well he wanted to go play .. with this mask on

dinner date ↬ p.p

prompt: “i know your mom hates me” (either one of them) for tom holland, thanks 

warnings: cursing, fluff 

notes: i did a whole answer to this anon on why i choose not to write about real people as themselves rather than their characters that they play! but thank you for this request :) please send in more and i hope you enjoy 

Peter rarely left Queens, unless it was important like the “retreat” to Berlin, or Aunt May wanted to take them on vacation. Usually, he stayed in his neighborhood, not too far from everything he grew up with and around. It was pitiful (Ned’s words, not his), but it was nice and he hadn’t ever really felt the need to go out as himself to just eat somewhere fancy in Times Square or Manhattan.

Tonight, however, was different. 

He had never felt more uncomfortable in his own apartment. He was frantic, cleaning every crook and crevice, wishing that he somehow had the power to turn his kitchen into a gourmet fine dining area—maybe that would be more impressive. 

 It was dinner night. The dinner night that Peter had spent weeks stressing over, constantly babbling about it to May and Ned, and really, even Tony Stark—because he was that nervous and needed someone to talk to. He would constantly trip over himself, more than usual, trying to get his mind off it and calm down, struggling to keep his chill. 

What do I wear, what do I say, oh, God, do I shake their hands?

Peter was a mess. He had known you for years, ever since school started, and he was one of your best friends—so why was he so sweaty? You were his girlfriend, one of the best friends he ever had, and it was as though he were meeting you for the first time. 

He runs a hand through his hair before sighing and going over to the bathroom mirror to fix it again. It’s natural curl is showing from how much he’d been tugging at it anxiously, and he’s surprised his lip hadn’t yet bled from how much he’d bitten it. 

“Peter,” Aunt May says, rolling her eyes at him and he gives her a distracted glance, “You look fine and [Y/N]’s parents will absolutely adore you. And with that adorable face? Who wouldn’t?” 

“Oh, God,” Peter groaned, closing his eyes in embarrassment, “Please don’t say anything weird or mortifying. And definitely do not offer to show them baby pictures.” 

Aunt May clicked her tongue as they both walked back to the living room, Peter bouncing off the hardwood floors. “Shame, guess I’ll have to put away all the albums again.” 

The doorbell suddenly rings and Peter is dashing towards the door, his black sweater clinging onto his body for dear life. He goes to open it, but then pauses and takes a minute to register himself. Okay, Peter: be cool, be cool, don’t open the door too quick or else you’ll look like you’ve been waiting and that’s creepy.  

He opens it slowly and sees you and your parents standing there. He instantly smiles as you gaze up at him and for a moment he forgets that he’s two seconds away from fully shitting his pants. He lets you all in as he watches Aunt May introduce herself to your parents.

“Wow, you clean up nice,” you compliment teasingly, grinning. You stayed back and Peter closed the door, shaking his head at you. 

“Babe, that hurts, why do you sound so shocked?” He asks in mock disbelief and you two walk over to the table. 

Both of you are whispering and you know it’s because he’s apprehensive. He wants to impress your parents, dazzle them, let them know that he’s perfect for you and that he’ll treat you right—but he doesn’t know how. You can tell by the expression on his face. 

“Babe? Huh, you must be getting confident, Parker,” You tell him and his cheeks are pink instantly. 

“Peter,” your mother says suddenly when Aunt May seats all of you and brings out the food Peter begged her to order from the five-star Italian delivery restaurant. “It’s good to see that you’re okay.” 

Your eyes widen and Peter lifts a brow. “Pardon?”

“After the Washington Monument incident,” you add on quickly, glancing at your boyfriend. You turn to your parents, “Peter wasn’t there, thankfully. Remember, I told you I wasn’t either. We weren’t together in the same room, of course. I was on the ground with MJ, and yeah…” 

Everyone begins eating and Peter shifts awkwardly in his seat. He doesn’t know what to say. He wants to charm your parents with his wit and intellect, but nothing is coming out. And if something did, it’d only be his stammers. 

“So, what’s been going on at school?” Aunt May asks, encouraging to clear the air. “[Y/N], your mom and dad told me about the volunteering you’ve been doing for service hours.” 

You bite your tongue. Your parents loved to brag about you whenever they weren’t complaining. Peter lit up, turning to you, practically throwing you his undivided attention. 

“School’s been great, really. After we won nationals, Flash just keeps bragging about how he rightfully deserved that trophy,” you start, and Peter looks at you and laughs. 

“Flash couldn’t have won it even if he tried.” 

“Easy for you to say, you weren’t even there,” you point out, rolling your eyes playfully. “You were off playing—” 

“Playing what?” Your Dad joined in and you bit your lip at his authoritative tone. 

He had the voice whenever he talked to Peter, or any boy that even looked at you for that matter. Your dad was probably the biggest ball of sunshine that ever existed, and to see him try and act like the bad cop to your mom’s good cop was ridiculous. 

“Um, I was out…playing—” Peter stutters and you quickly rush in to save him. 


The whole table looks to you and while Aunt May gives Peter confused look, your parents do the same to you. You bit a bite out of some pasta and took a sip of water, your hand finding Peter’s under the table. He squeezed and you shrugged at your parents. 

“Peter wasn’t feeling well, which was unexpected, and he didn’t go to nationals. So he just played Zelda in his hotel room,” you reassured, lying through your teeth. 

Who knows how your parents would react if you told them you were dating the masked hero by the name of Spider-Man? Sure, they probably wouldn’t believe you and laugh at your attempt to make your geeky (your dad’s words) boyfriend sound cooler, but on the off-chance they took you seriously—you’d probably never be allowed to see Peter again. At least not in the way you wanted. 

“Peter has a tendency of being unpredictable,” Aunt May jokes with your parents and they actually laugh, making you think that this whole thing is actually going well. 

Your heart would break if it didn’t, but right now you could only hope for the best. 

Luckily, the adults became enveloped into their own conversation, bonding over how insatiable and complicated raising teenagers was. Apart from your father’s daggers at Peter (which were, at most, simply warning glares), you and him were unnoticed. You just couldn’t leave the dinner table. 

“Crap, crap, crap,” Peter repeats over to you, “I think I’m going to pass out if your dad asks me another question. He’s so scary! You told me he was a huge nerd. Why’d you lie?” 

You scoffed and hit him lightly on the chest (gaining another head-shake from your father).

“Peter, he literally gushes about the Avengers and Spider-Man all the time. He’s just not exactly comfortable with me dating so young. Not everyone is as cool as your aunt.” 

“Please never call her cool again, her ego might blow through the roof,” Peter tells you and you chuckle. “But seriously, I think they hate me. They’re going to forbid you from seeing me and—yup, your mom? I know your mom hates me.” 

“Yeah, okay, sure. That’s why she says that you’re handsome and smart all the time, right?” You confess to him, “Trust me, they like you.” 

“Are you sure? Because I can clean up nicer, you know, and I can be funnier—I have a couple jokes that Ned and I have been working on—” 

“Peter, stop! If you do tell a joke that was made up by you and Ned, then my parents will really hate you.” 

He licks his lips nervously and huffs, “Gee, thanks.” 

“They could never hate you, Peter. You’re…you. You’re adorable and sweet and kind. You’re our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. I mean, that’s pretty awesome,” you say, smiling at him. “Just don’t break my heart, Parker. Or else, they’ll have your head on a pike.” 

He blushes. “Wouldn’t dream of it.” 

His phone suddenly rings, interrupting everyone’s conversation. He pulls out his phone and both of you can see the caller ID. 

Happy Hogan.

“[Y/N]…” He whispers, ignoring the stares he’s getting from May and your mother and father.

You nod, “Peter, go. Just come back in one piece.”

He takes the call and goes to his room, leaving you alone at the table with three adults. You awkwardly take a bite out of Peter’s untouched dinner roll, chewing hesistantly. 

“Thank you for having me over for dinner, Aunt May,” you acknowledge, trying to steer the topic away from the elephant in the room. 

“What happened, is everything alright?” Your mom asks and Aunt May looks annoyed and disappointed. Your dad is picking at his food.

“Yeah, everything’s alright!” You said truthfully. You were more than okay with Peter’s frequent disappearances; it’s not like he couldn’t just refuse to help out and use his abilities for the common good. All you wanted was for him to be alive at the end of the day.

“Remember I told you about the Stark Internship he has,” you continued, watching your mom’s face light up with recollection of the memory. “"I told Dad about it too, but I don’t know if he was actually listening.”

Your dad looks up, “I wasn’t.”

May shakes her head. “I am so sorry, [Y/N]. I’ve talked to him about this whole internship thing and he just—do you want me to talk to him right now?” 

You almost jump up. “No! No, it’s fine. Completely. Mom, Dad, we should get going now anyways, right? You both have work tomorrow and I’ve got homework. Thank you so much, May, I hope we can come over another time.”

Aunt May sighs, but lets the Peter thing go. “Of course, sweetheart! Come over anytime you like! And [Y/PARENTS’/N], it was glad to meet the both of you for the first time!”

You wait as your mom and dad return her affections, thanking her and giving her a small friendly hug. Despite you displaying full support, May still flashed you an apologetic and sympathetic look as she hugged you goodbye and shut the door. You couldn’t blame her; she still had yet to find out that the boy who she practically raised as her own son was constantly running into imminent danger. 

As you walk to the car, thinking of how your boyfriend was currently saving lives and helping people, your mom gives you a concerned look.

“Do you know what that was about?” She questions and you take a moment to respond.

Peter in his suit flashes through your mind, and you shake your head.

“Nope. Not a clue.” 

