phone out from his grip and her face practically beams. “A Lapras! As expected from Komaeda’s luck!” She flicks her finger a few times and by the fifth pokeball, she catches it with a triumphant smile. “I’ve been looking everywhere for her. Thanks for helping me out.”

“No problem.” He chuckles and then inquires, “So I’m guessing that wasn’t actually my game.”

She smiles shyly and then hands him his true gift. “That’s Legend of Mana and it’s legendary for its unique luck system. Almost the whole game is rigged on luck… I think.”

“I see. Then it is fitting for me.” He smiles broadly. “As expected from the ultimate gamer. Instead of bringing me the usual games, you hand me an excellent rpg. I will not let you down and maximize my luck just as much as your hope inspires me!”

“As long as you have fun.” She giggles and there’s a cough behind her. When she turns around, she sees the only person who has yet received a game from her. She smiles wider. “Hello there, Hinata.”

“Uh, hi.” He flushes and then straightens himself after a shaky breath. He fidgets from being too tense for his own good. He’s nervous even though he has no reason to be. He looks like the only person who’s afraid of what he’s about to get. “I know I don’t have any talent and all… so I’m sure you had a hard time finding a game for me.”

“Oh, not really.” She objects readily and she makes sure that her voice comes out as reassuring as possible. She finds his worries odd especially when there’s no trouble at all. “Actually… I picked out yours first.”

“What?” He shoots her a look of confusion. And when he holds the game in his hands, he feels absolutely lost. “Danganronpa…?”

“I feel like it’s life-and-death important for you to be good at this.” Nanami says in a tone that’s too serious to be talking about just games. And then in the next moment, she’s back to her laidback self. “By the way, it’s a series and I’ve already finished the latest one: New Danganronpa V3 or ndrv3 for short.”

“Um…” He’s still staring at the game and trying hard to read its hidden meaning but he comes up with nothing. He feels that there’s a joke somewhere in there that he’s missing. “Wait, so how did you end up picking this out for me?”

“Just an important feeling… probably.” She casually shrugs. There’s something cryptic underneath her words but he doesn’t have the code to decipher them and so he just loads the game with skepticism and caution. She nods at him approvingly. “When you’re done with that one, I’ll lend you the second one. I’m sure you’ll find the sequel more… interesting, I think.”

Nanami pulls out her own portable console and continues the minigame she left off. Every now and then she looks up to check on her classmates if they needed any help but they’re too engrossed with their own games, some more loudly than others. Playing games with everyone here is different from her usual peaceful solitude but it’s a good kind of different. It’s nice, she thinks.

And in this crammed cottage of Nanami’s where everyone is busy having fun, she thinks that everything is as it should be.

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PaRt 11 iS WhAt I nEeD !! GoD of bLuE! I pRaY To yOu!

*laughing* I hear thy mortal plea, and thus I grant you part 11, my dear!
It was late, she should have been asleep in her metal form, but it had been so long since she’d been able to walk around of her own free will. Which is probably why Shiro seemed so surprised to see her wandering the hallways that night, after everyone had already been tucked away for bed. It had only been a day, and the first time her sisters left their Lion forms they had gone back in order to recharge.

But unlike them, Blue had been storing energy ever since she’d met her precious little pilot, waiting for the day when she’d finally have enough to form a human body to match her Paladin’s species. But now she turned on her heel to raise an eyebrow at the Black Paladin. “Oh. Blue. You’re awake this late at night? I kinda figured you would be back in your Lion form by now, since that’s what Black did the first few nights she used her human form…” Shiro trailed off, unsure how to fix the awkward and tense atmosphere.

After all, Blue was still upset over the mistreatment of her little cub. One day doesn’t fix the damage of a month. And they had damaged her Lance, unintentionally or not. Blue hummed quietly. “I have not used this form in a very long time. I was storing energy in preparation for when the system finally repaired itself.” She stated coolly as she motioned for Shiro to walk with her, instead of standing awkwardly in the middle of the hallway.

“Also, I would ask you why you yourself are not asleep like your fellow Paladins. My studies on human anatomy and physiology during my time on Earth show that lack of proper sleep leads to negative side affects.” No one was safe from Blue’s mothering side, it was just in her nature to care for others, no matter how angry she was at them. Besides, this was her cub’s potential mate. She had several questions for the Black Paladin, might as well clear them up now.

