well except the lighting

i like how the yotsuba arc somewhat highlights that, yeah, even if light never picked up the death note, he and l wouldn’t by default make the flawless, working pair. light would disagree with a lot of l’s methods (be repulsed by them even) which could cause a falling out and being reduced to two intellectuals working separately towards a common goal (serving justice) but with different approaches (much like how the story already is). except, in this narrative, i think l would be more widely accepted as the “bad guy” even though in reality it would be as grey as the original.

The other day, I was talking to a friend about D Gray Man (because that’s what I do best) and after a little while, it kinda hit me that, if you tell the story as it is, it isn’t a happy story.

I mean, sure we joke about how sad and tragic the story is, and it is true. But yet, if we read the story, we also know there’s a lot of light hearted  moments, really fun parts and overral, always a good feeling to it. 

Yet in a way those elements seems a bit absent if you focus on telling the story straight forward with just the events that happen. It seems unreal that there’s actually as much light hearted moments when you hear some of the basics dilema and storylines. 

So I was kind of thinking about what was making the light moments work, why, even by being hit by the tragic of the situations, we have such a good feeling reading this manga, why the tragedy doesn’t wear us off. 

And in the end it all comes down to the characters who are extremely self aware of the tragedy around them and decided to hold on together still. 

The comedy, the good moments, they come from when the characters just focus on each others, to care about one another. In the end, that’s the scene where Lavi, Lenalee,Allen and Chaoji discuss of what they’re going to do when they’re in the Ark that describe it the best. They refuse to give up to the tragedy and they’re going to still laugh about it, still going to care about one another. 

And in a way it is so positive and heartwarming. In a way it’s where dgm truly works - without shying away from the drama, it gives us a lot of safe moments in the manga in order to rest, to recover with our characters, and all is due to the bonds they all create together. 

It’s always amazing to appreciate. 

Richie Tozier || Peace pt. 2

A/N: This is at least six months from Peace, the first part of this imagine. I wanted to include Richie getting everyone together and the reader being a little bit of a badass and I’m just hoping it did not backfire on me! I hope you enjoy! xx EDIT: I edited it this morning and hopefully fixed something’s and improved the imagine all together. Enjoy!

Unsettled, uneasy, uncomfortable. Since you woke up, those where the three emotions that consumed your body. Your whole body was tense and your anxiety ran wild with thoughts. Throughout the day you felt unsettled butterflies in your stomach, an uneasy feeling set deep in your chest, your bottom lip raw from the nibbling you had done to it all day, your legs tired from the consistent bouncing. Richie had been gone since early that morning for work, so you really did not bother him with it, but when you got to work and it still continued, you became concerned. You were typically bubbly and carefree, feeling the way you had been today simply was not in your nature. It felt as if attention to you and not to mention the whole office could tell that something was wrong, some would ask if you were ok and some would simply remind you to stop bouncing your legs.

It felt like you could not get back home fast enough when you were finally off the clock, but it did not make you feel at ease. Your constant inducement of the day was, ‘Just stay calm,” but that made you anything but calm. Walking into the house, you take note in how eerily silent it is. Your eyes dart around the room, the uneasy feeling finally went away, only to be replaced with dread.
You took a deep breath as you walked further into the house slowly, “Y/N.” It was slight, you almost missed it, but it was Richie. His voice sounded choked and rough, it was followed but a cough that was louder than his words.

Your feet began to move on their own accord and you sprinted through the house towards Richie’s voice as it turned from a quiet tone to a blood curling yell in pain. Your feet slid across the hardwood floor as you stopped at the threshold of the master bedroom, a scream ripped through your throat as your eyes settled on the mangled figure in the middle of the bed. Black curls matted down, glasses thrown across the room and shattered, the floors and walls splattered with blood and muscle, the smell of blood filled the room, and lifeless doe, brown eyes stared back at you. From his throat down to his waist has been ripped open and his insides were falling out around him, his body hanging off the bed and his arms falling by his head and blood ran from his mouth to his hair and pooled on the floor below his head. “Richie!” Your voice came out in a strangled sob as you fell back into the hallway, your head spinning as your back hit a small table and knocked it over before the wall and you fell to your knees, the shattered glass from the lamp on the table surrounded your body. The fear and pain that had set in was too overwhelming for your body as you gagged back vomit. The cackling laugh brought you back into reality, your eyes snapped up to see a clown in the corner of the room covered in blood as it drooled from its lips. With a loud step toward you, a devilish grin rose to his face as your eyes widened. Your eyes quickly darted to Richie’s body when your name left his lips once more, like it was letting out its last breath. A sob escaped your lips and before you could face the clown again, It was in your face and roughly forcing you to face him. The initial shock was now gone and fear consumed you, ‘I’m not going down without a fight.’ Your hand grasped a piece of glass beside you and slammed it into it’s head, it knocked It back enough for you to jump up and sprint. It was a matter of seconds before you were grabbed roughly by your throat and pushed against the wall.

He leaned forward and inhaled deeply near your neck and you let out a loud, ear piercing scream, “You all taste so much better when you’re afraid.” He growled out before he slammed your head back into the wall.

Once Richie got home and found the evidence of your struggle and the inconspicuous message on the wall, it did not take long for him to realize what took you and where it took you to. Despite the feeling of marching by himself to get you, he knew he could not do it alone.

So, one by one, he made his way to each of the losers house. Bill was first, he was going to be the easiest to convince. Eddie was next and with a little push from Bill and himself, he caved in. Stan was a little harder to budge, honestly Richie did not blame him, if it were not for the fact that Y/N was taken, Richie would have to be convinced just like the others. Eventually Stan budged, caving in over his fondness of Y/N and the desperation in Richie’s voice. Mike pretty much came willingly, and even with a pleading call and an agreement to wait for them, Ben and Beverly came to help as well.

The car ride to the Neibolt house was silent except for light mummers. Eddie gave Richie’s arm a light pat, “We’ll get her back, man. She’ll be alright.” Richie nodded, despite not being religious, he silently prayed.

The distant sound of water drops hitting water pulled you from unconsciousness, your face was pressed against damp cement, your head sore from how roughly you were dropped to the ground and from having your head slammed into the wall. Your eyes opened, you were surrounded by blood and water, hence the damp cement, but the pools of blood in front of you were too much to just be yours. Slowly, you lifted your head and your eyes took in your surroundings. Multiple sewers connected in the walls, the tall ceiling that you assumed lead to a road in Derry, and a mountain of… stuff, and lastly the kids that were in the air. In a distant memory, you could hear Richie’s voice, ‘You’ll float too.’ That was what that phrase meant. Your stomach dropped.