Hc for when the gang is drunk and you're sober

requested by anonymous

- it’s takes alot for him to get drunk
- will totally *try* to make food for the both of you
- doesn’t go too well
- “accidentally” buys a unicorn mask on Amazon

- will admit any feelings he has towards anyone to you
- giggles over anything you say
- will try to have a deep conversation with you
- ends up falling asleep half way through

- calls you “bro” every five minutes
- wants to do your makeup so you let him
- is actually really good and has many helpful tips
- randomly starts ranting to you about the kool aid man

- even more touchy now
- tells you alot of puns *horrible ones*
- really enjoys playing with your hair

- this boy is alot more touchy feely/ sexual when hes drunk around you
- definitely tries to ask you out
- multiple times
- he goes for a kiss but accidentally bangs his head into yours
- I don’t even know how?!

- admits he would totally bang soda
- pats your head alot
- somehow makes a ship out of toothpicks for you
- in like 40 minutes

- will text you and end up starting a conversation with himself instead , over messaging
- full conversations
- gets a little aggressive towards you
- but doesn’t cause any harm
- cracking up jokes with you every second


“Almost Gemini” - [ John Constantine - One shot ].

Based onImagine: Being Constantine’s neighbor, and him always coming over to use your cat for his ritual to cross over into hell. 

Written by: A.Wölf.

Music and ambience: Rain // Song (Play both at the same time but ambience at a lower volume).


The rain woke me up.

I glance at the nightstand clock where “10:08 pm” flashes in red numbers. God, I hate getting out of bed. Time doesn’t matter, early or late, I just hate it, I wish I could stay. But working in a bar has its perks after all; like sleeping during the day and waking up at night.

My cat jumps out of bed, meowing to let me know she wants to eat.

I get up and stand in front of my window to look at the city lights blurred by the raindrops. And from up here, on the 5th floor of this apartment building, I can see a bunch of walking umbrellas, knowing that I will become one the second I leave for work. My cat meows again, reminding me she’s hungry.

After finally opening a can of tuna for her, I put on a vinyl record, turn the volume up, and head towards the bathroom to take a shower and start getting ready. I take a long time in there, letting the warm water relax each one of my muscles, and I thoroughly wash my hair while mentally preparing to come home smelling like cigarettes I didn’t even get to smoke, and god knows what else at the bar.

I put my hair up in a ponytail, and put on my leather jacket, almost ready to leave but still swaying my hips to the music when I hear a knock on the door. I sigh in defeat knowing exactly who it is. Another perk of this nightlife of mine if not the best; John fucking Constantine, my neighbor from the 6th floor, the man with two sides, hot and cold, my almost Gemini after being born in early May but having traits that would suggest otherwise.

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Marvin HC infodump

-a few years after Marvin had started doing magic as a career he was hired for a kids birthday party

-there were a lot of children running around,playing tag or jumping in the bouncy castel

-everything was happy and Marvin felt confident enough to do a new trick he had practiced a few times for the kids,he wanted to keep the spirits up and he thought thus would be a god way to do so

-he didn’t wear his mask then,freckles littered his cheeks and his skin was soft to the touch

-then,as most things seemed to go when things were going well,something went very,very wrong

-When itcwas the time for him to perform for the kids they all sat on the grass in a circle infront of him,eyes shining and wide with anticipation and curiosity

-his first few tricks go off without a hitch,it was the regular simple stuff:rabbits and hats,card tricks and the like

-then it was time for his new trick,excitement bubbled inside him as he prepared himself

-it wasn’t so much of a trick as it was just…magic,and that was clear when tiny,colored sparks started to fly from his fingertips

-his crowd clapped and even the parents looked awed as the colors flickered

-then he made a life changing decision. A stupid decision that he would hate himself for.

-He decided to ‘put on a real show’ and conjured up balls of heat that glowed the same vibrant colors as the speaks before.

-Marvin knew he hadn’t practiced this enough but pushed it aside. He just wanted to make the smiles on their faces last.

-He shot the colors orb into the air and it exploded,reminiscent of a firework.

-it went well the first time but he started to get cocky, over working his powers and rapidly creating fireworks.

-the next two he throws don’t explode in the air like they’re supposed to and he makes the mistake of looking up to see the what didn’t happen.

-next thing he knows he can’t see and he feels intense burning on his face.

-there’s screaming coming from the kids and adults as the other flaming ball drops in a nearby tree,quickly setting it ablaze

-soon there’s sirens and water spilling around him,an attempt to put out the fire,which now engulfed the whole backyard.

-Marvin was taken immediately to the hospital and if it weren’t for his magic working in overdrive for the little bit he had left he would have gone permanently blind.

-He has has a giant burn stretching round his eyes and over the bridge of his nose as a permanent reminder. No amount of magic could get rid of it,and he really did try.

-his eyes also got discolored as a result of his magic,leaving them a deep purple,another permanent reminder.

-He didn’t care about his condition though,not after what he had heard on the news while laying on the hospital bed.

-“two children in critical condition after fire at birthday party”

-he felt sick.And when he found out they died a few days later he vomited. This was all his fault ,he shouldn’t be alive right now,they should be.

-he couldn’t make it to their funeral but he did visit their graves after he healed and sobbed so hard he couldn’t breathe. He was responsible for the death of two innocent lives. He wished he was the one in the ground.

-He didn’t know what to do with himself,avoided his reflection for a week before he got upthe courage to look at himself.

-he cried at seeing his reflection staring back at him,burns replacing his once freckled cheeks.

-he made a mask that day,covering the burns on his face while keeping up his act as a magician.

-he wasn’t going to quit.No matter how hard it was to pick his wand and hat up again,thiswas the one thing he loved doing and he figured that this was the world teaching him a sick lesson that if he ever wanted to make it he had to practice.

-that was the only brightside he could pull out of this situation,and it wasn’t even bright. It was solemn and dark.

-That was when he promised himself that that was the last time he played with fire.The last time he lets anything like this happen,never again will he perform without practicing every trick a hundred rimes over.

-Fast forward few more years and he’s living with his friends and boyfriend, who have never seen his face under the mask.

-His boyfriend wears a mask to, but only when out superhero-ing. He never pressured Marv to take his mask off and would never try to but he always wondered what was under it. He didn’t know about about the fire.

-He always tells Marvin how pretty his eyes are and never understood how the magician could hate them.

-Marvin is terrified of fire,his friends don’t know why.

-Anti once did the lighter+hairspray thing and Marvin had the worst panic attack anyone had ever seen.

anonymous asked:

Sorry for having to be on anon, it's my first time asking somebody for something like this and I'm a lil nervous, but could you do headcanons for the drv3 boys with an s/o who squeaks when they're startled?

Awh it’s okay Anon! No need to apologise :) (I’m shy as well *shy high five*)

DRV3 Boys finding out their S/O squeaks when startled

Shuuichi Saihara:

- He never meant to startle you

- You were just reading a book and he thought it would be cute if he hugged you from behind

- That’s why he gently wrapped his arms around you and rested his chin on your shoulder

- And then you squeaked

- “S/O - san… Did you make that noise?…”

- You instantly begin to blush

- “I… Y-Yeah…”

- “That was so cute”

- Now he’s the one blushing, he shifts his head so that his forehead is pressing against your shoulder now

- The two of you are a blushing mess now

- Is it selfish that he wants to hear that again?

Kaito Momota:

- You were just entering your apartment and the lights were turned off

- Is Momota not home?

- “Hey S/O!”

- “Eeep!”

- You quickly flick the light on and find him sitting on the sofa with a grin on his face

- He quickly walks over to you and ruffles your hair

- “S/O that was so cute!”

- “Ahhh… Stopppp”

- “I’m finding out more and more adorable things about you S/O!”

- He’s fanboying over this now, he’s so glad he found out

- Your hair is a complete mess now, thanks Momota


- Seeing as he’s a robot he is able to connect to any device if he tries hard enough

- He didn’t really know where you were so he just… Connected to your phone

- His face appeared on your screen

- “Um… S/O - san I think I lost you”

- “Eeeep! K-Kiibo - kun?!”

- “Huh? Are you malfunctioning? You let out a high pitched sound”

- “Huh… Oh… No it’s just… Squeaking”

- “… Oh! Then you need oil!”

- You facepalm with one hand and giggle, he doesn’t even intend to be funny but you can’t stop

- “Huh?.. Did I say something wrong?”

- “Hahah… No, no… Oh I see you Kiibo - kun!”

- You happily skip over to him

Rantaro Amami:

- You recently found out that he was ticklish so he was at a slight disadvantage

- However, a perfect opportunity appeared for him

- You were dusting a high shelf so your arms were way above you

- Silently, he creeps up to you and jabs you on either side

- “Eeeep!”

- You drop the duster and fall on him

- He lets out a little laugh

- “S/O - san… That was adorable”

- “You… Startled me… Adorable? I’m not adorable!”

- You puff your cheeks at you and do your best angry impression

- “Stop I’m going to die from all the cuteness”

- “I’m not cute!”

Kokichi Ouma:

- You were just gaming together

- “Spooky’s House of Jumpscares? Really?”

- Ouma would mock you, the title screen just looked cute so he didn’t expect much from that game

- When the cardboard cutouts popped out you squeaked

- “Nishishi! Was that you S/O - chan?”

- “N… No it was the game!”

- He crossed his arms behind his head and flashed you a big grin

- “I knew my S/O - chan is the cutest”

- You just start blushing majorly and he makes it worse by kissing your cheek

- “O-Ouma - kun!… No fair…”

- He taps his lips

- “Want to get revenge?”

Gonta Gokuhara:

- You knew he liked insects

- You on the other hand didn’t

- That’s why when you went into his room and found a giant beetle it was the most natural thing to do

- “Eeeep!”