Shiro laughed wryly. “Just… felt like checking the perimeter is all. Black is currently covering the other half of the Castle.” He explained as they both padded quietly down the dimly lit hallways. Blue raised an eyebrow, figuring there was more at work than just “feeling like a walk” here, but didn’t press further. That was Black’s job, not hers.

They walked in silence for a little while, when Blue finally spoke up. “Thank you, by the way.” Shiro gave her a questioning glance. “For earlier. Carrying Lance to bed while I was busy with my sisters. Thank you.” She clarified, and as she suspected, a light blush formed across the Black Paladin’s cheeks. Hmm. Interesting. She’d have to ask Keith and Pidge a few things too it seems.

“Ah, I was just trying to be a good teammate. Besides, he was barely out of the healing pod, walking was out of the question. We’ve been treating him badly for too long, I figured I should start trying to make amends before we lost him again…” Shiro managed to keep the embarrassment out of his voice, but the look on his face was more than enough for Blue.

“Black Paladin, I want to know your intention with my cub.” She stated suddenly, stopping and pinning Shiro with her gaze, both stopping in the middle of the hallway near Pidge’s room. Shiro blinked, startled at the sudden inquiry. “My… what?” Blue folded her arms under her chest and quirked a brow, the very image of a mother interrogating her son’s future boyfriend. “Your intentions with Lance. Because I’m receiving very mixed signals from you about him and I’d like some clarification.” She asked, and Shiro suddenly got a whole lot redder.

“Oh. Well, he’s a vital part of the team and an all around nice guy to have backing you up…” Shiro tried first, but Blue stepped forward and he stepped back in return. “Your. Intentions.” She stated quietly, golden eyes full of promises of intense hurt if he said a single word wrong. “Umm, I have no intentions? I really don’t?” He squeaked, the intimidating commander of Voltron reduced to a shy and blushing schoolboy under the ancient Lion’s gaze.

Blue hummed, pleased, and stepped away, finally allowing Shiro to relax. “Hmph. Very well. If you’ll excuse me, I’d like to talk to my sisters about something.” She said calmly as she walked away, towards the Hangars, leaving a shell-shocked Black Paladin behind.

“What the hell just happened…?” Shiro muttered, as Pidge opened her door, peeking out and grinning at him. “You just got the meeting the parents lecture! From Blue!” She giggled, Shiro merely going brighter red in response and pressing his face into his palms.

“Pining denial! I fucking called it!” Red screeched, pumping her fist in the air and turning to give Green a high five. Yellow merely sighed in defeat while Black smiled indulgently. “Language, Red.” She chided lightly as Green spun around, cackling about how her calculations were always correct.

Blue rolled her eyes at her sisters, sighing. The Lions had been betting on possible mate pairs since they’d met their Paladins, and Yellow had been betting on Lance and Hunk.

Black had been torn between Lance and Shiro or Keith and Shiro until the Blade Of Marmora incident, when Red had come back smugly informing them that Keith saw Shiro as a brother more than anything else.

Green and Red had both been rooting for Shiro and Lance since day one, though they’d also been chatting about Keith and Hunk. Green had firmly declared Pidge off limits though, not that anyone was going to argue with her. The smallest cub was too young for a mate, even if she was barely a few years younger than the others.

Blue was very into the Hunk and Keith pairing, but her Lance was too precious for a mate. She’d rather tuck him away from the possibility of a broken heart, thank you. Black sidled up to her youngest sister, smirking. “Oh Bluuuuuuee~!” She purred, and the blue haired woman pouted. “Absolutely not.” Black’s smirk widened. “Come on, even you can’t deny it at this point.” Blue kept her mouth shut. “They’d be cute together and you know it.” The eldest Lion sang cheerfully, and Blue pouted even further, crossing her arms under her chest and slouching a little.

“Black, no. My cub is not ready for courting.” She argued. “Oh come on, Blue! Don’t you think they’d be adorably lovey dovey as mates?” Black wheedled, knowing she was wearing down her sibling by the waver in Blue’s lip.

A few moments of silence while Red, Yellow and Green leaned in as well, each giving the youngest Lion a knowing smile.

“…….okay, maybe a little bit cute.”” Blue mumbled in defeat, and Black grinned. “Told you so.” Blue glared at her pride. “I hate when you’re right.” She huffed. "I always am, dear sister.” Black purred, completely smug.
The Lions have a betting pool on their Paladins and nobody else is any the wiser. Soon enough Green will pull Pidge, Keith and Hunk into helping make Shance canon while secretly doubling up in getting Hunk and Keith together. What? Their Paladins deserve happiness! And Pidge needs blackmail!

