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Errrr... Well I'm from brazil and I really can't understand this s/h/aladin discourse. 16/17 years old are on the age of consent here, on america is different??? Maybe??? Btw here is common to see see 20 years olds dating with people of age as 15/16/17/18. (Consensual of course). Sorry about my English but I am really confused about this mess and would like to know more about this...

In the u.s you’re not considered an adult or legally allowed to consent to sex with adults until you’re 18

And while that may be legal in your country Voltron is an American production and uses American laws so sh/ro being in a relationship with the paladins is a big no no, especially since it’ll be american kids seeing the content the most from the show

Work story

I love fucking with my good regulars. Like people who aren’t scum of the earth and I’ve gotten to know. So one of these people came through with his girlfriend, both really nice people. Anywho he comes up with a bottle of coke that has Amanda written on the side for the whole share a cold one with____, so rather than just shooting the usual bullshit I go “Oh so Dave (his name isn’t Dave) who’s Amanda?” He looks at me confused and his girlfriend gets more intrigued, so I follow it up with “well your coke says ‘share this with Amanda,’ and I’m just curious who Amanda is.” Now that he understands what’s going on he plays it off “Oh well… errrr-you know. I mean I just grabbed the first bottle I saw.” Leaning closer to me over the counter he whispers “what the fuck man” into my ear. Needless to say they’re both really good sports and we got a good laugh out of the whole ordeal. Sidenote word on the street is she’s really good at busting balls, so I may be in for a surprise here shortly. 


It Was 20 Years Ago Today…

Errrr, well, not quite. Make that FIFTY. Yes, it was *50 years ago today that Sgt. Pepper told the band (that band being The Beatles, of course) to play.

What could I possibly say about The Beatles, their music and mythology, that has yet to be said by someone more qualified to do so? I’m thinking very little, if anything at all. But why should anyone let that stop them? Screw it, am I right?

Coming off of 1966’s ‘Revolver,’ itself a continuation of the stylistic evolution heard on the previous years’s ‘Rubber Soul,’ The Fab Four - with a little help from their friends (one being “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds”) - set to work on what would Be considered their masterpiece: ‘Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Heart’s Club Band.’

But first, the group decided to take a mini-vacation between albums. It was coming back from this trip that Paul McCartney came up with the concept for the new record after mishearing roadie Mal Evans’s request for him to pass the salt and pepper (hearing it as “Sergeant Pepper”) while on a plane back to London. Some brainstorming ensued, and thus, the legend of an “Edwardian” sergeant’s band clad in technicolor satin (and the concept album!) was born.

Sessions for ‘Sgt. Pepper’s’ began in November of ‘66, starting with non-album singles “Penny Lane” and “Strawberry Fields Forever.” The two were released as a double a-side, but they, though widely regarded as two of the finest compositions of the time, were the first set of Beatles songs since “Love Me Do” not to reach the top of the British charts. Undeterred, recording continued through the following year, finally concluding on April 21, 1967. A month later, on May 26, the album was released in the UK, kicking off the album era in the process. On June 2, it was released in the US, and the rest is history.

Fast forward fifty years and we are feasting our ears (and, oh, what a feast it is!) the release of a remixed and remastered deluxe edition of the seminal album. In addition to the original thirteen tracks, the set boasts several discs worth of outtakes (Take 1 of “A Day in the Life” and Take 26 of “Strawberry Fields Forever” being favorites of mine), remastered videos, and a documentary on the making of the record. And all for a slight price of around $130!

The mixes are well worth (a fraction of) the price, though. Never have I heard ‘Sgt. Pepper’ sound quite so rich or so textured. The new mixes are truly superb. From the humming sitars of “Within You Without You,” to the roaring guitar of “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Heart’s Club Band,” to the swirling, soaring whimsy of “Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite!,” to the final plummeting crescendo of “A Day in the Life”… Forget the old mono and stereo mixes, because THIS is the album 1967 tripped on.

