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taboo 1.08 reactions / ramblings

So i originally wrote here that, “Haha, this is just a little post of immediate reactions! Brief, to the point, short and sweet! I’ll write a more thorough post later.”

But of course, I ended up rambling wildly instead, and I ended up with this rant.

Ranting in the good sense as well as the bad; there were things in this episode that delighted me, and things that disappointed. I’ve spewed forth some thoughts about both here. Rough, unfinished thoughts, at the moment, as obviously I’ve not had long to process, but at any rate, I present: Things That Gave Me Feels, Things That Made Me Cheer, and Things That … Disappointed Me.

Utterly, 100 percent spoilers, of course.

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Mating.[Newt Scamander Oneshot.]

Finally, right? Here’s Part One. Part Two will be coming tomorrow. did i mean for this to be 3,000+ words and almost 8 pages long? no. but it is.

Originally posted by newdscamander

Title: Mating.
Pairing: Newt Scamander x Reader.
Words: 3,302.
Rating: M. (mild sexual content).

The night had started off just like any other you found yourself in. There were a few lights on in your home, there were also a few candles and an already dying fireplace set in the living room that gave off a wonderful heat and a sort of picturesque lighting. Your coat, as well as an appealing blue coat were hung up by the door, shoes popped off on the floor below them, snow now melting off their heels. A familiarly worn Hufflepuff scarf was accompanying the jackets on their hooks, an unspoken reminder to Newt of who he really was.

There was an absolute feeling of love and tenderness wafting through the air and there was no need for words anymore. Newt had a way of being so alluring without even intentionally thinking of appearing so, and you found yourself mesmerized by this. The cut of his jawline, the sinking in his cheekbones that gave him a specific unique look you’d never seen before. The freckles that tickled along the the bridge of his nose onto his tinted cheeks. His sparkling green eyes that, if caught in the light just right, looked as bright as a leaf mid-summer. He was surely beautiful, you thought to yourself with a dazzled sigh.

Unbeknownst to you, Newt was thinking very similarly. He wanted nothing more than to reach across the table and pull you close to him, his lips devouring yours in a kiss that would last near minutes until your lungs needed the satisfaction of air. He stayed still though, and swallowed in the fantasy running vividly in his imagination. For a second there, he could almost feel your hair brushing through his fingertips as he cups your head in a very heated kiss. Newt could feel the shock and then you softening against his mouth to reply.

And really, there was nothing stopping him from doing such. But, Newt did worry about how you respond to such a frivolous, spontaneous and romantically inclined action. Positively or negatively? He was sure it would be positive but he was left feeling a bit insecure on the matter and decided to let things go paced as they are.

Twitching his fingers softly, he reached up with the hand that wasn’t on his thigh, picked up his cup of tea and took a sip. He took slight pleasure in the way the hot liquid ran down his throat as it woke him up from his fantasies.

Social dates were okay, but if Newt had a preference he would say that the in-home more private dates where the two of you simply enjoyed each other without the looking eye of the public were possibly his favorite kind. He found a sort of solace in being happy with so little; in the fact that there were a few things that he was head-over-heels for. His creatures were one and you were the other. Biting his bottom lip, Newt gawked at you, or at least that’s how it appeared. Regardless of the situation, whether he was out in public or in home like he was now, he wouldn’t have reduced his amount of compliments and gestures of adoration. It was interesting to say the least, to hear him so chatty as the night progressed.

You had deduced early on in your relationship with Newt, that he was a bit of a night owl and liked to stay up later than most everyone. He probably found himself with more energy during the night than any other time of day because it was then that he could tend to his creatures without the constant fear of being caught, or even being carried away in his case by a stranger that happened to stumble upon it. Now-a-days, atop the nights that he spend tending to his creatures, Newt also spent them with you as well. It was in the night that he first saw you under a dim New York street light, looking as angelic as ever. His eyes rested on you as you took a drink of tea, idly staring off into space. His lips tilted into a small grin. That night you looked just as beautiful as you did now.

It was in the night that he trusted you, and you trusted him and he introduced you to the inside of his case and to his creatures. Newt’s heart churned at the thought. You were so in love with all of them, and you had accepted them as a part of your family by choice.

It was in the nighttime that the two of you shared your first kiss. It was a night much like the one happening. Quiet, peaceful. And by the end of it, when Newt was ready to leave, hopping on one foot to another because the night had really gone on without any issues and he actually found himself able to connect with you unlike he was able to with many people, you stood in the doorway of your small one-bedroom apartment. It took him a push, and if Newt looked back on it now, you were actually the one who initiated the kiss. And god, he was so happy you had because he was almost certain he’d continue to chatter your ear off before you finally said goodbye.

The smile on his face melted from one of pure remembrance of moments passed to a soft glimmer of adoration and love as he stared intently at you.

“Now is it fair that you look so amazing and I look like I got dragged through a trash can?” Newt asked and moved his eyes back to the tea in front of him, sitting snug on the oak table. Lifting an arm, he rested his hand on this thigh and laughed more to himself.

Laughing quietly, you looked at your teacup bashfully and shrugged your shoulders, “Have you looked a mirror recently?”