But yeah. Part 12? Or should I finally end this arc and move on to the next one, the one I’m calling the Progression Arc with a shit ton of awkward flirting and fluffy Shance? And bits of Heith? :3 send me an ask telling me if you want a part 12 or the new story arc! :D

(Masterlist here!- https://tokyoteddywolf.tumblr.com/post/160169071603/mama-blue-au-masterlist )

fic for victuuri week day one!

Title: i have a confession to make
Rating: Teen.

Wordcount: 1.6k

 “Yuuri,” Victor asks, his voice suspiciously cheerful. “What’s this?”

Victor is holding a poster. Not just a poster, though. The poster. The 2013 Victor Nikiforov doing a swimsuit spread for Vogue poster that he hunted for for endless months.
Although he knows it’s pointless, Yuuri racks his brain for any, any possible way to explain himself that doesn’t include the sentence: “I was obsessed with you and I maybe jerked off to you when I was 15 once or ten times.”

Link to A03: here

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“So, I’m important to the plot in a new game,” Shadow thought out loud. “What a relief. I was beginning to think I was getting left in the dust…”

“So what you’re saying is…” Robotnik suggested. “You felt you were getting overshadowed.”

“Yeah, basical-…oh.”


“You’re very proud of that pun, aren’t you doctor.”



“Well then, I’m sorry it didn’t appeal to you. I guess it was a little forced.

nadinefrazer  asked:

"For one ticket, your total is 6.50." "Is that the senior price?" "It's actually our early bird discount, so it's even cheaper than senior price!" "Hmph. Well, you should have a senior discount on top of the early bird discount." Why are old people so fucking cheap. Lady, you're already saving a dollar from our regular senior price, can't you just be happy with that.

Most older people live alone and all their friends have died. They are lonely. But why can’t they just say hello or other small talk. Why do they have to mostly be nasty as duck o other people. Like it’s my fault you woke up today and your going to make my life miserable too.


Genji x Preg!Reader

So small context. I was gonna do Genji and child reader. Buuuuut I felt like doing a different kind of fluff?

Reader is implied Female.

100% SFW

As you lay in bed you groan slightly. Six month’s into your pregnancy with your Cyborg lover. And he was out late training…again

Looking at your holo pad’s clock. It was 2:30 in the morning

Getting up and carefully making your way carefully across your room and into a robe before leaving your room and down the overwatch training area

“Come at me! Dont hold back!” You heard Genji yell

“Alright kiddo. Get ready” he was training with McCree of course. If the voice wasn’t an indicator the loud gun shots made it obviously

You walk in and when a opportunity arises you make your move

“Genji Shimada! Weapons down now!” You yell causing both the men to drop there weapons in fear

“Ah. My love. Why are you out of bed?” Genji asks trying to play it off

“Getting you” you say leaning against the door frame “Jesse its past your bed time?”

“Righto Ma'am” he says giving a hat tilt and a look of good luck to Genji before leaving

“My love. You should get back to bed. You need all your strength”

“I am fine. Its you im worried about. You haven’t slept in three days. You work and take care of me in the day and train at night…im worried about you Genji”

He sighed a little. His mask was off.

He was clearly under stress. His eyes had bags under them and he had the hints of similar facial hair to his brother. Although at this point it was just peach fuzz

“Why are you doing this to yourself?” You ask wrapping your arms around him tightly

“I-I…It’s just. Im worried about my clan finding out about you. The baby. Our family. What if they use you two to get to me” he says holding you as close as possible “I need to protect my family”

You smile putting a hand on his cheek “Genji. Your a one man army. We both know that. But what could the remnants of the shimada clan do against not only you but all of overwatch” you smile as he kisses your forehead

“Yes but…”

“No buts Genji. You need sleep. So lets go back to our room. Have some tea. And cuddle. Please” you ask giving him the puppy eyes

“Hmph. Very well” he chuckles pretending to be upset about it.

“aishiteru” he says softly lifting you up

“I love you too Genji.

highonwisps  asked:

Do you ever think sonic would ever kiss Amy in the heat of the moment and not even realize he’s doing it until it’s too late in the modern universe? And if so can you write a prompt about it?