Also on this day in ‘67, just as The Beatles were reaching their peak, a young, recently re-christened David Bowie was beginning his ascent. Like The Beatles and ‘Sgt. Pepper’s,’ very little could be said about David Bowie that hasn’t been said already - at least, in the case of Bowie, not from 1969 and beyond. But, in 1967, directly in ‘Sgt. Pepper’s,’ shadow, David Bowie was releasing his pre-“Space Oddity” debut album.

Now, for those of you unfamiliar with this album (and I’m sure it’s more than a few), well, it might just be the strangest record in Bowie’s entire discography. Sorry, ‘Low.’ Sorry, ‘Outside.’ Sorry, ‘Heroes.’ Yes, it is this little-over-thirty-minutes venture into chamber pop that takes that title. These fourteen Anthony Newley-esque tracks are all but unrecognizable to fans of his 70’s rock fantasies. This is not bisexual alien, Ziggy Stardust. This is not our gloomy early 80’s pierrot. This is not he who was so obliterated by a cocaine addiction in 1975 that he had no memory of recording an entire album.

But, these stark differences are why this record is such a perfect start to David Bowie’s career. And it’s a record that, despite some intense ragging on my end my have you believe, I like. It’s a charming record with some charming songs (“The London Boys,” “Uncle Arthur,” “Love You Till Tuesday,” non-album meme, I mean, single “The Laughing Gnome”) and a persona - like nearly all that would come after it - that we would never hear again from Mr. Bowie.

It was the dawn of the Summer of Love and these two releases were among many to come out during that year. 1967 introduced us to the hazy guitar work of the Jimi Hendrix Experience, to the crazed screechings and rumblings of the Velvet Underground, to one of rock’s greatest female vocalists, Grace Slick (via Jefferson Airplane’s ‘Surrealistic Pillow’). Psychedelics were in and it was easy to get swept up in it or swept away by it. So, it’s understandable why David Bowie’s first eponymous debut, with it’s tales of gravediggers and laughing gnomes, was never to be heard again until he finally broke through with “Starman” in 1972.

It’s also easy to understand why the dramatic and swirling pop dreamscape of The Beatles’ ‘Sgt. Pepper’ - which would go on to be the first rock 'n’ roll album to ever be honored with the Grammy for “Album of the Year” - was at the summit of it all.

Drunken night.

So, thanks to (these) pictures, the inner dark harry lover in me has risen. That’s right, he could have gotten that cut from anything, something innocent even, like cutting vegetables. BUT, my mind is too dirty to think that…so… I wrote this…and here it is. (it’s not really dark harry. Just drunk harry and some drunk sex) ;) 

btw, I apologize for the shitty title. I honestly couldn’t think of a good unique title. lol


Emotional nights lead to drinking until crazy hours of the morning for Harry. Most especially tonight, December 13th. You knew he was going to get drunk, he can’t handle sad moments too well; he got a lump on his throat the moment he and the boys watched the video of friends thanking them. And he wished he had drank just a tiny bit of alcohol before the performance. But like the professional he is, he didn’t. He waited until they were backstage to get utterly, and completely, wasted.
Now, he’s not a drunk crier. Unlike Niall, who was sobbing while he rested his head on Liam’s shoulder, Harry was a loud and happy drunk. Although his eyes rimmed with tears and his lips got puffy whenever someone walked over to him and told him lovely words and wished him luck for his break, Harry was fine.
Soft drink followed by stronger ones, and your boyfriend was, as always, dancing in the middle of the dance floor at The X-Factor After Party with Nick and Rita.

You were silently chuckling at them as you sipped on your Margarita. Oh, you could not get drunk tonight if you wanted to bring your messy boyfriend home safe.
Not home, a hotel just for the night. 

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The Bucket List

A/N: Well, hello there Smutlets. @superheroshepherdess @greysukay and @thecrazy-shepherd have decided to join forces for a smut fest of epic proportions- something to get us through the angst of the hiatus and potentially beyond.

