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I Never Planned On You - Pete Dunne

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Real talk; I’m so in love with him, it’s unreal. Anyway, I’m in a really good mood so I felt like writing something new. It’s short but I still hope you like it. Enjoy.

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Pete…well, he doesn’t do romance. I use the term ‘dating’ loosely when it comes to our relationship. He sort of just kisses me when he feels like it and get jealous when I talk to other guys. You know, normal ‘boyfriend’ stuff. Other people would get very confused seeing me with him due to the drastic differences in our personalities. I was the type to run around, blasting songs from Glee on my phone and sing and dance whereas Pete was quiet, slightly menacing and angry.

With WrestleMania week approaching, we were spending a lot more time together at his house, me helping him to pack his bags. The uncomfortable silence prompted me to put on a random playlist of music which then caused him to roll his eyes as the opening notes for ‘Valerie’ played.

“You love this song, don’t deny it.” Sheesh, if looks could kill then I’d be hanging out with Kane. So, I was at his house helping him pack for a trip where we’d be sharing a hotel room which made me further question what we were to each other. No better time to ask, I suppose. “Pete, what is this?,” he looked at me, confusion spreading across his face, “What am I to you? Sometimes, I feel like I’m just there for you to push up against a wall and make out with whenever you feel like. Don’t get me wrong, I really love the kissing but this has been going on for a few months now and I feel like that’s all I’m ever gonna be to you.”

Pete dropped the shirt he had been folding and ran his hands over his face. Shaking his head slightly and grumbling, he reached out and grabbed both of my hands.

“You snuck up on me and I never even saw it coming. I feel, some days, that you’re too good for me, that you could do a hell of a lot better. You don’t even question me when I do what I do because you don’t mind. I wasn’t expecting any of this, I never planned on someone like you, coming into my life and being able to keep my heart in their pocket.”

Oh. I felt stupid and rude.

Getting to know Peter is difficult enough for most but I don’t think many people think about how difficult it must be for him. Being the way he is, trying to change the way he works for the sake of others is the equivalent of performing brain surgery because that’s not who he is. I didn’t care who he was, he didn’t need to change for me because I love him.

I love him.

“I love you so much. I know that this is abrupt and out of the blue but I couldn’t keep it in any longer. I will support you in everything you do and I will never force you into anything. You are a better man than you think you are, you’re just not seeing what I see; a handsome, talented and intelligent man.” I could’ve sworn that I was dreaming or imagining things when the corners of his mouth turned up into a small smile.

“The things you do to me, you wonderful woman. I love you but it’s going to be strange for me to accept that at first. Will you stay with me?”

“Yes Peter, always.”

pete dunne { spiders }

   NOTE: Okay, so this is the Pete version.. And I hope it’s at least a little bit in character for him. I post this as a disclaimer now, I’ve only just recently fallen in love with / gotten into Pete Dunne, Tyler Bate and possibly Trent Seven, so I apologize now if they are badly OOC whenever I write them. This one is fluffy/sexy/ kinda snarky and funny? Here. Have a little comedy with your steamy fluff, lovies! – Amber.

Up next are most likely Baron & Finn.. And I’m already getting ideas for other scenarios I want to write so yay! Maybe this is me making a comeback after 5 years of not writing a single damn thing? I hope so, I’ve missed it.

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I couldn’t sleep to save my fucking life. And naturally, when I can’t sleep, I get up and go into the kitchen and make myself a sandwich. I’d put my earphones in, I was blasting Skid Row to drive out the otherwise deathly quiet of the apartment as I made my sandwich. Everything was going smoothly until suddenly, it wasn’t.

And it all started when I felt something fall off the ceiling above me and straight down the t shirt I was wearing.  "FUCK.“ I screamed the word and my first natural instinct was to shed my top and fling it towards the laundry room. Which would have been great if maybe the lights hadn’t come on?

Pete stood there, leaned sleepily against the doorway, watching me with a mixture of annoyance and amusement in those brilliant baby blue eyes. I shrieked again and turned away quickly, grabbing the first thing I could throw on to cover myself… And it only got more awkward when I realized that naturally, it was Pete’s United Kingdom Tournament t shirt.

He sucked in a breath and stepped into the kitchen. Our kitchen, just so you get a better idea, is an actual fucking joke in terms of space.. So when he stepped in, we were almost body to body. "The hell is wrong with you?”

“S-spider.” I managed to mumble while willing myself not to get lost in those damn eyes like a fool again. It happens a lot and it’s most of the reason I try to avoid being around him too long.. He’s just so… pretty?

I’ll go with pretty.

He snickered and I pouted up at him, lightly smacking at his chest. “Asshole. It fell down my shirt and it was fucking dark, okay? All I knew was that something was crawling between my titties and that shirt had to go.” I grumbled and he only started to laugh a little harder.

“Was ‘at so hard?”
“Makin an actual conversation with me. Ya seem to have no problem doin it with Bate or Seven.. Whenever I’m around, noticed ya leave or clam up.” Pete gave me this pout.

I felt something crawling on my foot and into his arms I went. Pete chuckled and sat me down on the kitchen counter, grabbing one of my magazines and rolling it up. Once he’d killed the spider, he threw it into the sink and ran water, letting it go down the drain.

“Hit the garbage disposal switch.”

He eyed me. “It’s already dead.”
“I don’t fucking care! That thing groped my titties!” I squealed as he only started to laugh all over again, only harder this time. He was turning red in the face he was laughing so damn hard and that only made me pout.. But the laughter stopped when he stepped back in front of me, standing between my legs.

His eyes flitted downward, staring at my lips for a few seconds and I found myself staring right back up at his and slowly licking mine as they tingled in anticipation. He was leaning in closer now, his hands on my bare thighs, fingers lazily trailing over the skin.

I found myself leaning in a little more too and putting my arms around his neck, my hand guiding his lips closer. My heart was hammering in my chest and the music I’d been deafening myself with was long forgotten as it played from the spot in which my phone sat on the counter beside me.  When I leaned in and upward, he lifted me slightly, his hands going to my ass and gripping, squeezing my ass through the fabric of my panties, making me whimper against his lips. And then he pulled me into a relentless and passionate kiss that had me completely melting against his body as I nipped hungrily at his lower lip, desperate for more. He sucked in a breath when he rubbed against me, purely on accident and I felt myself getting wetter with each and every second that passed.

His hands left my ass, going to my thighs again, disappearing up the hem of my shirt as he muttered into the kiss, “Every bit as satisfying as I thought it’d be.” and his hands traveled upward, squeezing my breasts together, making me suck in a breath. I broke the kiss to gape at him for a few seconds, the shock obvious on my face at his words. “You thought about doing that? To me?”

“I didn’t stutter.” he was closing the distance between our lips again, and I rubbed against him, my fingers tangling in his hair as I deepened the kiss even more. “ You’ve got one hell of a scream, woman.” he mused seconds later as I nipped at his lip and blurted out, “I can get louder.”

“That sounds like a challenge.” Pete’s hands were wandering downward again, cupping my soaked core through my panties, rubbing and groaning when his palm came away wet. “Fuck.”

“You kiss your mother with that mouth, Dunne?”
“No, but I kiss my girl with this mouth.. On her mouth..” and his lips ventured down as he tilted my head slightly, leaving my neck exposed to him, his lips moving ever so slowly over as he muttered against my skin.. “And on her neck…”

“So I’m your girl now?” I asked, biting my lip as I looked up at him when the kiss broke.
“Well I don’t wake up in the middle of the damned night to kill spiders for just anybody. And not everybody gets to wear my shirts..” Pete muttered against my lips, cocky smirk coming as he did so, his thumb grazing my lower lip and making it quiver as he stared into my eyes and added in a quieter tone, “If you want to be..”

“Oh, I very much want to be.”

From behind us, Trent and Tyler’s throats clearing had our heads snapping up and in the process, we butted heads and for a few seconds, we playfully glared at each other. Pete cleared his throat and smirked at his friends and I was blushing all over.

“Interrupting something?” Tyler asked, giving Pete a teasing and knowing smirk as his eyes went from me to Pete and then back again. “Finally.. You do something, you make a bloody move.”

“Oh for the love of God.. Not on the counter. We eat off that. Savages, both of you are bloody savages.” Trent teased us with a mischievious smirk as Pete flipped him off and scooped me off the counter, side stepping his friends.

“As a matter of fact, yes. She was thanking me.. Because I saved her from a spider.”

