well doodle actually but well

Them again

quick draw of a fluffy russian ice pal

Rick and Morty!

Catching up on the latest season – figured it was about time I drew some fanart for the show!


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the consensus seems to be that reigen gets the white cloak so I try to build smthing with the in-game design

s kinda weird tbh


..and then they got eaten by mama dragon. the end.

Remember back when I used to draw Acno and Anna as childhood friends and Acno collecting lizards as a hobby? So I was throwing out some things and found some old sketches of this, and since I still have a soft spot for this au why not use them?

kids won on the doodle comic poll but I wanted to doodle these two together anyway because I’m not the boss of me

morally dubious sass pals judge locals while sharing latest gossip on hexes