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Anonymous said: Hey! Can you do a Fionn imagine where you’re having a lazy day and he’s super cuddly and you end up making breakfast together and it’s super cute? Thank you!!!! Xxxxxxxxx

Word count: 1,757

Request here + masterlist + guidelines.

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Considering the fact that he didn’t like mornings, Fionn was surprised when he found himself awake at 7:47.

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youmeatwarped-182  asked:

two awkward teachers au for Destiel?

Not sure if I really hit on the awkwardness but I hope you like it anyway! (also on ao3!)

When Dean graduated high school, he had been sure that his days of developing puppy dog crushes were over. But he had been wrong. So utterly wrong.

Because there he was at thirty three years old with a stomach full of butterflies and a face the color of a cherry. All because one of his co-workers had complimented his outfit.

Christ, he was pathetic.

He was a college professor for God’s sake, he molded young minds and all that bullshit, he should not be blushing like a little schoolboy. Yet there he was, standing in his empty classroom with sweaty palms and a racing heart.

It was Cas’ fault really. With those big blue eyes of his and his pretty pink lips and his messy hair that made it look like he had just gotten thoroughly fucked. With his dark stubbled jaw and radiant smiles.

With his perfectly pressed suits and dorky trench coat and backwards tie. With his awkwardness and his fascination with bees and the way he tilted his head to the side like a confused puppy.

Yeah, it was totally Cas’ fault. That fucking asshole.

Dean had met Cas five years ago when he had started teaching at the University of Kansas, taking over for Professor Donatello Redfield who decided to retire after thirty years of teaching. But while the older man, who retired to a cozy house on the outskirts of town with his cat, had taught both chemistry and history Dean was purely a history buff.

He had always been a history junkie, from the time he was a little toddler running around in the backyard playing cowboys. His parents had thought it was adorable, indulging him whenever he asked to watch old black and white movies or begged to go with his dad to classic car shows.

Besides his dad and his uncle Bobby, his childhood heroes had been Eliot Ness and Samuel Colt. In high school, he spent as much time studying as he did chasing skirts.

The only problem was that when the time came, his family couldn’t afford to send him off to college. His grades had been wonderful but just not enough to get him a scholarship.

So, with his other options exhausted, he followed in his dad’s footsteps and enrolled in the army the day after he turned eighteen. He trained to be a mechanic, never actually see seeing any combat, and after a four year stint, the government paid for him to go to school.

He studied history at KU, focusing primarily on American history and dabbling in a bit of ancient civilization. After another four years, he graduated with honors and was offered a job replacing Professor Redfield.

He had met Cas just a few days later while he was moving into his new office — he had his own office! — a friendly face who offered to help him unload some of his boxes from the backseat of the Impala. Dean had been grunting and groaning as he tried wrenching one of his boxes of books out of the backseat when a deep, gravelly voice had come out of the blue to ask, “Would you like some assistance?”

Dean had been so startled, he had jerked upright and promptly smacked the back of his head against the roof of his baby, cursing at the pain. Shaking himself, he had backed out of the backseat to find the source of the husky voice that may or may not have had gone straight to his dick.

He had found the most gorgeous man he had ever seen standing by the back of the Impala. He had been wearing a quintessentially nerdy sweater vest and a shy smile.

After gawking at the man for a few minutes, Dean had shaken himself again and accepted the man’s offer, handing him one of the lighter boxes. They had walked in comfortable silence to Dean’s new office where one of the maintenance workers, Joshua, was scraping Donatello’s name off the glass inlay of the door.

“Oh, you must be Professor Winchester,” the yet to be introduced man commented as he followed Dean into his office. “Donatello’s replacement.”

“Call me, Dean. Professor makes me feel all old,” Dean had countered as they set their boxes down on his already cluttered desk. After wiping his palm on his jeans, he held out his hand, greeting, “Nice to meet ya.”

“I’m Professor Novak,” the man returned, shaking Dean’s hand. With a smile, he amended, “Castiel Novak.”

“Well, alright, Cas,” Dean had laughed under his breath. “You mind helping me out with the rest of my boxes?”

“It’d be my pleasure, Dean,” Cas had returned with a beaming grin. Their friendship had flourished from there.

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anonymous asked:

holy shit, that sole being tortured one ruined me. good job! could we possibly get a follow up with the aftermath of the torture? I'm all for angst but please don't make it too angsty, I don't think my heart could take it.

(Lol it was torture to write badum tss. But thanks. Hopefully this isn’t too angsty? I can’t tell anymore, it gets away from me sometimes)

Hancock- He plies them with all the liquor and chems they need to make the pain ebb, but he’s mindful of just how much they take. Wouldn’t help anyone if they got out of that den and overdosed a few days later. Goodneighbor is closest, so he lets them sleep in his room until they can get up and around on their own. “Wasn’t your fault,” he tells them quietly a few days later as they laid curled up under his sheets (in a position he’s had dreams of a couple of nights, under happier circumstances). “Ain’t nothing you could have done to keep it from happening. You know that, right?” They hesitate, leaving it to hang a long moment without an answer. He squeezes their arm tenderly. “I want you to remember that.” He leans forward, presses a firm kiss to their forehead and stands. He checks with Fahrenheit to make damn sure not a single rat escaped that nest of sadistic fucks. He hopes Sole sleeps a little easier with them gone.

Nick- He stays close enough to catch them when they stumble. “Take it easy.” They fight him, say they need to get to Sanctuary as soon as possible, that they have work to do, but Nick coaxes them into sitting and taking a breath. “Don’t push yourself. After everything…” He sighs, a hand resting against the back of their neck, cradling their head. “No one expects you to be a superhero all the time. If you need time, you take it. The world won’t fall apart without you for a little while.” They stare at him with slowly crumbling defiance, until they can no longer hold it together under the weight of his gaze. They sink forward against his chest, and he strokes their head in loose circles until the tears come.