“Oh she was, was she?” Trent called out, but the door to Pete’s bedroom was already banging shut behind us…

Secrets- Peter Parker Imagine

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You sat in class doodling in your jotter not really paying attention to what your teacher was saying. You started doodling a picture of Spiderman, a new hero who had appeared recently appeared.
“Nice drawing.” Peter whispered. You smiled at him not responding. You looked at him, thinking about how much you liked him. You’d had feelings for Peter for a while but had never confessed them assuming Peter only liked you as a friend. Peter, however, viewed you as the most amazing person he’d ever met. He wished you knew how much he liked you. There was also the complication of him being Spiderman that made it difficult for the two of you to be together. He didn’t want to date you and then die and leave you alone without him. He didn’t want to put you through that pain. The bell rang and you picked up your bag walking out the class alongside Peter. “So, do you want to come ‘round to mine and watch movies tonight?” You asked Peter.
“I don’t know Y/N.” He replied rubbing the back of his neck. He was worried that there would be something tonight and he wouldn’t be able to drag himself away from you.“Come Pete, I’ll buy pizza.” You said jabbing him in the side.“Okay fine I’ll come ‘round.” “See, I knew I could convince you. You love pizza too much.”“I don’t just love the pizza. I love spending time with you too.”
“Aww I love spending time with me too.” You joked. You were sat on your bed while Peter was at your desk sitting in the chair. You had a bag of marshmallows and we trying to toss them into Peter’s mouth.
“You’re not very good at catching.” You said as another one hit the floor.“I am. You just have bad aim.” You retorted to that by throwing one and hitting him directly on the forehead.“You were saying?” “Come on let’s get food.”
“Okay fine, large pepperoni between the two of us?”“Yeah that’s what we usually get.”
“I know that.” Your pizza had arrived and you and Peter were sat watching a movie in the living room together. You were happy that your parents were out tonight because it meant you and Pete could be together in silence. “This is so unrealistic.” Peter said through a mouthful of pizza.“We live in a world where people dress up as spiders and stop criminals.”
“Fair point.”“See nothing is unrealistic.”“Well that’s not true. It’s unrealistic that you can make it from here to Australia in five seconds.”
“I could if I had a teleporter.”
“Well you don’t therefore it’s unrealistic.”“Fine Mr. Smarty Pants.” Peter laughed but then stopped as he sensed something was going on not too far from here. “I’ve got to go.” He said standing up.“What? Why?”
“I can’t explain, I’ve just got to go.” He said walking out the door.  You sat for about half an hour watching the movie before giving up and deciding that you were going to go to Peter’s and see what was up with him. If he couldn’t be honest with you then you were going to find out.  You arrived at his house and decided that it was probably best for you to climb up the fire escape and go through the window as you knew Aunt May wouldn’t let you in this late. You climbed up and enter his room looking around and seeing he wasn’t there.“Weird.” You mumbled to yourself. You sat down on his bed and waited for him to come home. Maybe he had a secret girlfriend and remembered he had a date with her and that’s why he wasn’t home. Or maybe he was attacked on his way home and was in an alleyway half dead. Or maybe- The window opened snapping you out of your thoughts. You looked up and saw Peter walking in, in a Spiderman costume.“You’re Spiderman?” You exclaimed trying to keep your voice down so Aunt May didn’t hear you.“What? No, I’m not.” “Yes, you are. Don’t lie to me. Why didn’t you tell me?”
“Because I didn’t want you to be in danger.”
“So you lied?”
“I didn’t lie. I just didn’t tell you something.”
“I can’t believe it. Do you know how dangerous this is? What if you get hurt? What if you died? What would I do without you?” By this point you were full on sobbing.
“Y/N calm down. I’m sorry for not telling you but I need to help.” He wrapped his arms around you.
“Why Pete?”
“Because I want the world do be a better place.”“I can’t lose you.”
“You won’t, I promise. I love you too much for that.”
“You love me?” You said looking up at him.“Yeah. I understand if you don’t feel the same. I mean I’m not that cool and-“ You cut him off by kissing him.“Of course, I feel the same and you are cool. You’re Spiderman.”

What's Your Plan?//Pete Dunne

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I stumbled in the bathroom, trying to control my breathing as I looked down at the blue and white stick on the counter. Pregnant. How could I tell Pete? He had just won his first WWE titles, I couldn’t ask to just ‘oh yeah I know you just got your dream but I’m pregnant so you need to drop it.’ It wasn’t right. I tossed the stick into the trash when I heard the hotel door open, signaling that Pete was here. Now or never, I guess.

“Hey, Y/N, remember how we were talking about kids?” Shit… I nodded my head, not wanting to speak or look at Pete directly. “Well I’ve been thinking. You know, maybe before we do all that-”

“Pete, I’m pregnant.” I whispered, cutting him off. The hotel room went silent, neither one of us talking. I kept my gaze on the odd carpet pattern of the floor while I could see Pete looking at me from the corner of my eye.

"What?” I let out a breath, looking at Pete in the face. His eyes were big, they seemed scared, maybe a bit sad. “Well, hell. There goes my plan.”

"What was your plan, Pete?” I arched an eyebrow at him. Pete tried to talk but only the beginning of his words came out as he motioned his hands. Any other time, I would be laughing, but I wasn’t sure if either one of us would be after tonight.

"I was going to say that, maybe, before we try for kids, we do this.” Pete leaned back on one hand, using the other the pull out a small box from his pocket. “I was gonna say let’s go ahead and get married, but I don’t think it’s a good idea to put any pregnant woman under the stress of a wedding.”

I laughed a bit and shook my head at Pete. He smiled and wrapped his arms around me, tugging both of us down as he fell back onto the bed.

"I know it’s not all cutesy and romantic like most guys do when they properly to their girlfriends, but I don’t think I can top a pregnancy announcement.” I laughed again and kissed Pete lightly, trying to get him to stop rambling. “I could try.”

"Go on then, Peter. Let’s see what you’ve got.” I tossed a leg over his and set my chin on his shoulder, looking up at him.

"Well, Y/N, if you would walk over there,” Pete pointed to the glass door on the balcony. “I would’ve given you this long-arse speech about how amazing you are. Maybe throw in something about you being a fuckin’ psycho, but hey, I love you none the less.” I giggled and hit Pete’s arm lightly as we got up and walked out onto the balcony. “Make some cheesy comment about how beautiful the city is, but the view is better looking at you. Add in the fact that you’re literally the only girl I’ve ever chased after.”

I looked down at my feet and blushed. Who knew some random girl could tame Pete Dunne?

"Then have you look at that because it’s the closest thing to romantic that I could come up with.” I looked out to where Pete was pointing. Mark Andrews, Trent Seven, & Tyler Bates were all outside, a small distance from the hotel, scrambling around in what looked to be cords. Pete whistled down at them and their heads snapped up before Trent dove for something on the ground, smacking it. A single light appeared near the ground, confusion spreading across all of their faces. “Shit.” Trent rapidly pressed something in his hand before a glow lit up the area surrounding them.

"Y/N Y/L/N,” Pete took my hand and got down on one knee. “I know this is extremely cheesy and kind of sucky because I’m not the romantic type, but um…” Pete motioned to the light outside the hotel. ‘Will You Marry Me?’ was written in light bulbs, the three men standing proudly, looking up at Pete and I.

"You’re an idiot if you think I’m going to say no.” Pete smiled a bit, opening the little black box.

"So that’s a-” “Hell yes.” I heard Trent, Tyler, and Mark cheering as Pete lifted me up. I looked down and saw Trent tackling Tyler and Mark shouting at random pedestrians while pointing at us. I rolled my eyes and kissed Pete, then sat my head on his shoulder and stared at the ring.

"Now, what’s the plan for this kid?” Pete laughed, looking down at me.


something in the chase pt. 2 | pete dunne

pt. 1

That night had become just another number on our long list of shared encounters. Though I’d sworn to myself I would defy Pete’s wishes until the end of time, it was clear I’d done exactly the opposite. I tried to be mad at myself, but that was damn near impossible when he was so good at what he did.

We weren’t anything exclusive. It was strictly casual sex, neither of us interested in a committed relationship. Or rather, he wasn’t known for them and I knew full well I wouldn’t be the one to change that. I’d secretly hoped that he’d come around, that he’d ask for something more, but at the same time, I would be glad if he didn’t. Expecting Pete to change his ways was just my own foolishness clouding my judgement; relationships weren’t meant for him.
He’d made that perfectly clear directly after our first night together. Only ten minutes after we’d collapsed into the soft mattress, all heavy-breathing and pure exhaustion, he slipped out from beside me and gathered his things.
“You’re leaving,” I said simply, trying to hide the disappointment in my voice with indifference.

He was in the midst of putting his shoes back on, pausing as he glanced over at me. “Yeah,” he mumbled, resuming his work before grabbing his phone off of the bedside table, “That okay?”

All I could do was nod, because even if I hadn’t, it wouldn’t have mattered. He would leave anyway, taking my resolve with him as he headed to his own room with an even bigger ego. As always, he’d managed to get his way, and with a girl who had vigilantly denied him over and over again, no less. My forced approval of his departure was all it took to have him walking out the door without hesitation. 

