well here's another version


rafaelcasal: Anyone who has spent enough time around me knows how often I randomly break out into this song extra sarcastically, but Gene Wilder’s passing reminds me why I fell in love with musicals - largely because of him. Beautiful songwriting that was a chapter in a fantastic story, one that only a Gene Wilder could pull off. Bravo actor, bravo performer, bravo writer, thinker, artist. Thank you for unlocking my imagination.

This is just so insanely gorgeous that it could make a person cry. Melancholy, passionate, and chockfull of gut-twisting emotion. Talent, friends; take a good, long look at it.

Make sure to watch the full(ish) version here on his Twitter, as well as another cut here on his IG.

ETA: Annnnnnd boy can HIT THOSE HIGH NOTES.