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For your beauty and the beast au would Lance completely loose it after finding out Keith is shorter than him as a Human?


Well I imagine it either like this: After the spell is broken and Lance is all happy that Beast is alright and not dead they kiss each other and the castle and the stuff turning back to normal. SO and they go towards the others, smiling and everyone is happy about being human again. And Keith is hugging everyone and Lance is still smiling. And they get married after some weeks and dance the famous dance again and while they do so, Lance is like: “Wait … since when can I look over yoU?!”

OR he just realizes it after the spell is broken and they kissed each other. AND starts to laugh and Keith is all confused, till Lance makes fun of him but in a sweet tease way C:

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""He apparently think kids are human puppies" well he's not entirely wrong XD

Man, Ivar is so weird when it comes to picking and choosing who he does and doesn’t want to engage with. We socialized him a lot as a pup, but he still isn’t keen on having random strangers approach him - unless they’re kids, and even then, it’s only if their parents are standing a reasonable distance away.

Sometimes people bring their kids to the dog park, and each time, Ivar surprises me in how he doesn’t seem concerned by them, even if they’re running around and making a lot of noise in his proximity. I mean, if I were a wolfdog, I’d probably be more afraid of the screaming child running my way than I would be of the woman standing quietly nearby - but, Ivar is a strange noodle, so who knows what his logic might be! 

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I think one of the things where people say Lin is ableist is that he supports Autism Speaks, which is super harmful to people with autism, like me? I love Lin, I really do, but he's definitely not perfect, and that he supports this organization is not his best quality.

Well, everyone makes mistakes. He’s human, a better human than like 90% of the people but still makes mistakes and has some lows….. It happens. 

You know, I keep seeing posts talking about what a horrible liar Kara is. But the fact of the matter is Kara is probably one of the best liars I’ve ever seen on TV.

But wait. The entirety of National City knows Kara’s Supergirl, you may be thinking. How can she be a good liar? But that’s the thing—her secret isn’t that Kara Danvers is Supergirl.

Kara’s only been Supergirl for the past year or so. But still, she’s been lying for well over a decade about who she is—and successfully. The thing about Clark—and they’ve addressed this in season 1—is he may as well be human. They’ve talked about this with Astra, and then they’ve shown this Myriad. Because in Clark’s head, he’s not Kryptonian. His powers make him stand apart, but when he solar flares, his most likely thought process is I’m human now. To Kara, it would be I’m now powerless. And there is a difference. Krypton is much more technologically advanced, yes, but that is not the only difference between Earth and Krypton.

I cannot emphasize enough Kara is not human. Kara’s alienness isn’t contingent upon her abilities—superpowers or no superpowers, she’s always Kryptonian.

And sure, plenty of people probably have figured out that Kara is Supergirl—but that’s pretty much it. What people know about Kara’s past is that she’s Superman’s cousin, and that’s it. And clearly, Kara is younger than Superman—most people aren’t going to think “yup. She was probably put in suspended animation in some way.” I mean the conspiracy theorists might, but not really the overwhelming people on Earth. (listen. You gotta draw a line somewhere)

Most people are going to think ‘Occam’s Razor’—that Kara’s mom, or dad, or both, got off Krypton at the same time as Superman, and a decade later had Kara, and that there’s a very good chance that Supergirl is half human, or at the very least born on Earth and raised as a human. It’s what’s logical, isn’t it? The simplest answer is usually the correct one.

But she’s not. English isn’t her first language, and she grew up with a very different culture, undergone a host of different experiences that most humans couldn’t even imagine. Hell, she wasn’t even born the same way—Clark was the first natural Kryptonian birth in years. That means Kara was not. Kara was born via the Codex—really, if James was surprised at the depths of Kara’s anger over losing Krypton (back in season 1—you know, where Kara got to have more than 3 emotions), or how surprised he was to find out what Kara’s family crest really meant, how surprised would they be at everything she’d decide to just stop hiding?