MacCready- He hates himself. As much as he wants to be there for Sole, he can’t look at them. He makes sure they’re taken care of, well fed and healing properly, but beyond that, he stays at arm’s length. He can’t see anything but his failings in the bruises and barely healed cuts on their cheeks. He’s just reminded of everyone he’s let down in his life, Sole being the newest addition to that list. He speaks in clipped sentences and sits far on the other side of the campfire from them, hugging his rifle in his lap. Sole tries to coerce a conversation out of him, but like the nights before, he keeps his answers short. “Robert.” He twitches slightly. He knows what they’ll say even before they say it; “What’s going on with you?” MacCready huffs, “Of course you’d ask me that. You get butchered and you ask me what’s wrong.” They blanch at his response, but it’s started now and he can’t stop. “I should have… I don’t know what I should have done. I should have kept them off you.” He wipes stubbornly at the fat blobs of salt water welling in the corners of his eyes. “God, and I’m so damn selfish, I haven’t even thought about how you much worse you must feel…” Why did Sole put up with him? Why did Lucy, or 101, or anyone ever put up with him? They wrap around him from behind and his eyes grow wide. “I’m sorry,” he says quietly, clinging to their arms, “I’m so sorry, Sole…”

X6-88- He doesn’t even ask; Once they’re both free and clear, he relays them both to the Institute. He doesn’t trust any waster with their care. Sole is taken to the medical wing and X6 is taken for repairs of his own. His injuries heal a lot easier than theirs. “Sir/ma'am,” he begins as they both sit on a bench in the lobby, near the shade of artificial trees, “Are you feeling well?” They are still covered in gauze, but X6 is assured the recovery process has been expedited considerably. “I’ll live. You?” “I saw it again. When I was sleeping.” His fingers curl against his lap. “I believe there is an anomaly in my programming. I have been considering turning myself in for assessment before it gets any worse. It could be a threat to the safety of you and the Institute if I am unable to perform my duties at an optimal level. Not only that… but in allowing you to come to harm, I failed my highest priority mission. You would be better off in the care of someone else.” They lay their hand over his. “If I ordered you not to get reprogrammed, would you have to do what I do say?” His brows knit at the question. “If I believe I am becoming a danger, then it would be irresponsible of you to give me such an order. But… if it was given…. I would be obligated to follow it.” “Then it’s given.” He stares at them from behind his sunglasses, observing the purple bruises flaring down their temple, and the way they frown at him. In this instance, he could easily circumvent their wishes. It would be the wiser decision in the long run. But he turns forward, staring at the reflections in the glass floor. He doesn’t want to forget them as much as they don’t want him to forget. “Very well,” he complies. For better or worse, he would hold onto the experience he’d like nothing more than to forget.

Danse- It’s difficult to move on from something like this, but Sole keeps moving. He admires them even more than before, and not just as a soldier. He insists on carrying most of the junk they (for some reason) always want to lug around and keeps them both on the routes which pose the less danger. If they find a fight, he takes point. If they look weak, he insists on a Stimpak. If the sun goes down, he stops them and sets up camp. They express with some annoyance that they liked it much better being the leader than the follower. “It’s only temporary. Just until you’re back in fighting shape.” He gives them a portion of his rations, and takes the first watch while they sleep, as he has for the last five nights. His caution near borders on paranoia, but there’s no way in hell he’s letting it happen again. He’d sooner die than see them in that position again.

Curie- She whispers curses and has to flick away the dewdrops on her lashes as she’s tending to Sole’s wounds. “I do not understand humanity at times. People should not hurt others like this. For any reason!” She’s confused, a little afraid, and every time she looks at the crosshatch of stitches, she finds her eyes watering again. She feels compelled to lay a kiss just above one of the cuts on their back and sigh against their skin. “I am so sorry this happened to you.” She’s gentle in her care for their injuries, but firm when she tells them they absolutely must stay on bedrest for awhile, and even if she needs to hold them down to keep them put.

Piper- She delivers on that promise of an ice cold Nuka Cola once they’re back in Diamond City. She makes sure the doc patches them up and curls up with them on the couch once they’ve got the greenlight to head home. Nat knows something very bad happened, so she keeps her distance and stays quiet, excusing herself to go upstairs and finish her homework. Piper pets Sole’s head as they lay in her lap. The glowing bottle of soda is left on the table, untouched. “We can talk whenever you’re ready. Talk helps.” At least, it usually did. She leans her head back, lightly runs her nails up and down their scalp until they both fall asleep. Nat makes them breakfast in the morning. It almost feels normal.

Deacon- “I think you look at least ten percent hotter. Scars are total sex magnets.” He runs his thumb around the burn wound, skirting the edges just enough that he doesn’t cause them pain. “You know what… it looks a little like a bunny.” Sole laughs, then immediately asks that he not make them laugh as they replace the bandages around their waist. What other choice does he have? If he doesn’t hear it, he’ll have nothing to focus on but the pain of his own wounds and their limping gait, both things he’d really like to forget for awhile. “You’re a real badass now. Nobody can call themselves a secret agent until they’ve been roughed up a little by bald guys with the ‘sinister big bad’ starter pack.” He slings an arm around their shoulders on the trip back to HQ. Both because he needs to remind himself that they’re here, they’re still alive, and so they can lean their weight against him to alleviate the hobble in their step. He prods them over the course of the next few weeks whenever they need to apply a Stimpak, a dose of Med-X, or a change of bandages.

Codsworth- He insists Sole lay down the moment they reach Sanctuary, and doesn’t let them get up for anything. Even trips to the bathroom are a battle, with Codsworth not wanting them to move an inch and Sole not wanting to piss in a bottle. He brings them breakfast, lunch, and dinner in bed, and on the sparing few occasions they absolutely need to get up, he’s there to be their crutch. “I was terribly worried about you,” he tells them as he’s folding and putting away clothes in a rickety handmade dresser. “I thought you… I thought I was going to…” Sole calls him over from his task to run their hand along his chassis. “I’m not going anywhere, Codsworth.”
“Please don’t. It was terribly lonely without you all that time… I would be quite… lost without you, sir/mum.”

Cait- She breaks three of her knuckles and fractures her orbital socket in the frenzied attack, but she insists it’s nothing compared to what Sole went through. After receiving treatment from a nearby settlement, Sole wakes up to Cait with an armful of liquor. She dumps them onto the bed and shoves a glass into their arms. “No better pain killer in the wasteland!” She fetches one for for herself and clinks it off Sole’s. “We’re gonna drink until we’re smashed, and then we’re gonna drink some more.” She opens up a bottle of bourbon and splashed a shot into both their glasses, and downs hers while Sole is staring at her. “Yeah, sounds like a great coping mechanism,” they chuckle dryly. “S'the only one that works worth a damn,” she rebuts, tipping the bottom of their cup up towards their lips.

Preston- He takes over many of the General’s responsibilities, and unless it’s of the utmost importance, he doesn’t bother them with it. He checks in every morning with the Castle’s doc to get a report on Sole’s condition, even after they’re well enough to get around by themselves, and ensures they have all the supplies to make Stimpaks and other meds. He wants to talk to them about it, make sure their mental condition isn’t as damaged as their physical, but his throat becomes unbearably dry whenever he tries. He finds them one day, standing on the Castle walls, as the sun was setting across the ocean and painting the waters with blazing color. He stands with them awhile, glancing between the visible scars and the majesty of the sunset. “I won’t let my guard down again, General. I promise.” His fingers wind around theirs and squeeze ever so slightly.