This is the first part of many. Enjoy…

She was lying naked on her front, her cheeks a little blushed from the orgasm she’d experienced moments before. She had her top half propped up on her elbows and she was smiling to him, biting her bottom lip as he lay naked on his back, the eye contact causing flashbacks of the evenings events.

“What are you biting that lip about?” he asked, smirking as he watched the dark pink lines being bent in and out of shape by the occasional glimpse of her white teeth.

“Just thinking about you…”

“What about me?”

“That you’re a pretty good lay,” she crudely joked.

“Pretty good?”

“Meh… you’re alright,” she shrugged, teasing him.

“Do you need me to remind you or something?” he asked, confused but still smirking.


He sat up and moved down the bed, trailing kisses all over her body as she spoke once again.

“Do you remember that time we had sex in the elevator that broke down?” she asked, thinking back to some of their more provocative sex-capades and getting a little flustered at the memories.

“Mmmmmmhmmmm,” he mumbled from his position half way down her back. His hands rubbed over her butt and down the back of her thighs as she continued talking.

“I think that might have been my favourite little adventure we’ve been on you know?” She dropped her head down in front of her and moaned a little as she felt him nipping her skin up to her shoulders, his fingers starting to run up and down her inner thigh.

“I think mine was the train… you were so quick and dirty,” he chuckled, moving her hair out of the way with his nose as he snuggled into her neck from above her.

“How about the car… when I went down on you and you had to stop driving…”

“Well that one was just highly illegal and incredibly dangerous actually Amelia,” he said, feigning a disapproving voice. Using a little teeth on the following kiss to the sensitive area below her ear and squeezing the flesh on her thigh, she yelped at the sensation and giggled excitedly.

“What about the woods…?”

“Woods? We’ve never had sex in the woods…”

“No, we haven’t. I’m saying I’d like to,” she said, reaching over to the side table and grabbing her notepad and pen.

“You wanna go have sex in the woods?” He frowned, voice low and bemused. “Right now?”

“No, you idiot,” she giggled, batting him off her body with the notepad so she could sit crossed-legged opposite him. “I’m a little surprised it didn’t happen when you had the trailer though…”

“Me too, considering that taxi ride a couple of months ago,” he reminded her.

“Oh yeeeeaaah,” Amelia whispered, shocked she’d forgotten. “OK, here is the official ‘Owen and Amelia Bucket List’. Name me anything, nothing is off limits… go.”

She wrote the title and put a decorative swirl underneath. Owen frowned at the presentation, given the purpose and intent of the list, and desperately tried to concentrate on something other than her open legs presenting him with a perfect view of her intimate areas.

“I don’t know…errrr…”

“Well, I’m going to put the woods. I’m sure there’s a camping trip we could arrange or something…” she said, jotting the word down.

“Hot tub,” Owen blurted out.

“Do we know anyone who owns a hot tub?” she mused, writing. “I also hear it’s sexually not very healthy so for the actual act of penetration, we may have to stand out of the water.”

“Wow Amelia, way to make that idea sound like the least sexually pleasant experience ever…” Owen joked.

“It’s on the list,” she reassured him, kissing him quickly. “I would say shower, but I’m pretty sure we’ve had more sex in our showers than in our beds…”

“Hence the reason I’m not saying on-call rooms right now,” he laughed. “Hey, how about the helipad…?”

Her eyes snapped to his, growing wide with glee.

“Now you’re talking,” she grinned. “Ambulance?”

“Whilst it’s moving or…?”

“Ha! I want to go on holiday and rent a villa in the middle of nowhere, no neighbours, no people… just us, a pool, hot sunshine and panoramic views. Then I want to have sex all over it.”

“Ok,” he said. “Going abroad are we? How about the top of a landmark?”

