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(Loki x Reader) Can’t Sleep

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A/N- Can’t sleep….too much netflix…decided to write something completely random…and I didn’t edit so sorry for typos…also it’s summer in Australia and it’s so effing hot so I can’t sleep…so here it is. also dat gif tho😍

Words- 939



It was about 1:00 in the morning, and you were lying on your bed in the Avengers tower. It was summer, and the past several days had been extremely hot, including the nights. You tossed and turned agitatedly because the heat was making it impossible to sleep. The tower had a minor power surge two days ago due to one of Bruce’s experiments, which for some odd reason had made the air conditioning system throughout the tower to be rendered useless. This meant your second restless night in a row.

“Damn it” you whispered, as you got out of bed and quietly opened your bedroom door to get something to drink. You tiptoed down the hall until you noticed that one of the bedroom lights was on, as you could see under the door. You tried to remember whose room this was until you realised it was Loki’s. Thor had brought him to the tower to make amends and even though most of them weren’t so pleased about it, you all got along tolerably. You were reasonably close to Loki more than most. You talked to him quite often and also leant him books from time to time.  

You softly knocked on the door hoping he was awake.

“Go away Thor, I’m not planning on sleeping” he said bluntly.

“Actually, It’s Y/N” you responded.

A moment of silence passed before the door opened and Loki was standing there, still in his usual clothes with a book face down and open on his neat bed.

“Why are you awake?” he asked, slightly concerned.

“It’s really hot and I usually can’t sleep anyway, so the past couple of nights have been just fabulous” you responded, looking right into his blue eyes “I just saw your light on and I wanted to know why you were still awake” you added.

“Well I was just reading, I don’t sleep much either. Do you want to come in?” he asked. You nodded lightly as you walked in and sat on the bed. Loki felt awkward about sitting next to you, so he just floated awkwardly around the room instead, picking up random items and glancing at the floor.

“Is the heat bothering you too?” you asked, in order to break the awkward silence.

“No, I’m a frost giant you see. The heat doesn’t bother me at all” You looked at him and smiled lightly.

“That’s lucky in this weather” you responded as you discreetly looked at the cover of the book on the bed.

“Divergent” was on the cover. You smiled to yourself and looked back at Loki.

“It’s much cooler in here than my room though” you said, watching Loki walk aimlessly around the room.

“Do you want to stay in here?” he asked.

“Are you sure?”

“Of course, you give me books so I might as well give you a slightly more tolerable place to sleep. I must also talk to Stark about how your room is far too small, it bothers me as I assume it bothers you”

You smiled at him and lied on the bed. Loki turned off the big light in the room so there was only one small reading lamp in the corner of the room, which is where Loki sat after he grabbed his book.

“You’re really not going to sleep at all?” you asked quietly.

“Not at all, I don’t mind” he said before he hesitated slightly. “Nightmares you see” he added, looking down at the floor.

“Oh, I see” you say as you bury your head into the pillow. A few moments pass before you get up and walk over to where Loki was sitting.

“Don’t you wish to sleep?” he asked as he lifted his head up from his book to look at you.

“Nope, I can stay up for a while longer, If that’s alright with you?” you respond.

“Absolutely” he says, smirking a little.

You leaned your head on Loki’s shoulder and Loki stiffened at the contact.

“You’re so cold!” you say as you touch his hand with awe. Loki chuckles and looks down at his hand thoughtfully.

“One of the perks of being a frost giant” he says, still looking down at his hand. You smiled at him and continued t rest you head on his shoulder and lean closer and closer into him as time went by. Loki didn’t mind though, he would never say this but he always enjoyed your company.


Later that morning at about 9:00, Thor sat with the other avengers eating breakfast. Everyone was talking about usual topics before Tony noticed two people were missing.

“Where’s reindeer games and Y/N?” Tony asked. The rest of the avengers looked at him thoughtfully.

“Y/N likes to sleep in, so I wouldn’t worry too much about them” Natasha said before she took a bite of her food.

“I will check on my brother” Thor says as he stands up and walks down the hall. He stands in front of Loki’s door and knocks a few times.

“Loki?” he asked, slightly concerned. Thor decides to open the door ever so slightly, and grins when he sees his brother.

You and Loki were on the floor of the room dead asleep, with your book closed and on the floor beside you. You were resting your head on his chest and Loki had his hand almost protectively on your head. You were both breathing peacefully and didn’t stir. Thor slowly closed the door and walked down the hall still smiling.

“He’s still asleep” he responded as he sat down at the table, smiling for the rest of the day.


A/N: Part II of this Imagine. I also put a request from @dreamwalker08 in there. It just worked together perfectly. Enjoy!

Words: 1958
Warnings: violence, smut (on the battlefield)

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Knight in Shining Armor (Loki Lafeyson x Female Reader)

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Words: 1546 (Holy shit??!)

Pairing: Loki Laufeyson x Reader, Thor Odinson x Reader (platonic), OMC (kinda??? Idk I just made his name up) x Reader

Warnings: Arranged Marriages, Angst, Fluff

Summary: (Y/N) and Loki have been friends since childhood. Now that they’re older, they’ve drifted apart, Loki being too busy to spend any time with her. She’s fallen for her, but like a true warrior, she pushes her feelings aside. That is until her father promises her hand in marriage to another man. Will she be forced to marry a man she doesn’t even know? Or will the love of her life save her from him?

A/N: WOW I suck at summaries! Anyway, this is just something I wrote up last night, not thinking too much of it. I was just in a Loki mood after seeing a couple gifsets on Tumblr. So here we are! I hope you enjoy and I hope there aren’t too many mistakes. This is only my second time writing for Loki and it takes place in Asgard so I hope I did the Asgardians justice. Also, I was too lazy to proofread this one. I hope you enjoy!


You look up from your book, startled. Your mother and father enter your chambers.

“Yes?” You reply.

“We have the most wonderful news!” Your mother declares.

You furrow your brows, closing your book and cocking your head to the side. “Oh?”

Your father smiles. “I have promised your hand in marriage to a very wealthy Asgardian warrior!”

Your eyes widen. “Wh-What?!”

“Yes! Lord Deinnson.”

You feel the blood rush out of your face.

No no no no no nO NO!!

You’re out of your chair in a flash.

