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Rise of the Cybermen/The Age of Steel - Behind the Scenes (Part Four)

From the DVD commentary with Noel Clarke (Mickey Smith), Camille Coduri (Jackie Tyler), and Shaun Dingwall (Pete Tyler)

[talking about Pete’s World Pete rejecting Rose]

Noel: Why did Pete?

Camille:  Why don’t you… 

Shaun: He can’t handle it!

Camille:   You’re completely in denial there!

Shaun: Yeah, completely.

Camille: Do you hear her?

Shaun: How could you get your head around that?

Camille: You just left!!  But Pete, you were so lovely as well… and caring.

Shaun: It’s not that he’s not being lovely, it’s just… how would you deal with that? You know?

Camille: You were so lovely. You always were out of the two of us… the one people have more sympathy with, and there you are turning against your child.

Noel: [laughing]

Shaun: I’m not turning.  I just don’t think he can get his head around it, you know?  

Camille: I know it’s heavy, but…

Shaun:  The daughter he’s never had!

Camille: I’m very protective of my Bill.  How was she that night when you were all…? 

Shaun: What do you mean?

Camille: It’s quite a big thing for Rose to say goodbye to her father again, for the second time, and actually the rejection of that.

Shaun: Well, he’s not her father, you know?  He’s not her father at this point.

Camille: I know, I know

Shaun: So I don’t think he’s turning against her, actually.

Camille: Okay, we’ll cut and print on that then. I’ll let you off on that one, Shaun.

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100+ Emmerdale Icons

So I made a bunch of Emmerdale (mostly Aaron and Robert) icons because I couldn’t find any anywhere. Feel free to use them wherever you want.

  • Do not claim as your own.
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Every interview I see from Karla she says "Wes, The LOVE of my life." I really can't I get some many feels but then I remember that I hate Pete so much because of what he did to Wes why couldn't it be Frank? It's not just that but then he makes Laurel's dad be the killer and then everyone blames Wes for everything when he did nothing wrong so they can get off the hook and also blame it on his mental issues? I can't these writers are more than racist I don't even know what to call them.

True it’s all so wrong on so many levels as well as the fact they used his death as shock value and then only deepened it and made it EVEN MORE PROBLEMATIC instead of giving a decent reason for his death or idk writing him off in a more respectful way? This was so weak and lame, as if the writers actually wanted us to suffer so much. They succeeded.

Music is my first love - kellsbells - Warehouse 13 [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Chapters: 1/?
Fandom: Warehouse 13
Rating: Mature
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Myka Bering/Helena “H. G.” Wells
Characters: Myka Bering, Helena “H. G.” Wells, Christina Wells, Claudia Donovan, Pete Lattimer, Steve Jinks
Additional Tags: University AU, yeah it’s set at my uni, I’m that narcissistic, apparently

Myka Bering is a new lecturer at Salford University. She meets Helena Wells and Sam Martino on the same night. Things get a bit complicated. University lecturers AU, with a hint of music.

Ready?Okay!(Peter Parker x Reader)

AN: The reader tries out for cheerleading and some drama stirs up! (A week after ‘Sorry)

Warning: Cursing, fluff, and other stuff!


You nervously held Peter’s hand, as you both walked to the gym. “You’re going to do great, Y/N!” He said, kissing your forehead. “I’ll be waiting right here when you finish and then we can celebrate with pizza!” He smiled. 

Just as you let go of his hand Liz Allen and two of her followers came out of the gym. “Hey Y/N, glad you finally decided to join us.” She smiled. 

“Hey Pete!” She said smiling and staring at him longer than you’d like.

“Ummm-Hi!” He said, rubbing the back of his head. Her staring at him made Peter blush, “Well, I’ll see you when you get out. Bye” He kissed you on the lips and headed toward the science lab to work on his web shooters.

“You guys are cute.” She said. There was a hint of jealousy and bitterness in her tone, but you brushed it off. 

“Follow me!” She grabbed your arm and led you to the gym.

Michelle ran up to you and squealed, “i can’t believe you are actually here!”
“Hey Coach!” She yelled, puling you with her.

“This is Y/N, my friend!” She smiled. 

