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…a second chance, a ray of light and a way home.

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오늘 사인회 때 안경을 쓸까 초커를 할까 화장실에서 한 20분 고민하다가 후자를 함. 왜냐면 후자가 좀 더 할 만한 상황이 잘 안 온다(용기 필요.) 왜 남자느 초커를 하면 안 되는가. 물론 마틸다가 한 게 짱이다. 암튼 나는 좋다 초커가 여러분

I was worrying over whether I should wear glasses or a choker in the bathroom for around 20 minutes before the fansign today but chose the latter. Because there aren’t many situations where I can wear the latter(I need courage.) Why can’t guys wear chokers. Of course, Matilda’s choker is the best. Anyways everyone, I like chokers.

(T/N: Matilda from the movie ‘Leon’, she wore a choker)

좋은 밤 되세유

Have a good night

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Ooooh I noticed a plural in that. Child[ren] is it kinda like a dog or other animal then? Would S/O be expecting multiple skele babs?

Each boy (sans or his stand ins) can produce up to five babies. Depends on who you’re mated to on the rate that they’re fine normal beings, or just straight up assholes who will probably destroy the planet. So yeah the S/O can expect anywhere from one to five babies.

Bomberboy: 2 in 5 chance they’ll be normal, 1 in 5 chance they’ll be okay but probably hunt humans, 2 in 5 chance they’ll eat the planet

Cherryboy: 4 in 5 chance they’ll be normal, 1 in 5 chance they’ll eat the planet

Canine: 1 in 5 chance they’ll be normal, 4 in 5 chance they’ll eat the planet

Towelboy: 3 in 5 chance they’ll be normal, 2 in 5 chance they’ll be okay but probably hunt humans

Loverboy:  2 in 5 chance they’ll be normal, 2 in 5 chance they’ll be okay but probably hunt humans, 1 in 5 chance they’ll eat the planet

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You never actually thought he was abusive. He had a temper, sure, and every once in a while he got physical, but everyone gets mad sometimes. And you even thought you deserved it sometimes.

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I know that Yahaba slaming Kyoutani against a wall is like THE Kyouhaba moment, but...

This is always going to be my favorite Kyouhaba moment… 

That subtle I’m your ace I will spike any toss you give me” is just… jdfioajsdfajdiofjaiodjfaidjfioajdoifaj. Kyoutani slaming that toss and scoring a point, for someone with not so much confidence in the court, like Yahaba, IS important. 


Have you ever wondered, hey, what’s that guy in the snuggie look like under all that snug? Probably not, but I am here to enlighten you either way.

After Kanaan made multiple unregistered trades with Beta, Helios asked him to visit Alpha to draw up a proper contract & “discuss his intentions”. Thunder child gave him some bracelets and advised him to dress up for it. He owned two capes once - now he owns one cape, one frilly top, and a new pair of pants. Also a whole lot of extra material.

[and here’s an extra drawing]

An excited sweaty namjoon running to u after a stage performance and asks u what u thought about it.

BTS Reaction To A Fan Winking At Them During A Fansign


“You just flirted with me! It was supposed to be the other way around!”


“Oh, stop it~”


*Playfully shows his tongue, but then laughs at the situation*


“Well… Hi”

Rap Monster

“You got great taste in men”


“You winked at me, what is this?”


*Makes a face, because why not, it’s Taehyung*

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