Because Kara is so very good at hiding. Kara Danvers is real, yeah, but it’s someone she had to build. One of the very subtle, but telling moments happened in the first episode of season two, when Kara and Clark were getting off the elevator, and Clark had a clumsy moment where he ran into someone and knocked all their things to the ground. After he apologized and helped the person pick up their things, Kara asked him “wow, you really have the whole clumsy thing down, don’t you?” “Oh no, that was real.” Key word here is thing. As in, I have a routine I go through to distract people and to seem harmless. And this is just the tip of the iceberg, of routines and acts Kara must go through to make herself seem human. Kara Danvers is real, but part of that identity is a persona she constantly embodies–clumsy, absentminded, horrible at math and science, cute but not drop dead gorgeous, a bit quirky always happy, harmless, invisible, human.

And so it’s not surprising that all of these people are figuring out her identity, but that’s not really what Kara’s held close to her chest, not like Clark. Kara’s anger and loss and just general alienness–that is her secret. This is what she’d confide, this is what she’d have to truly trust someone to reveal. This is what the culmination of trust would look like, trust in Cat or Lena or Maggie (or hell even Barry, who sure knows Kara is an alien but. He doesn’t really seem to grasp the implications of that–oh i didn’t realize Kara got mad).

For 10 years, Kara kept herself hidden, keep herself secret. But Kara’s secret isn’t that she’s Supergirl, a human with powers. Kara’s secret is that she is angry and mad and hurting. But most of all, Kara’s secret is that she is not human.

little tiny progress with my piece for @supernaturalartbook 
I still have a lot work to do before I will be able to call it finished, but I am getting there 

Currently on the “nope”/*screeeeeech* stage of art. Which means I see all my mistakes but can’t get anything right no matter how hard I try. I will have to look at it tomorrow with a fresh eye.
And draw with a fresh relaxed hand.

How it went down

In the past, I feel I’ve made it abundantly clear that I do not like it when people speculate that Rose Quartz was pink diamond.

It’s not that it’s impossible: because really it isn’t. We know for a fact that as an extension of Steven’s empath abilities, he can swap bodies with other gems, as well as humans and even watermelons. The mechanic exists for Rose and PD to swap bodies, and seems to have been introduced for the sole purpose of giving us a hint

It isn’t a lack of foreshadowing that spoils it for me either. All the foreshadowing that existed before it became obvious that Rose had the body of a quartz still stands, both for Rose and for Lion. For fuck’s sake. I can see why Pearl would might still have a pink diamond on her uniforms, but Garnet, Sardonyx and Baby Steven have no excuse!

No, what pisses me off about these theorists is that I have yet to see a variation that does NOT make Rose/PD look like a sociopathic idiot. See, the core flaw with these theories is and always has been that Pink Diamond stole a Rose Quartz’s body then killed her for reasons that make no sense.

If she had wanted to protect earth, she could have easily done more easily as herself, and wouldn’t have to murder a bunch of other gems in cold blood to do so. She would have had the political power, the control over the planet, and she wouldn’t be hunted for regicide!

Of course, all these wrinkles iron out if we change one tiny thing; Body swapping wasn’t Pink Diamond’s Ability, It was Rose’s!

See, if we assume it was Rose Quartz –the original Rose Quartz – who stole PD’s body, suddenly everything falls into place.

First, we have the motivation: There is no reason why Pink Diamond would have wanted to be a quartz, but there is every reason why a Rose Quartz would want to be a Pink Diamond. All this Rose had to do is mind swap with PD, and once that’s done it’s her power. Pinkie would be unable to switch back!

Second, we have a reason to believe mind-swapping was always Rose’s power. It’s never been more clear than in the past few episodes that Steven is not simply empathetic in the mundane sense, he’s actually an Empath, a type of telepath who can feel other’s emotions through a psychic connection rather than mere sympathy. This power is vital to a Rose Quartz, who needs to be able to physically feel a patient’s pain to cry healing tears. Since Empaths are a form of Telepath, mind-connection powers like dreamwalking and body snatching are actually part of the package deal!

Third, it’s a situation that morally and strategically justifies Pink Diamond’s actions. If Pink Diamond wanted to protect earth she could do more easily as the planet’s ruler than as a soldier who just committed regicide, and she wouldn’t need to switch bodies with an innocent rose quartz and then murder her in cold blood to do so. Even if the Rose consented, it would still be completely unjustified, but if it was her body that was stolen Pink would be absolved of all responsibility.

