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I was that anon who told you about that A.V. club comment saying Romero is going to see Norma's ghost. Well, suffice it to say, looks like Norman was the one who got that honor, and rightly so. Though I am sad that Norman didn't have anything written on his epitaph.

Well, hello again. I think Dylan left it blank on purpose, not because he didn’t love Norman, but just because he wanted Norman to have a clean slate in death. But, yes, Norma greeting Norman at the proverbial pearly gates was heart wrenching, to say the least. Though I think nothing in this show has ever been more heart wrenching than that shot of Dylan between Norman and Norma’s bodies. What a gut punch that was: Dylan literally alone among the wreckage that was his family. 

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Hello mom! Well, I need to put out some thoughts about the last episode of SNK ... It's been some time since I read the manga, so I guess that's why the death of Nanaba shocked me again. It was so cruel and disgusting! She deserved much more ... And oh my, I was angry with Ymir, although she is one of my favorites and I understand her reasons, I could not stop thinking about how she could have helped them before. Anyway, thank you for listening.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts! I totally get your frustration that Ymir didn’t step in to help the Survey Corps, but I’m also hugely sympathetic. She had her reasons. I hope you don’t mind if I share them.

The first is purely practical - revealing her titan self might have resulted in her immediate death. The whole reason the 104th was quarantined with Mike’s squad was because they were looking for titan shifter traitors. Nanaba and Gelgar may have tried to kill her in the spot.

The second reason is purely of the heart - Ymir was afraid and not just because of the horde of titans on the ground below. She was about to reveal her titan form to the person she loves most and she had no idea what the reaction would be. Whether your are 17 or 70, exposing your darkest and most terrible secrets to the person you love is terrifying.

Love won out over fear. Ymir revealed herself in a last ditch attempt to save Historia’s life, and rather than be rejected Historia embraced her.

Thank you anon!


Hello kind mods. This is Cordelia’s lvl 40 confession. If this is a duplicate, please forgive me, just wanted to make sure that the best girl was up there. I also have Roy, Effie, Cecilia, Faye, Sanaki, Lyn, and Camilla if you need any of those. Thanks for having an awesome blog.

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Hello I am but a simple anon that wishes to know if a character could be tortured to the point that they forget their name or if I should use mind wipe magic stuff

(disclaimer, still not a doctor/psychologist)

Well hello there anon! I’m very pleased to tell you that the answer is yes! I’m also pleased that you mentioned you have magic handy because that gives us more options.

So, o crow of the really weird prompts. How doth we fuck this character up?

The best way to get a character to forget key information through torture would be to create a negative stimuli around it. Taking ‘name’ as the key info, what you could do is have the torturer ask them questions like ‘What is your name?’ If your character answers honestly, punish them. If they say answers like ‘no one, yours, im nobody’ or other desired answers, give them a reward of some kind. Nothing big- a cessation of torture, some bandages, some water. That sort of thing. Repeat for all pieces of key info that you really want gone. This is a ‘positive punishment/ negative reward’ system- the punishment is something being added (pain) and the reward is something being taken away (pain)

Giving your characters hallucinogen and repeating a tape of their ‘new’ backstory (if that is what you desire) while really fucked up can also serve to jumble your characters memories pretty good

Over time, the positive punishment associated with these memories will lead to your characters brain ‘deleting’ them in order to keep safe. It’ll also mean that your character won’t go looking for the truth, as the truth is correlated with increased suffering.

If you combine that with memory magic to smooth the way, well. Fuck you, random character. your at the whims of your author.

With enough stimulus, the memories may start to come back to the character, but again, since the character associates that information with suffering, they’ll work to ‘forget’ it. Your character will work against the memories in favour of their own safety, and may actively sabotage attempts to regain lost information.

Hope this is helpful! <3

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Okay so here's the deal. I'm a straight guy and Friday I'm going out with a mtf girl. She really great and I really like this girl but I have an issue. We want to have sex, and that's fine with me but she hasn't been through the procedures she needs yet so some stuff is out and I don't have the slightest idea on how to please her. And it doesn't help that I'm a virgin so I don't know what do in the first place. If you have any tips or suggestions please I'm open to whatever Thanks!

Haha hello there, well this is interesting.