“What?!” she gasped. “You’re good at this game…”

They continued putting any ideas that popped into their heads on the list, occasionally and accidentally ending up in a heavy make-out session at the thoughts. Eventually they had pages of locations, fantasies, positions… it was dirty, even for Amelia’s standards. Owen had managed to develop a rock-hard erection from his wandering imagination.

“I have one more,” Owen told her, grabbing the pen out of her hand and tossing the notepad to the side. “I want you… right now…” He kissed her hard, pulling her up to her knees with him, roughly catching her lip and immediately provoking it by sucking it into his mouth and teasing his tongue along it. “I want you on all fours…” He moved his lips to her neck, his hands running up her arms and into the depths of her hair. “On the coffee table…” he whispered directly into her ear. She shuddered as his hot breath shot through her and landed precisely on her aching loins. It made every nerve suddenly alert and turned her on even further.

“I want you at that perfect height…” he continued, edging off the bed and waiting for her to follow, “…so all I have to do…” he squeezed her body against his, lips devouring hers once more, and he wrapped her legs around his waist so he could stand up and carry her. His large erection could be felt against her wet folds as it swung a little in step to the living room. “…is plunge my hard cock into your soaking wet pussy,” he said, his voice low and husky and their eyes making such intense contact she couldn’t help the moan. It was a moan that turned even herself on.

“I don’t want to have to think about it, I just want to watch my throbbing dick…” he continued, placing her feet on top of the solid wood coffee table and letting her stand above his height. “…thrusting in and out…” He turned her round by her hips and suggestively pushed them downwards. She lowered to her knees and looked behind her as she bent forward onto all fours. “…of you…”

“Ohhhhh,” Amelia gasped, his thick member filling her all of a sudden from behind. She arched her back so her bottom perked up, and he admired the image. He let her rock her hips backwards and forwards against him, only hinting at a bit of movement from his own hips. She was in complete control of speed, position, angle and power. Her moans of pleasure were fuelling his erection but his reserved movements meant that he could last longer than usual and she was able to enjoy every last second.

He felt her smooth skin over her backside, massaging her cheeks and kneading them together and apart, adding to the tension between her legs. As his hands travelled over her back and he lightly grazed his nails down her spine, he saw her own hand leave the table and then felt her walls tighten as her fingers made contact with her clit. Each time she thrusted backwards, his tight balls would swing forward to meet her fingers rubbing herself. It was one of the hottest things he’d experienced in a while.

Amelia had all the control, so much so that as soon as she began feeling her knees hurting from the pressure, it was like she could simply flick a switch. She came tumbling down, her body spasming back against him as he closed his eyes in ecstacy and clenched his jaw at the satisfying sensation.

That was the night they added 'doggy style on the coffee table’ to their 'Owen and Amelia’s Been There Done That List’.

Harvard (part 4)

Part 1 ~ Part 2 ~ Part 3

Alex and I step into the main lecture hall. My sunglasses are covering my red, hungover eyes as well as half my face, and my wet hair is pulled into a haphazard ponytail. If Alex hadn’t rushed me out of my room, I would have had more chance to look presentable but this was a meeting… a meeting I could just sit at the back of and listen to.

No such luck. Due to our lateness, there are only a handful of seats left and of course, they are right at the front.

“Ok ok, take your seats and quieten down. Thank you,” the handsome, silver fox in the uniform says. The meeting begins, and for the most part I’m trying to ignore the throbbing headache that seems to be settling directly between my eyes. It’s blinding me. I concentrate on what handsome Mark is saying, however whenever I look at him I only see a handsome man with greying hair and beautiful lips. I catch glimpses of information, but my inner monologue of “don’t be sick, just keep looking at him, don’t close your eyes” seems to be drowning out his words.

Just as Mark is about to present some pictures of his latest tour to Africa, I feel my phone vibrate in my pocket.

You look how I feel…

Errr…Thanks? Who is this?

