well he has both from what i can tell

Red and Blue are gossiping Cat Moms(TM)
  • *in the middle of a mission*
  • Allura: *piloting blue* "Hahaha! Wow Lance that's really embarrassing!"
  • Allura: "Oh and what's that Blue? Lance has a crush on-"
  • Lance: "BLUE!!"
  • {It works with red too}
  • Keith: "WHAT? NO!"
  • Lance: "AND from what Red tells me you had a HUGGGEEE crush on me!"
  • Red: "Im just trying to help me sons finally-"
  • Lance and Keith: "RED!"
  • Lance: "What can i say im a likable bi- I MEAN GUY!"
  • Keith: "What?"
  • Lance: "What?"
  • Red: "Aha! I was right!"
  • Blue: "Im proud of you son!"
  • Red: "Well he's correct he is both a likable bi and paladin!"
  • *keith is frozen*
  • Lance: *blushing the same shade of red as his armour* "Uh keef?"
  • Keith: "Keith.exe has stopped working" *internally: AHHHHHHHHHH!"
My Best Friend’s Brother-Sirius Black Imagine

Request: I was wondering if I could have a sirius x reader where the reader is a Slytherin in Regulus’ year and is also a close friend of his, but she’s also friends with the Marauders. And both Black brothers are in love with the reader and in the end she chooses Sirius

Warnings: mild swearing

Hope you all enjoy! xo

Y/N was a pureblood, and having grown up with the Black brothers, they were her best friends. Even getting sorted into Slytherin didn’t stop Sirius or the other Marauders from loving her. Little did she know, that her best friends loved her more than she understood.

“So, Reg, got a girlfriend yet?” Sirius asked one night as they sat together in the library.

“No, I don’t, but I’ve got my eye on someone. What about you?” Regulus replied, glancing up from his parchment to raise an eyebrow at his older brother. 

“Same here. Who’s the lucky girl?” Sirius teased, leaning over the table in anticipation.

“Sod off,” Regulus replied with a chuckle, pushing his brother back into his seat.

“Seriously, I want to know! Maybe I can help,” he insisted.

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Could you do a Damian x reader where reader is Alfred's granddaughter and is dating Damian and Alfred and Bruce find out their dating

Hi! Thank you for sending in your request~ Hope you enjoy this! It’s a tad bit short but I enjoyed writing this. 

A smile appears on your face when Damian gently places a kiss against your wrist before he pulls you on to his lap. You let out a small chuckle before wrapping one of your arms around him. “What has gotten in to you today, Damian?” You ask him as you run your free hand through his hair.

Damian lets out a sigh before dropping his head on to your shoulder. “Are you not afraid?” He doesn’t elaborate but you don’t need him to because you knew exactly what Damian was referring to. Recently – by recently, you mean a good two hours ago, Bruce and Alfred had walked in on the two of you heavily making out on the couch – your relationship with Damian has been found out by your grandpa as well as by Damian’s father.

You pull Damian closer to you. “I love you.” You can feel Damian stiffening against you before he pulls away to meet your eyes. “Judging from your expression, it seems as if I have failed to tell you that.” You chuckle sheepishly but Damian cups your face with both of his hands, making you look at him.

“Say that again.” Damian whispers as he stares at you.

You oblige. “I love you, Damian Wayne.” You press your lips to his and Damian responds to the kiss with a whole lot of passion and vigor. “Just so you know, I am afraid but I believe in us and I know we are able to overcome whatever life decides to throw at us. Don’t you think so?”

Damian scoffs before releasing your face. “Of course – if father and Pennyworth were to disagree and disapprove of our relationship, then it should not matter.” Damian mutters as a-matter-of-factly before he lets you slide off of his lap. You extend your hand to him and despite his curiosity, Damian takes your hand and you pull him off of the sofa.

“Pray do tell where are we going?” Damian asks as he follows you out of the living room in to the hallway. “Y/N?”

You glance at him over your shoulders before pulling him along. “On a date – confrontation between Bruce and Grandpa can wait until after we are done!” You wink at him. Damian scoffs before smirking at you.

“Then let’s go before they figure out we are trying to escape.” Damian pulls you away from where you initially had gone and you let out a merry laugh. At the moment, you think, even if your Grandpa by chance disapproves of your relationship with Damian, you know for sure you will not let anything come between you and Damian.

Cop Car

Summary: Sirius and yourself get tangled up in some trouble when Sirius cannot keep his sarcastic mouth closed.

Words: 1900 

A/N: First off I want to say sorry for taking a million years with the Remus mini series I’m working on, I changed my mind on how I wanted to do it so I am working out the kinks with that. However, while I was driving the other day, Cop Car by Keith Urban came on and literally all I could think about was Sirius the entire time. So the main inspiration for this one shot came from that song if you want to check it out :) anyway, I hope you enjoy xx

Originally posted by sweet-earthquaker

“Sirius, love, I’m pretty sure that sign said No Trespassing…” you laughed as Sirius slowed his motorbike to a stop at the end of the worn path.

“I’ve been here loads of times with James, it’s fine don’t worry!” he said confidently as he got off the bike, you climbing off after him. You saw the mischievous glint in his eye and for some reason, you knew that what he had just said was false. You shook your head and laughed as he led you towards a spot in the clearing. The clearing was just off of an airport and as Sirius reached for your hand, a massive airplane flew over your heads, causing you to jump. Sirius started to laugh but with the wave of his wand, he had conjured a blanket and had pulled you down with him.

“What in Merlin have you gotten us into, Sirius Black.” You laughed as you snuggled into his side, watching as airplanes flew over head every now and then.

“I wanted to do something romantic okay?” you laughed and kissed his cheek at his attempt at romanticism. You loved that he tried to put so much effort into little dates like this one. “We are lying on a blanket, looking at the stars and watching airplanes take off into the night sky, romantic.”

“Okay Mr. Smooth Moves, whatever you s-” you said ruffling his hair, knowing how much it would annoy him. However, before you could even finish your sentence, Sirius had grabbed hold to your sides and started to tickle you. You laughed uncontrollably and couldn’t help but smile as Sirius had pulled you into his lap. As another plane flew over head, Sirius brushed a strand of hair out of your eyes and tucked it behind your ear before pulling you closer, leaving one of the best kisses you had ever experienced on your lips. You pulled away, breathless and happy, smiling before leaning in for another kiss. You tangled your hands through his tousled, black locks and he gripped your face with an urgency that felt as if he let go, you would disappear into thin air. Neither of you parted, except to catch your breath. It was as if the two of you were in a world all your own, where the only thing that mattered was being in the presence of the other. You were in no rush for the night to be over, you could spend the rest of your life wrapped in Sirius’ arms like this. However, you were no longer the only two in your little world as a beam of light was being shone on your faces and both yourself and Sirius pulled apart to see what was going on.

“Are the two of you aware that you are trespassing on government land?” a stern voice sounded from the bulky man standing above the both of you. You moved to stand but Sirius kept a protective hold on you. You turned around to see a police car parked behind you with lights flashing. You nudged Sirius and nodded towards the car. You saw that glint of mischief in Sirius’s eyes once again and a small smile broke onto your face.

“Ohhhhh, is that what that sign said? Well, I suppose that puts us in a bit of a pickle now doesn’t it.” The sarcasm was dripping from the words Sirius spoke and you could not help the giggle that you tried to hold in. the expression on the officer’s face was not amused at all and when he did not laugh Sirius pushed him further with more smart-ass comments. If anything went wrong you both had your wands on you and were able to apparate if you got into too much trouble. You weren’t one to take things too far in sticky situations but you were in the mood for a little fun so you played along with Sirius. You wrapped your arm around his waist and the officer stepped forward in an attempt to separate the two of you.

“I was willing to let this go but now you’ve given me no choice. You’re both coming into the station with me.” He signaled to his partner who got out of the passenger side door and pulled you out of Sirius’s grip quicker than expected. You stumbled slightly and Sirius’s gaze watched as you stood your own with the officers. You winked and signaled to him to let you handle it.

“This is all just a big misunderstanding, Officer,” she quickly glanced at his tag. “Handsome, is it?” you batted your lashes and saw Sirius stare, wide eyed, at you from the corner of your eye. He looked as if he was in total shock that you would even attempt to sweet talk your way out of this one.

“It is Hanson, ma’am, and the two of you are under arrest for trespassing.” You grumbled something under your breath and rolled your eyes as the police officers hand cuffed the two of you and led you towards their car. Sirius and yourself were side by side as you approached the car and before they pushed the two of you inside you caught Sirius looking at you in amazement. He was not used to seeing this side of you and you were surprising the hell out of him.

“Hey, mate aren’t we supposed to get one phone call to someone or something like that?” Sirius tried easing the tension again but the police officers remained outside the car talking and ignoring Sirius and his constant whining. The mischievous glint that you noticed in Sirius earlier was still there but you had caught it now and your eyes lit up when you got your best idea yet. While Sirius was fiddling his hands in an attempt to reach his wand, you nudged him with your elbow.

“What, Y/N, I’m a little busy trying to get out of these things you know…” you laughed at how he acted like such a child when he could not get things to work out how he wanted. You laughed and thought the spell Alohomora, watching as the latch on the hand cuffs popped open. You were very gifted at nonverbal spells and ones like that were fairly simple.

“You’re, welcome, by the way.” you winked and nudged him in the arm again, “Give me your pack.”

“What? Why? Y/N you’re still locked in those things and you don’t even smo-”

“Just do it, trust me.” You smirked as he reached into his pocket and grabbed the pack of cigarettes you were asking for. Sirius had no idea why you wanted them, you were constantly telling him to quit so he could not understand why you wanted them. You popped one out of the pack and brought it up to your lips.