- You jumped back and bumped into something warm and soft, as you look up you find that you bumped into Gonta

- “Did S/O - san make that sound?”

- You nod

- He just smiles down at you and starts clapping

- “Gonta thinks that’s adorable!”

- You don’t think it’s a good idea to mention that you dislike his insects so you just return the smile

Korekiyo Shinguji:

- “S/O - san can you come here for a minute?”

- You were just finishing washing the dishes so you quickly dry your hands and make your way over to where he is

- When you enter the room his back is turned to you so you simply poke him to get his attention

- When he turns, there’s a rather scary looking mask on his face

- “Eeep!”

- “Huh? Oh, sorry”

- He removes the mask and his golden eyes give you a slightly confused look

- Why does he still wear his mask under another mask

- “What did you need me for?..”

- “Ah well actually I wanted to hear your opinion on my new mask but your reaction was enough”

- Did he just wink at you

Ryoma Hoshi:

- Let’s face it, you probably were nowhere as good as Hoshi when it comes to tennis

- You watched him play always paying attention to where the ball was going

- You didn’t want to get hit after all

- As if on cue, you see the ball coming towards you

- You squeak and quickly dodge out the way

- “Uh… Sorry”

- You notice Hoshi biting down on his licorice hiding back a smile

- “What is it?”

- “Nothing”

- You raise an eyebrow

- “Hoshi - kun..”

- “No no it’s nothing~”


Interview Furukawa Yuuta Noah's Ark Circus

Dear fellow fans,

Please enjoy this interview with Furukawa Yuuta on the musical of Noah’s Ark

I found it an incredibly interesting interview, and I really wished to share it with as many people as possible, so I decided to translate it into English. As in the original interview both speakers refer to Sebastian as ‘Sebas’ (セバス), I have also left it as it is. Click [here] for the original Japanese interview.

Interview with Furukawa Yuuta on “Kuroshitsuji – Noah’s Ark Circus"

With the new announcement of your recast as Sebas, fans of the series have been absolutely ecstatic.

“Thank you very much. I have received quite many letters from fans, many of which included comments such as “I have been awaiting “Kuroshitsuji” with great anticipation”. I am very honoured to receive such kind words, though also feeling the pressure anew of wishing to live up to the fans’ expectations.”

The Kuroshitsuji musical franchise started in 2009, and from the latest run of “Lycoris that blazes the Earth 2015” on, the baton of Sebastian Michaelis’ role has been passed on to you. How do you experience the pressure of diving midway into a hit series?

“Pressure indeed. Well… even though I ‘succeeded’ the role, I think that I have been able to put all my heart into it. Although for me this is merely the second time I will be playing Sebas, I feel that along with my wish to suture even more deeply with this character, I have also come to realise again the daily worries while reading the comics and studying the script.”

As expected, you turn to the original comics for basis?

“My wish is to deliver to the audience that very experience that is left inside me from reading the Kuroshitsuji comics as a fan myself. It was like that the last time too, but this time I want to leave out all unnecessary things and wholeheartedly devote myself to delivering and expressing the inspirations and impressions I got from the original comics. That, I value the most at present.

This time the story is based on the original comic’s Circus Arc. From the published main visual images, I was left with a very deep impression.

“As many circus members are portrayed and it fuels the anticipations towards the assorted characters and highlight scenes… I have secretly been hoping that the audience would be thrilled. Visually speaking, I think this episode is very befitting for a stage adaptation. Just with one single glance… well, it’s a circus! The trapeze scene especially, but many other performances are incredibly difficult, but I shall take on the challenge. I am pleased that the trio of the mansion (Bard, Finny and Meylin) are going to have a great début as well, and I look very much forward to opposing Teruma’s William. Naturally, I have great hopes towards the songs the new musical will bring us.”

It’s the first time on stage for Uchikawa Reo who plays Sebas’ young master, Ciel Phantomhive.

“I have only met him a few times up to this point, but a bond has already grown between us within which we can talk without any masks. I heard that this is going to be his first stage performance, so I hope that before anything else he can enjoy the life on stage. To this end, I… well, ‘because’ of Sebas, just like him, I have come to want to stay by his side and support him. I want to make him smile. I told him” if there’s any kind of sweets you like, I shall present to you a full box, my Lord.”(Laughs)”

Mr. Furukawa, just a few days back you have successfully finished your performances in the musical “1789, Les Amants de la Bastille”, and now you will also play in great hit musicals like “Elisabeth (Rudolf)” and “Romeo and Juliet (Romeo)”. And along those, you will also be playing in the so called 2.5D musical of “Kuroshitsuji”?

“I have not really linked those at all. Just purely, every staging has its characteristics and charms, and are absolutely fun to watch.”

As a performer, is there something you feel especially strong about from experiencing both [musicals]?

“Strong… um… that is difficult. I can’t think of anything that strikes me especially, but I am absolutely certain that I will be able to gain a lot if I can become more and more active in activities within genres not restricted to these. I am sorry, I only managed to say things this abstract (laughs), but I’m sure it will all become a source of nourishment. Ah, more concretely I guess, some people who have seen me in “Kuroshitsuji” have thought “Let’s go watch the *Imperial Musicals (Elisabeth, 1789, etc.) next time,” and also, there are quite many similarities with “Kuroshitsuji” in the solemn aura as can be experienced in the historic play ‘Elisabeth’, so I think I have been able to bring that to live in the previous staging of “Kuroshitsuji”.”

In “Noah’s Ark Circus”, tragedies await to happen within the unique circus. Even though it will never have a happy end, that is the unshakable charm of “Kuroshitsuji”. What kind of Sebas will Circus Arc’s Sebas become, do you think?

“Generally speaking, I think I want to become one that is even more faithful to the original comic’s charms. Besides upholding the elegance and vigour of the character, I strive for a more subtle presence to become a truer demon. The brighter the spotlights shine, the more I wish to make Sebas’ shadows as the main character. Another point is, principally, Sebas looks down on human beings and makes fun of them.”

That is because besides not being a human, for a long, long time, he has witnessed and seen through the foolishness of human beings, right?

“Most likely. However, I really think that that very Sebas has been somewhat impressed on the inside from witnessing Ciel growing stronger and stronger as a human by going through all kinds of cases and tragic accidents. I personally think that the “while they may be foolish, the more they struggle, the stronger human beings become” is one very important theme within “Kuroshitsuji”. Therefore, I think that Sebas, although as a demon he thoroughly looks down on humans and merely makes fun of them, he treasures Ciel from the bottom of his heart… Sebas’ goal is then to solve this very contradiction for himself. It is my goal in turn, to accurately deliver to the audience the very ‘core’ of this series, to the point that they can truly feel the ‘unique master-servant-relationship’, an incredibly complicated, deeply and strongly entangled bond between Sebas and Ciel.”

I really look forward to the Circus Arc in which sheer elegance and cruelty are intertwined.

“The director Mr. Mouri has also said that he wants to “gradually remove all the pop-vibes”. That is definitely not to reduce the entertainment, instead it is to accentuate the… um, the darkness included, the world view that is unique to “Kuroshitsuji. We too will become one and work towards that very same goal in the new production.”

* Imperial Musicals
Stage productions for the Imperial Theatre in Japan - Teikoku Gekijou (帝国劇場)

Preferences: How They Act When They Catch Their Child Playing With Their's/Someone Else's Lightsaber.

Anakin: “woah there little one!” Anakin smirked as he caught your son playing with his lightsaber. “That’s a dangerous weapon you got there! Let me teach you how to use it properly.”

Obi-Wan: “Oi, give me that you cheeky devil,” Obi scowled as he walked into the living room to see your son holding Obi’s ignited lightsaber. “When you’re older, maybe I’ll teach you how use this. But for now, stay away from it or your mother will kill us both.” Your son scowled as you watched from the other room your husbands reaction nodding to yourself approvingly.

Darth Maul: “That’s my princess,” Maul smiled as he saw your daughter with his lightsaber. “This, is a very dangerous weapon. If anyone hurts you, tell daddy and he’ll go and hurt them with this okay?” Your daughter nodded with a grin on her face until Maul matched the grin. “OR I could teach you how to use the Force like daddy. You could become a Sith just like me and mummy.” Your daughter laughed and nodded vigorously and eagerly. Maul ruffled her hair and went to tell you the good news.

Qui-Gon: “No. No. No,” Qui-Gon said quickly as he snatched his old Saber off your son, as your daughter stood there confused. “This is a dangerous weapon and if I can help it you will never use it. You see, daddy and mummy use to be Jedi, but it was very miserable life. So we both left and were no longer Jedi, then we got married and well - mummy had you guys.” Your son looked confused as he slowly gave the lightsaber back to Qui-Gon, “good boy, now, go run along and play with your sister.”

Luke: “Y/N!” Luke called as he saw your daughter playing with his lightsaber. “Luke hunnie whatever it is deal with it please I’ve having a bath,” you called from the bathroom. “A-Alright then!” Luke called back as he walked slowly over to his daughter. “Hey sweetheart… What you got there?” He asked nervously. “Daddy Saber!” She grinned twirling it around and nearly hitting Luke in the face. “Yes, yes that’s my lightsaber sweetheart, can I erm, can I have it back before mummy see’s?” Your daughter shook her head and laughed. “Look sunshine, this lightsaber is the weapon of a Jedi Knight. When you’re old enough I’ll teach you the ways of the force and we can have a Lightsaber each how does that sound?” Luke asked, watching his daughter ponder for a moment before smiling and nodding. “Good, now. Give me the lightsaber and we won’t tell mummy about this okay?”

Han: “Don’t touch that thing!” Han groaned as he picked up his 2 year old son and placed him on his waist. “That’s dangerous. No son of mine is becoming a Jedi, it’s too dangerous. God if your mother wasn’t out with Leia and Luke right now you’d be in so much more trouble.”