Pushing yourself off the ground, you looked around and tried to remain as silent as possible. A well like structure was off the the far left, you could see familiar fiery red hair and golden eyes staring at you from over the edge. Panic set in as you backed further away from the well, It quickly flung itself out of the well, “Where do you think you’re going?” The malicious tone in its voice made you feel sick as a dark and twisted laugh escaped its lips, “That’s right, be scared.” It charged at you once again, your body immediately took off in the opposite direction towards a sewer, you released a loud scream in hopes that someone, anyone, would hear you. You threw yourself into a sewer, not glancing behind you as you scrambled to your feet, sprinting through the gray water. Your calls for help turned into another piercing scream as your ankle was drug from underneath you, your body falling into the water as you were pulled out of the sewer and thrown against a nearby wall. Your head swam in dizziness as your body hit the ground, a groan of pain escaped your throat as you were roughly flipped onto your back. Your eyes stared up into its eyes as it’s mouth unhinged, widening and exposing multiple rows of teeth to you. Your breath hitched, fear consuming you as it came closer, before your eyes snapped away from it as echoes filled the room. “Richie!” You screamed as loud as you could, “Richie, I’m in here!”

After a few seconds, “Get the fuck off of my girl, you piece of shit!” Richie’s voice echoed through the room. It’s head snapped up from yours and glared at the group with a twisted grin, you were lifted up then slammed back into the ground and the air was knocked out of you. Dots filled your vision as footsteps echoed through the room and a mixture of voices, Richie’s threatening voice broke through, “I’ll fucking kill you,” before Stan’s face filled your vision. You closed your eyes with a loud groan as he took off his over shirt and tore the material and put pressure on your head. You were sure at this point that you had to have a concussion. Everything drowned together and your opened your eyes to Stan yelling over you before standing and running. You forced your body over as you looked over to see Eddie and Bill on the ground, Mike and Ben hitting it with their weapons, and Stan helping Beverly up a few feet from you. Richie was hunched over as he panted, his face contorted in pain as his arms wobbled as he tried to get up, but his arms gave out. Anger flashed through you, so you mustered up enough strength to roll over onto your stomach and you landed on a baseball bat. Your hand grasped the baseball bat, that you put together that it may have been Stan’s, before you drug yourself a little before you rose to your legs unsteadily. “Hey, jackass.” All heads snapped towards you, you swallowed your fear, “Let’s finish this.” You were not totally defenseless and the others were down, they needed time, time you could buy them.

It’s face twisted as it made its way toward you and you could hear Richie’s voice saying, “No.” As it crept closer, It’s face began morphing into Richie’s, the same blood splattered face that you saw in your house, his lifeless body, you froze, “Y/N, it’s ok! It’s not real!” Bill called, It’s face snapped towards him. You shook off the shock and twisted the bat in your hand, making it twirl, “Listen here, prick.” His face snapped at yours as you yelled out him, walking confidently to him, with one last twirl you grasped the grip, “You fucked with the wrong person!” You leaned back on your dominant leg and swung with your torso, putting your ass into the swing and hit its face full force. It stumbled back as you gave the bat another twirl before hitting it in the face, “That’s for Richie.” You growled out as you glared at it, bat pulled back and ready to swing again. The two hits were enough to buy the others time to get their senses back and your third hit was enough to knock it back, but It’s leg kicked out and tripped you. You landed on your butt with a grunt and Richie grabbed you from behind and drug you away from It as it retreated into the well, the others hot on its trail. “No! No! Damnit!” Bill cursed and threw the iron rod onto the ground once It fully disappeared into the well.

Richie pulled you back into his arms and held you close and quickly took off his shirt to put pressure on your head. You turned to face him, your eyes took him in. His curly hair stuck to his face due to the water and sweat, a few cuts covered his face, and a black eye was bringing to form on his right eye. You gently held his cheeks in your palms as you leaned forward and pressed a soft kiss against his lips, “Thank you.” You whispered quietly, you shook the memory of Richie laying dead away as you looked at him, “I wasn’t going to let that fucking clown take my girl.”

As Eddie and Stan were wrapping your head injuries, you were introduced to Ben, Beverly, and Mike and everyone tried to make sense as to why It returned twenty-one years early. When the group began making it’s way through the sewers Richie slowly helped you walk, as the others tried to lighten the humor with talking about how they ‘totally kicked it’s ass’. Your fingers intertwined with Richie’s and gave his hand a light squeeze. Eddie fell back once you were out of the Barren’s and walking to Richie’s car, he wrapped his arm around your shoulder’s, “You were so badass, Y/N. I’m glad you’re ok.”

Richie chuckled and kissed the side of your head as he opened the door and the other piled in, “She is a badass. My badass.” You gave a smile as Eddie helped you climb in before climbing in beside you, letting you sit next to Richie.

A mixture of conversations filled the car on the way back to yours and Richie’s house to patch everyone up, your head rested on Richie’s shoulder as you held one of his right hand in yours. A feeling of calmness filled your chest as you pressed a kiss to Richie’s shoulder before joining in on the conversation with a happy laugh. You knew things were going to be different now, Richie will be more protective, he’ll stand closer to you, have his arms wrapped around you more securely, and he will not be at ease when you are not with him. You are prepared for it, it will be a healing process for the both of you, but as long as you had each other, it will give you both some peace.

after 12.23

(yes, more angst. i love to suffer.)

He’s seeing him again. Everywhere. 

Back when he was fresh from Purgatory he couldn’t be sure that what he was seeing was even real, but he knows now that this is not. 

Well, except that it is, in a way. Shimmering blue light in the distance, not grace but something else entirely. Real as the far-off twinkle of the stars, beautiful and unreachable in all the same ways. He stares for a very long time into the burning center of wisping shapes, cold and familiar. The heavy expression fixed on the face is endlessly unnerving, like the eyes see right through Dean and into the fabric of the world behind him. Dean always ends up turning his eyes down in shame. Out of grief that he’ll never get to move past.

He bundles himself up in jackets like he had when he was young and just as scared and alone as he feels right now. Swimming in them because of all the weight he’s lost. Not on purpose, it just… happened that way. The joints in his hands stick and crack when he cleans his guns. He takes up smoking again just to get some warmth back in his chest.

