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Hello, baby. Part 21

‘An angel and a devil fell in love.’ 

I would spend weeks thinking about that line. I would spend moments staring at his porcelain profile wondering if he meant why he said. Wondering if he even realized what he said. He hasn’t mentioned the word since and it drives me mad but I realize who I’m dealing with.

It’s been a little over a week and things have been kept civil. Well as civil as a relationship with J can be.
He still snaps but he knows I will snap right back. I keep up the fight, I stand my ground against him and he knows I won’t back down now. He gives me my own pedestal to step on and he has his own but we still have made a great team when it comes to work. I’m involved in the meetings as well as some of the actual jobs. It’s been nice but there are plenty of downs still. 
Like now. 

“Why can’t you just admit I’m right and go with it J?” I cross my arms as I stare at him from his office door. 

He doesn’t even bother to look at me, “Oh, but doll you are so far from right.”

Earlier in the day I had made out a plan to take out a few guys that owed J money, it was organized and clean. Of course J wanted the credit of all the planning, so my idea was quickly thrown out. Only now J can’t think of a better idea.

“Well, then what have you come up with?” I question as I walk up to his desk.

“You will find out when we get there. Don’t press it doll.” He gives me a quick smirk and continues with his notes.

I let a faint laugh leave my lips and close his office door behind me. I head into our bedroom and change into a short red dress, it has thin straps and a tight hug on the bottom. I wiggle in it, adjusting the length at the bottom and then head into our bathroom, my hair has been braided all day so when I let it out it falls into dark waves. I apply a light amount of makeup with a red lipstick to match the dress. I pull out a pair of silver glitter heels from the closet and slide them on, I grab the diamond encrusted ‘J’ choker necklace and snap the clasp in place behind my neck. 

“Perfect baby.” J growls from the bedroom door.

“Keep it in your pants.” I laugh and roll my eyes at him, “At least for now.” I bite my bottom lip and wink at him. 

“I can make time.” He rushes me onto the bed and I fall back with a fit of laughter.

His mouth buried into my neck, my hands pushing his shoulder back. He finally listens to my push and holds himself up on his elbows that rest on the side of me. I cup his face in my hands and run my thumbs across his dominant cheekbones. 

“You have to come back to me. Promise me?” My hands fall behind his neck.

“Every time doll” He gently presses his lips to mine.

His kiss is warm, his lips press smoothly against mine. Our lips parting only to meet again. 
A knock breaks our kiss.

“Boss. Everything is ready.” Its Jay with a stern voice.

As I look at the door J quickly pecks my cheek before getting up and swinging the bedroom door open. I get up and adjust my dress again before following behind him as I smile at Jay. We walk down the stairs, J holds his arm out for me to link as we walk out the door. I can’t help but smile at him as we walk to the purple chromed vehicle. He opens the door for me and closes it once I’m settled, he walks to the driver side of the vehicle and gets in. We both look at each other as he starts it up and the loud purr of the engine roars through our bodies. 
J speeds off and I sit back into the seat enjoying the small rush of adrenaline. As he shifts into a higher gear the car takes off and he lets out a loud groan as he punches the roof of the car. I let out a laugh as I watch his manic motions in play.

He smiles at me, showing every capped tooth and I smile back at him showing all my porcelain teeth. 
We pull up to his club with the ‘J’ at the top. The car is put in park in the front of the building, J is out of the car and holding my door open for me in seconds. I link arms with him and he tucks the key in his pants pocket. We walk into the club and there’s always the people that stare and the people who carry on like it’s no big deal. We head upstairs, I act like I don’t notice the stares but sometimes I wish I could just lunge at one of them, just once. 
In the elevator I ask J what the plan is.

“Simple. Kill them all.” He hands me one of my knives from home.

“Perfect” I laugh and slip the knife into the front of my dress, I straighten my posture being careful of the sharp edge, “Do we know how many people?” I link my arm in his again.

“Just a few.” He says in a low voice as the doors open.

We step out in sync, my hand wraps around his bicep and I give him a slight squeeze. There is a lot more than a few guys up here and it seems they have already started the games. There are three of the club guards dead, they are all leaning against one of the dancers cage. 

“Sorry we got started without you. Early bird gets the worm though.” A man in a bright red suite stands up from one of the couches.

“Let’s just get this over with, shall we.” J’s whole demeanor has shifted and it leaves me questioning this entire situation. 

We start to walk towards his office, the man in red is in front of us. Out of nowhere J collapses to the ground bringing me down with him. Suddenly I can’t move, I wait for J to help me up but he doesn’t, I wait for him to move but he doesn’t. 

The man in red comes and stands over J, “Just enough to keep you down while I take your bitch out.” He laughs.

I can hear J’s rage run through him but he can’t move a muscle. The man reaches in the front of my dress and pulls the knife out, he tosses it to the side and shakes his head at me. He quickly picks me up and throws me over his shoulder, tears form in my eyes as I see J laying on the floor of his club, motionless. 

