well explosion


Sarge should never, ever be trusted with explosions. Fun idea: Imagine Wash screaming “SARGE-” in the highest pitch possible.


Yet another from this long list of prompts, completely unprompted.

Number Twelve: “I’m pregnant.”

The text came in at 7:17am, and in the mean time, Stiles had made his way through four and a half breakdowns, all of them for different reasons.

Number One: Male werewolves could get pregnant, and tying into that:

Number Two: Derek had never found it relevant to their two year relationship to share this fun fact. That didn’t say much as to his thoughts on their future together, which stung.

Number Three: Stiles was going to be a father at twenty-four.

Number Four: Just the night before, with Derek in Argentina visiting Cora, Stiles ate a dinner of Cheetos, plain microwaved hotdogs wrapped in bread, and four beers before passing out on the couch with the tv remote in his hand. He was not ready to be a father.

Number Five (still ongoing, more or less halfway through): They were going to have to move because no amount of corner guards or stupid little outlet plugs could childproof the loft. The door to the kitchen was literally a jagged hole in a brick wall. Stiles caught his shins on it regularly, they were always a mess of scabs and bruises.

Actually his entire body was a mess of scabs and bruises, because that was his life now, had been since sophomore year: fighting off the forces of supernatural evil.

Too bad he couldn’t childproof his life.

Oh god, they were going to have to move out of Beacon Hills. Away from the pack.

Nothing was stable in Beacon Hills, it had been eight years of panic and anxiety and near deaths and actual deaths. They couldn’t bring a baby into their current lives, Stiles wouldn’t even bring an adult into this hellhole. Who was trained in firearms. With combat experience.

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Callout Post: art-is-a-bitch

This user has been more than rude towards the newer side of the art and roleplaying community, stealing art as well as harassing users.

Before I move on, I do not condone the act of harassment. Block, report, and leave this user be. If your thread/art is reblogged by them, ignore and move on.

Exhibit A: Theft of art

Although I do not know the original posters to the art they are stealing, it is evident through each piece that it’s stolen. Different style, some still have watermarks, and some simply are screenshots.

I will not repost the images but I will put a link to where they have reposted art.

Here. (This is a screenshot of the stolen image)





And Here.

But wait! There’s even more! I won’t link to all of them since it’d be too much but you can go there yourself and see that there is a lot of stolen work that they claim to be theirs.

Exhibit B: The Art Community As A Whole

It’s obvious from their reblogs that constructive criticism isn’t something that matters to them in the slightest. Whether it be a colour scheme, sketch lines, or whatever, the newer side of the art community is where she targets all the time. For example, this:

Or this:

and this too:

This is unacceptable. Not only is it going to stop younger/newer artists from wanting to make more art in the community but this could have been avoided if constructive criticism was put into thought.

Exhibit C: The Roleplaying Community

They themselves don’t roleplay. However, they reblog threads that are active as well as putting rude comments.

Here, they can be seen not only using the term ‘cringe’ as an insult towards the writers but are also reblogging the thread. As an RPer for nearly a year now, this is the kind of shit that can mess up your threads. By reblogging a thread that you are not in, you are

1) Ruining the notes system and

2) not allowing the two writers know who’s turn it is.

There are other examples but I think one is simply enough.

Exhibit D: Dangerous Activities.

The ‘Blue Whale’ game is a game that steals your information. In order for that personal information to not be used, you must do a number of things which eventually lead to self harm. They are promoting this app here:

as well as the explosive bottles here:


anonymous asked:

Deanmus for the ship thing? Or Neville/blaise

I’m gonna go with dean/seamus bc I don’t rlly ship Neville and Blaise :/ sorry man

  • who hogs the duvet

Seamus does - he likes things hot (yes I went there) and Dean is way too much of a sweetheart to fight for it. And, if he was totally honest, Dean loves cuddling Seamus (he’s like a hot furnace) and he doesn’t even need something as silly as a duvet anyway

  • who texts/rings to check how their day is going

Dean does it, first of because he grew up as a muggle (and thus knows how telephones work and was the one who had to teach his boyfriend how to use them) and because he is a worrywart. Who knows what trouble Seamus gets into? 