“Not recently, no.” Newt smiled at you, the wrinkles around his eyes and mouth becoming present. They were what you called his ‘Genuine smile wrinklies’ because that’s what they were. They were the reminders that if you cannot smile, it’s never a good day. At least, that was one of his many philosophies.

“Oh, well. I guess you’ll never know how unreasonably handsome you are.” You swooned in your seat, placing the back of your hand on your forehead and leaning backwards in your seat to strike a dramatic pose. This made Newt smile as he studied the curve of your body and how you moved so subtly, so gracefully and oh so enchantingly.

“I can’t tell if you’re flirting or trying to be mean in a nice way.” Newt was smooth to retort with his own sass, staring at the tea in his cup before setting back on the table, “Unreasonably handsome is quite a stretch, I’d like to think of myself as average.” His sentence turned into a small mutter near the end as he looked around.

Rolling your eyes at his statement, you repeated yourself and stood up. “You should really look in a mirror sometime, Newt.”

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder-” Newt said and grasped your hand as you rounded the table, “And if you’re my beholder, than I shall believe I’m beautiful as long as you think I am.”

“You’re beautiful inside and out.” You gushed, entwining your fingers with his. Newt left his thigh with the kiss of his palm as he raised both arms around you and persuaded you into his lap. Kissing his knuckles gingerly, you sat yourself on his thighs. Tucking back some of your hair with his free hand, Newt studied the side of your face and chuckled lightly when you turned your head to peck at the fingers of that hand.

His breath caught in his throat at the feeling of your lips so mildly against the sensitive skin of his fingertips. You had left them slightly wet as you pulled away to look down at him, and something about that fact left him sitting a bit more stiff that he was before. Newt swallowed back the breath that had managed to get stuck before drawing in a deep, settling breath. Tilting his head forward, he rested it on your bare arm and shut his eyes. Just being so physically close to you was something special and felt like a privilege. And to Newt, it surely was. You were letting him into your life, you were letting him close and letting him love you, so in the end, to him, all of this was a privilege. Kissing your arm blindly, he tipped his head up and rested his chin on your shoulder.

Newt breathed in once again, focusing on the smells. He could smell perfume, something vague and very delicate. He could almost imagine a rose in his mind. Lying under that scent was something different. Much like animals producing their own scent to attract a mate, humans did very much the same thing or so Newt has recently discovered. A sex pheromone, he thought to himself and breathed out shakily. To say yours was different wasn’t a complete lie; to say that Newt found it amazingly suitable and attractive to only you would be a better way to put it. The natural smell you gave off, plus whatever perfume you decided to wear that day always toyed with his mind in the instances you walked by, or if the wind brought the smell to him. He supposed if humans were like animals he’d have to perform a mating dance, but alas, they weren’t.

He smiled gently. You were simply with him because you loved him and supported him. And that meant the world to him.

“You okay?” Your voice rattled him back to reality.

“Quite.” Newt murmured in the crook of your neck and left you with a ghostly kiss to your skin. “Just getting a bit tired, I suppose.”

“You want to go lay down?” You asked and brushed back some of his reddish-brown hair. It tangled between your fingers.

Newt thought about that for a second before nodding a bit too eagerly to a question of such stature.

With your back pressed against the oak door of your now shut bedroom, you found it hard to even focus on anything other than the deliciously plump lips that were smashing down onto yours, eradicating any thought of even getting to sleep early this evening. Newt was surely careful not to bump you too harshly against the door to avoid hurting you, his hands pressing against the wood and trapping you snug between a rock and a hard place. The rock being the door behind you and the hard place being Newt. With your dress already unzipped in the back, the chill of the air was running up and down your spine and only intensified as he pulled you away from the door, desperate to make some sort of attempt at getting to the bed.

If not, then the floor would have to suffice. That thought was surely wiped clear of his mind when he felt the back of his knees against your mattress. Strange, he thought to himself and furrowed his eyebrows, he could have sworn the bed was farther away than that. Sitting himself down, he gazed at the floor and then at you. “Come here.” Newt chided quietly, wrapping both arms around your waist and tugging you to lay on the bed. With a few shuffles and moans, he was finally on top of you.

“Are you sure you’re comfortable?” Newt whispered down to you whilst readjusting his body above yours. Grunting softly, the mere tightness of his clothing were making it difficult to maneuver properly.  Your were knees bent and placed between his legs, your back arching to accommodate to the messy blanket you were resting on, his hands keeping himself as steady as possible with them resting by your head on a soft pillow. Your dress would occasionally peek up your thighs as if they were playing a game with you, and though you bare noticed such a thing, Newt seemed to be thrilled by the second as more and more of smooth skin was being revealed.

Newt’s fingers would dive into your hair every so often when he had the strength which he seemed to have a small amount of as you nodded, tilting your head to the side to give his clothed forearm a seductive kiss. That was enough to make him falter, whether because of the heat you gave with every bit of affection or because of the undeniable thought of what was going to happen, Newt wasn’t sure. But, one thing was certain. So far, he was enjoying himself. He just hoped you were as well.

Newt didn’t want to crush you by letting his entire weight rest against your body, and opted for his bottom half to rest against yours. With his hips hugging yours, he lifted his torso a bit more and puffed it out. Your hands had left your side on the soft bed to touch his sternum before diving down to unbutton his shirt. One by one. Such a slow pace, Newt thought to himself and watched you with dilated green eyes. They were so heavily diluted, that in the luminescence given off by your nightstand light gave the appearance of his eyes being heavily darker than they were in natural sunlight.