The bed didn’t seem empty without him, or any of those cliches. It just seemed sad, mocking almost, as if it was taking jabs at my weak succumbence. The more time I spent trailing my fingers along the spot where he lay just minutes ago, the more my body begged for sleep and my mind flared with anger. I was somewhat angry I couldn’t withstand Pete’s antics any longer, but I was even angrier I knew it wouldn’t be the last time.

What we had didn’t need to be discussed. It didn’t need to be revealed to the world, or anyone besides the two of us for that matter, and it didn’t need constant arguments over its meaning. We’d both accepted the situation for what it was, even if neither of us knew  what it was. 

That isn’t to say there weren’t occasional moments of confusion and senseless disagreements. The terms of being non-exclusive were simple- either of us could do as we wished with other people, and it didn’t require informing the other. It had been a consensus between us, and I stuck true to it at all times. I never asked about other women, though that was partially thanks to the stinging pain I felt when I thought of Pete with anyone else.

He, however, had a streak for moments of unhinged jealously. The most recent bouts occurred after he had caught me dancing with the rambunctiously flirtatious men out on the dance floor. Truthfully, it was completely innocent. I had no intentions to let the interaction go any farther than that, but Pete had seen it through his own eyes and his image was vastly distorted.  

“C'mon,” he growled, placing his hand on my back as he lightly pushed me forward and towards the exit.

“What the hell, Pete?!” I hissed, “What’s your problem?”

Up until we were out of the crowded, loud building, he stayed silent. Once we reached the beauty of fresh, new air and uncrowded space, I was preparing to rip right into him, until he pulled me to him and pressed his lips to mine roughly.
It wasn’t anything unusual, the kiss. We often shared intense, rough kisses like that one, but something just felt off. He refused to break it, his hands against my face tightly, almost as if he was afraid I would disintegrate had he let go. I had to be the one to pull back, eyebrows furrowed and mouth slightly down-turned. Before I could question him yet again, he leaned forward in attempt to reunite our lips into yet another electrifying kiss, but before he could, I stepped back. 

A deep, frustrated sound resonated from within him. “I don’t like seeing guys with their hands all over you.”

I sighed, a result of both annoyance and confusion. He was the one so hell-bent on staying as far away from commitment as possible, yet here we were outside of a club near-arguing over my playful actions with men I’d never see again. 

“You don’t get to insist on no jealousy,” I retaliated, “And then act like this every time I’m having fun.”

“So you were having fun, huh?”

“Yeah, I was! And you were jealous, weren’t you?”

He scowled, taking my hand as he led us to his car. “Were you havin’ more fun than you have with me?” he demanded, pressing me against the car door. 

“No,” I answered honestly, my arms folded in determination, “Why does it matter, anyway? We have rules to this, Pete.”

“I told you a long time ago you weren’t just another girl. Did you think I was lyin’?”

I was a fool for thinking things would drastically change following that incident. He’d made it clear there were feelings rooted somewhere within, but he made no effort to explain them or even confirm them. Whenever I’d brought up the subject, he brushed it off or insisted it was still the same relationship we’d agreed upon in the beginning. 

He’d have to be blind to believe that was the case. Things had changed, albeit subtly. Absentminded forehead kisses became a thing, as did frequent terms of endearment and compliments. The one thing that never changed was his absence. He’d never stayed, always leaving to his own room no more than twenty minutes after, abandoning me in discomforting darkness and silence. 

I could perhaps argue my case for certain circumstances, but I knew better than to ask him to stay. That was the only subject that remained untouched, a silent forbiddance we both acknowledged but never discussed. We were making some ground, slowly but surely, but to bring up his quick exits would destroy it all much too quickly. I had a feeling I wouldn’t want to hear the explanation, anyway.

Something told me these changes weren’t intentional, either. We were slowly inching our way into what was more than pure-physicality, and I had an inkling Pete’s new behavior went unnoticed by him. He more than likely didn’t think much of it and yet I couldn’t stop thinking about it.

On one hand, I was elated that maybe, just maybe, we could eventually surpass our situation; on the other hand, however, I knew that was a long-shot. Even if we did become an official couple, who’s to say it would go as well as our current relationship? We were boundless in our actions, able to do whatever else we wanted to as long as we fulfilled each other’s desires first. Commitment was a foreign term to us, especially to Pete, and I had no way of being sure he’d like it. He didn’t like being restricted and I didn’t like being heartbroken. 

For now, though, I could get used to the distinct feeling of his lips against my forehead right before he left my room. And when he invited me out on a date (but not a date, according to him), although skeptical at first, I figured I could get used to those, too. Though, the first time he mentioned it, I couldn’t hide my surprise and he couldn’t hide his insistence that it wasn’t really a date. 

“Let’s go out to dinner, tomorrow,” he brought up suddenly, “You and me.”

Trying to suppress my shocked scoff, I let out an awkward breath of air. “You mean on a date?”

“Let’s not call it that. We're still what we were a couple of months ago, right?” he confirmed.

It took all the power in my body to nod my head, wishing so desperately that I could deny it. After all, we weren’t really what we agreed upon, breaking nearly all of the rules we’d set in place. 

Either I was terrible at hiding my disappointment or Pete just wanted some form of physicality, but when his hand reached over and rested on my thigh gently, I couldn’t help but wonder if he felt the same. And there was something about this touch, so featherlight and peculiar, that left me breathless.

He picked me up at seven, as promised. Neither of us looked especially dressed up, since it was just a casual outing, but seeing him and knowing we were actually heading out to do something together made him look all the more attractive. Apparently, he thought the same about me.

“You look amazin’,” he commented, opening the car door like a true gentleman. 

“I’m not wearing anything special. But, thanks,” I smiled genuinely, immediately taking my position as the radio-controller and changing the station, “You don’t look too bad yourself.”

The quick wink I shot him was all he needed to know that was an understatement. 

“Well, maybe I’m just sayin’ you always look amazin’.”

I glanced at him out of the corner of my eye, almost missing the sly smirk that painted his face as he admired his handy-work- always getting me to blush like a lovesick schoolgirl. “Guess that’s why you chased me all those times.”

My reminder of his past perseverance caused his jaw to set tightly, seeing as he despised when I used his own desperate actions against him. He didn’t like to be reminded that he made himself look like such a beggar, but he sure did like to remember that here I was, invested in him just like he wanted. It must’ve made him feel powerful; I knew a thing or two about his absolute need for power.

The non-date with Pete was going well, all things considered. He seemed awkward, shifting uncomfortably a few times and getting fed up with the menu, but since this was a completely new atmosphere for him, I let it slide. 

It wasn’t until the beautiful waitress made her way over to our table, beaming down at Pete and all but ignoring me entirely, that things started going south. That’s fine, I thought to myself. She could flirt all she wanted, even if it was incredibly rude considering she could clearly see me sitting directly in front of him. As long as I had his full attention for the night, I would sit back and enjoy her feeble attempts.

Truthfully, I didn’t think Pete had it in him to flirt with someone while out with me. I knew of his antics, but this seemed to be a new low even he couldn’t stoop to. That belief repeated in my head on a loop right until he decided maybe he could reciprocate the flirtation.

What began with lingering stares and smug smiles escalated to conspicuous compliments. At some point, I’d had enough. Standing up from my seat abruptly, I made a quick exit before realizing I had come with him. My only options were to stay and witness even more of his relentless flirting or wait for a taxi to arrive (which gave him plenty of time to follow after me). Before I could make the decision myself, loud footsteps behind me caused me to drop my arm and, consequently, my phone by my side. 

“What was that?” Pete asked harshly, standing in front of me with confusion and annoyance written all over his face. Either he was dense or even more an asshole than I thought- the latter seemed more probable though.

“What was that?” I laughed bitterly, “I could ask you the same thing.”

“What are you on about?”

I opened my mouth to speak, about to run through the night’s events in hopes he’d realize for himself what he did wrong, but I ultimately decided to walk away to rebel against him. Only about ten steps in, a firm hold on my arm left me stuck in place.

“Are you gonna take me home?” I questioned, staring at him sharply. If I started acting like I didn’t care, maybe I eventually wouldn’t.

“Is this about the waitress?” he concluded, voice hushed for whatever reason.

The second bitter laugh I emitted was purely unplanned, a true portrayal of how awful the whole situation was. And it wasn’t just because of the night’s events. Seeing him flirting with someone right in front of me gave me a tiny glimpse of what he was doing without me around and, for some reason, it hurt like hell.

“I was just havin’ some fun,” he assured, his eyes never leaving mine even when I tried to look elsewhere, “You know about havin’ fun, don’t you?”

