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How Dan and Phil probably broke up #27
  • <p> <b>Phil:</b> Dan, I cant sleep can you sing for me?<p/><b>Dan:</b> of course<p/><b>Dan:</b> a month without uploading he comes back with a tag-<p/></p>

10/? Bangtan Compilations

Joon + Logs 📹 + Moments™



“Oh, what love!”


[T]hey see, it is said, men who have been dead for several months, come back to earth, walk, talk, infest villages… suck the blood of their near relations, make them ill, and finally cause their death…These revenants are called by the name of oupires or vampires, that is to say, leeches.”

[AU where vampires truly only care for blood while recalling nothing of their human life and are compelled to drink from their loved ones. Since Yuu is Mika’s only still living family, he seeks him out and Yuu, hoping to still be able to reach Mika in this state, allows him to drink his blood to sustain him. While it is well-known vampires retain none of their living memories, Yuu swears Mika is still Mika, and one day he’ll remember him and their family.]

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uh, i keep seeing this dude walking around claiming to be the mayor of second lives? or something? and i mean i want to ask him to leave bc im pretty sure he doesn't belong here but the last time i got brace enough to tell him off he just shot straight up into the sky??? i'm pretty sure ive encountered the moon base's first cryptid.


[Bangtan loses Taehyung]
  • Yoongi: Great! Now we'll never find Taehyung!
  • Namjoon: Sure we will! *opens his wallet and take out photo* All we have to do is show people his picture and they'll help us find him.
  • Jungkook: You have a photo of V hyung in your wallet?
  • Namjoon: Of course! I carry picture of all my friends *unfolds like 7 more pictures*
  • Hoseok: You're friend with Tinashe?!
  • Namjoon: No, but i want to be.
Axetale/Repo! Genetic Opera Blurb Part 2

I spent all day and very nearly into tomorrow writing part 2. I haven’t been this excited to write stuff in awhile. :D

This ficlet is based on @thebananafrappe and @azulandrojo‘s Undertale AU, Axetale with some much needed help from their wiki and of course, @mercy-monster‘s drawings which really bring their creation to life. Thanks to the three of you for helping in spawning this bizarre little idea! Lyrics in bold and italics are from Repo! the Genetic Opera songs, Chase the Morning and Night Surgeon, respectfully. I’m thinking about wrapping it up somehow in a part 3, so we’ll see how it goes. Sorry if there are any discrepancies in the lore or if the grammar is just plain yucky. I tried. lol (I wish I had banana’s talent for writing)

Enjoy part 2!

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