  • who’s the most creative when it comes to gifts

Seamus! Dean tries so hard to beat him every year, he even handcrafted an entire suit for Seamus and painted him in gold magic paint, but somehow Seamus always knows exactly the thing to give him that will make Dean cry like a baby

  • who gets up first in the morning

Dean. He likes to run for a bit outside to wake up, shower, make breakfast (usually it’s pancakes because, let’s face it, Dean is a sweet tooth) and a nice cup of coffee to then, when Seamus wakes up (around nine) kiss him good morning

  • who suggests new things in bed

They both do - they’re very curious boys, and they are each other’s best friends. They say anything that comes to their mind, including weird sex stuff they’ve heard other people talk about and wonder how it’d be like to do it themselves. 

  • who cries at movies

Seamus. He hasn’t told anyone - and he’d probably torch Dean’s hair if his boyfriend did - because he likes to pretend he’s all tough, but he’s cried so hard he couldn’t speak for two hours after seeing Titanic for the first time (he blames it on the wine they’d been drinking - Dean let’s him believe this)

  • who gives unprompted massages

Dean; after seeing this god-awful romcom where they gave massages all the time (”seriously, Dean, one more massage and that woman will drop to the floor for lack of muscle-tensing”) he went into this fase where he simply could not stop - he stopped by Seamus’ work at lunch to help him “relax”, gave him one before going to bed, one in the morning, and sometimes even during work - that’s when Seamus (with the help of Ron Weasley) pulled a big intervention. (Mainly because Dean’s massages were so awful they were almost painful.) Since then Dean’s been banned from giving massages.

  • who fusses over the other when they’re sick

Dean - he’s the worrywart, and for some reason, Seamus always gets hurt (”toast doesn’t blow themselves up for no reason, how did you even -”

  • who gets jealous easiest

Seamus. He tries to be cool about it and brush it off, but as soon as someone even looks at Dean the wrong way he is ready to blow that dude up - “with some nice chit chat, Dean, don’t look at me like that”

  • who has the most embarrassing taste in music

They both do, and they’re unapologetic about it.

  • who collects something unusual

Seamus - he sometimes goes full Arthur Weasley and “fanboys” over all the muggle stuff his boyfriend has lying around in his apartment. Dean finds it adorable (especially when Seamus jumped so high in excitement after seeing a vacuum cleaner at work he managed to knock off the ceiling lights)

  • who takes the longest to get ready

Dean. Seamus doesn’t really care what he’s wearing - he usually just throws on the first clothes he spots in the morning - but Dean likes to look nice, and “this hairdo hasn’t been grown perfect, it needs time - stop looking at me like that.”

  • who is the most tidy and organised

Dean!! And if Seamus’ stuff looks tidy - that’s all Dean’s doing, don’t believe anything else you hear.

  • who gets most excited about the holidays

They both do, they really like to buy (or make - Dean’s style) gifts for all their friends for Christmas; sometimes they even start as early as June (it just has to be perfect and better than any other couple’s gifts, that’s all, and they’re totally not bothered by the fact that Hermione always seems to have better gifts, absolutely not, what are you talking about?

  • who is the big spoon/little spoon

Dean is the bigger spoon - Seamus is tiny (don’t say that to him, he will light you on fire) and Dean loves burying his head in Seamus’ hair, it makes him feel like he’s keeping Seamus safe from everything harmful, and Seamus just likes how Dean smells and feels (he’s so soft)

  • who gets most competitive when playing games and/or sports

Seamus - he once kicked Hermione in the head when she won at monopoly and threw the board away (Dean had to drag him out of the room, for both Ron and Harry were blowing steam out of their ears in that moment)

  • who starts the most arguments

Seamus, he’s a hot-tempered man, and he’s easily pushed over the edge. Dean usually tries to make things go smoothly and likes to postpone or avoid fights all-together, and that sometimes work. When they do fight, however, it leads to the most explosive sex they ever had

  • who suggests that they buy a pet

Dean!! He loves dogs, and he whined and begged and pouted for two full years before Seamus relented and allowed him to get one dog. They nowadays have four dogs, and Seamus will die for each and every one of them.