You’re cute when you’re confused. That frown…

I try to subtly look around the room for someone with their phone, perhaps looking directly back at me, but everyone seems invested in Mark at the front.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to listen to any of this. I did this last year and the only thing you need is shots against whatever disease is in the country you’ll be designated to. Didn’t peg you for the trauma type though…



My stomach does a double flip and my cheeks immediately flush pink in giddiness. And then worry. Does he remember what happened last night? Does he remember me drunkenly going in for the kiss? Did I force him to take my number or something?

Wait outside for me at the end.

I look at the phone and hitch a breath in panic which grabs Alex’s attention. He peers over at the screen before I have a chance to shut it and wiggles his eyebrows at me. Shit.

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Physical Education (part 4)

Set in England, Owen Hunt teaches at the Grace Secondary Girls School and meets a fellow American- the very pretty biology teacher, Amelia Shepherd. They find themselves on a school ski trip in France during the half term holiday…

1 - 2 - 3

“Ah…” Owen sighed in content as he stood beside Amelia at the base of a mountain, looking up at the view. Snow covered everything in sight whilst the clear blue skies let the sun tirelessly attempt to melt it. People of all ages were whizzing down the slopes in a zig-zag, some occasionally performing tricks and some failing in their attempts.

“Beautiful, isn’t it?” Amelia contemplated. “I always maintain that the States have the best scenery in the world but I must admit, the French alps are giving it a run for its money.”

“Right? The more of the world I see, the more I realise how incredible it is. Although the less humans have to do with it, the better, I’ve found,” he pointed out.

“I can’t wait to get to the top,” Amelia grinned. Owen’s eyes dipped to the dimple, unable to resist. She was like an excited child on Christmas morning, eyes sparkling more than usually thanks to the sun reflecting off the snow and lighting the blues up. She looked especially adorable in her fully-kitted out winter gear- snow jacket, snow trousers, gloves and hood with her goggles hanging around her neck.

“Question is, are all the girls going to make it up?” Owen muttered as they supervised the trail of students getting onto the ski lifts.

“Well, if there were to be any girl to mess up a simple task of sitting and holding on it would be-”

“Isla Murray,” Owen finished for her, both of them sniggering.

“And she’s already up there, waiting with Mark, so we’re good.”

“For all we know, she’s come down the mountain by now and is at the back of this queue for vengence…”

Amelia giggled as she saw the last of the girls onto their lifts.

“Ready?” she asked, gesturing for him to get on the next seat with her. They climbed into the two seater lift and let the rising cable take them up. As soon as his feet left the ground, Amelia saw Owen’s gloved hands grip onto the bar in front of him and heard him gasp. “What’s up?”

“I-…I forgot how much I hate ski lifts, that’s all,” he admitted.

“What?!” she half-laughed. “Have you never been skiing?”

“Yes, of course I have, but… I’ve never… I’ve just never liked this part…”

“Are you afraid of heights?” she asked, wondering what the issue was.


“Well, what about when you’re at the top of the mountain?” she pushed.

“But my feet are on the ground then. It’s just… Look down, look at my feet just dangling there! It’s not natural!” he exasperated, flapping his hands at his feet. As soon as he felt the lift wobble slightly from the movement, his hands immediately gripped on again.

“Don’t look down then you moron!” she laughed.

“I can’t not… It’s like watching porn. You don’t want to watch but you can’t not.”

“You don’t want to watch porn?!”

“Not now Amelia, I’m freaking out!” he almost screamed.

“Ok ok,” she smiled, “Look at me. Look into my eyes.”

He briefly glanced up to see her smile but immediately reverted to his feet again. After a second or two, it dawned on him just how pretty she was and looked back up to her face. Her lips grew wider and eventually her dimple had his full attention again.

“Hi,” she softly spoke.

He gulped. “Hi.”

“Is this better?”

He nodded. She slowly slid closer towards him and twisted her body so one hand was on the bar and one was on the back of the seat. She leaned in and whispered, “Still scared?”