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I’m so hYPED! I gotta get out a lotta stuff!! I have no clue why you asked me of all people but alas, you did

- Pete is a lot shorter than Andre, (5'6 and 6'2) so Andre quite often scoops him up and smoOCHES him (in private)

- Andre actually is the one who picks Pete’s suits and thus gets annoyed when Pete doesn’t wear them properly (which is why he’s fixes his tie for him)

- Pete wears Andre’s shirts so much neither of them really knows who owns what (“That’s my shirt!” “It is?“ “Well…I was wearing it yesterday..” “I’m pretty sure it’s mine.” “But-” “Andre, it’s mine now.” “..what?”)

- Before they dated Pete used to sleep on the couch and when Andre was asleep Pete would crawl into his bed

- Pete’s cats are the only cats Andre doesn’t hate, cause his BF loves them. But he still isn’t keen

- Pete’s 4 years younger than Andre and Andre uses this to no end. (“Who’s the adult here?” “We both are.” “Who’s the OLDER adult here then?” “Fuck you Andre.”

- Andre loves to show public affection but Pete gets awkward everytime he does it, so he keeps it to a minimal.

- Pete’s family is highly religious and he still (at age 30) hasn’t told them about anything in his life, particularly in terms of him being gay and dating Andre. (He jokes about having to marry Andre after his parents die, but it upsets him)

- The fans of the show theorize about whether or not they are actually dating, if Pete’s parents weren’t homophobic then they probably would’ve just said it already

- Andre has a really shitty sleeping schedule since he stays up late as hell to write and edit episodes of Sewer Gators. Sometimes Pete will take the laptop from his hands and toss it across the room

- Literally whenever he calls them, Andre’s parents ask him if he’s still dating Pete. (“Hello dear! How are you?” “I’m good mom, I-” “Are you still dating Petey, love?” “Yeah mom, I’m still dating Pete.”) Andre’s parents love Pete and whenever they come round they spoil him. (Also Andre’s mom once threatend to punch Pete’s mom if she “Didn’t stop being a disgusting cunt.”)

- Andre is openly bisexual, Pete is homosexual (and has come out to a few select people)

- It took Clancy the record time of three minutes to work out they were together, and sorta just told Andre (“Oh, so you and Pete are dating, thought so.” “Really? How? What gave it away.” “Kinda just…everything man.”)

- The reason Pete wants to find Andre so quickly at the beginning is because multiple times before Andre has wandered off only to fall through rotten floorboards and hurt himself. The worst incident of this happening was a 2013, when Andre fell from the second floor to the ground and broke his leg. Pete freaked to say the least

-On road trips they sleep in the back of the van with whichever cameraman they’ve hired. And despite being an extremely small guy Pete spreads himself over Andre and usually the poor soul who’s also there. Andre often just has to haul Pete on top of him, because it’s just easier

-Pete sometimes just leans on Andre without warning, it’s the most affectionate he’ll get in public

-These are just some, if anyone has more I wanna hear tbh

So this ended up way longer than I intended. Inspired by this fic. And I definitely have a thing for shorter Remus/taller Sirius, even though apparently everyone in the fandom likes the opposite, but oh well, I do what I want.

It was a clear summer night, the stars bright and the moon a crescent in the sky, and the four Marauders sat in a field on the Potter estate drinking firewhiskey Sirius had bought while the others waited around the building’s corner, Peter letting out the occasional whimper, convinced they were going to be caught and he’d spend the rest of his life in Azkaban (“Oh for Merlin’s sake, Pete, even if we do get caught [which we won’t, Padfoot’s a pro at this] they wouldn’t send us to Azkaban over a little underage drinking!” an exasperated James said [for the fifth time].) They passed the bottle around, on their third one now, getting drunker and drunker until Peter suddenly keeled over, passed out. (Remus dove epically to try and stop Peter from hitting the ground too hard; Sirius dove epically to try and stop the bottle of firewhiskey Peter was holding from spilling.)

“Looks like Wormtail’s done for the night,” James said, slurring his words a little. He stood up, stretching. “Think I am too. If I drink any more I’m going to pass out myself, and I know you sods won’t carry me in, you’ll just leave me out here in the field while you go sleep in warm, comfy beds. Don’t deny it, we all know it’s true!” James could be a bit dramatic when drunk.