  • what couple traditions they have

Sometimes, when Seamus falls asleep after a particularly tiring round of sex, Dean takes out his sketchbook to draw him (like one of his french girls boys). He has about ten of those sketchbooks by now. Their first date was in this crappy little pub in London with the grossest (and a bit sour) tuna sandwiches and beer that makes every grown man barf - so, naturally, on their anniversary they always come back to that place and eat, and drink, and barf their way into a new year with each other.

  • what tv shows they watch together

Seamus loves The 100 (”so many explosions!”) and he’s a fan of B99 (mainly because Harry and Ron would not stop talking about it, but they both watch Gilmore Girl with a passion. Seamus because he loves Emily Gilmore so much (”she’s the woman I want to marry some day” “Seamus, we’re engaged” “get over it”) and Dean because he understands Rory Gilmore is his child now that needs to be protected at all cost

  • what other couple they hang out with

Mainly Hermione and Ron - they play board games together monthly - and Dean, being a Professor at Hogwarts (he teaches DADA, his hero Remus Lupin inspired him to do so) sees Neville quite often, him now teaching Herbology. They occasionally meet with Harry and Draco, but Seamus still can’t stand Malfoy, mainly because Draco declined to play karaoke with Seamus that one time.

  • how they spend time together as a couple

Mainly going on awful dates or walking out with their dogs, when they’re not having sex (they just love each other, okay?) or meeting their friends

  • who made the first move

Seamus! He had enough of watching his best friend act straight and fail miserably. He always tells everyone he was very smooth about it, but the truth is that before they both graduated Seamus suddenly yelled “You’re very hot and I think I’m gay” to which Dean just laughed and said, “same” (they went on their first date that night)

  • who brings flowers home

Dean!! He loves flowers - especially yellow tulips - and he likes making Seamus smile

  • who is the best cook

Dean… no offense to our boy Seamus, but he tends to blow shit up overcook food now and then. It’s safer for them - and their entire neighbourhood - if Dean cooks for them. 

“Send me a ship and I’ll tell you…”

Sooo... Explosions!!!

Well, this is my first ever tumblr post(Yay!), sorry if it goes a little wonky. Anyways! Found this blog a few hours ago and have been reading through it on and off. Hilarious, and I just could resist making my own little twisted and hopefully comical contribution. :D

So, we’ve seen the posts about fire, injuries, even the cleaner bot know as Stabby. Even a few about invasions and fights and the like. But what about recreational shooting? With modern-era firearms, not the super-quiet no-recoil sci-fi things everyone always thinks could be in the future. I mean, it seems like everyone enjoys a good ole giant gun going off. You just can’t help but grin! So, without further delay, here we go!

It was - insert unpronounceable alien name(Let’s just call said alien Zeb and for the sake of sanity, use the same gender pronouns as we do.) - Zeb’s first of his two recreational rotations for this cycle. After the long and boring time of this most recent cycle, Zeb figured he could go for a bit of excitement. After all, there was rarely anything to do during a lowly Level 2 patrol. Apparently the captain had… irritated someone higher up.

Shaking his head, Zeb banished those thoughts as the door to the on-ship shooting range opened with a soft hiss. Stepping inside, he checked in with the range master and headed to a free spot. Setting the case containing his personal grav-pulser onto the deck and removing the weapon, he soon fell into the comforting rhythm of shooting, all other worries being drowned by the various whines and hums of other shooter’s weapons.

A while later, during a short break as Zeb recharged his weapon’s power cells, he noticed one of the human members of the crew check in with the range master. Dismissing it after a moment, he went back to shooting. As he drained one power cell and went to smack another home, he felt a tap on his lower right shoulder. Pausing and glancing down at the human, he tried to recall the name of the figure before him.

“Ah, Human-James, may I assist you with something?”

“Nah, just wanted to make sure it was alright if I set up here,” the brown head-furred human replied, gesturing to the shooting bay beside Zeb’s.

“Certainly. I thank you for asking.”

“Thanks, not a problem.”

For a moment, Zeb watched as the strange little human placed two cases on the floor, one of which was almost as long as Human-James was tall! The short human then extracted a wood and metal contraption in the vague shape of a beam-rifle from the smaller case. Taking obvious care with it, he started to go through a series of checks that honestly left Zeb quite bored. Turning back to his shooting, he thought nothing more of the human he was now sharing the shooting range with.