We could make this go away, Sam tries to tell him. Dean won’t have it. The chill in his bones is a comfort, and he’ll fight to keep it even if it ends up freezing him from the inside out.

Them in the passenger seat again together. The Impala’s chassis doesn’t balance out the way that it does when there’s two people in there, leaning on the turns and squealing in the wheels, but he can still pretend. He hangs an elbow out the open window and taps his cigarette out onto the oil-slick asphalt. He keeps his eyes straight ahead when they pull up to a red light. He shivers and fights the urge to turn his head, stare into dead eyes.

Dean tried to talk, the first few times. But there’s just not enough of him left to dredge up an answer, Sam thinks, not even the affectionate syllable of a name. There’s not much they can do about that, but Dean loses sleep over it anyway.

It’s Dean’s curse to be haunted by what he wants and loves. Ghosts, sometimes, they’re not tied to things. They’re tied to the people that hold too tightly to them.

machidielontheway  asked:

Slide in, trips : if there's still a spot left, 15 - Hiro (purple meat ? plato or romo), or 63) shatt ? :)

It’s the 1000 Followers Special!  Based on these prompts.  Prompts are now closed.  Don’t want to see all 35 of these?  Block ‘1000 Followers Special’.  Can’t read on mobile?  These will slowly be posted to AO3 starting in a few days as ‘Hold Up Half the Sky’.  A huge thank you to Xagrok for the beta’ing!

There were days where Matt wanted to hide out.  He wanted to curl up in his room and not see another living person.  He wanted privacy, to be allowed to sit and think and deal with his life and what it had become.

Then there were days where the silence clawed at Matt.  Where being alone for too long felt like something was wrong, felt unnatural.  Days where Matt needed the noise and heat of someone else.

Today was one of the latter.

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What if I told you I found when Battle of Sanctuary EXACTLY settled ?

(First sorry for my bad English, and actually it is not 100% sure because I used some extra data like spin-offs, but I find this quite relevant)

Today I was really bored so I tried to make the time line of my next fanfiction. But as some events in Saint Seiya are really close one each other, I needed to find some precise dates. And I guess several fans of STS have wondered about it before, but, come on : WHEN has the Battle of the Sanctuary started, actually ?

First, I set the year. I suppose it was in 1986, and not 1987. As the first books of the Sanctuary’s arc were already published in Japan in 1986, and as it is told in Saint Seiya : Episode G that Aiolos was killed in 1973, “exactly 13 years before the battle” (it is repeated).

Then, I tried to find the period of the year in which the Battle could have been settled. For this, I used the Saints’ official dates of birth given in the end of the Sanctuary’s arc (kurumanga). As Milo and Camus are 20 but Camus is born in February and Milo in November, it can’t be for example in July, or else Milo would have been 19 and Camus 20, or Camus would have been 21 and Milo 20. So, I found a first “available” period between November 8th, 1986 and February 7th, 1987. Then, I added Shura to the equation and narrowed the result. Between November 8th and January 12th. I added Seiya’s date of birth : between December 1st and January 12th. And so on. I remembered that the settle must be in 1986, so before or on December 31st. And FINALLY, I found THAT decisive date : Lionnet Ban’s birthday. December 30th Can’t be before or else he has the wrong age, right ?


The anime didn’t went wrong with the backgrounds if that’s so : okay, the sky is really clear for a winter sky, but there are days in this period in which Greece has a quite nice and exceptional weather according to the Internet + it rains at some point of the anime - remember Saori’s dress all wet ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°), and winters in Greece are apparently rainy… So yeah, it fits quite well (except that everybody wears “light” clothes like yaaaay December rhymes with summer Shiryū take off your shirt plz)

And I can even give you the time it was probably when it has begun.

According to the Internet, the sun in Greece sets at approximately 5:00 PM in December-January. In the manga - can’t remember for the anime, the Sun sets when the Bronze guys exit the Sagittarius Temple. As the sun was already arisen when they met Mū, we can say that that all this stuff may has started at 7-8:00 AM (not really logical but hey it’s STS remember). Then if we think big we can suppose that Saga died at 9:00 or 10:00 PM approximately.


Of course, I know that if I look for more dates or details in Sanctuary’s Battle I’ll face an incoherence or more, because I guess Sir Kurumada didn’t give a damn about these details and gave some data randomly, but HEY, LET ME HOPE I DID IT, LET ME HOPE THAT I FINALLY ANSWERED THIS FUCKING QUESTION !!!!!


light in the window

Pairing:  Peggy Carter/Steve Rogers
For:  @itsjanetsnakehole
Prompt:  #15. Fog

I’m so sorry…

Steve paused outside Peggy’s apartment building.  The fog was heavy over everything.  It was difficult to see very much at all.  

Well, except for one thing.  

The light was on in her window.  He stood there for what felt like forever wondering if he should go up.

When he pressed the buzzer, her voice chided him gently.  “Didn’t think I was ever going to see you again, Steve…”  

Grinning, he opened the door and walked into the light.  


The wing footed boy.

"New beginnings" (Kol Mikaelson x Reader)

A/N: Hello beautiful people! 😊 I felt like writing something for TVD, but it turned out that it’s TO 😂 My mind keeps playing with me.. 😕 But get back to the topic of our ff. Awhile ago I saw post on @shadowoods blog about suggesting Caroline to move to New Orleans. I can’t give you link to it cause I’m on my mobile so sorry. And I hope that this perfect writer won’t kill me 😂 So enjoy and remember that my inbox is always open! 💛


“So now that Stefan’s gone” You started uncertain “Maybe we could move to different city”
“And what city do you have in mind?” Your blond friend asks taking out cupcakes
“New Orleans” You more of asked and Caroline turnes to look at you
“It’s time for a new chapter, don’t you think?” You spoke up before she had a chance to argue “I don’t think here’s much left for us” She sights
“Well, guess however long it takes is now” Caroline murmured but you heard everything. She smiled at you “Under one condition” She then said
“What?” You groaned
“I’m choosing the flat we’re gonna live in"


You stood in the middle of a bright apartament. It was fashionable and had girly accessories.

“I’m starting to regret that decision” You said with a frown, but Caroline only rolled her eyes
“Could you stop complaining? I didn’t decorate your room”
“God is real” You sight and went to seat but there was a knock at the door
“Go. Open it” Caroline said looking at you
“I’m sure it’s for you” You smirk while crossing your arms
“I still have some pink paint” She squinted her eyes and you went in vampire speed to greet your guest.

