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“Father Mulcahy hauling Frank bodily out of the OR in The Kids” -requested by @brinnanza)

Imagine taking Jeffrey to meet your parents for the first time and being nervous because of the age gap between you.

“Love, have you seen my black tie?” you heard a voice but didn’t even move a muscle as you stared down at your family photo.

Taking your fiance to meet your family was one thing, but taking your so-much-older fiance to meet your family for the first time put the fear of gods in you. It should have happened earlier, you knew it, and you actually planned for it to happen but one thing lead to another and both you and Jeffrey got busy with work that you actually didn’t bring it up to your parents much later after he proposed to you. They were slightly mad at you, but they were at least pleased that they didn’t get to meet him on the wedding day for the first time. For a moment you thought that you did all of this subconsciously because you were scared to see the look on their face when they met him.

Not that Jeffrey was not handsome or a gentleman when needed. Oh, if anything. He could steal any woman’s heart within seconds with his smooth words and charming smile but that didn’t mean it was not obvious how he was older than you. You had mentioned it but it was one thing saying it and another having your parents face the fact as they saw the two of you next to each other.

“Sweetheart?” you heard his voice again but you didn’t even try to make yourself say a thing. You were too nervous to.

“(Y/n)?” his voice was heard closer this time as you heard footstep come closer to you. The moment you felt a hand on your shoulder you jumped slightly and your eyes snapped up to lock with his.

“(Y/n), love are you alright?” he asked gently, a small frown on his face as you sighed heavily and put the framed picture on your nightstand.

“I would be lying is I said yes.” you mumbled as he tilted his head to take a better look at you.

“What’s the matter?”

“Well, other than the fact that we are about to take you to meet my parents and you are just casually walking around the place ever since the morning only now caring to find what to wear, nothing! Everything’s just peachy!” you exclaimed, full of sarcasm. Instead of being mad at your outburst he smiled and cupped your cheek.

“You’re nervous, aren’t you?” he asked with a small grin and despite how you wanted to punch something to relieve your frustration you just sighed and leaned on his side.

“More than fucking ever.” you mumbled as he wrapped his arms around you, laughing softly “Are you seriously laughing?” you asked, although your voice didn’t raise much.

“I’m sorry- I’m just-” he grinned down at you after licking his lips “You’re so damn adorable at moments like this.” he shrugged innocently “And you just remind me even as this how lucky I am that you are going to be my wife.” he added softly and you instantly felt all frustration and worries leave you as you stared back at the breath-taking smile.

“Sap” you mumbled, snuggling closer to his side as he kissed the top of your head.

“Come on, baby.” he whispered “You know there is nothing to worry about, here. Everything is going to go alright so long as you can keep your hands to yourself.” he shrugged as you pulled slightly away to narrow your eyes at him.


“You know I’m all up for fun under the table but considering that your parents will be there we should-”

“Oh no, no boy!” your cut him off “Forget even touching my hand around them much less anything else!” you exclaimed “We are not going to talk about kisses either, you can do anything you want to me outside that house but the moment we enter we are so acting like-”

“What? Haven’t ever had sex before? Baby, I think they are pretty aware of the things we do already. I don’t think they’d expect us to just hold hands.” he chuckled at your wide eyes.

“Well, my father actually might!” you shook your head “Just- please, don’t make this hard on me Jef.”

“Alright, alright.” he sighed, kissing your forehead “So long as you are careful who you call daddy on the table cause I might- ow.” he huffed as you hit his arm hard. “What was that for?” he laughed as you glared at him.


“What? All I am saying is I am going to act on reflex in case it happens, it’s not like I can control it.” he shrugged with a smirk as you got up from the bed and glared down at him.

“Alright, first we have never done such a thing so stop being a liar you idiot and second; do you want to give my father a freaking heart attack?!” you stared at him with wide eyes.

“Fine, fine!” he sighed getting up as well “But just so you know, it’s supposed to happen the other way around. You know, you comforting me because I am the one that has never met them before?”

“I just… sorry.” you sighed, your hands resting on his chest “But I know they are going to love you, no matter how much the… age gap stuns them at first I know they are going to see how much I love you, and how much you love me and I know that’s what really matters to them.”