I think its funny that boys find it so complicated when they are attracted to us.. but do not fear my dear anonymous buddy, here is your local transgender gal to help with some advice  <3

So I am glad your masculinity is not threatened by dating a trans woman. I am currently in a serious relationship with a straight cis man and I’ve learned a lot being with him.

Maybe you should first come to terms with her identity and body. What do I mean by this? She is not on the obligation of having specific body parts or surgeries, if you like her, like her as she is… and I have the feeling from your message that you really like and you’ll be fine.

I know this will be cliche but communication in sex is key. Just create an enviroment that is safe for you both to communicate and find out together how will sex work with you guys. I am sure she’ll be more than happy to guide on how and when and where on her body, and also, why not also let her know what you want and what you are comfortable with.

Dont rush sex if you really like her or like somebody in general.. get close and learn about each other and that will make sex so much natural and please enjoy the learning experience.

Please send another ask if something is not clear or if you have other questions.. and good luck on that date. <3

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Well hello there! I would like to request some good ol' Yumichika. I want some fluff where he's pouty because he thinks that you think Ruri'iro Kujaku is more attractive than he is... Thanks in advance! Love your work!

Hello, “anon” you sneaky shit! This prompt is so funny to me, I almost didn’t even know where to start. I hope you enjoy it!

“Yumi… Are you still sulking?” you asked, crossing your arms over your chest. 

He’d been like this since yesterday, unreasonably upset because you happened to to think his Zanpakuto was quite pretty. After the fiasco with Muramasa concluded, you had simply voiced your opinion on his partner’s appearance (before he’d reverted back to just a blade)–earning Ruri’iro’s gratitude, and a rather nice compliment on your beauty in return–and Yumichika had been grumpy ever since. It wasn’t so bad that he was avoiding you, but there was definitely a chill in the air that could rival Captain Hitsugaya. He refused to make eye contact for long, and the permanent grimace on his face was clue enough that this “argument” needed to be settled. 

“I am not sulking,” Yumichika countered, still not looking at you. 

Most everyone in the Seireitei had a collective “day off” to recover, including the two of you. You had wanted to spend the day together, talk, maybe go look at some shops, but with the way your boyfriend was acting…that wasn’t likely. Ikkaku had long since departed the Eleventh Division compound, stating that he “couldn’t take this awkward atmosphere,” and that it was “stifling,” so you sat, staring at Yumichika’s back as he pouted. 

You’d had enough.

“Oh, really?” you challenged, then gestured between you. “What’s this, then? A new way of wooing me? Because being ignored is such a turn-on.” He shot you a glare over his shoulder, pinning you with beautiful purple eyes as he opened his mouth. 

“You think Fuji Kujaku is prettier than me,” he retorted, swiveling his body just so he wasn’t straining his neck to scowl at you. 

You blinked at him in open astonishment, unsure of even where to begin. For starters, you understood that he used the name “Fuji Kujaku” in battle so as not to be ostracized by his squad for his kido-type Zanpakuto, but now he was just being petty. And was that really what he thought? That you were somehow more attracted to his Zanpakuto’s spirit than your own boyfriend? Bullshit.

“What in hell gave you that impression?” you yelled. “That’s ridiculous.”

“It didn’t seem so ridiculous when you were complimenting him right after the battle,” he argued. “’Wow, you’re really beautiful! How do you get your skin to look like that?’ Wasn’t that what you said?”

“Wha–? Yes? I honestly don’t remember exactly what I said, but what’s wrong with that? Why can’t I give compliments where they’re due?”

“You can, but not to that lousy, no good narcissist who thinks that the world revolves around him!” He was fully facing you now, hands clenched in front of him in frustration, mouth twisted into a deep frown with a furrow between his brows.

This was starting to give you a headache. He should know that one’s Zanpakuto was a compliment to their own soul, and that most of what applied to Ruri’iro Kujaku also applied to himself. After all, Zanpakuto were an extension of oneself, and to ignore that fact was futile. Seeing as this was going nowhere fast, you decided that simmering down was your best course of action. With a long sigh, you settled into a seiza position, hands placed neatly on your lap, and looked Yumichika in the eye, chin held high in slight defiance.

“I do not think Ruri’iro Kujaku is prettier than you,” you stated.