Moments later, Zeb nearly dropped his grav-pulser as the human bellowed.


In a moment of utter confusion, every single Chlivloit in the range turned to look at the lone human. That human looked back at them with just as much confusion.

“Eyes and ears?” he repeated, befuddled by the lack of response.

“Yes, our visual and audial organs are functioning properly, why do you ask?”

“Look, just… put the blast shield down on your stations for a moment if you don’t have safety glasses, and cover your ears.”


“Please? Just do it?” Human-James seemed to be getting increasingly agitated, Zeb noted, as he quickly followed the instructions.

Nodding in satisfaction as the rest of occupants do the same, curious about what was about to happen, Human-James put a small box into the bottom of the rifle-like thing before moving a large lever of polished metal in what seemed to be a very specific motion. Bringing the stock of the weapon up to his shoulder, Human-James took aim down the primitive optic sights. With barely any warning, the human squeezed the trigger of his weapon.


Ears ringing, Zeb thought his heart would leap out of his scaled chest both from fright and the invisible hammer that smashed into his body. Worse was when he saw Human-James’ upper body jolt from the apparent catastrophic failure of his weapon.

“WOOHOO!!” Human-James cried out, setting the thunderous weapon down and pumping both hands into the air. “Bullseye, baby! That’s what I like to see!”

“My… congratulations on your impressive marksmanship, Human-James. But why are you so happy, if I may ask? Your weapon failed, did it not?”

“Failed?” the human seemed genuinely confused. “Why would it have failed? This was my great-grandfather’s gun, and it’s been handed down ever since. My family has taken pride in keeping it in top shape.”

“Then why did it explode so violently, as it if it was a micro-nuke launcher, not some form of rifle?”

“Nah, it didn’t explode, it’s supposed to do that. This is a gun, not those fancy grav-thingies we tend to use now. Shoots a small piece of shaped copped-coated lead down a rifled barrel using the expanding gasses of a controlled explosion. It’s much more fun than those new ones. So much less… clinical.”

“Fun. You call nearly deafening yourself and removing your arm ‘fun’?”

“Oh, that was nothing. This is just a .30-06. You should see my .50 cal! Here, I’ll show you.”

And then Human-James pulls a “gun” almost as long as he is tall out of the other case before holding up two different size cylinder-shaped pieces of brass.

“This is a .30-06,” he said, pointing to the smaller of the two. It was about the size of Human-James’ second smallest finger. “This is a .50 cal,” he finished with a grin on his face. The larger of the two was bigger than the .30-06 by almost half in length, and more than twice as large in diameter.

“What is that?! A missile?!”

“Able to penetrate some forms of armor at decent range, or take out a target at the very edges of believability. Now people just use them for fun.”



“…I think I need to talk to the captain… The briefing on your species needs to be updated… again.”

you all know the american high school au isayama’s got going, right?

the one at the end of every volume or whatever, with goth mikasa and jock reiner and whatnot?

so, hange’s a chemistry teacher in that au, therefore let me give you a list of things i swear they would totally do in that au for no particular reason whatsoever

  • doodle over students’ doodles when correcting homework/tests/etc
  • tell extremely bad but also extremely relevant puns
    • ex: “so we’re learning about moles today and i think you guys are really gonna dig it”
  • blow up a piece of glassware in a fume hood because they thought it would be fun to put pure lithium in water
  • set off the fire alarm at least once a year to the point where it becomes a running gag with the staff
  • go on strange tangents after lectures with armin or some other student while passing out homework
    • actually on that note they’d probably also use pop culture analogies that seem arbitrary at first but after a bit of explanation, make perfect sense
  • add a gag answer or two on their students’ finals
  • show the kids their favorite-and-still-somehow-very-relevant childhood movie on the last day of the semester
  • resell food that they have hidden in locked drawers during lunch because let’s be real here american schools suck with their budgets
  • have the entire periodic table memorized just to show off
    • (it’s not that hard to do)
    • they’d probably also have a challenge where they challenge their students to memorize and recite it too and whoever can do it wins mcdonald’s or something
  • explain the nuances of sex ed on a post-lecture tangent because they find out the biology classes are just that bad
  • be that one really cool and fun teacher that like half the students still don’t like because they’re apparently “obnoxious” or something

anonymous asked:

can you write something about kara/supergirl finding out about lena's favourite little things?

i combined two other prompts with this because i’m terrible and haven’t worked on prompts in months. anyway. sorry if it sucks

It’s during their second interview that Kara learns Lena has a terrible snacking habit.