He himself felt like he was floating on a cloud every time you’d even hover your lips above his, every time your hands would peep under his button up shirt and onto the bare skin of his neck. Goosebumps were rising and falling on his body as frequently as he breathed.

But then again, that was an understandable area for that kind of cuddling, that being on the chair in your dining room near the dying fire. The sort that could turn into something else given the circumstances. And it just so happened that the two of you found those exact conditions this evening. First on the chair, and then soon after in the bedroom down the hallway.

Friction at this point was the only thing he needed to worry about. The intense friction you would bring by barely even grazing your legs against his, giving him a touch here and there were enough to stir something deep inside of his mind. It was as if someone or something had hit him with an aphrodisiac causing a jolt of unsaturated craving to run vicariously through his veins. Either it was a good thing or things were going to be a disaster. Newt would have to see.

“I’m plenty comfortable.” You responded as another one of his shirt buttons came undone, “Are you though?”

Chuckling breathlessly at your inquiry, Newt craned his head down to capture your lips in the smoothest possible way. He was hoping that was an obvious answer to your question, his full plump lips melding against yours ever so slightly as his hips moved against yours to allow some more leverage in his movements. It would become much easier to move when he wasn’t completely constricted by tight clothing, he figured and watched with a sort of innocent eagerness as your hands pulled away his white button up shirt. With Newt’s shirt now completely unbuttoned and tossed haphazardly onto the floor, your hands found themselves on his torso.

You teased his skin with your fingernails, hoping to arouse him further. Unknowingly, you were playing with a fire that was only going to get hotter and hotter the more you handled it.

A reaction from Newt you would have expected was a shiver, maybe a small smile of shyness. But, as he pulled his mouth from yours to look down at you, you noticed something behind his gaze. And it was surely intentional, the pure intensity of his stare as he refused any sort of motion that would cause your eyes to unlock from one another, mouth agape and appearing to be much more bruised from the delectable way he was kissing you before. You could feel his breath on your face as you ogled up at him, entranced by his peering eyes.

Whether it be lust or want, perhaps a mixture of both, his green eyes sparked something inside of you mind that eventually, with very little motivation swirled through your body. A sort of confidence, really as you found yourself pleased with Newt’s response. Lightly, your fingernails traced down his smooth chest to rest on his navel to see what other reply you could get out of him. You could see the freckles that lined on Newt’s body, from his cheeks where they were splattered gently, to his slightly broad shoulders where they clustered together like tiny galaxies, all the way down to where the waistband of his dark brown pants danced around his slender waist.

That was a wonderful feeling for him. He couldn’t quite describe it, but if asked, Newt supposed he would say that it felt like a sort of tickle turned seductive. Newt knew where this was heading, which was why it wasn’t as ticklish as it would have been if you purposefully used your hands to trace his abdomen. Not to say your action didn’t make him chuckle because it did. The sound was slightly strangled by his lips pressing against yours once again, coaxing into deeper longer kiss than before.

Undeniably, Newt was turned on. With every ghost of your touch, with every kiss he was getting more and more to the place in his mind where he’d no longer heed to anything but the want. Newt wanted the favor of your bare body so close to his, his fingers touching unspeakable places they’d never wandered around before, his lips whispering sweet nothings into your ear.

He started with the latter, with the full intentions at getting you to the point of excitement that he found himself at. Craning his head down, Newt situated his mouth next to your ear. He made himself appear suspenseful as a small, deep chuckle resonated from somewhere deep inside of his chest. That sparked another flush of want to radiate down and throughout your entire body, as you had never actually heard him sound like that before.

The gently loving hands that were once cupping your cheeks were now pressing against the outsides of your thighs, teasing an already peeping dress further up. You could feel his fingers shaking against your skin ever so slightly, telling you that he was in fact nervous and was putting on a small facade of confidence, but regardless, seeing Newt in such a state was a thrill. 

He had let himself go slightly, and now rested his naked chest against yours to get closer to your ear. The leg that was between your legs was pressed further up, rubbing sensitively as Newt licked his lips and informed you, “I’m already shirtless, so I believe it’s time we make it a bit even, (Name). Fair is fair, after all.” His voice waved a bit at the end of his statement, but for Newt to have even gotten that far was amazingly sexy. Beyond that even. It was impressively sexy.

Biting down on your bottom lip, you laughed and tilted your head back against a pillow once again. “Have you been practicing pick-up lines?”

“Only slightly,” He said into your ear with an embarrassed chuckle, “Is it obvious?”

“Only a little.” You stifled your laughter and raised your hands onto his chest once again. You could see Newt shudder under your touch, leaving you to feel a bit more powerful than before. “But, my oh my…. Mr. Scamander. I had no idea you were so seductive.”

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Golly gosh I hope that was good. This was only part one, folks! Part two is coming your way tomorrow! Reblogs + likes are way appreciated and mean a lot! Have a good day/night!

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Pairing: Dean x Female Reader
Rating: M
Warnings: Swearing, mild dirty talk, smut. I have no shame.
Note: Happy late Valentine’s Day; here’s some smut. I didn’t proofread this, so sorry in advance for any errors.

