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PLL 7x18 Review

HELLO people reading this. I have a lot to say and its 3 am so I’m just going to get on with it. Here is my review for 7x18 (only two episodes left) of PLL. As always its all over the place and doesn’t make sense at times, but hey you’re watching one of the most confusing shows of all times, I’m sure you can figure out my bad review. Sorry it’s really long…

1. Let me start this all of by saying this episode was very good and I was very (HANNA RIVERS IS OFFICIAL) happy with how they seemed to balance the (HANNA RIVERS IS OFFICIAL) romance with the game. Also the (HANNA RIVERS IS OFFICIAL) countdown was pretty cool.

2. OH and HANNA MARIN IS NO LONGER. She now goes by



5. I love a good countdown as long as it isn’t counting down to Hanna Marin’s *cough* Rivers *cough* possible death.

6. But now lets start at the beginning of the episode where Marco left? But hey Tanners back. I would rather have Marco arresting me but, THAT’S ME.

7. Spencer is playing the whole “I don’t know him”. How could get forget the most pointless ping-pong date ever?

8. “Wait , so are you two…?” “Well, about time” HANNA MARIN IS ICONIC

9. Mona was finally on to Aria being on AD’s team. THANK GOD.

10. Mona keeping her receipts on Aria

11. Anyone else REALLY thinking Ezra is AD? I mean he knew everything? Showed up at all the right times. Ezra would give Aria a free pass out of jail.

12. “Ezra would’ve gone to jail” “So what?” GOD BLESS YOU ALI I NEEDED SOMEONE TO TELL HER THAT.

13. No offence, Aria but most people think he should have gone to jail? I KNOW. Crazy.

14. Aria was looking at Spencer the whole speech? And Spencer low-key broke up with her.

15. “You can find your own ride” YES SPENCER

16. Aria thinks she can just hang up on AD *cue AD’s creepy monotone laugh*

17. Ezra was weirdly okay with Aria’s report BECAUSE HE KNEW?

18. Tell me Ezra how?

19. Toby recovered well from his wife dying like two days ago..

20. I knew there was a Spoby kiss (from the promos that spoil the whole episode) but I didn’t think they would go there SO soon after, you know…

21. But yay Spoby is back and Emison are probably being recorded in the woods.

22. It’s like these girls forget they have a stalker. If it was me I would be Mona, with three locks on my door.

23. Speaking of Mona, she isn’t AD.

24. I see people on social media (Besides Tumblr We see through the writers) being like “Mona’s AD these writers are amazing” “OMG Mona is in on the game” Honestly I feel like these are the people that the writers see, and that’s why I’m afraid for the ending. Twitter fans (not all of them) are so far up the writers asses, the writers probably think they wrote an Oscar winning ending.

25. Sorry, rant over.

26. Ezra get your hairy leg out of the Emsion scene

27. Ezra get your hairy leg out of my Spoby scene


29. Oh yeah Haleb got married tonight… Look at me acting like I forgot I was sobbing then screaming at Ezra to roll of the couch.

30. I won’t cry at my own wedding like I did at Haleb’s




34. I love Hanna and Ashley’s relationship. Watch next week Ashley covers for Hanna again and confesses to killing Rollins…

35. I love Caleb to death but he can’t keep a secret

36. Ashley asked him twice about Hanna and he cracked.

37. Imagine that conversation “Yeah your daughter killed Rollins, lol”

38. Ashley was just fine with her daughter killing someone? I mean, why wouldn’t you be?

39. Hanna not being able to stay mad at Caleb was the cutest thing ever.

40. I’m so glad Ashley was invited to the wedding, even though we didn’t get to hear any vows because Ezra’s sweaty back was on my screen.

41. I love how Haleb’s wedding was shown in a montage with the other couples going at it.

42. Who thought that was a cute idea? Sex scenes can be a different montage then A WEDDING.

43. I can already feel people saying Caleb and Hanna getting married is sketchy. But we all know from this episode that Caleb can’t keep a secret so if he was hiding something I’m 101% Hanna knows too.

44. Just so you know the faces Hanna and Caleb make after Spencer smashes the phone, was my face through out most of this episode.

