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43 & 12 with Sam? <3

you guys really like the angst well here u go

The birds chirping outside pulled you out of your sleep. Your rubbed your eyes and stretched, suddenly feeling the emptiness beside you. You rolled over to the sheets pushed back and Sam was gone.

You two had a string of one night stands over the past weeks and it began to make you wonder if the both of you were going to keep the “friends with benefits” title.

You dug around in the covers for his henley that he left in the bed last night, and tugged it over your torso. It smelled like him.

Sam would usually brew a pot of coffee for the both of you before he left most mornings, but as you walked into the kitchen, the coffee pot was empty. It hadn’t been touched.

You constantly checked your phone for texts or missed calls from him. You just wanted to hear or read the words that said “I’ll be over tonight.” Except, you got nothing.

A few days had gone by and you hadn’t heard anything from Sam. No phone call, no message, there was no sign of him. Nothing could describe the panic you felt whenever the mailman would knock on the door, or hearing your neighbors talk outside.

You debated reporting him missing, but you decided against it. You two were only “friends with benefits”. Nothing serious. 

That night, you sat curled up on your couch, watching a documentary. You weren’t watching it or even listening to it. Your focus was confined to the door, waiting for a knock or something to let you know Sam was coming back.

You kept lying to yourself. Since Sam had left, you had to tell yourself that you didn’t miss the feel of his arms around you. That you didn’t miss the feel of his lips against yours. That you didn’t miss the entanglement of skin against skin. That you didn’t miss the morning coffee with him. That you didn’t miss the silly conversations you would have with him. That you didn’t love him.

You wiped away a stray tear that made it’s way down your face as you heard a knock at the door. You threw the blanket off of you and sprinted to the door, opening it with such force that it blew your hair out of your face.

There was Sam, standing there, with a bouquet of flowers. 

He looked like he had been beat up. He had cuts and scrapes over his face, and his eye was sunken in with a purple shadow around it. His scabs were healing over, the fight didn’t happen that night.

You weren’t filled with relief, yet with frustration.

“You left me.” You said, staring at him.

“Listen, I think we need to talk.” Sam said, dropping the flowers down to his side.

You shook your head. You didn’t want to cut things off with Sam. You didn’t want to spend empty nights in your empty bed. You didn’t want to wake up to nothing next to you, no arms around you, and no kisses to your nose.

You began to shut the door and Sam stopped it with his arm. 

“Y/N, please.” He said. His voice had a sting to it.

You froze as Sam made his way inside.

“I had to leave.” He said, setting your flowers on the coffee table and sitting on the couch, waiting for you to sit next to him before he continued.

“But why didn’t you tell me, Sam? That’s what hurt the most. I thought something had happened to you.” You said, ignoring the obvious fact that Sam had been beaten up.

“I’m sorry.” He said, looking down and putting his head in his hands. He rubbed his face. “I couldn’t tell you where I was. It would have been to dangerous.” 

Sam was being annoyingly vague. All you wanted to know was why he left. 

“Well, you’re back now, right? Can you at least tell me what you did that caused – this?”  You asked, swiping your thumb softly under his bruised eye.

“I got in a fight.” He said, reaching up to his eye and touching the purple.

“Sam, really. What happened?” You said. For the little time you had known each other, you could tell when Sam was dishonest.

Sam let out a sigh, knowing he wasn’t going to be able to lie to you.

“I stole something.” 

You stared at him for a moment, trying to process the words. Stole? You were in love with a criminal? Out of all the types of people Sam could be, he was a theif. 

“YOU DID WHAT?” You asked, your voice raising higher than you wanted it to.

“Before you say anything–” Sam said, holding his hands up, “It wasn’t my idea.” Sam was trying everything to protect his innocence but it was not doing much for you.

You scoffed, shaking your head and leaning back onto the couch, crossing your arms.

“But hey, the jobs done. I’m back, and we can continue back where we were at.” Sam said, nudging your knee with his.

You figured it was time to tell him. 

“I don’t want to go back to the way things were if it means we aren’t serious. And I don’t like your jobs. I don’t want to be involved with a criminal.” You took a deep breath. “Sam, I’m falling for you, and I’m falling for you fast. And if we are just going to keep playing hookie with each other, than I don’t want to see you anymore.” 

It was too hard to get that sentence out. You couldn’t look at Sam, but you could tell he was still processing what you just said.