Her massive desk has a well hidden drawer—one that Kara missed the first time she x-ray visioned the office, much to her chagrin—filled to the brim with energy bars, trail mixes, crackers, and expensive chocolates Kara’s never even heard of, maintained and supplied by the very perceptive Jess who is well aware of her boss’s unfortunate tendency to forget several meals in a row and insists on at least ensuring that the CEO subsists on snacks at the very minimum.

Kara spends the hour Jess has painstakingly fit into Lena’s schedule smiling as she watches Lena pull out a bag of trail mix, snacking through every question, chewing thoughtfully as she ponders how to respond to the inquiries into her family.

“Oh no,” she murmurs, after asking Kara to try the dried cranberries, informing her that they’re her favorite and that she wants Kara to try them too, “I don’t think my mother was working with Lex before. I think his going mad was what broke her. She was never quite shy about being obvious for her preference for Lex.” Lena stops, digs through the mix for a moment, searching for any chocolate—something Kara’s noticed is the first to go—and shakes her head. “Can we leave that off the record, Kara? I just…let’s talk about something else.”

And Kara nods, promises to leave out any mention of Lex and Lillian (focusing only on Lionel), and accepts the cranberries, trying hard not to blush at the smile Lena sends her way when she agrees it’s likely her favorite part of the trail mix as well.  

(From that day forward, Kara always checks the secret drawer, letting Jess know on the sly if Lena’s stores were running low—much to the assistant’s pleasant surprise.)

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Pairing: Thor x Reader

Requested by @estel-of-the-eyrie

I’d love to request a Thor X F!Reader (I am trash forgive me) where they try to introduce him to video games, and some of the gang keep making references to games he has no idea about/ they keep arguing which video game characters everyone is? Please :)         

Thor has created a chatroom.

Thor has added Y/N.

Thor: My love, Samuel has introduced me to a game of grand absconding of vehicles!

Thor: And then he said the game is just a way to control real life!



Y/N: Why is THAT worse?

Y/N has added Sam.

Y/N: How’d you manage to convince him?!

Sam: Patience plus a well timed explosion courtesy of Wade.

Sam: No civilians were harmed.

Y/N: You can’t see me glaring at you, but I am.

Sam: Aww c'mon, it’s pretty funny.


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Safe and Sound

FMA AU Week Day 2 Prompt D: Born Different

Words: 2,385

For this prompt I chose to do a stereotypical Ishvalan Elric au. Based in the time of the Civil War, not too long after the state alchemists were deployed. Ed gets a little mouthy with an Amestrian officer and gets taken as an example. This is a teaser to the fic I will (hopefully) be writing for it.

Also Ed is totally OOC, but in his defense he’s five and has been taken from home against his will.

I’m hoping to start posting the fic come October, September if I’m lucky, so keep an eye out for it! :0

Fires burned around the little corner of a shack Roy had scouted out, the only opening pointing mercifully toward the desert. He was slumped against the cool brick wall, looking out toward the barren, endless desert. They had been lucky so far–no Ishvalan scouts had found them, nor had any Amestrian squads. It was only a matter of time before either group found them and one–perhaps both–of them were executed.

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America’s involvement in World War I began with the sinking of the British civilian cruise ship Lusitania by a German torpedo in 1915. The German government had warned Britain to suspend tourism during the hostilities, because German ships weren’t going to discriminate between civilian and military vessels when they got trigger-happy. Nevertheless, the Lusitania embarked from New York to Britain on May 1, under the captain’s naive impression that the Germans wouldn’t really blow up a cruise ship full of innocent tourists. Over a thousand people died when Germany called that particular bluff.

As with Pearl Harbor, 9/11, and basically any tragedy ever, there are conspiracy theories that say the American government allowed the attack to go ahead because they wanted an excuse to enter the war and start whooping German ass. But when it comes to the Lusitania, that idea is a little more plausible.