45. AD can now cause phones to go up in flames? It’s reasons like this I have little faith in a good AD.

46. “Lets make a pack guys, we will all have each others backs” “I swear” “Me too”

47. Alison isn’t stupid.

48. All the girls were pissed off at Aria yet Caleb calls his best buddy Ezra to help him solve his phone mystery.

49. Hanna control your husband

50. Caleb is Hanna’s husband

51. Hanna is Caleb’s wife

52. I love that concept.

53. Can the police arrest Aria for being an idiot and choosing creepy Ezra over her friends? Please?

54. My second favorite ship is back Mona+Game board forever. I hope they are the big wedding in the finale.

55. Nerd Mona is back?

56. PROMO TIME. Here is a crazy idea, how about for once we don’t spoil what will happen in the next episode. No? Okay.

57. Charlotte’s killer is revealed and she wasn’t scared of them? I don’t know who is in the episode next week but my guesses are Jason, Ezra, Aria, Melissa and my main one baby face Lucas. I KNOW LUCAS IS LYING I JUST NEED TO KNOW ABOUT WHAT.

58. But other then that the promo was kind of chill? A lot of #endgame and crap with running shots.

59. But aren’t Spencer, Hanna and Caleb working together to find out more about Charlottes death? I could be making that up…

AD guesses

Lucas- I’m going with probably not, but PLEASE

Ezra- PLEASE???

Spencer’s twin- GOD NO

Wren- He isn’t I just miss him:)

Some other irrelevant character we barely know- Probably

Random thought of the day -time.

Well okay this was from two days ago, but I’m still thinking about it so have another episode of “I feel old”.

I got into Harry Potter back when there was only three books, and I was a HUGE fan back in the day. (I think I could probably still recite parts of the first book…)

My mental image of the Potter books has always been that they’re pretty timeless and feel very contemporary, but while visiting my friend we listened to the audiobook of the first book, and when the narrator starts listing Dudley’s birthday presents and suddenly wow, a window to the past and WHEN DID HARRY POTTER START SOUNDING LIKE HISTORY ohgosh.

It’s not what you think (M)

Genre: Angst/Slight Fluff/Smut

Character: SugarDaddy!Jongin x Reader AU

Word Count: 4,873

A/N: This turned out to be a bit longer than I intended, but I hope you guys can enjoy. Initially when I started writing this I didn’t plan on having smut, but somehow this happened, hahaha. This is a bit toned down compared to some of the other smut I’ve written (maybe I’ll post one day if people actually enjoy this)…

-          Admin Mochi

Originally posted by jonginplayboy

               Y/N pulled into the parking garage and stepped out of her baby blue McLaren 650S, sugar daddy number two had always been a car enthusiast and because of that he wanted only the best for his baby. After locking the car she took an elevator to her penthouse located downtown, daddy number one wanted her nearby, so he got her this in order to visit her more often. The moment she unlocked her door her white purebred Pekingese came running to greet her, its tail waged in excitement while she pawed at her master.

               “Hi there Marshmallow! Did you miss me?” she asked picking up the small fluff ball that attacked her with kisses. “Mommy missed you too!” she cooed happily as her dog barked in response, sugar daddy number four bought her a dog to keep her company the moment he found out she was an animal lover. She’d never forget the moment he showed up in front of her with a small palm sized puppy, look at her now she was almost three times the size she was when they first met.

                The girl tiredly threw her bag pack on the maple wood flooring in her bedroom. It had been a long day today, she removed her rose gold Tiffany Enchant heart pendant before she laid down on her queen sized bed. Daddy number three loved buying her rose gold jewelry because pink had always been her favorite color and she had always been his favorite. The Pekingese jumped onto the bed and curled up next to her, she knew it was naptime.

               Y/N stirred, her eyes fluttered open after having heard some noise, she sat up and observed her surrounding through her half lidded eyes. Marshmallow hurriedly jumped off the bed and barked in excitement from the other room, which could only mean one thing.

               “Baby girl.” He called out in his husky voice. “There you are, were you asleep?” he asked gazing at her sitting figure, a small smile etched on her lips.

               “Yeah.” the younger girl croaked stretching her arms. “I didn’t know you’d be coming over today.” She commented walking over to him and wrapping her arms around his waist.

               “I thought I’d surprise you.” He replied playing with her disheveld hair. “I was wondering if you wanted to go out to eat, then come back and watch a movie here.”

               “Sure, anything for you~ but let me go take a shower first.” With that she gave him a quick peck and ran off to the bathroom.

              Jongin walked over to the bed and took a seat next to the dog, she jumped and pawed him begging him for attention. He happily rubbed its belly, Marshmallow had taking a liking to him ever since they first met, maybe because he was a dog owner as well. 