So now he had resorted to taking obvious jabs at my previous actions. I hadn’t even done anything wrong and yet he still had the memory at the front of his mind. “Fuck you, Pete,” I hissed.

“Is that what you want? All you had to do was ask, love,” he chuckled, urging me towards his car as always, “You drive me crazy, woman.”

The night was exhausting and drawn-out, but so absolutely intoxicating. If I had gotten any more caught up in the thrill of it all, I’d have missed the mumbled confessions he didn’t stop from leaving his lips.

He didn’t say the L word, but it’s not like I expected him to. Even I couldn’t say what I felt for him was love. What he did say, however, was the closest thing to it.

“I wish we could be more.”

It was mashed in between other sounds of absolute pleasure and breathy obscenities, and I don’t think I was supposed to hear it, but I had. I’d froze for a moment, unsure of what to do or feel or think, but in a quick second I shoved it to the back of my mind, focusing on every other feeling coursing through my body. There would be endless time to ponder his words later.

Just as Pete was doing his habitual clothing-collecting and preparing to leave without much of a goodbye, his words from earlier registered. There was no time to wonder if I had heard him right, if my ears had played a cruel trick; he was about to leave and I was about to let him. 

I knew I had to get him to stay.

When he made his way to the bed to place a routine kiss upon my forehead, I whispered out a desperate request. 

“Just this once, please stay.”

Though it didn’t seem like much, he and I both knew it was a lot to ask for. Not once in all of our months of doing this had he ever stayed afterward, and not once had I asked him to. He stopped, frozen in place by my sudden plea. “I can’t,” he denied, shaking his head as he made his way to my bedroom door.

Following him, I watched his body pause right before he stepped out of my apartment completely. 

“Pete,” I warned, “If you walk out of that door right now, you better never come back.”

“Sorry,” he mumbled, slamming the door behind him. 

Pete Dunne was a compulsive heartbreaker who never spent much time with one girl. I’d been lucky enough to even receive the time I had. Although we saw each other around a lot, we never spoke. He easily could’ve worked his magic to have me back with him once more, but he didn’t. It wasn’t because he got tired of me, it wasn’t because he wanted someone else, it wasn’t because I did anything wrong. It was simply because this was Pete Dunne and he would always have an irrational fear of relationships and a terrible habit of ruining good things and I was silly to even think I could change that.

feminine hygiene

A/N: Not a request! But I couldn’t get this out of my head, so here you guys go. (also, two imagines in one day? I’m shocked at myself, lmao)

Summary:You’re hanging out with Peter when Mother Nature comes early.

Pairing: peter parker x reader

You sighed happily as you nuzzled closer into your boyfriend’s chest, blearily watching Star Wars on the TV screen. Peter pressed a kiss against the top of your head and you squirmed into a more comfortable position. You closed your eyes and tried to let sleep welcome you, feeling content and safe and warm in Peter’s embrace on the couch.

Pain shot through your abdomen and your face contorted. You held your breath and your lower abdomen clenched up, feeling like multiple sharp objects were raking down your skin from the inside.

You were confused for a second, and then your eyes shot wide open and you jumped out of Peter’s arms and off of the couch.

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Brownells Becomes Internet’s Largest TACTICAL FALCONRY Dealer

GRINNELL, Iowa – Brownells, known for its incredible selection of firearms and firearm accessories, proudly announced today it has become the internet’s largest tactical falconry dealer. Brownells’ new Birds of Prey product line features hundreds of items dedicated to enabling private citizens, law enforcement officers and military personnel to engage in the ancient art of falconry for the purposes of self-defense, hunting and homeland protection. The new line features well-trained tactical birds ranging in size from the sub-sub-compact Black-Legged Falconet up to the full-size Steller’s Sea Eagle – an offensive raptor designed for maritime operations. For customers in arctic conditions, the Birds of Prey line offers Gyrfalcons in traditional Snowy Tundra camo as well as a special Ghostly White Limited Edition, exclusive to Brownells. Also available are a full line of tactical bird accessories, gear and supplies.

Some of the notable, cutting edge tactical falconry products include:

• Miniature Tactical Falcon Pants

• Falcon Action Camera Mounts

• PreyVision™ Falcon Spotting Scopes

• Falcon Handler First Aid & Suture Kits

• Tactical Falcon Treats • Widening Gyre® Tactical Falcon Signal Whistles

• TalonHone® File & Pedicure Kit

• Falcon Night Hunter Owl Conversion Kit

“Housing the falcons has been the biggest challenge for us,” said Pete Brownell, CEO of Brownells. “Well trained as they may be, we’ve noticed they tend to get nervous around lift trucks.”

Some of the newest tactical falconry products in the line come from the innovative company Critical OperRaptor Dynamics™®∞πµ. Miniature Adhesive Falcon OperRaptor Beards are available in several colors and sizes and are guaranteed to resist bloodstains and not jettison during flight. Also from Critical OperRaptor Dynamics™®∞πµ is a large assortment of Picatinny-Compatible Falcon Perch Rails to let the tactical falconry practitioner park his bird on his favorite AR-15 handguard, scope rail or ballistic helmet interface.

Yes, this an April Fools joke. No falcons were harmed in this ridiculous hijinks. Actually, we’ve never even seen a real live falcon.

Masked - Part 6

Word Count: 2111

Pairing: Avengers x Reader, Peter Parker x Reader 

Warnings: FLUFF, Mentions of blood, Language

A/N: Yay part six!! Hope you’re ready for some Reader x Peter fluff ;) Also thanks for supporting the series everyone it means a lot! 


Masked Masterlist

Part 5 

Originally posted by relationshipaims

The walk to the pizza place wasn’t very long, but with crowds in New York, everything took longer than it needed to be. Peter suggested to swing there, but you just wanted a night with no powers and no responsibility. Besides, you liked taking time and enjoying what the city had to offer. After taking on the role of Rouge Hex, you didn’t have much time to yourself and that time only got shorter once you joined the Avengers. You had training, school work, and crime fighting one after another - which made your head spin.

Nights like these, however, you grew to cherish. You were (Y/N). Not an Avenger, not an enhanced individual, not Rouge Hex, just you. You loved how the city shined during the evening, the loud noises from cars stuck in traffic, the different smells of fast food, you loved it all. What made it even better was the look on Peter’s face as he pointed to some of his favorite spots. A smile never left his face as he continued talking excited while you chuckled at his cuteness.

“Oh and that alley over there has this really cool spot you can sit on to take amazing pictures,” He added as you chuckled once more. Peter smirked at you while you continued laughing. “What’s so funny?”

“Nothing, you’re just cute. That’s all,” You winked as his face turned red.

“Oh,” He laughed nervously, taking your hand in his. “The pizza place is right over there. Come on, I’m starving.”

Nodding, you were dragged along by Peter trying to squeeze your way through people. Some got out of your way, while others gave you nasty looks as they continued whatever they were doing. Arriving at the entrance of the Pizza place, you looked at the sign that said “Joe’s Pizza.” Walking inside, you listened to music playing softly as your eyes landed on the pizzas up front. Your mouth watered as you placed your order with Peter.

“Here, I’ll pay,” You said taking out your phone that was hook up with your bank account.

“I got it handled,” Peter responded handing the money over before you could say anything else.

Peter gave you a small grin as you rolled your eyes playfully. This boy was going to be the death of you, you knew it. Once the pizzas were handed to you, you followed Peter to a booth carrying your drinks as he carried the pizzas. Taking a small bite of the pizza as you sat down, you let out a satisfied moan. Spiderling was right, this was a great pizza place.

“I’m guessing you like the pizza then,” He giggled with as you took another bite.

“It’s so damn good,” You muttered with your mouth full.

Peter laughed loudly, earning a few looks from a couple customers. You began to laugh as you watched the random strangers mumble to themselves about your peculiar behavior.

Every time you’re with Peter, you find it so easy to be yourself. You felt like a normal person when you were with him. He saw you as you are, not some freak with weird alien powers, and that made you fall head over heels for him. You didn’t even realize he was snapping pictures of you until you glanced up from your pizza.

“What are you doing Parker?” You asked with your mouth still full of food.

“Taking pictures of you?” He sheepishly responded while he set his phone on the table.


“You look cute.”

Feeling your face flush, you smiled a bit before taking a sip of your drink. Dinner continued to go smoothly as you two took the time to get to know each other. Even after spending so much time together in the past few weeks, you still had a lot to learn about each other. Of course, you went over the basic stuff like favorite color, food, season…  the basic twenty questions gist. Then it switched to embarrassing moments of when you two started crime fighting.

“Wait, hold on, let me get this straight,” You said trying not to speak so loudly. “You, a guy with senses dialed up to an eleven, managed to swing face first into a building? And somehow you only ended up with a nasty bruise on your shoulder?”

