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The Water Bender’s Heart pt 1

1.It’s the Painted Lady
2.The Blue Spirit
3.The Painted Spirit
4.The Blue Lady
5. The Water Bender
6. The Fire Lord’s Heart pt 1
7. The Fire Lord’s Heart pt 2
8. The Painted Lady and the Blue Spirit
9. The Fire Lady
10.The Blood Bender
11. The Family Reunion
12. The Water Bender’s Baby
13. The Avatar
14. The Lie
15. The Ice Heart
16. The Uncle

Katara sits with Zuko for almost a whole hour, mostly in silence. Her heart feeling content to just stay by Zuko’s side.

But then her feet become numb and her stomach rumbles.

“Come on,” Katara says, standing to her feet, she wobbles for a second before straightening herself.

“I don’t want to go back,” Zuko grumbles, looking to Katara as she picks up her hat.

“I didn’t say we were going back,” Katara scoffs, “Come on.”

“Where are we going?” Zuko asks, Katara offers her hand and helps the Fire Lord to his feet.

“It’s a secret,” she smiles, taking his hand and leading him away. They slip past the guards and then Katara leads Zuko away from the palace.

“Where are we going?” Zuko asks, for the thousandth time.

“You’ll see,” Katara laughs, “Be patient.”

“You know, kidnapping the Fire Lord is a punishable offence,” Zuko says, grumbling as Katara continues to lead him away, not once has she let go of his hand.

“Well you can punish me as much as you like when we get there,” Katara says, shock by the sultriness of her voice.

Katara’s comment manages to spark a smile to the Fire Lords face and he finds himself hurrying along with Katara.

Katara leads him to a small cottage, hidden in the woods resting alongside a calm river.

“What is this place,” Zuko gapes, marvelling at the serenity, “it looks so… peaceful.”

“It belonged to a woman I helped,” Katara says, “The first time I was the Painted Lady, I met a woman, she told me that when she owned this cottage in the woods for whenever she needed to get away from her home.”

Katara walks up onto the porch and then opens the already unlocked door.

“She offered this house up to me as tribute to the Painted Lady,” Katara says, crossing the threshold, Zuko remains outside, “Come on,” Katara says, squeezing his hand, “No one will find us here.”

Zuko stays outside, not crossing the threshold, his eyes haunted as if he’s trapped in a horrible memory.

“Hey,” Katara says, stepping back outside, “It’s alright.”

“Kat,” he chokes, “I…”

“You don’t have to talk,” Katara says after Zuko flounders for a moment, “It’s alright.”

Katara steps forward and goes to her toes as she wraps her arms around Zuko’s neck, drawing him close as he sighs and holds her tight.

Zuko’s shoulders quiver as he cries, his tears staining Katara’s robes.

“It’s alright,” Katara soothes, running her hand through Zuko’s oily hair.

Katara leads Zuko inside, she takes off her hat and places it by the door.

“I don’t want anything to eat,” Zuko grumbles when Katara goes to the kitchen.

“Fine,” she huffs, throwing off her hood, “We’ll start with a bath then.”

When Katara looks to Zuko she finds him staring at her in shock, his blood shot eyes stare at her as if she has a second head growing from her shoulder.

Katara’s cheeks redden as she realizes that Zuko is staring at the long pins in her hair.

“You kept them,” he breathes.

“You can ogle the pins as much as you like, once you in the bath,” Katara says, taking Zuko to the bathroom. She fills the bath with warm water and then turns to leave.

“Stay,” he says, so quietly that Katara almost misses it, “Please.”

Katara nods her head reassuringly, she feels compelled to turn around when Zuko begins to strip, the notion make Zuko laugh, the laughter sends a spark of roaring fire to Katara’s chest, her skin blushes at the heat.

She hears Zuko get in the water and she turns back around.

Katara watches Zuko use the cloth on his chest, she becomes mesmerised in his moments.

“Would you prefer to do it for me?” Zuko asks, smirking cockily.

