well he can't help it she's there anyway under his skin knowing EVERYTHING there is to know about him

I Can't Let Him Win

I Can’t Let Him Win

Chapter Two

A/N: This is about to get real heavy and kind of spiraled out of control, turns out there will have to be a third part because there was no way to get them to where they needed to be here. Thank you so much for everyone who enjoyed this and wanted the second part you were the biggest factor to this continuing. I hope this lives up to any of its expectations.

Summary: Amy decides to be honest with herself – she’s probably still in love with Karma. She probably always has been. But she’s pretty fucking sure it’s Karma’s fault because Karma’s never really been able to let go of her the way she should’ve when things became legit with Liam. (By that she means they still make out pretty regularly).

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