Dean’s wearing that coat again. 

You tried not to stare when he came out of the motel room earlier in the morning, but– okay, you’re only human. 

The worst part is – well, not the worst part – is that he knows how good he looks in it. The whole day he’s been sauntering around, that goddamn smirk on his face, and you can’t decide if you want to punch him, or kiss him.

(You definitely want to kiss him)

“Gotta hit up the library, kid.” He says, getting back in the Impala after he talked to a witness. “We should find out more about the history of that house.”

“Uh huh.” You agree, distracted as you watch him loosen his tie and pull off his coat.

He snaps his fingers in front of you. “Are you listening to me?”

You snort. “You sound like my Mom.”

He glares. “That’s hilarious.”

Dean pulls away from the curb and you watch as he glances in the mirrors and rests his right wrist on the steering wheel, the other arm resting on the window. That’s another thing – whenever he wears this coat, he ends up getting too warm and takes it off halfway through the day, leaving him in a dress shirt with the sleeves inevitably rolled up. Another favorite Dean look.

You’re trying not to stare at the veins on his arms, you really are, but they’re right there

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Investigation Scene with Iruma

(Warning: Rated L for Lewd)

A practice warm-up in preparations for when I’ll tackle Iruma’s FTEs. I wanted to do this scene cause there was something in particular I wanted to look into and well…. it sure left me speechless. I recommend checking @manlyronpa​‘s stream at the 1:45:00 mark exactly for the dialogue and to read along. Let me know of any grammar/wording errors, please and thank you!

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Hey y’all, so here’s the deal.

I got fired from my job. I have no viable source of income readily available and come January 1st I might not have a place to live anymore. And while I am actively working on finding…well, work, I need to build up my savings.

To that end, I’m taking any and all commissions! Yes, this includes NSFW. I’ve had my withholdings in the past, but right now, beggars can’t be choosers. Also due to this situation, I’m charging a flat rate of $10 for all commissions. Colour, background, multiple characters, what have you. All $10.

My contact info and paypal is blazingcheri@gmail.com. I’m gonna ask for payment up front for these, but I will work ASAP on anything I get.

Signal boosts are greatly appreciated!!!

So I’m opening up voice commissions until further notice! This is the first time I’ve done voice work commissions so we’ll see how this goes and hopefully have a fun little time.

I’ll be able to record character lines, personal messages, narration, and stuff of a similar nature!

Here are some very small snippets of voice work I’ve done in the past so you can get an idea of a portion of my range and basically how I sound for the most part

My current rates (all in USD):

There will be a base of $20 for a single paragraph. Any added paragraphs will cost $10 each

I am offering to edit the audio if necessary, instead of just sending the raw audio file, however having me personally edit the files will cost about half of the initial recording cost (So basically just $10 extra for one paragraph and then $5 for every paragraph added on)

If a line is particularly short, I am willing to work with you to determine a cheaper price for the recording, but I will have final say in whether or not the line will allow a cheaper price or if it stays at the $20 base price.

I will request payment first, and then after it has gone through you will receive the lines ASAP.

Some guidelines as to what to avoid in your commission requests, as I will NOT do these:
- NSFW Content
- Lines that include slurs or offensive/hateful speech towards anyone.
And as there are plenty of other possibilities for requests that will make me uncomfortable, I reserve the right to refuse ANY commission that I need to, for any reason. 

If you are interested, you can contact me at rosefamilycomics@gmail.com with the details of your commission! Thank you for your consideration!

my thoughts on 5x10

We made it through the hiatus! Well… some of us did, at any rate. How’d you guys like that episode? Here’s what I thought (my thoughts are jumbled, so bear with me): 

  • Felicity not buying Laurel’s bullshit story from the get go: 💯
  • Felicity planning the party SIMPLY AS A MEANS TO SNIFF OUT LAUREL BEING A FRAUD: 🙌🙌
  • Felicity being all around amazing and take-no-prisoners this ENTIRE EPISODE: 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💀
  • That said….
  • Oliver trying to believe the best of Laurel: 😭
  • Oliver trying to be optimistic and believe good things can happen and being open to miracles: 😫😫😫😫
  • I love him so much and his development this season is 👌
  • Rene somehow got me to love him this episode. 
  • I’m still not sure how it happened
  • Referring to them as “mom and dad” helps a LOT though. 
  • Curtis was great this ep too. Holy shit. 
  • KC should only ever play bad guys cuz she’s a LOT more believable when she’s being menacing and bitchy.
  • I even liked Adrian Chase this episode wtf. 
  • All their scenes were amazing but the one where they “argued” (still not sure if that’s what it was) was OFF THE CHARTS and they should always be this way, even after they reunite. 
  • THIS is the Olicity I fell in love with.
  • Two strong and amazing people clashing and changing each other and growing brighter and bigger and stronger and more amazing!
  • The statue blowing up was 😎👍😂. In that order. 
  • Felicity overriding the team was awesome too. Poor Oliver. But y’all know he found it hot too. 
  • Watching Felicity’s pendulum swing towards pessimism and vengeance and anger while Oliver’s swings to optimism, justice and hope… GAH. I LOVE THIS SHIP. 
  • He will light her way. He can’t help Black Siren (cuz bitch is a lost cause yo) but he WILL help Felicity and I can’t fuckin wait. 
  • It’s almost a shame we gotta go through the Susapocalypse here shortly to get there. I will be plugging my ears and going “lalalalala!!! I CANT HEAR YOU” the whole time.
  • But it WILL end and Olicity WILL reunite and if you doubt it now then I can’t help you friend, see you on the other side. 
  • “Hey pumpkin”
  • No more statue! Time to find a new BC! (what’s that? closing the door on LL’s return? YEP. BYE!)
  • Oh hai Tina. I like her. Whatever. I have no reason NOT to like her yet. Come to Star City and kick ignorant male ass, Tina. Can’t wait to know you better. 