“Oh, (Y/N)” Klaus said little shocked “What a surprise”
“Klaus” You nodded “What a predictable action” He chuckled
“Is Caroline here?” You cocked your head to the side
“Depends why are you asking”
“Just wanted to invite her to dinner, but since you both moved here, feel free to come” Klaus smiled at you
“Will I have to be well mannered?”
“I think Elijah won’t mind a little chaos” You both smirk “But you might hold your tongue. Hayley and I will appreciate it.”
“Hayley and you?” You squinted your eyes “Are you a thing?”
“She has a weak spot for the noble one"Klaus laughs and you relax
“Great. We’ll be there.” You smiled and he gave you the address before disappearing


“Stop whining!” You growled while driving to Klaus’ mansion
“I’m not happy you agreed to this stupid dinner” She glares at you “And this dress is too..”
“Sexy?” You suggest and she punches you in the arm “What?” You laughed
“You’re an idiot” Caroline cracked a smile
“You love me” Both of you exited the car and stopped in front of the doors. You send a knowing smirk to Caroline and knocked
“Girls” Elijah smiled at you and you hugged him
“It’s good to see you Li”
“Good to see you too” You look to your friend and she smiles “Others are waiting. Come on” You walked into the dining room where most of the family was

Dinner was full of chatting. Well except for Caroline and Klaus. You made sure to keep the atmosphere light and you did great job. You all made your way to the living room. You were almost out of the topics, when Kol came in with a small girl next to him. You felt great power radiating off of her and you knew she felt the same way about you. Everyone went tense when you got up

“(Y/N)” Klaus warned but you ignored him and kneel in front of his daughter
“What’s your name?” You asked softly
“Hope” She sais confidently which makes you smile “Are you like me?”
“We share the same amount of magic” You explained “But I doubt I can be as awesome as you are” You heard few sights of relief “Wanna seat with me?” You extend your hand and Hope takes it without hesitation.


After the dinner your stay in New Orleans became boring. You were exploring the city for few first days, you went shopping with Hayley and Rebekah. You even played chess with ‘Lijah.
Eventually you had enough. Caroline was with Klaus doing God knows what and where, so you get into your car and drove to see if any Original was home.
You went in but there was no sound. You said few words under your breath and felt presence of few people in the backyard.

“Hi guys!” You said while walking down the steps
“(Y/N)!” Hope smiled and hugged you tightly while Kol and Freya send you smiles
“What are you up to?” You ask sitting in the grass with her
“I’m trying to bring this flower back to life, cause uncle burned it” She glares at him but he only smiles
“Will you show me?” You ask softly

She took the flower in her hand and closed her eyes. You could feel her power flowing but it was chaotic. Her small hand was trembling and you softly closed it between your own. You regulated your breathing which happens to her too. And soon Hope opens her eyes to see small daisy in her hand.

“Wow” She said with wide eyes “How’d you do that?”
“Every witch takes power from something” You explain and pick up one pice of grass “You can use nature like ancestors. Your power will be pure then. You can take it from fire, but it’s really hard to tame” You warned
“What about you?” Hope asks with innocent curiousity. You looked at Freya, who has a hard look “I’m really old ya know” You smile softly “Things I have power from are more dangerous”
“Are they like fire?” She looked at you
“They’re more like…” You purse your lips for a moment “Like a tornado”
“So they’re destructive?” Hope frowns
“Don’t worry love” You squizzed her hand “I can tame my demons”


You sat with few witches and Freya, they were talking about your ways of using power, when Klaus, Kol and Elijah came in.
“Why all of them are afraid of you?” Elijah asked in his noble voice
“Maybe beacuse she’s a damn psycho” One of the witches spat and you felt her power boiling
“Britt, calm down” Freya spoke softly
“I can’t!” Said witch stood up “She’s using the darkest power to ever exist! Even your aunt didn’t tried that!”
“She was actually a coward” You shrugged
“Are you nuts?” Britt turned to you “Do you know the consequences of using-” You stood up and let your eyes turn her black
“Oh I know the consequences” Your voice was dark and her body started to fly in the air “I also know the power which comes with it” You let her drop to the floor “You all should know that when I use your power to but you I feed from your emotions too” You pointed at the witch on floor “You, were so angry that your power was all over the place. I used your own hatred to hurt you.”
“That’s all?” Kol laughs “You all are scared that she’ll get in your heads?”
“She can do more than that” Freya spoke up and you waved your hand letting her continue “She has a connection to spirits and demons. She’s using the most dark magic there is” You saw their surprise “The only person who tried that killed herself and thousands people with just one blow”
“Actually” You hold one finger up “It was Balthazar, but he used her body. Don’t worry I’m not that stupid to use his help”
“How long have you been practicing this kind of magic?” Kol asked with interest
“Since I was ten”


“Does it hurt?” Hope asks while she picks up some flowers
“You mean taking power from the demons?” You ask which caused Klaus and Kol to look up
“Yes” She nodded “They’re bad, aren’t they?”
“Not all the time” You frown looking at the sky “They can be easily pissed off, that’s true, but most of the time they just seat there”
“Do they talk to you like dead witches?”
“Depends on my mood and the weather” You chuckle lightly “But I can tune them off, I’m not crazy” Hope smiles at you
“Love” You both look to Klaus “Time for dinner”

She hugged you and you placed a soft kiss on her temple. Niklaus send you a smile and went into the house. They all became tensed around you, but they still had your back, thanks to Caroline.

Do you hear them now?“ Kol asks from his chair
“Only one” You eye him down “Why?”
“Just curious” He smirks
“She’s talking about you”
“She?” He raises his eyebrows
“Yeah. She can feel lust” You chuckle and his smirk was evident now
“Wondering why” Kol murmures while looking at you. You shook your head and made your way over to him. You stop between his legs “Is she telling you something now?” I smirks placing his hands on your hips
“Tuned her of” You had matching smirks
“So we’re alone” He tilts his head upwards while you seat in his lap
“I guess you have what you wanted” You smile and place your hands behind his neck
“Not exactly” He smirks before kissing you passionately “Now I do”

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|genre| fluff+angst

|plot| girl next door au [jungkook x reader]

이사; let’s not forget this scent, wherever we are

|a.n.| im so sorry friends for being pathetically lazy, inactive and making yet another series without finishing the others! but this is my love and i must post it. 