“How dare you?! You make such rash decisions without my consent?! Without any consideration as to whether or not my heart already lies somewhere else?!” You yell.

You can see the rage building up in your father’s eyes. “Do not speak to me that way young lady!!” He shouts

You head for the door.

Do not walk away from me!“ He screams at you. "I know what’s best for you!”

You turn and look at your parents. “You do not know me at all.”

And then you’re rushing out the door. You head down the hall, down the stairs, and out towards your family’s stables.

You throw the bridle on your horse, and jump on him, preferring to ride bareback than worry yourself with a saddle.

You let him run as fast as his legs can carry you. You let your tears fall freely as you grip his mane, burying your face in it.

You finally arrive at the castle.

You jump off of the horse, and walk up to the heavily guarded entrance.

“Name?” A guard asks.

“Lady (Y/N) (Y/L/N). I am a friend of Prince Loki Laufeyson.”

“Did he summon you?”

“N-No but-”

“You are not permitted here.”

Tears flood your eyes again. “P-Please I-”

“GO!!!” He yells, causing you to shrink.

You can only nod, as you walk back to where your horse is waiting.

“Lady (Y/N)?”

You turn at the sound of Thor’s familiar voice.

“Thor…” You say, gratefully.

He furrows his brows when he sees your tear streaked cheeks.

“What ails you (Y/N)?” He asks in a gentle tone.

“Something I’d rather not discuss. But I need to see your brother. Please.”

He nods and turns to the guards. “See that her steed is put in the stables.” He says to one, who nods and leads your horse away.

“Why did you turn her away?” He practically growls at the guard who had given you a hard time.

His eyes widen. “I-I-I didn’t realize- My most sincere apologies Your Majesty.”

Thor huffs. “Don’t apologize to me.” He gestures to you.

The guard’s face reddens. “Of course. My most sincere apologies Lady (Y/N).” He bows, before opening the gates. “Right this way.”

You nod, and let him lead you into the palace.

You’re led up to his chambers.

The guard knocks, and you hear a familiar ‘Come in.’. The guard pokes his head in and tells Loki who you were. Then the guard opens the door wider and lets you in.

“Thank you, you are dismissed.” Loki says to him.

Once you two are alone, Loki allows himself to smile. It’d been too long since he last saw you.

But his smile falters when he sees the look in your eyes.

“What is it my darling flower?”

And then you can’t hold it in any longer. You let yourself cry.

He has his arms around you in an instant. You bury your face in him chest, inhaling his scent, letting it wash over you.

“Shh, come my darling.” He murmurs, leading you over to a couch.

He holds you in his lap, rubbing your back soothingly until you calm down.

You take a deep breath.

“Loki… I am to be wed.”

His eyes widen, and his jaw clenches. You notice his grip on you tighten ever so slightly.

“To whom?” He says, his voice an eerie calm.

“Lord Deinnson.”

His grip tightens even more. That man was known for being a player. Using a woman for whatever he wanted, before throwing her out like an old rag.

He pushes you away from his body so that he can look at your face.

“And you do not wish to marry him?”

You shake your head.

He sighs in relief. “Hush now my sweet. You mustn’t worry yourself too much.”

You nod, burying your face in his chest again.

He leans back on the couch, still holding you. Your legs are stretched out, and he runs his slender fingers through your hair.

Once your breathing has deepened, he slowly stands, laying your sleeping form on the couch and covering you with a warm blanket.

“Sleep well my darling flower.” He murmurs, before pressing a gentle kiss to your cheek.

He changes into his royal attire, helmet and everything.

And then he’s on his way to your family’s home.

You blink your eyes open and look around.

Loki’s chambers.

You smile to yourself. He’s not there, but that’s okay. You slowly stand, and head for the door.

You find your way out of the palace, heading down to the stables where your horse is waiting.

You get on and head back home.

You try to kill as much time as possible, taking your time with putting the horse back in the stables. Once you’re done, you head inside.

You stop dead in your tracks when you see your parents, in the living area of your home, with… Loki?

“Loki?!” You ask in shock.

“(Y/N)!” Your mother reprimands you for not calling him by his title.

“That is alright Madam, your daughter and I have known each other long enough. Titles are not a necessity.”

You blush, smiling as he walks towards you.

He stops, only inches away from you.

“What are you doing here?” You whisper.

He smirks. “I, your knight in shining armor, have come to save you from the beast.”

You roll your eyes, which are now tearing up.

“The Prince has come to ask for your hand in marriage.” Your father says.

“Oh?” You say, cocking an eyebrow.

“Yes, and therefore your promised marriage to Lord Deinnson is  no more.”

You feel a tear slip down your cheek.

“I am so in love with you (Y/N). I think I have been since we were children, and used to play in the gardens.”

You giggle. “You always wanted me to be the princess so you could save me, but I wanted to be a warrior instead.”

He chuckles, a low melodic sound that rumbles in his chest. “I remember that.”

He takes your hands in his. “You and I have been friends since childhood. I don’t think I realized my feelings for you. You are strong, witty, smart, mischievous.” He smirks, and you giggle. “And when I heard that you were to be wed to another man, I couldn’t bear it. Because I knew that he didn’t know you as well as I do. I knew he wouldn’t be the husband you deserve. I knew what I had to do.”

He gives you a small smile, which you return with an even wider one.

“I can’t imagine spending the rest of my life with anyone else. So if you’ll let me, I wish to make you my Queen.”

Tears blur your vision, and you nod smiling. “Of course I’ll have you Loki.”

He smiles, sighing in relief. It’s then that you notice the tears in his eyes.

He cups your cheek and pulls you closer before his lips are on yours in a soft, gentle kiss.

The two of you pull away, and Loki looks back at your parents. “Thank you, Lord and Lady (Y/L/N). I promise I will take care of your daughter.”

They nod, smiling at the two of you.

A week later, you stood in one of the great halls in the palace.

“Are you ready Your majesty?” One of the maids asks.

You giggle nervously. “Enough of that, at least wait until it’s official.”

She smiles. “Very well, are you ready M'lady?”

You close your eyes and take a deep breath.

Loki showing you the secret garden when you were four.

Loki chasing you around said garden at age seven.

You and Loki watching the stars at night

Loki showing you his magic when you were ten.

You sitting in the garden and confiding in Loki, telling him about all your troubles at age fifteen.