“Okay, okay, no more jobs.” He said, folding his hands together.

Sam stayed silent before he started laughing.

“What?” You asked, leaning down to look at his face.

“Do you have a boyfriend?”

“What do you mean? No– I don’t.”

Sam pushed you down on the couch into a kiss before he pulled back.

“Now you do.”

I may be only a face in the mirror for you, but I am chaos to everyone else.

Yeeeee! New art! Really sorry for the recent lack of scribbles here on my blog owo I just got a new stylus, so I’m good to go! (I just draw on a phone, so I only use a half ballpen/stylus) Updates will be slow though, school is taking its toll on me, but I manage to finish my homeworks early just to draw hahaha XD Well, here you go guys!

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sources have confirmed abc isn't airing the trailer, just the same bts reel they showed. also the trailer was described as not a "finished" trailer, more like a tease. clocked in at 2 min, not 3min.


ok well here you go guys. hopefully a full finished trailer will be released sometime fairly soon.

sunshine (illya kuryakin x reader)

Remember that sad Illya imagine I promised you guys? Well, here it is. I was going to make it either a Steve or Bucky imagine, but those boys have suffered enough loss. I’m not gonna break them. 

This time, anyway. 

 Enjoy, my little wolves! 

Song: You Are My Sunshine (why on earth is this song so sad?) 

Picture, just because I think it’s cute, plus that’s the way that’s the way that Illya and (Y/N) slept:

The fight was supposed to be a simple, quick one. Illya, Gabby, Napoleon and (Y/N) weren’t outmatched, at first anyway. Then the bad guys called reinforcements and it had taken them a bit of a while to get everyone. 

Good news: enemy was down. 

Bad news: (Y/N) was shot. Fatally wounded. 

Illya rushed to his girlfriend, lying in the gravel ground, and held her as close as he could without causing her pain. (Y/N) felt teardrops fall on her skin and she smiled at him, lifting her hand to wipe his tears away. 

“You’re not allowed to cry, Il.”

“You’re hurt.” Illya’s accent grew rough and tears started running down his cheeks again.

“Yeah, well, I’m almost always hurt. Clumsy as hell, remember?” She laughed slightly and groaned, pressing her hand to her side. When she moved it, her fingers were red with blood.

“Please don’t go. (Y/N), please don’t go.”

“Oh, miliy, you’ll be okay, I promise.” She cupped his cheek with her other hand, not wanting to get her blood on him. Then she remembered their song, and even though it hurt, and even though she felt weaker by the minute.

“You are my sunshine, my only sunshine. You make me happy when all the skies are grey, You’ll never know, dear, how much I love you. Please don’t take my sunshine away.”

She kept singing the chorus over and over again, and each round, her voice got weaker and weaker. On the last time, she couldn’t finish the last part, so Illya sang for her, even though he was a horrid singer.

By the time it was over, (Y/N)’s eyes were closed and her hand was weak.

Was that sad? Did it make you cry? It made me cry, and I’m the one who wrote it. But, seriously, why is that song so sad? I cried like three times just listening to it.

Feel free to request, my little wolves!



well guys, here you go my PATREON! 

it s been i while i was wondering if i whould make a patreon account or not.

lately, some “not so good” events happened in my life, about my family.
(see here : http://frankhumphrey.tumblr.com/post/145568493580/… )
that changed my point of view about my life,money etc, and, sadly, it made me draw less and less.
why i am here, then? i want to see if this patreon can help me pay rent and bills, first of all, but it s also about my passion: drawings.

a passion which is not disappeared, i m just waiting till the day it ll can reborn.

i don’t ask too much to my patreons. i have (luckly) a job , the situation is difficult anyway so i don’t always have the time for drawings like before.
but i can do commissions, i can draw sfw and nsfw if you please.
maybe this patreon could be a good way to start something.

i had various projects in mind, but, considering the recent events, i couldn’t continue them. i will, of course.
projects like:

fantasy comic: blue sky
fan comic(teen wolf, sterek ship) : GAMMA
children book: Draghetto , a little dragon’s journey (book of all kind of dragons and the story of Draghetto, who s trying to understand what type of dragon he is)
children book: princess Kiko ( “& the spirit of…” saga ; various stories about princess kiko,in a japanese kind of context, discovering all the spirits around the world, like of dreams, forest, water, etc).

maybe it sounds odd, but i had also some nsfw projects too.minor things, though.

thank you for all your support!