              Jongin could hear a phone ringing, initially he thought it was his own but he had forgotten his in the car because he was in such a rush to finally see her, it had almost been a week and that was more than enough time away from his baby. The same ringing could be heard every couple of seconds, fed up with the annoying sound he reached over to her nightstand where her phone was. His intentions were to silence the phone, but the moment he saw her screen light with a message from a contact saved under ‘Daddy no. 3’ he felt his insides churn. Quickly clicking on the message of the unlocked phone and read: ‘Princess, are you busy tonight? I miss you~’. The brunette went back and made his way to all her conversations, there were three other guys who had daddy under their contact name as well. He opened a conversation that had a time stamp from two days ago and started to read the messages.

‘Baby, what car do want for your birthday this year?’

‘You do realize my birthday is still 3 months away, right? Haha. Plus you got me a car just a couple months ago…’

‘Yes, but I want to know now just encase it has to be imported. Last time I got you a McLaren, so what about an Audi R8 this year?’

‘Does it come in red?’

‘Of course baby~’

‘Then sure! Wahh, you’re the best!  ’

‘Anything for you.’

               Jongin’s jaw clenched in anger as he tightly gripped the phone not wanting to believe what he was seeing. Who the fuck was he? Who the fuck were the others? Soon enough he couldn’t hear the sound of running water anymore, he quickly slipped the phone into his slacks. His eyes narrowed at her, she was only wearing a short silk bathrobe when she stepped out. Y/N blinked at him a couple of times bewildered by the sudden atmosphere in her bedroom.

               “How many are there?” the man questioned in a dangerously low voice.

                Y/N blinked a couple of times trying to make sense of what he was referring to. “Eh? What are you talking about?”

               “I said, how many more are there? Not including me.” He repeated.

               “I really don’t know what you’re talking about.” She responded walking over to her closet looking for the perfect outfit.

               “I know I’m not the only one! Who the fuck is ‘daddy no. 3’? And how many more are there?” he barked fed up. He grabbed her phone and unlocked it for her. “Who the fuck are all these pricks?” he hissed showing her the conversations, he could clearly see her facial expression go from a confused one to a panicked one.

               “This is all a misunderstanding Jongin, I swear!” Y/N reasoned trying to reach for her phone.

               “Misunderstanding? I read some of the messages, so one of them got you a car? What kind?” he asked looking straight into her eyes, she could see nothing but rage in them.


               “I asked, what kind? Answer the fucking questions.” He whispered dangerously.              

               “A McLaren 650S…”

               “Now I’m going to ask again nicely, how many more are there?” he tried to sound as calm as possible, but right now that was quite difficult.

               “Three, besides yourself…” she whispered not being able to handle his intense gaze.

               “Are you fucking kidding me?” he growled.

               “Jongin…” she pleaded.

               “Three other guys, you have three other guys wrapped around your finger!” he snarled. “What else have they given you?” he wondered looking around the room. “Where did you get this necklace? I didn’t fucking give it to you! Or this… All of this!” he yelled rummaging through her drawers angrily throwing the contents everywhere.

               “Jongin, stop!” the girl begged grabbing onto his arm only to get shoved away.

               “How many of them did you sleep with?” slowly he began walking over to her, his nicely combed hair was now a mess and his usual sparkling eyes were dull. “Did you let them fuck you on the same bed I took you?” he asked glancing at her bed.

               “No! I- It’s not like that!”

               “Then what is it like- You know what, I don’t even want to know.” Jongin uttered before storming out of the room.

               “Where are you going?” Y/N frantically following after him, she never wanted this to happen, she never intended on having him find out.

               “Away from this, I can’t even look at you right now.” Those were the final words she heard before he slammed the door close, she stared at it blankly not sure what to make of the situation. She wondered whether she’d ever see him step through that door again.

               Y/N laid in her bed staring at the ceiling, it had been three days, a whole 72 hours since she had last seen him. Jongin hadn’t bothered to call or message her after the incident. So many thoughts ran through her mind, I shouldn’t have left my phone out in the open like that. I should have put a passcode on that thing a long time ago. Every time she closed her eyes she could see his face contorted in pain and disgust. It wasn’t always like this, she hadn’t always been a sugar baby. She didn’t know how she had let it get this far. It had all started as a way to pay for her tuition, before this she barely had enough to even cover her classes, until he came along.

              It all started when her friends had finally convinced her to go to a club with them. Y/N wasn’t the party type, but her friends insisted she had to try going to a club at least once. Not wanting to hear any more of their begging she gave in. It was hot, noisy, and crowded, she hated it. There were people left and right all over each other and it made her scrunch her face in disgust. While her friends danced and mingled on the dance floor she sat at the bar boredly observing everyone while she sipped on her lemonade. Although she got hit on quite a lot, none of them had caught her attention, except for one man: Kim Jongin.