Originally posted by tbhobi

Target aquired, he thought as he took one last swig of his beer. Fixing his crooked tie, the predator eased off his seat with his eyes fixated on his prey, the girl in the black dress by the bar, who had been staring at the door for over twenty minutes now.

“Babe, just face it,” he said after planting himself directly in front of her, blocking her line of sight. “He’s not coming tonight. But you know who’s already here?” Lifting an eyebrow, he looked into the deep brown eyes of the young girl, an aura of lust and bad decisions oozing from his pores. “How about you and I go back to my place, and you can show me what this douche is missing out on,” he told her in a whisper, laced with the deep vibrations of his growl.

The busty brunette got real close to his face, a smirk spreading across her cheeks and alluring eyes squinting. With a curl of her pointer finger, she brought him even closer, and whispered in his ear, sending chills down his spine, “You’re not seeing anything, you jackass.” Quite intriguingly, she propped her elbows back on bar and took another sip of her drink, as if nothing had happened.

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Weak (A Birthday fic)

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Characters: Dean, Reader, mention of Sam

Word count: 5.241

Summary: It’s Deans first Birthday as your husband, and you wanna treat him like a prince just as much as he wants to treat you like a princess, and what better opportunity than his birthday? and let’s be honest, if anyone deserved to be pampered, it was that man. 

Warnings: Cursing, smut, oral (male and female receiving), unprotected sex, nsfw gifs under the cut

A/N: I wrote another Married!Dean fic a while back that was called Easy Like Sunday Morning (casual self-promo) that was part of a larger story, we can just assume that this also goes with that. The reader and Dean have their own house but still hunt and everything as usual. it’s written a lot from the Point of view of Dean, which is something I’ve wanted to try for a while. If you want a part 2, I have more to this fic that I wanted to write but it was getting pretty long. Some sweet sticky birthday fun by the fire with a can of whipped cream (also back to the readers POV). So message me if you’d want that! Oh and I forgot! I want to tage its as #fair game for @but-deans-back-tho

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Beth Greene Meme | Two Songs: Parting Glass and Be Good

♫ So fill to me the parting glass, good night and joy be with you all. / And we’ll buy beer to shotgun and we’ll lay in the lawn and we’ll be good. ♫

Where do I belong?

This is the story of how Jay finally met his birth dad. It started as a head cannon but I wanted it to be a story. Also most of this is based of of Ninjago’s fan theory’s, Hope you enjoy!  

Soft rain lightly speckled the window pain, as the wind howled when it pushed against the mighty haul of the Destiny’s Bounty. Lighting crackled and sparked out in the distance, the ship rocked back and forth like an infants crib lulling every occupant to a peaceful sleep. Well all except one.

The elemental master of lighting lay wide awake in his bed, staring out of the window at the lighting. He usually slept better when his element was raging outside but tonight a million other things ran through his head and not a single one of them was sleep.

He didn’t know what to believe in anymore. Nadakhan said he just reveled the truth when Jay found out he was adopted, and that Cliff Gordon was his biological father. He knew that the ones who raised him, Ed and Edna, where his true parents, so why did he have this empty feeling inside of him?

He was confused; so many thoughts jumbled together caused him to rethink everything he thought he knew about himself. It did not help his self esteem in any way, shape or form. He was lost on where he stood as a person. He had found a door to his past that he never knew he had, all he needed was the key. That was the problem.

He usually didn’t dwell on these thoughts, but crime was low and there wasn’t anyone in danger for the past couple of weeks, which gives one time to think about things in the corners of their mind. He soon fell into a depression, he thought it would pass but when it didn’t he started to worry for his sanity.

He hadn’t slept in two days, his body and brain was being pushed to its limit. He prayed that he wouldn’t go into a sleep deprived coma. He looked down to his beautiful girlfriend Nya, who was in a deep, peaceful sleep while she was snuggled up to his bare chest when she got cold. He has one arm around her shoulders and his other arm behind his head. He smiled at her still form feeling her body heat and steady breathing. It was moments like this that made him think that there was always a bright side to even the darkest moments in his life.

Nya is his everything; he has proven that he would do anything to keep her happy and safe. After the Sky pirates the two teens fell further in love then they thought they were. Once Kia joked about how Jay should move into Nya’s room because he spent most of his nights there anyway. Which was true, He would have nightmares about the Whole Nadakhan incident and he wanted to make sure Nya was ok. He would always sneak to her room late at night and she would welcome him with open arms. Jay took Kia’s joke into consideration and a day later he officially moved in with Nya. So far they have been getting along, minis the fact that Nya was a clean freak and Jay was a slob.

Nya readjusted her head so her face was looking up at him, Jay turned his attention back to outside and he sighed depressively. He was so frustrated with his thoughts he couldn’t come up with a single solution. After a couple of minutes of watching the rain fall he turned  back to Nya. Her blue eyes were wide open looking right at his face. He nearly jumped out of bed.

“Jay, why are you still up? Its 3 am.” Nya said tiredly as she sat up and sleepily rubbed her eyes. She looked at him and saw his blank expression. “Are you ok?” she asked, worry creeping into her voice. “Are you having nightmares about Nadakhan again?”

“No” he replied “Not exactly I’m… I’m just frustrated.”

“With what?” Nya asked quietly. When he didn’t answer her frustration crept into her voice “Jay I can’t help you if you don’t tell me what’s wrong.”

Jay gently grabbed Nya’s hand and held it against his heart. “Nya… where do I belong?”

There was silence for a moment, then Nya sighed heavily and leaned down so she was just hovering over him with her weight on her elbow, her blue eyes looked deeply into his brown ones.

“Jay I know you have been depressed lately but you belong where you always have. With your brothers and your sensei and…” she dropped her weight onto him so their foreheads were touching she brought her hand up to caress his smooth face “And you belong with me.” Jay wrapped his arms tightly around her waist; he could feel the smile on her lips.

“It’s not like that.” He whispered. Nya pulled her head back a little.

“So then what’s it like Jay please explain.”

“It’s more along the lines of where I came from.”

“Last time I checked it was from a junkyard with two loving parents.” Nya said sarcastically.

“No not them look my parents will always be my parents they took care of me and raised me as their own son they will always be my mom and dad but I want to know why My Biological parents gave me up. And why out of all the places they could have dropped me they dropped me at a junk yard? I know who my birth dad is but what about my birth mom?”

“So you want to find out where you began at?” Nya guessed.

“Yeah, but the only problem is I don’t know where to start at.” He complained.

“So let’s start with your parents.” Nya suggested.