“Then I’ll make damn sure I do my best to show to them that you are the woman of my dreams and I m not letting you go.” he breathed out.

You opened your mouth to say one thing but once you took notice of his clothes you jumped away from him as if he was fire – well he was hot, yeah but not te point – as you exclaimed “Jeffrey! Your clothes, take them off!”

“Sweetheart” he laughed “You know I never say no to such offers from you, no matter the time and no matter the place but don’t you think that this is not the right moment?”

“No, Jef. I mean your- your clothes, they are too formal. Why the hell are you wearing a suit? It just makes you so… old. Older at least that you are and we definitely don’t want that now.”

“Weird, last time you saw me in a suit we ended up in the exact same place only kinda… horizontal.” he glanced at the bed as you rolled your eyes.

“You know how I like you in a suit, I am just saying that this time you can be more… casual, be yourself.” you shrugged.

“Hm be myself. With you in the same room.” he nodded his head seriously “Let me go take the whipped cream then and we-”

“Jef!” you exclaimed as he burst into laughter.

“Come on, princess. I got this, trust me.” he winked at you, pecking your lips “I’ll make you proud.”

“You always do.” you whispered, letting out a sigh.

He smiled warmly at you, kissing you more fully on the lips before pulling away and whispering “I’ll make a few changes and we can get going.”

You let him pull away from you as you let a soft sigh, your eyes following his every movement as he started taking off his suit’s coat. The black shirt beneath straining against his firm shoulders and you bit your lip hard to keep yourself from going after him. But him unbuttoning his shirt too wasn’t helping.

“Maybe if we’re a few minutes late it wouldn’t hurt…?” you asked yourself as with a groan you thought to yourself “Screw it”.

“Hey, Jef!” you exclaimed, going after him.

“Ever tried, ever failed. No matter. Try again, fail again. Fail better.” 

In which Hux helps Kylo find his feet again after a series of failed missions. 

Fun Home by Alison Bechdel

Overall Rating: 10/10

Brief Summary: This is a non linear graphic novel and memoir that focuses on the Bechdel family. More specifically, it focuses on Alison’s relationship with her father, and his tumultuous relationship with his family. Throughout the story, she also confronts the struggles she had with her sexual identity and how she connects that to her father’s death.

Writing Style: As this is a graphic novel, most of it is in dialogue. However, there’s a really good amount of author commentary. I thought that was really cool because a big part of creative nonfiction (memoirs, personal essays) is creating a good balance between author commentary and the other aspects of the work (scene, exposition, reflection). I didn’t think it would work as well in graphic novel form but Bechdel really pulled it off.

My Opinion: Early in the book, Bechdel mentions how her parents are real to her in fictional terms. This may sound confusing, but the way she uses modernism and modernist texts to understand the struggles of her father is genuinely mind-blowing. As a lover of reading fiction and a lover of the craft, I can completely connect to the idea of using the media we consume (books, TV shows, film) to come to realizations in our own lives. It was powerful watching Bechdel move through that thought process. Another thing I really loved about this is that a lot of the panels are modeled after real life pictures. Alison uses this to demonstrate who her father was in real life compared to how he presented himself to outsiders. Overall, I highly recommend this. It’s highly personal and very powerful.

Notable Quotes

“I employ these allusions to James and Fitzgerald not only as descriptive devices, but because my parents are most real to me in fictional terms.”

“Sometimes, when things were going well, I think my father actually enjoyed having a family. Or at least, the air of authenticity we leant to his exhibit. A sort of still life with children.”

The Little Mermaid And Her Human Prince | 4

Pairings: Taehyung x reader

Genre: Mermaid!au; angst, fantasy, fairy tale

Words: 2,6k

Warnings: mentions of sharks; the word death

Summary: Your father, the king of the merfolk, has forbid you to come in contact with the humans. But as you see a ship with humans in need of help, you forget his rule and try to help. Unfortunately, you put yourself in danger and got saved by a beautiful human boy. Since the moment you lied your eyes on him, things have changed.