Emm… EMMMM.. the Canon me wants to say that SEGA would have to really have loosened their previous grip on keeping Sonic and Amy all about the ‘chase’ factor. But the me who studies Character and sees Sonic progressing throughout his life would say that ‘spur of the moment’ kissing–especially a first one– would definitely be a plausible way to get Sonamy progressing and show that Sonic has grown as well.

But not realizing it? I could see him doing it quickly and then realizing ‘hey, this isn’t bad.’ (kinda like SheldonxAmy from Big Bang moment.) and after a minute of figuring himself out, he may actually allow another to slip, but that would require a huge emotion surge with an intensity that was built through high-stakes. (my theory that Sonamy can only really work through tragedy, or a great deal of emotions and drama that compels them together.)

But having said that… here’s an idea I had on the matter of Modern Sonamy… *Please imagine that great stakes already happened and they’ve been through a lot since presently opening with this scene…


Amy walked ahead of Sonic, hands together and in front of her, bouncing with each cute, peacefully charming step she took through the woods.

Her head was down, chatting up about random things, as Sonic listened to the echoes of the forest… the rivers and birds… then he looked straight at Amy’s back.

Muscles moving, nothing new.

He raised his eyes a little bit.

Her hair bobbed with each stepped, and she animated herself by moving her head up and around at the pretty forest scenery, then giggling and looking ahead again.

She turned back only once and smiled by squinting her eyes in glee towards him, seeing him slightly paying attention to her anyway, or seeming like it, and advanced on.

He found himself drawn towards the middle part of her large, bundled quills. Each strand pressed down and securely with the others.

Something heated up in his fingers, and he itched to at least touch one out of place.

Something about making her imperfect all of a sudden graced his mind and he took the small tip of her large bundle of back quills and felt around at the ends that slightly poked at his fingertips.

It was the sensation they wanted, he realized. As the fire simmered down and he flicked one out, rubbing it to stand up straight as was the nature of when quills were activated.

He kept a neutral face the entire time, but his eyes kept her in the corner of his attention, making sure she didn’t notice.

Then, his finger twitched for another feeling.

He looked down at the white rim of her red dress.

He lowered his eyes further to see her tail and feet, disappearing with each flap of its hop-like design bouncing with her movements.

He smiled in his mind, thinking her kinda funny, before allowing his hand to lightly, making sure once more he went undetected with a fast shift of his lazy eyes to the back of her head and then began to fell the fabric through his gloved hand.

Some grim from his glove inked a bit off into the white, but that only made his mental smile expose itself for a fleeting second to his face.

He had made her imperfect. Touchable. It wasn’t such a sin anymore to want to feel what it was like. Having even a little bit of her between his fingertips…

He felt like an infant, gripping the ends of a woman’s dress and following after her, but at the same time… he didn’t want to let go.

These feelings had started to boil under the surface of his skin since that horribly suspenseful adventure where he had grabbed Amy from certain doom. Clinging to her hand that felt faint and unsavable, as her body hung from the cliff of magma.

He honestly thought, for a quick moment, that he hadn’t saved her.

That thought had been haunting him. It was if it had happened, and perhaps he kept feeling like he needed to touch her to remind himself she was still alive, still well and with him.

But there was something else too.. something that dared him to never let her out of his sights again.

That was what troubled him the most…

“Sonic? Hey! Are you even listening to me!?”

His hand, as quickly as she had stopped to turn, sprang as fast as a darting thief back to his side and gripped his hip.

He turned too, still an avoiding and neutral expression to his face, scanning the scenery on the side of the route they traveled through.

Amy had suggested a walk. He silently conceded, but walks let his mind wander too much, which was why he didn’t prefer them as much…

“Sonic? Hey, are you ignoring me?” She peeked around his frame and leaned herself more into his line of view, cutely tilting her head as if questioning he was playing with her or not.

She really was something… so pure and untouched… well, not anymore.

“Hmph.” she leaned back, deciding it was play, he concluded. “You usually snap back with a quick… well… quip at this point! Hehe!”

She had one of those laughs and faces you knew were sincere. Straight down to her core, you knew she was giggling. No masks, no mistakes… she was the living embodiment of perfect self-awareness and expression.

“Sometimes… I just like to listen and be quiet, Amy.”

She found that a strange reply and he quickly decided to let her believe he was playing with her.