Loki showing you his frost giant form when you were sixteen, him being afraid of your reaction, but you only being amazed and telling him he was beautiful.

You and Loki training together as warriors at age eighteen.

The months you spent apart in recent years, you wishing he would call you to the palace like old times, but knowing that those days were over.

And then finally, Loki proposing to you.

You open your eyes and nod. “I’m ready.”

The doors leading into the throne room open, and you walk in.

You see him standing there, in all his glory, and you feel tears fill your eyes.

“You look ravishing my love.” He says when you reach him.

“You look quite handsome yourself my king.” You reply.

He smirks.

“My Queen.”

“My Loki.”

A/N: Thanks for reading! I really hope you enjoyed this drabble. I probably messed up when writing the Asgardians. But anyway, thanks again! As always feedback is appreciated. Have a wonderful day my lovelies!


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I Know I Shouldn't (Part 1)

Loki x OC

Warnings: language, violence

I have a thing for the trickster god.

I shouldn’t, I knew better, but I’d never had much self control. That had always been my downfall, my father had told me that.

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At a slumber party
  • Girl: OMG! so guys who are your crushes
  • Me: well....
  • Close friends: uh oh
  • Me: so i have four.
  • Girl: oh really!
  • Me: number 1, really intelligent guy, he's British, he has a flat mate. He solves crimes for a living.
  • Girl: what..?
  • Close friends: oh god
  • Me: number two, he's a frost giant, comes from Jotunheim. He has dad issues and wants to become ruler of this place called Asgard. He's good really good hair.
  • Girl: ....
  • Close friends: this is not good
  • Me: three and four are Japanese guys. Ones this really rich dude, his dad owns hospitals. He's kind of an asshole, but he cares about people. Oh and number four, he's smart. But he can't swim any other stroke then Butterfly. But still, he is really smart.
  • Girl: .................
  • Close friends: *face palms*
Saint & Sinner (Chapter 1)

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Request: reblogfics Jax and Reader Fic inspired by the song Devil’s Backbone by The Civil Wars

Song Inspiration (This Chapter)Enchanted by Taylor Swift

Trigger Warning: Awkwardness, Fluff, First Meeting, Cancer (Mentioned)

Word Count:  1,662ish

Note: Sorry this is so late my vacation didn’t turn out how I wanted it…. I got terribly sick.  Also my first ever Jax Teller Fic so bare with me.

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In a Name: Ch 18

The people @pabegay1 @kristenscamander @hannah-caitlynn @graysonmalfoy @falltoashes @solsticestorm @bingewatchingmylifegoby @elenoranave @incadinkadoo @melanin—senpai @juuliiaa05 @sigridlaufeyson @ihaveanobsessenproblem @oneweirdfangirl

Loki watched your retreating form in silence. Slowly he sank beneath the water. There was some perverse amusement that he could feel, mentally noting the parallels of drowning in his sorrows and wanting to drown beneath the water.

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Enis- the Guardians

In the beginning, the world was filled with chaos. Amidst a sea of improbability, a small rock was formed. On this insignificant speck in space, life was formed. Some rose higher than the rest, and armed with power they cast out the chaos to another dimension. They took the space above the skies as their home, perfect and pure. They lived as gods, immortal and all-powerful.

On the earth beneath them, magic, nature and life ran rampant. Amidst the hordes of monsters and improbable, primordial creatures sentient races formed like small lights in the darkness. Out of mercy or curiosity, the gods decided to help these races survive the madness of the world. To achieve this, they formed the Guardians. These massive creatures were born to destroy monsters and threats and protect. They were sent to all corners of the world: Srakh in the desert, Buruh in the Dark Isle, Caan in the north, and Sordus in the forests. Olshog stayed at the mountain of the gods to defend the entrance into the heavens.

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Nine Realms Nomenclature (Loki Ficlet)

“Okay, so…I’ve just had a thought,” I said and turned my head to look at Loki who was lounging, because that was all it could be called, on the sofa with a book in his hands. Waiting for a response that didn’t come, until I got a brief glance my way, before carrying on.

“So. Asgard, the place. Has Asgardians the people, who call themselves the Aesir right?”

Loki blinked, the put a finger in the book before looking my way properly and nodded. “That would be correct.”

With a nod, I carried on. “Awesome. Alright, so for us lot…alright my lot. It’s Earth, and we’re Earthlings but we call ourselves Humans”

Loki blinked before his face crinkled up before laughing at me. Frowning I returned his laughter with a frown and the glare I’d learned from my mother.

“You expect the rest of the Nine Realms to call you Earthlings?”

I winced. “Mostly in pop culture and talking about aliens, rather than inter-dimensonal beings who think themselves Gods” I snipped back. “What do your lot call us?”

After calming from his laughter he waved one of his long fingered hands in the air. “This realm is Midgard, so your people are Midgardians”

I rolled my eyes. “Alright alright. So Midgard, Midgardians and we call ourselves humans.”

Loki gave a small nod of his head. “Your point, or question?”

“Well… what of the other realms? So there’s Jotunheim, and the people are the Jotuns….what do they call themselves? I mean I’m pretty sure no race ever in the whole of forever and everywhere is going to call themselves ‘Frost Giants'”

Loki’s face scrunched up in distaste. “I have no idea, and no desire to know. Was that the entirety of your question?”

I paused a moment then shrugged. “I guess that question applies to the rest of the realms. I mean, dark elves? Sounds kinda….corny.”

Questionable Intentions

A/N: This isn’t the first fic I’ve written but it’s the first one I’ve felt comfortable posting so Happy Thanksgiving here have a shitty fanfic. 

Warnings: Swearing

(psst part 2 here Splitting Hairs)


You and Thor had been friends since New Mexico. You were one of the waitresses at the diner Jane, Darcy, and he had eaten at and had the “pleasure” of serving him. While he was staying with them they became regulars. Once, when he came in alone you two had struck up a conversation. As a teen, you were interested in all kinds of mythology, while greek tended to be your favorite you read as much as you could not excluding Norse. You had always loved the myths involving Loki and Thor and you proceeded to ask him thousands of questions, one of which was, can I meet your brother? Thor replied saying one day he’d either take you to Asgard or bring his brother to you. This was before all the fighting went down and even though you almost died you still wanted to meet the infamous Asgardian.