Darth Vader: “Y/N?” Vader asked as he cocked his head to the side. “Yeah hun?” You asked walking to his side and stopping still whilst grabbing hold of your husbands hand. “Our daughter is playing with my lightsaber… What exactly do I do?” Vader asked shyly, his parenting skills still sucked even after 7 years but he was getting better. “Well… I think maybe you should train her - you know? In the force?” Vader nodded and a smile played under his mask on his lips. “Well, I’ll go over now…” He said and walked. “Hey sweetheart. Your mother and I were just talking and your mother suggested I reach you how to use the lightsaber and you can have one of your own.”

Kylo Ren: “Give me my lightsaber!” He growled at your son, who stood there still, placed the lightsaber behind his back and stuck his tongue out at his father who scoffed lightly. “Do you want a lightsaber?” His son just nodded in return, a cheeky grin on his face. “Would you like me to teach you the ways of the force?” His son nodded again, before Kylo gave in and smiled, taking the lightsaber off his son and walking off to tell you he was training your kid to become Kylo’s successor when he dies.

General Hux: “Get off Ren’s lightsaber!” Hux yelled at his daughter. “Y/N! Did Ren give our daughter his lightsaber?” “I’m not sure Armitage, has she got it? If she has take it off her. That’s no weapon for a child, especially our child.” “I’m on it baby,” Hux called as he smirked and walked over to your daughter and explained to her that a lightsaber is no weapon for a princess.

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Have I Made You Uncomfortable? (Bucky x Reader) Part 6

Summary: It’s no secret that Y/N and Bucky don’t get along. Everyone knows it, they know it, and everything is very clear. That is, until a certain encounter in the library starts a small ripple in the otherwise fairly still surface.

Chapter List


Part Six

“Either way, we need to arrest him and his puppets, release the hostages, and deactivate the carrier system. Y/N, you’ve been watching the building, any suggestions?” Steve asked, and you furrowed your brows in concentration. You took another bite of your burger and started flicking the hologram around, circling it as you chewed. You swallowed loudly before sighing.

“Well, the building in itself isn’t the problem, Steve. They have people everywhere. Since this is a threefold mission, we need to split up. I suggest… Who’s available for this?” you asked, eyes still focused on the hologram in front of you.

“Myself, Buck, you, and Barton.” You hummed in discontent.

“Four people doesn’t seem like enough for this mission. Are you sure there’s no one else we can bring in?” you asked, glancing at him.

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Tour Life // pt 1 - Kian Lawley

Not really requested

Kian x Scarlett (reader)

Contains smut and some other cute shit

Word count: 4.6k

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The day has finally come, I’ve had this planned for over a month now. I’m surprising my boyfriend, Kian, on tour and staying with him for the last month of the U.S. leg. Currently, I am on my way to San Antonio, Texas, to meet him and his tour mates. Jc really helped me with the planning and timing. I took a super late/early flight, depending on how you look at it, so Kian is asleep and he thinks I’m also asleep. It’s ‪6AM‬ and I’m waiting for my connecting flight in Phoenix, Arizona. I would sleep since it’s a two and a half hour layover but I’m honestly too excited. My flight is ‪at 7AM‬ and that’ll land in San Antonio around ‪9AM‬ as long as everything is on time. The plan is Jc is going to leave a key card at the hotels front desk for me and all the boys are going to go out for breakfast so I can get in while no ones there.

Since I wasn’t tired at all I’m just scrolling through twitter and other social media stuff. It’s so hard not to tweet people back or post on snapchat just incase Kian sees anything and gets suspicious. It’s also been really hard to keep the secret from him there were so many moments I wanted to tell him. The worst was one night during the last week of the Europe leg when we were on the phone and he kept telling me he misses me and he was clearly upset, he said it’s been hard to stay happy on the road and hes been giving it his all for his fans and pulling through for them. So hopefully my surprising him will give him some happiness. Back in April we were both touring Australia and New Zealand for Amplify and we had the time of our lives. It was so much fun and the thought of him not having fun on his own tour was sad to hear. I wish I could’ve been with him in Europe but I had my own projects going on and had to miss it, otherwise I would have definitely been there to experience everything with him. I was able to go to the LA show though and he brought me out for a challenge that I beat him in and I got to tase him! Don’t know why I find excitement in that? But it was funny and he does it to everyone else so it was time for some payback.

It’s now time to board my flight and I’m starting to get a bit tired now so hopefully I can sleep for the last couple hours of this trip. My flight took off on time and I couldn’t be more excited to just get there and see the look on Kian’s face when he sees me. When we were fully up in the air I connected my phone to the wifi and quickly texted Jc that I was on my last flight and only a couple hours away now. I’ve been texting him updates all night even though I know hes asleep and not going to reply I just want them to be there for when he wakes up so he can text me back his updates as well. I got into a comfortable position put some soothing music on and put on my eye mask so I could try to get some sleep.

“Ma'am…” I faintly heard someone, “excuse me ma'am” I woke up then and pulled my eye mask and headphones off, that was no longer playing any music, “Good morning, I’m gonna have to ask you to put your seatbelt on now as we will be landing very shortly”

“Morning! I’ll get it on right away”

“Thank you” she said and made her way to the next sleeping person

I sat up and buckled up my seat belt and got ready for the landing remembering how excited I was. It was ‪8:52‬ and my screen said the plane was on time and landing in 10 minutes. I checked my phone and saw that Jc had texted me back 20 minutes ago saying him and Dom are up. I replied saying “I’m landing in about 10 minutes” and he said “okay I’ll make sure we’re all up and out of the hotel soon” so I said “alright I’ll see you soon!” and he said to be safe on my way over. He told me last night that they got 3 rooms and they’re 2 in a room right now but hopefully Kian and I can have a room to ourselves at least for a couple nights.

The plane has landed and I was fairly close to the front so I got off quickly which was good because I couldn’t sit still much longer. I’m now at baggage claim waiting for my luggage which is actually a hockey bag that I had to pay extra for to get it on the plane. I definitely brought too much stuff but I’m away for a month so who knows what could happen. I checked the Uber app and there were a bunch outside so I put in the address for the hotel and ordered one. I found my bag and made my way outside to find my Uber. The driver helped me get my bag in the trunk, I hopped in and that’s when I checked my phone again and saw I had a text from Dom, it said “Hey Jc forgot his phone at the hotel so text me if you need to and we left a key card for you just tell the front desk your name” I replied saying “Hey! I’m on my way to the hotel now make sure Kian doesn’t see you texting me lol” he replied “Don’t worry I’m not about to ruin this surprise I can’t wait to see his face!” I said “Hahaha me either! I’ll see you soon”

That’s when I thought it was a good enough time to text Kian, “Good morning babe! Are you awake yet?” I usually wake up before him so I couldn’t wait too long to say anything to him. He replied almost instantly, “Good morning Scar I’m up and out for breakfast with the boys” this is so funny to me because I already knew he was up and out. I guess I had laughed out loud because the Uber driver said to me,

“Whats so funny back there?” He was just being friendly and making conversation

“Oh nothing. I’m surprising my boyfriend at the hotel and I’m texting him good morning now and he just has no idea I’m here so it’s kinda funny to me” I told him

“That’s very exciting. He lives here? You have a long distance relationship?” He asked

“No we both live in LA, he’s actually on tour around the States right now” I said

“Oh wow! That’s cool, he’s in a band? Or what?” I didn’t want to tell him exactly who he is so I said

“Yeah he’s in a band, they’re not that big yet so you probably wouldn’t know them”

“What’s the name? Are they on the radio?” He asked

I had to make up a name on the spot, “They’re called the… Black Birds and no they’ve haven’t made it on the radio yet”

“Hopefully it’ll happen soon, I’ll listen out for the name” He said and that’s where the conversation ended because we were at the hotel, we both got out and he grabbed my bag out of the trunk for me and made his way to the drivers side “Good luck with the surprise, have fun in San Antonio!”

“Thank you so much! Have a good day” I said while picking up the handle for my bag and walked towards the hotel. I got inside and went right for the front desk.

“Good morning, do you have a reservation?” the lady asked me

“Good morning! No I don’t my friend actually left me a key to room 1006” I told her, Jc told me what room Kian was staying in last night

“Oh yes I have that here I just need to see some I.D. please” she asked nicely

“Of course…” I reached into my purse to get my wallet and pulled out my drivers license and handed it to her

“Perfect, here’s the card. Enjoy your stay with us” she said handing me my drivers license and the key to the room.