“Hello, Mr. Handsome, could I get a light over here?” you whistled to get their attention and the police officers looked enraged at how ridiculous you were acting. One of them marched up to the car and slammed the door in your face. Sirius burst into fits of laughter before he took the rest of the pack from you and you tucked the one in your mouth behind your ear.

“You are absolutely mental,” Sirius laughed as he muttered Alohomora to unlock your own hand cuffs. You let them fall to the floor as you rubbed the skin where the cool metal had hurt. You slid closer to Sirius and leaned against his side while the officers still spoke outside.

“I know, but that’s why you like me.” You giggled and looked up into his grey eyes. A smile ghosted across his lips as if he was about to say something but just kissed your forehead instead. You both talked and laughed while sitting in the back of the police car for longer than what you thought was normal, however, you didn’t mind. The more time you two spent together, the happier you were, no matter where you were.

“Well, I’ve had enough of this foolishness for one night,” you laughed looking up at your boyfriend. “I say that we obliviate them once they are in the car and we can apparate outta here.”

“What has gotten into you tonight, running from the law? I suppose you will want to tell everyone this tomorrow.” A sly smirk playing on his lips.

“Well it would make a great story, besides Prongs will never believe you if you tell him.” you laughed and kissed his soft lips once more. “Oh look they’re coming!” you moved slightly away from Sirius and hid the fact that neither of you had the hand cuffs on.

“I knew I liked you for a reason.” Sirius smirked but could not take his eyes off you. He was so amazed at how quickly he had fallen for you and he couldn’t wait to get out of here to prove that to you.

“Now, we will be taking the both of you down to the station and see how it goes from there,” the police officer’s stern voice boomed in the front of the car. You tuned out most of what they were babbling on about as you knew that it had no power over the two of you. You glanced over at Sirius who was still looking at you with a peaceful smile on his face.

“Ready?” you mouthed, as you tightened the grip on your wand.

“Ready.” Sirius mouthed back, grabbing your hand tightly in his. The two of you raised your wands and pointed them at the two officers sitting in front of you. The two were still babbling on about your rights and other nonsense and did not even see that you were no longer in hand cuffs.

Obliviate!” you said in unison, watching as they both paused in confusion. With a swift crack, Sirius and yourself apparated out of the clearing and onto the street outside of your flat. As you ran up the walk, laughter fell from your lips and you were surprised when you were whipped around to come face to face with Sirius. He looked at you with such admiration and love that your laughter turned into a shy smile as he placed his hand on your cheek. He ran his thumb over your cheekbone and leaned in to kiss you like you never had been before. It left you breathless and wanting more. There was so much passion behind it as your two bodies melted together and your hands ran through his hair. It was passionate but not rushed and it felt perfect in that moment. When he pulled away, he rested his forehead on yours and waited while you caught your breath.

“Merlin, I am so in love with you…” he said in an almost whisper. Your eyes fluttered open and you watched as he realized that he said those words out loud. He stumbled backward a little bit in an attempt to recompose himself but the smile on your face grew and you slowly walked over to where he was.

“I am so in love with you too, Padfoot.” You giggled at the surprised look on his face and before you had a second to react, Sirius was back to his usual self and smirked before he pulled you in for another heart stopping kiss.

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THAT GIF YOU USED. i'm always so weak about it. there's just so much intense passion and love into it and you're able to see the change from when zayn's not looking at liam to when he is looking at liam. that's one of my favorite ziam moments because it's so telling what kind of love zayn has in his heart for liam. he turned all soft and smiley. i miss seeing that kind of zayn because well. we both know why we rarely see it. but bless for you putting that gif

This is my favourite Ziam gif:

Originally posted by dramaqueen88

The thirst, the fond, the intense love, all through this look that anyone who’s ever been in love can easily identify. Subtle, yet not subtle at all.

And that’s the beautiful thing about Ziam, they don’t need words (though they’ve also publicly declared their love cause they can’t hide how they feel) but it’s obvious the love and care for each other has only intensified since X-Factor:

Coldest Kiss (Ch.3)

Pairing: Jon Snow x Reader

Summary:  Based on a tumblr imagine: What if Jon and you were friends, but he wanted to be more. Jon sees you flirting with Robb and preferring his company. So, Jon thinks you don’t care about him at all. That is until a certain, mischievous Stark tells you the true feelings that Jon has for you.

Words: 1186

Read on Ao3: http://archiveofourown.org/works/9296567/chapters/21593201

Originally posted by kitsn0w

Robb and you walked into the great hall where the feast would be taking place. No one was there at the time except for two servants who were scrubbing down the tables. You knew they were listening. Their ears searching for any piece of gossip they could take back to the kitchens, but you didn’t seem to mind too much. They didn’t really matter, your mind was on more important matters. You both sat down across from one another at one of the tables.

 “Well, at least Grey Wind knows how to sit,” Robb started the conversation.

“True,” you responded as you leaned into your hand and sighed. Robb tried to search your eyes for something, but he already knew.

“You know how Jon can be sometimes. He’s always been moody,” Robb tried to assure you. You shook your head.

“No, not this time. Something’s wrong,” you continued. “I feel like it has to do with me. I think I did something very wrong, and he doesn’t want to tell me a thing. What could I have done to him?” You closed your eyes and ran your hand through your hair.

“Did anything happen between you two yesterday?”

“No, I just wanted to come here early and spend time with him and you and everyone. And then all of a sudden, he’s giving me the cold shoulder.” Jon and you never had a disagreement or a fight ever, it pained you.

“Do you want me to see if I could ask him if there’s anything wrong?” Robb said, trying his hardest. “I can even talk to him if you want. I am to be the Lord of Winterfell one day. I should solve conflicts when I see them.” You smiled.

“Thank you, Robb. I appreciate that, but this is between Jon and I. I’ll figure it out,” you said. Suddenly, you felt a dark thought cross your head. “What if we’re growing apart?”

“No, that’s not true.”

“But what if it is?” you felt the words pour out to him. “I mean, we couldn’t be friends forever. Jon is a Stark, and I am the baker’s daughter. And you, you are going to be a Lord. A Lord, Robb. If you’re going to be a Lord, what is Jon going to be? He can’t be friends with me. I’m just a commoner. I feel so stupid for not seeing this earlier. Maybe he’s better off without me.” Robb smacked the table with a fist and you snapped your attention towards him.

“Listen to me, (Y/N), Jon is not better off with you. None of us are better off without you. You know that’s not true. Yes, I am going to be a Lord. Yes, Jon is a Stark, but that doesn’t mean we’re not going to throw you away. You are like one of my own sisters. I know Jon is very fond of you. I don’t know what Jon will do in the future, but I know you and him will always be friends.”

“Come on Robb, be realistic,” you told him. Your body slowly standing up with each word. “We’re growing up. Lady Catelyn is already talking about finding Sansa a suitable husband. How many meetings have you been to with your father? I’m sure my father is talking about marriage for me. Jon will end up marrying some low-ranking lady from the North. He won’t be at Winterfell forever. Our friendship is doomed to die.”

“Is that what you think?” you heard an angry voice behind you. You felt a slow numbness take over you. Looking at Robb’s face, you could tell exactly who said that. You turned to see Jon’s nostrils flaring at you. You felt your mouth go dry.

“Jon, that’s not”

“Is it?” Jon shouted. He sharply turned and left the great hall. You followed in hot pursuit. Jon was seamlessly passing all the servants with their arms full. You were so focused on Jon that you bumped into quite a few of them. They mouthed off at you, but you did not stop. You had to follow Jon. He stormed off into the courtyard where guards started to go around their evening rounds while the sun set.

“Jon! Jon please stop!” you called out after him. “Jon! Jon please let me explain!” A guard let Jon go through the castle gates, seeing the sulk on his face. Jon kept walking. You could tell how angry he was by how stiff his body moved. It was as if he was a walking brother from the Wall, cold and bitter from the hard life he led.

“Jon!” You called out one more time, and he stopped in his place. You caught up to him, and he still did not turn around to look at you. You watched him from behind. You saw his fists clench and tighten. His shoulders moved up and down slowly from the intense breathing. Jon turned to see you, out of breath from running.

“You want to be realistic?” Jon’s voice growled. “Sansa will marry a high lord and make pretty babies and she’ll be happy. Robb will marry a pretty, high-born girl and they’ll make babies and he’ll rule Winterfell. They will both forget you because you’re lower than them.” You felt yourself step back. Jon stepped in closer.


“I will be going to the Wall,” Jon’s voice got slightly louder. “I will take the black because I am Ned Stark’s bastard. I will have no children. I will have no wife. I will have nothing but my brothers and the cold. I will guard the Wall from wildings and whatever else is out there. I will die there. As soon as I leave, I will forget you. I will forget everything about you. You will be nothing, but a speck of dust in my memory.” You felt a tear fall down from your eye.

“You don’t mean that. I know you don’t,” you said.

“Yes I do,” Jon continued. “And you. You are a baker’s daughter. A little low-born baker’s daughter. You will work at your father’s bakery until some man comes in there and decides his cock has an itch and you are the solution. Your father will give you away because who else would marry a low-born like you? You will have his children, and you will struggle to get by because your house is broken. At night, Winterfell will hear you shivering because there’s no more wood for the fire for you and miserable children.” Jon stared you down for what seemed like forever before you could say anything. Tears were falling down your face.

“Jon, please just listen to me. I didn’t mean what I said,” you reached out for his arm. He smacked your hand away.

“You’re right,” Jon said as he pushed past you back into Winterfell. “Our friendship is dead.” Jon walked into Winterfell with the castle gates closing behind him. You watched him until you couldn’t see him anymore. You carried yourself home, put yourself into bed, and sobbed until you felt the heavy eyelids closed.


