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Beauty And The Beast Tag Thing

I’ve seen a bunch of these things going around online, so I figured I would make a Beauty and the Beast themed one.

Enter the following words into the tag and place the first result other than the word itself:

Rose, Mirror, Magic, Disney, Love, Kiss, Beautiful, Change, Spell, Curse, Book, Eggs, Fool, Yellow, Dress, Dance, Castle, Tale

If no tag exists for one of the words, keep deleting a letter until a tag appears on your tags list.

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Omg I’m so happy you liked them! Here ya go, I got exited and made a small background… thingy.


“‘We’ll all take turns as den mothers!’ Batman said. ‘It’ll be fun!’ Batman said.” –Black Canary, done with all her colleagues and these crazy little punks.

Based off of this fantastic text post by incorrectyjquotes. I’ve been giggling about it for a couple days…


Nuno Gama - Fall Winter Collection 2014

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I have an extremely irrational fear of going to my friend's houses for the first time. It's awful because I want to go, but I'm scared to. I realize that I shouldn't be afraid, but I can't help it.

It’s okay to be scared! Like, it took me multiple tries to sleep over at peoples houses (I kept calling my mom at like 11 pm and asking her to come get me). I know it can be pretty intimidating being in a new house and seeing a family up close and personal and learning all the little quirks and rules of a household, but just remember you’re there with a friend! You have a friend with you and if things become too much you can always leave the house! Go for a walk or maybe agree to hang out for half an hour then go to the movies? And talk with your parent(s) and tell them you’re a little nervous and maybe you can come up with a plan (like if it’s too much you can call them and they’ll know to come get you early).

I hope it works out dear friend, just remember that you have a friend with you regardless of where you two are. -hug-

I went to my cousin’s wedding today, and it was absolutely beautiful. It was on the water, and there’s a really tall bridge to one side for cars to get to and from the island. Right as the ceremony was about to start, some guy on top of the bridge looked down, took off his shirt, and screamed “DON’T DO IT!!” It was really funny. 

But in all seriousness, the whole thing (minus the shirtless dude) was so cute, sweet and pretty. It almost makes me want to have a wedding someday but that’s probably never going to happen

Also my extended family has decided that the only way I’m ever going to get a boyfriend is if I meet him through a dating site. Which they want me to do bc apparently I’m old

Now that we had time to process that pic 🤤 can we talk about what this could mean? Hvitserk coming back to Kattegat after a raid abroad or did he never go to the Mediterranean? The crowd is super creepy as well (kid dressed in black in the front - looks like an important character); one woman toasting to his hotness on the right (that would be all of us 😂) and the rest looks rather anxious. And what’s in front of Hvitserk? Looks like a tiny leg on the left.. super excited for this!!! Does anyone know more about Viking culture and if that is some kind of punishment? Or honor?

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I had an experience that has pretty much confirmed my support of being gender critical and I would like to share... at my brother's elementary school, my mom was giving a presentation to the 3rd graders. Later, she says "I didn't know Mrs. B's daughter was trans!" so I was like "oh, how do you know?" and she goes "well, the kid was dressed like a boy. I wouldn't have known otherwise" What! Why can't this child just be free to dress however she wants? Clothing does not equal gender!!! Yikes :/

Honestly, that stuff pisses me off. I remember reading a New York Times article by a mother who described having to constantly tell people “No, my daughter isn’t transgender, she’s just a tomboy.” And I was a total tomboy growing up and I can’t help but wonder if this would have been my experience if I had been born just a few years later. Kids don’t want to transition, they just want to be themselves. A girl who wears pants and plays football is still a girl and a boy who wears dresses and plays with Barbies is still a boy. “You do this, therefore you’re a boy” is just as regressive as “You’re a boy, therefore you do this”. You’re absolutely right to be mad about this.

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Recently manyof the sterek fics that I've been reading, the favorite uncle of the child is neither Scott nor Boyd but Jackson??!! As much as I love Stiles and Derek react to their kid being in love with Jackson in their own ways, how did the fandom decide on this? It's precious

I have never heard of this???? but I love it????? 

Things I know about Uncle Jackson via Sterek:

1.) He keeps the kids well dressed (like, ridiculously well dressed). He takes pride on making them look like miniature runway models but mostly, he gets a kick out of pissing Stiles off whenever the kids come back and the carefully selected graphic tees Stiles picked out for them are crumpled in their overnight bags. 