              He had taken an interest in her and one thing led to another but after that day she found herself meeting him more and more. The more time she spent with him, the more money he would spend. Until one day he proposed a deal, he would take care of financially as long as she would quit her part time job, focus on school, and meet him whenever he wanted. Oddly enough she had agreed, Jongin also found himself often using her as a date for all the social events that came along with his job and because of that she met the other three men. They made her life so much easier with cars, clothes, gifts, and jewelry. There was never a moment she didn’t get what she wanted. It wasn’t that Jongin didn’t give her enough, he gave her more than enough but she feared that if he ever got bored of her he’d drop her and then, what would she have to fall back on? Well, for now, the support of three other sugar daddies.

              Y/N grabbed her phone that had been ringing for quite a while. She looked at the caller ID and realized it wasn’t Jongin, this was exactly why she didn’t want to even look at it in the first place because every time she’d get a new call or text she could feel disappointment wash over her when she’d see it wasn’t him. It was daddy no.2, what does he want?

              “Hello?” she answered softly, trying not show how annoyed she was.

              “Baby, I wanted to ask you if you wanted to have lunch with me.” came his deep voice from the other line.

              “I…Uh…” oddly enough she didn’t feel like seeing anyone right now, unless it was Jongin.

              “Come on, please.” 

              “Sure, just tell me where…”

               “Y/N… Baby, why aren’t you eating? Do you not like the food? I can ask them to take it back if you’d like. Want me to order you something else?” Kris asked looking at her worriedly.

               “No, it’s fine. It’s not that.” She replied staring at her full plate, she didn’t have much of an appetite. She couldn’t help but feel overwhelmed by guilt just from sitting down and having a meal with him, all she could think about was Jongin and it bothered her.

               “Then what is it? You look down baby, is there something you want? Tell me, I’ll buy it for you!” he offered, but no amount of money could fix how she felt.

               “No, it’s okay Kris, it’s nothing.” She muttered with a tight lipped smile. “I’m just not that hungry…”

               “Let’s go somewhere else then.” With that he called the waitress over, after paying for the meal he got up and offered her his hand. “I just hate seeing you like this…” he murmured placing his arm around her waist, her eyes widened in shock feeling his hand on her. She shifted uncomfortably in his hold as his thumb caressed her sides. “Let me cheer you up.” He whispered before pulling her closer for a kiss. Before his lips even made contact with hers, she could feel herself being pulled away and by none other than Jongin. He glared at Kris who was looking at him with pure hatred.

               “Don’t fucking touch her.” He growled as his grip around her wrist tightened. How’d he know I was here? Was he here the whole time? She wondered as she anxiously bit the inside of her cheek.

               “Excuse me? I’ll do whatever I want, who the fuck are you to tell me what I can or can’t do?” Kris hissed glaring down at the slightly shorter male, she could see people stare at them and whisper.

               “Her boyfriend, that’s who. So fuck off!” came Jongin’s irritated reply, which caused Kris to chuckle.

               “Boyfriend? Ha, she doesn’t have a boyfriend you liar.”

               “She does and that’s me, so if you could leave my girlfriend alone that would be great.” Each word harsher than the next.

               “If you’re her boyfriend then, why would she have come meet me today? And every other time?” the tall honey blonde man inquired which made Jongin grip her wrist harder causing Y/N to flinch in pain.

               “Because I was stupid enough to let this go on for as long as I did, so from this point on don’t call her, don’t text her, don’t look at her, and don’t even think about her.” He spat pushing past him and dragging her with him leaving behind a puzzled Kris.

               “Have you no shame?” he snarled pushing her into the penthouse and locking the door behind them. “After everything that happened the other day and you still go out with him?” he scoffed looking at her with an unreadable expression. “If I wouldn’t have intervened you’d probably be in bed with him right now.”

               “That’s not true!” she defended. “I’ve never even slept with him!”

               “Don’t lie to me, you’ve probably slept with all of them.” He snorted as he rolled his eyes. 
               “That’s not fucking true!” 
               “Well, I find it hard to believe you haven’t slept with him at least, especially after what I saw at the restaurant.” As much as she hated to admit it, she was hurt by his accusations because she wasn’t that type of girl. Yet, after everything that had happened with Kris, what had happened three days ago and so on she couldn’t blame him.

               “I’m not some fucking whore, Kim Jongin!”

               “Well, you sure as hell act like one.” He retorted as he let out a dry laugh and with that Y/N did something she never thought she’d do, she slapped him. His head was tilted to the left, a red handprint adorned his tanned cheek, and she could see the shock written all over his handsome face.