Remember…..  part 17

You can read part 1 here, part 2 here, part 3 here, part 4 here, part 5 here, part 6 here, part 7 here, part 8 here , part 9 here, part 10 here, part 11 here, part 12 here, part 13 here, part 14 here, part 15 here & part 16 here

A/N.: I know it’s been too long since I uploaded a new part of the serie Remember and I’m sorry about that… Hope you guys like it…

“How are you feeling?”

“Better..” You say to him.

He sits next to you and takes the bag from your hand and puts it on the ground. He pulls you closer to him. “It will get better. You have a lot to learn but I will be here to help you.”

“Can I choose another teacher. You’re not the most humane vampire.” You said to him with a smile.

“I’m all you got.” He says. He puts a hand on your cheek. Rubbing it with his thumb. “I missed you.” He gets closer to you. His face just inches from yours. Your lips touch and before you know you were pinned up to the wall. His lips on yours.

“Ugh..” Both of you hear coming from the door. You look towards and you see Elijah and Rebekah standing there. Looking towards you and Klaus.

“Are we disturbing something?” Rebekah says.

“I think we are,” Elijah says with a smile on his face.

Klaus takes a step back from you. He looks towards his brother with a clenched jaw.  

Rebekah smiles at you and walks towards you. She pulls you into a hug. “So happy to have you around again. I have so much to tell you..”

“I have a few things to tell you too.” You said with a smile.

“I want to hear everything about the two guys you are traveling with. Are they cute?” She says with a smile on her face.

“Well they’re..” Before you could finish your sentence Klaus interrupted you.

“She has to take it easy she’s changing.” Klaus’ voice was irritated.

“And what you two were doing was taking it easy?” Rebekah said with her arms crossed.

Elijah chuckled and walked towards the three of you. “I’m happy to have you around again.” He says with a smile. He looks towards Klaus “Klaus, can I talk to you for a second.”

Klaus nods towards him and both walk away from you and Rebekah.

“So tell me, what have you been up to,” Rebekah said. You looked towards her and just smiled.

“Not much, just traveling around with two guys hunting.” You said to her with a smile. Her face changed from happy to worried.

“What do you mean hunting?” She asks you.

“Yes, you know hunting the supernatural.”

She looks at you surprised. “Like vampires?” The words came out of her mouth horrified.

You just realized. You have also been hunting vampires. You have also been hunting them, well not them but people like them.

“Rebekah… I didn’t have any memory of you guys.” You looked at her.

She looked at you seriously and then just smiled. “I Know you, You had to have reasons to do it.” You took a deep breath and just smiled at her.

“So the guys?” Rebekah said. “Are they cute?”

You just laughed towards her. “Yes they are and Sam would really be something for you.”

“Sam?” She said slowly. “Tell me more.”

“UGHH UGHM.” You heard next to you. You looked at your side and you saw Klaus look at you. “Y/N I need you to stay here for a few days?”

“What? why?”

“I need you to be safe,” Klaus says, he looks towards Rebekah. “You’re going to stay here with her.” He looks at you and again. He gives you a kiss and speeds out of the door.

You looked towards Rebekah. “He’s he always like this?”


Both of you walked towards the sofa and settled down.

“So tell me more about Sam,”. Rebekah says smiling towards you.

“Well, Sam is Sam… Uhm smart, tall, long brown eyes and well a good friend, always there to help you.”

“I like him already and the other one?”

“Dean,”You said with a smile on your face.

“Ohh there’s something there,” Rebekah said. “Tell me”

You looked at her and just smiled. “He is brave, a womanizer with a little heart.”

“Y/N is there something more you want to tell me.”

“Rebekah, I don’t know. It’s pretty complicated now.”

“Are they here?”


“We could go pay them a visit?”

“Rebekah, you kidding right?”

Rebekah looks towards you with a smile. “I would like to meet Sam.”

You smiled towards her.

Rebekah and you walked the streets of New Orleans towards the hotel Dean and Sam was staying. Both of you walked quite. But anything was quite. You could hear everything. The heart beats of people passing you. The sound of radios and televisions playing in the houses that you passed. You had to take a few deep breaths just to quiet it down.

After a few minutes, the two of you reached the hotel. You looked up at the building in front of you before entering it.

You searched for the room window of the brothers.

“Sam, I can’t believe we just let Y/N with that monster?”

“Dean what would like me to do. She’s turning, he’s the best person to help her now.”

“Y/N” You heard Rebekah say. You turned towards her. Losing the conversation. “Come on.”

You walked behind her into the hotel.

“So which room are they in?” Rebekah asks

“I don’t know.”

“Let’s see then what our little friend over there can tell us.” She says looking at the man behind the reception. Rebekah walked towards him.

“Hi..”She looks down at the pin of his jacket. “Adrian. I will hope you could tell me where my friends are staying.”

The man looks towards her. “Miss I can’t give you that information, that is private.”

She looks at you and smiles, she looks back at the man. Now looking him in the eyes. “Look at your computer and tell me where..” She looks back at you.

“Dean and Sam Winchester.” You said quickly.

She looks at him. “Where there are staying.”

The man looks down at the computer and starts typing. You looked at the man typing. The sound of the keys being hit traveling to your head. Being the only sound you could hear.

The sound stopped.

“They’re staying in room 125, miss”

“Thank you.” Rebekah looks at you with a smile.

Both of you made your way towards the elevator.

A/N.: So tell me, what did you think? 

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Trust Me: Part 2

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Not my Gif

Part 1, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5

Poe Dameron x Reader (eventually), Female Reader, fluff

Author’s Note:  Sorry, this part was giving me a surprising amount of trouble.  Hopefully I’ll have the next part up a lot faster.  This will probably end up being a three parter, unless people want me to write into the events of Force Awakens. 

Word Count: 3.3 K

          It had been six months since you left D’Qar and Poe still couldn’t get the final image of you out of his mind. 

Keep reading

Meetings (Sirius Imagine)

Requested by: Anon

Fandom: Harry Potter

Prompt: “If you have been brutally broken, but still have the courage to be gentle to others then you deserve a love deeper than the ocean itself. – Nikita Gill ” Could you write something about Sirius? Anything that reflects the quote. Or even insert the quote somewhere along the story? All those feels… My! (Could it be an age difference-romantic x female reader?) 

Character/s: Sirius x Fem! Reader

Form: Somewhere between a  drabble and a full fic

Warnings: insecure Sirius, angst, 


You checked a small wristwatch you had, it read 12:35 which meant it was time to sneak out. You slowly got out of your four post, trying not to make any creaks. You tip-toe out of the common room with almost no trouble, you’d been doing this long enough that you had no real worry. You brace yourself as you step into the brisk cold air outside the castles walls. 

You step out and clutch your robes closer to you slowly making your way towards the Whomping Willow. You try your hair back as well as you could as you approached the tree not wanting your hair to cover your eyes or worse, end up caught. You dodge the branches that try to slam down and crush you, you race towards a small opening in the roots and below the tree. You softball slide into it not caring about the dirt getting on you clothes. 

You stand up the best you can and brush some off, letting your hair down and shaking it back into its place. After that you notice your dorky, but handsome, boyfriend staring up at you with stars in his eyes. “What’s that look for?” you ask.

“Better question is what isn’t it for?” he says smirking as you blush a bit. It’s not obvious though considering your cheeks are already rosy from the current temperature. “You look cold, come here Y/n” he says opening his arms for you. You gladly accept this gesture and come into his arms, smiling as they wrap around you. 

You two stay just like that for quite a while, with him warming you up with his own heat. It felt like almost no time at all, it never did when you guys would meet up. You sigh lovingly and smile up at him, he smiles down at you twice as radiantly so happy to have you as his. You hear wind whistling as it hits the entrance to your little hideaway. “I don’t understand why we still meet up here of all places.” 

He replies with a smile displaying in his voice, “Well it worked the first times I would hideout here.” 

“You don’t even live near here!” you say and throw you arms up in the air jokingly.

“Yes, and you,” he boops your nose as if to punctuate, “can’t leave the school grounds.” 

You look back to the door and admit defeat, “Fair enough.”  You hear the wind howling outside and it sends a small chill down your spine. You snuggle back up with Sirius and close your eyes. He doesn’t hesitate to wrap his arms around you tighter and nuzzle his face into the top of you head. 

There is a comfortable silence, but within it your mind started wandering as it often does. Your smile fades a bit as you consider telling him about some of the stuff that’s been bugging you lately. You were in your seventh year and with only a few months left until graduation you knew maybe this relationship wasn’t a great idea. 

While you had no intentions of breaking it off with him, you were still nervous of what might happen if you were found out. Your parents wouldn’t exactly be thrilled to find out you had a fugitive, twice your age boyfriend. You loved him and you knew he loved you as well so it shouldn’t be an issue but if you’re found out so is he. 

You two tended to narrowly avoid this topic if it almost came up. You trusted this man with your life and he had trusted you with so much. You knew it was only right to tell him how afraid you were and you’d probably work through it. The moment never felt right, especially not right now with him humming happily and cuddling you. “One of these days we’re going to be caught.” was all you said to stop his humming and cause his breath to catch.

You sat that in what went from comfortable loving silence to awkward silence. The air felt thick and heavy the moment the words left your mouth. You looked down while you anxiously waited for a reply. “What? Where is this coming from?” he says turning you slightly to look at you. You see he has a questioning and slightly concerned look on his face. When you look in his eyes you can tell he’s been thinking about this too and he’s just as nervous to have this conversation. 

“Well, I have to sneak out at night and if I get caught, then you will too.” you say.

There’s a pause and a sigh, followed by your own. This conversation had just began and it was already taking a lot out of you both. Now it was Sirius’ turn to look down. He was overtaken by guilt, you had a point and he knew it. You were putting a lot at risk just for him, plus he didn’t even remotely consider himself boyfriend material. 