I made my way to the elevator and waited for a few seconds for the doors to open, I stepped in and pushed the button for the tenth floor. It took a minute to get there and I followed the signs to get to room 1006, I put the card in the slot and the door unlocked. I stepped into the room that was obviously already a mess even though Kians only been in here for one night. I set my bag down, took off my shoes and sat down on one of the beds. I pulled my phone out and it was ‪9:42‬, so I texted Dom and said “I’m at the hotel!” He said “Okay great we’ll probably be another half hour or so we’re just starting to eat and I’m guessing you haven’t eaten yet so I’m bringing you back some pancakes” I’m actually starving and pancakes sound great so I’m not gonna complain about that, “You read my mind!“

Since I had some time to kill I decided to clean up the room a bit. Picking up after Kian is something I’m quite used to at this point in our relationship. I really don’t mind doing it because I’m usually picking up my clothes off of his floor as well. I finished picking up all of his clothes on the floor and realized whoever he was sharing a room with kept his stuff very tidy and packed in a suitcase which was good because I didn’t want to touch and put away any of the other boys clothes without them knowing. He also left some of his clothes on the bed on the right so I had guessed that one was his. I made both beds after putting the rest of Kians clothes away in his bag and lied down on his bed. I posted a good morning snapchat that wouldn’t give away my location and put the time filter on it, ‪9:57‬ was the time now. I was starting to getting irritable waiting for him to get back so I decided to brush my teeth since I’ve been traveling all night and my breath probably smells gross at this point. After that I went to check out the view, I’ve never been to San Antonio before but it’s beautiful from the tenth floor of the Drury Plaza Hotel. I pulled up a chair and sat in front of the window for a few minutes then started scrolling through twitter and replied to some fans until Dom texted me, “We’re downstairs about to get in the elevator and I’m gonna try and get it all on snapchat so be ready!” I replied, “Please do! I’m ready for ya” I got up and quickly put the chair back and sat down on the edge of his bed and waited. A couple minutes later I could hear them coming down the hall being loud boys as usual. I started to hear running and laughing and then the beeping noise the lock makes when you’ve unlocked it with the key card and suddenly my heart started pounding. I stood up when Dom came running in, with the other boys close behind him, with his phone up yelling “Scarlett’s here!” and then pointed his phone at Kian as he came into view of me and he just stood there for a second not knowing what was happening. Everyone else was yelling “AYYYY” as I walked up to him quickly and he grabbed me and hugged me. I wanted him to kiss me but I don’t know if he will in front of all the boys, but right here in his arms is good enough for me too. Just then he let go, leaned in again and gave me what I wanted, a short and sweet kiss.

“Hi” I said

“Hi” He replied

“That’s some cute shit right there” Dom said and everyone laughed and I sat back down on his bed, Kian sat down next to me and kicked off his shoes.

“Okay where’s my pancakes I’m starving” I asked Dom

As he was running in the door he put the take-out box on the table, he went and got it and said, “Right here” he handed them to me

“Oh my god thank you” I said

“You’re welcome and Kian, you’re a dick. They were never for me” Kian started laughing and said to me, “I called him a fatass because he ordered three extra pancakes to go… How was I supposed to know they were for her?” He questioned

“I don’t know man you should probably just be nice to me sometimes” everyone was laughing again because Kian is always giving everyone sarcastic remarks, I can’t say anything though because I’m the same way.

By now everyone was relaxing on the beds and in the chairs talking to one another. Kian was sitting next to me while I devoured my pancakes, I didn’t realize how hungry I was until I saw them in front of me dowsed in maple syrup. I could tell it was real maple syrup too which was the best kind and made me feel at home since I was born and raised in Canada. It’s kind of a cliché but it’s true.

“I can’t believe you’re here” Kian said quietly to me, smiling ear to ear

“Me either, I’ve been planning this for a month now. I had to keep moving back the day because of stuff for my projects and I had that surprise meeting last week, so I was going to originally come for the last week in Europe and every date for the U.S. but that backfired” I said

“At least you’re here now” He said smiling up at me, I swallowed the food in my mouth and leaned down to give him another kiss. I was sitting at the top of the bed still eating and he was leaning on his side facing me, “I wish we were alone right now” he whispered

I, too, wish we were alone, “Soon Ki” I winked subtly at him

Just then while I was looking at him I saw the flash from a camera go off and looked up quickly at Vitaly taking a picture of Kian and I having our little moment

“Sorry, I thought the flash was off… Looks good though” Vitaly said

I laughed, “Thats okay V! Can I see?” I asked

“Yeah of course” he walked over to the side of the bed I was on and showed me the photo

“It’s cute, I like it” I smiled up at Vitaly

“It’s cool if I post it?” He asked

“Yeah that’s okay! I’d actually like to go out with you at some point to get some shots if that’s okay?” I asked him as he walked over to a chair and sat down

“Yeah I’d love to do that, just tell me when!”

“Sounds good V”

Just then Jc stood up and said, “Okay we should probably give them some privacy now, I’m sure they’ve got some catching up to do”

“Oh yeah Ryan, you can’t stay in here tonight” Kian said

“Yeah yeah, I figured as much” Ryan replied

“You can stay with Harrison and Vitaly, I just got rid of you” Jc said, Ryan’s been talking Jc and Doms ears off the last few nights and they all put some of it on snapchat. I thought it was quite funny but I don’t want to go through it either.

“Fine I guess V and I are stuck with you for a few nights” Harrison sighed dramatically

“I can’t even say anything back because I know I’m annoying, it’s my duty on this tour” Ryan said

Jc started to walk towards us with his arms out to give me a hug, I put the empty pancakes box down and got up off the bed to meet him halfway and gave him a hug.

“Thanks for helping me out with this J” I said

“No problem, I’m glad you’re here Scar” He said then whispered so Kian wouldn’t hear “He really needed you” then let go, I smiled at him

Then Dom came up to me and hugged me, “This is gonna be so fun!” he exclaimed, lifting me off the ground

“I know! Thanks again for the pancakes” He laughed and let go

Then Vitaly, “I’m happy you’ve joined us” he said

“Me too”

Then Ryan, “It’s good to see you again Scarlett!” he said to me

“You too Ryan”

Then Harrison, he had a huge smile on his face, “I’m so glad you’ve finally arrived! We need to chill okay”

Harrison and I have been friends for a long time now, he’s one of my best friends, “Yes we do! I’m glad you decided to come out”

Jc and Dom are some of my best friends too but I see them almost every day. I rarely see Harrison.

Then they all started to walk out when Dom said, “Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do!”

“No guarantees!” Kian said back

Everyone laughed as they walked out the door and I waved bye to them and put the “do not disturb” sign on the handle, closed the door and put the locks on.

I turned around to face Kian, who was sitting on the side of the bed, and he said, “Well what are you waiting for?”

I ran back over to the bed and trampled him. He grabbed my waist and rolled us over so he was on top. We had a proper makeout sesh. Pulling off each others shirts, I didn’t want to rush this and I could tell Kian didn’t want to either. It’s been so long, we didn’t have any time alone between him getting back from Europe and then leaving after the LA show so it’s almost been a month.

“I’ve missed you so much” I told Kian between kisses

“I’ve missed you more” He said, all breathy

“Mmm debatable” I said

We were just laying there looking into each others eyes. I reached down and unbuttoned his pants and he took them off.

“I want you” He said and started unbuttoning my shorts

“I want you more” I said

He started kissing me again and then said, “Debatable” with a smirk then started grinding into me while kissing my neck, making me moan. He sat up on his knees and started sliding my panties down my legs, I lifted them up so he could get them off all the way. He dropped back down on top of me and went back to my neck then whispered, “I want you to sit on my face” in my ear, making me shiver.

“Gladly” I said back and rolled us over and kissed him once then crawled up his body, Kian making sure to touch me anywhere he could in the process. Once I got into position I grabbed onto the headboard. He wrapped his arms around my thighs and pulled me down so I was quite literally sitting on his face, and started on me with his tongue. I felt instant pleasure, everywhere. My head fell back and I couldn’t stop the moans from rolling off my tongue. He moved one of his hands between my legs and put two fingers in me, focusing his tongue on my clit. The extra sensation making my body jolt, he had to hold onto my leg tighter. I reached my hand down and grabbed a fistful of his hair. I could feel myself getting closer to my release.

“Shit, Ki, I’m close” I told him

“Come baby” He said

He started circling his tongue around me faster and after a few seconds I reached my first orgasm after a month. I don’t remember it ever being this strong, although I couldn’t remember my own name at the moment. My body was spazzing out of my control so I grabbed onto the headboard with both hands. Kian took his fingers out of me and put his arm around my leg again to hold me down better. He never stopped his tongue movements, only slowed down while I came down from my high.

After a minute I’d finally calmed down and my breath was steady again.

“Kian…” I said

“Yeah?” He asked

“I’m afraid I can’t move” I said in all seriousness

Kian laughed and reached up to grab my hips and I let go of the headboard and held onto his arms while he rolled me over onto my back. I turned my head to face him and he faced me.

“It was that good?” He asked

“Yes” I said

I looked down at his boxers and noticed he definitely needed some attention. I sat up and went to go straddle his thighs when he said, “Scarlett I won’t last 10 seconds… Get on your stomach”

Was I really expecting anything else? It’s his favourite position. One of mine too. I moved back to sit where I was just laying and took off my bra and watched him get up to take his boxers off. Never taking our eyes off each other he came back on the bed, I got up on my knees and so did he and we kissed again for a minute. Touching each other everywhere. I pulled away and laid down on my stomach and Kian straddled the top of my thighs. I reached my hands back to spread myself so he could get himself inside me easily.

“Ready?” He asked

“Yes Ki” I said

He slowly put his tip in and grabbed my hips then slid the rest of himself in as slow as he could take. Both of us were moaning the whole time, almost forgetting the sensation after so long of going without it. I grasped the blanket on either side of me while he stilled so he wouldn’t come to fast. He started to move a few seconds later starting out kind of slow for the same reason. Not fast enough for me so I would assume not fast enough for him either.

“Kian, faster, please” I begged

“Okay baby, just bare with me” He said, he was really struggling to hold it back which made me want to chuckle a little bit, but I didn’t want to make him feel bad.

“It’s okay, I already came you don’t have to worry” I told him

“Alright then I’m literally gonna last 10 seconds” He said

With that he started pounding into me, which felt great I might actually come again since I was already pretty sensitive. I angled my butt up so he would hit my sweet spot, and he did. We were both moaning messes.

“I’m gonna come, Scar” He said
“Me too, just a second!” I almost yelled

“Okay baby, come for me” and I did for the second time this morning, this orgasm was even stronger than the last one. He pulled out and came on my ass while my body twitched again.

He collapsed next to me and rubbed my back while I came back down from my second high. I turned my head and looked at him, “Can you please get me a wet towel?” I asked him not knowing if I’d be able to walk all the way to the bathroom.