Katara’s cheeks redden, she doesn’t take Zuko up on his offer, instead she moves behind him and sets to washing his hair.

“You know,” Zuko rumbles as Katara massages his head with shampoo, “This bath would be better with you in it.”

“Don’t be ridiculous,” Katara scoffs, “We both wouldn’t fit, spirits, you hardly fit by yourself.”

Katara rinses Zuko’s hair out and then puts conditioner into it.

“Was this a subtle was to say that I stink?” Zuko asks as Katara rinses out his hair again.

“Well… you don’t anymore,” she smiles.

“Uncle always knew how to make everything seem alright,” Zuko says, his voice soft as a whisper as he goes still in the tub, “Even when they weren’t.”

“I’m so sorry, Zuko,” Katara says, placing her hands on his shoulders, “He was a great man and an excellent teacher.”

Zuko leans forward and Katara watches as he wipes a hand down his face.

She jumps back in shock as Zuko stands, he turns and Katara’s whole face turns red as she behold Zuko’s naked frame. Though he has aged, his body is still in peek physical shape, every inch of him is finely toned and muscular.

Zuko steps out of the tub and stands in front of Katara, Katara keeps her eyes on Zuko’s as she stands to her feet quickly. She desperately wishes to reach out and touch Zuko, to feel his abs under her hands and just connect with him again, but Katara shows excellent self-control.

“Wha-” Katara can’t even form a coherent sentence as Zuko scoops her up into his arms without a word.

Katara tries not to think too much about how warm Zuko feels under her hand, but she cannot ignore the spark of electricity that is flying between them.

Zuko carries Katara to the bedroom.

“You’re over dressed,” he says, his voice deep and guttural, she can’t help but laugh as Zuko throws her on the bed, “It’s a crime to be better dressed than the Fire Lord.”

Zuko crawls up between Katara’s legs.

“You have no idea how much I’ve missed you,” Zuko growls, taking off Katara’s shoes.

Katara puts her bare foot to Zuko’s chest and smiles, her eyes sparkle with mischief as she licks her tantalising lips.

“I think I can guess,” she says, her eyes flick to his growing erection. Her foot starts to make its way down his chest, leaving a burning line of heat in its wake.

Zuko grabs Katara’s foot before it can get too low, and places a kiss to it, he kisses up her leg, pushing her dress up as he goes. Zuko abandons the leg and then takes the pins from Katara’s hair, carefully putting them aside as Katara’s hair falls down her back.

Zuko then unties Katara’s silk sash that hangs around her waist and then he undresses her, practically ripping the clothes from her body, as if he were a starved man and Katara is his banquet.

Katara’s chest heaves, her breath hitches in excitement as Zuko stares at her naked body, devouring her with his gaze, it has been a long time since a man has looked at her like that, with such raw and primal passion just lingering beneath the surface.

Katara’s nipples are already erect when Zuko cups her breast, lowering his mouth to bite the nipple teasingly while his hand toys with the other.

“You kidnaped the Fire Lord,” Zuko says, “It’s time for your punishment.”

Before Katara can register what’s happening, Zuko ties her hands together and then ties them to the bed head.

Katara smiles as Zuko continues to ravish Katara’s body, trailing kisses down her body.

“Is this ok?” Zuko asks softly as he presses his lips to Katara’s hips. Katara nods her head, she is unable to form any words, her heart is pounding in excitement as Zuko continues to go lower.

Zuko licks his lips, keeping eye contact with Katara as his tongue pokes out of his mouth, before Katara can open her mouth to encourage him, Zuko begins to suck Katara’s clit.

He puts her legs over his shoulders as his tongue swirls around the small bud. Katara moans and her hips grind down, making her back arch off the bed. Zuko looks up at Katara, at the water bender writhing beneath his tongue.

He adds a finger and Katara’s eyes widen, as the finger slowly pumps in and out of her as Zuko’s warm tongue continues to ravish her.

“More,” Katara begs, her voice so soft and breathless, “Zuko.”