“Yeah, not my finest hour,” He said as you were in the middle of a fit of giggles.

“You think that is bad? How about reading the police scanner wrong and showing up at the wrong bank.”

Peter choked on his drink. “You didn’t.”

“I did and I’m pretty sure one of the bank tellers fainted. I wouldn’t know because I got out of there as fast as I came in. It’s a good thing I wear a mask,” You whispered.

“Well, I haven’t done that, yet.”

“Well, to be fair, I was up late the other night doing homework and - wow is that the time?” You asked glancing at your phone. The team was going to be back soon and you knew if you weren’t back at the base, they would worry. You learned that the hard way when you left your phone at the compound when you were out on patrol by yourself. You had never seen so many adults with worried expressions at once.

“Wow I didn’t realize it was that late,” Peter said checking his phone. “I guess we should go then. I know how the team gets when you’re out late.”

“Yeah,” You said half-heartedly thinking about the events that happened before Peter came over.

“You okay?”

“Let’s get going,” You suggested while throwing your trash away.  

Peter followed you out as you shivered from the gust of cold air. You forgot to grab a jacket since you were so caught up in Peter asking you out on a date. You tried to warm up by rubbing your hands against your arms to make some heat.

“Here take my hoodie, it’s cold,” Peter said taking his hoodie off and handing to you.

Being too cold to refuse, you slipped it over your head and thanked him. Walking through some crowds you felt a hand grab your arm and pulled you into a nearby alleyway. Confused you turned around only to find it was Peter.


“You never answered my question back at the pizza place and you been acting weird ever since. What’s wrong?” Peter asked with concern.

“It’s nothing, Pete.”


“I swear it’s nothing,” You said trying to push your way past him.

“(Y/N),” he said grabbing onto your shoulders.

You sighed. “Promise not to freak out?”

“Why would I freak out? (Y/N) what’s wrong?”

“So ever since I got these powers I had you know these side effects. They mostly happen when I overuse my powers but lately they been happening randomly.”

“What kind of side effects?”

“Well at first I use to get nose bleeds and then my eyes started to bleed once in awhile. Sometimes they both happen at the same time and I feel lightheaded. I didn’t tell anyone because I knew they would freak out. Which was proven today when my eyes randomly started bleeding in front of Steve, Sam, Bucky, and Tony.” You said looking at the ground.

“So you’re worried that…?”

“That the guys will tell everyone else and I’ll look like this weak person. Which I’m not, I just have a lot of things wrong with me. I know everyone wouldn’t want to deal with me if they knew so I didn’t tell everyone.”

Without saying anything else, Peter wrapped you in a hug and held you tight. Smiling into the crook of his neck, you breathed in his scent, not wanting to let go. You oddly felt safe in his arms, and normally this was a feeling you never felt.

“Thank you,” You mumbled into Peter’s shoulder as he broke the hug.

“First off, none of us see you as a weak person. In fact, we see you as a badass hero with amazing powers. And secondarily, the team won’t abandon you so easily, especially me. You’re amazing, your laugh is adorable, and I-”

“You what?” You asked noticing your faces were inches apart from each other.

Without saying another word, Peter smashed his lips onto yours and you gasped in surprised. Smiling, you leaned into the kiss as you wrapped your arms around his neck. Peter then wrapped his arms around your waist deepening the kissing for a few more moments. Breaking apart, the two you tried to catch your breath as you grinned wildly.

“Wow,” You said breathlessly trying to get your thoughts straight.

“I-I don’t know what came over me,” Peter sheepishly said.

Giggling at his antics, you grabbed the collar of his shirt and pulled him in for another quick kiss. With your arms still tightly wrapped around his neck, resting your forehead against his.

“I would kiss you again but it’s started to get really cold,” You giggled again.

“Says the person wearing my hoodie,” Peter scoffed.

“Is the itsy bitsy spider upset?” You teased grabbing his hand and walking out of the alleyway. “If you want to kiss me some more let’s get back to the compound.”

Without another word, Peter picked you up as you like out a squeal. Running down the street carrying you bridal style, the both of you couldn’t stop laughing. Sure, you two got nasty looks from strangers, but they weren’t having as much fun as you were. Surprisingly for a guy Peter’s size, he was able to run pretty fast even through the crowded streets. You made it back to the compound in record time and he barely broke a sweat.

“You are a man of many surprises, Parker.” You said walking into the elevator to go to the living room. “I’m pretty sure the team isn’t back yet.”

“Then it’s our lucky day,” Peter said pulling you closer.

“Someone’s a bit eager aren’t they?”

“Shut up and kiss me already.”

Rolling your eyes, you leaned in for another kiss completely ignoring the elevator doors opening. Not aware of your surroundings, the two of you didn’t notice that in fact, the team was watching your makeout session.

“Parker got some game!” Sam yelled as the two you broke apart quickly.

“Oh God,” Peter muttered as his face went as red as his suit.

“Hey, guys…” You mumbled walking out of the elevator. “How long were you-”

“We saw the whole thing sweetheart,” Tony chuckled.

Covering your face in embarrassment, you let out an awkward laugh as the team continued to tease the two of you. Pietro started singing love songs as the others asked for details that you wouldn’t be telling. While this was happening, Peter’s phone buzzed and he let out a sigh.

“That’s my Aunt May, she wants me to come home.”

“Oh,” You answered sadly giving him a hug. While hugging him you glanced over to the team mouthing for you two to kiss. “You guys are actual five-year-olds.”

Letting Peter leave, you watched the team gesture over to him.You sighed while quickly grabbing his arm and spinning him back around to face you. The team knew how to get on your nerves but if this was going to shut them up, you were going to do it. Giving Peter a quick peck on the lips, you heard the whole team burst into cheers and whistling.

“I’ll see you tomorrow,” You said sending the spiderling on his way.

“Details now,” Natasha demanded before eyeing the hoodie you were wearing. “You’re wearing Parker’s hoodie.”

“I’m going to bed,” You grumbled.

You stepped into the elevator and pressed your floor button repeatedly, waiting for the doors to shut. Before you could question what was happening, Wanda sprinted in holding the doors open.

“Nat, hurry your ass up!” Wanda yelled as the assassin carried some junk food. “Boys don’t you even dare come near me.”

Natasha then pushed Clint out of the way and gracefully landed inside. The doors shut quickly and then you were left with two grinning Avengers. You should have seen this coming the moment you and Peter were caught.

“I think it’s time for a long overdue girls night,” Natasha added adjusting the junk food in her hands.

“If we run out of junk, I’ll make Vision grab it. He won’t question anything and, unlike some people, won’t disrupt our girls night,” Wanda said.

“I’m assuming I don’t get a say in this do I?” You asked. They both nodded. “I hate everyone.”

“Love you too,” They both responded, dragging you into your room.

It was definitely going to be an interesting night whether you like it or not.  

Part 7

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Poorly written parallel

I tried hard to like episode 12x18. I really did. However, there are many things I cannot deny, no matter how much I still love Supernatural or how committed I am to shipping Destiel and being generally positive about stuff. The episode wasn’t good. It wasn’t even acceptably good, and I’m sorry if some people out there have liked it or found nice things to say about it. I applaud you if you found something to like about “The memory remains”. I wish it were that easy for me.

People wrote meta about the aliases used in the episode: Agents Stark and Martell. Of course the reference to Oberyn Martell, a bisexual character from Game of Thrones, was the first thing to come to mind, so the episode seemed promising.

The very first thing we saw about Dean in the episode was that he was still worried about Cas. Dean had been trying to find Cas and couldn’t be convinced that he’d be fine. It’s so unusual for Cas not to call Dean back that Dean’s even considered the possibility that Cas has been arrested or killed. Besides, Dean’s way ahead of Sam regarding how concerned he is about Castiel. When Sam finally said that it was time to find the angel, Dean confessed he’d already tried. Up until that point, everything seemed normal and in accordance to what’s been happening in previous episodes.

Consistent writing didn’t last long, though. I don’t want to sound mean, but Mr. John Bring didn’t do a good job of portraying Dean. It’s very obvious when people do their homework thoroughly and when people just do some kind of surface research. The fact that Sam is the smart guy who likes to do research and read books while eating healthy food and Dean is the ladies’ man who prefers to do women over research while eating meat or greasy food is something that Mr. Bring copied and pasted from many seasons ago when Dean hadn’t had any character development yet. I hate it when a character’s growth is set back simply because the writer couldn’t be bothered to watch the most recent seasons of the show. That was poor writing, no matter how much we might try to justify it.

Dean behaved like a douche in that diner. He wasn’t paying much attention to what Sam was saying; he seemed more interested in the waitress than in the case that took them to Wisconsin. I couldn’t help having a flashback to many seasons back. Then we were just told that Dean spent an “awesome” night of meaningless sex with the waitress (Carmen), and they didn’t interact after that.