“Yeah…” was all he said for a while, not certain what else there was to say. He then mustered up the courage to ask you, “Does this mean you’re leaving me then?” God he sounded pitiful to himself, it probably seemed like he was trying to guilt trip you.

You’re very taken aback by this, letting out a small gasp you looked at him once more. You wondered how could he think that? You would never leave him, you loved him too much and you thought he knew that. “No, no, no, NO! I would never leave you Sirius.” you say hoping his spirits might lighten and the room would get more chipper. 

“I don’t see why not.” he says sounding rather depressed. He knew he shouldn’t be talking like that but all his insecurities had manifested in this moment. You’re once again surprised, he had never acted this way. You felt incredibly guilty for being the cause.

“Because I love you!” you say putting your hand to your chest. He just kept looking down, questioning why you even do. “Sirius, look at me.” he does and you see him on the brink of tears. You were never great at helping people when they’re crying. “You’re kind, funny, sweet, warmhearted, and all around just amazing. I would never leave you and if I did, you might need to look around for some polyjuice potion somewhere.” you say smiling a bit at the end.

He grins at you with a few built up tears rolling down his cheeks. He chuckles and wraps his arms around you pulling you closer to him. “How did I end up with someone as great as you?” he asks shaking his head a bit.

“Well if you have been brutally broken, but still have the courage to be gentle to others then you deserve a love deeper than the ocean itself.” you say gazing up into his eyes. He puts a hand under your chin and kisses you softly on the lips. You both close your eyes and take in the moment. He pulls away slowly and looks into your eyes with his old cheerful smile on his face, “and that’s what I get everyday with you, love.” 


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“Be forgiven.”

(If there are grammar errors or if it’s scattered, forgive me I’m very tired as I write this xD)

After struggling with my exhaustion, I got out of bed for what I knew was going to be a long morning. After putting my feet on the floor, I immediately got a text from my friend/coworker at the parish saying that she needed me downstairs ASAP to help her set up for the parent-student retreat we were putting on. I showered faster than I ever have, brushed my teeth, and threw on the closest items of clothing I could find.

I ran downstairs and was immediately tasked with helping heat up the food for the day. After I had done that I ran to the church, waited for the announcements and final blessing, and went into ministry-mode.

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He’s not lying...

These are very old shoes.

He wore them to Mega Con in 2016 with the infamous Spidey socks:

And in April of that same year to the BAFTA New York “in conversations with David Tennant”appearance:

Here they are in 2013 on the Tube:

And again that year when Georgia was pregnant with their second son.

At The Lords of Time Con in 2012:

Remember that time David wore the sparkly stormtrooper Tee at the 2009 Comic Con? Well, look down.

And as far as I can tell, that’s as far back as they go. I think he bought them in 2009. Prior to that he’s most often sporting a pair of white Adidas. 

Now I know what you all are wondering though, what they hell are those shoes, because they are NOT Adidas…

Nope. They’re Paul Smith:

I don’t have a photo of the exact style, because they’re from freeking 2009 but PS has put out about a million different versions of this shoe. Note the matching black bit on the heel, and the single black eyelet on both the PS example and David’s shoe. 

…Not like I should really need to justify identifying something he wears as Paul Smith.

And yes, he’s wearing matching socks in his most recent appearance. I believe those are the same ones last worn on Letterman:

I’m going to have to call bullshit on his little story about accidentally showing up in old shoes though, because he’s been wearing nothing but old clothes lately. Don’t think we haven’t noticed David that you’ve been digging in the back of the closet!

Daddy Daze - The Bump (Bucky)

By: ProMarvelFanGirl

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Summary: Sam and Bucky play with James for the afternoon, nothing could go wrong right?

A/n:Tagging for my permanent list as well as Daddy Daze is open. Also so are requests.

Sam and Bucky faced you with excited grins, you eyed them both wearily.  You still didn’t think it was a good idea for them to be alone with your year old.   James had been getting into everything, even though both men were capable Avengers, a 1 year old was another story.

“Y/n we got this!  I love my little nephew, and as much as I hate to admit it, he is a great dad.”  Sam glances at Bucky before turning back to you with pleading eyes.

“See doll even Sam will admit, I’m a good dad. Besides unlike a certain flag covered man, I didn’t lose my kid.”  Bucky says with a smirk,  his statement causing you to look at him with wide eyes.   

Bucky immediately realized his mistake and rushed toward you, “You can’t tell!  You can’t say a word!  Mrs. Rogers doesn’t exactly know.”

Your eyes fill with humor, rubbing your hands up and down his muscular chest giving Bucky a cheeky grin, “I won’t say anything, but you owe me later.”

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Oh My God, That’s Not What You Meant, Was It?

“Come on, y/n. It’s just a few drinks!” Dick attempts to convince you to come to one of his favourite bars in all of Bludhaven. Since there’s no crime to fight tonight, he feels like unwinding with a few drinks with your company. Ever since he moved out here, you hardly see him. He asked you to stay the weekend so here you are. You’d much rather stay in and watch crappy movies together whilst having late night conversations, ones with the deepest meanings. Besides, you’re not that much of a drinker, however, Dick is. 

“I don’t know Dick…” You bite your bottom lip in contemplation, unsure if it is a wise decision to go out or not. 

“When’s the last time you had fun?” He fakes a grumpy/disappointed look. “It will be fun, just you and me, please?” His eyes now beg. 

“Okay.” You reluctantly agree. “But only for a few drinks like you said.” 

“Sure, let’s go!” With a triumphant grin on his face, Dick grabs his coat and heads for the door while you closely follow him. 

Multiple shots later…

Since Dick decided that the two of you should sit directly at the bar, you are both very drunk. The barmen didn’t help because he encouraged you to do all those shots. You’re unsure at this point about how much exactly you have had. You being this drunk is a rarity. At least Dick is just as drunk as you are. Your laughs fill the entire bar as Dick cracks his jokes and makes casual conversation. That’s the thing you love most about Dick, he knows how to have fun without even trying. He keeps things exciting and fresh which is just what you need. Living in Gotham can be pretty gloomy, especially since Dick left a while back. It’s like he took all the fun and joy with him to a new place. Bludhaven better be thankful to have someone like him around and not just because he busts his ass to protect it almost every night. 

Music blares away in the background but you barely notice it. All your attention is focused on Dick and what he has to say, watching all of his little face and hand gestures to tell you a story about his week or something that happened years ago, taking you down memory lane. 

“Remember that time you dyed your hair back in high school and it came out green?” Dick brings up and you give him a horrified look as if you didn’t want to remember that. 

“Hey, that was a very long time ago now. It was cheap stuff that’s probably why.” You shrug it off and continue drinking your cocktail. No one looked good in high school, well, excepted for Dick, he has always looked good. You like to tell yourself that he was just lucky.

“Do you remember the nickname I gave you?” He can hardly contain his drunk laughter. 

“Yeah, I do.” You give him angry pout. “You’d call me the Joker.”

Dick leans forward, putting one hand on your shoulder to keep himself from falling and lets out a loud chuckle. Everyone looks at you both with raised eyebrows as they obviously don’t understand what is so amusing. You help him to sit back up straight and brushes his hair with his hand to gain his composure. 

“If it makes you feel better you didn’t always look that ridiculous.” He adds before taking a long sip of his cold beer. 

“You know what sucks?” He looks at you expectantly, still chugging his beer. “You never had that awkward ugly stage in high school, like it just skipped you or something.” Your words start to slur into one another due to the alcohol but thankfully Dick can understand you still. 

“That so?” He gives you a cocky smile and you just roll your eyes and punch his shoulder. 

“And do you know what I have never been able to understand?” You continue promptly where you left off. 

“What’s that?” Dick uses his elbow to lean against the bar, looking at you contently. 

“How do you get ‘Dick’ from Richard?” Your face screws up in your confusion. It is something you have wanted to ask for a long time now but since you are currently discussing nicknames, why not? You may finally get closure. 

Dick’s eyebrows rise in surprise and he lets out a laugh. “You ask nicely.” He gives you a smug grin. 

The confusion on your face increases, not understanding his response. What is that supposed to mean? Did he mishear you or something? Or is it just because he is drunk? It could be a mixture of them all. “I don’t get you?” You try to think about his answer again. 

That’s when Dick realises you were asking him genuinely and not just flirting with him like you were a few moments ago. He forgets that you are an innocent soul and that you don’t catch on to innuendos and dirty humour. “Oh my god, that’s not what you meant, was it?” His eyes widen and he chokes on his drink a little. 

“Dick, I really don’t follow.” You shrug your shoulders at him. 

“I thought that you were uh trying to uh insinuate something.” He becomes rather flustured due to his embarrassment, his cheeks turning a pinkish-red. 

“Such as?” You tilt your head. 

“Like…” Dick looks down at his crotch and that is when it clicks. 

“Oh my god, Dick!” You cover your mouth in shock. “No, I was not!” 

“What?” Dick shrugs his shoulders innocently as if he meant no harm. “Easy mistake.” 

“You’re so drunk.” You start to laugh even though it is unlike you to laugh at something so obscene. 

You’re Beauty I’m Your Beast || Pt.3

Author: Ivegot7scenarios

Genre: Romance/ Drama

Rating: PG-13

Word Count: 1,628

Summary: Your relatively normal life is turned upside down when you find out that your father has been kidnapped by one of the city’s biggest crime bosses. You have no idea what to expect but you know that your life will never be the same.


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anonymous asked:

Could Barry have aspergers?

