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“¿Quién dijo que trabajar juntos en esto impedía de alguna forma que me besaras a mi también?” Inquirió a Amelia, recostado sobre el puesto de Kissing Booth que ambos tenían a cargo, con toda la atención sobre la morena. “Podemos divertirnos mucho más nosotros juntos que con el resto de idio—” Sus palabras se vieron interrumpidas en cuanto un tercero se acercó a su punto de trabajo. Aún dándole la espalda a quien fuese dicha persona, el rubio rodó la mirada. “¿Puedes venir más tarde? Estamos teniendo problemas técnicos con el juego y por el momento está cerrado.

Mrs. Potato Head, tell me, is it true that pain is beauty?
Does a new face come with a warranty?
Will a pretty face make it better?

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I wanna know more about this demon controlling Gaster. So tell me about yourself!

Heh heh, well for starters, I ain’t a demon. I’m a spirit. Common mistake but HUGE difference. Name’s Wingdin and I’d ‘preciate you usin’ it!

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Which mun's do you like Touka?

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Accepting | Not Accepting [ meme ]

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                              ❝ Jeez, you want me to LIST them all? Well, for starters; Mary - she’s really cute. Adam’s pretty cool, too. Layne, Ryan, all of the Hide muns… For the most part, everyone. Though I DO have favorites. ❞

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gxtsumen replied to your post “❝An alliance between our kingdoms would be amazing.❞”

❝Well for starters, we’ll be strongest kingdom, with my defense and your offense, we probably wouldn’t have to think about a war. Two, people would be happily peaceful knowing that they are protected and our lands can prosper together. However, I want nothing more than for my people to be happy.❞

“i agree but i also feel like your looking for more than happiness from our people. i’m not saying i won’t say yes to our alliance but i feel like there is more than just us becoming allies.”

“Ten bucks says I can do a flip,” Noah smirks, flexing his arm behind his head. Tentatively bouncing on the diving board for good measure, he turns his attention to the person below and shoots them a radiant half smile. “So what’s it going to be - are you in or are you out?”

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OKAY SO I’M HOPING ON THE PERMANENT STARTER CALL TRAIN. Specifically because this’ll help me keep my drafts under control a lot easier 

Basically if you like this that means you give me the ability to tag you in starters whenever I want, along with sending you memes, and coming into your IM to scream at you about plotting things between our muses. (Yes, there probably will be screaming tbh.) Also this is MUTUALS ONLY.