It had been about a year since you had seen Thor when you next saw him and his brother on the news during the battle in New York. You didn’t think he would be coming to get you anytime soon but you had grown impatient and decided to take matters into your own hands. You quit your job and moved to New York managing to get a job in the cafe across the street from the Avengers Tower. Much to your dismay Thor didn’t stop in for a quick coffee like you thought he would. You’re such an idiot you thought why would a Norse God drop in for coffee he has much better things to do. You still kept your job not being able to move back to New Mexico and got a pleasant surprise a few months into your job. Thor had stopped in with a man you recognized to be Hawkeye. “Lady Y/N” he boomed “I didn’t expect to see you here” you smiled and took their order and asked thor how Loki was doing. He explained that Loki would be staying in Midgard for a while. “Would you still like to meet him?” Thor asked and you nodded. Eager that you were finally getting to meet the god.

That evening, when your shift was over, you walked across the street to the tower. When you walked in you found Thor and the rest of the Avengers waiting for you and while you were very excited to meet them all you wondered where Loki was hiding. Thor took you upstairs to the common room where you saw Loki sitting on the couch reading a book. You looked up at Thor seeming to ask permission to move closer to Loki and he nudged you towards the couch. You quickly moved to sit by the trickster, saying a quick hello. He only grunted in response and went back to his book.

“So,” you said leaning in a bit closer to him “did you really fuck a horse?” you ask out of nowhere

“What?!” Loki practically shrieks. No one had dared to talk to him like that, not even in Asgard.

“I said, did you really fuck a horse” you repeated as Thor sat in the background, chuckling, you had been this way when you first met him.

“I mean… yes…” Loki said looking away to examine the girl asking him such ludicrous


“Well was it rape? It seemed like low key horse rape when I read about it” you said. Loki was speechless he didn’t know how to react. Part of him wanted to kill you but another part of him enjoyed your childlike bluntness.

“Well if you’re not going to answer I’ll move on” Loki chuckled as you thought of your next question “so you fucked a horse… and you got pregnant…. And gave birth to a horse, but not just any horse an eight-legged horse. Dude, that must’ve sucked. Did it suck?”

Loki only nodded a yes in response still confused as to who you were and why you were here.

“Are you aware that your father rides your son?” you said

“What?” Loki asked again

“Odin rides your son, Sleipnir” you stated

“Okay, one, Odin isn’t my father. Two, how do you know about Sleipnir?” he asked

“I read” you answered and shrugged already knowing your next question “Why do you have such a horney helmet?” Loki looked shocked and confused

“The horns,” you said “ on your helmet. They’re so unnecessary”

Loki looked you dead and the eye and responded with “aesthetic” to which you replied with a nod

“So do you have a hair kink?” you asked after a beat of silence.

“No,” Loki said a little too quickly for your liking

“Right: you said drawing out the word “so you just stole Sif’s hair for fun”

“I never stole anyone’s hair,” Loki said

“Yes you did” you replied pulling out your phone to look up the story “see” you pointed to the screen and read “He knew that Sif’s hair of gold was Thor’s greatest treasure – and he was determined to take it away from him. And while she was asleep, Loki took his shears and chopped off Sif’s hair, every single lovely lock!”

“Just because it’s in your stupid books doesn’t mean it’s true,” Loki said starting to get annoyed by you

“So you DON’T have a hair kink,” you said

“No, I do not have a hair kink” Loki confirmed

“Do you always dress like a girl? Not that I have a problem with people who dress like girls” you said

“I haven’t the faintest idea what you’re talking about,” Loki said

“Well I read another story about how you had to pretend to be one of Freya’s handmaiden and Thor had to dress as Freya,” you said

“What did I just say about your books?” he questioned

“You said they were stupid,” you said

“And” he pressed

“And that they aren’t always real” you finished

“Exactly, so why don’t you bother someone else with your idiotic questions,” The trickster said finally snapping. He had hit a soft spot when he called your questions stupid but you were used to people getting annoyed by you and you were having fun so you decided to ask a few more questions pretty much completely ignoring the god’s request that you leave him alone. “You’re a frost giant, right?” you said

“Yes” he confirmed the question seemed harmless enough

“So why are you so short? Are you giant somewhere else?” you smirked

“Excuse me?” Loki responded and realized his fault in answering your previous question

“Do you have a big dick?” you asked bluntly

“That’s it. I’m done” Loki said standing up

“So you have a small dick, noted,” you said chuckling

“Why would you even ask that you mewling quim?” he spat

“Just curious. No need to call me names” you said

“Well curiosity killed the cat,” he says

“But satisfaction brought it back” you finished

Loki made his move to leave but before he could get too far you asked one more question “Why did everybody hate you so much” you said generally confused

Loki turned around and gave you a look “I’m not exactly the nicest Asgardian” he replied before turning to leave

“But you killed a guy with mistletoe,” you said before he could leave “that’s awesome”

“That god was also adored by others,” Loki said

“He was also the strongest god and you killed him by having someone else throw a piece of mistletoe at him” you replied sounding amazed “And the books weren’t lying about your looks either”

“You think I’m attractive,” he said coming closer to you as you shrugged in response

“I mean you aren’t the worst man I’ve seen” you say turning your attention to your phone thinking Loki is going to leave

“Really?” he asks sitting back down beside you instead

“Now you’re just fishing for compliments,” you say smiling at him

“And how would you know. Maybe I truly do not believe a woman could find me attractive” he says chiding

“Because I do it all the time sweetheart” you respond

“You know, once you stop asking annoying questions you become tolerable,” He says

“You really think so?” You ask

“That’s another question” he responds. The room goes quiet and he eventually goes back to his book and you turn to your phone.

“Can I meet all of your animal babies?” Loki just chuckles and continues reading


Thank you all for reading, thanks to @rosaleebasicbtch for being awesome and reading this over for me and @21waywardheathens (Who it’s not letting me tag???) for editing this a bit and giving me a title -G


Let’s Christmas! 🎄☃

Inspired by @book-boys-are-my-guilty-pleasure:
2. Sneaking out in the middle of the night with _____ to play in the snow.
Request from @daughterofautumn.