“Who’s denying it, Prongs?” Sirius said. “You’re damn right I’d leave you in the field! More bed for me.”

“Padfoot, you do realize there is no logic in that at all, right?” Remus chimed in. “We have separate beds. James not being in his won’t mean you’ll have any more space in yours.”

“It’s the principle of the thing, Moony,” Sirius said with what was supposed to be a decisive nod.

Remus just shook his head, knowing full well there was no point in arguing with drunk Sirius (or sober Sirius, for that matter).

James pointed his wand at Peter’s unconscious form, gave a little swish-and-flick, and began walking the two of them back to the house, leaving the remaining two Marauders to finish off the firewhiskey.

Neither Sirius nor Remus spoke; they just passed the bottle back and forth in silence for a while. It was killing Remus. Sitting here. Alone. With Sirius. Sirius, who looked so damn good in that leather jacket.  Sirius, who looked so damn good without that leather jacket, which he’d just shrugged off and tossed on the grass. Sirius, whose t-shirt rode up every time he brought the bottle to his lips. Sirius, who looked so beautiful in the starlight. In the moonlight. (At least the moon was good for something.) Sirius, who had no idea how crazy it drove him when he ran his fingers through his hair like that. Sirius, who didn’t know how it felt like a full moon every time Remus saw him kissing some girl. Sirius. 100% straight Sirius.

“Hey Moons, have you ever fancied anyone?” Sirius asked out of the blue.

“What?” Remus asked, taken aback by the question, given his current train of thought. Had he been staring too long?

“Have you ever fancied anyone? Like, really fancied them. More than just some snog you know you’ll be over in a week.”

“You mean more than your average Tuesday?”

Sirius laughed. “Yeah, more than my average Tuesday. But I’m serious, Re. I know I date a lot of girls, but there’s this one person – girl I mean, this one girl – and she just makes me feel like no one else. I’m mad for her, Moons, I really am. And I just don’t know what to do about it.”

“Well Pads, have you tried, oh I don’t know, asking her out?” Remus asked, unable to keep all the bitterness out of his voice.

“Nah, it’s not that simple.”

“Why not? It seems to work every other time you’ve tried it.”

“Yeah, but she’s not your average girl, Moons. There’s no way she’d go with me. She’s way out of my league.”

Remus snorted. “What is she, a Veela? No, actually I don’t think even Veela would be out of your league. There’s like – ” he held his hand a little above his head, indicating height – “you and Veelas around here, and then everyone else – ” he lowered his hand to just below his waist – “down here. How can she possibly be out of your league?”

“Ah, you don’t get it, Moony. She’s like, the most incredible person I’ve ever met. She’s brilliant, like really brilliant, and the kindest person in the whole world. Honestly, she’d give up her life to help someone else, I mean it. She’s got the most beautiful soul. It’s so deep. You look at her and you just feel so insignificant in her presence. Because she’s just so damn deep. And if you’re lucky enough to look her in the eyes, it’s incredible. You can see galaxies in there, Re, whole galaxies. And she’s got these freckles that go across her nose, they’re really light, but when she laughs they get all scrunched together and her nose scrunches up too. Drives me crazy. And her laughter is like music, the most beautiful symphony to ever exist.

“I love to watch her read. When she gets really into a book, you can just tell that she’s in an entirely different world. And it just makes me so damn jealous, because she can just slip into another world and escape everything. Everything wrong in life. She can be in a world full of happy endings. A world where the guy always gets the girl. And wouldn’t that just be so fucking fabulous? To know that your happy ending is out there? That you can create it however you want? I’ve read some of the books that seem to be her favourites, when she isn’t looking, and I fell in love with them too. It’s like they just managed to somehow absorb her wonderfulness. Like by reading them she somehow gave them a piece of her soul. And when I read them, it’s almost like I can grab on to that little piece of soul. Almost. It always manages to dance just beyond my fingers. Probably because I know she’d never have me.

“If I’m here – ” Sirius raised his hand like Remus had – “then she’s in the very heavens themselves.”

Remus was silent for a while. He was thankful for the darkness; Sirius couldn’t see him fighting back tears. Why did he have to be in love with Sirius? Even if Sirius weren’t straight, Remus could never compare to a girl like that. And Sirius was head over heels for her, that much was obvious.