Now usurped, trapped in a new form and possibly hunted by the soldier who stole her body, Pink Diamond had no choice left but to rebel, and this would give Rose every justification she would need to implement part two

Never forget, Quartzes are soldiers, military tacticians. If this Rose stole the body of a diamond, then any other one could as well. Rose Quartz couldn’t have that happening, so she had her sisters poofed and imprisoned in bubbles, leaving them trapped in stasis and unable to do the same to her.

Now Rose was in a tough situation. Pink Diamond, – who we knew up until this point as Rose – Was fascinated by earth. If their sister suddenly lost her love for humans, the other diamonds would become suspicious. Rose Quartz would have to play the part. Thus, the human zoo was born.

As for Pink Diamond, she would was now leading a rebellion, but nobody would believe her if she claimed to be the real Diamond authority. Hell, many of her followers may have been like Bismuth: resentful of their former leaders and hungry for shards. No, the only people Pink Diamond could trust were her closest followers. Pearl and Garnet and possibly a few more. Only they knew they were really doing the duty of a queen, and that’s why even millennia after the war ended they and their fusions still bore pink diamonds on their shirts shoes and pants.

In the end, Pink Diamond was never able to take back her body, but she couldn’t let Rose use her body for tyranny anymore. The die was cast, a diamond fell, and a quartz and her pearl watched the miracle of a new beginning.

Pink took her body, her usurper and shards, a remnant of the life she hand long left behind. These would later be fed to the lions who followed her, creating a pet left for Steven when he needed it most.

All theories are true on this one, they all fit into place. I’m just glad I was finally able to make order out of these disparate parts

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What if we want Kisabae more like sharks, can you provide me headcanons please?

Sure! Though, since sharks have such a broad spectrum of traits, I hope you don’t mind a few generalizations .u.”

  • Picky eater: He might try anything *once* to see if he enjoys it (like sharks may nibble on new potential prey), but, day to day, he has a particular shortlist of things he eats, and that’s what he sticks to. Since sharks are concerned with getting the most nutrition from their meals, maybe he’s on a strict schedule FOR THEM *MUSCLE GAINS* or fanatic about the raw food diet or something.
  • Doesn’t *sleep* sleep: In a universe where Gaara could go sleepless so consistently without, you know, DYING, it’s hard to say if this headcanon makes him more like sharks or more like the other humans in this universe. Either way, Kisame rests through periods of inactivity, during which his eyes are open and he still seems aware of his surroundings, as he can exit this *sleep* and respond at a moment’s notice. When *sleeping* outdoors, he makes the perfect scarecrow for bandits and the like.
  • Smol: Compared to his female clanmates, Kisame is short, lithe, and thin-skinned. A female Hoshigaki could break steel over their rippling biceps.
  • Cartilaginous blob: Just as sharks are made for their particular pressure systems, Kisame’s form only holds up around sea-level. Take him hiking up a mountain and he starts to sag. Firm jello man. Pastillage bones. Squish.
  • Cavity-proof: Kisame can maintain glossy white teeth with the occasional gargle of vinegar, as opposed to the average person’s daily toothpaste and mouthwash and whitening strips and—
  • Denticles: Kisame has toothy, sandpaper skin that sticks to his clothes and may leave anyone giving him a shoulder rub with raw, red palms. Hugs and kisses are fine, but please don’t do anything… else… without a condom.

While we’re at it, here are some shark traits I couldn’t add to the list because they contradict Kisame’s canon:

  • Sharks can’t really float (with some deep-sea exceptions? I think??). Kisame bobs like a buoy.
  • Sharks have multiple rows of teeth. Kisame very clearly has one row.
  • Sharks tend to roll their eyes back when attacking. Kisame’s eyes just derp out.


  • Sheds teeth
  • Carnivorous (+/- tea)
  • Excellent sense of smell
  • Claspers
  • Atsushi: Wait, how do you know that Dazai-san is great in bed?
  • Akutagawa: I used to live close to him, either he’s amazing or Chuuya-san just likes to agree with him a lot.