Words: 1699
Warnings: none

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You cringed in fear when a flash of lightning lit up the dark night sky, accompanied by a loud thunderclap. It had been going on for a while now, the thunder. It had started innocent, with a little rain that started to become heavier and heavier until the first clash of thunder had rolled through the skye, followed by several flashes of white lightning.

You were an Avenger, what meant you had seen a lot of things. You weren’t scared easily as you had stared death in the face multiple times during fights with HYDRA or aliens. But even you had a weakness. And that weakness was thunder. Since you were a child you had been terrified of storms and till today you had no idea why. Something in the raging battle in the sky just scared you, a lot.

You trembled a little when another thunderclap roared outside. It was then you decided you had had enough. Quickly you threw of your sheets and got out of your bed, walking towards he door of your bedroom. Luckily, you made it to the hallway without getting surprised by another flash of lightning.

When you closed the door behind you were hulled in darkness. The sound of the storm outside was a lot softer now, but you couldn’t stay out here the whole night. Even the hallways of Stark Tower were not really suitable to stay to night. For a moment you thought about what you were going to do now. Your first idea had been to ask Thor if he could turn it down a bit, but soon you realised the God of Thunder himself was in Asgard right now, handeling some business of his own. So that ruled out your first option. Running your hands over your arms to get a little warmer, you thought about where else to go. The kitchen? No, you weren’t hungry and you would only be faced with the thunder again because of the huge windows. Suddenly, an idea struck your mind and you smiled despite of your fear. Of course! Why hadn’t you thought about this before?

Quitely you started to walk down the hallway, searching for a specific door. With every thunderclap you started to walk faster, until the moment you were almost running. Finally you reached a familiar looking door. Normally, you would stop and knock softly, reckon the fact that the person inside was most likely sleeping. But because of your growing fear you had forgotten you manners and slammed on the door with both your hands.

‘Come on, open up, open up, open up…’ you thought desperately. You wanted to knock again, but before you could the door was thrown open, revealing an angry looking dark haired prince of Asgard. With furious eyes, Loki looked ready to turn the person that interrupted him from his sleep into a frog or another less appealing creature, but when his eyes met your trembling form, they softed.

‘‘(Y/n),’‘ he mouthed, his voice growing soft but soothing. ‘‘What are you doing here?’‘

You tried to smile while looking up to your friend. In the few months Loki had joined the Avengers to redeem himself, you and him had grown quite close. Where he wouldn’t even talk, to for example, Tony, he would tell you everything. And that was the reason why you had chosen to seek confort by the frost giant.

‘‘I-it’s the thunder. I-I’m well, you know… a-afraid…’’

You looked down, not sure whether you wanted to see his reaction or not. You just hoped he wouldn’t laugh at you, even though a part of you knew he would never do that.

Loki raised his eyebrows in a reaction to your words and ran a hand through his silky, black hair. ‘‘You’re afraid of the thunder?’‘ He asked curious and surprised. You nodded in response, still running your hands over your arms to seek a bit of warmth in the cold hallway. Loki seemed to realise this too, because he opened the door wider and mouthed for you to come in. Thankful, you did so, walking towards his bed to sit down. After closing the door, Loki followed and took place next to you.

‘‘I’m sorry that I woke you up,’‘ you mumbled as he sat down. Loki smiled a bit in reaction, his green eyes shining like a cat’s in the dark room. ‘‘I have to admit I would have been less forgiving if it would have been anyone else,’‘ he said. ‘‘But because it is you, I forgive you. Now, tell me. Why are you afraid of thunder?’‘

You shrugged, not knowing how to answer that question. ‘‘I don’t really know,’‘ you admitted, looking him into the eye. Loki didn’t say anything, so you took that as a signal to go on. ‘‘I have been afraid for thunder since I were a kid. I guess it just never went away really.’‘

When he still didn’t react, you sighted. ‘‘I know it is silly…’‘ You stopped when you felt a cold hand being placed om your arm, drawing small circles to calm you down. ‘‘It is not silly,’‘ Loki mumbled, suddenly growing quiet. ‘‘I know how you feel, you have no reason to be ashamed.’‘

For a minute, you were confused by his words. Why would a mighty god as himself be afraid for something like this? Then it struck you like lightning, how ironic that might sound. ‘‘It is because of Thor, isn’t it?’‘ You spoke, but Loki looked away. ‘‘Are you afraid of Thunder because he is the… oh Loki, I’m sorry.’‘

Suddenly, Loki’s eyes snapped up with an angry gaze, but it dissapeared as soon as it had appeared. ‘‘Yes,’‘ he sighted. ‘‘But it is not of import right now. Since you came here, I don’t think you want to go to your room anytime soon. Do you want to stay?’‘

You nodded gratefully and a heavy weight was lifted of your chest. ‘‘Yes, if that would be no problem.’‘ you smiled, hoping he wouldn’t see your blush because of the dark. Loki shook his head and motioned for you to lay down, which you did after he layed down himself. The thunder was still roaring outside, but it didn’t seem to harm you as much as it used too. Feeling tired, you cuddled up in the arms of the God of Mischief, his presence calming you down. Loki wrapped his arms around you while smiling down at your sleepy figure.

‘‘Rest, princess,’‘ he mumbled. ‘‘You are safe now.’‘

Within a few minutes, your eyes had closed and your breath had slowed down. Loki softly ran his hands over your arms, drawing once again small circles before also closing his eyes. You two might share a fear but tonight you would it would not harm the both of you while you found comfort in each others arms. And tomorrow, the world would be a lot brighter again…

(Gifs not mine)

Yay! More feels! I’m obsessed with this song at the minute and I was writing this at the same time so they sort of merged… Yeah, play it at the same time and it’ll really break your heart. Because of the video, the reader’s character essentially became Luna Lovegood - bit strange, but wonderfully eccentric. Overall a really, really fun character to write. This request was made by @wxndamaxiimoffs and I’m sorry that it is so long. Ah well; enjoy, my darlings!

Prompt: Please write one where you become good friends with Loki and Thor when they’re young, and you comfort Loki when he finds out he’s a frost giant because he thinks that you won’t like him anymore because he’s different. Thank you!

“Half the World Away”

Asgard. The city of lights. The realm of the Gods. Its people were as brilliant and luminescent as the stories they inspired.