First, and I genuinely don’t mean this as any sort of attack, I just want to note that Aspergers = autism spectrum. Aspergers used to refer to a related spectrum but was often considered “milder” than autism, and modern research and clinicians have realized that they’re ultimately the same (broad) spectrum and the issue was their diagnostic tools classifying people on “severity”. There are issues with separating people into “high functioning” and “low functioning” groups the way the Aspergers/autism distinction does and there’s just… a lot of stuff that goes into this.

That being said, I think what you’re really asking for is more a question of “could Barry be neurodivergent, and specifically could he be somewhere on the the autism spectrum?”

And the answer is: of course! Why not?

For the purposes of headcanons, I always say: go for it, if it works for you.

For the purposes of canon-analysis, it’s a bit harder. Writers will sometimes write neurodivergent characters without even consciously realizing they’re doing it, because as human beings we recognize behavioral patterns and think “well this person is like that” without always knowing how to name or identify where that characterization comes from. This is part of the reason some characters get coded as neurodivergent without it ever being made explicit in the text (there are other, sometimes more insidious reasons as well but we don’t need to chat about them here).

I’m not sure if I’m the world’s best person to write an analysis of Barry as being on the autism spectrum specifically, because although my husband and some good friends of my are on the spectrum, I myself am not. I can take a stab at it for you though since I’ve been learning and reading a lot in the past few years about it (and may one day come back to that question I got like 2 years ago about Len being on the autism spectrum because… yeah, he really is I think). 

Anyway, hopefully what I say will ring true for people, fully realizing that of course all people on the spectrum are going to have slightly different experiences.

Before I do that, however, I also want to say that my personal headcanons for Barry are really that he’s ADHD, which is a related form of neurodivergence, and one that I’m more closely tied to (I’m not diagnosed but I show a ton of the signs and symptoms for it and it seems to run in my family, so I have more personal experience with it). So a lot of this discussion might end up looking more like general indicators of neurodivergence that can fall into autism spectrum and/or ADHD or both, as they do overlap a good deal.


Some canon discussion/evidence?

Well, first, Barry’s single-minded focus. Neurodivergent people can have difficulties with switching attention and can get totally absorbed by things, and Barry’s no different. Once he has a goal or a thought in mind, the rest of the world sort of gets put on mute, it seems. From searching for the Man in Yellow to Saving Iris to whatever the goal of the day is, that becomes ‘it’ for him for a little while.

That helps lead me to ‘special interests’ and hyperfixation. From what I can tell, Barry ran a blog on ‘the impossible’ and raced across the country looking for cryptids and other impossible events whenever he had the opportunity. I would say that this could be classified as a special interest for him. He likely has others or has had more in the past: musicals (maybe even specific ones), specific aspects of the sciences that he’s pursued, the Speed Force, etc.

Also, and I’m sorry if this ends up stereotyping slightly, people on the autism spectrum generally have advanced abilities in mechanical understanding (and score noticeably different as early as the age of 4 on tests of engineering/mechanical types of knowledge) and Barry demonstrates this type of understanding time and again in the show.

Originally posted by theflashdaily

He uses those abilities all the time at crime scenes, and as the Flash as well, like when fighting Zoom and using gravity to his advantage. He pursued a career in the sciences and uses chemistry, physics, and mathematics in his everyday life (and when working on things such as the speed equation). 

A little less “stereotype” and we see Barry’s physical behavior. 

In S1, he was often physical awkward in that he was clumsy and backing into doors, always running, and seemed to have… too much energy? It’s been said elsewhere that speedsters, or at least Bart (from the future), were introduced in part as a metaphor for ADHD (and that at least Bart’s arc was supposed to help educate people about ADHD because comics can be awesome like that). So that spectrum of “too much energy, almost clumsy because of it, always moving and kinetic and touching or doing something or running out the door” has made me think of Barry as having ADHD and thinking of his behavior more from than perspective. But from an autism spectrum perspective, you sometimes see a lot of the same behaviors. Clumsiness is common, from what I’ve read (though of course, not for everyone. My husband is the least clumsy person I know). And being late! Barry is often late, and that can be a sign of ADHD for sure (I’m always late, my husband always wants to be exactly on time… it’s an issue).

Originally posted by superflarrowgifs

In terms of sensory processing, I can’t think of anything too specific. Certain fabrics, textures, foods, or physical sensations can all be important to people on the autism spectrum due to how they process sensory information, but I don’t think canon provides us with much information for how Barry deals with sensation. I also can’t think of any evidence of physical stimming off the top of my head but sometimes that won’t be obvious anyway. Barry keeps chemistry toys in his lab (we’ve seen them in background shots a few times) but nothing else really comes to mind there. He paces a lot? Is standing whenever it’s an option, really? Rubs his hand over his hair/ head whenever he’s tense or anxious? None of that is specific to neurodivergence (over, say, anxiety) but it is still technically self-stimulation behavior.

Originally posted by theflashdaily

In terms of speech patterns, I can’t think of any really canon examples of atypical speech patterns that might imply autism spectrum neurodivergence (in contrast to say, Julian, who is sometimes overly formal or literal to the point of awkward, which can be a sign of autism spectrum for some people). Barry does info dump a little sometimes about things related to speed (a new special interest? It would make sense) or other information, but the show doesn’t often give us conversations that aren’t related to the plot so it’s hard to say. 

(That being said, one of the things that used to be used to “distinguish” autism spectrum from Aspergers was the children with Aspergers didn’t show the same language-related issues in childhood, and now that we understand autism as more of a constellation of behaviors, not all of which will be present in the same person, it’s not overly surprising not to find it here. Also, Barry really doesn’t use almost any adjectives or flowery language, even few adverbs, and he sticks to either simple or exact words for things [in contrast to Wally who’s word-choice is a lot more diverse!] so maybe we do see a bit of evidence through that? His speech is relatively straightforward?)

Originally posted by ccrogues

(precise, specific, informative)

Sociality… well we know that Barry didn’t have many friends as a kid, especially after his mother died. He talks about having been bullied and we know he was a big anime nerd and part of a lot of clubs in high school. That’s not evidence in and of itself of neurodivergence because neurotypical kids get bullied all the time as well, but some of it could be a sign, especially because it’s clear through the clubs etc. that he was trying to put himself out there and maybe it wasn’t working. 

Originally posted by speedstergifs

He clearly gets along just fine with other people who are on the side of scientifically-oriented (i.e., all of the Star Labs team, Felicity, eventually Julian) and other people who are smart and kind (Iris, Oliver) so it’s definitely not that Barry can’t make friends. But kids can be cruel and neurodivergence can be easier to notice in childhood for one reason or another (including because people haven’t ‘learned’ to hide or suppress their own signs as well, and it sucks that people would ever ‘have’ to but that’s what childhood teaches some folks).

In either case, there’s evidence he had issue socializing and pretty much only had Iris as a close friend until he hit adulthood? And it’s also clear that although he’s “liked” at the precinct, he doesn’t really have friends there and he sticks out, at least not until Patty came along.

Last points: again, not to stereotype, but anecdotally at least, there does seem to be some potential overlap between people on the autism spectrum and the asexual spectrum, and a lot of people headcanon or interpret Barry as being demisexual? Which makes a lot of sense to me, and could be part of an interpretation of Barry as being neurodivergent. (Though it really should be clearly noted that people can be on the autism spectrum without being on the asexual spectrum and vice versa, and I don’t want to imply otherwise!)

And… I think that’s most of what I have to say? I’d have gifs for more of this but honestly they aren’t easy to find for this topic ^^;

And I invite people to make additions to this post if they have any more headcanons or canon examples, or clarifying information? 

The Purge : Calum AU (Part 1)

Description: I love the fictional concept of a nationwide Purge, and the other day I was watching The Purge: Anarchy for the first time and it sprouted some feelings deep inside the pits of my soul, so now I’m here to give you this Purge inspired Calum series.   

Word Count: 2163

Warnings (?): 

-Guns n violence bc America

-It’s 6 am as I post this and I haven’t gone to bed yet so apologies if there are any really noticeable grammar mistakes

“This is not a test. This is your Emergency Broadcast System announcing commencement of the Annual Purge sanctioned by the U.S. Government. Weapons of Class 4 and lower have been authorized for use during the Purge. All other weapons are restricted. Government officials of Ranking 10 have been granted immunity from the Purge and shall not be harmed. Commencing at the siren, any and all crime, including murder, will be legal for 12 continuous hours. Police, fire, and emergency medical services will be unavailable until tomorrow morning at 7 am, when the Purge concludes. Blessed be our New Founding Fathers and America, a nation reborn. May God be with you all.”

Calum can hardly believe he’s doing this again. The last time he went out during the night of the Purge was years ago, and he thought for sure it would be the last. He’s not usually the type of person who looks forward to this event. After all, only the most twisted and sadistic individuals volunteer to play this fucked up game of civil war, and he sure as hell doesn’t classify himself as one of them. But tonight he wanders the dimly lit streets on a mission he’s been wanting to pursue for a while. His heart hasn’t stopped racing since he’s stepped outside. The gun he’s been practicing with is stationed on his waist.

So far Purge night has been surprisingly quiet. He’s heard a fair amount of gunshots go off in the distance here and there, but they didn’t sound close enough to alarm him. He’s not safe, though, and he knows it. Until 7 am no one is. There are hunters somewhere nearby lurking through the avenues trying to add to their body count for the sport of it, and if Calum somehow crosses paths with any them he can pretty much count on being done for. Despite being a good shot, twelve bullets can only protect him from so much, and he needs at least one of them for later.

Luckily he doesn’t have that far to travel. Unluckily, he has to do it by foot. No means of transportation is particularly more inconspicuous than another, but if he happens upon an unlocked vehicle, he’s taking it. With a car he’d at least have a layer of armor around him and the option to speed away from danger. Not to mention it’d get him to his destination faster so he could head home and put this night to rest sooner. Without a set of wheels, Calum kind of feels too much like a sitting duck for all the lunatics out celebrating their annual night of violent liberation.  