Are you seriously telling me that the only woman who showed up in the episode, whose name we could barely hear, who had literally no lines (except for saying her name) was there SIMPLY TO BE DEAN’S ONE NIGHT STAND? Are you fucking kidding me? That’s stupid writing and I am not going to defend the jerk who came up with that unoriginal, ridiculous idea. Mary had meaningless sex with Mr. Ketch last week, and even their hook up provided more insight than what we were given about Dean and the waitress.

Dean is an almost 40-year old man who is allowed to have sex whenever he wants to. That’s true. He is free to do it just as much as Mary was. I don’t mind if we’re going to have Dean hooking up with random women, but at least that should be relevant to the story somehow. This random waitress, however, was totally expendable. Do this exercise, delete in your mind the scenes where she appeared. When you do that, is there anything missing in the story? Does anything change? Will it be useful in further episodes? At least Mary and Mr. Ketch’s sex scene added to the drama about the whole “Mr. Ketch, eliminate all American hunters” thing that we have going on. Carmen’s whole purpose in the episode was to show us that Dean still got it, that he can still be a macho man who gets the ladies. Repeat after me: That is poor, sloppy writing!

Don’t try to tell me that if Dean is bisexual it means he can be with women and with men whenever he wants to. I fucking know that! I AM BISEXUAL, for Chuck’s sake! I know what being bisexual feels like. I’ve known it all my life. It’s just that this isn’t real life; it’s TV. If the writer of the episode really intended to show that Dean is bisexual, he could have included the meaningless sex as well as a scene of Dean flirting with some random guy. But of course we’re not gonna get that! Of course we’ll only get Dean with a replaceable woman who has no substance or relevance in the story. OF COURSE!

You can tell me that the writer was trying to make a clear parallel between old Bishop and John Winchester. 
And maybe…. MAYBE you’re right. I’ll give you that.

PETE: Old man Bishop, he, uh, he had an eye for the ladies.

Before that line, we got the whole “different moms, same daddy”, which clearly reminded us that John Winchester had Dean and Sam but also had another child. (Hello, Adam!) It’s even more interesting to hear the guy say a line similar to the one that has forever been the Winchester motto: “Saving people, hunting things, the family business”. Compare that to the Bishop motto: “Hunting people, killing them. The family business.”

We know Dean learned to be the ladies’ man from his father. A lesson that he learned pretty well as we were painfully reminded in the episode thanks to Carmen. And here we have two Bishop sons: Pete (the one who wanted to do exactly what his father did) and Barry (the one who wanted to put a stop to it). So who’s Dean going to be? In this episode Dean was Pete. He behaved just like old John Winchester would have expected him to. Will he put a stop to it? Will he be like Barry? I don’t know and these writers fuck up so much sometimes that I don’t even want to speculate about it right now.

I got the parallel loud and clear. But I still think that it was poorly written. In the hands of a much talented writer, we could have gotten something ten times better. In moments like this, I miss Ben Edlund, Robbie Thompson, and even Jeremy Carver. The fact that I kind of understand why something was written doesn’t mean I have to approve of the way it was executed. At the end of the day, 12x18 was an episode that I wouldn’t recommend rewatching.

Brendon Urie, Pete Wentz (Threesome Smut) - late for class

You ran through the school, you knew you were going to be late for class, and it was English with Mr Urie ‘fuck’ you thought to yourself as you slowed and the door and saw everyone sitting in their desks.
Mr Urie was sat on the edge of his desk doing the typical 'hipster teacher’ thing. But he definitely looked good doing it, his shirt was rolled up and unbuttoned at the top with his tie sitting loose, you could see a few of his tattoos and his hair looked great, slicked back to the slide slightly with a few strays.
You realised you had been stood outside the classroom door for a few minutes just staring, making yourself even more late, so you finally walked into the room.
The whole classed stared at you, which you knew was inevitable.
“Miss Y/L/N, you are very late, what happened?” He asked, his voice making you melt.
“Um, sorry, I was trying to find your homework to give you” you replied flustered and the whole class groaned 'brilliant’ you thought to yourself you were an outsider as it was, let alone after dropping the whole class in it from reminding him you had homework.
“Okay, well, I need to see you after class. And don’t moan at y/n guys, I never forgot about it” he crossed his legs still sat on the desk.
Everyone pulled their homework out of their bags, and by everyone it was less than half the class.
You wondered to yourself why he wanted to see you after class… why? Surely he could just send a letter and be done with it.

The class seemed to take a lifetime, you kept fantasising about Mr Urie pulling you up onto his desk and fucking you senseless, to the point your underwear was feeling wet.
'Snap out of it’ you thought to yourself not only is he your teacher but it’s not like you’re even in his good books.
In almost perfect union the class picked their bags up and left the room, leaving you alone in the class with your heart throb of a teacher.

You stayed at your table and waited for him in silence, he was trying to look busy play with paperwork a few moments later he walked over, slowly, making you tingle.
He sat on the edge of the table “Miss y/l/n what are we going to do with you?” He sighed and his hand slipped over yours.
You suddenly felt confident with his hand on yours it was like electricity flowed through your body. You stood and leaned across the table to him “I don’t know sir, what are we going to do” your hand slid up his leg.
He twitched, maybe you shouldn’t have done that you panicked.
“Well, you’re confident, just asking for more trouble aren’t you?” He stood up and walked to you.
“Maybe” you replied sitting on the table and tugging his tie pulling him between your legs.
“You are breaking a lot of rules” he moaned and you grabbed at his crotch.
“Punish me then” just as you finished talking his lips smacked against yours it felt like fire. Your arms went around his neck and pulled the two of you closer into the kiss.
“I have been waiting for this, for so long” you said to him planting kisses on his neck.
“I was hoping you’d feel like that” he started to unbutton is shirt.
“Are you sure you wanna do this here?” You asked, you want it but you weren’t sure if you were gonna get caught.
“It’s okay, everyone has gone home now, I wouldn’t worry too much beautiful, nobody will find out” he stood shirtless, putting his clothes on his desk and closing the blinds.
“I trust you” you said as you undid your jeans throwing them to one side and taking your top of sitting back on your desk in your underwear waiting for him.
“Well don’t you look amazing” you could see the bulge in his trousers as he unbuckled his belt. He them down, leaving his boxers showing the tent his hard cock made.
You pulled your legs around him, and pushed his boxers down with your feet “well you’re eager” he growled into your ear, pushed your panties to one side.
“Are you ready?” His thumb playing with your clit.
“Yes” you squirmed and moaned under his touch
“Yes what?” He inserted two fingers slowly pushing them in and out.
“Please, sir” your head titled back letting him kiss your neck as he fingered you.
“Good girl” he lined his cock up and slowly pushed himself into you, letting you adjust to his significant size. You moaned loudly as the door creaked open.
“Shit” you shouted burying your head into his neck.
He turned as you held onto him still hiding yourself.

“Um, Hi Brendon, we were meant to be carpooling?” You recognised the voice and turned to see your Photography teacher Mr Wentz stood awkwardly in the doorway “y/n?!” He asked now looking half angry half horny as you saw from his trousers.
“Yes sir” you said, not sure what to do.
He shut the door and walked further in.
“Sorry Pete I completely forgot” Mr Uris replied, was he seriously having a conversation with another teacher as you sat on a desk in your underwear with his dick in you?! 'This is unreal’ you thought.
“Well you can either join in, watch or report us, but by the look of those trousers I don’t think it will be the latter” you said bluntly getting impatient.
“Well she’s feisty” Mr Wentz said to Mr Urie.
“Yes, I’m feisty and fucking horny so make your mind up” you snapped.
“Don’t worry I’ll shut her up” Mr Urie replied, turning you over so you leaned against the desk and slamming himself back into you making you wince in pleasure.
“So will I Brendon” Mr Wentz walked towards the front of you and unbuttoned his jeans, showing a tattoo just above his crotch.
He took his semi erect cock out and you took it into your hand, slowly rubbing him up and down. You gently licked him, hearing slight moans escaping your lips.
You took him into your mouth, slowly and deeper.
Mr Urie continued fucking you from behind, one hand working your clit, the other holding you.
You were moaning onto Mr Wentz’s cock making him get closer and closer to climax, Mr Urie’s moans were getting louder too, the room was filled with the sound of sex.
You orgasmed without warning, your whole body started to feel numb with pleasure.
Mr Wentz started to push himself further down your throat, you gagged slightly but knew he was gonna come, you quickly felt his load hit your throat as you tried to swallow most of him.
He moved down and kissed you passionately, as soon as he did, Mr Urie grabbed your chest and leaned over you getting as close as possible, you weren’t sure whether it was out of jealousy or not.
He became heavier and sloppier with his thrusts he was reaching his climax and moaned your name as he came inside you.
He slowly came to a stop and stayed still kissing your back lightly completely out of breath.
“Fuck” he said softly
“Yes” you replied
You turned around exhausted and sat back up on the table looking at both or your teachers, not sure what to say.
Mr Urie grabbed his clothes, re dressing himself and Mr Wentz buckled his belt.
“Thank you sir” you said sheepishly feeling extremely exposed.
“I think you can call me Brendon now” he chuckled to himself.
“Yeah, you might as well call me Pete” he kissed your forehead “I’ll get the bus back, I think you two might need to talk, your secret is safe with me” he left the room.