“Then what–”

“Yumi,”–you held up a hand–”first of all, I’m dating you. Not your Zanpakuto, you. Since the first day we met, I’ve always thought you were strikingly gorgeous–to an unreasonable degree, I might add–and sometimes I find it hard to believe that you give me the time of day.”

Yumichika settled back down, only just, but at least his hands were down at his sides again. His gaze was contemplative, questioning, like he wasn’t quite sure whether or not to believe you, but he didn’t interrupt and let you say your piece.

“Second, your Zanpakuto is a part of you, even if it pains you so. Sorry, but your personalities are incredibly similar. It’s a fact that when people are too similar, they tend to butt heads, but such is the bond of a shinigami and their sword. Therefore, of course I’m going to think he’s attractive. He’s a part of your soul, a soul I love very dearly.”

With that off your chest, you were finding that the wind in your sails was dying down, and your initial zeal had dissipated. There was silence following your confession, the buzz of cicadas the only thing to fill the void, and you averted your gaze, cheeks burning ever so slightly. Blunt confessions of love weren’t really your thing, but you were sure he wouldn’t understand unless you spelled it out for him. He was simultaneously fiercely observant and oblivious, a rather odd combination. Perhaps “stubborn” was a better word.

Peeking up through your lashes to gauge his reaction, you were met with the same steely glare as before, but there was something there that puzzled you. Before you could decipher what it was, he closed his eyes and let out an irritated sigh, flipping his hair in an unconscious gesture.

“Why do you always have to be right?” he quipped, piercing you with those eyes again. They always left you unable to move, one of the few things in this world that really got your heart racing. It didn’t seem like he was completely appeased, but the smirk on his beautiful features promised of reconciliation. 

Quick as a whip, Yumichika had your wrist in an iron grip–proving once again that looks could be deceiving–and was hauling you into his lap. With a yelp, you braced your hands against his chest, eyes wide. Your chin grasped gently between his fingers, he grinned at you with sultry eyes, running a thumb over your pretty pink lips.

“This Zanpakuto of mine and I can agree on one thing, at least,” he purred. Too stunned to do much of anything besides stare, you gulped.

“W-What’s that?” Oh, how the situation had changed.

“After meeting you face to face,” he continued, “we both agree that, regardless of what you think, you’re stunning in your own right.” You could feel your eyelids getting heavier, lidded as your chest filled with warmth.


“Really. Your character is just as dazzling as your outward appearance, and something I admire. So…” Indulging you for just a moment, he placed a kiss on your waiting lips, grinning all the while, and chuckling when you followed after him when he pulled away. “…How are you going to prove to me that I’m your number one?”

“You’re so unfair…” you mumbled, clutching the fabric of his shihakusho tighter in your delicate hands. “I already told you my feelings, why do you have to be a jerk?”

He thread his fingers through your hair, scrunching his fingers through it as his eyes twinkled with mischief. “You bring out the best in me,” he teased.

“More like worst,” you scoffed, but cupped his face to bring him closer. 

Closing your eyes, you reveled in the feeling of his soft lips on yours, savored the taste of his mouth as your kiss deepened. Promises of reparations flowed between you as you shivered at his caresses. You were so close to pushing him down, intending to make good on his wishes of “proving” he was your number one, when he suddenly stopped. Confused, you pulled back to look at him, noting the look of disgust and annoyance that distorted his face.

“What’s that look for?” you asked, mentally panicking that you’d done something wrong.

“That damn Fuji Kujaku’s trying to pick a fight,” he growled. “I suppose our connection is stronger since being manifested, but he just won’t shut up. How irritating.”

You couldn’t help it, and snorted, devolving into a fit of giggles at the thought of Ruri’iro Kujaku making offhand comments inside Yumichika’s head. Yumichika wasn’t nearly as amused, and scowled at you as you laughed, remarking that he didn’t think it was funny at all, and that it was actually a nuisance. This only made you laugh harder, and your love-proving was put on hold until later that evening.

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And Su is leaving as well! Vicky has come out and said none of Su's stuff was actually canon

Hello, Meepit!

Well, that’s good to know, but it really makes me wonder. Vicky gave her in the helm in the first place and called it canon. Why do it if you’re just going toss it out later? Vicky what are you doing?