Beyond an upcoming corner Calum hears a motorcycle fire to life—then another. He stops in his tracks and reaches for his gun as he slowly presses his back to the building beside him. He can hear a conversation being held by the ones who assumedly started the bikes, but its muffled under the sputtering noises. He figures if they’re that open about their location, they’re probably looking for trouble. Not wanting to be in sight when they come around, Calum searches for a quick place to hide, remembering an alley that he passed a couple hundred feet ago. He books it in that direction, keeping a watchful eye ahead of him until he hears the motorcycles start to drive.

He runs faster and almost passes the alley when he comes up to it, skidding into a sharp turn. He slows to a jog, to a walk, and eases to a stop when the roar of the motorcycles’ engines fade away without ever passing by. He feels paranoid for running from something that wasn’t even after him, but when it comes to the Purge there’s no such thing as too careful.

Calum rests against a brick wall to catch his breath, loosening his grip on the gun. Aside from his heart pounding double time in his ears, the city has returned to silence. He checks his watch (in replacement of his cellphone forgotten at home) to find that ten of the twelve hours are left, and he’s still got quite a long night to go.

As his lungs start to feel full again, he thinks of the things he’d rather be doing right now. Some of his friends had extended an invite earlier to drink beer and play video games together all night, which he declined with a made up excuse. His mother called hours ago to make sure that his doors and windows were locked up tight, which he confirmed just to make her happy. None of them know what he’s actually planning on doing tonight, and truth be told, they’d probably disown him if they did.

Ow. Shit.”

A stranger’s voice followed by repeated tapping on metal interrupts Calum’s brief moment to himself. He looks to the left and right with wide eyes that are still adjusting to the darkness of the alley, but fails to find anyone—yet the tapping grows louder. With no other options, he cautiously peers up, and for the first time notices the outdoor fire escape hanging almost directly above him. On the ladder of the lowest level, a girl with a backpack swung over her shoulders is timidly climbing her way to the ground.

“Don’t look down, don’t look down,” he hears her whisper to herself in a mantra.

Calum can tell by her unsure movements that she’s scared, if not by the circumstances of the night then at least of heights. He watches the slow process of her descending the thin ladder until she finally makes it to the bottom step that stops above the concrete by about four feet. Her leg sways and she squeals, evidently not expecting such a large gap between the ladder and the ground. Calum quickly glances to the main road as if to make sure nobody heard her. Alas, the girl breaks her own rule by looking down, curses, then proceeds to stretch her leg and point her toes as far as they can to try to touch the pavement that she can barely not reach.

“You’re kidding,” she groans to no one.

After a few more unsuccessful attempts to poke the ground with the tip of her shoe, she’s left with no choice but to just hope for the best and let go, landing on her feet momentarily before losing her balance and side-stepping into the wall. She sighs and rubs the shoulder that made contact with the brick surface, checking it for scratches as she nonchalantly turns in Calum’s direction.

“Son of a–” She gasps when she sees him, shocked by a presence she wasn’t previously aware of. Tripping over her own feet she stumbles backwards, clumsily running into the bottom of the ladder she recently fell from. Calum sees her pull something out of her front pocket.

“I have a knife,” she warns, flicking the blade out and holding it up by the handle. She looks like she’s never used it before in her life.

Calum, who hasn’t moved an inch from his relaxed position, just gazes at her.

“I have a gun,” he replies, unimpressed.

The girl’s eyes change and she swallows hard enough for Calum to hear, but her defensive stance doesn’t waver. She can act as tough as she wants, but they both know she’d have no chance at winning if they were to really get into it right now.

However, this isn’t what Calum is out here for. He has one prey tonight, and one prey only. It’s what separates him from the rest of the Purgers.

“I’m not gonna hurt you,” he tells her.

She’s right to not immediately believe him. Calum can respect that. But after a minute she must deem him trustworthy enough because her shoulders begin to slump, and she reluctantly lowers her weapon.  

“Well,” she remarks, folding the knife and tucking it away, “I make no promises.”

Calum shakes his head and ignores her phony attitude. “Why are you out here?”

She readjusts the straps on her shoulders, hiking the bag higher up her back. “Needed some new outfits.”

He scowls judgmentally. “You’re risking your life tonight to fucking shoplift?”

“I do it every year,” she says casually while throwing her hair into a ponytail. “It’s my thing.”

“You’re so stupid.”

“I’m sneaky.”

“Not that sneaky, huh?” he points out, looking her up and down. “I found you.”

She glares at him and rolls her eyes, then remembers the gun in his hand. “What exactly are you doing with that?” she nods to it.

“I’m sure not shoplifting.”

“Whatever,” she scoffs, annoyed with the nerve of this total stranger. “As much as I’d love to hang and chat, I have a home to get back to…” her attention lingers on the idle gun, “maybe you should think about doing the same.”

Without waiting for another snide comment from him, she turns the other way to continue the trek she was on before the confrontational set back. But before so much as a step in the right direction can be taken, a figure appears on the far side of the alley, and the next thing she knows, her ears are ringing.

A bullet falls by her feet after bouncing off of some part of the fire escape—a bullet that was initially meant for her head. She stares at the dark outline of the person, unable to make out any of their features from such a substantial distance. A second gunshot splits the air, but this one comes from a source much closer to her. It’s loud in her ear and throws her off guard; as she extends her arm toward the wall next to her to prevent her body from colliding with its hard material, she catches sight of the first shooter buckling their knees and tumbling to the ground.

The state of shock she’s in distracts her from the directions being shouted at her to run.

“Come on!” Calum yells, wondering why the hell she’s not moving, “Let’s go!” He doesn’t have the patience to wait or the heart to leave her behind, so he grabs her arm and pulls her to her feet, then takes off sprinting with her wrist in hand. The girl’s feet struggle to keep up with his, but once she’s dragged away from the scene, she snaps out of the mental shut down and finally comes to terms with the reality of what’s going on.

Farther down the street, Calum asks over his shoulder, “Where do you live?”

“Like I’m telling you!” The girl slows the pace of their run and yanks her wrist away from him.

Calum faces her angrily. “If I wanted to kill you, I would’ve done it already!” he spits. “Do you want to get home safe or not?”

As if to nudge her toward a faster decision, two more gunshots sound from the area they barely escaped from. She frantically looks behind her, then back at Calum, then on a whim bolts to a different passageway between a strip of buildings and a parking garage.

Calum follows suit, baffled and frustrated by this girl’s impulsive behavior. For someone who claims to partake in the Purge every year, she’s really shit at survival techniques.

When he relocates her in the new alley, she’s pacing back and forth. One second she’s taking her hair out of the band, and the next she’s putting it back up. Calum walks toward her, and she pauses to look at him. Her nostrils flare, then she closes the distance between them with a few raging marches and shoves his chest as hard as she can.

“Fuck you!” she growls.

His eyebrows raise. “Excuse me?!” He pushes her back lightly. “I just saved your fucking life!”

“I would’ve been fine if you never bumped into me!” she yells. “I knew my way around, I’ve done this before! I would’ve been fine!”

“If you want to go back out there then be my guest,” Calum challenges, gesturing to the road. “I have my own shit to take care of tonight.”

“Oh no!” the girl demands, grabbing the wrist of the hand holding his gun and waving it side to side. “You’re taking me home!”

If looks could kill, they’d be responsible for each other’s deaths. Even though Calum towers over her in height and undoubtedly outweighs her in strength, he’s never seen a more viscous pair of brown eyes determined to get what they want. Keeping in mind everything she’s said, how poorly she’s performed under pressure, and all the risks that come with traveling in twos, he can’t bring himself to feel remotely tempted to abandon her. She needs him, whether she’ll admit it in those exact words or not, and he was technically the one who offered to escort her home in the first place.

“Yeah,” he sighs, perceiving how much more complicated his night has just become. “Yeah, I am.”

Part 2

Part 3


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Rubyyy! What can you tell about shun? There is not enough about him!

FUFUFUFU IT’S MY TIME TO SHINE! /Shun Fanboy-ness mode/

What can I tell? Hmmmmm, maybe you already know some of these but I’m gonna tell anyway! A way to make challenges for me!

  • He is a Demon King from a rich family which located in Kyoto, he decided to become an idol because Hajime is there, who could be considered as his childhood friend since those families get a long well. (Both are rich kids). 
  • He has a black card that never goes out of money.
  • He usually makes Procella’s members scare enough to run away or they have to be on alert because sometimes his words make people scare out of hell but he can be reliable sometimes too. 
  • He is a big fanboy of Hajime, even they live under the same roof, Shun always wants to keep equal chances to other Hajime fan by buying Hajime’s goods, looking for lucky tickets to shake hand, he wants Hajime to make a live for himself. Btw his Hajime fanclub card is No.6, which can be counted as one of his large effort that he went to supermarket to buy the card. 
  • His power is a mysterious and he pulled some animals from hell and then they become the dorm pets. 
  • He knows the existence of the Godess Candiates are not normal people, he knows Shiroda is the princess from the Moon. 
  • He wants to sleep until the end of his life without working if he can. 
  • He can change the temperature around him to keep as 20 degree Celsius so his body kinda cool, members in the dorm that cannot handle high temperature such as Hajime and Rui would come to his room and stay there to sleep in summer. 
  • He likes to be naked, tbh. 
  • His collar is a gift from his producer, Kikuo, it is a musical instrument.
  • His body always white because he can reflect the UV rays from the sun so no sun cream for him! He is the person who designed the Tsukiusa.
  • He always look the world in a positive way, a smile is always on his face and his words can be mysterious and scary.
  • He is lazy, really lazy, but when he works, the results always turned out nicely.
  • He likes to be spoiled and doesn’t want to do labouring works.
  • He is smart, he is always in the top of where he is studying, so his father is proud of him.
  • When he was young, he liked to set traps in the garden such as digging holes or hanging his gardeners on a tree. He watered his mother’s small pot of plant with a large bucket of water (around 10 liters and the pot be like can handle 5 liters the most or sth). He poured a box of soap into washing machine and his maid screamt.
  • He likes everything that everything people give him.
  • Rui drew him, and he loves that picture a lot, which gave a part that makes Rui has more confident (good parent–?)
  • He has glasses, the one that with mustache and big nose that you can see in prank show
  • Kuroda almost brakes his bones because Kuroda wanted to try the feeling that be on his shoulder like Shiroda.
  • They say him and Tsubaki might be one person, that exist at the same time in a different dimension.
  • He loves to drink tea and his favorite ice cream brand is Häagen-Dazs (rich kid)
  • Can perform many kinds of magic and seems to be developing everyday….
  • Can play air chess with Hajime (those two have such great imagination..)
  • In free time, he likes to look over the humanity, and it seems to be his only hobby.
  • He can speaks many languages. He, Hajime, Haru and Rui had a conversation that speaks in English.
  • Dropped a box of instant dry noodles into the sink while he tried to pour the water out.
  • Has no labor skill at all, even the simplest one.