He nodded again but when she leaned forward again and they were nose-to-nose, he felt his heart hammer out of desire, not fear. His eyes went from her bright blue eyes to her pink and newly-licked lips. He watched her tongue flit out once more to make sure the flesh was even more wet and irresistable. The wicked smile on her lips grew and when their eyes met once more, she quietly said, “I want…”

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Harvard (part 9)

Part 1 ~ Part 2 ~ Part 3 ~ Part 4 ~ Part 5 ~ Part 6 ~ Part 7 ~ Part 8

“Argh!” Owen winces as the hard, bright yellow traffic cone clashes with the top of his head. He staggers back as we all look on, unsure of whether to laugh or help.

Alex and Owen have spent the past five minutes drunkenly playing the game ‘catch the traffic cone with your head’ on our walk back to Meredith’s house and as predicted, it is about to end in disaster. Owen puts a hand into his scalp and as he brings his fingers down to his face, he looks almost impressed to see the deep red blood dripping. He moves onto bemusement, slowly laughing at the stupidity of their actions.

“Oh shit…” Alex mutters from beside me.

It’s the final night of the training week, notorious amongst the DWB legends of the past as the night that makes or breaks you- literally in Owen’s case apparently. A traffic cone to the head is the icing on the cake for what has been a rather bizarre day, all starting with Owen’s arm draped over my waist this morning. The false sense of euphoria that floated into my body as soon as I opened my eyes has been hovering for the past 20 or so hours.

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Storytime! “BTS Kingdom”


Originally posted by 50shadesofgraylee

It seems many have already found their way into my blog, my kingdom. As the description says, here we worship Bangtan and love especially Kim Namjoon and blame Park Jimin for our mistakes, but let me explain a bit further.

You can find a lot of interesting people in my kingdom. The local playboy is Jungkook, but he’s actually not the kind of playboy you’re thinking. He literally just wants to play games with you. He walks around singing and carrying board games looking for people to play with. He has no job, so I recon you pay him in acorns after the game. Play-boy Kook eats them for dinner and sleeps while hanging from a tree so he can gain more arm muscle.

If you walk pass the church, do not go in. I repeat: do not go in. Our church priest basically spends his days waiting for people to come to confess to him. No, I don’t mean confessing your sins; I am talking about love confessions. He knows everybody loves him. “Noonas are going crazy” said his colleague. Later that colleague came out from the closet, gay for priest Jimin. The priest even hung a sign on the church door that says “Chimchim and sins”. So yeah, don’t go there.

Oh and did you know, there are mystical creatures in this kingdom. We have a centaur called J-Horse. Errrr, well, at least he’s half human, half horse. But that’s all I’m gonna say. He is also the source of energy in the kingdom. We want to use only green energy. We simply give J-Horse carrots and as he smiles we put a solar panel next to his face. We have been declared the greenest kingdom in the whole world!

Have you heard the stories of the village’s eldest persons? They’re small and wrinkly and walk with a stick. Not here. Our elder recently won “Mr. World” title and he looks like he’s 20 something. He refuses to tell his secret, but he revealed he eats only the foods made in his bakery named “Did You Just Talk Over Me When I Was Speaking?”. The sales skyrocketed and made Jin the richest bitch in town. He can be spotted buying beauty creams and paying with bags of gold coins. The only thing that shows that Jin isn’t in his right mind anymore is that he opens car doors as his hobby.

In case you have something you want to know about your future, we also have a fortune teller - though many have asked for refunds. He was chosen as the most honest fortune teller in the world. Wanna know how he got his skills? “I’m a genius. That’s enough.” Wanna ask for tips from him how to make your life more active? “Why live if you will die anyway?” Do you want to know if you’ll get that promotion you want? “I don’t give a shit, I don’t give a fuck.” Mr. Min Yoongi is truly miraculous.