He felt strange but didn’t want to let her on to it. And if he wasn’t careful, she would start to investigate, and that would be a whirlpool of suffocation for him right now.

He flicked his itching pointer finger up into the air, tipped his lazy toes up, and leaned with a cocky smile to her. “I like to listen to nature. Hear the music or sounds it makes.” he walked around her, and then turned his head to the shifting trees and named some of the sounds around him.

“-And you’re just one sound that adds to that experience, Amy.” he smiled, hands on his hips in a confident manner.

However, he knew it was a facade. Unlike her heart on her delicately smooth sleeve that carried it, he was almost always feeling vulnerable and shy around her.

One wrong move and her perfectness would slip. He would ruin that perfect smile, that headstrong wit, that beautiful way her quills rested down and never spiked up at anyone, not even once.

Jealous suddenly of how anyone could approach her without them defending her, he found his eyes darting to the ground and shifting about.

He sometimes hated thinking.

“So… I’m just noise then?” She folded her arms, musing with a smile and furrowed eyebrows.

She was playing back, he noticed.

He was noticing a lot about her lately…

He looked up and grinned right back with a charming smile. “A special kind of noise.”

“Special?” she beamed, leaning forward and dropping her hands, widely outstretched behind her in excited hopes of grandeur meanings.

He leaned back and winked, allowing her hope to linger a moment before walking on. He positioned his fiery hands back behind his head, realizing they wanted a little bit longer of a time to taint her again, but he would have to wait for another ideal moment to do so without her knowledge of it.

He wouldn’t plan it. He decided it would just happen the way things always tended to happen when it came to being around Amy Rose…

“Ohh…” she seemed to sound disappointed he abandoned the rest of their game, but he didn’t mind her protest.

He heard a moment later the scattering of leaves under her feet, quickly catching up to him, and kept his resting smile so she wouldn’t suspect anything now that he was leading the scenic walk.

He closed his hungry eyes, decided to starve himself from looking at the contrast between the pink and green view he once took in a moment ago.

He felt her hurry up along the edge of his side, leaning her head forward to inquire again, as most of the time, her questions were surrounding things about him anyway.

“Hey, Sonic… what’cha been thinking about?”

He removed a hand to give it the satisfaction of at least itching inside his ears, tilting his head lazily to do so. He really didn’t have the energy to bolt away, so he allowed himself to remain by her perfect kindnesses and just enjoy the quiet peace that always retained itself around her when she was being restfully pleasant and quaintly chill.

“I don’t know. Stuff, I suppose. Sometimes I can think of nothing at all.” he could imagine her confused and slightly annoyed expression from not understanding his answer at all, and it amused him to think of her trying to figure it out.

His fingers kept burning so he put them down and looked at them, rubbing and flicking them out as he placed them down and in front of himself.

“Nothing? At all? Even with me right here by your side? Aww…” she sighed, once again disappointed in his reply.

But he expected disappointment, was used to it because he knew how imperfect he was. Even if her image of himself was perfect, he knew he could never be anything more than just… well… what he wanted himself to be.

And he never dreamed of being perfect.

Amy suddenly let out another giggle, and he shifted his eyes to her in curiosity, knowing that was usually the sign that she was playful yet again for another teasing round of the same game with him.


Amy was a master and amateur at flirting.

He knew this, but he kept it to himself. Because it would be dangerous to inform her that at times she was perfect, and at other times, he was glad she wasn’t.

To resist her at her perfect attraction would be the ultimate test, but no sin. However, to fake that her charms were off at her worst, would be to insult nature’s beautiful way of giving you an escape from temptation.

So he would appease her. Nature and its child. Perfect little Amy Rose. A symbol of its love for life and vitality. Encompassed in one perfect little lady.

She pranced around near some small opening from the road and refused to give him a chance to continue on.

She stopped him in his tracks with every movement of her hyper little body. The way the crevices folded together when she bent, or the sway of her hair as she turned.

She smiled. She never stopped. Perfect people can’t feel anything but perfect.

He stopped and watched with what looked to be little interest.

But inside was a roaring to embrace her. To carry her into his arms, and to smother her with the fire of his fingertips, and keep her prickly hairs standing on end in hopes they might push him away.

He hoped they would be able to push him away.

He wanted to get away.

His eyes lingered but his will was too powerful.