And now, a gif of my favorite moment: 

(i swear, my life was extended, my skin cleared up, my debts were paid… this was the moment I’ve lived for, apparently… I don’t see it as Felicity punching Faux!Laurel, I see it as the Olicity fandom punching all the LL stans who’ve been such assholes about Felicity/Olicity all these years. TAKE IT, HATERS.)

Writer’s Block

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I’m starting the year off with part 2 of a birthday gift I posted last week. Only one part left, I swear it! This is not going any further. Part one is here. Thanks for reading! And happy birthday (again) to @katnissdoesnotfollowback. *eye quirk emoji*

Summary: Katniss and Peeta must come together to finish a project on time. (Pun so very intended.) This part is rated M. Mistakes are mine.

I’m early to class. Well, I’m always early to class, but today I’m extra early. I’m almost certain Cato won’t be in his seat, but I don’t want to take any chances. I’m relieved when I breeze by the one he usually occupies, back row of course, and slide into my own front and center chair. What I don’t expect is for Peeta to slide in next to me moments later.

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Bet on it - Lysical - Multifandom [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Batman - All Media Types, Batman (Comics), DCU (Comics), DCU
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Jason Todd & Damian Wayne
Characters: Jason Todd, Damian Wayne, Jon Lane Kent, Bruce Wayne
Additional Tags: Protective Siblings, Sibling Bonding, Robins Bantering Together, jason is a good big brother, for a certain definition of ‘good’

Even Damian could admit that his older siblings occasionally had their uses.

“I need your assistance,” Damian said, voice low and tense.

“No,” Jason replied, and hung up.

Enlisted Ranks (Grades) - Navy and Coast Guard

Sorry for the unfinished version of this post that came up earlier - my laptop glitched and posted early!  Here’s the full post.

The Navy and the Coast Guard share a lot of traditions, one of which is having ranks (or, as these two services call them, “grades”) that bear no resemblance to those of our ground-pounding or air-watching brethren.  Much like the Army, however, you can always count on the fact that lower numbers = lower ranks.  Both the Navy and the Coast Guard will confuse things by having ratings as well as ranks, but we’ll stick with ranks here.

Where rank is worn depends on what uniform someone is in.  In a Navy dress uniform, the rank is shown via a rank/rating badge on the sleeve.  In the Coast Guard, enlisted members wear their rank insigna on both sleeves or on the collar, depending on the uniform.  In coveralls (shared by both services), any type of camo (aka, the soon-to-be-defunct “digie blues”, aka NWU or newer NWU type III), it’s worn on the collar.  Same thing with the black and tans.

Navy and Coast Guard uniforms are complicated; look for a post on that later.  (Or you can check Wikipedia; it’s strangely accurate on this!). For now, let’s go back to ranks.

E-1 thru E-3: Seamen (and its many varieties) 

E-1: Seaman Recruit
This is your mark 1, mod 0 guy/gal fresh into the service.  But because the Navy and the Coast Guard like to be complicated, the rank of E-1 has several variations:

Navy and Coast Guard:
Seaman Recruit (SR)
Fireman Recruit (FR)
Airman Recruit (AR)

Navy only:
Constructionman (CR)
Hospitalman (HR)

E-2: Seaman Apprentice
The Coast Guard advances new sailors straight to SA after graduating from boot camp.   The Navy automatically advances sailors after six months.   You can also jump straight to SA with enough time in a JROTC program.   Again, you get the same variants as above, which turn into SA, FA, AA, CA, and HA.

E-3: Seaman
Advancement is automatic, provided the CO approves.  For the Coast Guard, 6 months time in grade is required.  For the Navy, a Sailor must have one year’s time in service and at least 9 month’s time as a SA.  Again, we have the same variants as above, now SN, FN, AN, CN, and HN.

All three Seaman ranks are commonly referred to as “Seaman <insert name here>”, like “Seaman Schmucketelly”.  Someone is generally not referred to as “Seaman Recurit Schmucketelly”.

E-4 through E-6: Petty Officers

After advancing from Seaman, a Sailor must take advancement exams to reach the Petty Officer ranks (there are some specialty schools that will advance someone, but that’s part of the rating conversation).  These grades are:

(E-4) Petty Officer Third Class
(E-5) Petty Officer Second Class
(E-6) Petty Officer First Class

These ranks indicate increasing responsibility.  A Second Class or First Class may serve as a Work Center Supervisor, or a Leading Petty Officer in their division.  