For one thing, the official story at the time was that two torpedoes launched by a German submarine sank the ship, but it’s since been proven that only one torpedo was launched. The cause of the well-documented second explosion remains a mystery, which is like Viagra for the kinds of people who Google jet fuel temperatures on their lunch break.

5 Insane Historical Theories That Actually Make Sense

If You Get Killed, Walk It Off. (Avengers X Fem!Reader)

Characters: Avengers X Fem!Reader

Universe: Marvel, Avengers

Warnings: Grieving, supposed death, explosion, blood, death


Request: woul you do one angst? The reader is in a mission with the avengers and then there is an explossion and the reader was in that building and everybody thinks that she died, and start to cry and remember how they love her, and finally she was ok, and goes with them and ask what happen? sorry if it is not ok with you

Originally posted by akamatthewmurdock

Originally posted by imultifandomstuff

Originally posted by dailymarvel

You were in another country with the other Avengers on a mission. There was sightings of HYDRA and so you went to try and find them and stop them before harm came to anyone.

You had narrowed it down to a few buildings and you went in one with Steve, Natasha, and Tony. Clint was watching from outside while you four went in to try and secure the building. You ordered all the people inside to evacuate, and while they did that you went searching for HYDRA agents.

You saw a man trying to sneak upstairs. “Hey!” You yelled and took off running. Steve went off to follow you while Tony and Natasha helped get people out.

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Yuri on Ice!!! Hunger Games were a mistake.

Okay so I wanted to keep the districts in the same country but I gave up on that fairly quick as you can see with JJ and Isabella are in different districts. Also do you like the picture I have for JJ? Ihavethehumorofa10yearoldsorrynotsorry

Chicken nugget with a sword.

Interesting choice of people. 

Jeez guys it’s the first day.

Yes don’t kill the child 

The next day:

B E T R A Y A L. 

Yurio, Viktor and Otabek bonding by stealing together (Also Isabella is there cause her fiance killed himself and she probably doesn’t want to die)

More specifically his grandpa probably.


This actually sounds sweet.

Anytime someone dies this way a laugh and facepalm cause bitch WTF how???

Oh no. 

I’m just going to assume he only meant to kill Leo and Yurio acidently got in the explosion as well, or maybe he had to kill off the boy with the eyes of a soldier out of fear? All I know is this made me sad.

I would too he’s becoming the local hunger games psychopath. Maybe he will win. and live with the guilt of killing Yurio RIP

Honestly he would. I would too.

Why??? He killed Yurio and got lonely??? 

I mean at least her brother didn’t kill her which is what I feared.

Oh jeez. I mean at least now Victor can join Yuri in the afterlife but still.

Anyway time for the feast.

This child is fucking savage anytime someone spares his life he returns the favor with M U R D E R.


Also I kind of forgot Chris was alive cause he hadn’t really done anything.

Anyway 4 tributes left let’s see what happens.

Alright so that means the winner is…

God this child killed so many people.

Here are the placements I’m gonna go rethink my life or something.

The Sound of Silence in Planet of the Apes

I feel like nobody’s talking about War for the Planet of the Apes. The critics are talking, and the box office is talking, but the people are silent, and I’ve been trying to figure out why. War is, in my mind, the peak moment of series that has blown past every other competitor in the realm of PG-13, nine figure budget blockbusters. DC, Marvel, Mission Impossible and F&F, they all generally fall short of Apes for story, scale and substance. Exceptions exist, like this own year’s Spider-Man: Homecoming and Wonder Woman, but on the whole the rest just doesn’t measure up. Not since The Dark Knight has a film of this scope and caliber done so much so well. So why isn’t anyone talking about it? After a lot of thinking, I have a theory. It’s the reason I believe these movies aren’t getting the vocal attention they deserve, and it’s the thing that makes them stand out so starkly from the monochromatic backdrop of modern Hollywood: Planet of the Apes is quiet.

You see it in the calming vistas and beautiful establishing shots. You hear it in those frequent moment of jungle noise and nothing else. The idea of sound and silence is the driving thematic force through the whole trilogy, and with this idea as the series’ philosophical cornerstone, Apes transcends the hollowness of its contemporaries and sets itself in a whole different league.

