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The Washuu and the Band of the Hawk

It’s been awhile since I have last written a meta for Tokyo Ghoul (:re) and in the time that I didn’t really touch any matters of analysis, I read Berserk. In an odd moment of sudden realisation my brain made the connection between Yoshitoki and Griffith, two characters who don’t really seem to have much in common but when I spent more time thinking about it, a parallel between them actually makes perfect sense to me.

For all the people who are familiar with Tokyo Ghoul but not Berserk, I will explain all relevant information you need to fully understand what I’m talking about but there will be several spoiler ahead, as well as possible trigger for death mentions and emotional abuse, so please read this with discretion.

Griffith is one of the main antagonists in Kentaro Miura’s manga Berserk, he is first introduced to the reader during a confrontation with the main character Guts in which later tries to attack Griffith, the reason for his rage isn’t explained, it’s only mentioned that they have known each other for quite a while.

It is later revealed (during the Golden Age arc), that Griffith used to be the leader of the mercenary group Band of the Hawk. What you need to know about the Band of the Hawk is that they were a group of over hundreds of people (men of all ages with only 1 woman in their ranks, but she was second in command and well respected and beloved by the soldiers) under the command of Griffith, Casca and Guts. 

Griffith’s reasoning for forming the Band of the Hawk was his dream to one day rule over his own country, or as much simpler explained with these 2 two screenshots that were provided by my dearest @linkspooky

Of course Griffith is way more complex than that but most of it will be relevant in later parts of the analysis so let’s get started.

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So I’ve made the big mistake to listen to the greatest masterpiece of mankind* for the first time in a long time again.

Brain: hey aside from the fact that you know the song is based off a Swedish poem which you’ve never read, don’t you think that’s perfect inspiration for a sci-fi Zesty/Berseria AU?

Me: ???? The only basis for this is the entire corrupted earth and actually deity plot, and, like, why?

Brain: 8D

…Well, at least I didn’t give in and think about plot bunnies or re-designed any characters for a sci-fi setting (…yet…). However, a really lazy but theatrical low-effort doodle of angel Phi happened.

Brain: But hey, wouldn’t all the girls look amazing in plugsuits!????


Brain: *whispers* Michael is the narrator of the song! 83 Also that 20-year-journey through space is the perfect interval for Sorey and Mikleo to grow up from tiny babies to saviours of the universe that Michael & co fucked up and stuff –


P.S.: I’ve actually recorded myself doodling this, so in case you’re curious how I’m doing my messy low-effort doodles, that might be interesting for you! I’ll try to edit it tonight, but as video editing takes me a while, I can’t tell when it will go online. Plus, my neighbours might want to sleep soon and won’t appreciate it if I record my commentary for the video. But we’ll see. I’ll let you know on tumblr once I’m done, of course!

*For everybody out there who doesn’t know this band, this album, and this song in particular (nope, no loops included in the Youtube video, the song runs for a solid half an hour): it is fucking perfection. Listen to it at least 30 times to grasp a glimpse of its perfection. Just. Just. THIS SONG.

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I've been waiting forever for them to use "I get to love you" for Malec but I bet we'll never even get that. I feel like the perfect opportunities where they could have used it have already passed (first date, first time, first "I love you") If they ever did use that song, they'd probably use it for Clary & Jace as well.

“I Get To Love You” will be played at Malec’s wedding when they have their first dance as husband and husband. Don’t @ me, those are facts.

Peter Parker |Peculiar and beautiful

Count of words: 819

Warnings: well it’s not a warning but plus-size reader… trigger possible, hurtfull comments , swearing(mild, maybe once), fluff

A/N: So had this idea cause Loic Nottet is perfect and he inspired me so here…. Inspire by Peculiar and Beautiful by Loic Nottet… But like it’s very different from the song.

ps couldn’t give you a link to the song cause it’s not on youtube…




She had just returned home from party, once again all those skinny girls showing of their perfect bodies, while she kept hidding her beautiful and natural curves, with the belief that they made her ‘ugly’ and ‘annatractive’. But, as much as she was trying to shield herself with those loose clothes, there was someone that just wanted to embraced those, he wanted to help her.

So here she was again, in front of the full size mirror in her bedroom. She was only in her underware, so that all her flaws were visible. Really, she was just trapped into the mirror’s game. It’s a vicious thing, the mirror. It knew just how to play tricks with your mind, making you wonder is what I’m seeing true or is it a lie? The answer is mostly a lie. Cause what you see in the mirror, is not always what other people see in you. It doesn’t reflect who you are, but rather your flaws, and you into that game, just lie she did; just like we all do. Right now, she was looking at her flawed body up and down, naming everything wrong. “My fat legs… big stomach… love handles/ muffin topping… stetch marks… thunder thighs… under arm fat… chubby cheeks…” And the list goes on, a tear falling for every insecurity. She hated who she was, but she didn’t acknoledge that the body hidding in the shadows loved it all.