He ripped his eyes from the portrait of her enjoying the grassy dirt and light beams of sunlight through the canopies of the trees.

His eyes stung by the pain of his harsh tear from the object they were so fixated on thinking about, but he just kept them close to heal…

Something perfect… gravitates to those who are imperfect.

So they may taint them.

Sonic couldn’t be perfect and he wouldn’t ever be.

But he knew the sin to taint her was unforgivable. Not enough perfects existed in the world.

He growled out the side of his mouth.

They could make perfect little babies to add to their perfect little numbers of scarce and few.

Amy called and her voice rang through the pronounced sensations of his mind trying to overcome his body.

He turned back to her, almost as if summoned to a fate he couldn’t avoid and looked at her puzzlingly.

“Well? What? You looked fine without me.” He played, always playing… never more serious than a taunt or flaunting of knowing she wanted him to be closer and that he never would dare step further into the fire.

Like a kid and a match. Though there was only one match left, and he didn’t want to waste the fun he had with it by lighting it watching it burn out.

What a sad thing to savor… something that burnt out so quickly.

But Amy… was perfect.

“I’d never be fine without you~ Teehee!” she skipped up to him, wanting to fan the fire he constantly put out with a tight clasp whenever she tried to bring the thought of lighting the single match back.

She was on-point in her game today, where he mentally had to slap his hands together to make sure the flame was fully killed again, but…

He turned his head away from her being so close. Something about today didn’t feel quite right.

She was insulted by his indifference and turned away, swishing her arms to move her dress to sway and then held a stance of thought.

He dared to take a quick second to look over and analyze her reaction. A dangerous move… but he ended up caring too much and letting some of the fire slip out to warm her if she began to cry…

“Sonic… do you… like me?”

He felt hot water immediately begin to wash his skin off his bones.

“Like.. who I am? As a person?” she swayed her body back and forth, left to right, looking innocently to the ground as he swallowed, letting a wave of cool spit bring down the warmth inside of him.

Was fate testing him?

Why does it always do that!?

The whites of his eyes showed how truly scared he was of ever letting the fire slip, ever allowing it to touch and burn away the perfectness from her.

Worry-struck, he remained frozen and silent.

“…Do you ever…” she looked up, tilting her head, “Think of me?”

When she turned her head to him, she giggled innocently and kicked the ground before hopping over some grass, as though her perfectness wouldn’t allow her to trample over what her mother, Nature, had created in the same likeness of herself.

No… she couldn’t sin. It wasn’t allowed for something that Mother Nature gifted to be her perfect example of perfectness.

As he continued to remain prejudice and silent in his thoughts and words, she fluttered her eyes to him and then down, turning away again.

“Do you ever think I’m pretty?”

He tightened every muscle in his body.

‘Don’t you move…’ he commanded, his will stronger than the fires inside of him, heating up his 70 percent of imperfect water. Burning his flesh off would be worth keeping her perfect… it would be worth keeping her untouched and unhurt by the world that wasn’t perfect…

“Do you ever… just think of me?”

Her form… in the light of the trees as she stretched to absorb it. She was used to warmth… she may be able to withstand even fire…

It twisted and elongated. He could see the sharp curves, the long, thin legs protruding from her wide dress… a bell-shaped flower.. with her head as it’s sweet pollen’s resting place.

Ah, honeybees love to suck on those heads, but Sonic was a hedgehog, and a decent one at that.

Honeybees couldn’t manage their fires, but he would protect this Rose from any such flames that arose around her!

He closed his eyes and gripped his remaining skin on his arms, though he mentally knew they were fallen off his bone by now from the heat that rose and threatened his sanity.

Why did he want to? Why did he envy the perfectness of gentlemen honeybees?

Hedgehogs could maintain flowerbeds, sure. But he never really took up gardening…

Honeybees could fly lightly up to a flower’s lips,… hedgehogs scuffle along their toes…

“Do you ever think… I’m attractive?” she suddenly giggled, but he could hear her slight panic at his absolute still and silent frame.

His eyebrow twitched, and he immediately looked away from her, up at the trees, before closing his eyes.

He knew that would make her upset. But maybe that hammer could smash the flames, put him out of this deadly struggle to keep her unharmed.

Flowers burn up easily… perfectness gets tainted so quickly…

He had to hold back. He had to remain still and silent.

Oh, Amy… you tease and you flirt… you but you only hurt yourself.