You lived in the heart of it and always had. Your mother was a maid in the royal palace and you had been given free roam of it as a result, befriending Odin’s two sons along the way. A life without a formal education combined with access to the largest library in the realm left your mind open and free. You were on a whole other level and the youngest prince in particular found himself fascinated by your unconventional nature…

You wandered the halls with your head in the clouds, thoughts soaring the skies and focus nowhere to be seen. As you floated down the corridor, you let your hands dance through the air, fingers playing a strange melody on an invisible piano.

Your watched your hands swirl through the air with delicate interest and made each movement precise and gentle. You let yourself get lost in the silent dance, twirling and spinning and gliding along; completely away with your thoughts.

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For Asgard (Chapter 5/?)


Throughout Loki’s retelling of the events that brought him to Earth, you listened closely, not uttering a single word. You were captivated and now you don’t think you’ve ever been this speechless in your life. Other worlds, Frost Giants, magic, war?

“Honestly, that was a lot to take in,” you confess.

“So you believe me?”

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Note: It’s a hot summer’s day at the Avengers Tower and Tony refuses to turn the air conditioning on. But Loki might just have a better alternative.

Requested by: Anon.

Originally posted by camille-angelique

“Tony, I’m melting,” you whined as you lied yourself face down on the wooden floor of Tony’s living room.

“Melt somewhere else. Get off my floor.”


He sighed, “Y/N, get up, you’ll get your sweat all on the wood.”

“Good,” you huffed, rolling around across the wooden floorboards. The heat had made you feel particularly childish.

Tony rolled his eyes, picking you up and throwing you over his shoulder.

“Your body heat is killing me! Put me down!” You exclaimed.

You landed with a soft thud on the sofa and you sighed. At least the leather was cold.

“Now stay there, and don’t move.”

“Why can’t you just turn the air conditioning on? You’re rich enough to keep the damn thing running on all the floors for the rest of your life!”

He laughed, “Can’t argue that one, Y/N,” he said, “But I’m not doing it. Air conditioning kills the world’s resources… Besides, you could always wear less.”

You glared at him, “You want me to sweat on everything? Fine,” you huffed, crossing your arms and staring up at the ceiling.

Tony chuckled as he walked away, “Do what you want, Y/N. I’m not going to let you kill the planet, not while I’m still on it.”

You could’ve sworn you were lying on that sofa for hours. Still staying up at the roof because you were too hot to even move, afraid of sweating even more.

“There you are, love,” someone said from behind you, “Stark said you were feeling warm?”

You smiled at the sound his voice. Loki came and sat down on the coffee table in front of the sofa, “You look terrible,” he laughed.

“Thanks,” you said, grimacing at the feeling of your back stick to the leather as you tried to sit up.

“Ugh, I wish I was part Frost Giant,” you said, noting that he was still wearing his usual outfit, “You’re so lucky the heat doesn’t bother you.”

“Yes well, I was thinking the same thing, and I thought I might be able to help you… If you don’t mind,” he held out his hands do you.

Did he mean use his powers? You raised your eyebrow, “I guess not…?”

He smiled, “It won’t hurt, I’ll make sure of it.”

“Oh, good,” you found yourself saying, “I mean, I–”

“It’s fine, Y/N, I understand,” he assured you, “Besides, this will be better than any air conditioner Stark has, I promise.”

He moved his hands closer to you so they almost touching your skin, “… Um… May I…”

“Yes! Yes of course,” you smiled.

Loki inched closer until he kissed your cheek softly. You sighed in contentment as you felt yourself start to feel normal again, you even felt a shiver down your back.

“That’s enough to last until tomorrow morning,” Loki intervened, “And if it’s still hot outside, I can do it again.”

You smiled, “It’s perfect, thank you,” you said as you felt your entire body begin to cool down at last.

“Is that how you always do it then? With your mouth I mean,” you cursed yourself, that hadn’t sounded any better.

He laughed, “Well you won’t find me kissing Stark’s cheek, Y/N, that’s for sure.”

You grinned, saying a thank you to him once more.

“Let me know if you need another kiss– Ah, if you need cooling down again,” he winked as he sauntered off.

You sunk back down onto the sofa, finally feeling relaxed. Just as you were about to close your eyes, you heard a voice speak.

“You better get up and wipe that sweat off my floor, Y/N!”

The Maiden And The Giant

TITLE: The Maiden And The Giant


AUTHOR: MaliceManaged

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine falling through a portal into Jötunheim and running into a stranger named Loki, who decides to provide shelter out of the need for company, that eventually turns into love.


NOTES/WARNINGS: I made it! Just, uh, don’t expect anything else out of me for at least two weeks. XD


    Loki was up and about when Frigga came to see him, but she said nothing of it, knowing it wouldn’t get her anywhere. Instead she informed him that Odin would be going to Jötunheim to meet with Laufey later in the day and inquired as to whether there was anything he might feel the need to share before the king departed.

    “I should be going with him,” Loki said as he leaned against the windowsill, tired but not wanting to admit that everyone who’d voiced it was right in that he really shouldn’t be up yet.

    “You’re still recovering and we’re meant to give the appearance that the enemy’s plan is working,” Frigga reminded gently, “Odin would never risk taking you with him until the negotiations were completed were it true, and so he won’t.”

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30 Days Writing Challenge ~ October

A/N: I don’t know about you guys but I like Loki as a story-telling know-it-all. *fans self* The following myth really is a thing by the way! Enjoy!

Words: 1506
Warnings: none

16th October: To the Pumpkin Patch! | feat. Loki

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anonymous asked:

please could you do more mythology retellings if you have the time?

Omg sweet anon this is all I have ever wanted! I will do another mythology retelling for you right now. Come closer. No, no, that’s too close. I don’t mean, like, breathe the air from my mouth. That’s disgust- yep, that’s good. Right there. OK.

Followers who don’t want to read a badly told myth about cross-dressing Norse gods should press J on their keyboard now, as this isn’t going to be a short post. But I literally don’t know why you wouldn’t want to read a badly told myth about cross-dressing Norse gods, so whatever.

The myth I am going to tell you is called Thrymskvida. I’ll post a bit of background to this myth under a Read More at the bottom, because the context to this particular myth is almost as interesting as the myth itself. Almost. Here we go! 