He loved her beautiful, godess-like legs, he loved her comfortable stomach, her love handles, her beautiful battle scars, her big thighs; that was actually turning him on a bit, but he couldn’t admit it, he loved her arms and her cute cheeks, that he could pinch and squeez and smile at forever. But, he didn’t have enough courage to tell her this himself, in fear of redjection. I mean, who would like the nerd of the school, especially when they don’t know that underneath all that ‘nerdiness’ hides a superhero.

He’d be keeping an eye on her for a while now, so it didn’t come as a surprise that he knew where she was that night. She was sitting on her fire escape, crying over God knows what. Peter, or well, spiderman, would go on patrol and when he was at it he would check to see if she was alright. Usually, he wouldn’t stop but this time his heart broke at the image of the girl. She really did have him wrapped around her finger, but she didn’t know.

As mentioned, the girl, was sitting on her fire escape, legs hunging off the edge, as she cried over some hurtful comments from those, so called,  'perfect’ girls in her school. Spiderman, of course wasn’t aware of the reason, but he wanted to help. Swiftly, he flew to the girl, sitting beside her without scaring her. There was a comfortable silence, until she decided to break it. “So, what is the Spiderman doing on my fire escape on this fine night?” She questioned, a slight playfull tone evident, almost overshadowing the crack in it. “Well, he was on patrol and saw you cry. So, he wants to help. What is bothering you, darling?” He responded, a sudden confidence obvious in his voice, but the girl was rather oblivious. “Nice story, spiderling , but you don’t even know me. Why would you care?” “Well, first, don’t call me that. Second, I do know you and I do care, so please let me help,” he requested, his voice soft, as if pleading the girl to let him help her. “Well, here goes nothing,” she mumbled. “It’s just my insecurities, really. It’s stupid, but these girls said some things about me today. I mean, they were right. I’m fat. I could use lo-” “No,” he said aggravated that those girls made even conside that they are right. “You don’t have to lose weight, you don’t need to, unless it affects your health. In your case it doesn’t so stop. You are breathtaking, beautiful. It’s the mere fact of being you that makes you peculiar and beautiful. And, it’s the mere fact of being you that makes me fall for you more everyday,” he informed, a rush of adrenaline pumping through his veins. And then the unexpected. He removed his mask and kissed the girl softly, but with so much love and passion involved. “You are perfect just the way you are. Just be you, simply you. It’s enough.” He said after he pulled away. The girl was shocked that her all-time crush had just kissed her, but also about the fact that he was here favorite superhero. Peter searched her eyes for any reaction and he was relieved to see her smile and nod. “Now, two things. First, would you like to be my girlfriend? And two, how about we cuddle and eat pizza?” He offered and the girl chuckled, pulling him inside her appartment.


Fandom: Stony
Word count: 924
Warnings/Tags: None, I think. Slight angst/violence/strong language maybe.

Summary: Tony and Steve need to talk things out after Civil War. 
Authors note: This somehow popped into my head last night. During the last paragraphs an idea for a second part did the same and anybody who knows me well enough can probably tell where it is going. But until I find time to write part 2, here you go with part 1. Also I haven’t written in almost a year so this is far from perfect but one has to start again somewhere, right?


“Shut it.”

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A little time ago, some of you asked me which english voice actors I associate to Cynthia and Jack. I don’t listen to english dub enough to decide, but I saw enough japanese animation to give you some japanese names:
- For Jack, definitely Yūki Kaji. I hopelessly love his voice, it’s so gentle, so, so… so perfect. It fits Jack so much! (Please listen to this angel and let your soul be purified: https://youtu.be/-cSgW4NVklE)
- For Cynthia, probably Miyuki Sawashiro. I really like the way her voice sounds and I think she fits Cynthia very well! I mean, she’s so s e x y: https://youtu.be/lAcgJyuO5rM


Days after becoming a young adult Hudson’s parents surprised him by giving him his share of his inheritance in advance. He knew his parents were well off, but he had no idea just how well off. He spent a week searching for the perfect home and eventually made an offer on a Spanish style mansion in an upscale part of town. After getting settled the first person he called was his girlfriend, Hanna.

Hudson - “Hey babe, do me a favor okay? I’m gonna text you an address, meet me there, I’ve got a surprise for you.”



There was darkness inside me. He had put it there, and I would no longer deny it.