“Don’t worry baby, he will be fine and so will you. Just slight paralysis.” His hand reaches up my thigh and I cringe at his touch, “I’m not gonna hurt you, I’m just going to put you away till he drops my debt. Sound good?” He slaps my ass and I close my eyes tight, “Good.” He replies. 

Im thrown in the trunk of a car behind the club, I can see the back of the building behind the man in red. I hit my head against something hard and I let out what I can of a grumble. The trunk closes and I’m left in the dark. 
I can’t make out any words, they have music turned on and the bass in the back leaves my head throbbing. 
I close my eyes and I quickly see J laying on the floor again, his face pained. My eyes shoot open, I can’t stand seeing him like that. My heart aches at not knowing how he is. 
The car comes to a rough stop and my body slams against the trunk lid. I hear three doors open and close and I can hear them approach the trunk with caution. 
It flies open and two men have guns pointed at me, I give them an open stare since I still can’t move. The man in red throws me over his shoulder once more. My face is towards his back and I can’t move to look left or right. 

“Small pinch dear.” He sticks a needle into the back of my thigh. 

My muscles tense as I try to scream out. The pain subsides quickly and I can start to feel my fingers again. 

“We need you walking in a few minutes.” The man says as he walks through a set of doors.

Inside is full of bright lights, I have to squint to adjust to it. I can feel the blood rushing through my limbs again, I tilt my head to look next to me and one of the men has a gun directly at my head. I let out a sigh in defeat. 
The man sets me down and my legs wobble a little bit. I look around and realize just where I am. 
A mental hospital, one especially for the wicked, one where J has spent some time personally.
They knew how to get to him, thats for sure. 

“Strip, put this on.” The man pointing the gun hands me a white gown.

I wonder if J would ever think of them taking me here, I wonder if he would even try to save me here, my mind is fighting itself over these things. I slide out of my shoes first, I slide the white gown over my red dress and then take the red dress off underneath. 
My hair has turned into its natural curl mess from sweating in the trunk, my lipstick completely off. My mind is a mess of thoughts.

“Don’t try anything stupid, I won’t hesitate to kill you.” The man in red steps away after collecting my things.

The man with the gun presses it against my back and pushes. I start walking in the direction he pushes me in. We walk by rows and rows of cells.
Im hazed over at everything that seemed to happen in a blink of an eye.

He keeps the gun pressed against my back, he tells me to stop and I listen the first time. I’m too concerned for J at the moment to put up a fight. He presses me up against the wall and I let out a grunt as air leaves my lungs, he keeps the gun pressed against my spine. He places a key card in a slot in a cell door. It slides open and he grabs my arms and throws me into the empty cement room. 

“This is what filthy bitches like you get.” He spits at me as the door slides closed.

I make a mental note of every feature on that mans face. 
I sit up and scoot back against the wall, I curl my knees to my chest and start thinking of all the plans and tactics J has taught me.

It’s back little monsters.
I hope you enjoy it.

Dear mouse living behind my fridge

Or rat. I don’t know. All I saw was your tail.

Please vacate the premises immediately unless you want to face the inhumanity of my family. I can offer you two slices of very gross cheese laid between two pieces of bread as compensation, however your continued residence poses a threat to your very life. If my mother were to see you, things would not end well. I’ve convinced her there is no tenant behind our fridge for the moment, but once revealed I cannot protect you, so please consider my proposal. From now on I shall personally see to it that the door connecting the outside world and the garage where my refrigerator is stationed at will be closed before nightfall starting tomorrow. You are to vacate by morning. If there are no continued signs of your presence, the following night I will deliver my reward - it will be waiting for you by the northern side of the shed. Please make haste, as your current situation is substantially dangerous and I only wish you no harm.

Thank you for your time and consideration,

A concerned lesbian.


The Other Side, Woodkid (Listen to it while you read :3)

This is my “thank you” post for hitting 5000 followers ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ
This is crazy, I never thought I’d ever get so many of you here. I apologize for being completely absent from Tumblr these past 3 days, I was, well, working on this and didn’t want to be too distracted. I hope you’ll like it, I know it doesn’t make much sense if you’re not in my head, I’m sorry.

Some of my favorite OUaT (Rumbelle) Fanfics and authors

This list is not all inclusive and not in any particular order (and mostly all Rumbelle). I’m pretty sure a few of the below authors have Tumblrs too that I did not link.

(Freeze on the Stones), (Original Powers), (Ruins of Camelot), (Remember) and the various fics and ficlets by @toseehowthestoryends

(A Bed of Thorns) by Nym.

All of @spottytonguedog stuff. I love to read (Alone in my Tower) and (Well, That Was Awkward) over and over and over…

(Penance) and the hard-to-put-down (The Long Game) and its remixes by @emospritelet

(On a Knife-Edge) by Laikin394

(The Valley), (Long Live the Queen), (GlassVial) and (Incentive) by @woubazoid

Many from @standbyyourmantis like (From Shattered Places) and (Silence is Golden)

@charlotteashmore13 wrote many of my fixes

@cartoonjessie with (Heart of the Ship)

(The Tale of Brave Sir Belle) and others by @thescholarlystrumpet

I really loved a few fics written by @clockwork-mockingbird

(Mr. and Mrs. Gold) by ShakespeareanHoneyBadgers

The (Moments) series by Montreat11.