“Look I’m still confused on the whole what is real and what is a trick Nadakhan used on us, I know he said he just reveled the truth, but how can we be sure now that no one remembers him? So we should go to Edd and Edna’s tomorrow and see if they confess to it, from there we go to your Biological Dad’s house. When you wished for the money you had a bitter sweet way of getting it but since you turned back the clock Cliff Gordon should still be alive. We can get your answers from him.” Nya said flatly like it was the most obvious choice.

Jay looked at her in awe, and then a huge smile spread on his lips, how come he had never thought of it that way? When Jay made his final wish it reversed the clock sending him and everyone else back in time, So that meant his true father was still alive. She just finished his puzzle. In a flash he flipped her to her back with him on top of her. She looked at him confused.

“Jay, what are yo-“

He cut her off with a kiss. She closed her eyes instantly and softly grabbed his face. When he pulls away she looks at him with a twinkle in her eyes.

“What was that for?” she asked rubbing his cheek bones with her thumbs.

“For being the smartest person I know.” He said never taking his eyes off of hers.

“Now do you feel better?” Nya asked.

“Now that I have a plan, YES much better.”

“You mean we.” She said flatly.


“Jay you are going through a tuff time right now and if you think I’m goanna leave your side for one second then I would be a terrible girlfriend.” Nya said placing her hands on his shoulders.

Jay did his famous grin. “We it is then.”

“Now get some sleep.” Nya commanded.

“Yes Maim!” Jay joked rolling off her.

Nya snuggled up to him once again and put a hand over his heart. He smiled once more at her before wrapping his arms around her again. He softly kissed her forehead.

“I love you.” He whispered

“I love you too now get some sleep, you need it.” Nya said groggily. It wasn’t long before Jay finally fell asleep.                              

Early that next morning, when the sun just appeared, two figures took to the sky. One in a red, gold, and black outfit that shined in the soft morning rays of the sun, her short black hair flying in the wind upon her dragon of crimson red and cyan blue, feeling nothing but the freedom the open sky gave her. The other in street clothes of blue that blended in with the vast sky, he flew with ease on his blue dragon. His eyes and mind focused on what today might bring.

They flew over a village on the outskirts of Ninjago City, they could hear the villagers calling for them and cheering them on. It gave both of them a sense of pride knowing that they were still loved by the citizens of all of Ninjago. They were both headed to Jay’s childhood home at the junk yard, and ever since they left the bounty this morning there was a long silence between them.

“Thanks, again for coming with me Nya. I could use your braveness right about now.” Jay said deciding to break the quietude. Her Dragon swerved over to him.

“It’s no problem at all; you still have a chance at closure where I don’t.” Nya said sadly. Jay was just about to ask her about it, but with the closed off look in her eyes he knew that was a question for another time. They could see the Junk yard growing ever closer in the distance up ahead, and Jay’s nerves got worse by the second.

“What if they don’t confess to it? What if they don’t what I’m talking about?” Jay rambled on. “What if they think I’m a bad son for asking that? What if they think I’m crazy? What if-“

“Stop playing the what if game Jay it will be alright.” Nya hushed him.

A thought dawned on him.

“Nya how did you get Sensei to give us the day off?”

“Oh that?” she asked. “I caught him in a good mood this morning, I explained your situation and he said it was a good idea to clear your mind and get your answers. However we are on call if something goes south.” Jay’s eyes nearly popped out of his head.

“You got him to give us the whole day off?” he inquired. “Not even Lloyd can do that!”

A smug smile crossed her lips. “A girl has her ways.”

“I have a awesome girlfriend!” he mumbled under his lips and with a twinkle in his eyes.

“So what’s your plan?” Jay asked.

“When we get there I want you to ask them yourself, and then if they ask why? Well… it would be simpler if you just follow my lead from there.” Nya answered. Jay’s mind went a million different ways when she said “follow my lead.” and he was kind of scared to know what she was thinking.

Right when the smell of hot tires in the sun hit their nose they knew they were there. With a soft thud they two dismantled their dragons and hit the ground. They walked around and took in their soundings, nothing had really changed much. They walked up to the front door of Jay’s parents humble little trailer and knocked. Jay started to ring his hands together with nervousness. Nya grabbed his hands in hers, when he looked her in the eyes he saw nothing but kindness shining back at him.

“There is no need for nerves Jay, we will get this handled.” She said softly. He nodded in appreciation, they heard footsteps coming to them, and then the door opened.

The sweet face of Edna greeted them with a smile on her face.

“Oh my sweet baby boy has come to visit us! It’s been a life time don’t cya know.” Edna said sweetly, grabbing at Jay’s cheeks.

“Mom!” Jay whined “I was just here 3 days ago!” Nya giggled at Jay’s childish antics.

“Ever since you moved away everyday feels like a life time.” The elder woman said kindly.

“I miss you too mom.” He looked around “Hey, where is dad at?”

“He’s inside dear, come in come in I have tea on the stove.” She beaconed with her hand “And Nya its lovely to see you again, you are becoming a very beautiful woman.”

Nya blushed at that comment before quickly ushering herself inside. It was Jay who then giggled at Nya’s childish antics before stepping into the trailer.

Everything was just how Jay remembered it. He knew every detail from the ceiling shape to the very speck of the dust bunnies. From one of the twin chairs in the back of the trailer Ed looked up from his morning news paper, he quickly folded it up and got up to meet his son and his hopefully his future Daughter in law.

“So my boy finally comes around to see his parents huh? And I see you brought Nya with you, hello dear.” Ed said with his usual happy tone.”

“Hello Ed it’s nice to see you again.” Nya said with a smile.

“And Dad I was here 3 days ago.” Jay said flatly not wishing to go into it again.

Ed ignored his son’s comment “It’s so nice that you and Jay are back together again.”

“Yeah it’s so rare that your son finds a living, breathing girl who actually likes him, and not just his pillow.” Edna butted in standing next to her husband.

Nya started to cackle, although she tried to hide it, it wasn’t working so well. Jay face palmed  to cover up his embarrassment.

“MOM!” Jay whined in protest” That’s not the kind of stuff you say in front of my girlfriend!”

“Sorry dear, I have no filter between my brain and my mouth I can’t help it.”

Nya’s cheeks were almost as red as her outfit from her trying to silence her laughter. She gently nudged Jay in the ribs with her elbow, her sign to get on with it. Jay nodded.

“Mom, Dad, I came here to ask you guys a very important question that will determine both my sanity and my future.”