Brendon passed you your clothes, and gently moved your hair out your face “do you want to come back to mine for a shower?” His eyes melted your soul.
You nodded he saw how exhausted you were and helped you put your clothes on. You slowly stood up and he wrapped your arm around your waist and the two of you left to his car. You were on cloud nine.

The music producer.

Request:  Can you do a Harrison Osterfield one where the reader is a music producer. she’s co staring with tom and her and haz hit it off and it took them forever to get together and it somehow has rings involved? Please. ~ @theonlyonelives
(Took a little creative liberty but I think I did alright??)


Word count: 1,429

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Your tags about Jack being annoying and Jacob wondering why Sam loves him reminds me of back in the day when Pete finally met Jacob and tried to call him dad and Jacob was like "not gonna happen" but Jack still got away with it. Good stuff.

Jacob is the biggest Sam and Jack shipper

if I remember correctly, Jack only called him “dad” to his face once. But Jacob didn’t even bat an eye. He was like “it’s gonna happen, I might as well get used to it”

and Jack was literally bringing Sam a drink when they first met. But really, who can resist Jack O’Neill?

when Jacob meets Pete he is so not impressed 

look at him

he’s dying inside (haha see what I did there *cries*)

and Sam… She looks like she wants to go through the gate and never return

“Dad, this is Pete. I agreed to marry him, but now I’m actually moving off world, alone. Somewhere with no people. Maybe a pond. Btw, can you give my CO my new gate address?”

also I believe Jacob never sassed anyone but Jack. And, well, Sam. But not as often because she’s the scary one

Jacob’s pretty much chosen Jack to be his son in law

On The Ropes

Written for @dancingalone21‘s 2K follower AU Funny Quote Challenge. I picked the quote: “Are we gonna fight or make out, cause I’m gettin’ some real mixed signals here.” The quote is bolded.

Word Count: 2360

Warnings: Mentions of injury; getting shot on the job

Summary:  Reader is a cop that was shot in the line of duty. As part of her physical therapy, she picks up boxing at the local gym in town, On The Ropes, owned by two brothers, Sam and Dean Winchester.  She is drawn to the elder brother when Dean starts working with her on moving, coordination and finally hitting. Once they get in the ring, things don’t go as planned.

A/N: unbeta’d, all mistakes are mine. Feedback and comments are welcome!   

Your entire body protested as you rolled out of bed. The last couple of months had been physically, mentally and emotionally draining. Since being shot in the line of duty over 8 weeks ago, recovery had been slow, to say the least. After completing out-patient physical therapy, your therapist had suggested something a little tougher for you, considering your job and attitude. So he gave you the name and address of a place he had sent patients before.

You found yourself outside the building, looking up at the sign that read “On The Ropes.” That is exactly how you felt. You couldn’t return to work for at least another month and felt like you were going stir crazy just sitting in your empty house. It’s now or never, you thought as you hiked your bag over your shoulder and pushed the door open.

The place was a lot bigger than outward appearances led you to believe. There were two separate rings and three workout areas on just the first floor alone, although you could see stairs, so you could only guess there was more upstairs. What you considered ‘workout’ music was pumping throughout the space. A man with shaggy brown hair walked over, welcoming you.

“Hi, I am Sam Winchester, co-owner and trainer. What can I do for you today?” His voice was kind, he was incredibly tall and built like a Greek God, Hercules maybe. He was also quite attractive, his eyes swimming with color.

“Hi, Sam. Y/N Y/L/N. I was referred to you guys by my PT. This place is huge.” You told Sam, hiking your bag back up.

“Yeah, thanks. Pete called said you would be by. I am booked today, but my brother, Dean, is going to be your trainer. He is upstairs in his office, why don’t you follow me and we will get you set up. Sound good?” Sam was rather cheerful and you just were not really in the mood today.

“Lead the way.” You said, trying to keep your voice even. You didn’t want to have to do this. You just wanted back on the job.

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Peter usually relates to the people he deals with in his day-to-day life as Peter Parker, or as Spider-Man — it’s usually one or the other. When he’s with Bobbi, she’s someone who has the same kind of lifestyle and interests, but also someone who can relate to both parts of him in a way that others haven’t.

He’s had a relationship with the Black Cat, who really just wanted to have a relationship with Spider-Man. He’s also had relationships as Peter where he’s revealed that he is Spider-Man over time, so it’s almost like they have to suddenly accept this other secret half of him. With Bobbi, he’s walking into this relationship where, from the moment they start it, she knows both halves, and she’s coming at it from the superhero side.

They know the kind of craziness their lives get into. It’s not something he has to make an excuse for. They’re also people who have fought together side by side. They’ve been teammates and looked out for each other. Their relationship stretches back to the time when they were both on the New Avengers. This is a very different thing than we’ve seen in Spidey’s life before.

she is a super scientist, as well. And she, too, has left relationships in her wake moving through the superhero life, just like Pete

The way I write Spidey is that he has feet of clay, and he’s going to—like us—find all new ways to screw up. Bobbi has got the secret agent/super hero part together. The way I see Mockingbird and where she is now is, she’s very much about getting that part of the job done, and she does it in a way that Spidey doesn’t. At the same time, there is that trust when an agent has a partner in the field and they’re each watching each others’ backs.

That’s the masked parts of their lives. What it’s going to be like when the masks come off… we’ll have to wait and see.


Dan Slott

a) Its different but OOC so it’s bullshit

b) Asshole MARY JANE did that shit too, she just came at it from the civilian (i.e. more important) side of things in experiencing what it’s like to be Peters friend and watching what happened to Gwen

c) Peter and MJ have fought together too. More importantly they’ve gone through emotional and domestic battles together. The stuff that REAL people deal with

d) Who the fuck did Peter date where he revealed his identity to them and then they had to deal with that? Deb Whitman left the same issue he came clean with her and she didn’t even believe him.

e) Peter and MJ’s relationship stretches back to you know…Stan Lee’s run

f) So a retread of why Carlie should be with Peter. Because they are both scientists. And the silent thing he is saying is that MJ was dumb for not being a scientist.

g)  You aren’t supposed to write Spider-Man in such a way that he will inevitably screw up and that is the point you goddam jackass! You are supposed to write him as doing his best to be a good responsible guy and sometimes he screws up but that’s not the goddam point! UGHHHHH!!!!!!