A/N: I can finally post chapter 4! I really hope that you guys like it and that you won’t get confused because I got confused a lot of times. I don’t have much to say, just wanted to thank two of my lovely friends who helped me and pushed me to plan this chapter! Thank you guys, I love you <3 So now have fun, I will watch the Little Mermaid movie now <3

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You swam as fast as your fins could move. You were pumped with adrenaline, trying to find a way out of the coral riff.

You and Hoseok swam here for one of your many adventures. It was beautiful here. So many colors, flowers in different shapes and sizes. The water was warm, the fish friendly, and the sharks majestic. Well, as long as they didn’t want to rip your fins off your body.

And that was the case. As always, Hoseok had warned you to not swim from the corals too far away, because there might be sharks. As always, Hoseok was right. But there was this beautiful shimmer between the many corals and you wanted to know what it was. It wasn’t your intention to anger the shark, just by your presence and you suddenly found yourself being chased by a big shark.

You swam between the rocks, able to swim in swirls and gracious moves. There were only two options for you left. Either you could swim as long as you can and be eaten by the shark or give up immediately, but there was still Hoseok, who wouldn’t let that happen. He wouldn’t let you hang so easily.

You turned left, right and left again, in the corner of your eye  you saw Hoseok waving at you. He was in front of a grotto, which you could close with a huge rock Hoseok was holding.

You turned around and swam directly at the grotto. Hoseok swam inside the grotto, still holding the rock, just enough for you to slip in. You didn’t dare to look behind you, afraid that the shark was nearer than you would have expected.

Just a few more and then you are in the grotto. Hoseok had closed the entrance quick and not even a second after you heard a loud BUMP

“Phew, thanks!” You beamed at Hoseok. “That was close, wasn’t it? What would I do without you?”

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The Other Prince + A CS Modern Royalty AU [Chapter 4]

Modern Royalty AU: HRH Prince Killian has grown up in the shadow of the crown while enduring tragedy and the burdens of being the spare to the heir. With a desire to escape his past, he agrees to play host to the visiting general’s daughter in exchange for an eventual life outside royal bounds. Moving on is never that easy though and he quickly learns that being the ‘other’ prince is even more difficult when you find yourself falling for the girl everyone wants your brother to marry.

Catch Up On Previous Chapters: One, Two, Three
Also on FF.net and AO3.

Word Count: 5,549

Okay, here’s the next Emma chapter. I’m sorry it ended up taking so long to post - life got really crazy for about a week and this took longer to finish than planned. A little more backstory here and the next chapter will be the one we’ve been waiting for :) thanks for being patient with me. The reviews and flails are all so wonderful and they make my day! As always, all rights, characters, and my soul belong to OUAT.

“So you still don’t believe me?”

Emma nearly laughed at her father’s quickly drawn conclusion as he flopped down in the seat across from her. Peeking up from the recent issue of Time magazine she’d borrowed from her mother’s bag, she found the analyzing eyes of the man who’d just asked her something of a question.

“I never said that,” she replied with a sly smirk. “Just trying to process your new level of popularity. I guess I didn’t realize how much things have changed since I’ve been gone.”

His gaze was understanding and the tiniest bit concerned, almost as if he needed to hear that she was okay with this little venture. She’d assured him she was a few times over the past couple of days and even if it wasn’t totally honest, Emma knew it was the right thing to do. Normalcy was the next step in her father’s recovery process and if being in regular communication with a few members of the royal family fell into their now typical realm of “business as usual"….well, she would just have to learn to deal with that.

"It’s not that different, Em,” he started with a raised eyebrow. “I used to tell you all the time about how I was in the active ranks with the Queen’s son years ago. We were quite good friends even back then.”

“Yeah, but you also used to say you’d help slay the imaginary dragon under my bed,” she replied, matching his expression. “You can’t blame me for questioning what sounds like the stuff of embellished fairytales, Dad.”

