well done randy

hello people, psa:

lwymmd doesn’t entirely revolve around kim and kanye, yes some parts, but not all. so now that people have ran out of shit to drag taylor down with, they’re making up the world’s most ridiculous theories.

For example, the bathtub scene was apparently mocking kim’s paris robbery. wow im honestly quite amazed at y'alls research skills bc you somehow missed that taylor once said, the media viewed her as a “psycho serial dater” who gets men and then “she’s crying in her marble bathtub surrounded by pearls”. well done, randy, do you need a space jet or something bc y'all keep reaching?

i also saw Mr Reachy McReachy’s theory and im just awestruck by it, the car crash scene, was apparently about kanye. (omg so original!) back story to their theory, kanye was in a deadly car crash in 2002 and it was the same year he won a grammy, so *that’s* why taylor’s holding a grammy in the car crash scene. wow!! and the paparazzi represent how invasive kanyes life is! omg everything taylor swift does is about kanye west, she’s like his #1 fan according to y'all, right?! it’s like she never has paparazzi around her and just made an entire music video mocking kanye west!! (if you’re wondering what it symbolises, she’s driving a maserati and it crashes and she’s holding the grammy red deserved ok)

the only ACTUAL dig at kim would’ve been the ending part, where taylor says “i’m getting receipts, gonna edit this later!” that makes more sense than any other theory k.

i also saw some shitheads saying that taylor is “"abusing”“” (or some similar word, don’t quote me on it) queer poc because the dancers, some of them happen to be queer and of color, line up behind her in that one grand hallway scene. are y'all fucking kidding me right now? there’s so many queer and poc taylor fans, and she’s perfectly aware of it and she would never do that! and it doesn’t even make sense, none of them were forced into it and todrick happens to be one of taylor’s best friends.

i’m sorry that people have such sorry lives that they have to reach so far to bring taylor down, thanks though you’re only giving her more material for her music!