Dogmeat- He lays across Sole’s lap, and growls at anyone that comes close. Even settlers and friends in Sanctuary are warned to keep their distance. It serves Sole’s reclusive nature just fine after what they went through, and they’re glad to have company in solitude.

Strong- Human moves slow, tells him they “just need a minute”. He gets sick of it quickly, so he picks them up and places them on his shoulders, carrying them most of the way through the city until they reach the city with lights. “Other humans weak,” he tells them when they’re being treated, “If they were strong, woulda eaten you, like brothers do. But you alive.” He pats them on the back and pops at least a dozen stitches.

40 - The Red-Stained Water

My eyes were growing heavy as I looked out the car window. It was still dark when we had hit the road early that morning, and since leaving the city limits, there had  been nothing but trees on the roadside. This made for a very long and very boring car ride. I wondered if it wasn’t too late to persuade my parents to turn back. Surely there were more exciting things in the city to study than some dumb lake. I thought of all my friends back home and couldn’t help worrying that I would never see any of them. How could my parents expect me start over again in a new school, in a new town, in a totally new environment? I mean, what if nobody liked me there?

Just as I was about to fall asleep, my Mom turned around in her seat to tell me that, according to the map, we should be coming up to the lake any moment now. Through the trees, I was able to catch a faint glimmer of the sunset on the surface of the lake. The trees began to thin and as the full lake came into view, I felt the wind get knocked out of me. I had never seen anything like it before. Sure I had seen pictures and footage of the lake on the news, but that was nothing compared to seeing it with my own eyes. Instead of the rippling blue colour you would expect, the lake was a perfectly calm sheet of scarlet red.

We pulled into the small lakeside town that I would now be calling home. Maybe it was because it was already pretty late in the evening, but we didn’t see anyone as we drove through the town. There weren’t even any cars on the road. I was able to catch a glimpse of girl around my age in the window of one of the houses that we passed. Our eyes met and she waved at me with a smile. I waved back and wondered if it wouldn’t be so hard to make friends in this weird little town after all.

The next morning, I prepared myself for my first day at my new school. I stepped out of our tiny wooden house and looked out onto the big red lake at our doorstep. It matched nicely with the fall foliage that surrounded it, but it still seemed so unnatural that the sight of it sent a shiver down my spine. A group of students passed in front of the house on their way to school and I hurried to catch up so that I could follow behind them. The town was a complete contrast to how it had looked the previous evening. It was so lively now. It seemed as though everyone in the town was awake and ready to face the day.

I suppose one benefit of this town over the city was the short walk to school. Never again would I have to worry about waiting around for the bus. In fact, every thing in the town was within walking distance. It was a wonder why anyone here had a car at all. As I stepped on the schoolyard, I felt my heart pounding in my chest. There were so many new faces around me. The bell rang and the students began making their way into the building. I held my breath and took my first step into my brand new life.

I stood at the front of the class as the teacher introduced me to my new classmates. I scanned the room and noticed a familiar face looking back at me. It was the girl that I had seen the night before, giving me that same smile. I suddenly felt a lot less tense. It looked as though I had made a friend already. I smiled back at her as I went to take my seat at the back of the class. Things were going to be okay here, I had absolutely nothing to worry about.

When the bell rang for break, she quickly rose from her desk and rushed over to me. She told me her name was Promise and asked to be my friend. I could feel my face light up. Of course, I said yes. We spent the entire break together. She asked me all kinds of questions about myself and the city I came from. She seemed genuinely interested in my life, which was more than I could say about my friends back home sometimes. All the time we were talking, I couldn’t stop myself from smiling. We talked so much, neither of us heard noticed that the bell had rung. The teacher grunted at us and we laughed in a shared embarrassment and agreed to continue our conversation at lunchtime.

Promise and I sat on the field overlooking the red lake as we ate our lunches. I liked the way the sun shined in her dark black hair. It looked just like stars in the night sky. I wanted to tell her that, but was worried that it would be weird, so instead I asked her about the red lake. As far as I knew, nobody could figure out what had turned the lake red. My parents were scientists and even they couldn’t make sense of it. Promise told me that everyone believed that something terribly evil had come to the town and stained the lake with blood of the innocent. She waved her arms around like a ghost and was suddenly speaking in a Transylvanian accent.  She must have sensed my discomfort and laughed.

“Don’t you like scary stories?”

No. Definitely not. I hated anything scary. Even the Count from Sesame Street was too much for me to handle. I tried to laugh it off, but I still had goosebumps from the story. I didn’t want her to think that I was some kind of baby. I held my forced smile, which caused Promise to raise a suspicious brow. She had seen right through me. She laughed and gave me a hard pat on the back. She was stronger than she looked. She then looked at me with her big black eyes and told me that she would never let anything bad happen to me.

The week went by and we spent seemingly every moment of it together. She was now my best friend and it felt as though I had known her my whole life. On the weekend, she invited me over to her house for a sleepover with a few other girls from our class. I could barely contain my excitement. Before I ran out the door, while checking to make sure that I didn’t forget anything, my Mom told me with a frown not to go swimming in the lake. She looked back at my Dad, who shared the same worried look.

I knocked on the door of Promise’s house and was surprised to see that she answered the door herself and not one of her parents. She led me through the house to the living room where she had set a bunch of blankets and I still saw no sign of her parents, and in fact there weren’t even any family photos. I thought that it was so cool of them to give her space while she had friends over. Though, I was looking forward to meeting them. I would have other chances. This wasn’t going to be the last time that I would be over to visit.

I was having a great time. We laid on the living room floor in a pile of cozy blankets and ate junk food while watching movies. The other girls were nice as well and I was surprised at how well I was fitting in with the group. Of course, I had Promise with me, so I felt comfortable no matter. It was shaping up to be the perfect sleepover, minus the obvious pillow fight, but the night was still just getting started. Who knows what else we were going to get up to that night.

It was getting close to midnight when Promise suggested that we go for a midnight swim. The other girls started to protest, they thought that the lake looked too gross to go swimming in. I was glad that none of them wanted to go, because I didn’t want to be the only one. I had told my parents that I wouldn’t, after all. Promise assured the girls that the lake wasn’t going to hurt them and it wasn’t long before they switched sides. I told her that I didn’t bring a bathing suit in the hopes that the excuse would save me, but Promise only offered that I borrow one of hers. Before I knew it, we were all running towards the lake. Promise was skipping and laughing as she pulled me along.

It was a full moon that night, so at least we didn’t have to worry about it being too dark, but I was still so nervous about breaking the rules. The red water felt oddly warm as we ran into the lake. I stood there quietly, refusing to go any deeper that waist height, as the other girls began to splash each other. I made a bowl with my hands and filled it with a water to get a better look at it, but the water was so dark that I could not see my palms through it. Just what was it made of?