               “I’ll be damned if I stand here and let you insult me. Fuck you, you think you can talk to me however you want? You think you can hurl insults at me and expect me to stand here and take them? You think you can act like you fucking own me just because you’re my sugar daddy? No, fuck you!” each word was louder than the next. “I don’t need this and I don’t need you!” she screeched walking over to the closet, she then began to pack some clothes, none of it being anything that he had given her.

               “What do you think you’re doing?” he asked finally coming to his senses.

               “Leaving, I already told you I don’t need you.” She murmured as she closed her bag. “So keep this penthouse and everything else you’ve given me.”

               “You’re not going anywhere.” He murmured blocking her.

               “Jongin, move.” She commanded through her gritted teeth.

               “No, not unless you promise not to go anywhere.”

               “Kim Jongin, MOVE!” she yelled trying to push past him only to have both her wrist grabbed.

               “No, god damnit! You’re not going anywhere!” he yelled pushing her onto the bed. “Where are you going to go, huh?” she could feel his eyes piercing into hers.

               “Why does it matter?” she shot back irritated.

               “Because I’m not about to let you go running into another man’s arms!”

               “Oh my god, are you listening to yourself?” she gawked in disbelief. Not bothering to reply Jongin kissed her, his soft lips pressed hungrily against hers.

              Y/N blinked several times as she tried to process what was going on, her small hands pushed against his muscular chest in protest. She could feel his hands travel down her sides and to her ass, giving it a squeeze, she gasped which gave him the perfect opportunity to slip in his tongue. As much as she told herself she didn’t like it, she knew damn well she was lying. His lips traveled from hers down to her neck, she could feel his teeth grazing over her skin, teasing her. She bit on her lower lip harshly trying to prevent any sounds as he nibbled her neck, she didn’t want him to have the satisfaction of knowing she was enjoying it. Y/N cried in pain feeling his teeth bite down harshly, blood was seeping through the freshly formed wound. His tongue roamed over the bloody spot, the warm crimson liquid mixed with his saliva. He sucked on the same place he had just bitten, trying to get rid of the excess blood and as an attempt to dull the pain.

              “Jongin, that hurts!” Y/N whined squirming in discomfort.

               “It hurts? You know what else hurts? You going around my back with three other guys.” He spat pulling back, she could see his eyes clouded with fury and lust. She looked away not knowing what to say. “You really thought you could keep that from me?” he growled letting her go so he could take off his shirt.

               “I’m sorry.” She really was, she couldn’t help but feel guilty knowing how much she had hurt him because he was the last person she wanted to hurt. Yet, at the same time she didn’t fully understand his anger because she was his sugar baby, not his girlfriend.

              “You’re sorry? …Look at me.” She regretted listening to him, she couldn’t help but stare at the tent that had formed in his pants. “Baby girl, look at what you’ve caused…” he groaned dropping his pants around his ankles. “Show me how sorry you really are.” She could practically hear the smirk etched on his plump lips. “Come on now, don’t be shy.” Jongin grabbed her by the arm and yanked her off the bed, then pushed her down to the floor onto her knees. “Don’t act like you don’t know what to do.” Her hand gingerly pulled down his briefs in order to free his member, which slapped against his abdomen. He hissed feeling her cold hand grab the base of his cock, without any hesitation he tangled his fingers in her hair and shoved himself inside her mouth. Jongin couldn’t help but moan at the sight before him; her pink lips were wrapped around his girth and her cheeks hollowed as she bobbed her head, he wanted more. He grunted grabbing a fistful of her hair and thrusting into her mouth mercilessly, enjoying the sound of her gagging. Y/N cupped his balls gently massaging them and with that he moaned her name, he was close. His thrust began getting more aggressive to the point where tears were trickling down her cheeks. After a couple more pumps Jongin let out a breathy groan and abruptly pulled away, just in time. Ribbons of his warm creamy seed gushed onto her pretty little face, the sticky white substance ran down her lips to her chin. “Fuck, you look so good like that…” he whispered biting his lip, not having to be told Y/N swiped her finger against her cheeks taking some of the substance and tasting it.

               Y/N remained in the same position, her knees were aching from the hardwood floor, but she knew better than to move without permission. Without a word he left and came back with a moist towel. Carefully he cleaned the mess off of her face, then threw the towel to the floor.

              Jongin pulled her back up and placed her on the bed beneath him, this time she didn’t bother to protest when he kissed her. Slowly his hand slipped underneath her blouse, feeling her flat stomach before he made his way to her breast. He cursed under his breath when his hand made contact with her bra, it was in his way.