Basic Promotion Requirements:

E-3 to E-4:
Coast Guard: CO’s recommendation, at least 6 months time-in-rate (TIR), or automatic upon graduation from either “A” school or a formal Striker Program.
Navy: CO’s recommendation, 6 months TIR, 2 years time-in-service (TIS), or sometimes automatic upon graduation from “A” school.

E-4 to E-5:
Coast Guard: CO’s recommendation, at least 6 months time-in-rate (TIR) and passing the advancement exam.
Navy: CO’s recommendation, 12 months TIR, 3 years time-in-service (TIS) and passing the advancement exam.

E-4 to E-5:
Coast Guard: CO’s recommendation, at least 12 years TIR and passing the advancement exam.
Navy: CO’s recommendation, 36 months TIR, 7 years TIS , Completion of the Navy Leadership Training Continuum (LTC), and passing the advancement exam.

Keep in mind that although the Coast Guard’s requirements look easier, promotion quotas exist.  Only so many sailors can be promoted each cycle, so the top performers are the ones who are advanced more quickly.  

Petty Officers can be addressed as “Petty Officer Schmucketelly”, but they’re usually referred to by their rate, such as “BM2 Schmucketelly” (Boatswain’s Mate Second Class Schmucketelly) or just “BM2″.  More on that in another post.

E-7 thru E-9: Chief Petty Officers

Chiefs are the backbone of the enlisted ranks in the Navy and the Coast Guard.  They’re sometimes a law onto themselves, and serve as the enlisted leadership in any ship or unit.  In order to make Chief Petty Officer (E-7), a Sailor must pass an exam and then their record goes before a promotion board.

Coast Guard: CO’s recommendation, at least 2 years TIR and passing the advancement exam.
Navy: CO’s recommendation, 36 months TIR, and 11 years TIS. [The TIS requirement can be waived for stellar candidates; I worked with a 7 year Chief who was one of the best I ever served with.]

(E-7) Chief Petty Officer
(E-8) Senior Chief Petty Officer
(E-9) Master Chief Petty Officer

Advancement from CPO to SCPO to MCPO depends entirely on record review, completion of leadership requirements, and TIR.

E-7 to E-8
Coast Guard: 2 years TIR
Navy: 36 months TIR

E-9 to E-9
Coast Guard: 2 years TIR and completion of a Senior Enlisted Academy
Navy: 36 months TIR and completion of a Senior Enlisted Academy

Master Chief and Senior Chief Petty Officers often serve as Senior Enlisted Advisors (SEL - usually Senior Chiefs), Chief of the Boat (subs), and Command Master Chiefs.  They are the CO’s primary adviser on enlisted affairs.  Although the CMC/COB/SEL won’t set policies, they’re the “bellybutton” of the command for enlisted morale, training, and other issues.  This individual serves closely with the CO and usually has a very frank and open relationship with him/her.

The Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy (MCPON) is the senior enlisted member of the Navy.  Same with the Master Chief Petty Officer of the Coast Guard (MCPOCG).

Chief are addressed either as “Chief”, “Chief Schmucketelly”, or as “BMC” (Boatswain’s Mate Chief).

Senior Chiefs and Master Chiefs are generally just referred to as “Senior Chief” or “Master Chief”, with or without the addition of their name.

Other Enlisted Stuff:

Enlisted Sailors E-6 and below will often address one another with their last names, particularly ones that know one another well.  First names are very rarely used, particularly not on duty.  

No one will refer to a Chief as “sir” or “ma’am” - the immediate response from said Chief/Senior Chief/Master Chief will be that “I work for a living!”  

I’ve also referred to “Rates” a lot, and I do promise to work on another post for that one.  Basically, rates = specialties, and as is often said in the Navy, “Choose your rate, choose your fate”.  Once you’re rated, you’re in that rate for the rest of your career, unless you cross-rate to another one.

-LT Robin4

anonymous asked:

Ummm hi! I'm kind of new to shipping Kidge and I was just wondering if you have any fic recs? I hope this doesn't bother you!! Feel free to ignore if it does!

Hi Nonnie! And nope, you’re not bothering me at all! So here are my personal favorites:  

  • (Don’t) Catch Me by @narycanary. Rating: M. MY FAVORITE KIDGE FIC OF ALL TIME. It’s a whopping 14k one-shot but it’s sooo well written I can’t even begin to express how much I love it. Bitter pining Pidge + slow burn gives me life. (In fact just read all of Nary’s Kidge fics, they all give me life.) 
  • Sword & Shield by @sandyclaws68. Rating: T. Another one-shot involving Keith and Pidge being the most stubborn dorks in the universe. Short and sweet. 
  • Love Potion No. 5 by @k-lionheart-writes / @k-lionheart-art . Rating: T. You obligatory aphrodisiac AU involving flirty! Keith and just about done with everything Pidge. It also just recently updated! 
  • You Smell Like Trash by @boxwineconfession. Rating: T. The ‘What If Keith and Pidge Met Before Shiro Crashed’ scenario fic all Kidge shippers need.   
  • Worst Laid Plans by @rayisokay. Rating: T. Your mandatory fake dating fic. Awkwardness ensues. 
  • Into the Skid by proleptic_fancy on AO3. Rating: G. Much angst and slow burn but also a worthwhile read. 
  • Greased by @planced (madgrace on AO3). Rating: T. Set in the 1950s where Keith is a bad boy with a bike and Katie is a good girl too curious for her own good. (I am trash for Grease the Musical and this gave me life ok.)