I heard one of the girls scream. I looked up just in time to see her head disappear beneath the water. Then, the next girl went down, then the next. The surface of the lake bubbled for a moment before returning to it’s deathly stillness. It didn’t looked like those girls would be coming back up. I screamed and noticed a ripple in the water that moved towards me. I turned and ran for the edge of the lake, but soon felt something grab onto me. It was Promise.

She held me close in a hug and told me not to worry. My heart was pounding in my chest, but hearing her voice caused the rhythm to slow. She reminded me of what she had told me on the day we first became friends, that she would never let anything bad happen to me. I was still so scared, but I couldn’t help believing her. She was my best friend after all. I turned around and hugged her back. She smiled at me, took my hand, and we walked out of the lake together.

So, I’m working on a multi-chapter fic right now (that I’m pretty excited about!!) and I’m about half-done, so I want to spend the next few days working on it. I’ll still try to post previously written fics every night, and I promise I will get back to prompts when I’ve finished with the other fic (or even before if I get inspiration who knows??), I promise I will not forget about them! :)

Here’s the next part of my One Night Stand AU, which is a bit shorter than the first, but I hope you all still enjoy (and just know that the third part is currently shaping up to be my favorite so far…)!



“Oh my god! This is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen!”

Jemma glanced up from the line of strollers and car seats she’d been inspecting to find Daisy waving the tiniest little pink dress she’d ever laid eyes on. “Daisy,” she sighed in fond exasperation, “It could very well be a boy. You do remember that, right?”

“Well yeah, but I’ve just got this feeling,” Daisy insisted, shaking the dress once more. “Plus, all the cutest clothes are for girls, and I wanna spoil my honorary niece by buying her the biggest little baby wardrobe ever.”

“That she’ll wear for a few months before growing out of it all,” Jemma reminded her. “If you want to help, you can read up on the cribs in the next aisle and figure out which is the best in regards to safety, efficiency, and quality.”

Daisy groaned, dropping her head back dramatically. “You mean boring stuff? You know, you wouldn’t be having to drag me along on all of these baby errands if you’d just call Fitz and tell him he knocked you up.”

Jemma made a face, quickly turning away from Daisy and pretending to be engrossed in the product information accompanying the closest stroller. “Oh, well, I think the time for that has passed, Daisy. It’s been three months, I can’t exactly ring him now and say, ‘oh by the way, you’re going to be a father, sorry for keeping you in the dark all this time’. I mean, I don’t have a valid excuse for doing so.”

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made in the a.m.

Genre: fluff

Words: 4k

Warnings: mentions of alcohol

Summary: Dan and Phil’s favorite conversations through the years have one thing in common: sometimes they don’t make sense, and they’re always in the early hours in the morning.

A/N: It’s 2 AM. Guess you could say this fic was made in the AM. Also that album is good, kinda regretting not jumping in the 1D bandwagon earlier. Sidenote, this might be my last fic for a while. School’s coming back in like, 2 weeks. Time to suffer. 

AO3 link

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thecatgirlyang  asked:

Hey, I've got a prompt for the Kiibo x Ouma thing. Ouma carries Kiibo to his "evil organisation's headquarters" which is actually his house, Ouma's brother tries to mess with Kiibo and Ouma gets all defensive, "they have feelings too!"

Sure thing! I’m on my computer, so let’s get writing! I hope you guys enjoy!

Notice: Seeing as this fic was written 12/24/16, (prior to the Japanese NDRV3 release on 1/12/17) the characters may be mischaracterized. Nonetheless, please enjoy.

Additionally, this fic takes place in a Non-Despair/No Killing Game AU.

A Day in the Depths of Hell

“Please let go of me!” the robot hollered at his newfound “companion.” It was Ouma. Ouma Kokichi, supposed ‘Supreme Ruler,’ an apparently famous and renowned dictator known for leading a secret evil organization of more than 10,000 members, despite being a self-proclaimed liar.

“No way!” the ruler spat back, dragging the robot as his metal feet skidded along the sidewalk. “I’m taking you to the headquarters of my super-secret organization!”

Every interaction between the two was similar to this: the smaller of the two dragging the robot along.

It was like that when they first met back in chemistry class, too.

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anonymous asked:

This isn't meant to be mean. I just want an answer and you're pretty good at explaining stuff but why does tumblr hate Anna and Elsa from frozen but love rapunzel from tangled? I don't mean this in an offensive way but why don't they mind rapunzel adding to the long list of white princess

Not mean at all! I invite discussion! and I thank you for your question! I don’t know if I’m the most qualified person on Tumblr to speak on the issue.For two reasons…one is, I’m not all of Tumblr- I am but one individual with one mind and one stream of thoughts. I don’t base my opinions on what the Tumblr collective thinks I like to form my own. and Two- I don’t eat breath and sleep Disney politics, yes I do keep a finger on the pulse of what’s going on because as an aspiring animator I feel obligated to dissect the big names in the biz, but there are tumblr users who DO dedicate a ton of time and effort into putting Disney under a microscope and are probably 100X more informed than me such as - Racebent Disney + Feminist Disney  + Disney For Princesses +This could have been Frozen

If you’d really like to see me break down Tumblr’s beef with Frozen you can read my lengthy reply to another anon HERE.

Now to really answer your question! why do people on Tumblr seem to prefer Rapunzel from Tangled over Anna and Elsa from Frozen. I honestly haven’t noticed a huge discrepancy between peoples preferences because I’ve been clued in on “Tangled” years before the movie actually came out and if I recall correctly people were bitching about it Rapunzel even then. I was really excited about this movie when I first heard about it because Rapunzel was one of my favorite fairy tales as a small child! I had very long hair myself and I didn’t get out much because I was bullied a lot by the children in my neighborhood. Needless to say I found myself in an imprisoned girl with long hair. So when the movie was announced I felt an instant connection to it. However there is a catch to this. The Rapunzel I saw in the sneak peeks was very, very different from the ones I grew up with.

That is Rapunzel from the Fairy Tales for every child series. She was the first beautiful brown Rapunzel in my life but she was not alone. Chalkzone had their own version of Rapunzel starring Queen Rapsheeba who is an actress/singer/rapper. 

These were the Rapunzel’s of the 90’s and I loved them both because I, as a child with very long curly, wild hair, I could relate.

When the pictures for Tangled - AT THE NAME was titled Rapunzel: Unbraided surfaced My heart sank.

Didn’t we already have three blonde princesses who are white in Cinderella, Aurora and Eilonwy? I could stretch it to six if I included Tinker Belle, Alice and Giselle. but Tink and Alice aren’t princesses in title and Giselle can’t legally be used in merch because Disney would have to pay the actress for using her likeness. And I know I’m going to get shit for including Eilonwy but she’s still a Disney princesses even if people don’t know who the fuck she is. The only reason she does not appear on official merchandise is because initially her movie had a poor box office performance BUT I DIGRESS.