It’s Valentine’s day. Nearly everyone in the Avengers Tower has a date. Loki and the reader are stuck without a date. Reader is not sad, she actually dislikes the V-Day, and likes staying single. Loki, well, dislikes most of everything humanity has to offer. He finds the reader fiddling around in the kitchen, baking stuff to pass the time. He is interested in the alluring smell filling the kitchen and asks her about the stuff she’s baking (cookies/muffins). When the batch is done, she shares it with him, much to his delight (though he tries not to show it). Together they eat the baked goods and bitch about the V-Day and the futility of romance…. only to end up making out on the couch. Worse, someone from the Avengers walks in on them while returning from their date.

Dating Chanyeol
  • Okay so he’d be a shy bean at first.
  • He isn’t really a person to go on dates with someone new.
  • He kinda is that person who would want his lover to be someone he already knew for a long time.
  • So you’d be like a friend (or even his best friend)
  • He’d be so shy when confessing to you.
  • Like really shy.
  • He would confess at a really random time as well.
  • Like you two are working on something and he’d just go “(Y/N), I like you”
  • Then he’d turn bright red.
  • You’d smile and tell him that you like him as well.
  • Then he’s all like ???
  • Because why would such a perfect human like you like him???
  • He’s a really fluffy boyfriend.
  • Very touchy too, maybe not too much in public but still very loving.
  • Loves holding you close to him.
  • I don’t think you two ever get in big fights but maybe some small disagreements but that’s it.
  • You two won’t go on frequent dates but if you two went on one it would be small and cute.
  • Loves, loves, loves it when you sit on his lap.
  • Brings you to his studio.
  • It wouldn’t even be to help him, he just wants you there.
  • Makes you playlists, a shit lot.
  • Loves to stay up all night and do random stuff.
  • Watches you cook.
  • Random compliments during the day.
  • Has weird nicknames for you, that he made up because it reminded him of you.
  • Loves to kiss your nose.
  • Linked pinkies.
  • Has an album full of candids of you.
  • He looks at them when he misses you.
  • Loves it when you wear his clothes.
  • Overall, Chanyeol would be a very soft and fluffy boyfriend.
Don’t Change For Me

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Raphael x Reader

Don’t Change For Me

Prompt: Hi! I was wondering whenever you have the time can you write about Raphael taking the serum that makes the turtles human like in the movie and to have him on a date with his gf who is shocked and mad at first then finds out his reason for it and fluff

Note: Aaaaaaaah! Yaaaaaaas!!

Raphael waited outside your door nervously.  He couldn’t stop checking his reflection in his phone. God, he looked different like this. Well, of course he did. He was human. Temporarily anyway. But you didn’t know about this. When he had told you about the purple ooze, you had shot him down, telling him you would rather make sure he was a safe, healthy turtle than risking his safety by becoming human. But here he was. It had worked, and he knew you would love it. Well, he hoped you would.

He knocked, adjusting his grip on the large bouquet of red roses in his large human hand. It wasn’t as large as it had been, in fact, he was a little smaller all around. Still built, but smaller.

Finally, after an agonizing wait, you opened the door. Surprise washed over your face.

“Um, hello?” You looked over the attractive man in front of you with confusion. He was tall, buff, with these (familiar?) dazzling green eyes and the warmest smile in the world. “Do I know…?”

“Ya ready for our date?”

Your jaw just about hit the floor.

“R-Raph? Is that you?”  

“Yeah. It’s me.”

“What happened to you?” You took his smooth human face in your hands and looked him over.

“Donnie.” He chuckled. “So, do ya like it?”

“I…I do, I’m just a bit shocked, I guess.” You couldn’t take your eyes off of him. He was so much shorter than you were used to, so much smaller and way less green. “Wow.”

“So, I figured I’d take ya out for dinner and a movie and then we could come back here an’ cuddle. Or somethin’.”

“That sounds great! Just let me grab my coat.” You walked to your room, grabbed your coat and your purse, and walked out to greet him. He looked at you like you were his entire world, because you were. You were everything to him. As soon as you got close enough, he pulled you close, holding you in his smaller arms.

“Yer so close now,” you heard him whisper. “You ain’t ever been this close.”

“Come on, Red. We don’t want to be late.”

“Yer right. Let’s go.”


The night flew by. You went out for dinner, which was Raph’s first time in a restaurant, went to the theater, hung out in the arcade for a while, and then went back to your apartment. As soon as the two of you walked in the door, Raph groaned.

