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uh, i keep seeing this dude walking around claiming to be the mayor of second lives? or something? and i mean i want to ask him to leave bc im pretty sure he doesn't belong here but the last time i got brace enough to tell him off he just shot straight up into the sky??? i'm pretty sure ive encountered the moon base's first cryptid.


Axetale/Repo! Genetic Opera Blurb Part 2

I spent all day and very nearly into tomorrow writing part 2. I haven’t been this excited to write stuff in awhile. :D

This ficlet is based on @thebananafrappe and @azulandrojo‘s Undertale AU, Axetale with some much needed help from their wiki and of course, @mercy-monster‘s drawings which really bring their creation to life. Thanks to the three of you for helping in spawning this bizarre little idea! Lyrics in bold and italics are from Repo! the Genetic Opera songs, Chase the Morning and Night Surgeon, respectfully. I’m thinking about wrapping it up somehow in a part 3, so we’ll see how it goes. Sorry if there are any discrepancies in the lore or if the grammar is just plain yucky. I tried. lol (I wish I had banana’s talent for writing)

Enjoy part 2!

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Loki’s letter

Paring: Loki x reader

Warnings: angst and fluff

Summary: you find a letter Loki wrote, on your table. In the letter, he confesses his love for you. But was it the right thing to do? 

Note: Once again, English is not my native language, and please give me feedback. And let’s all take a moment and appreciate Loki’s/Tom’s eyebrows!

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I have tried to escape. From what you ask? From myself, dear.

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150509 Rap Monster’s Tweet

오늘 사인회 때 안경을 쓸까 초커를 할까 화장실에서 한 20분 고민하다가 후자를 함. 왜냐면 후자가 좀 더 할 만한 상황이 잘 안 온다(용기 필요.) 왜 남자느 초커를 하면 안 되는가. 물론 마틸다가 한 게 짱이다. 암튼 나는 좋다 초커가 여러분

I was worrying over whether I should wear glasses or a choker in the bathroom for around 20 minutes before the fansign today but chose the latter. Because there aren’t many situations where I can wear the latter(I need courage.) Why can’t guys wear chokers. Of course, Matilda’s choker is the best. Anyways everyone, I like chokers.

(T/N: Matilda from the movie ‘Leon’, she wore a choker)

좋은 밤 되세유

Have a good night

Trans cr; Mary @ bts-trans



so a while ago, an anon asked for archie pretending to be a mermaid and i thought of this

i wonder a lot what maxie even talks about in the speeches he supposedly gives to all of team magma every morning. i bet bullshit like this

Word Count: 1459

Triggers: Abusive partner

Requested by Anonymous

You never actually thought he was abusive. He had a temper, sure, and every once in a while he got physical, but everyone gets mad sometimes. And you even thought you deserved it sometimes.

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How Papyrus and Sans would react if they learn that Frisk has a skeleton in their body? ((They would probably freak up if Frisk brokes their arm for exemple XD))

I haven’t decided yet if I think animal-based monsters have something like a skeleton in their bodies. Obviously there aren’t bones left when they die and turn to dust. But while they’re alive? Is there some kind of scaffolding? Or does the magic just know where to be firm and where to be soft and where to be furry, etc? (And for that matter, how can they shed fur? Shouldn’t the fur turn to dust? AND ONE MORE THING–)

I only bring that up because it would likely change how Sans reacts to it. If there are monsters who have skeletons, then I think Sans would know about that from his studies, and have enough sense to apply it to humans too. Bones in certain monsters are probably not common knowledge (the same way, say, cows having many stomach chambers is not common knowledge to humans), but he’s a smart cookie who would probably be into factoids like that.

But lets suppose they don’t have bones. 

They are told. Sans thinks Frisk is just screwing with him and laughs. Pap does this: ಠ_ಠ

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I know that Yahaba slaming Kyoutani against a wall is like THE Kyouhaba moment, but...

This is always going to be my favorite Kyouhaba moment… 

That subtle I’m your ace I will spike any toss you give me” is just… jdfioajsdfajdiofjaiodjfaidjfioajdoifaj. Kyoutani slaming that toss and scoring a point, for someone with not so much confidence in the court, like Yahaba, IS important. 


Have you ever wondered, hey, what’s that guy in the snuggie look like under all that snug? Probably not, but I am here to enlighten you either way.

He owned two capes once - now he owns one cape, one frilly top, and a new pair of pants. Also a whole lot of extra material.

[and here’s an extra drawing]

I found concrete evidence straight from Meade’s own pen that he was what I call an abolitionist*Lite like I suspected he was and that he had plans to free all his slaves before he suddenly died. Which means I forgot to sleep because I had this whole new avenue of research to dig into (especially with some of his kids being hard-core Abolitionists, the ones with the serious action to back up their words and I needed to find out solid info on what happened with Meade’s slaves when he died within their memoirs) So now it’s 6:30 AM, my eyes are struggling to focus, and my typing skills are beginning to suffer xD Expect something on Meade’s abolitionist kids in the near-ish future. And I’ve got something cooked up on Meade being an abolitonist*lite like I said but I’m gonna let it stew for a little bit because I typed it while half conscious. I’m going to retire for a bit and get that out later.

*ding dong*....fuck....

Characters: Sandi (that’s me!), Dean, Sam, Castiel, Crowley, Rowena

Summary: The Winchesters travel to our Universe seeking my aid in a hunt…oh boy.

Prompts: Use the provided paragraph for the #Not An April Fool’s Joke Challenge for @mrswhozeewhatsis to start your fic and you MUST use yourself instead of OFC/Reader insert, warts and all.

Word count: 3,160

Warnings: Some angst, fear, uncertainty, me being weird and awkward…

A/N: #Not An April Fool’s Joke Challenge, @mrswhozeewhatsis. Thanks to my beta, @leatherwhiskeycoffeeplaid, for putting up with my word-vomit. I swear that I’ve NEVER written so much about myself before….and probably never will again! 

*GIFs not mine*  

*Bold and in Italics is the challenge prompt*

Your doorbell rings and when you answer it, Sam and Dean Winchester are standing there in all their denim-wrapped glory. Sam gives you the most effective set of puppy-dog eyes you’ve ever seen and says, “Sandi, thank God you’re home. We need you.” They are not actually Jared and Jensen sent by your friend as an April Fool’s Joke, they really are Sam and Dean Winchester, and they really need your help to save their hunt.

“What the actual fuck?! Why are you real and on my doorstep? And how the hell can I help you?” I yell in a panic-filled voice as my breathing becomes irregular and I start to hyperventilate. Dean pushes me into the living room while Sam scouts one last time outside before deadbolting the door and joining me and Dean on the couch. Dean is trying, and failing spectacularly, to calm me down but the combination of their unique smell of gunpowder, Old Spice, and leather plus their soft touches of reassurance and hopeful gazes freak me out even more.

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Been feelin’ hella crappy the last week thanks to the cold/flu, but wanted to get at least one thing uploaded =v= Sketch ref of Perci in his feral, and everyday forms.