One beautiful night in Asgard, when all the layers of heaven were stretched across the sky like satin stitches, the gods threw a fucking mental party. Like, for real; if this party had been thrown in the days of MTV, then it would have appeared on Cops. Miley Cyrus would have been the guest of honour. This shit was wild. The mead was abundant, and so (presumably) were the queues of tearful goddesses in line for the bathroom. You get the drift; it was a wild night. Basically, it was a normal evening in Asgard.

Anyway, the next morning, after sleeping the sleep of kings (not literally, because the Thor of myth wasn’t even slightly a king, just an important god with pecs of steel and biceps of lore, but you get the drift) Thor woke up, presumably holding his head and groaning like the ghosts of all his enemies and then promptly vomiting a technicolour Bifrost yawn everywhere, and realised that his super special awesome magic hammer, Mjolnir, was missing. Understandably, Thor was all ‘holy fucking shit, I cannot deal with this, that hammer is so fucking awesome, like for real, it was specially for me after Loki shaved my wife’s head and made a bet with a dwarf! That’s my favourite story to tell the grandkids! What will I do without my super special hammer? This is worse than the time I got tricked into drinking almost the entire sea. Jesus Christ, whoever that is, I have got to get this hammer back!!’ 

So, he goes to find Loki, because it is generally understood that if anything goes wrong in Asgard, then Loki has probably been fucking shit up for fun. He finds Loki asleep nearby, hungover as shit (but probably looking really perky still, because Loki is that kind of guy) and shakes him awake, shouting “Loki, you scoundrel and wastrel and other words that I’ve heard clever men call you!! You are such a prick, like seriously, I cannot believe you would steal my super special hammer. You know what that means to me! It’s my third favourite possession, after my magical belt of strength and my wife! I know you’ve killed people and shit before, but this is the worst thing you have ever done. I am totally telling Odin!”
And Loki is all “whoa, whoa, calm the everlasting shit down, Thor. This one totally isn’t on me. Like, honestly, I’m actually slightly offended that you would assume I did this, but whatever. To prove it, I’ll help you get your super special hammer back. Let’s go and ask Freyja for help because she really conveniently has a totally vogue feather cloak that means I can fly.”
Presumably, Thor then points out that Loki can actually transform into anything he wants at will and could easily become a bird and fly out to find shit, and Loki then tells him that he just wants to look pretty for once and why can’t Thor accept his life choices, and they go and get Freyja’s cloak. 

Loki flies out of Asgard until he eventually reaches Jotunheim and comes across this totally pimpin’ beast of a giant named Thrym. This dude is totally built, like he’s as tall as a hundred houses and he’s got rippling abs that rival Thor’s, and when Loki finds him, he looks really fucking smug, so Loki immediately thinks “this is very very suspicious” and he flies over and lands at Thrym’s feet. They engage in very awkward small talk and then stand sort of shuffling from foot to foot like Michael Cera and Jesse Eisenberg in an indie-off.
Then Loki says to Thrym “yo, don’t take this the wrong way, but I have inspected all the available evidence and I’m like 56% sure that you took Thor’s super special hammer. I mean, I can’t prove it, but I have a really strong feeling about this” and Thrym laughs both heartily and evilly and says “you’re damn right I took it, and I’ve hidden it eight goddamn miles beneath the ground so you’ll never find it, not even if you use all your magic. There is no chance you will find it. None.” So Loki sighs wearily and asks “well, is there any reason? I mean, people don’t just go around stealing hammers for the fun of it, even super special ones” and Thrym waggles his eyebrows like Robin Thicke in a sauna and says “yeah, I took it because I really, really want to bone Freyja” and Loki is like “this is unexpected, I honestly did not see that coming, your logic is seriously flawed” and Thrym shakes his head and he’s like “no, I just took the super special hammer because I knew you’d come and find it. Give this message to Thor for me: he can have his super special hammer back if he brings me Freyja as my bride”

and Loki’s like “well, I’ll tell him, but he’s not going to like it” and he flies home. 

When Thor finds out, he and Loki immediately go to Freyja, and they tell her “right, we’re going to Jotunheim, you’re going to marry this shady character who stole Thor’s most precious possession” and Freyja folds her shapely arms across her sculpted bosom and asks “why do you think I’m going to agree with that? That sounds like an awful plan.”
Thor shrugs and says “well, there are two reasons. The first reason is that Thrym has got a really hot bod for a Frost Giant. The second reason is that my hammer is super special and also not here” and Freyja is like “yeah, your hammer is all of these things and more, but I’m not going with you, so jog on.” 
Then Loki pipes up and he’s like “well, if you won’t come with us, can we at least borrow some dresses from you?” and Thor is like “what the Hel Loki, he wants a wife, not a new outfit” and Loki just says “trust me Thor, I got this.”

So they borrow two dresses from Freyja, and then Loki turns to Thor and explains his plan: “we’re going to march right into Jotunheim, with you disguised as Freyja and me disguised as your bridesmaid, and we’re going to take your super special hammer right back from under his nose!” and Thor is like “this is an absolutely terrible plan. For one, I have a great big bushy beard, and for another thing, this dress really isn’t my colour” but Loki just hushes him and they put on their new frocks and head towards Jotunheim. 

When they get to Jotunheim, they’re greeted by Thrym, who takes one look at Thor in his Freyja garb and immediately starts swooning. He’s all “oh my æsir, you’re even hotter than I imagined! I mean, I’ve been dreaming about your slammin’ bod for a long time, but the real thing? Holy cow, I’m in love. I cannot wait to marry the shit out of you” and Thor just sort of grits his teeth and acts flattered, and Loki grabs onto his arm like they’re two high school best friends talking about Zac Efron, and they go into this big hall where Thrym has prepared a wedding feast.

They sit down, and almost immediately, Thor eats an entire ox, eight salmon, a whole load of other shit, and washes it down with three vats of mead. He’s basically like a Kardashian at a no-camera after-party. Anyway, Thrym says to Loki “what the hell, what kind of woman eats like that?” and Loki has to think on his feet and he says “well, she’s been so excited about coming to meet you that she hasn’t eaten for eight days”, and Thrym is so flattered that he probably starts blushing and giggling and dribbling. Loki is all “phew, I totally got away with that one. Thor, please be more ladylike, because if you give Freyja a bad reputation, I honestly fear the consequences”

and then it goes to shit again because Thrym is so taken by his bride-to-be that he takes Thor into his arms and tries to kiss him, and Thor is like “oh hell no, I signed up for a super special hammer, not a make-out session” and he pushes Thrym away, and Thrym looks at Loki, broken and pissed off, and he’s like “what the hell, why won’t my bride kiss me?” So Loki lies again, saying “well, she’s been so excited to come here that she didn’t sleep for the entire eight day journey, and she’s just really tired” and Thrym nods sombrely and he’s all “yeah, I’ve heard that one before, it’s cool, I get it” and he just drops the subject, and Loki looks at Thor crossly.