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So I’m not exactly the most sexually awakened person around but I can recognise when something is sexual. Audios from @yuurivoice definitely fall under this category. (yuurivoice does voice RP for Katsuki Yuuri; there’s also SFW stuff if you’re still a minor or at work, although I really wouldn’t recommend listening to them at work because you wouldn’t want to stop.) I was catching up on his stuff–the way you do when you’re trying to procrastinate and end up doing something actually interesting–and all of it is really good and although I’m not turned on by them I can see why people are, but one thing I didn’t understand at all was the daddy kink. I’ve said this before, but like why??? Why on earth would anybody have a daddy kink? What exactly is the appeal? Why on earth would you want to call your partner something you call your father? Isn’t that really weird??? I mean, it’s not the weirdest kink I’ve heard of, but this one just baffles me.

Someone: The Doctor and Clara are just friends.

Me: Cool, I get that.

Someone: The Doctor and Clara have a father/daughter relationship.


A Magical Christmas; Peter Parker x reader

Okay this was my first Peter Parker oneshot that I had thought back several months ago and yeah it’s another Christmas theme. Now this is Tom Holland’s spiderman and I’m sorry if you’d wanted this to be Garfield’s or Maguire’s spiderman. Anyways this is now a romantic oneshot so now child comforts for now except mentioned because well………….spoilers! I’ll just let you read on okay :) Again I do not OWN the Marvel characters, they belong to their respected owners and any other references belong to their respected owners/companies. Enjoy :)

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“But I thought you said you’d be able to take a day off” I said through the phone.

‘I know but you know my new job’. I chuckled softly then continued solemnly.

“I just can’t believe I’ll be spending Christmas without you”.

‘I know sweetie, I hate it to, if I could I would reverse time and make Wong give me the day off’.

“I know you would, but he’d probably bust you even more and force you to work for all holidays”.

‘Probably. I’ve got to go now sweetheart. I love you, you know that right sweetheart?’

“I do god-papa. Bye”

Bye’. I hung up the phone and leaned up against my locker sighing sadly.  I can’t believe that my Godfather has to work on Christmas keeping the world safe. Christmas should be a time celebrating with family and friends, considering that God-papa Stephen is all I have of a family.

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Modern Day Assassin’s Creed: Picking him up

Connor’s friends have seen him get picked up from school by a wide variety of people, if he’s not walking home or staying overnight with them that day. Usually, it’s a woman with striking features, Ziio, his mothers, who stands by the school gates and who’s face lights up immediately when she sees her boy. She would greet Connor’s friends warmly, maybe chat with them a bit, before they both walk home, chatting idly in their native tongue. 

Another person whom they saw was Connor’s Aunt Jennifer, who picked him up whenever Ziio, or Haytham were too busy. She took a liking to Elise whom would chat with her when waiting on Connor, while she was waiting for Arno to finish his class as well. Jennifer would never let her brother know, but she loved picking Connor up, having no children of her own and loving his gentle nature. She treasured her time with him, so she would usually go with him to get food (healthy of course) or go to the park. 

There was one man who very rarely picked Connor up, his dark hair pulled back in a small pony tail, usually checking messages on his phone. Shay would be leaning against a large black car, looking up every now and then to see if he could spot the boy. Arno, for no reason he could fathom, took an instant disliking to him whenever he saw him, so would Achilles, Connor’s teacher, whenever they talked after class, even though he felt more melancholy than anger. Connor’s face would always slightly drop at the sight of him, knowing that Shay only did the picking up whenever Haytham promised he would but suddenly couldn’t make it. Shay would feel bad, offering a sympathetic smile to the boy and would try to make it up to him, allowing him to grab food (unhealthy if he wanted, but only if he could snag a few chips as well). Connor didn’t really mind Shay, he was nice, tried to be friendly to his friends whenever they walked with him, he was funny and would tell embarrassing stories of Charles Lee when driving, such as the time Shay convinced him that crocks with socks was the height of fashion and would impress Haytham. It was just what he stood for, which Connor hated. He stood for his father’s broken promises to his son, not being there and sending someone else, not thinking about his son wanting to see him once in a while.