I just can remember until here—- I need to work with my brain to get more info ugrh….

Actually I need to know exactly what you want to know and I’m ready to help!

You can read two links here as references and ask me anything you want to

My answer in a long time ago that I think it’s still good

Shun’s profile that always be updated on time

P.S: Dear Anon, thank you for always filling my ask box, luv u ~~

Also, who are you?… You always start your question with my name lololol xD

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Um I'm not sure if I'm supposed to put it here but I want to see somewhere a Mermaid AU where Kylo is a childish and entitled mermaid prince and Hux is a ship captain. But like how would that work?? Would it be like some Little Mermaid type shit or would Hux become a mermaid??

AAAA ok I have a lot of feelings about this. Here are some thoughts I have for a possible mermaid kylux fic:

Kylo as the entitled snotty prince who gets in fights a lot and is constantly running away from his responsibilities. He’s angry at his parents. His dad is a human and lives on land and so he doesn’t see him often. One night a year the mermaids get to walk on land without the use of magic, so that’s the only time he sees him. He’s mad that his father doesn’t choose to live with them in the sea. He’s mad at his mother for not allowing him to go to land and interact with humans. Snoke uses this to his advantage. He has been trying to convince Kylo to bring him a sacred object belonging to his mother, in return he will make him human. Kylo isn’t sure if he wants to be human, and that object is very special and important to his mother. He’s getting closer and closer to falling for Snoke’s trap.
Hux is the newly promoted young captain of a ship belonging to the the King’s royal fleet. He carries himself with dignity and pride, refusing to waste this opportunity that’s been given to him. He’s been given a dangerous task to transfer guns and goods across the sea. Many take a longer route to this destination, but Hux is all about efficacy and decides to take the shortcut. The sailors whisper amongst themselves about the creatures that are rumored to dwell there. Hux doesn’t believe in these fairytales. Blood thirsty giant squid, kraken, /mermaids/….he did not have time to worry about fake stories birthed from ignorant fear. Storms are the only thing to fear at sea.
Kylo so rarely saw ships pass through. Snoke always used his magic to destroy them. Kylo liked to go to the shipwrecks and find objects. There hadn’t been anything new for a while though. Sailors had heard what happened to the ships and didn’t dare come near. So when he saw a large ship passing above, he decided to check it out. He knew his mother would berate him if she found out. That’s half the reason he did it.
Captain Hux thought the sea was playing tricks on him. Every so often he would see what appeared to be a handsome young man’s face in the water. He’d blink and it’d be gone. None of the other sailors seemed to notice, so he ignores it. He’s not afraid of creatures, he reminds himself, he needs to worry about storms.
And it’s just his luck that his ship gets caught in a large one. It seemed to come out of nowhere, there was no time to divert it or prepare. There was nothing Hux could do to save them. The waves towered above the ship and swallowed it up.
Kylo watched in horror as Snoke destroyed the handsome red head’s ship. He was curious about this human and was enjoying playing with him. There was something about him that called to him. He felt something in his chest tug. As the ships breaks in two and begins to sink, Kylo spots brilliant red. Not of blood, but of hair. He swims over to the man and takes him in his arms. For only a moment the man looks at him before closing his eyes. He’s dying, Kylo realizes.
He knows he shouldn’t. He’s been warned since birth not to. An he doesn’t even know this man. But his mother did teach him that one’s intuition is a most powerful tool. So he presses his lips to the man, breathing into him and pulling him to the depths.
He takes him to Snoke. Begs him to save this man. Kylo’s magic will only last so long. Snoke agress, but only if Kylo promises to bring him the object he’s been wanting. Kylo doesn’t want to bring him his mother’s treasure, but he also doesn’t want this man to die. So he agrees, sealing the deal with his own blood. Snokes casts a spell that will turn the man into a mermaid for 10 days. If at the end if the ten days Kylo has not brought the sacred object, the magic will wear off, causing the man to drown and Kylo to die.
When Hux comes to, he feels strange. Everything feels so……wet. And heavy. His legs feel funny and his head is swimming. A silky smooth, deep voice broke him out of his thoughts.
“Good, you’re awake.”
Hux snaps his head towards the voice and decides that he must be dreaming. A few feet away from him is the young man he thought he saw in the water. He wore no top, but his body was adorned with scars and jewelry. Most odd of all was how he had fins instead of feet.
“You…you’re a merman,” Hux manages, noticing how odd it felt to speak. The merman blinked a few times in confusion.
“Yes,” now smirking with amusement, “and so are you.”
Hux was about to argue when he looked down at his legs. But his legs were gone, and instead he was looking at fins.
Hux freaks out. Immediately jolts out of the bed he was resting on and smashes into a dresser, knocking things over, then into the wall, then into Kylo. Kylo has to really hold on to him to keep him from flailing around.
“Whoa, easy, calm down!”
“What have you done to me?!”
“I saved your life!”
“You should have let me drown.”
Their official first meeting was not going well at all. After more fighting and Kylo explain the situation in more detail (excluding Snoke’s involvement), Hux collects himself and they exchange names.
Kylo tells Hux that he must keep his race a secret. No one can know he’s a human or else they’ll both be done for.
“How long do these effects last?” Hux asks.
As long as Kylo delivers Snoke the item?
That doesn’t sit well with Hux, but for now he supposes that little else can be helped. At least he’s alive.
Over the next ten days Kylo and Hux get to really know each other. Besides the bickering, they really do enjoy each other’s company. Kylo teaches Hux all about sea life. Hux in turn tells Kylo about the human world. Kylo can tell how much Hux misses it when he talks about it.
But he really likes Hux. And wants to be with him forever. And in order to do that he must betray his mother and deliver the sacred object to Snoke.
So he steals it when no one is looking. And he is almost prepared to give it away. He reminds himself he’s doing this for Hux. He keeps thinking about him. And remembers how much Hux misses home. Suddenly he’s filled with guilt. His ten days are almost up. He needs to make a decision.
So Kylo takes Hux “for a surprise” near a port town. Tells him that he found a way to make him human again. In an hour he’ll have legs again. He’s free. If he just keeps heading towards the beach he will make it in time for the spell to wear off.
Hux is ecstatic. Finally he can go back to the world he knows. Back to his home. Back to people and civilization. He imagines all the places he could take Kylo and show him. Theaters, castles, flower fields.
“Oh, you’re going to love it!” Hux tells him.
Kylo is smiling sadly. “No, Hux. I cannot go with you.”
Hux had nearly forgotten. “Oh.”
“Goodbye, Hux.”
Kylo places an object in Hux’s hand an swims away. Hux looks down at it. Whatever it is, it seems special. Sacred. He knows he should be happy, but his heart feels heavy.
Kylo goes to Snoke without the object. Snoke is furious. Summons a storm of great power in his anger. He’s going to kill Kylo himself. Kylo has accepted his fate. He’s ready to die. He closes his eyes and thinks of Hux. He hopes he’s happy.
Kylo waits, but death doesn’t come.
Hux had swam back to the underwater city looking for Kylo to tell him he wants to stay, with him. He gets there and Kylo is gone and everyone is freaking out. Their sacred item has gone missing along with their prince. They fear the worst. Hux finds Leia to ask what’s happening, where is kylo? Her eyes go wide when she sees what he’s holding.
“Where did you get that?”
Hux explains everything. From the shipwreck to his final parting with Kylo. Leia is smart, she has figured out what’s happening. She and Hux race to Snoke’s lair.
Kylo whips his head towards Hux voice.
“What are you doing here?! You have to go!”
“I’m not leaving you.”
Kylo’s heart breaks. “Hux…” Doesn’t he know he’ll drown? That kylo will die?
Snoke threatens to kill them both. Leia uses her own magic to fight him but it’s not enough. She shouts for Kylo to use the sacred item to defeat Snoke.
Hux and Kylo use it together to defeat him. It breaks the spell, which means Kylo can live but Hux turns back into a human. He starts to drown. Kylo doesn’t know what to do. Luckily mom comes to the rescue. She sees how much these two love each other. So she uses a powerful spell of her own.
With their love for each other it will allow them to live on both land and water. When they touch land they will both turn human, and when they touch the ocean they will turn to merpeople.

So they live happily ever after. The end.

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How would you describe all six members of Rammstein to someone who knew nothing about the band?