When the feast is over, Thrym stands up and says “the time has come! Firstly, it is time for someone to do the washing up - bagsy not me, because I’m the groom - and secondly, it’s time to end my lonely days as a bachelor! I’m going to marry this beautiful hunk of cheesecake right here, and I just cannot wait. Look how radiant she is! I honestly feel like the luckiest man alive” and then he calls out “bring forth the hammer! No, not that one, I put up pictures with that one, I mean the super special awesome one that I stole from that meat-head Thor!” and someone brings out Mjolnir and lays it at Thor’s feet as a wedding gift, and then


like really, it’s just carnage and mayhem and blood as Thor tears around the room in his pretty frock, laying waste to all the wedding guests he can find. It’s literally the Red Wedding all over again. 

And so the story ends with Thor wielding the awesome might of Mjolnir, standing righteously over the wasted corpses of his nemeses, all while wearing a wedding dress.

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Pairing: Loki Laufeyson x reader

Summary: Your abilities as a half Frost Giant terrify you, but you soon find out you’re not the only freak on Asgard.

A/N: I’ll hopefully get a couple more fics posted today, one will possibly be a second part to I Think We’re Gonna Like It Here. Also, thank you to @slutamores for requesting this, hope you like it :)

Originally posted by julianamoriarty

(Not my gif)

You stared down at your shaking hands, trying to stop the tears splashing into your open palms. You were a freak, a monster. Those were the only thoughts going through your distraught mind as you glared at your icy blue skin, willing it to fade back to its usual colour. Curiously, you reached out and touched a flower growing nearby. You gasped in horror as it froze and wilted before your eyes.
This garden had always been a safe haven for you; when you couldn’t control your powers, you could hide away from the rest of Asgard until you were in control again. Your mother had never seen fit to tell you that you were half Frost Giant, apparently “it didn’t change who you were”. You snorted in disbelief as you recalled her words; in your opinion, if it turned your skin blue and your eyes fiery red, it definitely changed who you were.
You froze in fear as you heard the gate to the garden creak open. You prayed that it was just the wind, but there was no wind. You made to pull the sleeves of your dress over your hands to hide your frosty blue complexion, but you were relieved to see that it had faded away.
“(Y/N)?” came a familiar voice from round the corner. Taking a deep breath to steady yourself, you got to your feet and walked slowly to where you’d heard the voice calling from.
“Loki,” you greeted your friend. “I didn’t know you were coming here.”
The raven haired prince’s thin lips formed a frown as he studied your face. “I saw you running from the great hall. I was worried about you.”
You twisted your fingers together nervously. “As you can see, I’m fine.”
He chuckled quietly. “(Y/N), you can’t lie to me. You can’t beat me at my own game.”
He reached out slowly and took your hand in his. You watched in horror, expecting your touch to hurt and freeze his pale skin. He tilted his head to the side curiously.
“(Y/N), please tell me what troubles you,” he whispered. “I hate seeing you upset.”
At his words, your mask crumbled. Tears welled in your eyes, and you snatched your hand from his grasp. “I’m a freak, a monster,” you whispered. “Look.”
You held your palm up to face him, and concentrated with all your power to change your skin. You felt the familiar icy burn as your skin became rough and cold, your eyes stinging with tears as they turned blood red. You couldn’t bear to look at his face and see the fear, the disgust, in his eyes.
Your eyes snapped up to lock on your hand as Loki placed his palm flat against yours. Your mouth hung half open in disbelief as you took in the blue swirls and ridges adorning his previously deathly pale skin. Slowly, your eyes moved up to look into his eyes. His ruby red eyes.
“You’re not the only freak around here,” he said quietly. You watched, unable to from words, as he linked his fingers with yours carefully, still holding them up for you to see. “See? We’re the same.”
You frowned slightly. “But if you’re a Frost Giant, that must mean-,”
“I am not a son of Odin,” he finished, smiling sadly. “Unfortunate, isn’t it?”
“How do you hide it?” you asked shyly. “I can’t control it, it feels like it controls me.”
Pity flickered across his face, and you watched as his skin faded back to ivory. His clear blue eyes never left yours, which were still a glassy red. You felt hot tears welling in them; you didn’t feel so confident when it was just you looking like a monster.
“It takes time,” he told you, squeezing your icy hand in his. You expected him to flinch, but his expression didn’t change. “I will help you as best I can.”
You nodded, letting out a breath you didn’t realise you’d been holding. “I thought you would hate me,” you half-laughed. You couldn’t help it; you’d spent weeks terrified that he would turn his back on you.
“I could never hate you,” Loki said gently. “How could I hate you, when you’ve made me realise I’m not alone?”
As he said that, you felt your skin warming, and you nearly cried out in relief as it faded back to its normal tone. You were suddenly aware of the fact that Loki was still holding your hand, and you felt your cheeks burning red. It was just one extreme to the other with you today.
“Next time this happens, call for me and I will help you,” he told you as you both moved to sit on a nearby marble bench. You smiled gratefully, running your thumb across his knuckles gently.
“Thank you, Loki. For everything,” you said quietly. He lifted his free hand to cup your cheek carefully, turning your face gently to look into his eyes.
“You are so beautiful. You are not, and never will be, a freak to me,” he whispered. You chuckled quietly.
“Try saying that when my eyes look like blood, and my skin turns to ice.”
Loki shook his head. “Your eyes are not blood to me, they are rubies. And do not forget that my skin is just as icy as yours, and you still find no fault in it.”
You smiled softly. “I could never find fault in you.”
He leaned in slowly, pressing his lips ever so gently to yours. You barely moved your lips against his, letting him lead. As quickly as it had begun, it was over.
“You are no freak to me,” Loki whispered again, resting his forehead against yours.