(Dealing in Arrangements) and (Faith in Fiction) by FeistyFox

(A Tale as Old as Time) by PirateNinjaCJS

Author TriplePirouette

(Skin Deep) by DD Agent

Many and (A Price to be Paid) by Sparks

(Viper) and (Where the Heart Is) by griseldalafey

(Spin Me a Tale) by @writingwolfwithin

(To Catch a Swan), (On the Shores of Loch Katrine), and (Song of the Siren) by Phoenix-Talon

(Danse Macabre) by @snafu-moofins

(Better to Face the Bullets) by @ishtarelisheba

(Covered in Bees) by @suchadearie and her various fics!

Author @rumples-leather-emporium

Author @mariequitecontrarie (Meet me at Stardusk co-authored with above)

And more…

House Words Wednesdays: House Tarth

Hello, everyone!

So as you may have seen, I have started a feature on the Tumblr called House Words Wednesdays. Each week, I take a House without known canon or semi-canon words and present what I think could make sense as that House’s motto. You’re free to suggest more as well, if your favored House has not yet been suggested; take a look at this link to see what has already been suggested, and shoot me a tweet or ask through Tumblr if you have another House you’d like to see.

Last week I decided on “Our Word Yet Lives” as the motto of House Dustin. For this week, we move south, to an island I would suspect everyone reading this knows quite well, if only by name - Tarth, the Sapphire Isle. Its most famous daughter (at least in our limited knowledge of the House) is Brienne, the warrior maid, but House Tarth has a long history in the Stormlands. The Tarths were kings on Tarth during the time of the Durrandons, although they eventually bent the knee when Durran the Fair took King Edwyn Evenstar’s daughter for his bride. The Tarths were thereafter loyal Stormlands vassals, with blood ties to the Durrandons, the Baratheons, and more recently the Targaryens (I am almost positive this last is a marriage between one of Egg’s sisters and the Lord of Tarth, to hush up a child conceived between the princess and Duncan the Tall).

The Tarths also have a strong connection to what I guess you might call celestial iconography. Their sigil is quartered, with two suns on rose and two white crescent moons on blue. The head of House Tarth is called “the Evenstar” (suggesting that Planetos has some equivalent to the evening star of our own heavens, the planet Venus), a style which the Tarths argue goes back to the dawn of days. Likewise, the ancestral seat of House Tarth on Tarth is called Evenfall Hall. Sun and moon, the evening star, evenfall … there is an emphasis on twinned light and darkness that I think would work well for the Tarth words.

Therefore, I like In Darkness We Rise as the words of House Tarth. There are obvious connections between the Tarth sigil and imagery and this motto: the sun and moon both rise in darkness, and the evening star begins to shine when darkness starts to settle over the land. If Evenfall Hall is the seat of Tarth power, then Tarth power waxes - rises - at the darkness that accompanies the start of evening. Moreover, it works for me on a symbolic level as well. Darkness is a trying period, a period of physical and psychological challenge before the reprieve and warmth of dawn. The Maid of Tarth, for one, has certainly found herself in a number of trying circumstances, and has proven herself not merely physically able but steadfast in her commitment to her vows. Tarths of the past might have also comforted themselves and their children with those words, reminding each other that it is in darkness that the evenstar shines brightest, and in darkness that they would find the strength that would never come out in the light of day. (Plus, that motto also ties in nicely to the midnight meeting Lord Selwyn allowed for Davos, to argue for Stannis’ accession.)

Let me know what you think - if you like these words, if you have even better words for the Tarths, tell me. Next week’s house also has Targaryen connections - not through marriage, but through sheer blood devotion to the dragons’ cause.  

The Queen Regent (NFriel)

anonymous asked:

im looking really cute, pre caskett fics (pref S3 or S4) that are long and well written! i have a weakness for pre caskett but they are in love with each other

Ok this should be pretty easy :) 

They are mostly season 3 and 4, but I’ve chucked a few 1 and 2s in there as well :)

Enlightenment by Kate Christie

Attachment Syndrome, Partners, and What Pales in Comparison by FanficwriterGHC

Extraordinary and Midnight Queen by kimmiesjoy

Love Boat and A Better Fate by chezchuckles and Sandiane Carter

kairos by ColieMacKenzie

still our hands match by bravevulnerability

And The World Turned by daphnebeauty

A Death in the Family by Sandiane Carter

silence is star-like by closingdoors

Fractured by Cartographical

The Plan and Blizzard by Googie

What If? and If Only by Liv Wilder

Waiting Game by muppet47

Fluff by International08

Magic and I choose you by Ky03elk

Starlight by honeyandvodka

Righting the Applecart by Lydian Stone

Separation Anxiety by VioletHills

The More Things Change by jstar1382

Thaw by RedGrayBall

Sick Day by Jersey Caramel

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