The Road to El Dorado Starter Sentences (Part 1)
  • "Today, we sail to conquer the new world!"
  • "This could be our destiny, our fate."
  • "If I believed in fate, I wouldn't be playing with loaded dice."
  • "Come on baby. Papa needs that crappy map..."
  • "You dare to impugn my honor?"
  • "He was the one that was cheating!"
  • "Oh, now I'm the thief? Take a look in the mirror, pal!"
  • "I will give you the honor of a quick and painless death."
  • "You fight like my sister."
  • "I've fought your sister, that's a compliment."
  • "We're both in barrels, that's the extent of my knowledge."
  • "My crew was as carefully chosen as the disciples of Christ, and I will not tolerate stowaways."
  • "You will be flogged. And when we port into Cuba to resupply, God willing, you will be flogged some more...and then enslaved on the sugar plantations for the rest of you miserable life."
  • "That's your plan, is it? ...well I like it!"
  • "Okay, what's your idea, smart guy?"
  • "Don't ask me that! You're the one with the plans."
  • "For pete's sake, he's a ruthless warhorse, not a poodle."
  • "Look on the positive side. At least things can't get--"
  • "Excuse me. Were you going to say 'worse'?"
  • "Did you ever imagine it would end like this?"
  • "The horse is a surprise."
  • "My regret, besides dying, is our greatest adventure is over before it even began, and no one will even remember us."
  • "Well if it's any consolation... you... made my life... an adventure."
  • "And if it's any consolation, you made my life... rich."
  • "What's that? The map? ... You still have the map? You kept the map but you couldn't grab a little more food?!"
  • "It's the map to El Dorado!"
  • "You drank the sea water didn't you?"
  • "Wait a minute. New plan. We find the city of gold. We take the gold, and then we go back to Spain."
  • "And buy Spain!"
  • "That's the spirit!"
  • "Your horse bit me in the butt!"
  • "Apparently, 'El Dorado' is native for... 'great, Big, ... ROCK'!"
  • "You don't think Cortes could've gotten here before us?"
  • "And what? Took all the /really/ big rocks? The scoundrel!"
  • "As the prophesies foretold, the time of judgment is now!"
  • "Did I not predict that the gods would come to us?"
  • "My lord, I am not a thief."
  • "My only wish is to serve the gods."
  • "You do not question the gods!"
  • "Do not question me/us, or I/we shall have to unleash our awesome and terrible power!"
  • "Visit your wrath upon this nonbeliever!"
  • "Show us the truth of your divinity!"
  • "You know that little voice that people have that tells them to quick when they're ahead? ... You don't have one!"
  • "Well, I'm sorry I got carried away!"
  • "Maybe we should tell the truth and beg for mercy."
  • "Both. Both is good."
  • "They actually think we're gods."
  • "We just have to keep this up long enough to load up on the gold and get the hell out of here!"
  • "We'll be living like kings!"
  • "(Person A) and (Person B)! (Person B) and (Person A)! Mighty and powerful gods!"
  • "Depart mortal! Before we/I strike you with a lightning bolt!"
  • "Beware the wrath of the gods!"
  • "Save it for the high priest, honey. You're gonna need it."
  • "What makes you think that I need your help?"
  • "Are you serious?"
  • "I want in on the scam."
  • "Scam? There's not a scam. Why would think there's a scam?"
  • "She wants in so she can get out."
  • "Think you're the only one who dreams of better things?"
  • "You've got your reasons, and I've got mine."
  • "Do you mind?"
  • "The little voice-- remember the little voice? Just for a second imagine that you have one."
  • "And we're pretending to be Gods."
  • "We must avoid giving in to temptation."
  • "Relax! All you have to do is smile, act godly, and follow my lead."
W*O*L*D (Pt. 2) (Daveed x Reader)

Summary: Pete makes things difficult

TW: Swearing, cheating/divorce, poorly edited bc I’m lazy


Part 1 Part 3

You wait at the airport for him, bouncing your almost year old son on your hip. Pete barely knows anything about his youngest son, you tried to tell him, but he was always too busy to listen to you, so you stop trying to tell him. You told him the day his son was born, his first words, first steps, and all the other little moments he missed. You hate it. You hate that your husband has never been there for you. You thought he would come back for his kids, but he didn’t. When Bronx was born, he walked into the hospital the after. You told him the due date and that, if nothing else, he should visit for that week, but he didn’t. He came in the next day. Not only did he miss Bronx being born, but he missed Saint. You would have thought that after he missed one son’s birth, he would have come to the second, but no, this radio gig was too important to him.

You finally see him, dragging a large suitcase behind him. Once he gets close enough, he engulfs Bronx in a hug and asks to hold Saint.

“Hey, buddy, you must be my son. You’re so big!” He smiles, but Saint turns away from him.

Pete greets you last. He wraps his free hand around your waist and kisses you. You just scowl. You’re done with this, pretending that it doesn’t bother you. You’re done with him. “Nice to see you again.”

He frowns. “What’s wrong, (Y/N/N)?”

You shake your head and take your son back. “Nothing, just tired.”

He nods.

You lead him out to your car, as Bronx tells him all about school. Pete nods excitedly. It almost makes you feel bad.

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I thought I’d do a John and Cynthia Lennon appreciation post since I don’t see alot of them and everyone seems to think he only loved yoko, which is not true at all:

“We used to take the mickey out of her, but John always said he fancied her. He called her Miss Prim. He was certainly always attracted to her from the first time he saw her in the canteen.“ -Thelma Pickles (John’s ex)

"I hate the word, but posh best describes John’s first impressions of Cynthia. He was clearly attracted to her but hid that behind a regular barrage of bad jokes about her. She was the most important person to him for a long time but John did not want to look weak to his peers, to be soppy over a girl." -Pauline Sutcliffe (Stuart Sutcliffe’s sister)

One day, not long after we had first met Cyn, I was at Mendips with John and he told me that Cyn was coming from town on the bus. I was twelve then and I was looking forward to seeing her again, wondering what arty, studenty clothes she would be wearing. Mendips is right on the main road, which meant that you could see the bus stop if you looked through the upstairs windows, which is why John ran up and down the stairs to his bedroom whenever he thought he heard a bus engine. You could hear whether or not the bus stopped to let passengers on or off. When the bus did indeed deposit Cynthia on the pavement, John shouted ‘Yes!’ and then flung himself downstairs to watch for her coming through the gate. Then he sauntered through the kitchen, as if he didn’t even know she was coming and he was bumping into her in his own garden by sheer good luck! I couldn’t believe his cool. I loved it! Cynthia was dressed in black from head to toe, just like John. A couple of art students, in love and like art students…in love. It was tangible.” -Julia Baird (John’s sister)

“My feelings for John were very different from those I’d had for any other boy: more powerful, more exciting and totally unshakeable. And I sensed in John the same strong feelings. Perhaps each of us recognised and was drawn to a deep need in the other. But at the time I didn’t analyse it. I simply felt certain that this was no passing fling. It was real love.”- Cynthia

“I do remember John being told you don’t have to marry her John; you don’t have to do this. I know that Mrs Powell, that’s Cynthia’s mother, also told Cynthia, you don’t have to get married. So they didn’t get married because it was a shotgun wedding. They got married because they wanted to, because I remember John saying: ‘I want to marry her, what’s the matter with you all?’" -Julia Baird

"He used to tell me how he and Cyn planned to settle down and raise a family as soon as the Beatles began to pay off, and how much he missed being without her." -Pete Best

"Well, she’s beautiful, you know, and what people don’t know is how smart she is. No matter what’s happening, you know, she’s always there for me" -John

"After rehearsals or a gig, we would go to a bar in the West End. We would drink and talk. It would be late at night, but Cynthia was always waiting for him, always there to embrace him. She was sweetly sensitive, and I do believe most people have no idea what a central figure she was in terms of keeping him somewhat stable during that hard phase when no one knew if the boys were a passing fad or the real thing. I mean, John was the leader, but he was also scared all the time. People forget what a rock she was for him." -Tony Barrow

"I like to keep my work and my private life separate, which is why I keep Cynthia out of the picture. I took her to America, because a trip like that comes once in a lifetime, and she deserved it." -John

"A few days later John is in a taxi, passing a store that has a red night-shirt in the window. He tells the cab to stop, goes inside, and asks how much the night-shirt costs. ‘Six pounds,’ he is told. ‘That’s a lot,’ he says, ‘but I think Cyn would like it.’" -Michael Braun

"Lennon seemed to have a very traditional love for Cynthia and would call her nightly to check in and talk, in baby talk, to his son Julian. It was exciting to watch. Here was a Beatle, the idol of millions, savoring a few minutes on the phone with his wife." -Art Schreiber (Radio Broadcaster)

"During my first travels with the Beatles in 1964, John was eager to talk about his family of three. When the subject turned to Cynthia, his eyes, always mysterious and rarely revealing of his mood, would sparkle and dance.” -Larry Kane (Journalist)

"At Kenwood, Cyn kept herself busy looking after the cooking and the baby, and gave the Lennon household a sensibly, orderly, and almost bourgeois character that John, the non-conformist, the rebel, secretly found comforting”-Pete Shotton

“My wife married me not because I’m a Beatle, but because she loves me." -John

"I fell in love with Cynthia. It’s as simple as that." -John

"It was said I never loved Cyn. That’s far from the truth. We were young, bigheaded, and got into a physical relationship too soon. Perhaps if we took things slow, we would have made it. I know we would have made it.” -John (1974)

“The man I love the most died a tragic death.”- Cynthia

“Of course I love him. I love John as I loved him, you don’t change love. There’s no reason on earth why I should hate him.”- Cynthia


Prompt: Imagine your OTP are friends who dare each other to get their fortunes told. The fortune teller then tells them that they are destined lovers - and that they will soon be brought together by the powers of fate. Of course, the OTP doesn’t believe it. What follows is a strange series of events that suggest that fate really is bringing them together.

Peter Parker x Reader

Warnings: l o n g af lol, mentions of hamilton, LOTS OF FLUFF

AN: so i found this blog called OTP Prompts  and if you write fanfics/imagines they have amazing prompts if you get stuck in a rut like i just did lol

Send in prompts from this list!

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Peter and I were quickly approaching ‘Madam Estrella’s Fortune Telling’. We stopped in front of the store and stared at the door.

“Are you sure you want to do this, Y/N?” 

“Of course I am. Why, Pete? Are you wimping out?” I teased my best friend. He glared at me.

“Never. Let’s go.” 

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