               “Take it off.” she begged wanting to feel his hands against her skin, not through a piece of clothing. He didn’t need to be told twice, he carelessly removed her top and lacy red bra, he simply ignored the fact that he had just ripped a thousand dollar blouse. Y/N could feel him staring at her chest and it was making her feel self-conscious.

               “Too bad I’m not the only one who has seen you like this.” He whispered angrily as he pinned both her wrist above her head with one hand while he roughly massaged her breast with the other.

               “Oh my god.” Soft moans could be heard as Jongin pinched her nipples, the pink nubs only became more sensitive with every squeeze and flick. “Jongin.” She whined as he sucked on the supple flesh, making her small frame squirm beneath him. She could feel herself dripping in excitement with every wave of pleasure he sent through her body.

               “Be a good girl.” He warned letting go of her wrist. One hand held her breast as he fondled it while the other made its way down lower until she could feel his fingers press against her clothed entrance. “You’re so wet, is this because of me? Did I do this?” he asked cockily while rubbing her throbbing core through her moist panties, not being able to muster any words Y/N nodded her head eagerly in response. With that he proceeded to rip her panties off, she was a bit shocked at first but she was more turned on than anything else.

                “What about my skirt?” she questioned curiously as she tilted her head to the side.

               “That you’re going to leave on, there’s something about fucking you with it on that turns me on even more.” He confessed spreading her legs apart in order to get a good look. “Mm, look at that pink pussy, nice and wet for me.”  Y/N felt her cheeks heat up because of his dirty talk. Suddenly she felt his hot breath against her dripping wet entrance. He ran his tongue up and down her slits in a teasing manner before shoving his tongue into her hole while at the same time rubbing her sensitive clit as he pumped his tongue in and out.

               “Jongin! Ahh ahh… I can’t. I can’t handle it!” she mewled thrashing around overwhelmed with pleasure, Jongin couldn’t put into words how much he enjoyed hearing the sweet sounds that came out of her mouth. He prided himself in being the only one who could drive her this point. In response to her he placed both his hands on her thighs and spread her legs farther apart, giving him better access. “Oh god, Jongin.” Y/N whimpered feeling a knot forming in her stomach. His tongue was suddenly replaced with two of his fingers, she let out a gasp. He was curling his fingers inside of her bringing her closer and closer to her release, but before that happened he pulled them out.

               “You didn’t actually think I’d let you cum, did you?” the man mused. “Bad girls don’t get rewarded, only punished.” He mumbled before shoving himself inside of her unexpectedly. Y/N moaned in pain and pleasure, he didn’t even bother to let her adjust. “You’re so fucking tight, I missed this so much.” She could feel him thrusting into her at a fast pace, usually he would work his way up to it, but not today. She couldn’t hold back her lewd moans as he pounded into her. “Who’s making you feel good?” he breathed out looking down, her eyes shut tightly and her mouth parted open spewing out nothing but profanity along with his name.

               “You!” she groaned digging her long nails into his shoulders, giving him more marks to proudly show off.

               “Damn right.” He growled grabbing one of her legs and placing it over his shoulder in order to get better access. “And whose are you?”

               “Yours, I’m yours Jongin!”

               “That’s right, you’re mine, all mine.” He greedily moaned gripping her waist tightly, finger shaped bruises were sure to form. 
               “Jongin, I’m so close… Please, let me cum this time.” She begged gazing up at him with pleading eyes. She could see sweat dripping down his body while he stared at her through his half lidded eyes.

               “Beg for it some more.”

               “Jongin… Please, let me cum! Please, I’ll do anything… Please!” she shamelessly moaned throwing her pride aside, something only he could get her to do.

               “Well, since you asked nicely.” She could feel his hips snap against her quicker and rougher as he continued to hit her sweet spot. “Oh my god, Y/N you feel so good around me.” And that was more than enough to throw her over the edge. He groaned feeling her walls contracting around his girth, just a couple more strokes and he was coming too. She moaned his name feeling his dick twitch inside of her, she could feel his warm seed fill her fertile womb. Her womanhood desperately squeezing him for every last drop.

               “Y/N…” he panted pulling out of her, he could see his cum dripping out of her making him feel proud. “I gave you everything Y/N, so why?” his voice was now barely above a whisper. “Why did you need three other guys?” his voice laced with pain and confusion.

               “Jongin… You don’t understand, you were my only source of income so if you would have dropped me for some other girl I would have had nothing to fall back on. That’s why, maybe I got carried away by dragging three other men along, but what if? What if one stops, then I need the other one.” She reasoned as she bit her lower lip. “I was just looking out for myself.” She mumbled staring at his side profile.
               “But that’s why you have me! To look out for you, how stupid can you be?” he hissed glaring down at her, she was sitting up on the bed now. “I’m not going to drop you for another girl, my god, you stupid little thing.” He grumbled closing his eyes and taking in a deep breath.