He finally spoke, once he was sure he could stop his voice from trembling: “You need to tell her how you feel, Sirius.”

Sirius’ voice was quiet when he answered, barely more than a whisper, and it was filled with a kind of terror Remus knew only too well. “I couldn’t bear it if she rejected me. It’d destroy me. Absolutely, completely, utterly destroy me.”

“But Pads, it’s destroying you now. Every day you spend without her, it’s destroying you. Until you’re 25 and look like you’re 90, wasting away to nothing because you let her slip away. Soon you’ll stop eating, stop sleeping. Because every time you close your eyes you’ll see her, you’ll picture her with someone else, and so you just can’t close your eyes because the sight is too much to bear. And every day death will look more and more enticing, more and more preferable to the hell you’re going through living without her. You’ll die, Sirius,” he said, his voice breaking. “You need to tell her. At least if she rejects you you’ll know, and you can try to move on. But believe me, you can’t keep living like this.”

It was Sirius’ turn to be silent. He sat there for minutes without speaking, and Remus was terrified that Sirius had figured him out.

“You know how I said if I was here – ” Sirius said, holding his hand up again – “then she was in the very heavens themselves?”

Remus nodded.

“Well Moons, she’s – he’s – right up there,” Sirius said, pointing.

“Don’t be daft,” Remus said. “That’s just th–” he whipped his head around to face Sirius. “The moon,” he whispered.

Sirius just stared at him, the bottle of firewhiskey hanging loosely from his fingertips, forgotten.

Remus jumped up, backing away from Sirius a few steps. “No, no, no. That’s not what you’re saying, you did not just say that. This cannot be happening. This is not funny, Sirius. This is not a joke. You can be a real prat, you know that? You play all these pranks on people, but you don’t know when to quit. You don’t know when it’s too far. Well this is too bloody far, Sirius. Do you know, do you have any bloody idea, what you do to me? How crazy you drive me? How absolutely fucking mad I am about you? But then you must, because otherwise where’s the joke, right? God, do you know how long I’ve been in love with you, Sirius? Since first bloody year.

Sirius stood up now too, facing Remus, but several paces away.

“So what makes you think” Remus continued, “what makes you think that you can just go about telling me all this?” Tears were streaming down his face now. “You have no right to tell me that you love me!” he shouted.

Sirius said nothing, but began walking slowly, cautiously, towards Remus. Remus raised his wand and began firing spells at Sirius, unable to stop himself, trying to just bloody stop Sirius from coming near him, because how dare he? He threw hex after hex, but Sirius deflected them with ease, never breaking his stride, until he was all but pressed up against Remus, who couldn’t help looking up into the taller boy’s eyes. Sirius took Remus’ face in his hand, wiping away tears with his thumb.

“Remus,” he said softly, “I swear on my life, I meant every single word.” He stepped closer, their bodies touching now, and bent his head towards Remus’, hesitating for a moment, before bringing their lips together. It was a brief kiss, and light. Their lips barely made contact at all, but it was electric. And then he couldn’t help himself, he needed more, needed to feel Remus’ lips on his own again, and he wrapped his hand in Remus’ hair, pulling them closer, and he pressed his mouth to Remus’ as if they were the only thing giving him life. And Remus kissed him back, passionately, ferociously. The hand that wasn’t tangled in Remus’ hair wrapped around his waist, tugging him closer still, and Remus was wrapped around him, hands restless, first clutching Sirius’ hips, then wrapped around Sirius’ back, grabbing his t-shirt in his fists, then one making its way into Sirius’ hair, hair that was even softer than it looked, and Merlin, how was that even possible?

They kissed for what felt like ages, barely even coming up for air, each desperate to consume the other, to drink in as much of their love as humanly possible, to make up for lost time.

When they finally broke apart, Sirius leaned his forehead against Remus’ and asked, “Since first year, really?”

Remus nodded. “Ever since you pulled that stunt on Flitwick.”

“Merlin, Moons, that was like… the second week of school,” Sirius said, incredulous.

“September 12th,” Remus said. “James was late to Transfiguration the day before, for the third time, and McGonagall gave him detention. You were trying to cheer him up.”