Kian laughed and got up, “Better than the first?” He asked while walking towards the bathroom

“Much better” I said still out of breath, I heard the tap turn on and off and he came back out. I didn’t even want to turn my head to look at him. He didn’t go over to the other side of the bed where he was laying but I heard him walk up behind me then felt the wet towel on my bum. He was cleaning me up which he actually usually does but I wasn’t expecting it and it made me jump.

“Sorry, too cold?” He asked

“No not at all, just scared me a bit” I chuckled, “Thank you”

“No problem babe” He said and went to put the towel back in the bathroom then came back and lied down next to me again, facing me. Both of us still naked, I was actually getting quite cold from the AC in the room.

“I need to put some clothes on it’s cold in here” I said without moving

“You need to get up to do that” Kian laughed

“I know… I will” I said then got up to find my clothes, I picked them all up and put them in my bag and searched for some comfier clothes. Just then Kian got out of bed to do the same thing.

“Babe pick up your clothes” I said nicely

He laughed again, “Okay Mom” He said sarcastically

“Ew don’t ‘Mom’ me” I joked

He picked up his clothes and put them in his bag and looked for comfy clothes as well, we both pulled out track pants.

“Can I have one of your shirts please?” I asked

“Of course” He searched for one and pulled out his “don’t be an asshole” t-shirt that he knew I loved. I put that on and then my pants, leaving out the undies and bra because why not?

“Thank you baby” I smiled at Kian, then walked to the bathroom to go pee. I came back out to see that Kian was already in bed and under the covers waiting for me with a big smile on his face. I slipped under the covers and got comfortable, facing him.

“So are you like… Out of practice? Or what?” I asked

Kian look confused then quickly realized what I was talking about, “Oh! Scarlett you think I have time to myself to jack off?”

“Not even in the shower?” I asked

“Nope, I usually have to take really fast showers or I’m too tired and I share a room every night” He said

“Aw babe that must’ve sucked” I gave him a sad face

“It’s okay, I honestly didn’t realize how frustrated I was until we couldn’t do anything while I was in LA for the show and now you’re here. So we’ll be good” He smirked

“Yes I am…” I said and got closer to him and kissed him for a few seconds

“I love you, I’m so glad I get to say that to your face instead of over text” He said happily

“I love you too, Ki” I smiled, “should we sleep?”

“I’m actually not tired, are you?” He asked

“No, I’m too happy to be here to sleep” I said

“Good, we’ll just cuddle then” He said

“Sounds good to me” I replied and snuggled into his chest

“Welcome to tour life, baby”

BTS Scenario: Jungkook Listens to Rap - Mask Off by Future

Suga: *enters Kookie’s room* Hey, Jungkook.

Jungkook: Yes, hyung? 

Suga: I want you to listen to something. *pulls up Mask Off on his phone*

Jungkook: What’s this?

Suga: It’s a song by a rapper named Future. Go ahead and listen to it.

Jungkook: Are you sure? Jin hyung said not to listen to bad words…

Suga: It’s fine. Besides, it’s our little secret! *smiles and leaves*

Jungkook: Well…I guess it couldn’t hurt. *puts in earplugs and plays the song* OH MAN HOLY %@$#!!

Later on that day

Jimin: *on his way to his room, trying to figure out how he can find some jams, and he passes Jungkook’s room*

Jungkook: *singing* Percocets, molly, percocets ~~

Jimin: *stops and presses his ear against the door*  Who taught Kookie about drugs?!

Jungkook: Ain’t no way! Ain’t no fu@#in’ way!

Jimin: *barges in through the door* JUNGKOOK!! Y U SWEARING?!?!

Jungkook: *screams and falls out of his chair* JIMIN, IT’S NOT WHAT U THINK!!

Jimin: I’m telling Jin! JIN!! KOOKIE SAID A–*Jungkook puts his hand over his mouth*

Jungkook: Shut up!! It was an accident!

Jimin: *slaps his hand away* You’re gonna be in so much trouble! You know Jin doesn’t like cursing!

Jungkook: I know! But it was an accident! Please don’t tell him!

Jimin: Forget it, Jungkook. I’m still telling him! I’m not covering for you!

Jungkook: *frowns* That’s not fair! I always cover for you!

Jimin: Doesn’t matter. Besides, I’m older than you!

Jungkook: Well, I’m taller :)

Jimin: >:(…That’s it! JINNN!!! *proceeds to run out the door*

Jungkook: *grabs his arm* Alright, alright!! I’m sorry! Look, if you can keep this a secret, I’ll *cringes*

Jimin: What?!

Jungkook: I’ll give you my jams! There, happy now?

Jimin: O_O…Deal. But only this once, okay?

Jungkook: *smiles* Okay!! Thank you, Jimin!! *hugs him*

Taehyung: *appears in front of the door* Jin hyung said it’s time for dinner.

Jimin & Jungkook: Okay. *starts to follow Tae*

At The Dinner Table

Suga: When can we eat?

Jin: We will eat when Jimin, Jungkook, and Taehyung get here.

J-Hope: Was Sportacus the first one to dab?

Rap Monster: No, it was Migos…or was it Squidward…*starts questioning the universe*

J-Hope: It was definitely Squidward, but Sportacus made it cooler.

Suga: Why are we talking about this?

Taehyung: We’re here! *takes seat at the table next to J-Hope*

Jimin & Jungkook: *glance at each other before taking their seats*

Jin: Great! Now that everyone is here, we can finally enjoy this wonderful meal that I prepared without any help! *glares at Rap Monster*

Rap Monster: *rolls his eyes*

So, everyone starts eating and it has been awkwardly silent.

Jin: *looks at Jungkook suspiciously* Jungkook?

Jungkook: *looks at him with wide eyes* Yes, hyung?

Jin: You seem awfully quiet this evening. Is something wrong?

Jungkook: *shakes his head and laughs nervously* No! Everything’s fine!

Suga: *snickers and plays it off like he’s coughing*

Jin: *shrugs and returns back to eating*

Rap Monster: *starts to drink his water, but then, he slams the glass down on the table, breaking it* Something’s not right here…I feel a disturbance.

Suga: What’s wrong, your jam senses are tingling again? *laughs*

Rap Monster: Yeah…

Suga: *face palms himself* Oh God…

Rap Monster: *stands up and points at Jimin* JIMIN!!! HOW DID YOU FINALLY GET JAMS?!?!

Jimin: *sweating* Well..uh..something funny happened and I–


Jungkook: Jimin stole them from me!!

Jimin: *offended* No I didn’t! You gave them to me!!

Jungkook: LIAR!!

Rap Monster: *flips the table* JIMIN SHOULD NOT HAVE JAMZ!!!


Taehyung:…My orange juice….:(

Suga:*gets ticked off* For the love of God!! Jungkook was cursing, Jimin was gonna tell and he sold him his jams!! That’s what happened!! NOW SHUT UP!!!


Rap Monster: *disappointed* Why son? Why would you sell Jimin your jams?

Jungkook: It wasn’t my fault! Suga showed the song to me!! Some trash called Mask On!!

Suga: It’s called Mask Off, dumb***!! And it’s not trash!!

Jungkook: See? He’s the one in trouble, not me!!

Jin: EVERYONE IS GROUNDED!!! NO FOOD FOR A WEEK! Well…except for Taehyung and J-Hope.

Taehyung & J-Hope: *gives each other hi-fives*

Jimin: I didn’t do anything!

Jin: You covered for Jungkook and hid the truth from me, Jungkook is too young to be cursing, Suga showed him the song, and Rap Monster destroyed my table and my glass!! NOW GO TO YOUR ROOMS!!!

Jungkook: *shuffles away to his room* This sucks!!

Suga: *storms off to his room, mumbling every curse word known to man, and slams his door*

Jimin: *is angry at Jungkook and plans on destroying his jams as revenge*

Rap Monster: *tries fixing the glass and table, but makes an even bigger mess*

Taehyung: *gets some more orange juice and happily drinks it*

J-Hope: *browsing through his phone and starts smiling* I knew it! Sportacus was the first one to dab!

The End


The car was silent as you and Namjoon made your way out of the compound. You nervously scratched at the covered up marking on your forearm, and finally Namjoon grabbed your hand.

Will you stop doing that? He spat and your pursed your lips in anger.

I can’t help it. You responded and he rolled his eyes.

You can control what your arms do. He replied and you crossed your arms in frustration. He sighed and spoke, looking straight forward. If you continue to do that, then people will become curious. Don’t bring attention to your time limit. He spoke a little bit softer and you nodded.

Thank you for using a nice tone. You patronized and he chuckled.

You really are a handful. He mumbled and you laughed.

ME?! I’m the handful? You asked as you looked at him. Sitting so close to Namjoon in the car, you were able to see his face a little more closely. Yesterday you were more worried about what was happening and not looking at him, but now you could see the beauty of his face. Namjoon had this stern look engraved on his face, but you saw laugh lines, which was surprising given his cold demeanor towards you. He also had a tuft of dirty blonde hair and a pillowy pout. His face seemed perfect but you looked closer to see tiny scars on his forehead and nose. You wanted to ask, but you kept a hold of your tongue. Turning back to look at the road, you were interested to see that Namjoon was driving into a town you knew pretty well. Why are we going here? You asked and he parked the car, handing you a mask to cover the bottom half of your face.

To buy you underwear. Duh. He responded and you rolled your eyes. Getting out of the car, the two of you walked to the main street, hiding your faces behind your masks. Namjoon draped an arm around your shoulder, whispering in your ear. Just play along. You nodded and walked side-by-side. People seemed to look at Namjoon’s tall, slim figure and his blonde hair stood out against the mainly dark colored heads of hair that wandered around town. Grabbing a cap out of his backpack, he hid his hair under the black baseball cap and you continued to look around. This place good? He asked and the two of you stood outside an underwear and lingerie store. Blushing, you walked in as he held the door open.