Zuko stops, making Katara whine in protest, but when she feels the head of his slick cock at her entrance she begins to curl her toes in anticipation.

“Is this ok?”  Zuko asks again, he takes Katara’s legs off his shoulders and waits.

“Please,” Katara pleads, nodding her head eagerly.

Zuko kisses Katara’s shoulder as he slowly enters her, fingering her clit gently as he pushes in his full length, pausing so Katara can readjust to his size.

When Zuko is fully planted inside her, Katara’s eyes widen, she had almost forgotten what it was like to take such a large package; Zuko is definitely more endowed than Aang.

Zuko slowly starts to pull out of Katara, almost getting all the way out before he thrusts in again. Katara’s moans are like heaven to Zuko as he fastens his movements, thrusting into her harder, with more urgency. Katara screams out in pleasure as she and Zuko become lust driven, enthralled in passion and an indescribable need for each other.

As Zuko drives Katara to climax, she pulls out of her binds and pushes back against Zuko. She pushes back until she sits in Zuko’s lap, Katara climaxes as she rides Zuko, his finger tangle in her hair as he presses his lips to her neck, lightly skimming her flesh with his teeth.

Katara pushes Zuko down and grinds down on him hard. Her orgasm rips through her, causing her to scream as she cums, her whole body seems to light on fire as Zuko places his hands on her hips, pushing her down as he thrusts upwards.

Katara’s orgasm is prolonged when Zuko pushes her back down to the bed and thrusts into her roughly, he pulls her hair and bites at her exposed neck. He curses out as his erection seems to harden inside Katara. Katara wraps her legs around Zuko’s hips, he drives into her harder; they almost fall off the bed as he pushes into her the final time.

Katara pushes Zuko off of her as she tries to catch her breath, Zuko rolls onto his back and Katara moves next to him, wrapping her left leg over his hip as she draws him closer.

“You’re so warm,” Katara purrs, snuggling up to Zuko, he responds by wrapping his arm around her and kissing the top of her head. 

“It’s a fire bender thing,” he smiles, “Just like water benders are naturally cold.”

“Excuse me?” Katara laughs. 

“It’s not an insult,” Zuko assures, “Just an observation. Maybe it’s why we’re so good together; we balance each other out.”

Zuko and Katara lay together in bliss, both feeling completely satisfied for the first time in decades.

“I lied,” Katara breathes, breaking the silence as she tightens her hold on Zuko, “When I said that I loved Aang more than I love you, it was a lie. The truth is, I love you more than I’ve ever loved anyone before. I love you so much it hurts.”

“I know,” Zuko says, squeezing Katara’s shoulder, “Figured you must have some feelings for me, otherwise you would have taken the necklace off.”

Katara touches the betrothal necklace that still hangs around her throat. Katara smiles and then pulls herself up to straddle Zuko’s hips.

She runs her hands up his chest and over his shoulder, she lowers herself so her chest presses against his as she kisses his lips.

Zuko moans in content, Katara’s hands on him push away every pain that he has ever felt, they make him relax as they wipe away all the tension in his shoulders.

“Spirits,” Zuko sighs as Katara lays on his chest, “I wish we could go back; I would have never let you go.”

“We can’t go back,” Katara breathes, tracing the lines of the scar on Zuko’s chest, the scar he got for saving her life, “But maybe it’s not too late to run.”

“Run?” Zuko asks, propping himself up onto his elbows as Katara sits up.

“Let’s just run away,” Katara says, her heart racing in fear and excitement, “Leave it all behind and go somewhere they’ll never find us.”

Zuko opens his mouth to answer, but his answer is cut off when a bloodcurdling scream calls out through the woods.


Fem!Descole and Layton <3

I like to believe that Layton would be flat chested and cutesy as a female, while on the other hand, Descole would be this damn sexy and well endowed lady. Descole would still be a little shit (because it’s a universal constant) and flaunt her boobs around and tease Layton about her own. In secret, Layton would admire Descoles boobs.

Why? Because I said so.