“How did James manage to be late three times in less than two weeks? Never mind, that’s not the point. Who cares about James,” he said with a smile. “Right now, it’s just us.”

“What about you?” Remus asked.

“What about me?”

“How long have you known?”

“That I’m in love with you? About the middle of fourth year. James kept talking about Lily, how he felt whenever he was around her, and at first I didn’t really pay it any mind, but then I started noticing how I got those same feelings whenever you were around. You’d look at me and I’d get chills, I couldn’t look at you back. Whenever you were somewhere else, like the library, or if we had separate detentions or something, I’d notice myself getting all jumpy and anxious, like a drug addict in need of a fix. I hated letting you out of my sight, and full moons were the worst. I felt like my heart would rip out of my chest. I just wanted to help you, to make it so you never had to go through that ever again. I prayed, Re. I actually prayed. I don’t even believe in any god, but I still prayed every night that anyone or anything that might be out there would switch it, so I’d be the one instead and you’d never have to fear a full moon again. I told the universe I’d be willing to go through that every single night of the rest of my life if it meant you never had to anymore. Except I didn’t even know why I was willing to go through all that for you, or why I felt the way I did whenever I was around you. Because boys are supposed to like girls, that’s just the way it is. And in ‘the Noble and Most Ancient House of Black,’ it was very clear that that’s the way it was. So I started dating girls, one after another after another, trying to force myself to like them the way I was supposed to. I made myself a ladies’ man because I needed to prove to myself that I wasn’t… I don’t know, broken? I didn’t even have a word for ‘gay,’ that’s how taboo it was in my house. I didn’t know it even existed. But the more I tried to go with girls, the more I knew it just wasn’t right. Not for me. I didn’t let myself be in love with you until the end of fifth year, but by then I knew I had been since the middle of fourth.”

“Well it took you bloody long enough to do something about it.”

“Hey, you never did anything about it either!”

“No,” Remus said, “I didn’t. You were very convincing in your role as a ladies’ man.”

“Well now I’m a Moony’s man. And I think I will be ’til the day I die.”

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DIRECTIONS: You can tell a lot about a person by the music they listen to. Put your MP3 player, iTunes, Spotify, etc. on shuffle & list the first 10 songs, then tag 10 people everybody, no skipping.

Well here goes, however, you’ve probably never heard of most of them.

1. What’s the Frequency, Kenneth? (Live) - R.E.M.

2. Something for the Weekend - The Divine Comedy

3. All Gone (No Escape) - The Last of Us Soundtrack

4. What We Lost in the Fire - Troy Baker

5. Rose Tattoo - Dropkick Murphys

6. W*O*L*D - Harry Chapin

7. Who I Am - Thom Pace

8. Strange Condition - Pete Yorn

9. Couldn’t Get It Right - Climax Blues Band

10. Life’s for the Living - Passenger

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no pressure to do this.

Me: *Walks outside and takes a deep breath*

Me: What a wonderful day to remind the Fall Out Boy fandom that the original name of “Our lawyers made us change the name of this song so we wouldn’t get sued” wasn’t “ I Liked You A Lot Better Before You Became A Fucking Myspace Whore ” and was in fact “My name is David Ruffin and these are the Temptations.” And that in an interview with Pete and Patrick they confirmed that Myspace Whore was never finished.

Fall Out Boy is like a troll band, I mean...
  • 2005
  • Lawyer: Guys, you can't name this song like this, you're gonna get sued. Change it.
  • FOB: Well..
  • "Our Lawyer Made Us Change The Name Of This Song So We Wouldn't Get Sued"
  • 2007
  • Producer: Guys, you should make your songs names shorther.
  • FOB: Well...
  • "Thnks fr th Mmrs"
  • 2010
  • Anybody: You're awesome, keep up like this!
  • FOB: Well...
  • *FOB breaks up*
  • 2013
  • Person: Why are you so emo and depressed?
  • FOB fan: Because Fall Out Boy broke up and Pete said he would not play with Fall Out Boy again and I'm gonna be sad the rest of my life.
  • FOB: Well...
  • *FOB comes back together*
  • And I could go on and on...