And these are the most I can remember off the top of my head. If you need more, just check out @kidgeweek‘s page for entries during Kidge Week 2016 or just the Keith/Pidge tag on AO3. There are A LOT of quality fics I just plainly forgot to mention here. 

(And I’ll just shamelessly slide in my own fics here X X )

Happy reading! 

theredandwhitequeen replied to your post: I’ve been working on some projects today which…

Why does he hate Chicago so much?

During his campaign, protests disrupted his time here and I believe shut some of his speeches down. We made it clear what we thought of him. There are also theories that it’s because Barack Obama came out of Chicago and he hates anything to do with Obama, or that he got dicked around by Chicago’s notoriously corrupt construction industry when he was trying to build his tower here. I don’t think the tower’s done that well, but don’t quote me, I haven’t done any studies.

And it could be that he doesn’t hate us, he just constantly dogs on us – our crime rate, the competency of our politicians – because he’s building up to say “I told you so”. 

hey everyone! to celebrate 2016 finally coming to an end, I decided to whip together a reclist of my favorite Teen Wolf fics I read this year! this list is skewed towards femslash and rarepairs, because those are two of my favorite things! 

this list contains a total of 65 fics across 40 ships. if you enjoy any of the fics recced here, please let the authors know through commenting, kudosing, or reblogging! ao3 links have been provided where available, but many of these fics are available on tumblr as well. please read the warnings and tags on all works before reading!

so without further adieu, let’s get this party started!


double shot of what the heck by kirargent, 1778 words. Rated T.
A girl in New York Allison’s age had a freak accident in a power substation—should’ve been electrocuted; wasn’t. It took hardly any digging at all to uncover the fact that she’s the daughter of one Noshiko Yukimura, a woman who’s changed her name several times but whose face looks just the same as it did hundreds of years ago.

Perfect Presents by @fandom-madnessess, 1870 words. Rated G.
Kira had come up with the perfect Christmas gift for Allison, and the perfect way for her and Braeden to ask Allison out. Then, of course, her clumsiness ruins it.


just before sunrise by @derekslaura, 1226 words. Rated E.
Cora slips her fingers over the ripples in the sheets – one two three four, smooth waves – and tries to be patient with her brain as it processes the still-warm linen and empty space. She’s the only person in the bed. The dim glow falling at her feet is still soft, just before sunrise. A loud, seeking groan slips through her lips as she rolls into several feet of unoccupied bed.

features trans, ace spec Cora and aro spec Allison.


and your knee socks by @sleepy-skittles, 17,274 words. Rated T. 
Allison Argent is a halfback playing for Seattle Reign, and despite having her professional life on track, preparing to represent the United States on the National Women’s Soccer Team, that’s the only place in her life she feels really satisfied. There’s pressure from her family, especially her mother, to always be Perfect, and she’s been burying the things she wants to try to get there. She might or might not be in love with her roommate and her teammate Kira, and Allison doesn’t even want to touch what’s going on with Cora Hale. When they all head to Canada for the Women’s World Cup, Allison’s finally forced to make an important choice, and to learn something important: that maybe, if she’s brave, she can have everything she wants, after all.


Heroes of My Heart by @fandom-madnessess, 3945 words. Rated T.
Allison, Scott and Isaac are a great team, at home and in the field. When Isaac gets badly hurt on their latest mission, Allison and Scott get him home as fast as they can, worrying about Isaac all the way. And Isaac, he’s got some worries of his own.

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Well looky here…another set of Tiny Transparents. My friends and I are questioning my life choices because this makes 60 Undertale Tiny Transparents in total now.

At any rate, this lineup includes:

Chara and Asriel from Glowingtale by @ruby-love-graffiti

Gaster Frisk from @goopytale-au by @sunnycider

Frisk and Chara from @ut-wartale by @hawker-rawr

Sans from Horrortale by @sour-apple-studios and Frisk from @horrortale by @s-h-o-r-t-y, @askfrisktherandomblogger, and @bee-sus420

Blind Frisk by @ennji-undertale

Toriel and Sans from Underarctic by @judefxxk

Noodle Alphys and Curry Mettaton from Cantale by @rustnut

Asriel and Flowey in the style of @bossmonsterbani

Blank Frisk from @blankfrisk

Babysitter Frisk and Flowey, Sans and Papyrus from Toddlerfell by @upperstories

G!Papyrus and Chara from Underpatch by @borurou

Robot Sans and Papyrus from Cybertale by @snajey

Okay deep breaths now. I keep on telling myself “I’ll stop after this one” and then never do.  These are just too fun.

Again, feel free to use these as icons, so long as you credit the source!

Also if you don’t see your AU in here (or if you want to see more of your AU), commission me!

Dust to Dust || The Cruelest One ||

SET 1 || SET 2 || SET 3 || SET 4 || SET 5 || SET 6 || SET 7 || SET 8 ||



Well, this will probably be the last pokeshipping fic I will write. It’s kind of discouraging to write any more pokeshipping fics when you don’t get many readers or responses ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

This was original going to be an entry for pokeshipping week under the prompt “confessions” but I went with the other thing I wrote instead, so this was left in the back burner until I felt like finishing the rest.