To really break apart Apes’ use of sound and silence, I want to look at it through a few lenses, and I want to start by talking about silence in the special effects. Before going to see War, I rewatched Dawn with my brother who’d never seen it. When we got to the climax battle, the duel to the death between Caesar and Koba on the tower, and the battleground itself began collapsing beneath them, my brother said, “Huh. That looks expensive.” He was referring of course to the scene itself, the animated amalgamation of girders, pipes and apes, all bending and contorting in a giant computer-generated fireworks display. It looked expensive. And it was.

But the whole movie was expensive. At well over $200 million, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes is in the VIP box for film budgets. The CGI aura emanates from every shot, but it wasn’t until that tower fell that my brother took notice. In a world where every film with a noteworthy effects budget uses it make as many star cruisers and laser blasts, as many explosions and faceless robots, as much noise, as possible, Apes uses its quietly. It builds believable characters in a believable place. And that’s enough.

It’s no secret that Hollywood is suffering from effects-fatigue. It’s the reason Valerian bombed while War did so well financially. Those explosions and collisions that Luc Besson dazzled us with in 1997 do nothing for us now. We expect them, and not excitedly. No matter how many aliens you model on screen, or how many missiles you shoot, the wow factor is gone. So, Matt Reeves went a different way. He took that money and built a world with it. A world that doesn’t look expensive. And he filled that world with a compelling community of characters. When everyone else was competing to see who could make the most noise, Apes created a beautiful silence.

That silence that carries over into the trilogy’s pacing, which is the next piece I want to talk about. While all three have been marketed as action films, none of them really are. Rise is a disaster movie with only one real action scene to its name. Dawn is a post-apocalyptic drama that raises the ante to two fights in the film’s second half. War has elements of a war film, sure, but its equal parts western and prison story at the same time. Every chapter is a distinct piece. That’s what happens when the narrative dictates the franchise, instead of the other way around.

Look at the virus subplot in Rise. That virus is the most important plot device in the whole series, bringing about both the rise of ape society and the fall of man, but we only see it on screen to the extent that it affects Caesar. It’s his story after all. The global spread of the disease and the ensuing downfall of civilization is relegated to a motion graphic in the ending credits, which sounds absurd, but that’s where it belongs for the purposes of the narrative. The same thing happens in Dawn when the human colony contacts Woody Harrelson’s extremist military base. The plotline is there through the whole second chapter, but we don’t see it brought center stage until War.

By deftly weaving these arcs, Apes successfully dodges the trap of cliffhanger and instead creates a compelling, interwoven story. A story with a quiet momentum. It never rushes itself or loses focus, but it also keeps everything in frame. Even the dialog has a calm, peaceful pace. When Caesar speaks in Dawn, we feel how difficult it is. The language doesn’t come naturally, and he constantly struggles to find the right words. The trademark fast banter and witty quips of the blockbuster are replaced with slow, careful dialogue, the noise replaced with silence.

Lastly, I want to talk about how Apes uses silence as a narrative device. From the very beginning, the shifting fortunes of man and ape hinge on their polarized methods of communications. When Caesar learns to speak, it’s through sign language. And when he builds his brotherhood, his family, he uses the same foundation. Everything from school lessons to council meetings are conducted in silence in the ape society. It’s not about being the loudest. It’s about what you have to say.

The humans, on the other hand, shout and riot. The soldiers in War start the day with organized battle cries. Gary Oldman controls the chaos of his city in Dawn with a megaphone and a stirring speech. They talk and shout and eventually, all too ironically, lose their voices altogether. All their noise ultimately amounts to nothing, merely embodying the chaos, violence, and madness that defines their downfall. The apes, on the other hand, say something. The difference is, they say it in silence.

There’s a lot more that sets War for the Planet of the Apes and its predecessors apart, like the methodical development of Caesar’s character, and the genre-bending nature of the franchise as a whole. I also know that for all my praise, these movies aren’t perfect. But I do honestly think, at a time when so much in the theater looks so similar and so empty, that there is something unique and important about Planet of the Apes. The fact that I felt more in three lines of subtitles in War than two hours of noise in anything else is incredibly significant. And I hope people start talking about it. Because it matters, it really matters, that there is a movie out there with a $150 million budget that wants people to sit down in a theater and read.