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Clark Gregg in his Britney Spears “Toxic” outfit.

And then Hayley Atwell went full on Gaga.


Will being adorable as all heck in And the Woman Clothed with the Sun for anon 

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I’m just so happy for Naruto right now. He’s got his own family, his dream and his friends. He finally achieved everything he’s dreamed of. A big congrats to you, our number one knucklehead ninja.


Nishikido Ryo and Aragaki Yui got Friday’d again…just not together.

Last year it was reported that the couple had broken up, however it appears that Nishikido Ryo and Aragaki Yui got back together.

When the rumours about them dating first started, they lived 4minutes away from each other, now they live 0minutes away from each other. In a move never before seen in the entertainment industry, they now live in the same building.

Before Nishikido would visit Aragaki’s apartment up to twice a week, now we have no idea. Because the press isn’t allowed into the building they’re free to visit each other as often as they want and there won’t be any shots of them together. Even if they are seen entering the building together its not odd, they both live there after all.

You may wonder why this is being reported as the couple getting back together, well, ask yourself, why would you specifically move into the same mansion as the person you just broke up with, unless you got back together.

i am beyond proud of troye - to know that someone who started off by making covers of other peoples songs now has not only an extremely successful EP but an album ready to release, alongside music video(s), merch and even a potential tour is absolutely amazing; all the hard word, all the late night studio sessions, all the cryptic tweets and months spent perfecting this LP are going to be worth absolutely every single second - i can’t wait for you to let the rest of the world in on the secret of just how incredible you are!

i feel like the mv tackles on very important aspects of our lives; it tells a lot about issues that people deal with everyday: depression, constriction, insecurities, addiction, suffocation, abusement.. and i think i need you ’girl’ is just a figurative metaphor, ‘girl’ could be friends, happiness, purpose, armys. it’s really ironic how the scenes are all dark but not from jin’s. and the part where he opens the curtains, and cries, is when taehyung kills (and commits suicide?), jimin drowns, jungkook get beaten up and crashed, hoseok collapses, yoongi burns and got burnt, namjoon blows up (?) the place with his lollipopalized cigarette. i think symbolically, this part tells us a lot about what they deal with everyday, like internal struggles, and incapacities, weaknesses.. 

and how throughout the mv, everyone has a storyline except for jin. but then, he is the one that holds six petals of white flower lilies, burns them in the beginning but they bloom in him in the latter part of the mv. like a rebirth, they say the flower symbolizes chastity and virtue, and most often associated with funerals, symbolizing that the soul of the departed has received restored innocence after death. and that is beautiful. it’s like the most beautiful moment in life is when they’re together, which can be seen throughout the song. 

the ending scenes seem dreamy to me, kind of light and airy, and happy. jin might’ve died at the end or not, idk, but i like how jin is the one that looks to the camera at the start of the song, and also at the end. he is the one that holds the flower. jin’s the story teller.


Marcus and Indra in 2x12 



Look at him. Curling his tail around to protect Hiccup. I can’t.


Digimon Adventure // Sora Takenouchi & Yamato Ishida


So she ran from all the deeds she’d done
She ran from things she’d just begun


Best Friends mechs- Woolie

had this idea a while ago but never actually got around to doing it because of one thing or another, now i have time and motivation (i found matt on tumblr which reminded me aha)

you know how people have their lets players? i mean people tend to stick to one group of lpers and watch more of their stuff, for some people it’s roosterteeth, for some it’s the grumps or yogscast or many standalone guys doing their own stuff, for me it’s the bestfriends, the way they go about doing videos really gets to me in that it’s funny but also respectful -most of the time- to the game, not to mention they do actually talk about it and have conversations about actual plot elements while employing a pretty darn great standard for humor 

naturally i wanted to do something in appreciation (as well as jumping on the fanart for lpers bandwagon) and i thought: what can i do that will make them happy? i don’t know but i do know they like giant fighting robots. i can do that

and so here we are, mechs that have and will have a basic theme of -things i think they’ll appreciate-

started out with woolie because his was the mech i tried first way back when i thought of this. for him i was thinking cool. it’s gotta be the cool one. he seems like the kinda guy who roots for the hero. and so i kinda went along the lazengann/ gurren lagann route because both have a certain kind of poise and air of badass (heroic badass for gurren lagann)

colors were a bit difficult because green purple and yellow aren’t exactly friendly colors to work with when they’re really saturated, but did some saturation tweaking and tried to get the idea of green/purple/yellow across (saturated colors are scary yes)

and last but not least, robodreads because dreads are fucking cool

the weapon is a greatsword that is split into two smaller swords, when united the circular bit at the end vibrates and it acts as a tuning fork of mass destruction 

don’t know who i’m going to robo next, probably pat, we’ll see

pat liam matt