well here is it

been growing out my hair for 3+ years but this is it, i made an appointment at a nicer hair salon for this afternoon and i am going back to the Bisexual Bob

pray for me. and also my stylist


BTW July 30th is almost here!
So we start resuming the comic in August woooo!!!

I know some of you are seeing a lot of info posts and fanarts but just want the comic… sorry for the wait! (again, please search the tag “ftcomic” within our blog to find the comic)

We thank you for your support and patience!

And thank you again to all those who have shared such lovely fanart! We appreciate each and every one. We hope we do not sound fake when we thank you guys so many times.. cause we really do mean it. Each and every piece of fanart is unique and wonderful, just like the artist! And of course we are happy if you just enjoy the AU at all.


marik, requested by @the-blonde-goblin !!

a pouty boy, and angry boy

i’m kinda slow, but requests for yugioh characters are still open, i’m having fun

SASO - BR2: Fill #2

prompt: hot personal trainer au





Of course I can’t see a single thing but THERE ARE SYMBOLS AND THAT’S GOOD ENOUGH. 


SO LIKE, THE SYMBOL OF WINDAM (aka Fai’s Kudan), one that might be Rayearth’s symbol (aka, Syaoran’s Kudan), Two books with suns on the spine (which aren’t the same as the spine of the Clow book, but DO look a lot like the symbol from the top of each card), a moon crescent, and a six pointed star (that doesn’t quite match the regular shape of stars they use but still). 

SO LIKE. SUPER MAGIC BOOKS, YOU KNOW? More, they all have the matching line up the top, which usually indicates that these are a series of nonfiction books, maybe even encyclopedias? 

So Fai is just casually looking right over a categorical outline of all the different types of magic in the world (and possibly, the entire multiverse) and he doesn’t even blink. 


You’re Our Sharpshooter

It’s Lance’s tone that catches Shiro’s attention- The majority of his focus had been on the task at hand (trying not to blow up at Slav, who was seriously pushing all of his buttons), and so he had tuned out Lance’s tinny voice coming through the helmet’s comm link- until now.

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 harry potter and the goblet of fire

I wonder where Fred’s hand on the clock might have landed on after the Battle of Hogwarts. I like to think that perhaps it would be somewhere between “travelling” and “lost”, only returning back “home” many years later when George finally joined his twin on his journey. 

hello everyone and sorry about this really bad banner that I totally didn’t take from my 1k celebration what are you talking about anyways I literally just reached 1.5k like,,, today,,, like 10 minutes ago,,, so this is really rushed sry!! anyways ive decided to reopen my fandom family!!! blacklist #ganj celebrates 1.5k if you don’t want to see this :)


what you’ll get:

  • a tag to post in (#ganjsfam)
  • my eternal love and friendship
  • a safe and supportive family
  • possible friendship from everyone else in the fam!
  • a gr11 discord chat!!!

again, I love all of you!! thank you for following me, you guys make my days :)) <3


Little Update

Hey, guys.

I just wanted to let y'all know what’s been going on in my life (aka: why I haven’t been active in forever.)

Summer, ironically, is the part of the year I spend the least amount of time online for a number of reasons.

First, I am homeschooled, therefore my schooling doesn’t stop in the summer. It actually speeds up. My school schedule is different than most.

Second, I volunteer durning the summer. It takes up a lot of my time; when you add school to the picture, my schedule becomes a bit hectic.

Third, despite being busier in summer, I do actually spend a lot more time going out too. Movie nights and museums and catching up on book series and spending time with people have squeezed the last drops of my time away.

I genuinely love it. I feel so full of energy and hyper. The mental struggles I have become less frequent. It’s a refreshing time for me. Though, it has taken a lot of time away from my writing and blogging. Which, personally I’m okay with, but I didn’t want to simply leave you guys with no explanation to my absence.

For the past three weeks, if I’ve been on Tumblr, I’ve been on mobile 99% of it. It’s been sporadic, only when I have the occasional five minutes to spare. For now, my writing and moodboards are on hold; but my inbox is always open. I may not respond for a while, but you are welcome to send something.

I’ll be back. This is not really even a hiatus. However, I’m not positive when posting will be back to normal; but I’m not leaving tumblr at all.

TL;DR: I’m busy. I’m not leaving. Idk when things will be back to normal. I’m still writing and making a moodboard for the Zodiac signs. (All of them have been requested already. Multiple times.)

🖤 🐍💚
Gigi out~


                                                       w    h  y
                                                       d o n ’ t
                                                       y    o  u
                                                       k  n o w

Sketch Requests!

Hey guys!!!! since i’ve reached the 200 follower mark, i’m gonna do a buncha requests!

the’re just gonna be sketches, so i can get lots and lots of them done, and so i don’t lose inspiration in the middle of a drawing (–u–;;)

they’ll look something like this:

i’ll try and clean them up a bit more than that, but yeah!!

you can request anything you want, as long as it’s not NSFW, ships (unless you know for certain i ship it), or drug/tobacco use! (i’ll draw Undertale, dragons, my OCs, MP100, TAZ, pretty much anything from any fandom i’ve drawn already,,,,,,)

if you request your OC, send me a message with a ref of what your OC looks like

also! you don’t have to be following me to request stuff!

i will take requests up to the 28th (next wednesday), so you don’t have to send any in immediately.

(send in the requests through the askbox, please don’t submit anything. message me if you have a ref for your OC you want me to see)

5 things tag

tagged by @fragrantae (omg thank you)

Five things you’ll find in my bag:

  • Pens
  • mp3 player because my phone is broken
  • wallet
  • phone
  • old recites and random notes

Five things you’ll find in my bedroom:

  • my laptop
  • my headphones
  • me
  • bottles im too lazy to put away
  • a zelda shield i made out of a door

Five things I’ve always wanted to do:

  • Be happy at a party like in the movies
  • Win a prize
  • Make a german cake called “Schwarwälder Kirsch Torte”
  • Get a cool job
  • Make my friends and family happy

Five things that make me happy:

  • BTS
  • my best friend
  • walking though a city 
  • being better at stuff than other people
  • chocolate

Five things I’m currently into:

  • american hiphop
  • going out with friends
  • sense8
  • oreo ice cream (because its really hot here) 
  • wearing short cloths

Five things on my to do list:

  • Go to a bts concert
  • Graduate university
  • travel outside europe
  • doing something kind for someone
  • work in another city or country

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