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There’s no way I can know all of your circumstances, or your resolve. But for you to become number one without giving it your all, to completely reject your father… Right now, I think you should stop screwing around!

happy belated birthday selma!


Poe x Rey | MIT roommates au,  where Rey, the genius-freshman with one of the highest IQ of the east coast, has to share an apartement with the smart and supportive, but sometimes sardonic, senior Poe Dameron (needless to say her first robot was named BB –Poe’s idea– and worked properly only after the eighth attempt)


It’s rat, isn’t it?


No food, drinks, or any other intoxicants are allowed in the library at any time. That includes emotion bottles.


she walks in starlight in another world



“I really, really like (the actual word he use here is “daisuki”) Hide-kun, and I’ll say it again and again”

“Teruma always accompany me, even on my sleepless nights”

Also from Aramaki Yoshihiko and Takasaki Shouta:

(Talking about stage play Touken Ranbu)

Makki: Hide-kun will be in it. Teruma also.

Shouta: Those two together again? They are always together isn’t it? Those two are like a great set right? A package. 

(Both of them laughing hard)

Makki: Where there’s Teruma, there’s Hide-kun.

Shouta: Where there’s Hide, there’s Teruma also