well dressed boy


“‘We’ll all take turns as den mothers!’ Batman said. ‘It’ll be fun!’ Batman said.” –Black Canary, done with all her colleagues and these crazy little punks.

Based off of this fantastic text post by incorrectyjquotes. I’ve been giggling about it for a couple days…

sorry i haven’t been drawing as much, its probably because i foolishly bought another copy of animal crossing to make a faerie-themed town

On the one hand, Fairy Trainer Ilima would have been absolutely amazing.

But on the other hand, with Normal Trainer Ilima, we get the wonderful mental image of a well-dressed boy with immaculate lip gloss and pink hair rolling about in a filthy cave and cuddling a bunch of rats.

More dancing because I’m trash and it’s just fun to draw them in period clothes… I call this one “…so I told that bitch if I saw his stupid face again I’d stab him.” Followed by Hades’s laughing and Aaos pretending to scold her.

Crush (Young Sirius)

because my girl and I were talking and holy crap this is so cute 

* * *

‘Hey look!’ James said, nudging Sirius, ‘There’s Amanda.’ He winked. Sirius didn’t look up from the magazine he was skimming through. ‘Okay.’ He said. James looked at Remus and Peter and then back to Sirius. ‘You know which Amanda I’m talking about right? The one from Hufflepuff…blonde hair and…stuff.’ He trailed off. 
‘Sure.’ Sirius said, turning the page. ‘Hey do you think I could pull of a look like this?’ He asked, showing a picture of a very well dressed wizard to the boys. 
‘Um I guess, if you were going to a funeral.’ Remus said, making Peter snort. 
‘Hey what’s going on with you?’ James asked, turning to his friend. 
‘Nothing.’ He replied. James sighed and looked to Remus for backup. 
‘James is right,’ Remus said, ‘I mean this morning, Madeline asked if you wanted to grab a butterbeer with her and you said no? I thought you liked Madeline-’ 
‘I do not like Madeline!’ Sirius said defensively. ‘I thought she was hot okay? I was wrong.’ 
‘Are you kidding? Madeline is gorgeous!’ James said. 
‘So? I don’t care about freaking-Madeline.’ Sirius huffed, picking his magazine back up. The three boys looked at one another and then to Sirius. ‘Dude, what is going on?’ Sirius sighed and looked at his best friends. 
‘Fine.’ He paused, ‘I have…a crush.’ 
‘You have a crush?’ James asked, furrowing his eyebrows. 
‘O-kay…’ Remus said slowly, giving a sideways look to Peter who shrugged. 
‘And-uh- who is this crush on exactly?’ James asked. 
‘Y/n? Okay.’ Remus nodded, ‘Yeah she’s cute I guess-’ 
‘She’s perfect, alright?!’ Sirius cried, getting agitated. 
‘Alright dude, calm down!’ James stepped in. ‘So why don’t you go talk to her?’
‘James is right,’ said Remus, ‘You’re Sirius, you can get any girl you want.’ Sirius sighed, ‘I-uh-I’ve lost my game.’ 
‘What do you mean?’ 
‘I can’t flirt with her.’ 
‘You can’t flirt with her?’
‘No.’ Sirius sulked. The three boys looked at each other, a confused expression on their faces. ‘And why can’t you-’
‘Because she’s…different! I dunno! Whenever I get close to her I stumble and I don’t know what to say and she looked at me like I’m crazy.’ 
Alright, alright, calm down.’ James said. ‘You don’t need to flirt with her. Why don’t you just ask her out?’ 
‘Ask her out?’ 
‘Yeah, ask her out.’ 
‘Okay,’ Sirius nodded, ‘Okay I can do that.’ 
“Well now’s your chance.’ Remus said, nodding towards you. Sirius took a deep breath and nodded, ‘Okay. Yeah. Ask her out.’ He said to himself before standing up. ‘Good luck, buddy.’ James said. 

You placed your book down on the table in front of you and was just about to sit down when Sirius waltzed up to you. ‘Hey.’ He said. 
‘Hi Sirius.’ You smiled. You hadn’t had a lot of interactions with him but lately you noticed that you’d talked to him more in the past week than you had in the past year. ‘What’s up?’ You asked. Sirius shuffled slightly and then shrugged, ‘I just uhm-wanted to ask you a…question.’ He said. 
‘Alright. Shoot.’ You said, confused. He breathed out slowly. 
‘Um-well-’ He stuttered, looking to the floor. 
‘Well I just-um’ He said, still looking at the floor, ‘I just want to ask…youhavereallyniceshoes!’ He said extremely quickly. 
‘What?’ You asked, laughing softly. 
‘I like your shoes.’ He repeated, glowing red. 
‘That’s not a question.’ You said, ‘But thanks! I like yours too.’ You grinned, before sitting down at the table and opening your book. Sirius laughed awkwardly, ‘Okay cool! Yeah. Good chat, okay bye.’ 

Sirius walked quickly back to his friends, covering his face. ‘What happened?’ 
‘Yeah did she say yes?’ 
‘Are you going out?’ The three chimed in unison all of their eager questions. 
‘I didn’t ask her.’ Sirius said, ashamed. 
‘Then what were you doing?’ James asked. 
‘I told her I liked her shoes.’ Remus had to stifle a laugh and James furrowed his eyebrows, ‘You told her you liked her shoes?’ He repeated. 
‘Yeah.’ Sirius said sadly, ‘But! But! She said she liked mine too! That means she fancies me right?’ 
‘How did you end up with that?’ Remus asked. 
‘Well you know, people who like each other compliment each other.’ 
‘Not necessarily.’ Peter said. 
‘Yeah.’ James said, ‘She probably just aid she liked your shoes because she was uncomfortable and didn’t know what to say. Besides,’ He continued, ‘If you’re going to compliment her, perhaps go for her face and not her feet.’ James rolled his eyes. 
‘DAMN IT.’ Sirius groaned, putting his face in his hands. ‘What do i do?’ He asked, his voice muffled slightly. 
‘I’ll handle it.’ James finally said, standing up. 
‘W-wait w-what are you…what are you doing?’ He said, jumping up.
‘Sirius,’ James said, patting his friend on the shoulder, ‘I care about you. And as your friend I am obliged to not let you tell a girl you like her shoes. Do you want your image ruined? If I let you go back up to her not only would I be letting you down, I would also be letting myself down.’ 
‘I don’t know why I have the reputation of being dramatic.’ Sirius rolled his eyes, sitting back down.
‘Just let me take care of it.’ James said, waving his hand. 

‘Hey.’ You looked up to see James sitting down in the chair opposite you. 
‘Hi?’ You said, giving him a sideways glace. 
‘Listen,’ James started, ‘My friend Sirius over there-’ He pointed behind him. You looked in the direction and saw Sirius, Remus and Peter’s heads all turn away. ‘-He’s not so good at the flirting thing.’ 
‘Oh my god-that was flirting?’ You asked and James solemnly nodded.
‘I’m afraid so.’ 
‘He told me that he liked my shoes. I was so confused I just told him I liked his as well.’ You laughed. James shrugged, 
‘He’s a great guy. You want to go on a date with him?’ You looked behind James to see Sirius looking. When he noticed he quickly brought a magazine in front of his face. ‘He knows I know he’s looking, right?’ You smiled. James grinned, ‘Okay he’s a moron. But he’s also my best friend and a great human overall. What do you say?’ James said, sounding genuine. You finally nodded, ‘Okay.’