I heard about you anon,and Rammstein fans love this question of yours. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Richard Kruspe

-This guy,praise him,he came up with the idea to form Rammstein. He’s a cute cinnamon roll,not so smol,but because he’s a bit of a womanizer we call him Bitchard. He always presents himself as Richard ZK,is the band’s guitarist and also has another band,Emigrate,in which he’s the lead singer and sings in english,btw this bitch loves and lives in New York. He’s really really nice and fun to have around. Oh and he has a child with Till’s ex wife. Way to go,Bitchard,you wifefucker.

Paul Landers

-PRECIOUS CINNAMON ROLL TOO GOOD FOR THIS WORLD TOO PURE! He’s the smollest member of the band,it’s impossible not to love this ball of cuteness who’s the ray of sun for most of us. He’s a bit of a control freak,he always gives directing indications when a video is shot. He goes wild on the stage with his guitar and his smile makes everyone melt. Smol Paul is smol :3 everybody needs to protect him,the joker of Rammstein.

Till Lindemann

-Ah yes,the God himself. This man with his dark beauty and voice of an angel is the most fucked up of them. But fucked up in such a good way that tears your heart apart of how much of a genius he can be. His lyrics are pure poetry,he also has two poetry volumes. Ex former olympic swimmer and basket waver,he is a writer,the lead singer of the band and also the singer of his side project,Lindemann,on which he worked with Peter Tägtgren. Don’t get fooled by the size and power of his voice,he is an actual teddy bear who would still break your neck. He is shy,on and off stage. A man with whom you have so much to talk about,and his life style is different from other rockstars. He prefers long walks in the country side,fishing and hunting instead of partying,expensive vacantions in I don’t know what islands and other things that include a big amount of money. His modesty makes him human.

Flake Lorenz

-He hates America. Flake is the Doktor of the band. He always gets ass fucked by Till but neverminding that,he’s amazing,and sarcasm is his second language. Shy too but he judges you in the shadow. He’s a ball of adorableness. Also a bitch for taking so long for giving the guys an answer if he’s in the band or not. They even had to beg him to give Rammstein a try. HIS DANCE MOVES ARE THE BOMB! If you don’t know how to dance,ask Flake,he will teach you some crazy moves and you’ll get all the girls. His fingers do magic on the keyboards giving everysong that tone that will make you get goosebumps.

Oliver Riedel

-This guy right here,he’s a cinnamon roll too but don’t get fooled by the fact that he’s shy and doesn’t talk much. He’s the type of guy that if he says something,you do it. He’s the youngest of them and the tollest. What makes me sad is that he doesn’t get the attention he needs because he is an amazing bassist plus he translates for Schneider. [you know,the drummer joke with “why do bands have a bass player? to translate for the drummer”] He minds his business and he’s stunning. He surfs so imagine him in that black skinny costume. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Christoph Schneider

-My precious baby. The ultimate german porn material. When he drums,he destroys those poor instruments. He’s a beast but such a lovely humble cute shy handsome human being. He is shy sometimes but I doubt he will not beat the shit out of you. He played the role of a woman in Mein Teil and you never knew what frustration is until the point you saw the music video. Him,a man,making a better woman than you. Frau Schneider is the QUEEN of the Rammstein fandom. Everyone of us loves her and she is one mean mother. She beats her “puppies”,the band members,on stage at the begining of Buck Dich and can turn anyone on. He is so dedicated to what he’s doing and sets the vibe for every song,LIVE,he gives life to everything. He’s the guy with who you can get weird and laugh about anything. Christoph is the only one from the band that did army service and has a musical education,both his parents working in the industry and he spent his childhood at the opera. He’s a well read man,smart and intelligent,like them all. He can be a bit bitchy sometimes,especially when something bothers him. Did I tell you about his voice? Oh sweet baby Jesus that voice can make any woman melt,but his laugh…his laugh is one of the most unintelligent ones I ever heard,the type of laugh that makes you laugh too. 

In other words: looks like a cinnamon roll-could actually kill you.

Escape // Anakin x Reader

Anon asked: You should do an Anakin imagine where him and padme are together but he cheats on her with the reader. The reader doesn’t believe in love and Anakin loves her which leads to some drama then a bunch of fluff

His lips are on yours, smothering you as he grinds himself into you, causing a faint moan to escape your lips. You tangle your hands in his air, slightly tugging.

He pushes his lips down your neck, leaving small love bites everywhere.

“Oh my God, Anakin,” you breathe out, rolling your head to the side giving him more access. He connects your lips again, your mouths moving in synch. His hands grasp your behind, making you gasp as his takes advantage of the situation.

Your heated session is halted, when there is a knock on the door. Anakin groans, “What?”

“Master Skywalker, Senator Amidala has requested your presence,” a voice says.

He rolls his eyes and answers, “I’ll be there soon.”

You and Anakin were together. As he was still together with Padame Amidala, a senator from Naboo.

The story behind the scandal is that he fell out of love after he met you. You were Senator Amidala’s right hand woman, a trusted friend. Ironic, you know. Anakin and you were constantly flirting when she wasn’t with you. He later confessed his feelings as you agreed with him. Anakin couldn’t leave her because he was afraid she would tell the Council and potentially get him thrown out of the Order and suffer many consequences. So, the two of you, whatever free time you had would hook up until someone needed you again. He was your escape from reality.

Anakin kisses your lips again, placing his hands on your face. “I’ll be back soon, love. I just need to see what she wants and I’ll be back soon.”

“When can we finally be together and stop hiding?” you ask, grasping his biceps. He sighs and shakes his head, looking at you deeply in the eyes before kissing you once more. “Kissing me isn’t going to solve things, Ani.”

He chuckles. “I don’t know, darling. You know that when the time comes it will be a dirty mess. But, when it is cleaned, we will be very happy together. Patience. That is key.”

You sigh and speak, “Alright. Now go and hurry up. I’ll be waiting for you.” You send him a wink as he smirks, tapping your butt on the way out.

You knew this was wrong. It was terrible. Padame trusted you with everything. She came to you with problems and you came to her with answers. She was her sister. And hooking up with your sister’s fiancé is a terrible thing to do.

But, the way he made you feel was all worth it. He made you feel wanted. All of his affections had a meaning behind it. Every time he kissed you, it was a new sensation. It brought you butterflies and euphoria.

His touch made you tremble and you loved every minute of it. He made you feel alive. Anakin was a new breath of fresh air that inflated you lungs like a balloon and then you were slowly swept away with him.

You sat on his bed, awaiting for his return. You take off your shoes and pull up your hair.

The door opens back up again, revealing your lover. Your heart flutters and you speak, “What did she want?”

He rolls his eyes. "She was complaining as usual. She said that she never sees me anymore and she misses me and she wants me to spend the night.“

You give him a look. He knew you didn’t want him to. "And what did you respond to that exactly?” you say, standing up as he walk over to you.

“(Y/N), you know that I don’t want to. But if we don’t want her finding out about us, I have to spend the night. She will get suspicious. I promise you nothing will happen. Trust me, my love,” he says, sitting on the bed as you remain standing.

“Did you kiss her when you arrived to her room?” you ask him, crossing your arms.

“(Y/N),” he laughs.

“Anakin, did you?” you ask again, your pitch sky rocketing.

“You know I have to. If I don’t, her suspicions will be confirmed. But trust me, she is nothing like you, baby,” he says smirking, placing his hands on your hips, pulling you down to sit on his lap.

You laugh. “Oh really?” You lean down and kiss his lips, trying to restart from where you two left off. You straddle his lap and he starts to undress you, slowly taking off your top.

You are locked in an intense moment, Anakin about to undo the clasp of your bra, but he stops when he hears a voice.

“You liar!” a female voice screams.


You crawl off his lap, not revealing your identity to her.

“Padame, I’m sorry. I’m not going to tell you it’s not what it looks like because it is exactly what it looks like,” Anakin starts, as you begin to put back on your shirt. She still hasn’t asked who you were yet and you were praying that she wouldn’t.

Anakin explains the entire story about why he did what he did and Padame says, “Who are you?”

Your body freezes. You had to do it. There was no escape. Slowly, you turn around and meet her gaze.

She gasps. “(Y/N)? How could you do this to me? I trusted you! And now you go behind my back to sleep with my husband? How dare you! I gave you everything. I treated you like family and this is the thanks I get? You are a despicable person,” she spits.

“Padame, I cannot begin to apologize and I know I can’t because of what I have done. But Anakin and I are in love. He makes me happier than anyone or anything has in my entire life. I’m sorry I had to get to him like this, but he is my world. He was my escape from everything. Padame, I know this is unforgiveable, but I hope one day you will forgive me. I know we can never have what we have or used to, but I hope that you can at least bear to see me one day,” you tell her, sadly.

Her face is tear stained as she stands there broken hearted. She takes a deep breath and says, “Very well. If that’s how both of you feel.” And with that she exits without saying a word.

You and Anakin are left in silence. He looks over to you and notices you are crying silently and he embraces you. As his warm arms engulf you, you let out a sob. “I just lost my sister.”

That night, you fell asleep in each other’s arms, enveloped by each others love.

When morning comes around, you are the first to wake. You wriggle yourself out of Anakin’s grip and rise from the bed. You look over and she on the floor near the door, there is a white envelope. You walk over, pick it up, and read it.

Dearest Anakin and (Y/N),

After what I witnessed last night, I am heartbroken. It will take me quite sometime to recover back to my normal state, but I can assure you one thing.

I will not inform anyone about the relationship you two have. It is something that is beautiful like a rose. You should let it blossom until it blooms into a beautiful flower open to the light of the world.

May you be each others escapes forever.

Anakin, you will always be my first love. (Y/N), you will always be my sister.

With love,

Padame xx

She was your sister. He was your escape. And you were finally happy.