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one thing you want to change about damian? jon? billy? colin? (aside from colin not well, existing lol. let's assume he is here)

For sure I wouldn’t want them to be straight but if we’re saying that’s a given because it’s me and 9/10th of what I write is fluffy stories of them being all gay and stuff 

I’d like Damian to be nice to Tim

I want Jon to have a brother (i.e. Kon, or Chris, or both) 

Billy? hm I like the idea of Billy living on his own in an apartment in a weird 1950s feeling city (with a fucking Tiger) 

Colin is perfect, give us a canon li’l Gotham version of Colin and I’ll cry tears of joy 

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I'm with you on the Sander Cohen thing. I adore bioshock but making him such a flamboyant predatory gay stereotype, as well as having the brutes say homophobic things only to be revealed gay themselves when you hypnotise them was a terrible move tbh. As a gay fan is always bothered me

I’m really happy someone understands. Like, I’m not asking for the gay characters to be perfect saints, but come on. It’s a disappointment for them to be written the way they are. 

I've been asked the question, so I'm going to answer...

FYI I’ve had a bit to drink and it’s messing with my mood so forgive me in advance if what I typed doesn’t make sense or my thoughts don’t add up.

Okay, so I was asked why I was disappointed by the PP3 trailer, well here’s why. Disclaimer, this is all just my personal opinion and based on my personal taste so, you know, don’t hate.

First of all, I don’t buy the idea that Fat Amy & Beca are BFF’s 4 life. Just because they communicated first, doesn’t mean they should be represented this way. The fact Fat Amy doesn’t give a crap for Beca’s personal belongings (stealing money from her purse in PP2) pretty much draws the line for me.

Chloe, yet again, being portrayed as being completely and utterly clueless. Why does they’re always have to be a dumb one? I’m fine with her still not knowing what direction to go in, but she actually seems to be getting dumber by the movie.

Which pisses me off because in PP1, sure she was a lot more open than the other Bella’s but she wasn’t an idiot. Brittany deserves better than this.

Second of all, yet again we’re reduced to “badass Beca Effin’ Mitchell” not having a clue what to do with her life or how to overcome a hurdle. It irritates me to the point of vexation.

And last but not least, PP1 was simple and magical and worked for that reason. Jason Moore and Kay Cannon locked into something that just really worked. They poked fun at the world of acapella and their differences. Now it feels like they’ve become the butt of the joke. Laughing at them rather than with them.

PP1 was about a group of kids in college singing acapella songs and it was amazing and developing a sisterly bond. This looks like they’re trying to make it into Die Hard or something else with the OTT action sequences… like wtf?

How did we go from singing a few tunes to this? I know the budget was bigger but was this necessary? To me, no, but as I said in the beginning, this is just my opinion based on personal taste. The longer this goes on the more I wish they had stopped after PP1.

  • Me: Ahhh, time to get some well-deserved sleep so I'm not an unproductive, tired, cranky little shit in the morni-
  • Gigantic Bug that eats flesh probably: Sup, -rubs itself in my bed sheets like an asshole- Feels so good -flies around my room like a lunatic- Enjoy having a panic attack, loser. Make sure to wake everyone else up too.
  • Me: .....! -sweats and internally screaming before actual screaming. Miraculously kills GB with help and then goes in other room to live into for the rest of my life- I'm safe he-WHAT THE FUCK
  • Another Gigantic Bug that also eats flesh and cheats at chess: Hi, perfect night to not sleep, huh? I will dance on your toothbrush later.
  • Me: ......FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFUCK -stays up forever-

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Do you think the song Skyscraper by Demi Lovato is the perfect song for Red Queen? I feel it describes a lot of Maven and Mare's Relationship (And A little of Cal's).

Yeah I think it fits pretty well too! (With the whole theme of breaking me down but I won’t fall apart) I like that song :)

movie au’s i know will kill me but i will humbly request anyway:
  • ghost - why has nobody seen this all i need is for you to imagine the last scene of the movie w ur couple of choice oh my god i literally cry just thinking about it. works w literally any ship unless it’s one i hate lmao
  • titanic - old lady walks up the stairs to the love of her life who died 84 years before?????? fuck me up good. (works v well with sanvers bc maggie would be jack and alex would be rose who wants to break out from the pressure of her family)
  • the way we were - it’s…. it’s not gonna end well but dear god it could be so good. 
  • beaches - perfect for a brotp. it hurts to think about. why am i doing this to myself.
  • the bridge to terebithia - doubles as a kid!au. double so much fuckin pain
  • 50 first dates - it sounds funny and cute, but think about it. think about it.

all this new short haired ladybug art has got me like *heart eyes*