“What? What’s wrong?” You asked with concern. He doubled over and then collapsed to his knees with a loud thud.

“No! Not yet!” As he spoke his voice got deeper. The seams of the human clothes that he had probably borrowed from Casey began to creak as he got taller and larger. His muscles stretched, his fingers fused together. He stumbled as his shell took form, hardening and reemerging. The extra weight threw him off and he fell backwards. Green flowed into his face and hands and feet, and Casey’s borrowed clothes finally burst off, leaving him in his sweatpants.

When it was over, he just sat on the floor in a daze, waiting to see what you would say. You knelt down in front of him.

“Are you okay?” Your voice was soft and caring and your soft, smooth hands held his cheeks, forcing his emerald eyes to look at you. “Raph, talk to me. Are you hurt?”

“Nah, I was just uh,” he let out a long sigh, obviously disappointed that the ooze had worn off so soon. “I was hopin’ it would last a little longer.”

“I had a lot of fun tonight, Raph.” You said. You shifted positions, instead sitting down on his thigh. “But I missed this you.”

He chuckled and shook his head.

“I don’t know how you do it.”

“Do what?”

“You get up every mornin’ and look at this ugly face and somehow ya still love me.”

“You’re not ugly.” You nuzzled into him and pressed a few kisses to his jaw. “But I do love you. A lot. So, how about we cuddle now, huh?”

“Yeah…” he nodded and started to move up onto the couch. As soon as he settled in, you grabbed a blanket and curled up on top of him. The two of you picked a movie and you started to drift off, feeling very safe and very warm in his arms.

“You don’t need to change for me.” Your voice was no more than a sleepy mumble. Raph’s eyes widened a little as he processed your words.

“What’re ya-”

“Shhhh…” One tiny little finger pressed against his lips. “I love you just the way you are. Don’t change for me…”

He chuckled.

“All right.” He nodded and pressed a long kiss to your forehead, gently moving the hairs out of the front of your face with one of his huge fingers. “God, I love ya.”

“I love you too.”

You will love him, but he is not yours to love.

Think of this: he is born for war. His hands are not meant to be gentle. They are meant to be covered in the blood of those he has slaughtered. They are not meant to hold your fragile heart so gently.

Think of this: he is a god. Almost. He does not want to say that he is, but he might as well be. He is too beautiful to be human. Beauty is terrifying.

Think of this: he is meant for greatness. They will sing of him for centuries to come. His name will traverse through the generations as something that inspires awe and fear.

Think of yourself: you are none of these things. What else will you do but hinder him?

He is not yours to love, but you love him anyways. And when you look into his eyes and his smile blinds you, you realize that somehow


He loves you, too.

—  And that love will make him human || c.m.

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The UT/UF/US skelebros' SO has an ex that is a friend of the family and shows up to every family holiday dinner. One of the SO's parents has taken to assigning the seating so the SO is next to the ex and the skelebro is on the other side of the table. Reactions?

*In this imagine, the S/O’s family (or at least one of their parents) doesn’t like the fact that they’re dating a skeleton monster–or, depending on the skele’s personality, him in general.  And it’s not particularly a secret that they like the ex better, despite the fact that things didn’t work out for a reason.


He’s openly staring, his eyesockets wide.  Everyone in your family seems to really love your ex, so he was expecting to meet someone fantastic–some attractive, well put-together human with a winning smile.

Instead, he’s seated across from Burgerpants.

He can’t believe it. His shoulder start to shake the moment Burgerpants greets you with “Hey little buddy.”  

This is too much.  All apprehension Sans held melts away, and he doesn’t even mind the seating situation any longer.  He makes cat jokes the entire time like “you’re the ex?  guess the cat’s outta the bag now” or, when Burgerpants asks how long the two of you have been dating, “you sure curiosity won’t kill ya?”

Yes, he even pulls out the “you’ve cat to be kitten me” line, which he’s been saving for an occasion as special as this one.  Your family isn’t amused by his jokes at first, but each one has you laughing, which only fuels the fire.  Sans is on a roll, but after the dinner, he teases your mercilessly for not mentioning that relationship sooner.  


