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Block B As Hamsters


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Zico and Kyung:

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Bastarz squad:

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it’s funny to realize that some of the SMTM4 judges and contestants have already interacted, collaborated together in the past, or even better, are friends. They all know each other already. Mino/Zico friendship since their pre debut/underground days + mixtapes together; Zico/Jay Park have collaborated 473282 times already and are friends; Tablo/Zico, Tablo already said that he’s always teasing Zico because he’s cute (even before SMTM4); San E/Paloalto are awkward with each other because B-Free dissed San E and vice-versa (B-Free is under Hi-Lite records); Incredivle featured in Bastarz’s song “Sue Me”, in which Bastarz is a Block B sub unit; Ja mezz featured in Zico’s ‘Well Done’; Zico mentioned Black Nut at the beginning of the year in a interview, before SMTM, and called him a good rapper/a rapper he’s been paying attention lately; I know that Taewoon (Wuno) already left the show but he’s friends with Mino too, not to mention that Zico is his brother. And so on, I bet there are many more, these are only the ones I know. lol It’s like that family reunion we have during holidays, when all the family gather together, close and distant relatives, people we like and dislike and so on. lol


[MUSIC VIDEO] ZICO (지코) - Well Done (feat. Ja Mezz)