2.) He pretends not to care when Stiles and Derek ask someone else to babysit when in actual fact he probably cancelled his sleek, fancy, exciting plans just to spend time with kids this weekend and casually invites himself over to Scott’s or Boyd’s, shooing them out of their own houses because “really, you go on your date night, ugh, I guess I will have to stay here with them instead, you all owe me for this completely random favour big time”. Everyone totally knows what Jackson is up to but they allow him to think he’s being subtle. 

3.) He teaches the kids all the words to chart songs because he knows Derek hates chart music and Jackson is, by very nature, a dick. This, unfortunately, backfires on the kids when Stiles starts singing along with them and breaking out into “dad moves”, singing that old classic tune Anaconda at Derek while throwing dollar bills at him. (Both Jackson and the kids - probably in their awkward, late teens at this point - are traumatised for life.)

4.) He downloads Tinder and decides to swipe left or right based on what the kids think. The kids actually interrogate his dates, sometimes they actually demand to be at Uncle Jackson’s before a “big date”. (Side note: the kids all want Uncle Jackson to end up with Uncle Danny; they are still figuring out a way to convince Uncle Danny to move back to Beacon Hills - when they were younger, they even went so far as to try and get an IT guy fired because they knew Uncle Danny worked with computers. They got grounded for two weeks but Stiles was secretly impressed at the lengths they went to to get the guy fired. Derek reluctantly found the whole thing endearing, mostly because the guy that nearly got fired once chatted Stiles up knowing he was taken and he’s hated him ever since.)

5.) The kids have frequently had to cheer Jackson up after sad Disney movies. They once asked Derek to pack extra tissues in their bag because “we want to watch Up and we don’t think Uncle Jackson’s eyes will survive, Papa! They might drown if we don’t take p-per-precautions!

6.) Jackson Whittemore loves those kids and if you try and hurt them he will sue you.

Gang Imagine

Requested: @crybaby-lashton

Can you do a imagine with the whole gang where there’s a girl from New York and she’s shy and multiracial the socs come to bother her outside the dx and they help her

I had just moved to Tulsa and I was very nervous. It was hard in New York being multiracial, but in the south, being multiracial was even harder. It sucked in fact. I knew I would never be friends with anyone because no one would want me around. So, I barely talked to anyone and kept to myself. It was better this way…right?

I was outside the DX because I needed to fill up my car on gas. As I waited for my car to fill up, some well dressed kids came up to me. “Hey, where you are from?” they asked. “Uh, New York.” I said quietly. “New York, huh? Well you look like an alien. You don’t belong here or wherever the hell the other half of you is from!” another one said. I looked down and took their verbal blows. 

All of a sudden, some guys came out and chased them away with windshield wipers. “That should scare them off.” one said. “Two-Bit, they were just windshield wipers.” another said. “Yeah, but they don’t need to know that.” the first, Two-Bit?, said. “Hey, are you okay?” one said to me. He was only a couple inches taller than me, and I was not tall. He had bright blonde hair and icy eyes. I nodded nervously. “Sorry ‘bout that. I can talk to the owner if you want. He’s our boss.” one said and pointed to a very handsome boy next to him. “No, no. It’s fine.” I said quietly.  “Are you new here?” a very tall guy asked. I nodded, “Just moved here.” “Where are you from?” the one who said he worked here asked. “New York.” I said. “No way! That’s where I’m from! Where were you at?” the blonde one asked. “Brooklyn.” I responded. “I lived in the Bronx.” he said, “I’m Dally by the way.”

“I’m Y/N.” “Oh, yeah, I’m Steve and this is Soda.” the DX worker said and pointed to the handsome one. “I’m Darry.” the tall one said. “I’m Two-Bit Matthews.” he said. “I’m Ponyboy.” the one who was talking with Two-Bit earlier said. “And I’m Johnny.” the quiet one said. I gave him a smile. “Welcome to our gang!”

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Markjae please! With youngjae as a cute innocent vampire :3

warnings: pile on dem clicheeeees ;A; 

word count: 5k

author: angel

so I really really I promise I really tried to stay away from this but the prompt just gOT me and throttled me and I was forced to write this ;A; roles were (quite obviously) inspired by this rather gorgeous fic and yj as vampire was just yj actually sobs. I hope you don’t mind that I took a couple of creative liberties with the rest of the members anon ;A; (or that I’m still sitting on that yugyeom centric fic ahaHAHA) uhm. hope you enjoy cries, i really indulged in a lot for this one /whimpers

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