As you picked up a few pairs of bras and underwear, a woman approached you. Can I help you, dear? She asked and your hands stopped. You knew that voice, it was your grandmother. You wanted to say something to her, but your eyes blurred with tears as you shook your head and continued to sift through the clothes. Namjoon spoke up behind you.

We are okay, thank you. He murmured in his deep voice and walked up next to you. Something wrong? He asked and you looked up at him. He could see the pain in your eyes and the franticness of your actions.

That’s my grandma. You whispered, trying not to cry. Namjoon’s eyes went wide for a moment, before he looked around.

Pick out what you want quickly. Do not make eye contract. I will buy them. He ordered, the softness in his gaze seemed to leave as his commanding personality took over. You nodded deftly and began handing him the pieces of clothing, completely forgetting that you were supposed to be uncomfortable with this interaction. Now stand next to me, do not look up. He murmured when you were done and you nodded, looking over at the counter. Your grandmother stood there, looking at something in front of her. The two of you walked up together and Namjoon chuckled as he placed the clothing on the table.

Ah, buying something nice for your girlfriend here? Your grandmother laughed as she began ringing up the underwear. You wanted to look at her with horror and disgust, but your eyes remained on the ground.

Haha, I’m sorry, she’s shy. Namjoon murmured and placed an arm around you. Your grandmother chuckled and continued to ring up the clothes. What’s this you have? Namjoon asked and you looked over at the thing he was pointing at, a picture.

It was my granddaughter’s expiration date yesterday. She muttered. Namjoon’s arm squeezed you a little tighter. She expired so young. Your grandmother continued. It’s a picture of her as a child. You looked at the image and could remember the day clearly.

It was a time when things weren’t as complicated. You would go to your grandmother’s village during the summers and run around, helping her out around the garden. In the picture, you had just picked a bouquet of dandelions and you were incredibly proud of yourself. Smiling widely as your grandmother took a photo, you wore little pink overalls and a funny little baseball cap with a cartoon flower printed on the front.

Your grandmother cleared her throat, trying to hold back tears as she looked up at Namjoon. My son expired young as well, only a few years after my granddaughter was born. At least now they are together though. She said sadly and you felt your heart break as you listened to the pain in her voice. You wanted to hug her, cry to her, tell her that you were still around, you hadn’t expired, but instead Namjoon held you back.

I’m so sorry for your loss. Namjoon said sincerely.

Well that’s what happens when we have expiration dates. She replied, still with a twinge of sadness laced in her voice. The rest of the transaction went smoothly and the two of you left the store. Before you could say anything, Namjoon handed you the bag and looked at you with anger.

How could you not tell me you knew someone in this village?! He asked angrily and your wide eyes showed the fear in that moment.

I didn’t think about it. I recognized the village, but I don’t know, I’m sorry! You exclaimed rapidly and Namjoon sighed.

Let’s just get home before something happens. He muttered and the two of you walked in silence to the car.

Sitting down in the passenger seat, you touched the tissue that was peeking out of the bag. Namjoon got into the driver’s seat with a huff, he looked over at you and was about to reprimand you when he saw you begin to cry.

Hey, I … I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you back there. It’s just that I am supposed to protect you and you could put yourself in danger if someone recognizes you. He started and you shook your head, breathing heavily as you tried to put your emotions into words.

She thinks I’m dead. You croaked and Namjoon paused. There were a lot of things that Namjoon had become desensitized to since becoming a leader in the Society of the Expired, but this was something that really hit him. Nodding to you, he rubbed your back and leaned over the center console to try and comfort you. You cried heavily into his shoulder. Namjoon looked down at you and sighed. This was the first time you were realizing that everyone who cared about you thought you were gone.

You may feel alone right now, but you aren’t. We are all here. He mumbled into your ear. He didn’t know what possessed him to say it, he usually hated being inconvenienced by a blubbering new member of the Expired, but right now his heart was retching because you were crying. Shhh, shhh. It’s going to be okay. He continued to try and calm you as the two of you sat in the car.

A couple hours later, you were sitting with Tae as he taught you how to play a video game. Namjoon and Jin sat not too far from the two of you as they drank some tea.

So how was shopping? Jin asked and he wiggled his eyebrows, Namjoon sighed and rolled his eyes.

Her grandmother owns the shop that we went into. Namjoon said, pulling Jin out of the gutter and into complete shock.

Did she get recognized? Jin asked and Namjoon gave him a scoff in reply.

If she was recognized, would she be sitting right there? Namjoon responded with a question and pointed at you. Jin nodded and rolled his eyes.

We can’t have a repeat of last time. Jin murmured.

You don’t think I know that! He exclaimed and you looked over from your game.

Everything okay over there? You asked.

YAH! I WAS WINNING! Y/N, YOU CAN’T JUST PAUSE THE GAME WHEN I’M IN THE ZONE! Tae hollered and you laughed. Namjoon sighed at the sound of your laughter and Jin looked at him with surprise.

What? Namjoon asked.

Oh, nothing. Jin responded smugly as he sipped his tea. It’s just nice to see a little loving gaze in this house. He muttered into the cup and Namjoon rolled his eyes.

I am not even responding to that. Namjoon said defensively and Jin laughed.

For Jin, this was good. Namjoon had always seen the glass as half empty, he used work as an escape from the shit he had seen in his past, so for him to give you that look was something worth celebrating. Jin sighed as he looked at you. He had never hoped that a new member would make it through the next round into the society this much, but he wanted Namjoon to have some good in his life and Jin believed you brought that to the table.

The next day, you were dragged out of bed.

Part two of initiation begins now. An unrecognizable deep voice said to you. Your groggy state woke up quickly as you prepared yourself for this unknown challenge.

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Natasha Romanov's POV for the first time she meets Loki in LiR? If you don't want to you can just ignore this

“I’ve found your date for the gala,” Phil said. Natasha raised her eyebrows. “His name’s Luke Silver,” he went on. “New agent. And I have an ulterior motive for sending him with you.” 

“Silver,” Natasha said. “Yeah. Clint mentioned him.” Not favorably, either. His rant had involved the words freaky and loose cannon, which coming from Clint was mildly alarming. “You want me to assess him? Are you sure this mission is the best place to do it?” 

“I think you’ll get along,” Phil said. Natasha eyed him, and Phil sighed. “He’s…odd. But he’s smart, and something like this will appeal, I think. I don’t expect things to get violent.”

“Now that you’ve said that, things absolutely will,” Natasha said dryly, but she sighed. “All right. I’ll take it. What am I assessing him for?” 

“Everything,” Phil said bluntly. “I want you to give me a full evaluation.”

“You want me to treat him like a mark?” Natasha raised her eyebrows. “Are you sure that’s a good idea?” 

“I’m sure you can handle it,” Phil said. “I’ll call him up and introduce you tomorrow.” 


Her first impression was ego, followed by masking insecurity. She hadn’t decided which way to play things, but in the first few seconds she assessed and chose blank neutrality. She had a feeling playing friendly wouldn’t go over well, and she was curious how he’d react. 

He poked at her, probing - looking for chinks in her armor, she thought. Curious, and sharp. And suspicious. That wasn’t necessarily a bad quality, but it might be a dangerous one. Fieldwork required a certain amount of trust. 

It occurred to her, watching him sprawl in the chair like it was a throne, that the arrogance aside it reminded her of the way she’d acted on joining SHIELD. Wary, watchful, looking for the ulterior motive. 

She went over what she’d learned about the circumstances of his recruitment. He had some kind of powers - that she knew from Clint, and Phil had added the information about the people who’d tried to bring him in. 

He took out two teams of agents we sent after him, and at least four other hostile parties who tried to recruit him. Then there was the warehouse full of dead gangsters who’d kidnapped a girl in the building where he was living. I’d guess his strength is half again Rogers’, if not more, and he has some kind of abilities we don’t fully understand. 

Natasha had eyed him, frowning. Why haven’t you killed him? She asked bluntly, and Phil shrugged. 

Honestly, I’m not sure we even could. 

She was nervous, but she wasn’t going to show it. She had a feeling that would be one of the worst mistakes she could make. 


The party did go south. 

It was going fairly smoothly - Stark and Silver hit it off right away, which was to say that Stark tried to hit on Silver and Silver ignored him completely. He was smooth, though, Natasha had to admit. Good at fitting in with this kind of crowd - she wondered if he’d come from wealth. Charming, but cool, distant. She had a feeling Silver didn’t make friends easily. 

Or maybe didn’t make friends, period.

And then it turned out that McRooter was possessed by an alien parasite that started talking out of a dead man’s mouth, and once it’d finished talking Silver stabbed a knife up through his chin and into his brain without so much as a flinch.

Natasha felt her face twitch. This man, she thought, was a killer. A soft-spoken, elegant, very smart killer who didn’t trust anyone and anticipated betrayal. 

She was suddenly very glad that Phil had called her in. If someone didn’t step in, this could get ugly fast, and they wouldn’t be ready. 

Oh, boy. 

She was going to have to be honest.

Queen (Sebastian Stan x Reader)

Originally posted by marvel-freak

Prompt: Hiiii, I just came across your writing and it’s amazing! You write Sebastian so well! I was wondering if you could do something with him and the prompt “Please tell me you didn’t get on the subway like that?” You’re amazing! Thanks!

“Let’s pretend we’re strangers” Bucky angst OMG you angel, please!