               “I’m not stupid.” 
               “Yes, you are! What kind of guy do you think I am? You do realize you’re the only girl I’ve ever done this with? You’re my first and last, I’ve never been anyone else’s sugar daddy and I don’t plan on it anytime soon.” He explained crossing his arms.

               “I’m sorry…”

               “Ugh, Y/N…” he whined caressing her cheek “You’re only supposed to look at me, meet me, sleep with me…”

               “Jongin, how many times do I have to tell you, I did not sleep with them!” she snapped. “Sure they might have bought me shit, but at most all I did was keep them company in exchange, even skinship was limited. I felt so uncomfortable today when Kris was holding me close…” 
               “Okay, okay… I’m sorry that I jumped to conclusions, I’m sorry I called you a whore… I’m sorry for everything. So please, don’t leave.”  Each and every words overflowed with sincerity, how could she say no?

               “I’m not going anywhere…” she replied giving him a smile.

               “Earlier, while you were begging me to let you cum you said you would do anything.” A devilish smile adorned his lips. “Since I let you cum, you better comply… I want you to stop seeing them, all three of them. I want you to cut it off with them.”

               “Okay, I will.” She agreed, she was willing to do anything to make it up to him.

               “That also includes giving back everything that they gave you.”

               She couldn’t help but roll her eyes at that order. “I was already planning on doing that.”

               “Good, because I’m your boyfriend so it’s my job to spoil you.”

               “Boyfriend?” she whispered looking at him oddly.

               “Yeah, didn’t you hear me back at the restaurant?” he said cocking a brow.

               “I thought you just said that in the heat of the moment…”

               “No, I said that because I meant it.” He mumbled.

               “Why? Why would you want to be my boyfriend? Especially after everything I did…”

               “You’re so oblivious, it’s because I love you.” He could feel his cheeks flush pink at his own confession.


               “I know, I understand you probably don’t feel the same way and-“

               “I love you too.” Who knew, those four little words could bring so much joy to his heart.

“I’m going to leave this here for ya”

*Twirls away from the pic from TWO DAYS AGO* (Lewl)

Well na I drew this as part of what was going to be for my Valentine’s Collab BUT the others got deleted and this was the only one done…sorry it isn’t colored I was drawing late at night….but some colors hope they are correct if not I’m sorry I tried from looking at le picture’s…..SI…..now again

*Twirls Away*

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Jk I really love the way you drew these babes, holy poop they’re so beautiful ;____; looking so thin and tall aaaa my sweet darling children i love them omg

Thank you so much for this gift darling, I really appreciate it !!

Bubbles and Baubles: Part 2

Obiyuki Week Day 6: Little Mermaid
The one-shot turned into a two-parter and now
we’re going for threeeeeeee sorry! :D

Shirayuki stared down at the stranger with wide eyes, her mind a buzz of questions. Who was he? What kind of person would have the strength, and the nerve, to be able to swim here? She doubted even Mitsuhide could manage it, being so far from the shore and at the mercy of the waves. And just how long had he been there? Obviously he was the one who’d pulled on the lure to wake her, but–

She opened and closed her mouth several times, attempting to speak as his expression became more and more amused. His eyes were glittering, shades of gold and green swirling together in a way she’d never seen before. His pupils seemed almost slit like a cat, catching the light as his smile widened. Staring into his eyes, her frazzled mind finally clunked into place.

“I’ve never seen eyes like yours.”

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Y’all remember libra dude from like two days ago?

Well my friend texted him pretending to be someone who got his number from someone else but anyway she was telling him how she doesn’t like how he treats people and that he’s a bad person and eventually they ended up on FaceTime and the dumbass said to her “I know who you’re talking about and honestly I didn’t want to tell her that I couldn’t make it for lunch anymore” (talking about me) and my friend said “so you just ditched her??” And he was like “I didn’t want her to think I was a little bitch if I cancelled on her” LMAO and she said “she thinks you’re a bitch regardless” god I love her

domestic!5sos night for anarchyaustralia & lashtonirmings

But you and Luke completing your morning routines side by side, starting with (somehow) dragging each other out of bed, your husband frying eggs while you brewed the coffee and buttered and toasted bread for the both of you. Neither of you were morning people, therefore the only communication between the two of you consisted of grunts and nods of acknowledgement until you sat down across from each other at the dinner table and flooded your systems with enough caffeine to be fully coherent. You’d empty the load in the dishwasher run the night before while Luke washed the dirty dishes from breakfast, a kiss tasting of jam and morning breath shared before racing to the bathroom, hip checking each other against the hallway walls, giggling, the whole way there.