Then there were the times they saw a sleek business car. At first they didn’t associate it with Connor, so when he stopped right in front of it, they didn’t know what to think. Haytham never got out the car, just sat in the driver’s seat, answering messages on his phone, scheduling meetings with De Sable, Torres, Borgia, Starrick, endless names which meant nothing to Connor. Haytham would be so engrossed that his son would lightly tap his knuckles on the window so he could unlock the door. Connor’s father would offer his friends a small nod before driving off. Things would always start off well, his father actually setting his phone aside to talk to his son, chatting about school, plans for the weekend, about getting Connor a dog (he’d been begging for one since he was young with Haytham masterfully always avoiding the subject) until his phone would light up. Connor would see the name on the dashboard, CL, Charles Lee, and his small smile would utterly disappear. No matter if Haytham answered to call to his subordinate or not, by the time they reach home, they’d either be arguing or sitting in angry silence. Ziio would always beg the two of them to spend more time with each other, avoid touchy subjects, become closer but Charles Lee would always be the split in their relationship, a chasm that seems unfix-able. Ezio even, whenever Connor ranted about him, had an epiphany that Charles Lee would spy on him and his father and whenever they seemed to finally get along, he’d call to see if he could ruin it. Altair and Evie promptly buried their faces in their hands, utterly done with Italian, while Jacob heartily backed him up. Arno just rolled his eyes and Aveline advised Connor to talk it out with his father. 

Now, one day, they saw someone pick Connor up, they’ve never seen before. They had walked out the gates and no one was there. The boy scanned the road, eyebrows furrowed before his face broke into a wide smile and he advised his friends to stands back from the curb. A few seconds later, a beat up pick-up truck, crusted with sand and littered with dents swung haphazardly onto the curb, loud music blasting. Edward Kenway, his grayed hair tucked into his usual ponytail, his skin tanned from a lifetime on the sea, in the sun, laughter lines prominent on his face, jumped out and immediately embraced his grandson. Connor wished he took a picture of his friends, Altair had never looked so gobsmacked, that this beach bum was related to Connor, was related to Haytham. The moment only got better when Professor Adewale walked out of the school, smiled and embraced Edward like they were long-lost brother and immediately reminisced about the good old days. Ezio liked him on sight and Jacob was dying to go home and get Evie to help him go through his family records, to see if he could be related to this awesome grandpa. 

Calling Edward his ride back home wouldn’t be apt. Connor and his gramps wouldn’t be home for hours, the senior Kenway taking him out to eat at the beach, talking excessively, driving around town, teaching Connor how to hunt Sharks, prank calling Charles Lee’s office with appointments that will never happen, letting his grandson meet his buddies, Ed Teach, Mary, Benjamin, Stede, Vane, even Calico Jack, which is an unforgettable experience in itself.  

They’d return home after dark, Haytham out his mind with worry, while Ziio being quite relaxed about the situation, as she phoned Edward up, begging him to see his grandson, telling him Connor’s school and when it ended, to ignore the boundaries Haytham tried to set between his alcoholic father and his impressionable son. Edward, who missed his family, who wanted to see his grandson, agreed immediately. Connor had only met him a few times before, like when at his grandma’s funeral, when Edward had ambushed Haytham and begged to let him see his family, when Edward had actually shown up in person on Connor’s birthday to quickly slip him a present, wish him happy birthday and slink off before Haytham showed up. Connor still wore the shark tooth necklace everyday, underneath his clothes. 

Edward would happily take the blame, could take Haytham’s yelling, even enjoying the panicked tone in his voice, which betrayed how much he worried about his son. Connor had been sent to bed by Ziio with a small grin and a promise that everything would work out. He woke up in the morning and knew something had happened while he slept, as suddenly there was an arrangement, allowing Edward to pick Connor up on Fridays and spend a few hours with him. 

Connor would always treasure those Fridays, especially the time when Edward allowed his friends, everyone, Altair, Ezio, Arno, Aveline, Jacob and Evie to come with them and spend a Friday with Edward’s buddies, the kids spending time with the retired Pirates, even maybe committing a few slightly-illegal acts under the watchful eye of Mary. 

But anyway, that’s who picks Connor up from school.

Lingering Guilt

for @jejecchi just because

 Inigo loved his father very much.