Ed raised an eyebrow “It’s that important huh?”

“Very.” Jay replied. The whistle of a teapot rang throughout the trailer.

Edna started to walk away “we can discuss it over tea then.”

When everyone got their tea and started to drink it, Jay took his chance.

“Mom, Dad. I-I have been wanting, no more like demanding, no demanding sounds forced more like desiring to know- to find out if-“ Jay rambled on, rubbing the back of his neck not knowing how to get the words out. Nya softly put her hand on Jay’s shoulder hoping that would give him extra strength to ask. It must have worked for his thoughts were soon pieced together. “What I’m trying to say is… Am I adopted?”

Ed and Edna looked at each other, worried.

Ed’s face scrunched up “What would give you that idea son?” He drug out each word slowly as if afraid he would say the wrong thing.

Jay looked to Nya with a distressed look on his face. Nya nodded and mouthed “follow my lead.”

Nya stepped up to the two elder people and looked them dead in the eyes.” You may think this sounds crazy, but a couple days ago I had a dream. And in the dream I heard my mother’s voice saying to check the hall of records. So yesterday the curiosity got the best of me and I went to check it out. While there I looked up Kai’s and mine, but they looked in order. A thought dawned in my mind that I should have checked Jay’s, but the thing was I couldn’t find it. After a lot of searching I found him under the name of Jay ‘Gordon’ Walker. The file said he was adopted under you names, but no birth parents names were revealed. It’s been bothering jay a lot and we just want to know if he is or if I was looking at the wrong person. “Nya explained.

Jay looked stunned “Yeah… what she said.”

Ed and Edna looked down in defeat, sadness in their eyes.

“So it’s true then.” Jay said bluntly. “And let me guess, you found me on your door step and you raised me as your own son?”

Edna looked up “How did you know that dear?”

Jay turned up his palms “Just a hunch.”

“Look son, we wanted to tell you but it’s just so hard for us-“Ed began.

Jay sighed before hugging both Ed and Edna tightly. “I don’t care, I love you guys. You will always be Mom and Dad to me no matter who you are.” He pulled away from them. “But I got to know.”

Edna nodded gravely before walking away.

“So you’re not mad son?” Ed asked warily.

“Why would I be? You raised me as your son, that’s all that matters.” Jay replied. Ed nodded and smiled. Edna returned with a key and a slip of paper.

“We found you with these; I hope they can tell you what you need to know.”

“I’m sure you have a lot of questions, but sadly we don’t have the answers, so we won’t hold you back. Go and find out, but don’t forget to tell us all about it alright.” Ed said with his happiness back.

“Oh you bet I will, thanks guys I love you.” Jay replied to both of them.

Nya hugged both of Jay’s parents “We thank you, we really do.”

“No need hon. it was about time the truth came out, now go.” Edna replied.

Nya nodded to Jay, who nodded back. They wordlessly walked outside, tapped into their elemental Dragons, and were on their way. When they flew away Jay looked behind him to see his parents waving at him. He smiled.

“I have awesome parents.” He whispered to himself.

 The flight to a housing development on the outskirts of Ninjago city felt like forever to Jay. The more time it took to get there the more his anxiety came into play. He started having second thoughts, if not for Nya sending him reassuring smiles now and again he would have fled. She was lending him all of the courage that she could give, he hoped it was enough.

They were headed to Ninjago Fall’s. The neighborhood was full of the rich and the famous Mansions, anyone who made themselves a name in Ninjago City resin here. And at the very end of the block stood a tall house with a stone plated drive way, None other than Cliff Gordon’s house.

Jay and Nya landed as gracefully as cats onto the hot asphalt and stood at the golden gates. Anyone watching down the street might think they were crazy fans freaking out at the gates of their idol, but they sadly couldn’t be more wrong. Jay started to have a panic attack.

“Nya, I don’t think I can do this. What if he doesn’t know who I am?”

”you said he had a shrine to you?” Nya said calmly.


Nya turned to the gate “He’ll remember you.”

With shaking hands Jay unlocked the gate, and stepped inside.

Everything looked exactly the same from the first time Jay saw this marvelous place, the stone walkways, the lush gardens, and the white house. But this time the place seamed more… alive. Jay looked to Nya for the umpteenth time today to see her looking around in wonder, when she locked eyes with him her eyes went from amusement to stern. Jay knew that look, he also knew someone was going to get hurt today and he hoped it wasn’t going to be him.

“I have a few questions of my own to ask him.” Nya said lightly pushing past Jay.

At the door, Jay was shaking so bad he couldn’t even ring the door bell. With a light roll of her eyes Nya pushed the button. The Fritz Donagan theme music began to play. Jay couldn’t help but chuckle, the infamous Cliff Gordon  the famed actor had used his own theme music from the Fritz Donagan series as his doorbell. Nya looked to Jay with a confused look on her face, Jay swore that when this was all over he would make Nya sit down and watch all of his movies together.

There was a moment of silence; Jay could hear the sound of his own heart in his throat. Nya went to ring the door bell again when they finally heard footsteps coming their way. Nya looked into the window.  

“ He’s coming.” She said with an excited look to her eyes.

Jay spread out his arms “ How do I look?”

Nya walked over to him and lightly finger combed his hair “Much better.” She said. She then pecked him on the check. “And remember that whatever happens I’m right here with you.”

The front door unlocked. And out stepped an older looking man with gray hair and matching mustache. He seemed to be hunched over a little, but his face looked surprisingly young. Dressed in simple sweats and a tee shirt none other than Cliff Gordon stood at the doorway.

 “I swear Gale Gossip if you are here to pester me again I’ll-“His eyes widened when he saw two teenagers standing there.

“You here for an autograph or something?”

Nya gave Jay the most encouraging look she could muster and aimed it right at Jay.

“ Uh-No sir but, I, no We would like to-to. “ Jay rambled on, Nya smacked his shoulder. Jay recomposed himself  “ Mr. Gordon, I’m Jay Walker… I’m your son.”

The older man looked over Jay, his eyes widened at the realization of who was standing before him. With shaky steps he rushed to hug Jay.

“My Boy!” Jay was shocked at first, and then reluctantly returned the hug. Nya smiled at the heartfelt moment, it made her feel proud of Jay. When Cliff pulled away he looked over to Nya.

“ And you are?”

“ I’m Nya, I’m Jay’s Girlfriend.” Nya stuck out her hand, which Cliff gladly shook with frail hands.