You’d hop in the shower while Luke shaved in the mirror a mere few feet away from you, humming one song after another, snickering as you tried to guess each one. He’d press desperate kisses your face through the open shower curtain after your head poked out and complained it was his fault you got shampoo in your eyes because his voice was just too damn distracting, whining “Baby, I didn’t mean to, I just couldn’t help myself from making you laugh because it’s my favorite sound in the whole wide world.”

Your husband would chuckle as you bent over the bathroom counter, wrapped in only a towel, sputtering as you washed your face and laugh even harder when you shot a glare at him through the mirror. You’d both try to hold incomprehensible conversations with your toothbrushes lodged in your mouths, accidentally spitting out the accumulation of toothpaste that’d gathered in your mouths due to laughing carelessly at each other’s attempts to communicate. Luke would mock you as you stood in front of the mirror, drawing your wand of mascara through your eyelashes with his mouth hanging wide open in jest, prompting you to chase him out of the bathroom with a threat of “Seriously Luke, your eyes would look amazing with a bit of mascara.” You’d stand, both clad in only your underwear in your walk-in closet, critiquing each other’s outfit choices until the both of you were satisfied with the others clothes, you squealing as Luke took the opportunity to pinch your butt while you wiggled and squeezed your way into your jeans.

As you both applied deodorant and whatever fragrance you’d chosen to wear that day, you’d make plans for dinner (“well we have leftovers from two days ago that we still haven’t finished” “darling, if you love me, you won’t make me eat that sad excuse for meat loaf again”). You’d bicker as you gathered your keys and necessities for work over who fed Wrigley (your golden retriever) and end up sitting on the floor for at least ten minutes petting the dog laying between the both of you on the kitchen floor, obnoxiously apologizing to him when you realized you both neglected to fill his food bowl for breakfast. You’d check each other’s teeth for food and noses for boogers at the front door, fixing each other’s hair before sharing a kiss goodbye, heading your separate ways to work, screaming “I love you"s out the windows of your cars as you drove away from each other.


“Many Bothans died bringing us this letter.”

“They were killed by the evil Empire?”

“No, they just got to the bit about R2-D1 and died laughing.”

White Dogs on Blue Cotton, an InuKag ficlet

**Takes place two nights after Kagome’s return to the Feudal Era. It’s…. kind of a reunion fic. Kind of. From Kagome’s pov.

LOTS of kissing and kinda intimate stuff in this, but like… sweet intimate? It doesn’t cross the T+ line, but I just want everyone to know so 

I dunno. The idea came to me while shopping today, and I thought it was cute. \0o0)//

Summary: Caught up in the rush following her unexpected return to the past, Kagome realizes a little late that some wardrobe choices aren’t quite as private as they used to be. (sugary-sweet sappy fluff and light humor)

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A lifetime of love and memories

I’m sorry. I wrote this today, and I cried and I still did not stopped from writing. And I’m sorry. 

This is my take on what I THINK might happen (should happen) in the next episode.


Your life was a blessing
Your memory a treasure
You are loved beyond words and missed beyond measure


They came back from the Underworld two days ago and they, well more like her parents and Regina, decided that Killian needs a proper funeral. Emma agreed with them between “yes” and “no” and “uhm” since that was all she could say. She missed him a lot, she couldn’t sleep knowing that he won’t be around anymore, hug her, kiss her, tell her or show her how much he loves her or even talk her out of the stupid things she wanted to do. She cursed Cruella because she destroyed the phone, she thought that if the phone was still in the Underworld Killian would be able to talk with her, but then she realized that he wouldn’t do it even if he could. He loved her too much and knew that talking with her thought that phone will hurt her even more.  

The day of the funeral was a grey day, cloudy and rainy. People wore black around her and had black umbrellas to protect themselves from the rain. Emma was in black like everyone else. Black jeans, black shirt, black boots and a black leather jacket. His black leather jacket. She refused to wear a hat like Regina and her mother or an umbrella like everyone else. He just put her hair in a ponytail and moved like a robot from her parents loft to her father’s car and then to the graveyard.

She remembered reading that when it rains at a funeral even God and his angels are sad because the person died. She looked at the sky and thought.

“Please bring him back. If what everyone says about you it’s true, please bring him back. I’ve seen so many crazy things in my life, I wish I could see just another. Bring him back to me. Please.” She prayed at the sky hoping that there is a God who watches over them and listens to her prayers.

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