Alright? Fine. I’m just backing up some pictures before I get my new phone. We met in detention, you know? Me and Katie. Robert could always charm any girl he wanted, could take his pick, but I knew Katie was the only girl for me as soon as I met her. 


I’m bad at titles so that’s what you get…

Drabble requested by rowan-ravenwood

Since no ship was requested I defaulted to peterick…

Also I don’t think you can just go into pet stores and literally pick a bunny up out of a little pen thing…oh well

Word Count: 701 (it’s super short, literally just a quick Drabble)

This will only be posted on here


“Hey Patrick -”

“No,” Patrick cut Pete off.

“You don’t even know what I was going to say,” Pete argued.

“We’re not buying a bunny,” Patrick sighed.

“But it can come on the road with us and live the rockstar life!” Pete whined.

“We just - no, we aren’t buying a bunny,” Patrick sighed again. He turned to face his boyfriend, who had been behind him the whole time. He saw the latter standing with wide, eyeliner rimmed, puppy eyes, holding a rust-colored bunny.

“But look how cute it is!” Pete cooed, bouncing the bunny slightly. The way he was moving was causing his fringe to flop on his forehead.

Patrick sighed, yet again, and scratched at one of his sideburns. He pulled off his trucker hat, fixed his hair, and pulled the hat back onto his head. “Pete -“

“Pleeeease,” he whined, pouting his lip.

“We can’t.”

“Why not?”

“…I’m allergic to bunnies,” Patrick weakly argued.

“No you aren’t,” Pete replied, rolling his eyes. “Fine, you know what? We don’t need to get the stupid bunny,” Pete spat, placing the bunny back in the pen. “Let’s just go now. Why’d we even come if we weren’t going to get anything?” He challenged, before clenching his teeth and storming off.

Patrick felt horrible. Why couldn’t they just get the bunny? They had the room for a cage, Pete was great with animals, and it was adorable how happy they made him. Joe walked over to him with his eyebrows raised.

“Why’s Pete storming back to the bus?” He questioned.

“I’m a bad boyfriend,” Patrick sighed, before picking up the bunny, and explaining to Joe what had happened. Andy walked over during the story and started getting what they would need to care for a bunny; a cage, food, and stuff for the inside of the cage. They paid for everything, and went back to the bus.

The three of them could hear music being blasted from Pete’s headphones, coming from where he was sulking in his bunk.

“We’ll set up the cage and stuff, go surprise him,” Andy whispered.

“Thanks guys,” Patrick whispered back. He head into the row of bunks, holding the bunny, before calling out, “Hey Petey?”

“Go away,” Pete grumbled.

Patrick held the bunny so Pete wouldn’t be able to see it from his top bunk, and pulled back the privacy curtain.

“Patrick go away,” Pete whined, pulling one side of his headphones off.

“No, why’d you want to bunny so bad?” Patrick asked.

“Because…it was cute and reminded me of you, okay? Its fur was the same color as your hair and it had a cute little face and was kinda chubby but like the perfect kind of chubby and…whatever it’s fine,” Pete sighed, before turning back to his laptop, and attempting to slide the part of his over-the-head headphones back on.

Patrick just slid the headphones back off, and stood on his toes to lean into the bunk space and kiss Pete’s cheek. The latter glared at him slightly, before Patrick pushed the laptop off his lap, and whispered, “Close your eyes.”

Pete scoffed, but complied. Patrick placed the bunny on his lap, and Pete’s eyes snapped open.

“You bought it?” He asked, turning to Patrick and his eyes softened.

“Yeah, I saw how upset you were, realized there was no reason we couldn’t have it, so I got her. It’s a her, by the way. Andy and Joe are setting up the cage and stuff out front.” Pete handed the bunny back to Patrick, before jumping out of his bunk, taking her back, and running out to the front. Patrick laughed and followed him out. He lay on his stomach next to Pete, who was in a similar position, just with his hands under his chin as he leaned on his elbows in front of the cage, which the bunny was now in.

“I love her. I love you, too, Tricky,” Pete told him, before kissing him sweetly.

“Ew PDA!” Andy shrieked, before dragging Joe into the bunks. The other two laughed, before spending the next few hours playing with the bunny, that Pete decided to name Tricky, after Patrick, just a more feminine nickname.