She pursed her lips, making him realize his eyes were opened again, and couldn’t help but refocus on her pollen.

Why were honeybees so into the taste of pollen anyway?

The thought was dangerous, but so was when she pouted and glared at him, rushing right up to him in angry little huffs, feet skimming the ground at her upsetness to his indifference.

Suddenly, she shook out her and tried again, surprising him out of his act.

“Don’t you ever… want to hold me? Long to… to keep me close to you? Even sometimes?”

He turned away, his hand covering his face as he worried she saw something… something leak through… some fire blazing in his eyes that he tried to keep relatively to himself.

She turned away, stomping her foot to the ground. “Fine! I get it! You don’t… you haven’t yet… but you will! I’ll make sure of it! Because we’re destined to be together, Sonic! I just know it and-!”

She tensed up.

A fugitive hand had reached back behind him, skimmed her shoulder to the crevice of where her back met her arm and stole some perfectness from her body.

It was so fast, that Sonic hadn’t noticed his fingers had gone rogue.

In absolute terror, he looked up to see Amy turning her head to identify the perpetrator… and to realize it was attached to him.

He pulled it back with the darting spring of its last act beforehand, lightning would have been proud fo his speedy getaway, clinging to the moment it had stroked the perfectness off some of her skin… leaving a cooling feeling that alleviated some itching in them but without it… they burned once again for another robbery.

He was about to race away when she cried out to him- “Sonic! Wait!”

He mentally could comprehend the arms that were outstretched behind him, wanting to be burned up and fuel the rest of the fires that licked his exposed bones.

he felt vulnerable again. A child who had lit his match out of absolute necessity from waiting so long… but now…

He hadn’t realized.

He had flung himself around as if to the call of the wild, and let her will be done instead of his own.

He was tired of fighting a battle he feared he would always lose too. No matter how much he struggled.

He hadn’t realized that she lingered by his mouth.

That she waited as if permission.

That she stared into his eyes, her hands cooling his chest as they firmly rested there.

His arms encircled her and he hadn’t realized.

His breathing grew soft but heavy and he hadn’t realized.

He was breathing in her perfect little world, her perfect image of himself, her perfect way of things…

And he was inches from taking it all into him… from bringing her perfectness to himself.

In the heat and stir of the moment, he let out a breath, escaping the confines of his heart, “Yes…”

Her eyes raised as if she was blossoming before him.

“Sometimes… I do.”

It wouldn’t be the last time he said those last words.

It wouldn’t be the last time he said ‘yes’ either.

It was like he was answering years of her questions, all in one pivotal reply.

Then she moved up and closer to his face.

Then… he said goodbye to his love of imperfection.

And then… he kissed into her world…. of the perfect love.

(You said ‘heat of the moment’ right?)

He drew back the second he regained himself.

They were kneeling on the ground.

His hands were entangled in her spiked hair, which he instantly connected was because they must have been stimulated in some way.

He realized his face felt pressed and touched, several times in fact.

He panicked, feeling his heart moving so fast when he wasn’t racing through plains or mountainscapes.

He looked and listened.

His senes restored, he realized his sin and stepped away.

“Oh no..” he had given into perfect.

“Sonic?” she removed her hands and sat down, withdrawing and wondering what was wrong.

He kicked his feet away, gripping his head. “Oh no, oh no, oh no!!” he repeated through gritted teeth in his fright, getting up and moving away from her.

He had brought her into imperfection… and allowed her to bring him to perfect.

He realized what this meant. Amy would want perfect little kids. Say goodbye to Eggman. Get a JOB.

“Amy… I…I’m..” he felt the need to say he was sorry for kissing her. He felt the desire to just tell her it was all a misunderstanding. To forfeit the perfect he had received from her and reclaim some of his imperfect world.

But instead, he turned to see her there, something absolutely loyal to whatever world he may inhabit.

Perfect… because he knew she loved him perfectly.

“I..” he felt his entire being surrender once more to her reality and gave up what little freedom he thought he could muster of living without her perfect love.

“I love you.” it was unrehearsed, unthought of, and betrayed what he wanted to say.

But even just that tiny slimmer of perfect… still lingering in his body and on his lips… made him realize that he just couldn’t live without it.

It had to be in his world.

His… whatever it was… perfect and imperfect… a world that he would create for not only himself but now for the whims of a single rose he couldn’t leave unattended.


(But it’s really never the end…)