He isn’t bothered in the slightest, especially given the fact that he’s starting to win your parent over.  After all, who can dislike someone as friendly as him?  He harbors no ill will toward your ex; in fact, he spends a great deal of time talking to them.  When he mentions that “WE HAVE SOMETHING IN COMMON, HUMAN!  BOTH OF US HAVE SEEN THE BEST IN Y/N!”, not even the ex can hate him.  Papyrus doesn’t feel threatened at all.  He believes in you whole-heartedly and knows you’re all his.  He just wants everyone to get along.

Next family gathering, everyone fights over who gets to sit next to Pap–including your ex.


He’s pissed off, but trying to play nice because you want your family to see past his gruff exterior.  He tries to make conversation with your family, but he’s distracted by the sight of your ex chatting you up from across the table, and it SUCKS that the conversation always seems to turn back around to how much your ex has their life together while Red only works a few odd jobs.  He wants to boast about the gold-exchange and claim he doesn’t HAVE to work, but he’s honestly never been the type to brag over something like that.  So, instead, he plasters on a shit-eating grin and sweats out the dinner.

But all throughout, he’s accidentally kicking your ex, and at one point, he used his magic to move your ex’s glass of water toward the edge of the table, so it ended up in their lap.  From the way he guffawed with glee, you knew it was his doing.  The rest of the dinner, he’s grouchy, and when you both leave the gathering, he’s a mixture of super-clingy and irritable.


Yeah, that’s not even going to fly with Edgy.  As soon as your ex begins to sit down next to you, Papyrus grabs their upper arm and jerks them back to their feet.  He leans down, fixing them with a sharp glare that has your entire family staring.  You cringe.  "I BELIEVE YOU’RE IN MY SEAT, HUMAN!“ he claims, his tone sharp and biting.  Your ex isn’t a match for Edge, so they glance helplessly at your family member who assigned the seating, but no one wants to further kick the Papyrus-hornet’s-nest.  So, they end up taking the seat across the table, wile Edge sharply nods and sits down beside you.  

Your family still hates him, but both of you love each other, so it’s really none of their business.  Edge glares at your ex (and the family member that he discovered orchestrated their situation) the entire time, but otherwise joins in the conversation so that he can boast about his accomplishments.  They vastly overshadow your ex’s, so he leaves the gathering feeling confident and self-assured.


He’s jealous.  He wanted to sit by you!  And this is your EX?!  That rubs him the wrong way, and the fact that your family is making him sit across from you and some human you used to be with hurts his feelings.  His cheeks are puffed out in a pout, and watching the two of you together is making him wonder what happened when you were dating this human.  Did you hold hands?  Kiss?  Was there more..?  

His eyesockets start to burn.

Blueberry is determined not to cause a scene, however; he’s frankly too Magnificent for that.  All he has to do is make sure that your family sees this!  So, he spends the dinner talking–a little too loud, a little too much, his voice at a slightly-higher pitch in an effort to cover up the twinge in his ribs.  He doesn’t question your loyalty, and he’ll even be nice toward your ex, but.. when it comes to talking about accomplishments, Blueberry does use every opportunity to one-up them.  

After the dinner, he’s a little down, but he covers it up by acting energetic.  However, he refuses to let go of your hand.



Stretch straight up sits in your ex’s lap, pushes their plate across the table to the empty spot, and then puts his own plate down.  He knows what’s going on, that he’s being discriminated against just because he’s a monster, and frankly, he doesn’t give a shit what they think.  They’re just trying to rile him up, to push him out like he’s not important, and he refuses to deal with it.

"whoops.  sorry. didn’t see you in my seat, pal.”  Stretch chuckles and lifts up enough to allow you speechless ex to scramble out from beneath him.  Everyone is staring; your face is hot.  Then Stretch leans over toward you, slips an arm around your shoulders, and calmly eats like nothing happened.  He’s the master of playing it cool, and he makes casual conversation throughout the dinner that eases the tension.  You end up not even being mad because you’re glad Stretch never stands for that kind of behavior.

He keeps a sharp eyesocket on your ex throughout the dinner–as well as the family member he deems responsible–but doesn’t make any mean-spirited comments.  Instead, he acts friendly enough while maintaining some sort of PDA (his arm around your shoulders, his fingers toying with your hair) to remind all of them of just whom you’re dating.