So it was a little jarring to say the least to see yet another skinny, pretty, blonde, white princess with light colored eyes. The only thing that makes Rapunzel stand out from her fellow princesses is that she has freckles. Which is great! but it really is a pittance in terms of mold breaking character design. So Rapunzel is not without it’s problems. even before Tumblr was a thing people were complaining about the over abundance of cookie cutter princesses. They just didn’t have as much social media sites to vent too as we do now and by the time those sites came along everyone got their gripes about Rapunzel and her design out of their system or simply didn’t care to discuss it at length anymore. Because truth be told stories about Tangled have been circulating the web since 2004. one & two.  By the time the movie rolled around in 2010 everyone who cared was just so done with it.

Now in terms of how Tangled relates to Frozen I’m going to stress that context is very important. I’m pretty sure Rapunzel was the first white princess we had in a 10 year gap of Disney princesses during the Disney Renaissance. People are more willing to accept her because she was the first in awhile. the passage of time is very important here. Between 2010 and 2013 we’ve had 4 white princess in succession. that adds up to one white princess per year in a very short time period. The little girls who are seeing these movies? Disney’s 5 - 10 year old demographic? that is all they are going to see for a very long time. Rapunzel, Merida, Anna and Elsa have literally flooded the market. Disney seems to be going backwards in terms of female marketability.

People are bitching about Anna and Elsa because not only are they both blonde and white there are two of them! and the reason they keep getting compared to Rapunzel is because they both look so much like her! when confronted with this Disney pulled some frat boy answer out of their ass about how Women’s faces are so much harder to animate or some junk!? are you fucking serious!? I shouldn’t even have to point out why this is a problem- but in case I do here are for links for you to look into. one , two

The very IDEA that a multibillion dollar corporation- that’s right, Billions with a B. is basically going “weh, it’s too hard!” is insulting! it’s even more so insulting when you look at the fact their predecessors. Tex Avery. Who made one of the hottest cartoon females in existence, Red was very expressive! ask anyone whose attracted to her if they are less attracted to her because she emotes and I doubt you’ll get a “No”

Now I know that Red isn’t Disney but I brought her up beside she inspired the undisputed hottest cartoon character to ever grace the silver screen. Jessica Rabbit. Who had not only her own distinctive face shape but also had a wide range of expressions.

Even Disney’s straight to video squeals that hardly anyone ever watches that had a much smaller budget than their theatrical release counterparts have attractive women in them with a wide range of face shapes and expressions!

The above is from Mulan 2 and are Princesses Ting Ting, Su and Mei. Everyone loves to excuse Frozen by going ” WELL Elsa and Anna look so much alike because they are sisters!” Yes, they are sisters but they’re not fucking twins. Mulan 2 featured 3 Chinese sisters who all looked distinctive from each other without anyone confusing them for each other or confusing them for past Disney princesses (such as the constant confusion between Rapunzel and Anna) So the very idea that Disney thinks the public is so stupid as to not point this out is laughable. They had the technology to not fuck this up 10 years ago, they have the technology to do it now.

Now let me break it down even further and limit my griping just to the officially sanctioned Disney princesses. (we’re going to Ignore the fact that Mulan isn’t a princess in title she is the wife of a war general and that characters like Eilonwy and Kida are royalty by title but are often excluded from the lime light)

That’s them. the Holy 11 which will soon be 13 when Anna and Elsa have their coronation

How many white princesses are there? Nine, How many Black princesses? One, how many Arab princesses? One, How many Native American Princesses? One, How many Chinese Princesses? none One. If you don’t see how that doesn’t add up then you are part of the problem.

There are a ton of separate issues going on with Frozen and Tangled only had to deal with a few of them.With Tiana Disney has proven that they are capable of handling a WoC with the respect and dignity she deserves, Elsa and Anna have near identical face molds to Rapunzel- it’s honestly like Disney didn’t even try to make them different. People probably would have bitched less about them being white if they at least didn’t look like the same white person. I’ve seen the movie twice now and I still fuck up their names because they basically look like the same person. I know there’s a lot of people out there who like to sympathetic with Disney and go ” but it’s HARD!” when Disney does shit like create engines for unique hair flow and snow flakes but oh, the characters FACES aren’t that important! just the way their hair flows and fucking snow flakes are.

So…in conclusion…is Frozen WORSE than Tangled in terms of problematic Disney bullshit? No, I don’t think so. I just think it’s a matter of timing and Frozen being the straw that broke the camels back.

It was still a really great movie and had it’s own ground breaking moments but not any that mattered a great deal or hadn’t been done before.

anon prompted:  hi if you’re still taking prompts, can you do “Imagine A keeps leaving gifts for B (chocolates, flowers, love letters, etc) as an obvious hint that they have an admirer. Except B is dense and gets confused as to why someone keeps leaving their shit all over their desk, bag, and locker.” for Minewt. up to you whichever one is A and B. Thanks!

anon prompted:  aww, can we get more fluffy minewt please?

an: i hope this is fluffy and cute enough :o  everyone’s love for this ship is wild, but it’s very under-appreciated, and i’m super excited that you guys keep sending me these lovely prompts to help the fandom grow uwu

can also be read here

The worst part of Newt’s work day is the end of it.

Which sounds odd out of context, but Newt spends the entire day bent over a desk, pencil or marker in hand and tongue poking out past his teeth while he polishes up a sketch for the art magazine he’s currently a member of.  He’s almost constantly plugged into this iPod, ignoring e-mails inviting him to birthday celebrations and retirement parties.  He’ll throw a few dollars into an envelope and sign a card, sure, but there’s a big difference between pretending to care and actually caring, and Newt doesn’t deal much with the latter.

The only person he actually enjoys seeing is (oddly enough) his boss, a cute man named Minho who has never been anything but kind to Newt.  He got the job almost immediately after they met for the first time and, over time, the two have grown quite close, despite how they tend to act while at work.

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Christmas prompt: Christmas spirit

dc-reader sent: Hey! I don’t know if anyone has requested something like this. Reader doesn’t like Christmas so the batfam (Alfred too) are trying to make her understand what’s Xmas is about and how wonderful it is. I don’t really enjoy this festivity, maybe this could help me.

okay so i’m not deeply religious so i hope you enjoy my take on it!


“Put it this way, you spend the day with your loved ones and you guys do fun things!” Dick said with a blissful grin. “Like board games, eat cookies,drink hot cocoa, sing songs.”
“But what if i don’t want to be around them?” You asked with a confused look
“Then you go play with your presents.” Damian shrugged
“But why do you guys get each other presents? It’s just one day of the year.”
“But its a special day! Marked to celebrate the family unit and what you love.” Stephanie offered “Not to mention any excuse to go make snowmen and hit your family with snowballs!”