Unfortunately not everyone is as blessed as Mr. Min Yoongi. A man named Kim V grounded a kindergarten that was much welcomed in the kingdom, but when the parents found out he was the only one taking care of 60+ kids / a day, he was forced to withdraw from the business. He moved onto dogs and is now a happy owner of 12 puppies that you can pet for free if you bring your kids over for a visit. Kim V may sound like a creepy person but once you get to know him you will understand that he’s harmless.

And lastly, there’s Kim Namjoon. He is my royal adviser. He spends a lot of his time sitting in the castle garden, asking roses how they knew they need to grow up as roses, but he is very useful. Sometimes when I’m bored I get him drunk and ask him to prove mathematics exists without humans. It’s sadistic, but fun. In his free time he writes poetry and books. Recently he wrote “Expensive girl - 101 tips for eating out your girl” and “Do you” with which he won the writer of the year- award. When asked why he didn’t show up for accepting his prize he simply stated “Fuck that I am just doing my thang.”

So yeah, this is my kingdom. I’m the queen, you can call me Lin. It may be highly unethical to use my name in a fanfic I’ve written about my royal adviser, but Mr. Min Yoongi told me not to give any fucks. I’m a generous queen, I’m willing to share anything about the people of my kingdom with you. So send in your requests of scenarios and imagines and more to less stuff. I also write the kinky dinky stuff, but I try to keep it clean-ish. Don’t hesitate with messaging me. I’ll gladly answer you.

Thank you very much for following me! I’ve been ruling here just for a week and already this many found me. Come to me, mi peasants, so I can love you more and we can love Bangtan together! I enjoy the presence of loyal peasants, as crazy as me, take @hello-btsfangirl as an example. She’s a cray cray piece of Hope-shit and like her, I shall reward you all with my writing and love as well as might ship you with the people in the kingdom. All you need to do is ask.

G’bye for now and enjoy these pictures

Play-boy Jungkook starting his natural diet

Fortune teller Mr. Min Yoongi not giving a fuck about your future

Village elder Jin enjoying his past time

Priest Chimchim welcoming lost souls with open arms

Ex kindergartener Kim V taking pride is his new child

J-Horse ready to produce some green energy

And finally the royal advisor… getting… no, that’s not how you get high.. um.. he’s uh… reflecting life.. wait no… um… AH - He’s just doing his thang.


To be honest I am kind of impressed of how well I described these weird people living in my kingdom. Let me know if you want me to write scenarios with these characters instead of BTS true nature.

And again, don’t be shy to send me a message or ask! I write bts imagines, scenarios, reactions and am open for any new types of writing too! :)

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ღ She should have known that luck, was a fickle mistress. Or in relation to Alibaba, almost never on her own side.

❄ Of course he had to pick at the blindfold and pull it off, at the stretching silence. Making Pascal freeze in place, looking at him. Blue eyes widened, almost out of their usual almond shape, like a deer in front of it’s predator. The first sound to escape her lips, was a startled gasp. Followed up by a quick “I can explain”, which she truly could not. Situation not in favor of the blonde foreign princess, who had only weeks ago confessed her love for him. Then agreed to, not react on those feelings but push them away. If worst came to worst, she might have just stolen his first kiss. Paling even more at that thought, she lifted both her hands. “I swear this wasn’t my idea, i didn’t even know it’d be you in here! I swear! I’m not that sneaky-… errrr…. well i am usually… but it wasn’t me…. I would never….. wait actually usually i would do something like this… but that’s not what i meant—-….”

Panting for air, after trying and not really being able to solve the situation, she looked at him with defeat, hanging her head.ღ

                       Aside confusion, he were fairly amused by her alarmed stance.
              Stammering, stutter slightly, and even fidget in the midst of her explanation–
                                           which she certainly failed at.

                       “I think you mean, I’m sneaky but not for selfish purposes.“
                  Since she was doing the whole freak out he had to remain a pillar
                                          of sort, displaying contentment 
                           Besides she was the more cute but funny this way.

                        “So which shoved you in? Aladdin or Olba and his gang?“