Rated T+. Ash and Misty are 20. Karaoke, drinking, confessions, and accidentally falling on top of each other. All the quintessential tropes of a YA fic. Here you go (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Maybe it’s the mixture of adrenaline and peach chuhai pumping through her blood that is making her do this, or maybe it’s because time is running short, and Misty is tired of waiting, tired of wondering if the grinning idiot seated across the room sipping on a virgin cocktail feels the same way about her as she does for him.

It’s Ash’s last night in town, and in honor of that,  three of the four Sensational sisters (excluding Misty) decided to throw him a party at their gym, which just had to involve a karaoke machine and no shortage of alcoholic beverages, the latter of which was provided by local celebrity and quasi- narcissist, Gary Oak.

Two drinks in, Misty made up her slightly woozy mind to sing karaoke. She’s feeling slightly bolder than usual, not quite tipsy but just enough booze in her to give her that extra push.

A cacophony of drunken enthusiastic cheers- and a burp- erupts as Misty takes the floor, the loudest and most obnoxious being from her older sisters.

“Whoo, sis! Yeah! Slay them, girl.” She hears Daisy yell from behind her.

“You’re stepping on my foot,” mutters a voice that could only belong to Tracey.  

Misty grabs the microphone from the table with a clammy, wobbly hand, gripping the mic so tight she is almost strangling it. The only person not cheering, aside from the self-possessed Gary, is Ash. He gives her an unsuspicious, supportive grin and a thumbs up, and she almost retreats. Almost. She shakes her head and thinks, I’ve got this.

“I dedicate this song to someone in the audience,” she announces, looking at Ash, who blinks back at her. She pulls in air into her lungs and her voice amplifies in the speakers.  

It’s a stupid, sappy love song she sings. A generic tempo and lyrics so hackneyed they could be any top 40-hit, and yet the song fits perfectly.

The song is about a girl who fell in love with her best friend, and did not know how else to express it, except through song. The song is a confession, a declaration. She sings more with her heart than with her lungs. Her voice cracks in some parts, and she gets some lyrics wrong. Someone snickers, she’s not sure who, but if she finds out she might have to give them a jab in the ribs.  

Ash’s mocha-brown eyes shift down to his drink and he sips, taking a long pull of a drink as pure as he is. She knows for a fact he hasn’t been drinking anything laced with alcohol, because Ash said so himself, and even if he hadn’t, this is Ash. He might be wishing at this point that there was something heavier in that drink. Or maybe not, depending on the density of his stupid spiky head. She’s not exactly being subtle, but she’s not exactly being direct. This could well go swoosh over his ever-evolving hat.

Sometimes, she’s imagined herself wearing that hat.  Sometimes, she’s pictures herself wearing only that hat.

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apparently there is just something about friends to lovers that gets me all flustered and needing to read lots of fic. Here is a small collection of KuroKen fic that i have adored in the last three or so weeks. Including some slow burn, some smut, many AUs and a fake dating fic (literally no one is surprised…)

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omg hey guys!! a couple days ago i hit 1k followers so i’ve decided that i wanna do something to celebrate because i’m SO thankful!! so im doing blog rates and everyone will get a compliment as well because you’re all fantastic and i wanna check out all your blogs!!!


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  • reblog this post (likes won’t count!! sorry!)
  • send me an ask with a question here, any question of your choice!
  • format of blog rates will be under the cut - every rating a positive one! (except maybe the OWL results but *hint* i won’t ever rate anyone below acceptable - just had to include them all u know) nothing is good or bad because i think everyone’s blogs are wonderful
  • i will write a little compliment for each blog as well
  • feel free to blacklist ‘alicia does br’
  • i’ll definitely delete this if it flops and the go hide under a rock because embarrassing

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So here’s the most vivid memory I have of my dream last night, though I’m not sure how well I’d be able to explain the context of the moment.  Essentially I was Frisk, from Undertale, and the world was just slightly different; I met all the characters in the same order as in the actual game, but the context was all scrambled up.

Also, there were like eight million, harmless versions of Flowey.  They sang, and it should have been spooky but it was actually pretty calming.  My dream’s versions of Echo Flowers, maybe?

At any rate, meeting Sans again, for the “first time,” somehow reminded me of why I liked Undertale in the first place…  I had to get it out of my system.

Fandom Fic Rec Days - Hannibal Edition

Hey, I thought I’d join in on these fic rec days, because I read a lot of fanfiction, and I’m always looking for recs as wells as wanting to share them. Fic authors deserve so much recognition for what they share with the fandom!

Please read all of the tags on these fics before you read any of them. I’ve noted a few of the tags here and there, but I’m sure I’ve left out many of them as well. All of these fics are complete, and all of them are from before or during season 2′s airing, so most are non-canon-compliant for the rest of the series.

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As constantly anonymously requested, I have finally made my organized list for Anidala fanfiction recommendations. This is just a list of all my favorite fanfictions so far, which means that there will be more fanfic recommendations to come for sure. This list is also not arranged in any particular order. If ever I have another fanfic I would recommend you all to read, I’ll just post it and under the tag “fanficrec.” Anyways, I hope you all enjoy this list and reading the fanfics listed here as well! \(^▽^)/

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