“Yes, i agree with Brown, any excuse.” Damian smiled as he looked at Tim who was just looking at you with a deep frown.
“I’m surprised you’ve missed out on christmas for this long.” Tim said
“Why?” Jason said as he ate a cookie shaped into santa “Not everybody celebrates it.”
“Don’t you remember the school projects where you learnt about santa and rudolph and frosty the snowman?”
“No.” Damian said shortly “I learnt far more important things, such as celebrating Eld and Ramadan.”
“Well obviously not you.” Tim rolled his eyes as Alfred put his hand on your shoulder
“Perhaps we could show you, if you’d like to celebrate with us?”

“Y/N let’s put it this way.” Damian said smartly “We get presents, great food and we can hurl snowballs at these idiots.”
“Which reminds me.” Alfred said with a smile after you nodded and agreed to come “Monopoly and board games are entirely out of the question this year.”
“Damian, is there a reason you’ve emailed us all about ‘The Wayne Games?’” Bruce asked prompting Jason to actually check his email for once.
“Why yes father, in the christmas spirit, i have devised a series of games and challenges for us to do to pass the time.”
“What does the winner get?” Dick asked
“A favour from me.” Damian smiled confidently
“And the loser?” Jason asked as he sifted through the junk emails
“Has to do all the christmas cleaning. Which is my present to Alfred”
“For which i am most gracious for.” Alfred said with a smile

Forgotten Birthdays (You x EXO Sehun)
Hello! Ah I hope my request makes it haha. I was wondering if I could get a scenario where Sehun forgets your birthday and your not really that upset but he still feels really bad and he does something to make up for it. (Like a surprise party or something haha) Thank you! >u<**************************************************

“Babe, are you sure there’s nothing I can do? You don’t want to go out to dinner or anything?”

“I told you already, Sehun-ah, I'm fine. You were busy. I understand.”



You laugh as your boyfriend Sehun gives you a dejected look, and give him a kiss on the cheek. He’d been begging all morning to do something for you, but you’d been turning him down. 

“Sehun, my birthday was last week.” You remind him. “I’m an adult. I don’t need a birthday party.”

“Are you sure?” Sehun whines. “I could get all the guys together and we could at least do something!”

You shake your head as Sehun persists. Your birthday had been four days ago, while Sehun had been away promoting a drama appearance last minute in Japan. He hadn’t even realized he missed it until some stray birthday cards from your friends had come in the mail this morning and he happened to spot them. He felt terrible now, but there was no changing your mind.

“I promised my mom I’d go over to her house and help her out today. She’s making some side dishes.” You get up from the kitchen table, sitting your cereal bowl in the sink. “I won’t be back until later tonight, okay?”

“Okay.” Sehun sighs. “I think I can keep myself entertained until then." 

You laugh. "I’ll see you later, okay?”


“So how did your birthday go, sweetheart? Did you do anything fun?”

You brush away a few drops of sweat as you sit on your mom’s kitchen floor, slicing potatoes into a big plastic bin. Could it be any hotter in here? “It was fine.” You shrug. “I didn’t really do anything special.” Your mom looks at you in surprise. “Nothing?” She tilts her head. “Didn’t Sehun take out to eat or something?”

“Actually, he kind of…forgot it was my birthday.” You cringe to even admit that out loud. It sounded way worse when you actually said it.

“Really?” Your mom stops cutting radishes and plants a hand on her hip. “He forgot?”

“He didn’t mean to!” You say quickly, coming to your boyfriend’s defense. “He had to go to Japan unexpectedly. I’m not mad at him or anything.”

With that answer, your mom goes back to her work, but you sit there, thinking. You didn’t blame Sehun for missing your birthday, but still, it was a little disappointing. All of your friends had been celebrating birthdays recently, and all of them had gotten to do something special. Some of them had gone to cafes, or out to fancy restaurants or amusement parks. One of your close friends had even gotten totally spoiled by her boyfriend, getting a brand new handbag and a trip abroad!

You never considered yourself the kind of person who needed those kinds of things to be happy about your birthday. But now that it was over, you felt like you had missed out on something fun. Maybe you should have let Sehun plan something. However you had already given him a firm rejection of any plans, so you were just going to have to accept that.


It’s nearly dark when your mom finally slides the final plastic container into the refrigerator, giving you more than you can possibly to eat to take back to your apartment with you. Maybe Sehun is at home? He’d probably like some of this, since I can’t eat it all by myself, You contemplate hopping off the bus a little early, and find yourself getting off just a few minutes from Sehun’s place.

When you stop in front of Sehun’s apartment, your mouth drops open. Police cars and vans are crowded in the parking lot, and groups of people are standing around talking. What happened here?

Sehun’s floor is bustling, and you spot his neighbor, Kim Jongin, standing out in the hall in his slippers, talking to the police. 

“Hey, um, Jongin?” You shyly break into the conversation, and the police officer excuses himself. “Are you okay? What happened around here?”

“Oh, it’s not me.” He shakes his head. “It’s Sehun. His kitchen caught on fire.”

You drop your bags in shock. “He what?!”

“Yeah, that was the fire department I was talking to. The landlord already yelled at him about the damaged! They evacuated the whole building, but it seems like it wasn’t that bad, so-”

You don’t even let him finish. Sehun’s door is already propped open, and you push your way inside without hesitation. The air is cloudy with smoke, making your heart race. “Oh Sehun! Sehun, where are you?!” You call for him, but it doesn’t seem like he’s here. “Jagiya! Where are you?”

Sehun finally emerges from the bathroom, looking relieved and a little alarmed to see you. You slam into him, wrapping your arms around him. “What happened?!” You demand. “I was so worried! I saw the all the police cars and everything, and then Jongin said-”

“I’m fine.” Sehun sighs, breathing into your hair. “I just, um, had a little accident.”

You give him a dubious look. “The police are here and you’re calling it a little accident?”

“Well, okay, fine. A medium-sized accident.”

He shows you the kitchen, and you gasp. Much of the place is still smoking, and nearly everything is covered on what looks like a dusty white foam. Apparently Sehun had been trying to cook when he fell asleep on the couch waiting for the food to finish. The cake that he was making completely burned up in the oven, resulting in a small fire and a ton of smoke. Every alarm in the building had gone off, and considering it was late in the evening, his neighbors were none too pleased.

“I don’t understand, Sehun. What were you trying to do?” You shake your head. “You never cook anything. Is this what you call entertaining yourself?”

“It was nothing.” Sehun says flatly. “Look at that! It’s pathetic!”

You look at the charred hockey-puck of a cake sitting on the table. It was completely burnt and totally inedible. In fact, it kind of looked like a brick.

“Well, maybe you just need to stop looking at it!” You say brightly. Using a towel, you pick it up and head for the garbage, your heart sinking when you raise the lid. Sitting right on top were a package of candles and a little bag of cake decorations, with Happy Birthday written in chocolate and sprinkles. It finally dawns on you:

Oh Sehun had nearly burnt his apartment down trying to make you a birthday cake.

“Was this for me?” You ask quietly. “The cake?”

He nods. “I tried.”

“Sehun, I already told you that I didn’t want anything for my birthday. Why did you do this?”

He looks up with a hurt expression. “Because I didn’t want you to go without getting a single thing from me on your birthday. I’m sorry that it’s not good enough. I wanted it to be special. I didn’t know what else I could do.”

You sigh, tipping the cake in the bin and going over to hug him. “I didn’t say it wasn’t good enough.” You put him hand your palm, rubbing your thumbs over the band-aids. He had touched the hot pan in and attempt to rescue the cake. Sehun knew better than to make a cake, but he did it anyway, and and he had put in a lot of effort with little return. You had to make this better.

“Come on, let’s go out.” You say, pulling him towards the door. “We can clean all this up later.”

“But the smell-”

“Open the window.” You shrug. “Worry about it later.”

Sehun barely has time to slide open the window before you tug him out the door.


“Do we need air freshener? Place mats? They have strawberry-scented detergent, too!”

“We don’t really need any of those things, but put them in the basket anyway!”

Sehun tosses his finds into the hand basket, stepping around you to grab lemon-shaped sponges. While most people would have opted for a nice restaurant or a romantic walk in the park, you and Sehun were not those people. The two of you had spent the past hour in a 1000-won-or-less store, goofing around and buying things you definitely didn’t need. 

So far you’d collected a basket full of junk that you fully intended on purchasing. So what if you didn’t need slippers with panda bears on them? You were going to get them anyway! Pens with feathers on the end? You’d find someway to use them. Toilet paper that smelled like lavender? Well, okay, the lavender part was a little weird, but you totally needed toilet paper.

“Happy birthday!” Sehun grins as he places a plastic tiara on your head. “It’s a little late, but this thing was made for you.”

“I know.” You sniff, picking up the matching wand. You grab the front of his shirt. “Come along, Sehun. You’re my peasant.”

“Whatever you say, princess.” He grins.


Once you finally make it back to Sehun’s apartment, the two of you sit on the floor in the midst of all your goodies. While you rip open a pack of erasers shaped like frogs, Sehun makes a quick trip around the apartment, opening all the windows to air the place out.



“Can you grab those side dishes out of the fridge?” You call. “I’m hungry!”

“I’m coming!”

When he finally comes back out, you burst out laughing. Sehun had stuck a birthday candle right in the middle of your mom’s special-made kimchi, carefully protecting the flame with his hand and singing Happy Birthday. “You have to make a wish!” He says eagerly. “I don’t really know if wishing on kimchi instead of cake is the same thing, but you have to try!”

“Okay, okay!” You laugh, blowing out the candle. 

He smiles with satisfaction and plops beside you, eating with his fingers. “I’m sorry that I forgot your birthday, and that I burned up your birthday cake.” He says honestly. “I couldn’t even cook you a decent dinner! But if this is what we get to do every time I burn up the kitchen, I wish I would have done it sooner!”

You crack up. “I love it, Sehun-ah. It was perfect.”


Scenario done! Ack! *covers eyes with hands* How do you like it? I thought it was kind of cute^_^ I don’t know haha! ~Jjangpanda

Arrested Development is like comfort food. 💗

“This isn’t working.”

“I’m a monster!!!”

“Well excuse me for liking the way they shape my junk.”

oh my god, so i went looking for v-shaped sam/steve/bucky in the style of that one parks & rec meme, you know:

“this is my boyfriend steve, and this is his boyfriend bucky. [pause] i hate bucky.”

and found only triads? i don’t understand?

in short, here is some fic


So Steve moves down to D.C. and spends a week trying to work up the nerve to strike up a conversation with the jogger, and in the end the jogger preempts him. He’d be put out, really, except the jogger still has a great smile.

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How did we end up here? || Luke OS (smut)

Pairing: Y/N | Luke
Smut: yes | no
Request: yes
Plot: there’s just something about that guy, maybe it’s his stupid quiff, or his cocky smile, or maybe it’s just the fact he’s a complete douchebag. It’s simple, you hate Luke Hemmings. But what happens when your archenemy turns out to be exactly what you need ?

As I woke up from what felt like the longest slumber of my entire life, I could feel my head pounding and every single muscle of my body aching. When my vision finally adjusted to the bright light, I looked around only to realize I was laying on a bathroom floor, half naked next to an unidentified body. The cold tiles had turned my back into a numb mess. Right now seemed like the perfect moment to stab me in the spine as I was pretty sure I couldn’t feel a thing, that area was dead, just like my brain.

Trying to compose myself, I slowly sat up, pushing a few strands of hair from my face so I could take a proper look at the guy resting next to me. Was he even breathing? Was I in some psychological thriller when the girl wakes up with amnesia only to find out she’s committed some awful, barbaric murder? He looked pretty clean except for a few red scratches along his back… Hopefully I wasn’t the reason behind those. Still, I was pretty much naked and so was he. Anyone walking into this bathroom right now could easily connect the dots.

Suddenly, my John Doe groaned and turned his face towards me so he could rest his cheek on his hands, using them as a pillow. Then reality hit me pretty hard. Not only did I know this guy, but I also hated him with all my guts. Shivers ran down my spine as I tried to remember how the hell I had managed to wake up naked next to my archenemy, Luke Hemmings.

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Tennessee Teacakes: Twenty-Five

Saturday night update! Woo! Enjoy, my little cupcakes! Can’t wait to hear what you think! <3

Sugar on the Asphalt & Previous chapters


irish cream cupcakes are never ever getting back together; july 17, 2019

I’d never been afraid to push the extra mile—to run until my legs felt like jelly and my heart was beating louder than the bass in my ears. It was freeing to know that I was in control, that I could run until I couldn’t run anymore. There was nothing better than meeting my goal and going further. I was always surprised by the amount of determination I had when my muscles were burning. I lived and breathed crossing the finish line.

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Watch the House, Goat

Stanley Pines rolled into town in a huffing, sputtering salt-stained truck with his brother at the wheel. Bungee cords held down a few cardboard boxes in the truck bed. Most of these boxes contained clothes; a few held bare necessities like toilet paper rolls and soap bars. One was carefully filled with packing peanuts and the scant few pieces of lab equipment Stanley had been allowed to keep. He also had a cooking pot, somewhere.

To his left, Stanford was entertaining himself with a story from twenty years back that Stanley didn’t remember. Apparently Stanford had knocked Stanley into the mud and managed to blame it on a gnome. Though considering how embellished Stanford’s stories usually were, Stanley couldn’t take the offense to heart. 

Stanford banged his fist on the steering wheel as he finished laughing, catching his breath enough to talk. “I wonder if those weird little creeps are still out there?” Stanford pointed out the front. “Forest is that way. We could probably ride through and run a couple over.”

Stanley instead looked right, toward the wooden side emblazoned with the words “Welcome to Gravity Falls”. He nodded silently, though didn’t answer.

Stanford drummed his hands on the wheel, “You know what this place needs? A tourist trap.”

“Mmm.” Stanley nodded his head automatically. What the place really needed was vacant, affordable housing, a decent lab space he could rent, and a well-paying part-time job. The odds of Stanley finding all three seemed…worryingly slim.

“It’s already got all the lore floating around. Shame no one’s profited off it yet, you know?”

“It’s probably a good thing. If tourists flocked here going after the things we know about, a good chunk of them would probably end up dead,” Stanley mused.

Or…maybe that would be good; might open up some job positions if the employees vanished. Not that Stanley would ever knowingly send someone to their death, just…he wasn’t certain these small town business would be hiring.

“Please. I wouldn’t put any actual creatures on display. Cut me some slack, Stanley!” Stanford swept his hand out front over the windshield. “I’m talking about gluing a few extra feet to animal skeletons and selling overpriced souvenirs to the masses.”

“Uh-huh, well you get working on that,” Stanley answered. He kept his eyes peeled for street signs. He’d called ahead inquiring about spaces for rent, finally getting ahold of a near-deaf woman who shouted into her telephone. If her info was to be trusted, there was a tenantless house on Blanford Road that he might be able to afford…not that he knew where that was.

“I will,” Stanford answered

Stanley uncupped his chin from his palm and looked away from the window, cocking an eye at his brother. “You will what?”

“‘Get working on that.’ On the tourist trap.”

Stanley snorted and fixed his attention back outside. “You’re going to set a place like that up in three days? What happens once you’re out of here?”

Stanford shrugged. “I dunno. Maybe I’ll stay in Gravity Falls.”

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End Up Here Chapter 3

Previous Chapters: 00, 01, 02. 

Summary: Karma Ashcroft is practically a household name, currently being one of the biggest music acts in the world. Amy Raudenfeld is just a semi-closeted lesbian in a suburb in Austin, but when Karma accidentally sends her a message on kik, the two of them hit it off really well, and strike up a correspondence where they eventually share almost everything with each other… aside from their names and backgrounds. 


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My heart belongs to a pirate

A fluffy drabble with a dash of Captain Cobra Swan set somewhere in the blissful 6 weeks before 4B. A ridiculously belated birthday gift to my dear, darling friend countingthestarsinspace. Hope you like this my beautiful muffin!


“At the risk of incurring the Saviour’s ire for taking you away from work when you’re not done yet, Swan, I believe 3:45pm is far past your lunch time, is it not?”

She merely grumbles a handful of unintelligible words in response, which he, having had enough practice facing her common overworked-and-starved mood, quickly deciphers as meaning something along the lines of ‘yeah, well, what’s new about that’.

“And, am I wrong in assuming you haven’t had a bite since our hurried breakfast by your lovely yellow metal contraption this morning?”

Emma sighs, knowing this is one battle she’s already lost before he even asks her to grab lunch with him. “No, you’d be right.” As always, she adds to herself, sending him an apologetic smile before turning to face the preposterously ancient computer in her desk at the station. They really need to use the Sheriff’s budget to get some actual, functional technology around these parts.

“I’m just finishing up these regulation forms for Miner’s day this Saturday. You know if I don’t do this, David certainly won’t, what with Neal learning to walk, plus Mary Margaret doesn’t want him to miss out on any big moments, and I get that. But then if I don’t do this, then it will be me having to deal with the chaos of a disorganised fair, and I am not having another blackout because a certain Leroy was using the lack of official paperwork as an excuse for going around sticking his pick axe everywhere, all drunk and disorderly, as per usual.”

“I get that, Swan. I really do,” he replies, placing an understanding, warm hand on her shoulder and massaging lightly, Emma having to bite back a low moan at how soothing his touch feels. “How many more forms ‘til you can treat yourself to lunch with me, love?” He asks with a tempting waggle of his left eyebrow.

“Not many more, actually. Just about four…”

Both Killian’s eyebrows go up to his hairline in a fraction of a second, watching her in disbelief before she can even think of trying to fool him, her all-knowing pirate.


“Bloody hell, love,” he sighs. Emma feels him kneeling beside her chair  before she looks back at him, all concerned frown and pleading lips. “Well, I propose the following: you come with me to get that grilled cheese you so adore at Granny’s, and I’ll come back here with you to help with the basted forms. What do you say, darling?”

Darling? Well, that’s a new one. It rolls off his tongue in such an easy, comfy way tough, that she can’t find it in her to think it strange sounding. If anything, it sounds quite perfect if she’s being honest with herself.

“Alright, you win. But only if you get me some onion rings to go with the grilled cheese.”

“Onion rings?” Killian fixes her with an adorably confused look. “Can’t say I know exactly what those are. Some sort of food snack?”

“How on earth have you never tried onion rings before?!”

She sounds almost offended by his blatant display of junk food ignorance, and he’s torn between explaining himself or apologising first.

“Uh, well, in my defence, Henry always insists we order fries when we go for a bite after sailing. It’s not like I’ve had much of a choice in the matter, Swan.”

“Henry, that little traitor…” Emma mutters under her breath, shaking her head. “This gotta be Regina’s doing, she is just the kind of person to have some sort of crazy rule against onion rings in her son’s eating habits. You know, nutritional value wise, fries are no better,” she says as she grabs her jacket from the coat rack by her office door, grabbing his hook with her right hand and pulling him along in her wake.

“I guess we’re on our way to remedy that travesty of a notion then?”

“Right you are again, sailor.” She checks her watch before throwing him a smirk over her shoulder, determinedly hurrying her pace, Killian stumbling over his feet with the sudden tug on his hook before he falls into step beside her. “We’re picking Henry up from school in fifteen minutes, and then we’re all having Granny’s amazing onion rings.”

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Whom Fate Has Marked (oneshot)

Written by: ficthatswhatimeanttosay (I am Next To Something on ff.net, and this story is in that site as well. Just to cover myself on the plagiarism front.)
Rated T
Trigger Warnings: Dark!Jareth
Fandom: Labyrinth

Sarah dreams of sand, of blood, of a dying world. A dream, so real, she is afraid not to believe. A king ruling a vacant city, branded by her victory in more ways than one.

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