 He remembered his father’s laugh; how it bounced with such zest and joy that always, always brought a smile upon his face. He remembered his father’s voice; how it lulled with such love and care that always, always eased his nervous heart. He remembered his father’s smile; how it curved with such glee that always, always splashed red in his vibrant cheeks.

 But most of all, Inigo remembered his father’s hand; how soft they were, clasping against his own, giving him complete reassurance that he was safe; that he was loved.

 Sandy brown eyes only gazed lazily at the sorcerer sitting across the table. He saw as Henry tilted his head left and right while reading the tome in his hands. He watched as the cheerful man hummed a tune that he too felt familiar with. Chin cozily rested inside the palm of his left hand, Inigo let his mind wander to the memories of his childhood, to the memories that he had long kept buried ever since the dreadful years go by.

 The tiny curve of his smile twitched slightly, tugged down to a line that simply showed traces of a frown.

 While Inigo observed his still blissfully distracted father, he let his thoughts wonder to the day that had changed his life forever.

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Rowaelin Part 3: Dinner

Part one 

Part two 

Sorry for the wait! I finally finished ACOWAR a couple days ago and am so thrilled to be back on Tumblr. Enjoy part 3!

“Will the Queen and her little lap dog be arriving any time soon?” Manon said as she sat at the supper table.

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The Powers That Be

TITLE: The Powers That Be

CHAPTER NO./ONE SHOT: Chapter Twenty

AUTHOR: wolfpawn

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine Loki discovering a hidden mutant when he realises they are at risk of being found by S.H.I.E.L.D. who experiments on mutants, he is the one to help them.

RATING: Teen and Up

“Concentrate harder.” Diarmaid barked.

Alexia clenched her teeth hard her vision blurred; such was the intensity of her focus as she cursed the elf to Earth and back. She did not have the ability to speak back so instead she glared angrily at him for a moment before focusing again on the task at hand. The sensation of fluid falling from her nose made her realise she was experiencing another nosebleed, so she ceased her training and began to walk away, rubbing the back of her hand under her nose to check, the blood smeared the back of it was bright crimson, so she simply kept walking to get a handkerchief.

“And where do you thing you are going?” Diarmaid asked as he watched her leave, his brow raised.

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Do you ever think of the actual family living with Bruce and the Robins, though?

Dick was eight when he came to live with Bruce. I bet Bruce was expecting toys or something but no. Dick was smart as a whip and very precocious. Eventually he stopped bothering to hide “grown up” stuff from him. And it was always weird when Bruce (not Batman) put his foot down about something, because it’s like “chill bro?” Alfred was in charge and they both knew it.

Jason was probably ridiculously coddled. Like, Bruce probably felt awful about the stuff that happened on the street, and Jason was such a sweet kid anyway, that he was never actually in trouble or punished. Bruce tried to make up for Jason’s loss of childhood, but never made it a priority to talk about the trauma. Jay has a home and an outlet for crime, what more could he need?

Tim snuck up on him. He wasn’t expecting to feel anything for that kid. And Tim wasn’t really a kid, he was more like a nephew or something. But Bruce by-the-by got used to him, and soon realized that he loved him and wanted him around. But Tim was an anchor, and children shouldn’t be an anchor.

Damian. There’s a fine mess. Bruce never really had to, well, be an actual father. But here is this kid who is both the sweetest child in the universe and a spitting cobra ready to strike. He has to balance everything very carefully, because Damian is extreme with goodness or resentment. And Bruce wants to have a good relationship, but both of them need to learn to not be so intense and just play a little (which is slowly happening, little by little).

Welp, thanks to those fanon-destroying monsters at Hasbro, I no longer have a father….well actually I do, but I refuse to accept that over-obessive stallion who doesn’t have Rainbow in his name as my dad. To me, I will always be Rainbow Blaze’s daughter, and I won’t forget him like all the other Dashes in the Tumblr multiverse.

Goodbye, daddy. You’re little Dashie loves you will always remember you. Say hi to mom (Firefly) when she gets killed off as well.

((Dedicated to all of the pre-S7 Rainbow Blaze ask blogs, including but not limited to: