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Covenant || eight (final)

Summary: You leave for Bali. For good?

Story Summary: You are betrothed to Kim Namjoon, the heir of a real estate mogul. To say that it was a fairy tale romance would be erroneous. You’re instead loped in the sad tale of the rich and melancholy.

Genre: Angst, smut, fluff

Pairing: Namjoon x Reader

Part: 8 of 8 || one || two || three || four || five || six || seven

Music: Y/N >> One of These Days (Michelle Branch) // Namjoon >> Serendipity (BTS) // full fic playlist

Words: 12,114

Chapter Eight: Home

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Emerald Eyes

Title: Emerald Eyes

Dean x Reader

Word Count: 3k (go me!)

Warnings: language, angst, mention of a break up and related emotions, fluff, kissing, dry humping, threatening, mild violence.

A/N: This fic is inspired by the song “Song on Fire” by Nickelback. I’ve been listening to them a lot lately because I’m going to see them live in September, and I’m stoked. Anyway, this just came to me when I listened to the song for the first time. Italicized and bolded words are lyrics. Sorry I do so many song related fics. Music is just a huge part of my life. And this didn’t quite come out as planned. It’s a bit of a babbling mess. But, whatever. Anyway, here’s this. Enjoy.

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It had been eight months since you had left for good. Since you left hunting, life on the road. Eight months since you had left Dean Winchester.

It wasn’t one fight or one incident that urged you to leave. It was the endless travel, never having a home base, and most of all, watching each other die. The last time Dean had died, you vowed to never let yourself watch someone you love so much suffer. So, you moved to Nashville to pursue a career in your other talent, music.

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13: Adrenaline

Request by @andhiseyesweregreen: Congrats on 4000 babe!!   My number is 13 and my sentence is “We push and pull like a magnet do.” 💗💗

Word Count: 1045

A/N: I changed the sentence a little just so I could work it in easier. I love Ed Sheeran, but the grammar in that sentence just doesn’t for anything other than a lyric. Also, Shape of You has a completely opposite feeling from Adrenaline, so this was super interesting to figure out :) And for this one I put it in season 11/12ish, but I’m still in denial that Ellen and Jo are really gone, so it’s kind of an AU because they’re definitely not dead! (The Roadhouse never burned down, Ash still sleeps on the pool tables, and hunters still stop by there all the time dammit!)

A/N.2: I just found out that this song features Trevor McNevan, who is the lead singer of Thousand Foot Krutch who is, like, one of my favorite bands? WHAT? How did I now know this? Two of my favorite bands have a song together and I’ve listened to it countless times, but I couldn’t figure it out? WHAT??

Version en Español: Adrenalina

Song 13: Adrenaline by Nine Lashes

Ever since you met Sam Winchester, your life seemed to shift and it was like you couldn’t quite breathe right. The edges of each moment never quite aligned, and nothing you did seemed to get the pieces to lock into place.

You managed to escape from your family’s unglorified business of hunting monsters and killing the things that go bump in the night to study law at Stanford. Well, pre-law. You never quite made it into law school. Your brother ruined those plans when he got himself bitten by a vampire and your dad dragged you away from school to help hunt down your sibling and cut off his head.

But those few years as an undergrad in California had been like a dream. You met your first boyfriend during the first week as a freshman. Then, the next semester you met Sam in one of your classes. He had been single then, but you were still unavailable. By the time you wised up to your feelings for him and broke up with your boyfriend, he’d found Jess. And he was so happy that you couldn’t be a homewrecker. Then Jess died, Sam disappeared, and your father showed up a week later.

Those dream years at college just served to show you that you really were a hunter. You could pretend to be lawyer material all you liked, but your life wasn’t meant to be simple or serene. So you resumed hunting with your father.

Since then, you’d run into Sam Winchester a few times. Always when you had to get an early start the next day in order to meet your father for another hunt in a different state. So you only got to have a few drinks with Sam before calling it a night. Other times, he was the one who had to run. The business conference or meeting he’d been in town for was over and he had to catch an early flight the next day.

But you always seemed to find your way back together, if only for a few hours.

“Sam Winchester as I live and breathe,” you said, announcing your presence with a smile. He spun around in the barstool and a wide grin broke across his face.

“Y/N!” He unfolded his large body from the stool and gathered you into his arms, crushing you to his perfectly toned chest.

Laughing lightly, you wrapped your arms around him as well, enjoying the way his muscles moved under your arms. He may be a businessman who got lost, but he definitely could fit right in here at this typical hunter bar. “It’s been a few years. What the hell are you doing in an old dive bar in Nebraska?”

“What are you doing in an old dive bar in Nebraska?” He asked cautiously.

You glanced around the Roadhouse and tried to fit the pieces of this puzzle together. You knew that there was a simple explanation for this, but you didn’t want to believe it. You wanted to believe that Sam had a normal life. It was the only way for you to keep one toe in the simple, nine to five life you’d often imagined as a child.

“Sammy!” A man with a jawbone that could cut glass came sauntering over. “Ellen got us a case down in Florida. Whadaya think? Kill some monsters, hit the beach, hit on hot chicks in bikinis on the beach?”

Sam let out a sound between a sigh and a grunt and turned to you. “Y/N, this is my brother Dean. Dean, my friend from Stanford.”

A case? Kill some monsters?

“My God, we’re idiots,” you said, eliciting a raised eyebrow from Dean and a cocked head from Sam. Shaking your head quickly to clear it, you stretched out your hand to shake Dean’s. “Sorry. I mean it’s really nice to meet you, Dean. I’m Y/N and I just came from a hunt in Arizona that turned out to be some ancient spirit from central Africa.”

Slowly, you slid your eyes from Dean over to Sam, meeting his wide-eyed stare as he finished the puzzle in his mind. “Wait, you’re telling me that—“

“We’ve both been hiding that we’re hunters for years? Yeah.”

“So when you said you had to go get your dad out of a hairy situation three years ago—“

“Werewolf. And you weren’t kidding when you said you just got out of a meeting with the devil himself?”

At that, Sam laughed. “Not at all. And when I said I had to go run and make a deal with a demon or my boss would fire me…”

“My God, I am such an idiot. You weren’t even trying to hide it.”

Again, he laughed and even though over a decade had passed since you first started crushing on him, you still found your heart doing somersaults.

While Dean subtly excused himself and you and Sam sat down to catch up on the unabridged versions of your lives, you couldn’t stop your mind from wandering. You and Sam push and pull like magnets do. Together, but never touching. Apart, but always on your mind. And there was always something in your way, some unseen force holding you back.

But there was nothing right now. Just the two of you. The both of you were confident in who you were. As you learned more about him, you could see your own past as a mirror image of his. Doubting if hunting was really the life for you. Wanting to make the world a better place by practicing law. Trying to get out. But then figuring out that this was where you belonged. The unspoken heroes.

Blood pounded through your veins as you built up the courage to say what you wanted. It was now or never. Time to take the chance.

“So, Sam. I have this hunt in Oregon. I was gonna ask Jo to be backup, but maybe… maybe you can come. It’ll be like old times. Late night study sessions in the library. Just higher stakes. More blood.”

He glanced over at his brother for a second, considering his options. Then a soft smile tweaked at his lips and you knew that you’d won. “When do we leave?”

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Daithi De Calibre : Mellow Melody

blackrosehunter asked:

Alright, I’ve got 2 more here for now!(By the way, did you see the post on my profile I tagged you in? Just making sure!)Daithi de Calibre: Music is illegal and Lui’s friend passed away and left these weird papers to Lui, which he found out was music.

After hunting down David, a man he found was a music dealer, he asks what the music sounds like because he’s really curious now and wants to know. They meet up in an somewhere and David plays for Lui on the guitar and sings. Lui then falls in love.

Lui stared at the note with great curiosity. His fallen friend left him a beloved note with such neat handwriting that Lui almost couldn’t believe he wrote it on his deathbed in the hospital.

The words were in ink, but they weren’t smudged, and the letter was made from thick parchment paper. It was weird to ever find such royal paper in a commoner’s town.

Though, his fallen friend was a beloved of the nearest castle’s promised next heir. Little notes of curves and dots were dancing across the page.

There were numbers and symbols that Llui hadn’t a clue of. There was no knowledge of these unknown images inked on the page.

This page was like the many others inside the trunk his fallen friend had left for Lui to inherit. He took a deep breath and stashed it all away inside, neatly and organized, out of harm’s way to be preserved for later’s study.

But, Lui was surprised to hear of this Bandit that sold illegal music records to civilians in the village nearby. The cops had no cares for him, however, as the reward for his body was only 2 grand.

Lui traveled by carriage to meet with this dealer, carrying the trunk alongside him. As he reached the village, there were bandit markings left everywhere.

He’d get robbed if he wasn’t careful. The older brother of his fallen friend luckily knew the bandit he was looking for.

“He goes by Nogla.”

“What a weird name…” Lui pondered, putting the parchment papers into a smaller container.

Said container was like a purse but more of a messenger’s bag. Lui deemed it necessary to keep them inside the bag as to ease the stress of losing them.

“Where does he survive?”

“He’s along the outer edges of the village. I’ll lead you there, but you have to promise not to buy anything from him. I’ll have to take you to the corruptions center…”

Llui nodded and took a deep breath. He followed the man towards a green villa with bright oak doors and colored pastel windows.

“Is he a rich bandit?”

“T’is not a bandit, Lui. He’s the village leader… This village accepts no other civilians, be wary inside. He’ll visit but escort you away if you dare to question his lifestyle.”

Lui simply sighed and turned away, “I just wanted to know what this is.”

The escort glanced at the papers and went to take them, “Those are his musical wedges! His music sheets!”

“They’ve been sent to me.”

The escort cowardly turned back, “You’re on your own, Calibre.”

“Wait! What do you mean?”

“I’m leaving, those are cursed! They’re illegal! You’re on your own!”

Lui hmphed and marched up to the door, he took a deep breath and knocked twice. The door creaked inwards, a tall Irish eyed man stood tall at the door.

His clothes were baggy but fit him perfectly, his lips were drawn in a small smile and his eyes were lazily drooped in a comfortably relaxed mood.

“Excuse me? You’re Nogla, correct?”

“Ah, yes. Who are ye?”

Lui nervously twiddled with his fingers, “I’m Lui. Lui Calibre. I’m here to see you about these… um… music sheets? My friend left them for me when he passed away recently and um… I’ve no idea about them.”

Nogla held out his hand. Lui placed the sheets into his palm and studied the other’s expression before pulling away.

“Come inside, Lui.”

Lui shuffled behind the taller man, following him inside with a firm frown.

“These are fairly easy notes. Did your friend create these?”

“I um… I don’t know. I didn’t know that he indulged himself in… music sheets.”

“T’is a hobby t’att’e world be droppin’. Unhealthy, sick bastards. Music is a way t’ express emotion, ye know?”

“Express emotion?”

Nogla glanced at the male and smiled, “I’ll play t’is music for ye, okay? Ye shall understand.”

Lui nodded and took a seat as Nogla pulled out an old acoustic guitar. He smiled, setting the notes up on a music sheet stand. “Ye ready?”

Lui nodded again, “Yes.”

Nogla played a string, watching Lui’s expression change from wonder to surprise and awe.

He smiled and followed the notes on the sheet music, singing the lyrics written down on it as well.

Lui couldn’t stop staring in awe, his jaw dropped at such beauty. He could hear the joy in Nogla’s voice change to excitement as the notes picked up the mood as well.

He felt a feeling of zero gravity enter his blood stream, he felt like this was his life. He was missing out on this all of his life.

Nogla finished the first few pages then frowned, “T’is unfinished…”

“It’s unfinished?” Lui asked, his eyes holding that awe a moment longer.

Nogla frowned with sadness and nodded, “How did ye friend die, eh?”

“He was shot.”

The man felt his lips droop some more and shook his head, “Music is illegal, this guitar is illegal, these sheets are illegal. T’ey be best to be left here. It be better if you forget today happened.”

Lui frowned, his eyes teared up and he shook his head. “Play more songs for me, please?”

Nogla’s eyes widened before he smiled softly and nodded, “Aye, I shall…”

It upsets me, the reactions people are having towards Sia’s new video for Elastic Heart. In this current state of very lackluster music video content, Sia’s video is pure art, deep, emotional, thorough, and if anyone gives it well-thought, it can clearly be interpreted in 2-3 perfectly very real human experiences that are extremely difficult to deal with and talk about. 

News flash: It has absolutely nothing to do with pedophilia. Let me repeat that: This video has absolutely nothing to do with pedophilia and more importantly, it is not propagation for pedophilia. There are a couple of really great interpretations that are buzzing around, but just like great poetry, the interpretation that seems right to you is all that matters (unless of course you belong to the pedophilia crowd, then in that case you can either strongly disagree or unfollow my blog). 

My theory, which is pretty relevant to a few consensus, is mapped out in detail below:

The young actor, played by 12 year old Maddie Zieglar, exemplifies Sia’s childhood with her father. Consensus suggests her father had drug addiction issues, struggled with alcoholism, and underlying mental health issues. If anyone has experienced living or loving someone with any or all of these inflictions, then they know how suffocating it can be. They can feel their inflicted loved one seemingly trapped in their addiction/mental illness. No matter how hard you try to help them, they will not become freed until they want to be free. Notice the section in the video when the father figure, played by Shia Labeouf, tries to escape through the cage at the top; He gets half-way and he can clearly fit freely through the hole at the top, he certainly has the muscles to lift himself up out of the cage, but he very easily and quickly gives up and falls down “Crashes”. Which is a typical withdrawal symptom, relapse, or possibly a heavy dose of drugs or alcohol. Notice when Maddie escapes from her father, she immediately resorts to self pacification by sucking her thumb like a very small child; A coping mechanism. Notice she stops and thus becomes slightly older and then tries to help her father be freed. Notice he can also easily slip the cage bars? But he tangles himself in the bars and almost seems like he’s over-exaggerating being tangled - Like these are the excuses those with addiction and mental health make. Toward the end when she reenters the cage, Shia attempts to make funny faces at Maddie, like most fathers do to their young children to make them laugh. It is not funny to Maddie and this is her making it clear to her father that she has given up on him. Lastly, at the very end of the video, while Maddie is still in the cage with her father, there is a long moment of silence with the two staring into each others’ eyes; Although she is physically inside the cage with her father, I think this represents that she had given up on her father a long time ago and is actually physically away from her father, but because this was the only way she knew her father, that is how she will always remember her father: Sad, broken, inflicted, caged.

Others suggest (and even Sia hints toward this but not at all in any detail) that the two represent a young and an old version of herself at war with each other. I have a harder time with this theory because there is such an overwhelming feeling that the actors fell very comfortably into a father/daughter relationship. It may be possible that Sia’s original lyrical content is about her older/younger selves at war with each other, but that the film director, Daniel Askill, took it upon himself to artistic freedom of expression. Although this is a tough assertion, because the video was co-produced by Sia and Daniel Askill.

Some may ask: What if this is about pedophilia and it shines a light on the issues of pedophilia? In that case, I think the film director would have missed the queue because there was nothing here overtly sexual between the two actors. Yes, they touched and danced and rolled around on the floor (like most daughters and fathers do), but there was nothing here that was overtly sexual. 

Whatever the real meaning, or possible multiple meanings, please do not immediately accuse propagation of pedophilia. That damages artistic expression and completely undermines the artists’ intentions. It also makes you look ignorant in the field of artistic expression. Heaven knows not everyone can be an artist or understands artists with strong emotions and the need to express them, so if you don’t understand, please don’t assert incorrect, kneejerk reactions that can deflect and confuse those that could possibly interpret it in a more healthy view. You are only helping the lost to become more lost.

If you have thoughts or opinions on the topic, I’d love to hear your view.