“ You’re the water Ninja right?” Cliff asked.

“ yup that’s me.” Nya answered.

There was silence for a quick moment before Cliff started to walk back inside; he beckoned them with his hands to follow.

“Come in, I’ll tell the chef to make us lunch.”

Jay was right, this place felt more alive. But that was because his true father was alive. The place seemed to have a certain sparkle that wasn’t there before. Either that or a LOT of lemon pledge.

Jay and Nya sat down on the living room couch. Nya silently reached over and grabbed Jay’s hand, he smiled appreciating the fact that she came today just for him.

When Cliff rejoined them he had a skip in his step. He plopped down on the couch right across from them; he looked to Jay with a smile on his face.

 “ Now I bet you have a lot of questions to ask me.” Cliff began.

“ you bet I do.” Jay said coming across almost violent. Cliff seemed taken aback, but he leaned forward on the couch and looked at them.  

“But I want to know how you found out about me first.”

Jay and Nya stuck to the story of the hall of records. Cliff listened to every word and nodded his head as following along. When they were done Cliff took in a huge breath.

“Ok, that explains how you know me and I understand if you are angry with me Jay.”

“I’m not mad, I’m –I’m just confused.” Jay replied.

The chef walked in and put lunch on the coffee table. He bowed silently then left the room.

“ Now before Jay asks his questions, I have one of my own.” Nya boldly said.

“Shoot” Cliff said, putting up two fingers to act like a gun.

Nya sat forward on her seat, with a certain fire in her eyes. “It’s clear from looking around this place that you make a very good income of money. Enough to raise a family, you are not denying Jay’s existence or that he’s your son. So ‘why’ if I ask did you give Jay up as a child?”

Cliff whistled  “Smart and beautiful, I think you hit the jackpot on her son.” Nya narrowed her eyes at that comment.

“That is a great question Nya, and before I answer it I want to know Jay’s questions so I can answer then all at once.”

Jay put his head in his hands. “*sigh* where do I begin?’’

“ I’m guessing you want to know the stuff like’ why I left you’ and ‘who your mother is’ and’ why I never came sooner.”

“ All of the above would be nice.” Jay said sitting up.

“ How about I tell you the story, the whole story.” Cliff asked.

“That would be great.” Nya said looking at Jay with concern.

Cliff took in a big, deep breath and began.

“ Well I’ll start with the beginning. Around the begging of my career as an actor I had quite a reputation with the lady’s. True I was a bit of a playboy, but all of that ended when I met Jay’s mother. Her name was Judy Damon, and I kid you not son it was love at first sight. She was kind, and selfless, and the most loyal person I knew, We planned on getting married right after she told me she was pregnant with you. But we sadly never got to tie the knot.”

“And why not?’’ Nya asked.

The older man took in a shaky breath and looked to the ground.” Because she died giving birth to our son, the doctors didn’t know why she just… stopped breathing.” Cliff had tears in his eyes. Jay found himself tearing up as well.

“Did you not want me after that?” Jay said blinking back the tears. Cliff reached over the coffee table and reached for his son’s hand.

“ I wanted and loved you more than anything, I just felt like a wasn’t ready to be a father… a father to you. I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if I put you through that, and with the weight of your mother’s death on me I-I knew that… that I just.” He had tears rolling down his cheeks now.

“ I fought with myself for weeks about what was right for you, but I eventually remembered a couple that I went to school with, very nice loving people they were and I knew they had no kids. So with a heavy heart I left you at their door step, and they were the ones who raised you.”  Cliff sat up wiping away the tears.

“ They did a wonderful job, you are a fine young man my son.”

Jay didn’t realize he was crying as well, it wasn’t until Nya leaned over and wiped the tears away. He looked over to her and she too had a tear tracing down her cheek.

“So why did you never come around after that?” Jay asked.

“ Because I was afraid that it would mess you up if I came around. You grew up with two loving parents who made time for you and went to things like you baseball games a-“

“ I never actually played sports” jay intervened.

“Oh you get the point” Cliff said. “ But don’t think I was never there, I sadly had to watch from afar of you growing up. And not a day goes by that I don’t regret my decision ,but I know you would not be the person you are today if you stayed with me. And I wish that one day I could forgive myself for letting you go.”  

Jay couldn’t take it anymore, he got up and moved over to where Cliff was sitting and hugged him.

“ I forgive you” he said “Dad.” Nya moved and hugged Cliff on his other side and looked at Jay with pride in her eyes.

“Does that answer your entire questions son?” Cliff asked.

“All but one.” Jay said pulling away. “ what side of the family do I get my elemental powers from then?”

“Ah I knew you would ask that.” Cliff said “And I believe that it was my grandfather, your great grandfather who held the elemental power of lighting. I think it skipped two generations and the power was bestowed upon you.”

Jay looked relived.

”Now if you don’t mind I would like to ask you guys a few questions of my own.” Cliff asked.

“Shoot” Jay said putting up two fingers mocking a gun.

The three of them spent the next few hours telling and swapping stories of gorgeous battles or backstage drama. They cried some more, they laughed and they had a great time getting to know each other. But soon the time came and Nya and Jay had to return home. Jay promised he would see Cliff again and maybe next time he would bring his own parents with him. They said their goodbyes and made their way to the Bounty.

Back on the Destiny’s Bounty, from the moment they landed they were peppered with questions from the rest of the team. Nya and Jay answered them the best they could , but eventually sensei told them that it was late and they all needed to go to bed.  

“ All of your questions will be answered tomorrow.” Was all he said.

Later that night, when the rest of the crew was asleep. Jay and Nya were just settling into bed for the night, they only light in the room were the lamp.

“So.” Nya asked rolling over to face him “ Do you feel complete now? Now that you have seen and met him?’’

He thought it over for about a minute “ Not… quite”

Nya narrowed her eyes “What do you mean?” She asked.

Jay took Nya’s left hand and held it firmly in his hand.

“ My life won’t be complete until there is a beautiful ring on your hand, and we have kids of our own running around, so I can be the father they need.”

Nya’s eyes twinkled and she was blushing a deep scarlet. She gave the biggest, whitest  smile she could give.

“That can one day be arranged” was all she said, before she rolled over and fell asleep.

Jay fell back on his pillow with a huge grin on his face. This time he couldn’t wait for what his future held. As long as his parents, Nya , his team and sensei, and his birth Dad  by his side there would always be sun.  He silently reached over and turned off the light.