A/N: Again, I combined two dialogue prompts in one. My apologies to the anon who wanted some Bucky angst, rather than Seb fluff. May I direct you to my Masterlist, which has Bucky angst for days. This was super cute and I think I might cry if this ever happened to me, regardless of Seb being present. Thanks to @entirelyyou for the other prompt! 

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What would Romano do if Italy's first girlfriend turns out to be a racist biatch (She is one of these italians that want to seperate themselves from the south and also judge the people from there because of the diverse genpool) but she wears a mask of "cuteness" and "motherly nature" so that Romano seems like the real asshole to Italy, in the moment where he tried to expose her, she also constantly mocks and insults him while grinning like a hoe


“Oh this puttana…”

  • He is beyond angry. In fact, he is beyond pure rage. This girl has gone way too far in his books and she will know how he feels.
  • When Italy is around he’ll try to keep his mouth shut, if she’s going to play dumb well he’’s going to play quietly.
  • Italy will hear Romano’s opinion, whether he likes it or not. If he truly cares about his brother he will believe him.
  • Every time she tries to mask herself he will want to punch a wall. This girl is VERY frustrating to him!
  • He can be sly too, not to worry~ Depending on what he can get his hands on he’ll get a recorder to use against her.
  • The next time he tries to expose her and she plays it off, she will get a rather nice surprise of hearing her voice on the recording.
Impulsive Bakery

Summary: You had just been throwing out the trash when you met your newest inspiration. 

Pairing: Bart Allen X Reader

Notes: @bartallenisbae Thank you for this request! I hope it was what you wanted! I do have a small weakness for civilian’s meeting heroes. Also, I have had this idea for a long time just never had a reason to write it. 

There will be a small part two for you :D (Her finding out basically) 

Tagging: @royslittleharper @guns-n-lilies @the-shadow-of-atlantis @coffee-randomness @daisyboobear @werewitchling @nightwing-rules @jayne-writes

You were a baker, ok so not a professional baker. But you liked to say you were one because someday you would be. So you know, just put good thoughts out into the universe. Fake it till you make it. And all those other phrases. 

After all, you had loved creating amazing food creations for as long as your mother had let you into the kitchen. (Maybe longer) All you had ever wanted to be was someone who would create amazing pies, loaves of bread, cakes and much more for the masses. 

Plus you were lucky enough to play with your creations in your cousin’s small cafe. so while the masses weren’t eating your almond butter cookies just yet a small group of Central City locals were. 

Your cousin let you would go in early to fire up the oven while going over a few recipes you wanted to play with. In return for the use of unlimited ingredients, you did chores around the store before it opened. Like, take out last night’s trash to the dumpsters across the parking lot.

Which is where you ran into the fastest boy alive. 

Well more like walked into him as he lay in the pile of trash bags next to the large bin. His amber eyes flickered up at you through a ripped mask as he gave you a half smile.

“I’m just relaxing… don’t mind me,” he said through bruised lips.

“Well that doesn’t look very comfortable, want to chill in my cafe while I get set up for the day?”

“Ok” he pushed himself up only to fall back down. Letting out a small laugh you bent over taking his hand helping him up.

“I… we don’t have a shower but you can try and trash up a little in the sink if you want.” you added wrinkling your nose as his smell hit you.

“That bad?” he chuckled as you helped him back to the cafe.

“I mean, you were relaxing in the trash.”

He laughed again this time long and hard, already seemed much better.

And after giving him a few of last night’s muffins you were working on even better.

You ended up talking to him about your new ideas and flavor mixing. He gave his own ideas while scarfing down anything you would throw at him. His energy was infectious helping make the monotonous morning chores go by quicker.

By the time the rest of the crew were coming in to open the cafe the speedster was good as new.

“Well got-ta run, I’ll see you around?”

“I mean if you want those strawberry lemonade muffins”

“Ohhh man defiantly coming back for that.”

“Y/N?” Your cousin’s voice called out as she walked into the kitchen. “Is someone here?”

“Yeah…” you turned to see Impulse was gone, make sense, he was the fastest kid alive or something like that. You couldn’t help but smile. “Never mind.” No one was going to believe you.

The next morning he was there, leaning against the wall “Hey I’m here, feed me”

You laughed as you unlocked the door, “I figured you would come during opening hours. I’m not really supposed to let anyone in here.”

“I’ll do all your chores”

“Well I can’t say no to that”

It became a routine, most mornings he would show up, all smiles with tons of ideas for new treats for you to make. Bacon bread, Pumpkin spice coffee cupcakes, Lime passion fruit pancakes, and a million more.

Then he didn’t show up.

For a month.

You understood that he was busy, being a hero and all.

But as the days stretched out into weeks you started to worry. Clutching to your stomach like the sticky batter for those dark chocolate cookies you were stirring. Trying to keep yourself busy, no need to stress, just focus on the new recipes. 

Focus on something, anything to keep your mind off him. 

After all, you needed some good ones ready for when/if he came back. No not if, when. WHEN he came back.  

“No sad thoughts,” you told yourself as you poured some batter into a pan the sound of a very busy cafe behind you. The business had been picking up so at least you had that to keep your mind off things. 

“Hey Y/N!” your cousin suddenly called breaking into your thoughts, “There is some guy asking for you.”

Our heart leaped as you almost spilled the batter all over the floor, play it cool girl! If it had been Impulse he wouldn’t have come in the front… would he?

Shaking you slowly walked into the dining room wiping your hands on your apron. Eyes scanning the room before your cousin pointed to a scruffy boy sitting in a corner booth. Red shaggy hair poking out from under a baseball cap as he tapped the table deep in thought. You could feel your heart drop as you slowly walked toward him. However, when he saw you he lights up.

“HEY!” he said waving excitedly as if he knew you.

“Hi… uhhh do I… can I help you?” you stammered unsure how to approach him without seeming rude. his face fell slightly awkward as he scratched the back of his head.

“Oh… right… I… I’m Bart and I heard you make amazing stuff.”

“Thanks, I just finished a batch of cranberry muffins with almonds, did you want to try one?”

Crystal Desert - Elon Riverlands - First Camp
Anaya: Mom! Dad! We’re heading out to play!
Zuberi: Anaya! Bini! Don’t stray too far from the camp.
Binyam: We’re gonna play heroes, and go through the Trials!
Tumelo: All right, dear. Stick together and be back by moonrise.
Binyam: Anaya, I wanna play Ascension. Oooh, can we, can we?
Anaya: Great idea! All right. First, we must pass the three trials before entering Augury Rock.
Imani: Well, if it isn’t Anaya and Binyam. What brings you here?
Anaya: We’re playing Ascension! I’m Devona the warrior. Binyam is Aidan the ranger. He wanted to be Lo Sha, but we couldn’t find a mask.
Binyam: You’re a ghostly hero at the Temple of Ascension. We’ll protect you from the Forgotten.
Imani: That’s right. The Forgotten fought heroes who tried to ascend to test the humans’ characters. So be careful!
Anaya: Here they come! Sever Artery! Gash! Galrath Slash! Ha! That got him.
Binyam: Here comes a siege wurm, and I’m on it! Lightning Reflexes! Ignite Arrows! Barrage!
Imani: You two made quick work of them. The gaze of the gods will shine on you!
Imani: Ah, to be young again.
Binyam: Now, we can reach Elona…from Elona Reach… Get it?
Anaya: Ha, ha. Very funny.

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How would Alpha Pharah, Alpha Reaper, Alpha Genji, and Alpha 76 react to omega s/o teasing them (throwing their scent around, briefly touching them and then running off, suggestive flirting through the comm links, ect) through an entire mission

Honestly, when I woke up yesterday and read this the first thing that popped in my head was: “probably through them off a bridge or cliff… which ever is closest” like in a best friend way ya’ know?

This got really long, all undercut, sorry if your on the app.

For the viewers on Mobil: if you go through your internet browser the cuts will work, just type in the url and there ya’ go ;3.

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But You Want To Be

Based on this LOVELY gifset (where during dinner Eric Hale is slightly irritated by Stiles and Derek flirting with each other, because how could he miss that there is something going on between his best friend and his older brother)

“So, Derek,” Stiles says, scraping his fork idly over his mashed potatoes.

Derek looks up at him, lips quirked at the edges, and Stiles gets a sudden, horrific image of Derek making that same face when he’s crouching on the floor, hands on Stiles’s hips, lips brushing over the head of his dick.

Eric gives him a weird look.

“Uh,” he says hurriedly, face flushing red. “Uh, how’s work going? You still a mechanic? Doing mechanic-y things?”

Derek snorts softly, nods his head. “Yeah, but it’s not easy. I accidentally got grease everywhere today,” he sighs, picking at a dark spot under his fingernail.

Stiles closes his eyes against the image. Greasy Mechanic Derek Hale may or may not be one of his Top 5 Jerk Off Fantasies.

“That sounds…horrible.”

“It was,” Derek agrees, looking up to meet Stiles’s gaze with a playful smirk on his face. “Unless you’re the type of person who likes getting dirty.” Stiles presses his legs together under the table as a bolt of heat flashes through him. “You should come visit me at my garage sometime,” Derek says, voice neutral.

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Chris Argent Imagine - Like I’m Gonna Lose You (Requested)

Prompt: I have a request all day I have had the song Like I’m gonna Lose You by Meghan Train or and was wondering if you could write something based off this for Chris Argent. Like he meets someone new and his kind of cautious about it because of losing his wife and daughter. And maybe the readers not 100% aware of the supernatural, but knows he has had a rough couple of years, but she wants to show him she won’t go anywhere without a fight.

Warnings/Labels: None

Approx. Word Count: 700

A/N: Gah! I’m not happy with this. Not one bit. It’s short, but I just had such a hard time with it for some reason. I hope it’s not awful though.

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