well heavens to betsy

The Shikon Jewel, still raising questions after its disappearance.

Brought on by a conversation I had years ago:

Friend: “The hell happened to this shard??? Isn’t it in a tree in the Feudal Era?”

Me: “I guess it disappeared? Since the Shikon is gone from existence and all.”

Friend: “Was time reset?”

Me: “Uh…I don’t…”

Friend: “Some weird-ass timey wimey shit’s went down and we don’t even know.”

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The Doctor strikes again!

By the way, can we talk about some of the messed up things the Jewel has done?

*winky face*

“You want to regenerate? Go ahead! Your dependency on our power fuels us.

“You want to see your love again? Sure! Reincarnate first. We need you to bring the Jewel to the Feudal Era anyway.

“You want the woman of your dreams? I have a suggestion! How about you fight her reincarnation in an eternal battle? That way her soul will be with you forever!

Mu wha ha ha ha ha!

It actually twisted Kikyo’s non-vocalized wish, after she refused to use it to fix her fatal wound. Then it tried to trap Kagome in the Jewel by getting her to wish herself home…because it interpreted “home” as being inside the Jewel.

Because it claimed Kagome was BORN FOR THE JEWEL.

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There’s no place like home AKA the crystallized form of eternally warring souls!

WTF. The Shikon Jewel’s the evil genie, guys. Thank god Grandpa knew about the “one correct wish” or we would be clueless that there even was one. Wait.

Was Grandpa the Deus ex Machina?!

You’re welcome kids. You ungrateful whippersnappers.

A special shout-out to Gramps! (Because I will never stop mentioning this chapter.)

Babysitting Inuyasha didn’t work out for Grandpa Higurashi…

…because this happened. (HAHAHAHAHA!)

Thanks for everything, Grandpa!

And I would’ve gotten away with it too if it weren’t for you meddling kids…and your stupid dog!

*Heavens to Betsy, that reference works so well for Inuyasha.

I’m literally shaking and looking at pictures of whale faces and yes indeed they have little whiskers around their mouths

I keep whispering things to myself like

“oh my lordy lou”

“gracious me”

“well stomp on frogs”

“heavens to betsy, heavens to erma”

“upon my motherfucking soul”